Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Volume 14 intermission

Intermission: The G and The Cake Master

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— Lior —
That day, I came to the arena in the Elysion's school.
Because after this, it would be to kill each other… not that, I was swinging my sword in the waiting room of the arena since we were held back before the match.
"Hmmm… this is a good ending." (Lior)
As I grasped the partner that I received from that short leg old man and confirmed the feel, it was more familiar than I expected. Although he was stubborn and obstinate, I admit that he had skills and he could do it.
As I was pleased with the feel of my partner after a long time, the door of the waiting room was opened.
"Tousen-sama. The arrangement has been prepared, so please go ahead to the ring." (??)
When I turned around to the voice that called me, a woman who looked like an attendant with rabbit ears stood.
This woman was someone whom I thought how to use sword. She was Lifell-chan's attendant.
I noticed her beforehand, but the way she hid her presence was quite good. As expected of an exclusive attendance of Jou-chan.
"Hmm, I'm going." (Lior)
I was led to the ring by the guidance of that attendant, but I had been here many times to train Jou-chan to be a soldier.
Well, the attendant didn't open her mouth in the beginning, but then, she looked back with a bitter smile.
"It's dangerous to take eyes off isn't it, Tousen-sama?" (Senia)
"There is no such a thing. Hoo… that light, it wasn't there before, but for some reason, it makes me want to slice that magic tool. Can I cut it?" (Lior)
"You said that as soon as you can… huh. This is the latest magic tool that Rodwell-sama made, so if you slice it, your dinner will be cut." (Senia)
"By no means, it's not that I want to cut it. But, if that reduce the amount of meals, I have to give that up, I guess?" (Lior)
They understood my behavior, but… oh well.
Later, when I came to the field while passing through some things that I felt like cutting them, a big cheer welcomed me.
Hmmm, I won the championship several time for that… I forgot the name, but I remember the tournament which I fought and won.
While thinking that the number of spectators which was far less compared to that, when I continued walking as I was seen off by the guiding attendant, there was the Elf called Magic something in the middle of a rather large ring.
As usual, that calm face that seemed to know everything was annoying.
"You have come. It looks like you finally got your original weapon back, but are you really going to fight me with that sword alone?" (Rodwell)
"This is my only weapon. I have no excuse if I am defeated by you due to lack of preparation." (Lior)
"Yes, I understand. Well then… shall we begin?" (Rodwell)
"Hmmm. About your magic… you should know it won't connect before my sword!" (Lior)
As I held my partner, he kept waiting for the signal to start the match while focusing mana.
The audience seats seemed to be protected by defensive walls made by the magic formation of that guy, but it was doubtful whether it could stop our attacks.
Well, the reckless crowds were told that it was dangerous beforehand, but they still came and sit on it.
Speaking of those I knew among them, there were Lifell-chan and that attendant, the young man who trained by fighting me for several times. Other than them, I also saw soldiers, who served the castle, here and there.
And then, that guy's disciple, a youngster who seemed didn't trained enough, stood up while spreading his voice with Wind Magic. He, then, shot spear of flame into the sky.
[I think that it is pointless to say anything, but please don't overdo it. Match… start!] (Magna)
"I'm going, [Multi Elemental]." (Rodwell)
When that guy grandly waved his hands as the match started, countless flames, masses of rocks, wind and water balls appeared in the air and unleashed one after another.
It was troublesome number to count, but there was one thing I could do.
"Nuoooo!" (Lior)
It was nothing but breaking through from the front.
Of course, there were various incoming spells, but I just moving forward while chopping all of it with my partner.
I could say that that was nothing I could do but that.
"Oh dear, you are monster same as ever!" (Rodwell)
"No matter how much spells you throw, it's just too slow until it make me yawn!" (Lior)
Knowing the speed of Sirius, the spells looked slow if I compared to use my skills forged to hit such a guy with my sword. So, there was nothing I could do since that was it.
Besides, I probably slashed all of them if it was approaching from the front, but now I didn't waste time by only hitting the ones that were going to directly hit me. I also learned this when I fought that guy.
"You obviously different that before… for you to be still improving with your age, what a terrible existence!" (Rodwell)
"What's wrong! Your seriousness is not at this level, right!?" (Lior)
"Of course! [Create]" (Rodwell)
"Muu!?" (Lior)
When that guy strongly trampled the ground's surface while I was slicing the incoming fireballs, I suddenly had a big hole on my feet and I fell into it.
The landing was easy because it wasn't deep enough but there were countless spears of earth at the bottom of the hole.
I would be skewered if I landed just like that…
"How shallow!" (Lior)
Swinging my partner at the bottom of the hole, I blew away all spears of earth by the shock unleashed from the sword.
I safely landed right at the bottom of the hole and when I looked up overhead to leave the hole…
"I haven't finished yet! Well, how are you going to run away from this?" (Rodwell)
A huge rock which seemed to fit into the hole where I completely fell in. In terms of size, it should be several times of my size.
However… that was great! He was brimming with the intention of killing me!
This feeling of tension would make me grew stronger!
Alright then…
"That's still easy! Nuoooo–!" (Lior)
I applied [Boost], and then, I kicked the ground and flew to the incoming rock while unleashing a huge swing.
Next, I swung my partner twice and the rock was divided into four. I kicked one of them and moved in midair. Furthermore, I also managed to escape from the pitfall.
When I confirmed after the landing, he had moved away while I was falling in the hole and the short distance between us became far again.
Oh well, that was fine. That was natural course of action because it would be deadly for him who used magic to be getting closer.
"I intended to drop a quite sturdy rock, but you cut it after all, huh?" (Rodwell)
"No matter how hard it is, it's just a rock. There is nothing I can cut with my 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style'!" (Lior)
"A joke huh… you're not supposed to say that. As I expected, I am no good with a war of attrition, so I will conclude this in one go." (Rodwell)
Enormous mana spreads when he released the stone that he took out from his pocket onto the ground, and dozens of iron golems were created at the same time around me.
That stone… it was probably a magic stone. But why did he not directly cast it?
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"You are certainly strong, but you have only one sword after all. Accordingly, if I attack you with numbers rather than quality, it will stop your feet even if I can win–…" (Rodwell)
"Arrghh!" (Lior)
"Listen to the talk! I am pointing out your weakness!" (Rodwell)
I didn't care such a thing.
No matter what kind of tricks the enemies were using, or cowardly enemies who took a hostage, I would accept them with a single sword swing from the front.
Because of that, when I ignored the talk and mowing the golems down, he let a sigh as if giving up and started a long chant.
Hou… was that the reason why he used magic stone?
For a person at his level to chant, he was probably planning to unleash a huge magic.
It would be interesting to receive it, but what we were doing was having a match. I would slice him before the chanting ended!
[Headmaster! Tousen-sama! This is a match, so please be careful not to overdo it!] (Magna)
"Say that again!" (Lior)
I heard a voice that seemed to be his disciple… a match? What was that?
Since that guy intended to kill me, I would also do as I pleased.
As I swinging away the incoming golems…
"What a rude guy!" (Rodwell)
As he kept moving while chanting, the golems also kept a certain distance while surrounding me, so I had to deal one by one.
If they attacked me all at once, I could slaughter them as a whole, but… were the golems' role was to hold me back until the end? I was angry, but it was considerably a proper method to use golems.
"These are not enough to stop me!" (Lior)
Although I tried to blow the golems to where he would be by using [Break Thrust], but he wasn't there because he was kept moving.
Nevertheless, I still got a way. I chased him after ignoring other golems, and thrust myself from the side of a golem where he hid in the rear.
"Are you planning to hid here? Muu–!?" (Lior)
However, since my sword was cutting the golem, I also cut him along with it.
When I tried to verify since I didn't feel that I had cut a person, a golem that had same size as him was cut by half, and rolled over.
As I slashed the attacking golems while checking the surroundings, a number of golems which had same size as him were also created.
"That's annoying. I am caught by a cheap trick." (Lior)
It seemed that I was too excited to think that I had sliced him.
It was annoying to tell apart anymore. Since he would finish chanting soon, I gave up breaking his magic and focusing on crushing the golems.
I had a hunch, but I didn't feel like I could crush his works.
After I slashed all golem standing around, he appeared from the remains of the golems which was a little away.
He was amazed, but compared to his usual calm face, this was far better.
"…You really are living by instinct only." (Rodwell)
"Your chanting has finally ended, huh? Where is it? Are you expecting me to wait for it?" (Lior)
"Yes, I was wondering what to do, but when I considered what would you do, I decided on this." (Rodwell)
As he pointed the sky while saying so, a huge rock fell down from the sky.
It was as big as the rock that I cut earlier. Although it looked completely like a mountain… I had seen this before.
Long time ago, when I hunted bandits before I secluded myself, it was a spell unleashed at the bandits together with me.
I managed to slice it at that time, but the mountains I saw now were getting bigger than before.
"It is my greatest Earth Spell, [Mountain Pressure]. Please don't think that it will be easy to slash it this time." (Rodwell)
"You… out of all things, you use this." (Lior)
"That is the result of you who move without thinking about strategies. More importantly, Sirius-kun, who you know, crushed this spell from the front. Well, what are you planning to do with that small sword?" (Rodwell)
My partner was surely smaller compared to that… but I won't forgive you for saying so.
Not just because of his guts, when he said that Sirius crushed it above all, I would be ashamed myself if I couldn't do it either.
"Hahaha! Interesting… I’ll do it!" (Lior)
"Yes. You don't have to worry because I will properly collect your dead body." (Rodwell)
"That will be you!" (Lior)
In order to attack the incoming mountain, I took a stance of [Strong Heaven].
"'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style'… the basic ultimate single strike,,," (Lior)
What I was going to unleash was a trump card I had for Sirius, but… it was still a work in progress.
It was powerful, but when it came to Sirius, it was definitely avoidable if I unleashed it in this condition.
Only when I convinced that I could hit him, the hidden purpose of this technique would come out
And when I judged that boy would equally stand with me… No, let's not think something unnecessary.
Now the mountain was in front of me, so let's focus on distorting the face of that annoying Elf.
"Ooooo—!" (Lior)
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— Lifell —
If I had to tell the situation at that time in words… there would be nothing coming out.
Of course, various sounds reverberated at the ring as the mountain fell, but when Lior-san unleashed the blow… the sound momentarily disappeared.
If I had to explain in detail of what I saw, when the falling mountain touched the surface of the ground, I thought that Lior-san was instantly blurred, and the mountain was cut into two completely like a joke.
"What on earth… is that technique?" (Lifell)
"…I don't know. This is my first time to see that technique." (Melt)
Melt, who had been tampered every day by fighting Lior many times, also hadn't seen the technique.
I looked at Senia, who stood before me, but she also didn't understand and shook her head.
"From my eyes, I saw nothing but Lior-sama simply swung down his sword." (Senia)
"Well, when you noticed it, it was after the swing was already ended." (Lifell)
"Maybe… he just merely swung the sword down. Since that person told that 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style' was a style that put everything in the sword and unleash a single blow, it is to the extreme, but… wasn’t that something we saw?" (Senia)
"Haa… he is really a monster, isn't it?" (Lifell)
Oji-sama's [Mountain Pressure] was first done from the front by Sirius-kun, so this would be the second?
As I sighed due to different aspect of the battles, the mountain that became two dropped onto the ground, and the ring greatly swayed.
The shock waves caused by the fall and scattered rocks were hitting the defensive wall surrounding the ring, but it seemed somehow endured without breaking.
Some audiences ran away before the mountain fell, but I didn't need to escape because not only Senia and Melt, Magna-san also protected me. It would be pointless to escape if these three people couldn't handle the assault.
"The name of Strongest is not for a show, right? If you fight that, how do you think you can win?" (Lifell)
It would be best if he didn't become hostile, but Lior-san was an adventurer. Hence, there was a big possibility that he would be hired by enemies. I had to assume the worst.
Senia and Melt started thinking about my question, and Senia opened her mouth first.
"If he is hired, present a better reward and pull him to our side or if he is totally become hostile, try to hold him back while pulling outside the main camp, and try to destroy his brain in the meantime." (Senia)
"Otherwise… retaliate with similar strength." (Melt)
If it became so, I had Oji-sama on my side.
As I thought, I should pull Sirius-kun, who had win over Lior-san, to my side.
So Reese… be sure to firmly catch him!
Aah… but if Reese became unhappy, it would be an all-out war.
"By the way… I'm not sure if this can be call a match anymore, but I wonder what happen to the result?" (Lifell)
I couldn't see the situation on the ring because of dust caused by the impact of the falling mountain.
If it was like the usual, Oji-sama would disperse it by using wind spells, but since that didn't happen, could it be…
"Lifell-hime, I could see movements even though it is a little, but the battle still continues." (Senia)
"As expected of Shishou too, it seems that he has gotten closer in the midst of the confusion. Currently, they are colliding in the middle of the ring." (Magna)
As Magna-san touched the floor and used spells, he seemed to be able to confirm the condition of the ring. As expected of an expert in Earth Spells.
Nevertheless, Oji-sama… was fighting an expert in swordsmanship in close combat.
When I thought whether they were alright since they were fighting each other without reservation, a part of dust suddenly scattered and two shadows… Oji-sama and Lior-san appeared.
"Nuooo! Bastard! You're having such hidden card!?" (Lior)
"Hehehe! You're not the only one who fought Sirius-kun and grew up!" (Rodwell)
To my surprise, Oji-sama easily avoided Lior-san stormy sword slashing.
I knew that Oji-sama could do close combat, but the opponent was going all out unlike when he fought Sirius-kun, so to begin with, I wonder how Oji-sama could do that?
"That is… he is imitating Sirius-kun [Boost], you know. However, since it consumes huge amount of mana, it is impossible to maintain it for a long time unlike Sirius-kun." (Magna)
Manga-sensei explained further that after using that, it seemed that the whole body would be in pain for a while.
Nevertheless, Oji-sama seemed to avoid the assault with calm face without expressing the pain, but apparently, he was considerable being driven at the time of the occasion.
"Aren't you persistent!? [Air Shotgun]" (Rodwell)
"Nuoo–!?" (Lior)
Oji-sama unleashed the spell used by Emilia and blew Lior-san. As I expected, even if he was Lior-san, it was impossible to slice countless small balls of wind.
Lior-san's reaction of making his sword as a shield was amazing, but even with the wide sword, it couldn't protect the whole body. Would it be alright for Oji-sama to use a spell that had the power to crush rocks.
"Ei, it is just itchy! Don't think that you can defeat me with such underhanded spell!" (Lior)
Blood was flowing from arms and legs that couldn't be defended, but… was that itchy?
The Strongest body was durable, huh?
"This spell wasn't created by me, it was a spell with good practicality created by a child named Emilia. It is not underhanded." (Rodwell)
"Wonderful, what a splendid spell! The level is different from the spell that you make. No, leaving that aside, why are you using that spell!? Like I will allow that!" (Lior)
"Why are you getting angry!?" (Rodwell)
As usual, he was infatuated with Emilia.
Although Emilia was more or less gave the permission herself, Lior-san, who didn't know that, slashed his sword while in angry from the front… no, it was like that since the beginning.
Anyway, Oji-sama was slightly surprised at Lior-san who was getting closer while swinging his sword, but he quickly rolled over and calmly invoked spells.
"There are many things that your sword can't cut. [Tidal Wave]" (Rodwell) (TLN: The Japanese name for the spell is 海衝撃)
He summoned huge amount of water that didn't exist in the field, and hit like a tsunami. It was the strongest water spell that Oji-sama could use.
Unlike rocks, the water rushed continuously, so I didn't think he could do with just a sword, but…
"I'll show you how to cut it!" (Lior)
To attack large amount of water, Lior-san spread his sword while defended against it.
Even that person seemed to be clueless in common sense, similar to Sirius-kun.
By the way… when I noticed, the dust was completely cleared by the water Oji-sama produced.
Thanks for letting us know field ring better, but there was something quite different from the scene earlier.
"Lifell-sama… that is…" (Senia)
"Yes, hurry up. Verify the victims." (Lifell)
Lior-san tried to slice the [Tidal Wave] and the terrain where he swung down the sword was beautifully hollowed out. Let alone the seating, the ring itself was sliced.
The terrible scene caused by that sword… there was no way for me to figure out how far it had stretched through the arena. The direction was toward a mountain, and it was very fortunate that it was an area where nobody lived.
I would like to think that… Lior-san probably convinced that there was nobody there.
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After sending Senia to confirm it, there was a new movement in the ring.
"If that's the case, how about Wind this time? [Tempest]" (Rodwell)
"Nuaaahhh–!" (Lior)
Oji-sama released a tornado that could blow even rocks, but Lior-san used his sword to cut it into two.
"Say, Melt. I wonder if you can do that?" (Lifell)
"I would answer impossible if this is long time ago, but the way that person fighting now is completely different. Someday… I would surely can do it." (Melt)
"Hehe, you also have grown up." (Lifell)
"That's because I want to protect you." (Melt)
I knew that because you challenged Lior-san every single day no matter how much he trampled you.
As I put a smile at Melt's upright expression, Senia came back and informed about the injured people. Fortunately, there were no deaths. It seemed that several people were mildly injured with scattered debris.
They shouldn't have any complaint because they were informed that they should prepare themselves to die.
Well… if I didn't handle this soon, I had a feeling that those two would keep on fighting.
No, it would probably bad since Oji-sama's mana had completely exhausted. I felt that Lior-san's stamina was endless.
"Senia. Melt. Get ready." (Lifell)
""Yes."" (Senia/Melt)
On my signal, Senia took out a magic tool that could echo voices, and Magna-sensei, who saw Melt running into the arena, was surprised with our behavior.
"Hmm, Lifell-hime. How do you intend to stop the battle between Shishou and that person?" (Magna)
"It's not really a secret plan. How is it, Senia?" (Lifell)
"Aah… Aahhh– sorry. Air Shot–…" (Senia)
"That voice is…" (Magna)
It was reasonable that Magna-sensei was surprised.
Senia rarely did this, but one of her special skill was vocal mimicry. It was hard to do it with man's voice, but there would be no problem with woman's voice.
The person she imitated was of course…
"Sirius-sama… please caress me. Will that be alright?" (Senia)
"Yes, that's perfect!" (Lifell)
"Is that Emilia-kun's?" (Magna)
Yes, Lior-san's favorite voice was Emilia's.
If we let the voice echoed through the magic tool, Lior-san would surely stopped.
And then, Ojii-sama, who was in the mood…
"Princess-sama, the preparation is completed." (Melt)
"Thank you for waiting. I will surely deliver your order." (??)
I made an arrangement with Galgan Company to prepare a huge cake.
I didn't remember it well, but it was a huge cake prepared during Reese's marriage ceremony. Sirius-kun called it a Wedding Cake.
After that, I saw Oji-sama and Lior-san took a distance, and Senia-san, who had started the magic tool, took a deep breath.
[Ojii-chan! I prepared a huge cake!] (Senia)
"Emilia!?" (Lior)
"Ooh!? What a splendid cake!" (Rodwell)
The effect was outstanding, and the two turned their faces here almost at the same time. It was nothing like a fight, but it was perfect.
Nevertheless… even though he was an old man with such strength, the appearance of having eyes shining like a child was somewhat irritating.
And then, taking the opportunity where the battle had completely stopped, I called those two with the magic tool presented by Senia.
"Yes, the match is over! If you fight any further, we will be the only ones savoring this cake." (Lifell)
"What did you say!? Got it, let's stop right away!" (Rodwell)
"Where is Emilia!? It's Ojii-chan here!" (Lior)
"Is that your imagination? Ah, by the way, I have confirmed where Emilia is right now, but I won't tell you if you fight any more." (Lifell)
"Nuooo!?" (Lior)
There was a letter sent by Reese on the other day, and I saw the name of the city she was staying in.
Lior-san also fixed his sword. He planned to depart in order to chase Sirius-kun and others, so he would surely want to know where was them.
Lior-san unwillingly gave up his sword because of my dealings. —
Thus, the match ended. As I looked at the appearance of those two happily eating the cake while squabbling, I heard the voices of the soldiers cleaning up rubble nearby.
"Certainly, that Jii-san even can fight this much against the Magic Master." (Soldier 1)
"My goodness. Nevertheless, it was a fascinating battle. I guess he was playing when he viciously beat us." (Soldier 2)
"It was truly amazing, but Hime-sama, who stopped that fight, was also amazing." (Soldier 3)
"You're right. But, why were those two fighting? Could it be that there was sudden incoming directive?" (Soldier 4)
I hurriedly gave order because I thought that it would be good to see a battle between strong men, but I now I thought that they shouldn't know the truth.
The reason of this fight was…
"Wait, you! I was aiming for that part! For you to eat my cake without permission… I will kill you this time!" (Rodwell)
"Bring it on! To get flared up when I ate that part! Fine, I'll kill you!" (Lior)
Yup… it was because Lior-san sneakily ate Oji-sama's cake.
It was silly, but I also… regret if I didn't let them have a match.
"Ojii-chan, be nice when eating cake, alright?" (Senia)
"Nuooo!? Will you stop with that voice! I can't help myself wanting to see her!" (Lior)
"Headmaster, if you make too much noise, I will confiscate the cake. Well, if you do that, I don't mind increasing the amount of dishes." (Magna)
"Magna… you are truly merciless when it comes to sweet things." (Rodwell)
Seeing the cake became smaller being eaten with tremendous vigor, Melt, who was standing next to me, took a breath of relief.
"Since both of them might die as an outcome of the battle, it was very clever to end it with a draw. As expected of Hime-sama." (Melt)
"What are you talking about? If it is about the winner, it is here." (Lifell)
Yup, if there is a winner in this battle… it was me.
Although there were few spectators, if the battle made a commotion that destroyed the arena, rumors would certainly spread. And if the rumors spread, my evaluation would go up if I stopped that battle.
"Well, as I said earlier, the two of you should properly fixed the arena. Especially Tousen-san, it's not good if you leave just like that." (Lifell)
"Kuhh… although I didn't break anything…" (Rodwell)
"What is that!?" (Lior)
"If you travel as you please, I will surely tell this to Emilia in a letter." (Lifell)
"Nuooo!? It-it can't be helped then. It's better than having Emilia makes cold eyes on me…" (Lior)
Sorry you two, but I was the sole winner in this… teehee.
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