Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Creeping Threat
After getting invited to the training that Julia did everyday in today early morning, we went to the forest spreading beside the castle. I thought that it would be done in the training ground of the castle, but the place that Julia introduced was an open space cleared by the trees. However, it wasn’t a bad place to train. Since I couldn’t feel any signs of people, this place was probably a secret training ground for Julia. Incidentally, some of us were still sleepy. It wasn’t really necessary to bring everyone, so those who came with me were Emilia and Reus.
While being watched by the siblings, Julia and I were facing each other at the center of the open space.
“I didn’t expect to have a match with you. It’s because I thought I couldn’t fight you unless I defeated Reus first.” (Julia)
“It’s different if Aniki says so.” (Reus)
“Aah… it’s hard to say this, but Reus decides that arbitrarily. Actually, there is no such a rule.” (Sirius)
“What!? Well, I have no complaint if I get to fight you after fighting Reus.” (Julia)
“More importantly, are you alright with that? I mean I can show you a mock match between me and Reus first…” (Sirius)
I had already seen Julia’s movements, so that suggestion came up because it might not be fair for her, but she shook her head with a refreshing smile.
“It’s fine. I’m used to such things, and above all, I think it is more fun to fight against the person I see for the first time.” (Julia)
Did that mean it was natural to know my movements since she was a well known person to the point of being called as Sword Princess? Well, that was on top of being the princess of Sandor. Besides, she seemed to have the intention to improve by pushing herself to the corner. I felt a bit complicated, but since she asked for it, I would fulfill her expectation.
“How about the rules?” (Sirius)
“It is similar to yesterday. It’ll be a hassle if we don’t start this quickly, so let’s start this right away.” (Julia)
She was probably talking about General Fort. He was certainly a noisy person, but that was also a proof that he was concerned about Julia. Since he was that kind of person, she didn’t really want to act cold toward him.
While bitterly smiling inside by imagining that guy was looking for Julia about this time, I declared that I was ready and set up the wooden sword.
“For the battle signal, since the old man is not here, Reus will–…” (Julia)
“That will not be necessary. I’ll match with Julia-sama’s timing.” (Sirius)
“What?” (Julia)
The siblings, who had been watching, noticed that I was serious when I was a half-body distance away from the other party and from my posture of hiding one hand from her view. Julia was looking unsatisfied since she had to make the first move, but she noticed that she was wrong by the intimidation I unleashed.
“I suppose you are not going easy, right?” (Julia)
“I’ve seen the yesterday match, so I’m not going to be careless, you know.” (Sirius)
“I see… I’m going to enjoy this!” (Julia)
While saying so, Julia kicked the ground. She swung the wooden sword at the lower section while leaping into my bosom. I avoided it by retreating to the rear, but Julia changed her movement in the middle of lower swing, and she leaped to chase after me. To start the match with this… it was a considerable unconventional blow. So, I hit the tip of the protruding wooden sword and divert its trajectory. It grazed my cheek while stabbed the sky.
“If that hits, it will be fatal injury even with a wooden sword.” (Sirius)
“I don’t want to be told by you when you divert it easily. Then, how about this one?” (Julia)
As the blow of greeting ended, I was attacked with surging waves of slow and fast paced sword swings that were shown during her match against Reus, but I could handle it by repelling with the wooden sword and twisting my body to evade. These exchanges continued for almost thirty seconds, but when Julia felt something out of place, she took a distance immediately.
“…Are you aiming for openings instead of just evading them?” (Julia)
“So, you noticed that.” (Sirius)
What I did was a technique that induced the opponent to attack in order to create gaps. Of course, there were dangers in doing so, but it was easy to evade if I knew where the attacks came. This technique was to counter battle experts who aimed for vital points by instinct… In other words, it was also a method that could be used if the opponents fought by using intuition like Reus. As for being induced, an opponent might notice that was the intention, and it seemed that Julia had seen it.
“In that case, shall I change the way of fighting!?” (Julia)
Even though none of her attacks hit in the exchanges earlier, Julia didn’t became flustered but instead she laughed as if she was having fun.
When Julia made a bitter smile that looked quite similar to Lior-Jiisan, I realized that her stance and presence changed.
“Hahaha! To brilliantly avoid my attack… you’ve made me want to hit at any expense!” (Julia)
No… rather than quite similar, she was almost the same kind of people. That sentence just now was almost similar to that Jii-san. Although Julia was attacking and laughing while the unnecessary things went through her head, her movements were obviously changed unlike the previous movements. The surging waves of attacks that aiming for opponent attack were executed by instinct. Like earlier, the attacks were assessed and I dealt with it by mixing between defense and feint. I continued avoiding the attacks as preparatory steps to gradually slow down the opponent, Julia was smiling as if she remembered something.
“Brilliant! It’s my first time that my sword doesn’t hit at all!” (Julia)
“To be delighted by that…” (Sirius)
“Why not? It’s fun, you know!” (Julia)
I didn’t want to say anything about the way individuals live, but was it too much to think that I didn’t want her to be similar to that Jii-san? I had a feeling that she would get along quickly with him. Anyhow, Julia was very excited, but the sword was swung with accuracy and calmness. She was terrifying woman in many ways.
In this way, we aimed for openings and this continued for a while. However, it was Julia who lost the balance. Julia crouched to evade the blow aiming for her flank, but then, she aimed for my right foot with low swing. I immediately raised my right foot and swung down the wooden sword toward her unprotected back, but Julia quickly released a thrust from crouched posture.
Although it wasn’t difficult to avoid if it was a blow of pointy attack, her aim wasn’t me. Julia didn’t miss that slight delay in response. She precisely stabbed the handle of my wooden sword, and it was blown to the air. Repelling weapons was a technique I often do, but this was the first time it was done to me. She didn’t show that movement yesterday. It seemed she had grown up from the match against Reus.
“Got you!” (Julia)
I didn’t expect that she learned so much from a single mock battle. I spontaneously smiled at that frightening talent, and in the meantime, Julia was approaching to deliver the final blow. That moment when she swung a blow, which I had been avoiding until now, and without a hint of negligence…
“You still have long way to go!” (Sirius)
“Wha!?” (Julia)
By increasing my focus to the limit, I grasped the swung wooden sword between the palms of my hands. This was called stopping a sword stroke between bare hands. Julia probably didn’t expect the sword was stopped with bare hands. In that perturbed opening, I twisted my wrist and snatched the wooden sword. Then, I pointed the tip directly at her throat.
“It’s over with this… right?” (Sirius)
“Kuhh!? Muuu…” (Julia)
She seemed unwilling to be stopped, but she couldn’t say anything might be because she felt unpleasant with the throat. As Julia continued to feel conflicted, she admitted defeat when the wooden sword that had been blown to the sky fell behind me while sighing at the same time.
“Haa… I gave up, you completely had me. You weren’t only stopping my sword with bare hands, you also snatched it away.” (Julia)
“I thought that I couldn’t get through with average techniques, so I had to try some clever schemes.” (Sirius)
The battle could be concluded a bit sooner if I used offensive magic, but since I judged this as a mock battle based on swords, I didn’t use it as I had to be considerate with the situation. From experience, there was a high possibility she would accept it obediently if I achieved victory in that way to those who preferred to attack from the front just like her.
However, since her sword techniques were better than mine, it was pretty hard to find openings. I was convinced that the difference in power wouldn’t change much the course of the battle after clashing with her swords many times. Even with the stopping with bare hands which became the key of victory, I was quite overwhelmed. Aside from that, in the case of Reus, he was pushed out by force even if he could understand her techniques.
After that, I gave back the wooden sword to her. When I collected my wooden sword, Julia talked to me with an unhappy expression.
“It was a very meaningful battle, but I would like to say this much. I’m fine with Reus, but why are you both going easy to that degree?” (Julia)
It was probably an important point, but she seemed unable to accept that she was stopped. I heard from Princess Lifell that people were going easy on her because she was treated as a woman, so I had to explain it properly because I also had the circumstances.
“Reus became stronger because he wants to protect people who are important. So he naturally will stop unless it is necessary to kill. If he is not a man who can’t adjust his strength, you should already know what would happen since you had a match with him, Julia-sama.” (Sirius)
“…Aah. His sword is straightforward enough to the point it feels comfortable.” (Julia)
“In my case, I have many techniques that are too dangerous to be used in mock battles. Although it is not necessary, I just don’t want to wreck my opponents.” (Sirius)
“What did you say!?” (Julia)
Julia understood Reus’ reason, but she glared at me as if it was unpleasant. Well, I was like saying that I had to go easy on her. So, it would be natural for her to get angry based on her personality. But…
“Although we used limited techniques, I was at least fighting you seriously, you know?” (Sirius)
“Are you being serious when you are not using your techniques!?” (Julia)
“Julia-sama… at the end of the day, this is just a mock battle. I would like to apologize for being rude, but it is only a matter of your mind to think that people are going easy on you because you are a woman.” (Sirius)
Right now, somebody needed to tell that clearly to her. There was no one who could firmly tell her so because she had become strong enough to stand at the top of the country while being a princess. She was still immature because she couldn’t hide her anger when people were going easy. Which was why I thought I had to point this out to her. She might surpass me sooner or later, but as a person who had ambition to that degree, it wouldn’t be easy to break the walls made by people with ego.
“This also what had happened yesterday, isn’t it? Plus, I heard from Lifell-sama why you don’t like that. But, Julia-sama… you should understand immediately if the opponent is serious, right?” (Sirius)
“…Aah, yes.” (Julia)
“Do not be swept away by the memories of the past, and you should trust that sense forged by you. If you muster your mind and gather experience by fighting against various opponents from now on… I believe that you will become stronger, Julia-sama.” (Sirius)
It would be tough to understand from the standpoint of a princess, but she would likely to grow so much once she knew how big the world was. Julia nodded as if she was convinced with the advice while thinking that Reus would be a good rival for her.
“I see… I have to muster my mind, is it? You are the first person who said such a thing to me.” (Julia)
“Of course. After all, I won against you.” (Sirius)
“Muuu!?” (Julia)
Julia frowned when she look my provocative smile, but she immediately laughed after that. As I expected, it seemed she responded similarly to that Strongest Sword old man.
“Hahaha! It’s true, the person who lost shouldn’t retort back, right? No matter what I say, it will not change the fact that you are stronger than me for now.” (Julia)
“However, your sword techniques have far exceeded my expectations. I was really surprised by your accurate sword techniques and movement that anticipate ahead.” (Sirius)
“I still can’t win with those yet. Next time, I will pass that expectations even more and I will win.” (Julia)
I nodded in satisfaction at Julia’s radiant smile.
“…Why isn’t she get angry with Aniki?” (Reus)
“It’s because the difference in experience. In addition to strength, you should learn more from Sirius-sama on how to respond to women.” (Emilia)
“Uuh!? Bu-but, women are difficult.” (Reus)
“It’s not good to be weak-minded. Just like how I dedicated my love and loyalty toward Sirius-sama, be a man who can make Marina and Noir-chan devoted to you.” (Emilia)
“I don’t want Noir and Marina to be like you, Nee-chan—….” (Reus)
“…” (Emilia)
“I-I mean, I would like them to be themselves!” (Reus)
Somehow, the siblings, who stayed behind the scenes, were talking about strange things, but… I shouldn’t mind about them. If I had to say personally, there was a charm for being natural airheaded, and I had a feeling that Reus would be fine to stay as it was.
Thus, after the mock battle ended, I took care of my body with water and tower received from Emilia. Then, Julia asked me a question while I cleaned the sweat.
“Oh yes, I got a question. Why Sirius-kun and Reus’ ways of fighting are totally different? Aren’t you both a teacher and a student?” (Julia)
“I didn’t teach sword to Reus.” (Sirius)
“What do you mean?” (Julia)
Since she understood from yesterday battle that Reus’ sword techniques were Strongest Sword style, it was natural to think that I had similar techniques. Actually, in the mock battle earlier, I had to be careful to go against the blows which were extraordinarily strong. For the time being, I told her the detailed history on how I got acquainted with Lior-Jiisan and how Reus learned sword.
“I became interested in sword because of Aniki. The sword swung by Aniki was really amazing, and I thought I also wanted to swing like that.” (Reus)
“I understand! I also feel the impact on the whole body when seeing that sword techniques for the first time. However, if you decided to use sword, is your teacher Strongest Sword-dono?” (Julia)
“It’s just that I’ve learned many things from Aniki, and Lior-Jiichan didn’t really care.” (Reus)
Most people would doubt that the matter with Strongest Sword was real, but Julia seemed to completely believe it. The evidence was probably Reus’ abilities. When I thought Julia had also understood it, she began to look at Reus with intense eyes.
“Nevertheless… I’m jealous with Reus. Strongest Sword-dono seems to have served my country, but he left due to some circumstances before I was born. Even so, he decided to travel to train his sword techniques or something.” (Julia)
If I wasn’t mistaken… Jii-san left the country because… his disciple was killed by a jealous noble, but it seemed that information was concealed for the convenience.
“If I were there at that time, I would absolutely hold him back… No, I would probably follow him just to learn sword.” (Julia)
“I think it would be better to stop that.” (Reus)
In that Jii-san’s case, rather than teaching sword, he would attack her with sword instead. Rather than disciples who obediently learned what he thought, it was said that he would be happier having disciples challenged him with murderous intention. I wonder what kind of face she would make if she knew how abnormal that old man with sword… No, I supposed she would be delighted.
“It would be impossible to be taught by Sword Strongest-dono, but it is good experience to fight you both. How about this, Reus? Let’s have another match with me now?” (Julia)
“I don’t mind, but I probably have to stop my sword again, you know?” (Reus)
“It’s alright since I know that you aren’t that kind of man. I want to know more about Strongest Sword style, so let’s fight now!” (Julia)
“Hmm… alright. Actually, I also want to move my body!” (Reus)
His body was probably restless by looking at the match between me and Julia. He stood up after getting the wooden from me and joyfully stood up before her. The mock battle began as soon as it was, and when I looked at the battle of intense clashing swords which was completely different from the battle with me, Emilia muttered while approaching from the side.
“These two are having fun fighting.” (Emilia)
“They are different but their roots are similar.” (Sirius)
She was a woman who loved to train because she was greedy for more power. If she wasn’t a princess of Sandor, I would probably invite her to join our journey. It would be a good stimulus for Reus, and I also thought it would be waste for that talent to be buried in one country. Emilia looked at me with a gentle smile as if she noticed such a trivial conflict in me.
“…How about mentioning it to her?” (Emilia)
“Did you understand that? (Sirius)
“Yes. Not only Reus, I also think that you were having fun when you fought her, Sirius-sama. You had eyes that were looking forward to their future, right?” (Emilia)
“Well… yes. What do you think, Emilia?” (Sirius)
“Yes, I agree that various problem will rise if Julia accompanies our journey. But, I will not change anything that I should do.” (Emilia)
Her support for me wouldn’t change no matter what would be the outcome… With that, I gently patted the smiling Emilia’s head and said thank you. Then, when I was looking at her tail that wagged happily, I heard a voice searching for Julia from a distance. When I turned around, I saw General Fort running and he looked desperate.
“Hime-sama! How many times I told you to train sword in the castle–…” (Fort)
“Hahaha! This technique is no longer good, is it? You guys are really fun!” (Julia)
“I’m the same, you are totally different from Aniki!” (Reus)
“Eiii, again!? Hime-sama, it’s about time!” (Fort)
They seemed to be absorbed in the fight and didn’t hear him. Since he thought that they wouldn’t stop even if he called them, he went between them without hesitation while letting out a sigh. Although they were using wooden swords, it was insane to enter between the two whom swinging swords like windstorm, but I couldn’t see any hesitation in Fort’s eyes.
Fort, who entered the windstorm of sword clashing, stopped both of their wooden swords with his armguards. To my surprise, even though the armguards looked sturdy, let alone being hurt by these two attacks, the balance of his body wasn’t shaken at all It didn’t seem to be a showoff when he was called General. Was it because Julia was forced to stop, she glanced at Fort in dissatisfaction as her hand being held.
“I am rather intrigued, so what are you doing?” (Julia)
“I’m sorry to spoil the fun, but morning work and breakfast time is approaching. Please return to the castle immediately.” (Fort)
“What!? Is it that time already?” (Julia)
Since the mock battle was brilliantly prolonged, it seemed it was already breakfast time. She didn’t seem to feel hungry because of all that fun. In this way, the morning training was concluded, but while on the way back to the castle, Fort’s lectures continued on.
“My goodness! The attendants were making noise since you were in the room from the early in the morning. Please don’t make everyone worry too much.” (Fort)
“You would stop me if I told you, right? Anyhow, I would like to fight more with Sirius-kun and Reus.” (Julia)
“These people are Sanger-sama’s guests. You can’t just treat it like it’s not a big deal. Please act more like a royalty…” (Fort)
Julia turned aside the lectures nonchalantly as if this was something she already used to. On the other hand, Reus began to talk in between of such exchanges. He was probably concerned because his sword was stopped.
“People in this country are amazing. I didn’t think anyone could stop my blow like that.” (Reus)
“Defense is the best in this country. The people that can penetrate this old man defense can be count with fingers.” (Julia)
“Hime-sama, it’s not good to praise me just to dodge the issue here. You too. If you have time to think about other people, you better train yourself.” (Fort)
“Of course! But I seriously want to fight Fort-san even once.” (Reus)
“Hmm, it’s impossible. Unlike you, I always busy. But… I’ll think about it.” (Fort)
It seemed that he admitted how blunt Reus was. It might be because it was response toward warriors. It would be a good experience for Reus. When I looked at their retreating figures, I was thinking that I should request the same thing.

“Aah, welcome back.” (Reese)
“Welc–…” (Karen)
After bidding farewell to Julia and Fort, we returned to our room and the two who greeted us were Karen, who was sitting on a chair with sleepy eyes, and Reese, who stood behind her. Reese was combing Karen’s hair with a brush to groom her, but she seemed to be struggling because the half asleep Karen frequently moved her head.
“Hey, Karen. Everyone has returned, so wake up properly.” (Reese)
“I’m awake–….” (Karen)
“It’s still no good. Reese, you can leave her to me after this.” (Emilia)
“By the way, what happen to Fia-ane?” (Reus)
“…Welcome back.” (Fia)
I heard Fia’s voice which was a bit late, but it was unusual for her to still lying on the bed. Even though she would wake up a bit later, she should already wake up for long time at this kind of time.
“Are you feeling not well?” (Sirius)
“Yes… I think I drank a bit too much. That wine was really tasty but it was tolerable, so…” (Fia)
“I understand that it was delicious, but there should be a limit. Let me touch your forehead for a bit.” (Sirius)
“Haa… your hands feel cold and it feels good.” (Fia)
When I diagnosed her through [Scan], the door of the room was knocked. So, I had Reus to handle it. It was a soldier who led us around the castle yesterday, but he deeply bowed after confirming me.
“Sirius-sama. The breakfast is ready, so I will guide you there. In addition to that, there is a message from Zilard-sama.” (Soldier)
According to the soldier, it was planned to have breakfast with Sanger and others, but it seemed that it became impossible after sudden political affairs emerged. Since they had prepared the meals, I accepted the arrangement told by the soldier before me, but Fia, who heard about the breakfast, put her hand on the mouth.
“Uh… I’m sorry, I don’t feel like eating very much. I’m fine with just water, so you guys may go ahead.” (Fia)
“Anyhow, we can’t let Fia to stay alone. Shall we split up and going to eat breakfast alternately?” (Sirius)
“We have prepared lottery-draw string. The red patterned string is for Sirius-sama’s group.” (Soldier)
In that moment, I didn’t ask where the lottery-draw string coming from. As a result… we decided to eat and split into two groups. I went with Emilia since she insisted while the remaining Reese and Reus would go first. By the way, Karen was still half asleep, so we left the room. I decided to bring back something to eat.
We parted in that arrangement and went to have breakfast. There was no particular problem occurred and they were satisfied eating with such lavish breakfast. No… there was something, right? After Reus and Reese who went first, when Emilia and I went to the dining hall…
“I-I’m sorry! The bread stock made for this morning is already almost…” (??)
“The ten portions of soup prepared also almost…” (??)
“Same goes to the fruits. We would replenish from the warehouse at the back, so I would like you to wait for a bit…” (??)
“…We don’t mind. Do it as usual.” (Sirius)
I apologized deeply in my heart because of the stares that mixed with awe and sorrow by those who served. I was happy for those who have strong appetite, but since it depended on occasion and time, it would be difficult for them.
“These are not as good as Sirius-sama’s, but it is delicious and the seasonings are well prepared. Can I have some more please?” (Emilia)
“You can’t. We aren’t at their level, but we also need to eat well.” (Sirius) (Recheck)
The result was… we should have enough with remaining portions. This was likely to help the cook a bit, but I should whether I should cook next.

We were invited by Sanger and came to the castle, but the original purpose was to protect Princess Lifell. Since Sanger wouldn’t be available until afternoon, we returned to our room while thinking to go to Princess Lifell later, but it looked she was already here.
“Seriously. I told you not to let your guard down. I can’t believe that you got hangover.” (Lifell)
“It seems I am more tired than expected. It’s shameful even if I have to say it myself.” (Fia)
Princess Lifell was reproaching Fia while looking astounded, but there was no bad feeling. It was friendly exchange as if they were already close friends. Next to her was Karen. She seemed sleepy and was eating the breakfast brought. Reese and Senia were carefully wiping her mouth.
“But it is rare for Fia-san to get hangover, isn’t it?” (Lifell)
“Yes. It’s not more than twice or thrice.” (Fia)
“I think that it is obvious to be like this when you drank too much. As for me, I won’t feel good if I drink more than two cups.” (Reus)
“I’m not going to force you, but it’s better to get used to alcohol. It’s something about how people take advantage when they are drunk.” (Sirius)
“Yeah, there is no loss if it can make me stronger against alcohol. I have drunk with Reese before, but that girl never gets drunk at all.” (Lifell)
“Eh? Have I drink alcohol with Nee-sama?” (Reese)
“Hey, didn’t I invite you for meals before leaving Elysion? That time.” (Lifell)
If I wasn’t mistaken… Princess Lifell had a secret dinner with Reese because she wanted to eat alone with her sister. But we couldn’t remember anything of Reese drinking alcohol, so we were all tilting our heads.
“Now that you mention in, the fruit juice I drank at that time had a strange taste…” (Reese)
“Oh my… you drank the whole thing you know. When I told you that was a special fruit juice that was good for beauty, you believed and drank it. However, far from having reddening face, you were walking normally. I was really surprised.” (Lifell)
“Eh… why did you do that?” (Reese)
“I just wanted to teach you how to drink alcohol.” (Lifell)
In other words, Reese had gotten used to alcohol, but when Princess Lifell displayed regrettable expression for wanting to see the appearance of drunk Reese or she couldn’t walk properly, I supposed that she wanted Reese to have an overnight stay at that time. While Reese was surprised by the revelation, Princess Lifell, turned away from Fia to me while putting her hand on the door of the room.
“Well, Sirius has returned, so we will be going immediately.” (Lifell)
“Are we going? Where to?” (Sirius)
“I told you yesterday. You guys will examine the king, right?” (Lifell)
Apparently, Princess Lifell had breakfast with Lifell and she said it during that time. It was true that I said I would like to check the condition, but that person was someone who had the highest authority in the country. I thought that it was inevitable if we were refused, but I didn’t expect the permission came so soon. Anyhow, when Julia heard it, she gave immediate reply.
According to Princess Lifell, even though she had a certain personality, it looked like she had come to trust us through mock battles.
“However, since it is impossible for everyone, it is limited to Reese and Sirius.” (Lifell)
“Well, it’s obvious. I’m sorry, but…” (Sirius)
“Yes. Please leave Fia-san and Karen to me.” (Emilia)
“If Aniki and Reese-ane go together, it will end soon. So, I’m going to work out in the room.” (Reus)
“Uuh… please be careful.” (Fia)
“Be safeee—…” (Karen)
“Don’t forget about Karen.” (Sirius)
Reese and I left the room after being sent off by everyone. Then, we headed to the king’s bedroom led by Princess Lifell. As we went back to the inner part of the castle, the eyes of the soldiers and their men who passed each other became sharper, but Princess Lifell proceeded without fear. She was truly reliable. I heard that the next corner was where we were going, but suddenly, Fort’s angry voice sounded.
“Why did you allow them!?” (Fort)”
“You don’t need to yell too loud. I know what I’m doing.” (Julia)
When we secretly looked into it from the corner, there was a sight that Fort shouted at Julia in front of the room which seemed to be the king’s bedroom. It looked like he was seriously angry, but the one who made the decision was Julia, so he probably should be aware of it, right?
“While I understand that, why do you have to allow them? What would you do if they do something to the king!?” (Fort)
“What if Father would get worse more than this? These people are not those who secretly plan for assassination. I understand that well when I clashed swords with them. There is no way I will allow Father to be harmed.” (Julia)
“I understand your feelings, but…” (Fort)
“I heard from Lifell that Sirius-kun has eyes that can easily see through incurable diseases. Furthermore, the blue hair girl can use excellent treatment magic. She is known as Saintess in Elysion. There is no harm to let these two check Father, am I right?” (Julia)
“Ughh…” (Fort)
Unlike mock battles, Fort couldn’t retort at Julia’s statements and dignity as a royal family. So, he heavily nodded as if admitted defeat.
“You don’t have to worry too much because you and I will watch them. Of course, you are coming with me.
“Yes. I am the king’s shield.” (Fort)
“That’s who you are, old man.” (Julia)
Somehow, those exchanges reminded me of a meeting with a certain Ojou-sama. Julia nodded in satisfaction when looking at Fort’s appearance received the gratitude of a vassal. Then, she turned around called us who were waiting at the corner. Her back was pointed at us, but was it natural for her to notice us since she was a strong person? Princess Lifell said that she would stay here in front of the room that was strictly guard by the soldiers. As expected, it was impossible for Princess Lifell to proceed more than this point.
“Julia, I leave them to you. I’ve said this many times, but…” (Lifell)
“Aah, yes. I will keep it only in my mind with whatever I see. Of course, that is same goes to you, old man.” (Julia)
“…I will abide by Hime-sama’s intention.” (Fort)
It looked like Princess Lifell had explained in advance that they shouldn’t leak to the surroundings even if they saw Reese and my abilities. When we entered the king’s bedroom while being thankful for Princess Lifell’s concern, the eyes of the attendants, who stayed in the room and took care of the king, were all directed to us at once. A female attendant who seemed to be the chief among others came out a step ahead. She bowed to Julia while glancing at us.
“Julia-sama. I haven’t seen these people before. Who are they?” (??)
“Aah, I’m thinking to let them examine Father. Although they look like this, they are doctors recognized by the princess of Elysion.” (Julia)
We weren’t really doctors, but I guessed that was to make easier to convince them. After giving the same explanation as to Fort, the female attendants quietly lowered their heads and gave us way.
“However, the things they will do from now on are supposed to be secret. Sorry to everyone, but could you leave the room for a bit? The old man and I will watch Father, so there is no need to worry.” (Julia)
“…Understood.” (Attendant)
I was saved because the talk was quick, but the expression of the attendants, who obediently left the room, was gloomy altogether. There were probably many doctors visited like ourselves, and they saw the scene where those people gave up many times. Every time they were overcome by the sense of helplessness, they became mentally tired. While I wished at least that we could mend the situation with our hands, Reese and I stood up in front of the bed where the king slept and started diagnosing.

After finishing a thorough examination, I reported the result and returned to the room. I sat on a chair and I was breathing heavily. It had been less than an hour since I left this room, but on top of getting questions from Julia, who was interested in my way of doing things, I was bombarded with questions from Fort and that happened from the beginning until the end. I got tired mentally.
“Thank you for your hard work. I’ll prepare tea right away.” (Emilia)
“Welcome back. What is the outcome?” (Fia)
“How should I say this…” (Reese)
It might be because Fia got back to normal, she drank the water that was put on the table. Reese was out of words when Fia asked the question. Meanwhile, Karen seemed to have completely woken up. She was doing pushups together with Reus at the corner of the room, but they stopped when we returned and came closer.
“Was the king’s sickness healed?” (Karen)
“No, he is still sleeping in bed.” (Sirius)
“Is it still no good even with Aniki and Reus-ane!?” (Reus)
“That’s not it. We only examined the king. Basically, we haven’t started a full-scale treatment yet.” (Sirius)
After looking at everyone who was wondering what did it meant by that, I explained what had happened in the king’s bedroom.

[Well then, I’m going to touch the arm to do physical examination.] (Sirius)
[This is what I’ve heard from Lifell. At least let me know the cause.] (Julia)
The Sandor king’s age seemed to be over fifty, and he had splendid bear and hair. However, he was a very strict looking man. However, the king was also skinny because of long sleep. He seemed to be pretty debilitating since there were bedsores. Nevertheless, he was still breathing and the pulse was in order. Although it was normal that his eyes were closed, the king showed no reaction even when I touched his arm.
[Even in this state, he will somehow drink soup if we bring it closer to the mouth. Thanks to everyone who takes care of Father, we manage to go through with this situation, but the anxiety is getting worse since there is no response.] (Julia)
He was unconscious, but if there was the urge for meals, he would respond. It might be similar to vegetative state when I thought about the previous life, but I had a different feeling.
[Did he suffer from any injury or illness before he collapsed?] (Sirius)
[No, Father was healthy. There was no evidence of poison in meals and cutleries. He suddenly fell into such a state.] (Julia)
Since he was in normal condition before collapsing, the impression of illness or prognostic symptoms were weak. I focused my mana, and when I changed from examination on one point to do [Scan] on the whole body… I caught a strange reaction on the king’s neck. That was…
[…The cause is unknown, but I might be able to awaken the king.] (Sirius)
[Are you sure!?] (Julia)
[Wait a sec! On what grounds can you say such thing? You merely touch his arm, aren’t you?] (Fort)
[I was convinced by palpation. Besides, I have seen similar symptoms in the past, so I think I can wake him up if I use some medicine.] (Sirius)
[Medicine? The doctors who had been examining up until now had tried various medicines. None of them were working.] (Fort)
[That’s because it requires special formulation. Since I remember how to make it, will you prepare the material I will write in the memo later?] (Sirius)
[Is it going to be working–…] (Fort)
[Wait, old man. If he knows the precedent, I think it’s worth a try. I will prepare it immediately, but when the medicine will be available?] (Julia)
[On top of being difficult to produce, the extraction method is also special, so it will take some time. The fastest I can make it available would be tomorrow.] (Sirius)
I tried to tell her that it was impossible to hurry no matter what, but Julia nodded with a bright smile.
[It is good enough to know that there is a possibility of waking up. I have to tell everyone soon.] (Julia)
[Hime-sama, I would like you not to do that. If the people of the castle know it and he doesn’t wake up eventually, it will not only affect him, but also the entire castle.] (Sirius)
[…You’re right. But wouldn’t it better to let the people who go against Aniue know? They haven’t said anything though…] (Julia)
[How about you tell your brother at least? I think he has the right to know as a family member.] (Sirius)
[Thank you for examining the king, but I would like not to mention too much about this situation.] (Fort)
[No… he is right. I will tell Aniue and Ashley later.] (Julia)
Fort had a complicated expression, but he wouldn’t go against Julia. As Fort helpless agreed, I whispered to Reese’s ear to apply some treatment. She was watching the king with a sorrowful looking face.
[Incidentally, it would be better to heal the physical condition. Reese, I leave it to you.] (Sirius)
[It looks difficult, but I’ll try it somehow. Uhm, I’m sorry but the image is…] (Reese)
[Hou… it is my first time seeing a magic that wrap the whole body with water. What is she doing?] (Fort)
[She is treating the king from the outside and the inside of the body at the same time. The effect will appear soon.] (Sirius)
To be precise, she rinsed off bad things in the body with purifying water… it was something like detox. It was a magic that Reese could operate freely and delicately the Spirits that filled w enormous mana. The king received something like poisoning symptoms due to the administration of various medicines, and with this magic, it should be alleviated a lot.
[Ooh, there’s vitality on Father’s face! It’s better than what I heard from Lifell.] (Julia)
[What… is that…] (Fort)
[He will wake up after taking the medicine. Please don’t use other medicines until then, and don’t touch him unnecessarily.] (Sirius)
[I got it, so you don’t have to say that!] (Fort)
[Pay attention to those who come closer to Father. I must thank you Aniue for inviting you all to the castle.] (Julia)

After giving the memo written with required material, Reese and I returned to the room. I drank the tea Emilia brewed and explained the situation. Reese, who displayed a difficult face after looking at the memo earlier, asked me a question.
“Uhmm, Sirius-san. I think I have seen the material written in the memo somewhere, but…” (Reese)
“It’s obvious to think so. They are spices for making curry powder.” (Sirius)
“Will the king get up with the smell of curry?” (Karen)
“I see. Well, the smell of curry seems to be very delicious. Somehow… I feel like eating curry.” (Reus)
“Me too…” (Reese)
“I like sweet curry!” (Karen)
“…That will be later, alright.” (Sirius)
The talk had started to be derailed by the gluttonous children, but Emilia and Fia seemed to be thinking seriously. In Fia’s case, I could see nothing but being in agony with hangover.
“As for mixing formulation, can the curry powder become a medicine?” (Emilia)
“That’s over thinking. I’m not going to use it as medicine. Actually, I plan to use the curry to treat Lifell-hime and others. After all, the medicine we have in the carriage is enough.” (Sirius)
“Do you mean that by something you call household medicine? Do we have something that can cure coma?” (Fia)
“We have smelling salts, you know? Reus drank it before and it was pretty intense.” (Sirius)
“…Ah, that one. If it’s with that medicine, dead people may also wake up.” (Reus)
Reus was trembling with a bitter expression. I was sure that he was remembering the taste. It was my original medicine that ultimately enhanced bitterness and pungency, and it was enough to wake Reus who fainted by training.
After explaining so far, I signaled Fia with my eyes to ask her to keep our voices from leaking outside through magic. Even Fia didn’t feel good, she still used the magic. Then, Reese asked while tilting her head.
“I know how powerful smelling salts, but haven’t they tried something similar?” (Reese)
“No, he will wake up. Actually, I already know the reason why the king hasn’t woken up.” (Sirius)
When I explained that I planned to remove the cause when making the king drank the medicine, Reese narrowed her eyes as if she disapproved.
“If the cause was known, we should have removed it and treated him at that time…” (Reese)
“I’m sorry because I didn’t explaining that. To tell the truth, I was thinking to act in order to know what would be the enemy’s move.” (Sirius)
Since I was still not clear about the mastermind who acted behind the scene by creating the castle’s… I meant the whole country’s strife, so I created a situation where the enemy had no choice but to take measures. If the information about the king would heal was known, there should be some movements.
“I feel bad about the king, but I have to have him sleep just for one more day. If possible, I want to completely ascertain the identity and the purpose of the enemy by tomorrow.” (Sirius)
“The circumstances are somehow deep.” (Emilia)
“By the way, what was the cause of the king falling asleep?” (Reese)
“He is not sleeping. He just can’t wake up. It is because there is a thing on this spot.” (Sirius)
There was a slight reaction felt from the neck when I examined the king by using [Scan], and… that thing was inhibiting the awakening of him. At first, I thought it was a mark hit with a poison needle, but since I felt a similar reaction in the past, I immediately deceived by saying I didn’t know the cause.
“Didn’t we see this in Arbitray’s castle where the Beast King rules? It was an existence that hid inside a human body and caused disturbance by manipulating the body of the host.” (Sirius)
Yes… the thing inside of the king’s body gave the same reaction as the mysterious stone that tried to kidnap the daughter of the Beast King and repeatedly doing inhuman experiments. Unlike the one in Arbitray, the size of that thing here was quite small, and it didn’t posses a will, but it wasn’t a mistake since it gave a subtle mana response.
“As I thought before, this country is in a dangerous situation. Since the kings of many countries, who are in the front line base, will come back later today, let’s discuss it immediately.” (Sirius)
Speaking of the stone that manipulated the host, people might think of it as a joke, but the possibility of danger was low. However, if this would be explained by the Beast King, who had been harm before, they would at least not going to deny it. While deciding future plans again, we were quietly waiting for the materials we requested to reach.

However… the situation moved faster than expected.
I received the material I was asking, and the formulation of… curry powder was done. Since the time for lunch had arrived, we ate with Sanger and others who finally became less busy. He tried to solicit us as usual, but the lunch ended without any incident. Then, I was called by Zilard to come to a room for a private meeting.
I went there alone, so when I went to Zilard’s personal room while keeping vigilance, I heard a grave matter.
“…Are you sure?” (Sirius)
“Yes. The identity of the mastermind who creates disturbance in the castle so that people disobey Sanger-sama has been confirmed.” (Zilard)
“You don’t have to go so far by calling me, and I think it would be good if you can catch the enemy.” (Sirius)
“It will take times to have others to vomit charges in order to judge him. It is highly likely that he would take action while deliberating on that, we have to deal with him before he moves.” (Zilard)
“In other words, you want me to secure… no, make it bloodier?” (Sirius)
“It helps if you understand fast. This is a request in expectation of your ability…” (Zilard)
Zilard stood up from a chair, and deeply lowered his head.
“Would you please remove… General Fort who plans to bring revolution secretly?” (Zilard)
He requested an assassination to me.

Extra/Bonus – What was going on at that time? (Emilia’s Persistence)
To decide which one would go breakfast with me in pair, the selection with lottery-draw string had begun.
“A string with a red line will go with Sirius-sama. Please prepare yourself and take one.” (Emilia)
“Alright, I’m going.” (Reus)
When Reus took the lead and pull a string, its tip had a red line–…
“Oh my, all strings have red line. I’ll change these immediately, so please wait a moment.” (Emilia)
“Eh? Al-alright…” (Reus)
It was extremely forceful, but Reus seemed unable to say anything to her sister’s dreadfulness. Then, she changed to new strings, and when Reus pulled again…
“Ooh, it’s red!” (Reus)
“That’s wrong. That isn’t red. That color is Freygon color.” (Emilia)
“That’s childish, Nee-chan!” (Reus)
Reus was right, but I didn’t really understand why he participated in the first place. By the way, Freygon was a lizard monster whose whole body dyed in red.
“Say, Reus is also a guard, so it’s fine if he separates from me.” (Sirius)
“Aah… that’s true. But, I really want to have meal with Aniki only for a long time, you know.” (Reus)
“You are the same as ever. I can’t be careless with my younger brother in terms of intuition and good fortune. However, now that the biggest obstacle has been slashed out, the other person is Reese only. Now, let’s do it fair and square!” (Emilia)
“…I’ll go with Reus.” (Reese)
Since Reese turned down because of Emilia’s enthusiasm, Emilia and I went for breakfast together.

Extra/Bonus – Hokuto’s paws are versatile.
On the way back to the castle after finishing training with Julia in the early of morning, I decided to go to the carriage to see how Hokuto was doing. Julia shouldn’t have time, but when I went to the carriage together with her since she said she wanted to come along…
“…Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Kuhh… are you trying to stand in my way!?” (Julia)
Ashley, who was sitting in front of Hokuto, was holding his head with a serious look for some reason..
“It is rare for Ashley-sama to wake up this early.” (Fort)
“Aah, it can’t be help to worry about Hokuto. But… what are you doing?” (Sirius)
As I came closer while wondering, there was a strategic type board game in this world put between Hokuto and Ashley… it was a thing called Chess.
“What!? That wolf can play games too!?” (Julia)
“It should be possible if he is a Hundred Wolves, right? Nevertheless…” (Ashley)
When I check the situation of the game, Ashley was clearly in inferior position.
“It really push you that far, huh?” (Julia)
“Hime-sama… first off, shouldn’t you ask Ashley-sama why he was playing board game with the monster?” (Fort)
“Well, he is probably practicing at this point of time. Alright, I’ll be next.” (Julia)
“How many times I have told you that you don’t have the time!?” (Fort)
The game advanced while the princess and the general interacted like a sketch comedy. Even so, the appearance of Hokuto grabbing and moving pieces much smaller than himself very well with his paw was really surreal. And a few minutes later…
“Aah!?” (Ashley)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“It’s… checkmate.” (Julia)
There was no way to escape anymore. So, Ashley was splendidly crushed.
“Dang it, I lost. Here, it’s the promised silver coin. I want to have another game, but if I spend more pocket money, the gift for Freesia would be…” (Ashley)
Apparently, they seemed to bet money to increase the sense of tension. Hokuto might not need money, but to be honest, I accepted it since it would help me. By the way, I was surprised by Ashely who could communicate so far with Hokuto.
“Alright! I’ll bet my throne next! I don’t need it anyway!” (Ashley)
“What are you saying!?” (Fort)
That might be obvious. Hence, Ashley was remonstrated by Fort because he was waging something important. In the meantime, Hokuto fixedly looked at my face…
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
“No, it’s not necessary. Please refuse him properly because there is no need to have the throne.” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“If I become a royalty, I would be busy and don’t have time for brushing–…” (Sirius)
“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)
Then, Hokuto refused him with all his might.


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