Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 156

Chapter 156 The Princess and the Sword Princess
The white-haired man who called himself God’s Eyes, Zilard… was a man about twenty years old. Since he didn’t wear a hood even though his white robe covered the whole body, I could clearly see his face that had his left eyes covered with bangs. A man, who displayed such an atmosphere that was clearly different from ordinary people, had a gentle smile while approaching us slowly. He was a man who didn’t seem to start a fight, and I also didn’t feel hostility, but… I answered while increasing vigilance.
“You came to pick us up… is it? Rather than asking a lot, why do you want to invite us to the castle?” (Sirius)
“My lord, Sanger-sama would like to meet Sirius-sama and Reus-sama since you were active in the Fighting Festival. He highly values those with excellent capabilities regardless of race.” (Zilard)
“…I have one more question. How do you know that we are coming to this town? From the way you found us earlier, do you think it is impossible unless you know it in advance?” (Sirius)
“You have gone through a number of walls protecting Sandor until you come here, aren’t you? The gatekeepers knew about you, so the information about you reached to me.” (Zilard)
He probably went out of the castle when we came to the castle town, and it seemed he found us by following the whereabouts Hokuto from the people’s conversation since he stood out. It wasn’t that I couldn’t accept his reason, but it was too soon to make a contact with us.
I had a feeling that, that he came to this place because he believed that we would be here. Furthermore, he also might notice about us at the same time when we passed through the gate that entered this town. Although there was a possibility that it was by coincidence or luck, he was the man who received the title of God’s Eyes. He might have a special magic or ability to sense the whereabouts of people, like my [Search].
With such precaution in mind, Zilard’s explanation continued.
“After all, information is important. We collect information as much as possible and anticipate the future. Basically, it is a matter of taking the most appropriate action according to the situation.” (Zilard)
“You are similar to the rumors heard. It seems you are a sharp person.” (Sirius)
“It’s not a big deal. I’m just struggling for the sake of survival. I think nothing else but that.” (Zilard)
“Your movement is strangely slow. Are you sick?” (Sirius)
“I was attacked by ferocious monsters when I was young. I was saved, but my body didn’t work well since then.” (Zilard)
His way of walking was stiff. It seemed to be the after effect of injuries by the monsters. Reese wouldn’t ignore after seeing injured people, but it looked like she restraining herself since we heard from Princess Lifell that the people of the castle were suspicious.
“However, thanks to that, I was found by Sanger-sama, and when I realized it, I was known as a hero. Hence, I never thought of myself as being unhappy.” (Zilard)
“Your body can’t move well… is it? You sure have a hard time.” (Sirius)
“It looks like you repeatedly put efforts to overcome the aftereffects. I also want to follow your example.” (Emilia)
“…Uhm, excuse me. Our discussion has been diverted.” (Zilard)
“It’s fine. Anyway, you have come to fetch us up by the order of Sanger-sama, am I right?” (Sirius)
“Yes. I’m sorry for being abrupt, but would you please come to the castle? He is welcoming you.” (Zilard)
“…What if we refuse?” (Sirius)
“If that is so, I have no choice but to give up. If I use force to bring everyone, the damage to us will only increase.” (Zilard)
I had considered the possibility of him using force if we refuse, but I couldn’t feel the reaction of enemies in the surroundings. More importantly, since Zilard shook his head as if it couldn’t be helped, I didn’t think he was going to fight. I’d heard about considerable troubles in the castle, so it couldn’t be said that a pointless aggression should be avoided.
However… I was hesitated for a bit when replying. I probably should refuse since I didn’t think he was asked by Princess Lifell to fetch us, but… I was very concern about Zilard’s existence, and I was starting to wonder about his unknown abilities. It was highly likely that this person calling us was because Sanger wanted to recruit us. Whatever it was, we would go to Sandor’s castle for Princess Lifell. After that, we might be able to figure out the identities of the opponents.
I declined Zilard, and consulted with everyone after taking a distance.
“…What are we going to do?” (Sirius)
“I’m going to follow your decision, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
“Me too.” (Reus)
“Well, we are still going to the castle, so we might as well get invited on that purpose.” (Fia)
“First, we should know who are the opponents… right?” (Reese)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“I want to buy books!” (Karen)
“It’s decided. Will you take us to the castle?” (Sirius)
“Really!?” (Zilard)
I’d heard everyone’s opinions, and there was no objection. There was only a person with different opinion, but I just put that aside since it wasn’t something we had to do right now. Zilard, who sensed our affirmative, seemed delighted, but he apologized as if he remembered something.
“Aah… let me tell you this first. Currently we have many issues in the castle, and not many people recognize Sanger-sama. Those people are jumping too quickly to a wrong conclusion. So, please be forewarned because there is a possibility of them doing unpleasant interference to everyone.” (Zilard)
“I understand that much since this is related to the royal family. But, I guess you also can stand up for yourselves, right? It would be bad if we start making uproar if they decided to fight us, but I want you to understand we also have such a consideration.” (Sirius)
“I understand. We don’t have a slightest intention to turn you all as our enemies when you have a Hundred Wolves.” (Zilard)
From the state of Zilard, who was running cold sweat on the watchful eyes of Hokuto, it seemed that he firmly understood the difference in abilities.
“More than anything, I’ve heard the strength of your ties. Protecting everyone is not only for Sanger-sama, but also to protect the country, so I will do my best to ensure everyone’s safety.”(Zilard)
“May I ask you a question? Why do you do this kind of thing while understanding the danger of inviting us?” (Sirius)
“Sanger-sama is not a coward who doesn’t negotiate to someone whom he hasn’t met yet. I’ve considered that it is dangerous to let you to meet my master suddenly, so, that was why I thought of meeting you directly, but… it seemed it was a needless anxiety.” (Zilard)
“Will it be alright to decide that easily?” (Sirius)
“Yes, it’s because we understood well that everyone is different from rude adventurers. Well then, please follow me.” (Zilard)
I supposed he knew that if they laid their hands on my family, I would oppose anyone even if they were royalties. To emphasize such information, it seemed that Zilard had learned about us a lot.
“Oh yes, there is also your lord, Lifell-sama, in the castle. I will call her immediately upon arrival at the castle.” (Zilard)
“Lifell-hime? I’ll be delighted. I would like to inform the details of my journey.” (Sirius)
Officially, I was an imperial guard of Princess Lifell, and I was supposed to be on a journey to train myself around the world. While talking smoothly, we went together with Zilard, and…
“Books…” (Karen)
“Sorry, will it be alright if we make a detour before we go to the castle?” (Sirius)
“…Understood. The shop that sells books is in this way.” (Zilard)
After stopping by the book store in the town, we headed for Sandor’s castle.

We came to the castle without a feeling of entering a tiger’s den, but with Zilard with us, it was easy to get into the castle. When the soldiers, who guarding the gate of the castle, saw the appearance of Zilard, they saluted him. No matter how much we looked at it, they quietly opened the gate even though there were suspicious presence like us and Hokuto. That was probably the evidence that Zilard was trusted.
“It’s a big castle! But, I wonder if it is too small for As-jii to stay here.” (Karen)
“That comparison between people and dragon is a bit too much, you know. Have you ever wondering whether you would live in such a castle?” (Fia)
“Yes… my house is just an ordinary house after all.” (Karen)
“Hehe, I see. Even if it is small, it’s enough since you can have good times together with everyone, right?” (Emilia)
“It would be nice if they have a library with a lot of books, and a storehouse with plenty of honey!” (Karen)
“I think that is not an ordinary house anymore.” (Reese)
As usual, Karen was doing things at her own pace. Not only me, but Zilard also had a bitter smile when listening to such a funny conversations between Karen and the ladies.
“…That child is so innocent. Aah, before we proceed, please leave the carriage into that hut.” (Zilard)
“Alright. Please wait a bit, we’re going to finish doing it soon.” (Sirius)
I went the designated hut together with Emilia and Hokuto, and we quickly setup the anti-theft measures. In the surroundings, there were carriages managed by the castle. Since there were employees seen in that place, I nonchalantly observed them, but…
“There is no particularly strange figure… is it?” (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama. I’m done here.” (Emilia)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Got it. Let’s return.” (Sirius)
I didn’t notice the feeling of tension from the employees as if an unlikely event going to happen in the castle. I concluded that by looking at their state when they did their work, even though they were surprised by Hokuto. I hadn’t understood the back scene yet, but it was peaceful on the surface.
Nevertheless, when I returned to where everyone was while watching the surroundings, Zilard nodded to consent something.
“It looks like an ordinary carriage, but it seemed that it has been remodeled variously.” (Zilard)
“It’s just for theft prevention. It is like our house. If it gets stolen, we will be in trouble because we have things loaded inside.” (Sirius)
“That’s common behavior as an adventurer. However, there is no such shabby person to steal in this castle. So, I think that is a needless worry.” (Zilard)
Zilard didn’t show that he was offended by those words which were quite impolite. I didn’t know whether that was true or not, but I asked serious questions to Zilard, who was walking in the front while guiding us to the castle.
“Will this be alright for Hokuto? I personally would like to bring him to the castle together.” (Sirius)
“That would be difficult. The horses in that stable… would be frightened if he goes there, so how about if he stays freely in the garden?” (Zilard)
“Will that be alright? If somebody doesn’t know about him, I feel like they are going to make big noise.” (Sirius)
“I don’t think there is anything that can tie down such a wolf. It should be fine if I tell to the surroundings.” (Zilard)
“No, I think you should avoid that unnecessary impetus. Hokuto, I’m sorry. Can you stay hidden near the carriage? If there is anything, move at your own discretion.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
I had expected that, but I guessed it was still impossible for Hokuto, huh?
While being sent off by Hokuto who barked as if telling that he didn’t mind, we entered the castle, and…
“I have this strange premonition until now… so what the heck are you doing, Zilard!?” (??)
We heard noisy footsteps as we entered the hall from the front entrance. Then, a man dressed in armor appeared in front of us in anger.
Having a beard that was attentively trimmed, and from countless wrinkles on the face, he was a man who slightly beyond fifty years old. His tempered body was one size larger than Reus. By looking at how he walked in a straight line while wearing a heavy-looking armor, he was a considerably strong person. From the impressiveness and stare which was as sharp as a hawk, he was a man who surely embodied the word of warrior.
The man rushed over and questioned Zilard, while revealing his anger, but the person himself kept smiling without being perturbed.
“This is General Fort. By the way, why are you in a hurry?” (Zilard) (TLN: The name in raw is フォルト)
“Don’t act like a fool! Who are these people!?” (Fort)
“Do you mean these people? They are guests who Sanger-sama invited.” (Zilard)
“I haven’t heard anything of that! This may be related to Sanger-sama’s life, but you can’t forget to get in touch with us especially at this important time when the Legendia is held!” (Fort)
“I was a bit in a hurry, so please forgive me.” (Zilard)
If I had to guess from the argument, this man called General Fort seemed to be responsible for guarding the castle. Apparently, he hadn’t heard of anything about us getting invited. If I had to be honest, I also thought that Fort’s argument was proper. It was strange to invite outsiders to a castle where the leaders of every country gathered.
They kept on talking as it was for a while, but I presumed it was futile to say anything. Then, Fort turned a sharp look toward us.
“Eeiii… there’s no point in asking you. So, who are you people?” (Fort)
His scary gazes were as if he wouldn’t forgive if we lied, and that made Karen hid behind my back. After stroking Karen’s head to sooth her, I accepted his gazes directly, and when I did that, Fort was a bit surprised.
“…Hmm, it seems you are someone considerable. When I think about it, that guy purposely welcome you all this way. Your look and courage seems to be fine. You are not an ordinary person, no?” (Fort)
“I’ve told you. Do you understand that as well? These two are the champion and the runner up of the last Fighting Festival.” (Zilard)
“Really!? Is that so? Then, I can understand.” (Fort)
The man was nodding when listening to the matter of the Fighting Festival, and it seemed he was able to understand that we were strong ones by looking at our appearances. However, as to whether he confirmed our identity or not, Fort was pointing toward the outside of the castle with intense look.
“However, I can’t allow you to enter the castle without permission from the king. I’m sorry, I have to confirm first, so you may leave–…” (Fort)
“Wait a second, Fort. These people are fine.” (??)
“Hmm!?” (Fort)
“Aah…” (Zilard)
When I thought that I suddenly heard a voice interrupting the conversation, Fort immediately lowered down his head while kneeling on one knee to the owner of the voice. Reese also reacted instantly and turned around. When I turned to the rear, I could see Princess Lifell and Melt.
But… it wasn’t Princess Lifell who spoke to Fort. It was the blonde woman who stood next to her.
“He is an imperial guard of Lifell. Since we have invited her other imperial guards, there should be no problem if we let this person in the castle, am I right?” (Woman)
“B-but… other than him is no good, isn’t it? To invite other people than the related person at this important time is not a good thing.” (Fort)
“I assure you that these people are fine. I will take the responsibility, so can I ask you to do that to other imperial guards?” (Lifell)
“…Understood. I will inform this to the king later.” (Fort)
While feeling irritated, Fort nodded at the words of Princess Lifell and the blonde woman who was full of elegance and dignity. From the state of Fort who had served the castle for many years, there was no mistake that this woman was one of the Sandor’s next successors, Princess Julia. I could surely say that Princess Julia was a beauty who fascinated others without fail. After all, I heard that from the young information seller.
In addition to the tone, her attire was something that male royalty usually wore, but the appeal as a lady didn’t fade at all. Her appearance was as good as Fia. Her blonde hair was tied on the left and right of the head and it looked as if scattering light. She was beautiful enough to the point my wives groaned unintentionally.
By all rights, I probably groaned as well, but I held back so I didn’t have to be desperate when giving excuses to Princess Lifell. (Recheck)
[Why are you guys here already!? I was supposed to pick you up!] (Lifell)
[The contact of the other side was quick. Whatever it is, I don’t think it matters because we are going to the castle, right?] (Sirius)
As I continued interacting with my eyes alone without speaking with my mouth, I noticed that the three from Sandor and the center of the noise was Julia. Apparently, Julia seemed to have told something unpleasant, and the two of them looked furiously protested.
“Please think it over! It is bad habit to challenge indiscriminately!” (Fort)
“I also agree with General Fort. Besides, first off, they are having audience with Sanger-sama who invited these people.” (Zilard)
“Just a bit only. Plus, aren’t you also interested in the champion of the Fighting Festival, Fort? By the way, Nii-san is busy with urgent matters, so I think it should be fine if it’s only a bit.” (Julia)
Julia came to our direction with a fearless smile. In the meantime, I was tilting my head because I didn’t know what was going on.
“I heard about you all from Lifell. If you don’t mind, will you fulfill my expectation?” (Julia)

After Zilard told us that he would confirm the matter with his lord, Sanger, he parted from us. Then, we came to the training ground used by the people of the castle.
There was a big circle drawn on the ground in the training ground, and Julia was smiling and standing there with a wooden training sword. By the way… Fort said that he would get permission from the king, but he might be worried about the princess, so he stayed as it was.
“If it’s like this, no one will interfere. Alright, shall we fight to the heart’s content?!” (Julia)
“Please wait, Hime-sama! Rather than fighting to the fullest, should we decide a simple rule for now?” (Fort)
“I see. Let’s do it until we can’t stand up–…” (Julia)
“Ahem… let’s do it by either giving blow to the opponent’s shoulder or belly, or one will considered defeated if blown away from the circle drawn on the ground, alright.” (Fort)
He was a strict man, but this hardworking man still could be swayed by Julia. It was a sight that reminded me of a next Queen and her imperial guard since childhood.
Leaving that aside, what was important now was Julia’s sword. That sword which had been swung by Julia as warming up was suitable to make her to be called as Sword Princess.
With all due respect, I thought that she was only experienced in the position of being a princess, but that brilliant movement displayed didn’t give such an air at all. It was said that she was active in the Flood of monsters that occurred several years ago, but I could confirm that was true, rather than an exaggeration.
I guessed she was very experienced. The sophisticated sword movement which almost had no openings. To be honest, I didn’t want to be hit by that from the front.
However, it wasn’t me who was standing before Julia…
“Hee… that is a pretty solid wooden sword. If it’s like that, it seems to be fine if I more or less swing seriously.” (Reus)
“It is a special made for me. With this, it can probably withstand the ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’ of that Strongest Sword.” (Julia)
Knowing that Julia was called as Sword Princess, it was Reus who was interested for this mock battle. Incidentally, the reason of Reus challenging her was something like this, ‘If you want to challenge Aniki, you have to defeat me first’… well, that was the usual flow anyway.
When Julia saw Reus’ greatsword, she judged that it was the ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’ of that Strongest Sword. Anyhow, she accepted it because she wanted to go against him.
We were watching those two people in a slightly away place. Currently, Zilard was away to explain the situation to his master. As Fort was getting worried about Julia, he paid less attention toward us. Meanwhile, I shared information I had with Princess Lifell.
“Yes… he is that man. He moved earlier than me when he knew about you guys. As expected, he is someone that I can’t ignore.” (Lifell)
After this, we will come in contact with his master, Sanger-sama. Since we are not hostile to each other at the moment, I plan to see him as long as it is still safe.” (Sirius)
“Yes. I also have Senia to investigate thoroughly. Please try to avoid any dispute as much as you can, alright.” (Lifell)
As we were talking about the future, the mock battle between Reus and Julia was starting. While watching the scene of wooden swords clashing with tremendous momentum, I asked questions that I was concerned from the previous time.
“By the way… is it alright if we leave these two alone? The other side is the princess of this country. So, wouldn’t it bad if she get hurt?” (Sirius)
“She wants to fight him anyway. It will be fine as long as they are not overdoing it. Besides, in the case of Julia, I feel that it is rude if Reus goes easy on her.” (Lifell)
“Nee–…. Lifell-sama. How’s your relationship with that person?” (Reese)
“I wonder if she is like a close friend since I arrived in Sandor. We have spoken many times since our positions and ages are close.” (Lifell)
They had various things in common. It wasn’t a superficial socializing between countries, but they really seemed to become a close friend. Calling on first name basis was probably the proof. According to Princess Lifell who explained in a good mood, Princess Julia also had sides that were too strict, but she seemed to be a very honest lady.
“Perhaps I should say that I often think of her more as a swordsman or a knight, rather than a princess. But as you can see, she is a lady with overflowing royal elegance. It’s just that… there is a side that is overly concerned about her being a woman…” (Lifell)
“Being a woman… is it?” (Sirius)
“No, just forget about that for now. Anyway, if there are strong opponents, Julia will not stay quiet and she will challenge them. Even when we came to the Sandor castle for the first time, she challenged Melt like what is she doing right now with Reus.” (Lifell)
It seemed that she challenged Melt because she noticed the atmosphere of a strong man from him. By the way, the result of the battle was…
“…It was a complete defeat. Even if she didn’t have the strength beyond intelligence like that Strongest Sword-dono, I couldn’t do a thing to her brilliant sword techniques.” (Melt)
“Nevertheless, Melt had endured for a while. Julia also said that she wanted to make him to be her imperial guard.” (Lifell)
“I… don’t intend to be an imperial guard other than for Lifell-sama.” (Melt)
“Hehe, thank goodness.” (Lifell)
I wasn’t sure because I didn’t see the actually fight, but it seemed that Melt, who had been trained by Lior-Jiisan, couldn’t go against her. Even when he was a bit irritated, he muttered while looking at Reus who was fighting.
“That person is really strong. The one who fought her after me was a young man, Keith, from a country called Arbitray. He was also strong but, he was lose to Princess Julia easily.” (Melt)
“I see. Not only the Beast King, he also came here. He was challenged for a mock battle similar like Melt-san, is it?” (Sirius)
“It looks like you know each other. Oh yes, I remembered that boy was mentioned in Reese’s letter. And, Julia also fought with Reus’ friend, Albert-kun.” (Lifell)
“Albert too? Is he here in Sandor?” (Sirius)
“Yes. I don’t know the details, but he said that he was invited to come to the Legendia this time.” (Lifell)
Albert… he was a young man who lived in the town of Parade. It was a town where we stopped by during our journey, and he was also became one of my disciples. If his best friend knew that he was here, Reus would be pleased. I was also glad because I could see him again after a long time, but… my doubt was getting stronger.
I understood that Keith was the prince of the beast country, Arbitray, but I didn’t understand the reason why Albert was invited to Sandor. To be honest, with the scale of Albert’s hometown, it was hard to imagine him to be invited to the Legendia. It had been a year since we left. Had the two towns, Parade and Romanio that existed across Lake Deine, been merged into a country? No… even if that was true, I didn’t think that it would grow into a country that would be recognized by a big country in just a year.
“I am somehow understood what you think. Apparently, he was invited not because of the country, there seems to be other reasons–… oh my?” (Lifell)
“Sirius-sama! Reus is…” (Emilia)
Princess Lifell seemed to know something, but since there was a development on Reus’ side, we turned our attention to the battle between him and Julia.
At first, they exchanged sword blows to gauge each other’s ability, but as Julia had confirmed Reus’ ability, her sword speed increased, and Reus finally began to be pushed.
“Look, look! I can see more swords compared to Reus-Oniichan’s!” (Karen)
“Julia-sama’s movements… are somehow amazing, isn’t it? She also has a beautiful blonde hair, but… her beauty can’t be described with words.” (Reese)
“There are rarely swordsmen who swing swords as much as her. I wonder if she could handle Reus’ deadly blow.” (Emilia)
Although Reus was accustomed to a quick opponent by mock battles with me, Julia’s sword was indeed amazing. I thought that her sword was roughly swung like a storm, and with a flowing movement that accurately aimed for vital points, it looked like Reus was perfectly at the mercy due to the irregular movements mixed in her slow and fast movements.
“What’s wrong!? Is this the sword techniques of the Strongest Sword? Isn’t it different!?” (Julia)
“Kuh…” (Reus)
Facing against such an opponent, far from attacking her, Reus was doing his best to endure her assault. He managed to avoid direct hit by preventing with not only with the wooden sword, but also with the armguards, but he began to be pushed gradually. Then, Reus retreated one step.
“Reus is doing a defensive battle, right? Is that what you expected?” (Lifell)
“Aah, he is waiting for an opportunity. He seems to make good use of what I taught…” (Sirius)
Although Reus was aiming for sudden reversal, it was difficult to figure out the opponent’s sword. Then, Julia, who had pushed Reus to the edge of the circle since he wasn’t able to counterattack, swung a blow to conclude the battle. It was somewhat an aggressive attack, but her reason was probably because she wanted to defeat him with her own hands, rather than win because he was pushed out of the circle.
Of course, she wasn’t careless. The sword blow Julia unleashed that certainly defeat the opponent was…
“You are the first one who can stop my sword from the front! But with this…” (Julia)
“Fuh!” (Reus)
Her sword collided with Reus’ wooden sword that was swung up from the bottom, and then, Julia’s wooden sword was hovering over the sky at the same time as the echoed high pitched sound.
“…Wha!?” (Julia)
“Hime-sama’s sword is prevented!?” (Fort)
In addition to the speed of the tremendous sword, it wasn’t easy to prevent the blow that had been mixed with Feint. Nevertheless, Reus was able to stop her assault by the experiences gained from mock battles with me.
While enduring the assaults, he read the opponent’s breathing, movements and tendencies. Then, he predicted the deciding blow and he flicked the sword by aiming at the moment when Julia was slightly distracted from his hand. After that, Reus swung down his wooden sword without a slightest delay at Julia who was disturbed because her sword was repelled.
“With this… it has been decided, right?” (Reus)
However, the wooden sword that was swung down stopped just before hitting Julia’s shoulder. With the rules decided before the match who would win if a blow reached the target, but as expected, Reus stopped from doing so.
“…What do you mean? Why did you stop the sword?” (Julia)
“What are you saying… it is already decided, so I don’t really have to hit you, right?” (Reus)
From everyone’s eyes, that blow was definitely concluded the battle, so there was no reason to hit just as what Reus said. It would be different in the case of detestable enemies or someone who should be killed, but in Reus case, woman was someone he should protect, and he didn’t really want to hurt them. This was due to the teaching by the ladies, and he also had been brought up that way because he saw my conducts.
In short, it was the kindness of Reus, but from the personality of Julia heard from Princess Lifell…
“Are you kidding me!? If this is decided by the rules, a swordsman should fight with everything! I ask you to redo it! Now, you better hit me!” (Julia)
“It’s fine because this is a mock battle, right? Besides, for whatever it is, I don’t want to hit a woman!” (Reus)
“Being a woman has got nothing to do with it! It looks like my earnest wasn’t communicated. In this way, beat me at any expense!” (Julia)
As expected, she didn’t like it. Reus ran away from that menacing look, but Julia didn’t care at all and chased after him. To put it simply… I supposed she couldn’t be satisfied unless she was defeated in the battle properly. Princess Lifell sighed while holding her head at the sight where Julia picked up the wooden sword that fell nearby, and she chased Reus again.
“Aah–… as expected, she is angry. Both of you, it is probably better if you are being honest to each other even if it is a bad or a good thing.” (Lifell)
“Wi-will that be alright? I mean the other side is a princess. Reus will be looked badly if he does that, right?” (Reese)
“It’s alright. Julia will not hold down her opponents with her authority, so just get her.” (Lifell)
It seemed that Julia wouldn’t exercise her authority as a princess. She defeated her opponents only with her might. Reese was anxious, but she was relieved by the smile of Princess Lifell who wasn’t worried at all. Meanwhile, Emilia kept observing calmly even though her brother was trying to escape hard.
“Earlier, Julia-sama mentioned that being a woman is irrelevant. Do you understand what she meant, Lifell-sama?” (Emilia)
“Yes. She usually doesn’t mind this, but she doesn’t like to be treated as a woman in regard to fighting. Julia is a princess, but she is proud to be a swordsman.” (Lifell)
Albert and Keith, who fought her before this, were fighting while considering their opponent as a woman, but then, they were forced to understand that such a thought was too naive before Julia’s sword techniques.
“When they grasped the sword, they went easy because she was a woman, but they made a big mistake for displeasing Julia. In return, she desperately tried to get stronger to prove herself from such people.” (Lifell)
They also probably went easy on her because she was a princess, but because of showing such passion, they were seemed to be reminded by their own mistakes. She might have talent to begin with, but I guessed she trained herself because she was very competitive. It was a terrible obsession in a sense.
“Wait… I’m out! I’ve lost since I’ve left the circle!” (Reus)
“That’s right, Hime-sama! Please withdraw the sword!” (Fort)
“I refuse! I will not stop until you hit me!” (Julia)
“I told you, I don’t want to do that!” (Reus)
Julia would like to acknowledge losing by having Reus hit her, but she didn’t stop even if Reus had gone out of the school. In addition, she seemed didn’t hear the voice of Fort. On top of losing, she was a woman who wanted to be defeated properly, even in a mock battle, was it?
It looked like Reus had taken that one from Julia. Reus’ agony would happen after this… No, it might be the beginning of the troubles with women.
“It is a strange situation where she chases the opponent in order to be defeated.” (Emilia)
“Should I tell them to be honest?” (Lifell)
“Is Reus-Oniichan playing tag with that Onee-chan? Can I join them too?” (Karen)
“Please stop that. It will be hard for you to chase them, Karen.” (Sirius)
Due to the dazzling beauty and elegance, people couldn’t see Julia now as a woman who was having fun, even though she was somewhat hard to be approached. Perhaps, that was why Karen wanted to join them. After that, the scene, where Julia kept shouting, Reus who stubbornly refused, and Fort, who desperately running to stop the princess, lasted for a while.
“Now, hit me and claim your victory!” (Julia)
“This is strange since a while ago, you know! Aniki! Don’t just look, help me, please!” (Reus)
“To ask your brother to help you… I don’t think you can win over me with him!” (Julia)
“Same to you! You are not behaving like someone who has been defeated!” (Reus)
“…What is this?” (Sirius)
It was a strangely charming scene. I understood that this was a serious situation, but perhaps I should say that… were they flirting each other?
Even when Reus was pushed to the wall, he somehow managed to endure Julia’s sword with bare hands. Nevertheless, as Reus was seriously looking for help, I tried to stop them and…
“That’s enough, Julia!” (??)
“!?” (Julia)
An angry voice that was different from Fort resounded in the training ground, and Julia’s movement finally stopped. Julia probably had calmed down with this. She slowly left Reus and deeply lowered her head.
“…I’m sorry. I’ve lost control of myself and caused you inconvenience.” (Julia)
“Well… it’s alright. I’ve also learned a lot from you.” (Reus)
“I-I see. That helps if you say so. By the way… I will stop here, but will you have a match with me again? I will win next time, Reus-dono.” (Julia)
“I’m not sure about that without asking Aniki, but if there is a time, please also take care of me. Julia… uhmm, Julia-sama, I will also become stronger if I fight you.” (Reus)
“Hahaha, you don’t have to be humble. I can’t help with the name calling, but other than that, please treat me as per normal.” (Julia)
She had intense eyes, but Reus might admit that splendid sword techniques. As Reus and Julia shook hands to acknowledge each other, the owner of the voice, that stopped Julia, was approaching them.
The appearance was a man who had passed twenty years old. His attire was something that a royalty would wear and he had similar blond hair as Julia, and… from the point of bringing Zilard, who separated from us earlier, he seemed to be the rumored first prince… Sanger.
But… the expression on his face toward Julia seemed to be very sullen. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand especially when the sister was seeing the guests he invited, earlier than him.
“Are you shaking hands!? Hey Julia, these people are the guests I invited. Don’t you dare to ignore me and do things on your own?!” (Sanger)
“You looked busy, Ani-ue. Since Fort suspected them, I had to give them a test.” (Julia)
“Silent. Oh well. So, what do you think of them?” (Sanger)
“…I think they are trustworthy people. If the sword blows I received from Reus-dono weren’t something from the path of righteousness, I don’t know what else to say then.” (Julia)
“I see. I don’t mind, but if you say so, those noisy bunches will shut up as well.” (Sanger)
It seems Julia was well known in the eyes of public and that same for the people of the castle. If they knew she approved us, there would be less people to be wary of us. As a result, his concerned disappeared since troublesome things were reduced even a little. Then, Sanger left her sister and came before us.
“Although Julia made a contact earlier than me, let me introduce myself. I am Sanger. You are Sirius, who was the champion of the Fighting Festival, right?” (Sanger)
“Yes, my name is Sirius. And these are my wives–…” (Sirius)
The introduction of everyone was smoothly ended, but as expected of Sanger as a man, his eyes fixed on my wives. I had an intention to resist with full effort if he said something like inviting, but I couldn’t feel the desire from his eyes. I heard that he was arrogant from the young information seller, but it didn’t seem that bad. Sanger was satisfied after looking to some extent, but then, his gaze pointed at Zilard who stood next to me.
“Even as adventurer, he gathers such beautiful women. Why don’t you follow him for a while?” (Sanger)
“I don’t think people like me can make women happy.” (Zilard)
“Good grief, heroes are different from person to another. Try to follow the steps of Heavenly Sword for a bit.” (Sanger)
“His situation is way too much, I don’t want to learn from him. More importantly, these people are…” (Zilard)
“Aah, yes. They really came. The castle is in a bit disorder, but welcome.” (Sanger)
“Thank you very much. By the way… you invited us because you wanted to ask something right, so what is it do you want to know?” (Sirius)
“What? Well, I wanted to ask you about the Fighting Festival. Taking that opportunity, I would like to ask you to serve under me.” (Sanger)
If Zilard knew, Sanger ought to understand who my employer was, but he naturally recruited me. I wasn’t sure whether that action was spontaneous or a scheme, but that aggressive act might be the secret why the heroes like Zilard and others served him. Well, he might be a prince of a country, but since I hadn’t even a slightest intention to serve someone who I didn’t know well, I would refuse him.
“I’m very sorry, I’m working with Lifell-hime.” (Sirius)
“That’s right. To invite him in front of my eyes… you are bold enough to do such a thing, isn’t it?” (Lifell)
“Hahaha, I’m sorry. It is my nature to invite those who have great abilities…” (Sanger)
She probably couldn’t keep it silent, so while putting up a smile, she displayed a threatening mood, but Sanger nonchalantly evaded her. As everyone began to take a distance from the two who seemed to scattering sparks by eye gazes while laughing, it seemed there were no other people to stop them other than me who was in between of them.
“Aah… I’m sorry to interrupt, but shall we change the location?” (Sirius)
“He is right, Sanger-sama! Besides, the meal preparation will be in place soon, so…” (Zilard)
“…Alright. We can’t calm down if we stay here.” (Lifell)
“Aah, yes. It’s almost time for lunch, so how about we change place and talk slowly. The people of the castle have prepared the meals to satisfy everyone, so you may expect it–…” (Sanger)
After the situation had been solved, by the time Sanger started to guide us, there was a man came running toward Sanger. Apparently, he was flustered.
“Sa-sanger-sama! Did you come here?” (Man)
“You’re noisy. What happened?” (Sanger)
“That… Ashley-sama is…” (Man)
“Again!? Damn, that guy always causes trouble as always!” (Sanger)
I thought that I’d seen that man somewhere. It seemed that he was working closer where I parked the carriage a little while ago. While the nervous man continued his explanation, Reus and Julia, who had taken care of their body, came back and joined the conversation.
“Aniue, what did Ashley do this time?” (Julia)
“He is doing his own things again, and he is annoying the people around. I have to go to stop him, but it will be good if you all come along with me.” (Sanger)
“Us too? Uhm… we haven’t met Ashley-sama yet.” (Sirius)
“He is our younger brother, but do you guys know he is making noises in front of your carriage now?” (Sanger)
“Our carriage… is it?” (Sirius)
“Could it be…” (Julia)
The interior design of our carriage looked just like an ordinary carriage, so I didn’t think that he would be interested. In other words, if he made a noise, it was related to Hokuto whom I asked to wait nearby the carriage.
While having an unpleasant thought, we went to the carriage and…
“Kuhh! He didn’t even take a look even when I gave him the highest grade of meat! As expected of a Hundred Wolves, you are not that easy, huh? But I will not give up!” (??)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
There was Hokuto, who looked in trouble, getting involved with a blond man who held a lump of meat. Even if I said he was getting involved, the young man only looked at him at a certain distance, but… his eyes were glittering. Hokuto was probably depressed because that man was around.
“That carriage… Despite of being a royalty, he is almost like a child making a noise…” (Sanger)
“Ooh… what a wonderful monster! I want to ride its back and run through battlefields by all mean!” (??)
“…Is he here?” (Julia)
From the reactions of the two, the blond young man seemed to be the second prince of Sandor, Ashley. I was surprised by his bravery when he got close to Hokuto, but there was something else to worry about.
“I know that man is not an ordinary person, but… no way.” (Sirius)
“Hey, Aniki. That man is…” (Reus)
“Don’t say any more. When I think why he was so detailed, so this is why, huh?” (Sirius)
The attire and hairstyle were totally different, but there was no mistake with that unique presence. Ashley, who was excited like a child around Hokuto, was the young information seller we met last night.

Extra/Bonus – Doing it for the sake of XX
“This is the biggest store selling books in Sandor.” (Zilard)
“Waah… there are many books!” (Karen)
Before going to the castle led by Zilard, we came to a bookstore in the town at the request of Karen. It was her first time to see books that many. So, I said few words to Karen, who seemed trying to assault the bookstore with shining eyes.
“We don’t have much time, so you may choose one book. If you still want more, we can come back later and buy it.” (Sirius)
“Alright!” (Karen)
“Sirius-sama, will it be alright if we buy books too?” (Emilia)
“I don’t mind if you are interested. Well, we can’t afford to buy a lot of books, so just have one each.” (Sirius)
“Understood.” (Emilia)
“Yeah… the books lineups are different when it comes to a big town.” (Reese)
“It will take time even by looking only. Anyway, shall we look around quickly?” (Fia)
“Book, is it? I haven’t read one recently.” (Reus)
“…” (Sirius)
After confirming that Karen had already concentrating on checking out the books, I was also looking a book which would be good for me.
“This is… a book with a history of cooking written. Do you see anything good, Emilia?” (Sirius)
“Th-this is? I have to buy this for the sake of us and Sirius-sama…” (Emilia)
“Why are you so serious–… thi-this is!?” (Reese)
“If we have the techniques written in this book, we won’t fall behind Sirius-sama–…” (Emilia)
“Please show me the book later.” (Fia)
“Yes. Let’s share it with all three of us.” (Emilia)
The ladies were somewhat noisy, but I assumed they found a good book. Since I’d found a book that looked interesting, I went to see Karen who seemed taking the most time, but I didn’t expect that she had finished scrutinizing.
“I want these!” (Karen)
“Hee… the titles are interesting, isn’t it? But, Karen. Didn’t I say you can only have one book? No matter how I see it, I don’t see one book only.” (Sirius)
“Fia-Oneechan and Reus-Oniichan said that they didn’t want to buy books, so I’m buying on their behalf.” (Karen)
“I see. It may be a bit trivial, but do you have proof that they were saying that? But you know, Karen. There is one fatal drawback. If you said so, why do you have four books?” (Sirius)
“The other one is for Hokuto!” (Karen)
When I looked outside to where Hokuto was waiting, he shook his head as if telling me she was wrong.
“…Really? That is for Hokuto, huh? But have you ever see Hokuto reading a book?” (Sirius)
“I will read it for him, so it’s alright! Hokuto also will happily listen to me–…” (Karen)
“…Please put it back.” (Sirius)
“Ehh!?” (Karen)
“Uhmm… are you still here?” (Emilia)
It took time to examine the four books and we finally bought two books. In the end, we made Zilard waited for nearly an hour.


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