Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 95

The Oracle Ceremony

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Several days after the advent of the Messenger at the Mira's Doctrine temple, the town of Fonia was gradually settled down.
Later after the words left by Mira, a search within the temple started by the hands of the believers who had already became calmed, and a great deal of Dolgar's wrongdoings were found.
Dolgar, who had completely fell to the ground because of the words coming from the Messenger, could no longer do anything and he was imprisoned in the reflection room in the basement of the temple.
A motion of death penalty was raised but since it was contrary to the teachings of Mira's Doctrine, the punishment still hadn't been decided. Hence, Dolgar was still imprisoned inside the reflection room.
And all the things that Dolgar took from the believers were also returned to its owners. The money and offerings collected more than necessary from the people of the town were also returned.
However, the people of the town rejected the repayment for the sake of Mira-sama. They firmly rejected it.
Although it was only few words, it was certainly the warmth of Mira's love, and… it seemed that Mira's words had tremendous effect.

At present… Mira's Doctrine leaders were gathered in the temple's conference room. It was like to decide on an important matter.
"There is no dissenting opinion… am I right?" (Ashley)
"""No objection!""" (??)
"…I have none." (??)
The ones who sat at the desk of the conference room were several high ranked believers and a few representatives of the town.
Ashley was sitting on the chief seat on behalf of the Cardinal who was under medical treatment. Chris and Amanda were sitting on both of her sides.
In the meantime… I was there for some reason.
We had nothing to do with Mira's Doctrine, but excluding other believers, I thought that it was weird to be here at this kind of time. However, since we were rendered for huge achievement in this incident, it was accepted as normal when Ashley mentioned about the extraordinary assistance.
Since there was no need for us all to be here, only Emilia was here next to me.
"Well then, as a tribute of getting helps from everyone, I have decided to make the figure of Mira-sama and Messenger-sama." (Ashley)
"Let's leave the arrangements to the artisans. I will introduce skilled craftsmen!" (??)
"Anyway, I would like to reproduce the mood of the occasion. Not only Saintess-sama, how about making the figure of splendid white wolf kneels?" (??)
"A heroic Messenger-sama, please! Since I remember well the stature of Messenger-sama, if it's about the information, I will give it to you!" (Emilia)
"Emilia, House!" (Sirius)
…My head hurts.
I thought that I understood the present flow, but it looked like the advent of that Mira gave more impact than expected to the believers and the people of the town. Apparently, the figure of Mira and me who disguised as the Messenger was to be made.
Apart from the figure of Mira, the figure of me as the Messenger would be made. I couldn't afford to leak more the secret of me.
"Please be a little quiet." (Sirius)
"Ehehe… yes." (Emilia)
As I stroked Emilia's head to silence her from unnecessary information, Ashley, who sat on the chief seat, was happily talking to Chris.
"Since it will become a new symbol of the teachings, I hope that they will be able to make a wonderful figure." (Ashley)
"Talking about the figure of Mira-sama, is it modeled based on the picture in the temple?" (Chris)
"I wonder about that. But not only me, it seems to be alright because everyone was watching the Messenger. Apparently, it is hard to reproduce that divine appearance." (Ashley)
"Ye-yes… you're right." (Chris)
Chris, who knew the identity of the Messenger was me on the other day, was worried about whether to tell the truth to Ashley, but… he decided not to talk.
He didn't want to keep it as a secret, but Ashley would depress if she knew. In addition, as his Shishou, if I were seen with cold eyes by Ashley and Mira's Doctrine… he would rather keep the secret by himself.
I left the decision to Chris, but when I thought that it was going to be troublesome, I really appreciate his decision.
"Damn, for Saintess-sama to look this happy…" (??)
"But, he was able to make Saintess-sama naturally smiles. After all, we can only admit…" (??)
"No! He is too young for our Saintess-sama! I won't accept!" (??)
Chris, who was having a pleasant chat with Ashley, was directed with gazes like a parent who had their daughter stolen.
Since the murderous intent could be felt in some part, from now on, Chris would be in the bed of nails by the many fathers… I meant the believers when he was by Ashley's side.
The reason why I remained in this town even though the incident was settled was because I took a pity on Chris because I wanted to train him again.
Chris was pleased when I suggested him to train. After all, since he could felt bloodlust, he was worried and couldn't calm down.
Since then, we stay in a room of the temple as a result of Ashley's favor, and I was spending the days training Chris.
Now, not only basic physical strength training, he was taught mainly about how to get used to and how to cope with surprised attacks and sensing bloodlust from behind.
"Well then, today's meeting is over. Everyone, today too, let's do our best not to shame the name of Mira-sama." (Ashley)
"""Yes.""" (??)
From here on, all sorts of circumstances revolving Mira's Doctrine were reported by the believers, and after deciding concrete measures, the meeting ended.
Because of Dolgar, there seemed to be a lot difficulties as the number of believers of Mira's Doctrine were decreasing. However, since the motivation of the believers had been rising dramatically since listening to the voice of Mira, it seemed that they were somehow doing well.
And as the believers were sent back to their respective duties and works, only we remained in the conference room.
"Well, are you doing for training today, Chris?" (Ashley)
"Y-yes!" (Chris)
"Aah, can you wait a bit?" (Ashley)
On paper, Chris, who became a retainer to Ashley, basically had to be near her, but since it was necessary to train accordingly, he had a liberty to certain extent.
Because of that, I saw Ashley off to do her duties as Saintess and tried to go to the courtyard to train Chris, but she call us to wait today.
"Sirius-sama. Since we are finally ready, if it's alright with you now, how about… an learning visit?" (Ashley)
"Really? But, is it alright to show me of what I asked before? Isn't it an important ceremony that only limited people can participate?" (Sirius)
"You do no need to worry. If Cardinal-sama and I allow it, we can enter together." (Ashley)
Since Ashley had the situation calmed down from that day, she said that she wanted to do something for me, so I tried asking for a special request.
Originally, no one could participate in other than Saintess and chosen people, so I requested to observe the ritual of receiving oracles.
An ordinary adventurer would ask for money, but I was traveling to expand the view from the beginning. Because of that, unless I was in trouble with money, I would try to see unusual things.
"If it is so, I wonder if it's alright for me to accept that offer. If possible, I want my disciples to see it too…" (Sirius)
"It is alright, you know. I will inform to Cardinal-sama after this, so please come to the prayer room after you gather everyone." (Ashley)
"No, I think this should be done in proper way. We will head down together with the Cardinal." (Sirius)
I used [Call] toward my disciples, and I gave an instruction to gather in front of the Cardinal's room if they are not busy.
"Well then, I'm going to run until Sensei comes back." (Chris)
"Don't you also want to see how it is done? You will be involved with it sooner or later, so it can also mean to get used to the atmosphere." (Sirius)
"Yes… but I…" (Chris)
"Yes! I want Chris-kun to see it." (Ashley)
Being directed with Ashley's smile, Chris had no choice to refuse.
Although Chris was grumbling a bit during the training, it seemed that he was in trouble whether it was fine to stay here since he was looking more on the Saintess, Ashley, rather than Mira.
It was also understood since he was the only person who had different thought, but that wasn't disrespect in particular, and since I thought that such person was necessary, I tried to persuade him further.
Thus, by the time we arrived in front of the Cardinal's room, we joined with the disciples inside of the sanctuary.
"Are we going to hear that voice of God!? I want to listen one more time." (Reus)
Reus, who was swinging sword in the courtyard, nodded with great interest as he knew the meaning of the gathering.
"That's unusual. You are interested in things other than swords and meals." (Sirius)
"I mean, God is an existence that can do various things, right? If I ask Her to give me a meal, maybe it will come true?" (Reus)
"…That's too bad, but since there is no such a God, so absolutely don't do that." (Sirius)
"Is that so? I will not do it if Aniki say so." (Reus)
… Reus seemed to be Reus after all.
I thought that it would be better if he wished for a victory against the Strongest Sword or somewhere in that direction.
Reese, who was secluding herself in the temple's kitchen since morning, and Fia, who was taught of how to cook, came with a smile.
"Isn't it fine? It is the pleasure of traveling as we gain valuable experience." (Fia)
"We can listen to that voice of God again, right? Anyway, we are ordinarily dressed, will that be fine?" (Reese)
"I will change my clothes, but you guys are fine as it is." (Ashley)
And then, when we visited the Cardinal's room, the Cardinal, who got her body raised up, was waiting.
The Cardinal was bedridden since a few months ago, and she woke up for a while after I applied my regenerative activity.
After waking up, she was surprised when she was informed with the current situation, and she was ashamed of herself because she couldn't do anything, but when she looked at Ashley and Chris, she smiled as if feeling blessed.
As she thanked us, she told about the details that caused her to fall asleep.
A few months ago… in order for the Cardinal to fall sleep due to the fatigue, apparently one of the believers prepared the medicine for her to sleep well.
However, the medicine had been replaced by another drug by the hand of Dolgar. The Cardinal drank the medication without noticing anything and she fell into a deep sleep. Even if she woke up, she seemed unable to move and slept again on the bed.
As I expected, the Cardinal needed rehabilitation before she could walk. She was getting better with Reese's treatment too. In this way, she was recovering to the extent that she could make a gentle smile.
"Ooh, everyone has come. I wonder why everyone is coming here?" (Cardinal)
"I came to inform you since we are going to do the oracle ceremony after this. Hmmm, everyone…" (Ashley)
"I will speak from now on. I'm sorry to suddenly come here in great number. I would like to say thanks for giving us permission to observe the ceremony." (Sirius)
"Huhu, I don't need the thank, you know. I was thinking that I couldn't return anything to those things that you had taken care off, so I'm sure that Mira-sama doesn't mind about this." (Cardinal)
The Cardinal was a considerable old woman. She was kind and always smiled.
Since the short greetings ended, for the sake of confirming her condition with another objective in mind, after getting the permission, I medically examined her body by touching the Cardinal's face and hands while using [Scan].
"…There seems to be no problem. If you do not neglect your rehabilitation, you will be able to walk before long." (Sirius)
"Is it true? That's great. Since Pope-sama is worried, I have to walk soon." (Cardinal)
"Soon… is Pope-sama going to come back?" (Ashley)
"I am not sure, but I think that person will come back soon. Don't you feel that, Ashley?" (Cardinal)
"…Indeed, I have that feeling if it is Pope-sama." (Ashley)
Even though the Pope left the temple and went on missionary trip, it seemed that the ladies had an unusual confidence that only they could understand.
Other believers also didn't complain at all, and since they were smiling when he was mentioned, I guessed he was a mysterious person in many ways.
There were other various matters I wanted to ask, but since the Cardinal was still recovering, I left the matter until then.
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Later, we came to the center of Mira's Doctrine temple to where the space of prayer was.
The interior of the prayer room which covered with white stone walls was wide, and it was also a stunning room with a large altar in the middle of the room.
Since Ashley was changing into ritual attire for receiving an oracle, I was listening to the story of the infiltration from the disciples while waiting.
"The inside of the cavern system which called as the holy ground is very clear, and there was a divine lake." (Emilia)
"It was a beautiful lake. I think that is also a valuable experience." (Fia)
"They made it very clear that swimming is not allowed. I also wanted to show it to Aniki." (Reus)
"Is that so? I would like to go once then. Anyway, this altar…" (Sirius)
I noticed that the temple was spacious, but there was an opening where I thought that I could presence something strange presence from the altar, it was Ashley who appeared wearing a divine gown which was clearly different from Dolgar's and a tiara scattered with magic stones
Similar to the wedding dress in my previous life, the hem of the gown was long, and since it was rubbing on the floor, she seemed to step on it. However, Amanda, who came together with her, held the hem, and she seemed to be alright.
When I observed them, I sensed mana from the gown and the tiara. Apparently it wasn't for the mood, but it was a kind of magic tool used for the ceremony.
And the biggest change was Ashley's presence, which usually innocent and with a gentle smile, was completely changed.
As we were surprised with the sudden change, the Saintess, Ashley, slowly walked down to us and lowered her head, and we also instinctively lowered ours.
"Well then… I would like to start the oracle ceremony. Everyone, please take a place a little more away from the altar." (Ashley)
"Got it. That makes us able to see it. Come, let's go Chris." (Sirius)
"…Aah!? Ye-yes!" (Chris)
I pulled Chris who was fascinated by Ashley. We, then, left the altar as she told us.
Ashley stood before the altar and held her hands on a large magic stone on the altar.
We watched Ashley's conduct with a divine presence, but… since nothing happened even after a while, when we looked at Amanda, who stood nearby, she came here and gave an explanation with a small voice.

"Since it is going to take some time, please wait a little bit longer. It is fine if it is a small talk, so please do not hesitate to ask if there is any question." (Amanda)
"By all means, I would like to ask questions but wouldn't that get in the way of Ashley?" (Sirius)
"That child's ability to concentrate won't collapse with that degree of talking. Besides, everyone is not making noise with loud voices." (Amanda)
"Is that so? Alright, I will ask you a few questions." (Sirius)
Apparently, Ashley was pouring mana to the magic stone at the altar.
However, since there was no response at the moment, something would probably happen once she poured a certain amount of mana.
If that's the case, maybe I should lend a hand, but since no one could receive the oracle but the Saintess, it could be that…
"If it is about pouring mana, anyone can do it, am I right?" (Sirius)
"That's right. The Saintess has the quality of mana that can start up the altar, and it depends on whether you have huge mana in your body. That girl in particular is said to be the most suitable person among the successors of the Saintess." (Amanda)
The quality of mana… I certainly heard from the person herself that Ashley's aptitude attribute was water attribute, but it was probably not simple as that. Perhaps, there were more detailed criteria.
While thinking that far, there was finally a movement seen from Ashley.
"…Activate!" (Ashley)
At the moment Ashley muttered, sweats starting to appear on her forehead, maybe because her mana almost exhausted. An enormous mana started to overflow from the altar, and huge magic formations appeared from the surrounding white stone walls where nothing was drawn.
The room covered in the huge magic formation filled with enormous mana, the tasteless prayer space just now changed to a fantastic room where light started to rise in the room.
However, since the mana was too dense, Chris and Amanda, who directly hit with it, felt not so good and their legs were wavering.
"Are you alright, Amanda-san? Please hold my hand." (Emilia)
"Ye-yes… thank you Emilia. I experience this many times, but as expected, it is still too much for me." (Amanda)
"You can hold me, Chris." (Reus)
"Reus-san, excuse me. Nevertheless, everyone is alright, huh?" (Chris)
"Hmm? Yeah… I guess it is strange, but I don't dislike it somehow." (Reus)
"Well. If I have to say it like how I feel… it feels safe." (Emilia)
Should I say that they became nauseated by this mana?
Dense mana wrapped the whole body which caused the body to feel discomfort, but as Chris said, even though my disciples felt uncomfortable, they didn't seem to have it hard.
And then, the two who could see spirit had a conversation in low voice behind me, secretly whispered to my ears.
"Sirius-san, I noticed this after talking with Fia-san, but…" (Reese)
"It seems that the Spirits, who were in the room a while ago, went out from here. Apparently, something has appeared." (Fia)
The Spirits didn't run away, but they naturally went out.
Just to be sure, I used [Scan], but… the mana waves unleashed were almost repelled by the stone walls. If I was outside of this place, I would barely able to understand it.
Since we never had this situation before, when I tried to tell them to be cautious…
[It's been a while for me to talk here…] (??)
When that event ended, that voice reverberated in the room.
I only noticed that the prayers room was filled with mana, but the appearance or shape of Mira couldn't be seen at all.
However, since I felt the reaction that I sensed at that time, it seemed that Mira had certainly
"Mira-sama… yes, it's been a while. And again, I am very sorry. Because of us, people were having unpleasant feelings toward Mira-sama." (Ashley)
Originally, there were two kinds of oracle ceremony.
It was to receive a whim oracle if they did the ritual at fixed interval of time or it was a case to ask question and receive answers for something serious.
This time was to apologize for causing dispute that Mira didn't like, and it also served as a meaning of rehearsal ritual after a long absence. For that reason, there were no other followers except Amanda.
And then, when Ashley lowered her head, a warm voice resounded again.
[It's alright. If that made my beloved children happy…] (Mira)
"Mira-sama… thank you very much. From now on, we will continue to devote for the sake of Mira-sama." (Ashley)
[…I will always… watch over you. And… cherish… the newly tied bond…] (Mira)
When I noticed, the surrounding mana started to become thin, and in proportion to that, the voice of Mira faded away.
The mana released from the altar had settled in, and at the same time, the magic formation drawn on the stone walls also disappeared, and Mira's voice completely ceased to be heard.
"This is it for today. This is the ritual of oracles… what do you think about it?" (Ashley)
"…It was very valuable experience. Thank you for letting us see it." (Sirius)
To tell the truth, I was sweating if Mira was going to tell Ashley about the Messenger.
At that time, she offered her gratitude only to me, I wasn't really worried because I was drawing attention, but… since it was merely a stone statue now, I secretly felt relieved.
While I was having various thought within me, Ashley took a deep breath and looked at Chris and me.
"A tied bond… is it? This is surely about Chris-kun and Sirius-sama." (Ashley)
"I-is that so?" (Chris)
"That's for sure. However, irrespective to Mira-sama's oracle, I think of you all deeply. From here on, please take care of me." (Ashley)
We shook hands while replying to Ashley who bowed with a smile.
And Chris, who had his hand held by Ashley in the end, was blushing while firmly replied.
"Pl-please take care of me too! And, although it is a bit late, your appearance.. really suits you." (Chris)
"Really!? That's good…" (Ashley)
And as Chris and Ashley started to enter the world of their own, I was thinking about the oracle ceremony.
I wasn't sure if Mira was really a God, but I understood well that the presence was real and Her voice was heard.
Mira could only speak out in a dense mana unleashed all at once from the altar or… I guessed that we won't be able to hear it.
And then, as I used [Search] when the magic formation floating on the stone walls, it probably had a characteristic that can repel mana.
In other words, when the altar activated, it emitted enormous mana, and it was covered with magic stone wall so that the mana didn't leak out.
After that, the mana filled in the room, a dense mana space was completed, and the voice of Mira could be heard. Finally, the mana inside the room was gradually consumed to maintain the magic formation. Because of that, the mana naturally disappeared.
It seemed that this was the situation that occurred in the oracle ceremony.
When I thought in that way, there was a question remained which why I could hear Mira's voice when I talked as the Messenger in front of the temple, but… I got the answer due to the content that the disciples were talking about.
"Aah, is that so! That feeling a while ago, when I thought about where I felt it… it was Aniki!" (Reus)
"That's right, it was mana Sirius-san unleashed together with intimidation." (Reese)
"I didn't notice that it was similar to Sirius-sama… I am terrible as his attendant." (Emilia)
"It just similar, but since it is not mana unleashed by Sirius in particular, you won't figure that out, right?" (Fia)
My aptitude attribute was colorless, and it was almost similar to the mana in the atmosphere.
Since I was activating [Light] at that time with everything I had, there was enormous mana in front of the temple. Although it was just temporary, it was similar situation like in this room.
I guessed that Mira didn't miss that opportunity to speak. After all, it was just a guess of mine.
We got out of the room after parting away from Ashley and Amanda who was going to take a break. We, then, came to the room given to us.
I planned to train with the disciples after this, but since the oracle ceremony was considerably valuable experience, we took a little rest.
While I was picking cookies made by Reese and Fia, and having tea that Emilia brewed, Reus opened his mouth while tilting his head after thinking about something after the ritual.
"Say Aniki, in the end of the day, what is Mira-sama? It true that She was amazing, but I don't feel that She is a God." (Reus)
"Since we are not believers of Mira's Doctrine, it's not that I don't understand your feeling." (Sirius)
As expected of Reus too, he probably understood that the question was frivolous, and he only asked it when only we were here.
Actually, I had such an aim to a certain extent, but since I wasn't a scholar, I didn't think that I want to know it until I really wanted to.
I didn't want to turn myself as an enemy to Mira's Doctrine, so let's not bother with things that I wasn't interested in.
"To be honest, I don't really understand. However, it is certainly a gentle present who watch over Ashley, and isn't it good that we don't have to force myself to learn it?" (Sirius)
"I don't really want to learn about it, but if it is not really a God, Ashley and other are going to be disappointed." (Reus)
"Even if it is not a God, isn't it fine? Look, even if Sirius-san is not a human, you still believe in him, am I right, Reus?" (Reese)
"I see… Aniki is Aniki, Mira-sama is Mira-sama!" (Reus)
Reus seemed to be convinced due to Reese's explanation.
By the way, this was my imagination, but Mira was living in the basement of the temple. I was wondering if it was like a special Spirit.
The [Search] that I used between prayers room only passed through a part of the floor, and there was a secret path underneath the floor.
If I wanted to say it in more details, the presence that I felt had no appearance or shape, and it resembled the Spirits I felt around Reese and Fia.
However, there was no need for me to tell about it.
It was my imagination after all, even if I learned the truth, it wasn't necessary for others to know it. Even if it existed in that dwelling, a believing heart would give people strength.
And Mira was certainly existed and She was watching over Ashley. Mira's Doctrine was active because they believed in that, and I didn't see it as a problem.
More importantly… rather than knowing the identity of Mira, I was concerned more on something else.
At that time, I asked Ashley to show the altar nearby after the ritual ended and before exiting the prayer room.
I started to investigate while paying attention not to touch the altar…
"It's quite old, but… it is an advanced magic formation. Since when it was here?" (Sirius)
"I heard that it was long before I was born, but Cardinal-sama may know about it." (Ashley)
I heard it from the Cardinal later that it was existed for hundred years ago, but… I found something to worry about even more.
This altar was a magic tool. It converted mana stored into mana drifted in the atmosphere and it seemed to have a release function.
Speaking of magic tool, it was something made, and of course there was a maker.
Although the name wasn't clearly written, the altar was engraved with a mark that seemed to be a signature of the maker.
That mark was…
"Is this… Shishou's?" (Sirius)
It was very similar to the characteristics of the mark used by Shishou in the previous life.
It might be a coincidence, but… this ominous mark was a combination of petals of certain tree which stabbed by a boorish knife… there was no one except Shishou.
Shishou was a person with a lot of mysteries in the first place, and the mysterious increased even more.
Speaking of the things that I understood… the possibility that Shishou was in this world had became much higher.
However, the problem was rather than Shisou's movement, such a magic tool was left around here, and there could be other magic tools made by Shishou existed.
Fortunately, this altar was an almost harmless substitute, but when I thought that there were other unknown magic tools made by Shishou… I instinctively held my head.
Since this was a matter of Shishou, it wasn't funny if she made weapons that could easily blow a continent.
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After that, when the break ended, I trained together with Reus and Chris in the courtyard.
The training was going on smoothly, but when the sun began to set… the inside of the temple suddenly became noisy, and the believers were running around.
When Reus caught a believer and asked for the circumstances, it seemed that the Pope, who was also the top of Mira's Doctrine, came back.
"What are we going to do, Aniki?" (Reus)
"First of all… since we are taken care by the temple, we should go and greet him. Chris, in particular, would be necessary." (Sirius)
"Ye-yes…" (Chris)
Chris, who heard the talk, was tremendously nervous, but it wasn't unreasonable.
In the story heard beforehand, the Pope loved Ashley like his own child, and he seemed like a parent in a sense. Because of that, Chris had to greet the Pope as Ashley's pair of lover. It was like going to Ashley's father to inform that they were dating.
Chris was simultaneously moving with his right hand and right foot forward while we headed to the Cardinal's room. All of my disciples who I made a [Call] were present, but Ashley wasn't there. It seemed that she was there earlier, but she had left since she had a duty.
Before the bed where the Cardinal slept, there was a Jii-san wearing a bit dirty robe with a gentle smile and a Jii-san dressed in adventurers-like clothes with different atmosphere around him stood up.
"Oh… are you all the guests that child mentioned?" (??)
"Yes, you're right, Pope-sama. They are Ashley's benefactor." (Cardinal)
"There is no mistake when I see them. They obviously have a different presence." (Pope)
According to the explanation of Emilia who came earlier, the one with a gentle smile was the Pope, and the other person seemed to be his attendant and escort.
Although that person was an attendant to the Pope… he didn't seem to be an ordinary person due to how he evaluated when he looked at us and he had the presence that made us believe that he was an expert. Well, since they were on a missionary trip with only two of them, they won't survive unless they had appropriate abilities.
Chris was still tensed and hadn't settle down, so I guessed I would give the greetings first.
"Nice to meet you, Pope-sama. I am Sirius, an adventurer. Thanks to the courtesy of Cardinal-sama and Saintess-sama, I am borrowing a room in the temple now." (Sirius)
"You don't have to be humble. I am welcoming you all because I heard how you and the children helped Mira's Doctrine. Please do not hesitate to feel at home." (Pope)
And then, the Pope, who talked to a believer to prepare tea, suddenly stared at my face. Unlike the intimidating eyes of his attendant, it was purely eyes that saw through the depth of the heart.
I didn't avert my eyes since there was nothing wrong, and the Pope, then, smiled and nodded several times.
"Yes… I have mixed feelings when I see you, but I can't feel maliciousness. Once again, thank you for lending us a hand for Mira-sama and Ashley. Let me thank you on behalf of Mira's Doctrine." (Pope)
"Thank you." (Attendant)
From the gaze of uncovering the true nature, it seemed that the Pope was an observant person who could see the true nature of an opponent just by looking.
And when the Pope lowered his head, the attendant also lowered her head to me.
"Please raise your face. It was something that I wanted to do, so there is no need to worry too much." (Sirius)
"Is that so? Nevertheless… yes, it looks like Ashley was able to meet with good people…" (Pope)
Although the Pope was earnestly talking and overlooking us, his eyes were fixed at Chris who was standing upright.
"…" (Pope)
"…I. Hmm…" (Chris)
"…I heard about you from that child. You are Ashley's… special someone, aren't you?" (Pope)
"I-I am Chris! I am also Ashley's special someone, and… I always want to stand by her side!" (Chris)
"Hmmm… those are splendid words. Well then, I leave him to you." (Pope)
"Yes." (Attendant)
Although the feeling of the first impression wasn't bad, but it seemed the ordeal still continued.
When the attendant came forward after receiving the instruction, he started touching Chris' body.
According to the information that Emilia secretly whispered in the meantime, he was a dedicated attendant to the Pope, and it looked like he was a former Holy Knight of Mira's Doctrine.
"Wh-what is it?" (Chris)
"…The body seems to be well trained. Besides, the balance is also not bad. Are you being taught by someone?" (Attendant)
"Yes. This Sensei here… I got trained by Sirius-san." (Chris)
"Ooh, is it you? You have a splendid foundation." (Attendant)
And when I thought that he nodded in satisfaction, the former Holy Knight relinquished his strict expression and made a smile at me.
I understood his intention, and I honestly explained about Chris.
"Thank you very much. However, I only thought him the foundation, and his strength is because his continuous efforts. It is about time for him to find his own way to train, but…" (Sirius)
"Hmmm, you can leave it to me after this. If he is like this, I can immediately teach him." (Attendant)
"Hm-hmm… what exactly happen to me?" (Chris)
"From now on, you will be my junior. You will learn under me, become stronger and you will be the Holy Knight to protect Ashley." (Attendant)
"I will be… the Holy Knight?" (Chris)
It's because the son of Doglar did it. I don't want to say this immediately, but I want you to fill the vacant seat of the Holy Knight." (Attendant)
Accordingly, the Pope looked into Chris' eyes again, and made an intimidating smile.
"You don't have to worry of course. It's going to be like that if you acquire a fitting strength. But, since Vagle had done a lot of things, it's going to be hard to restore trust. It's fine if you refuse to become a believer, but if that is the case, I can't entrust Ashley to you…" (Pope)
"…I'll become a believer! I came here in the first place was to protect Ashley! I will become the Holy Knight and confidently protect Ashley!" (Chris)
"That's right, I don't want to admit if boys can't say that. You will learn a lot from him, right?" (Pope)
"There are many things to remember as a Holy Knight. Come with a mind to die, alright." (Attendant)
"Y-yes!" (Chris)
Since the Pope didn't seem to go on a missionary trip for a while, it was said that the attendant was supposed to temporarily become the Holy Knight.
In the mean time, he would train Chris, repeatedly tailored it to become a Holy Knight with trusts.
Thus, it had been decided the place that Chris should aim for was the place of Mira's Doctrine.
"Leaving that matter aside, Pope-sama. What shall we do with that person… Doglar? We can't decide it with us alone." (Attendant)
"Hmm? Aah… that guy, huh? He made a mess." (Pope)
"It looks like I was a bit careless." (Attendant)
As the matter with Chris cleared up, they talked about Dolgar who made troubles.
Although I had a doubt since a long time ago, how did he deceive the oracle ceremony when he wasn't a Saint? (TLN: The original word used was Saintess, but I changed it to Saint.)
At first, I thought that it was because he did various tricks, but I understood it after experiencing it once. It wasn't easy to deceive the ceremony.
"I'm sorry but I have something that I want to ask. How did Dolgar deceive other believers?" (Sirius)
I didn't think that they would answer because it was confidential information of Mira's Doctrine, but I asked the Pope because I was concerned.
"Hmmm? Dolgar had similar mana aptitude as Ashley. With that, to activate the altar…" (Pope)
Nevertheless, the Pope easily disposed the secret.
The Cardinal and the former Holy Knight were surprised, but… it seemed that they understood when they were told again.
A detailed explanation continued as it was, and Dolgar could somehow demonstrate the function of the altar, but it was said that the voice of Mira couldn't be heard.
"I thought Ashley would one day hear the voice of Mira, so in preparation for that, I appointed Dolgar as the Archbishop. Besides, he was good at managing money, and it was also necessary at that time." (Pope)
I understood that Dolgar could activate the altar, but how did he deceive the voice of Mira?
He searched for a person with a voice similar to Mira. She was let into the ritual room and let the voice resounded with wind spell.
And since people were in a state of disorder being wrapped with dense mana, they probably didn't mind a bit of strangeness.
Even so…
"…I have heard about this before, but is it fine if you easily reveal the secret?" (Sirius)
"I heard from Ashley, but didn't Mira-sama told to value the relationship with you guys? In order words, you all have been recognized by Mira-sama. If it is you, I think that it will be alright." (Pope)
"There is no need for you to worry. Pope-sama is this kind of person, and we have gotten used to it." (Attendant)
Moreover, since he was sharp at identifying others with malice, it seemed that he wasn't like this to everyone.
For the time being, he was such a person, instead of forcing others to agree, a decision was made about how to deal with Dolgar.
"…It should be a capital punishment if we normally think, but Mira-sama will be sad. To make him understand the significance of reflection… shall we make him go for a missionary trip after several years of confinement?" (Pope)
In a mountain a little away from the town of Fonia, there seemed to be a facility that prohibit contact and used for enlightenment.
Dolgar would be confined there for several years, and the charge of the offenses was to go to another continent for missionary work.
Although he had done things that could make Mira's Doctrine collapsed, I thought that the punishment was light, but…
"That will certainly disciple him, right? Let's send him off for a bit." (Pope)
"No, today is already late, and since we have to prepare for the transport, we will do it tomorrow." (Attendant)
The eyes of the former Holy Knight were different.
He seemed to be an excellent and a strict assistant, but he had eyes of an executioners.
He was a type of person… who knew about the 'other side'.
I see… if I wanted to express the relationship between the Pope and the former Holy Knight, that would be the future of Chris and Ashley.
The Pope who never ceased having a gentle smile seemed unreliable, but he was somehow had unusual charisma adored by the believers. This was also similar to Ashley.
Although they gathered people with that unusual charisma, people who tried to manipulate it and those who had jealousy would also appear. Such people would be secretly handled by the former Holy Knight.
I told Chris that he had to continue doing such things to defend her no matter what happened.
"That's right, Pope-sama. You just came back, so please rest for today." (Cardinal)
"Well then, we will do that tomorrow. It's been a while but I am looking forward to eat together with Ashley. Of course, Chris-kun as well." (Pope)
"Uh! Y-yes…" (Chris)
It was likely to be a very restless dinner for Chris.
While the Pope was smiling, the former Holy Knight was respectfully bowed.
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After that, they told about the Pope's missionary works, and we broke up when it was about the time for dinner.
Chris was directly pulled by the Pope while we returned to our room trying to prepare for dinner, but apparently we didn't have to prepare the dinner today.
"Yes, eat a lot, alright." (Reese)
Reese said this when I rescued Reese from Mira's Doctrine a while ago that she would prepare a treat as an apology. That was the reason why she was in the kitchen since morning.
And instead of me holding chopsticks, Fia brought dishes before me.
"Since I made this by learning from Reese, please let me hear your impression." (Fia)
"Which… yeah, it's delicious. You said that you had little experience, but isn't this good enough?" (Sirius)
"Ahaha, that's because Reese carefully taught me. But.. yeah. I thought that cooking was troublesome, but I am very happy when you said that it was delicious." (Fia)
"It is not good as Anikis, but Fia-ane's cooking is also delicious!" (Reus)
"…I'm happy, but I have somewhat complicated feeling because of Reus' saying." (Fia)
"You're just too much!" (Emilia)
While Reus' head was pushed by Emilia, the harmonious meals continued.
There were probably ten servings prepared, but we… especially with Reus and Reese, there shouldn't be any problem.
As soon the meals ended, I took out the cake made in the carriage as a dessert, and the disciples raised a voice of delight.

Hokuto's Struggles in Carpentry
The incident of Mira's Doctrine was resolved, and the town of Fonia had gradually calmed down while there were some disturbances seen.
People in the town who heard Mira-sama's voice was full of joy, and there were also pleased about the fact that there were no more Vagle rampaging in town.
As there were many buildings burned down by that Vagle, the cost and manpower for rebuilding were coming from Mira's Doctrine as an apology.
Among such manpower were Hokuto-kun, his Master and Reus-kun.
"Are you experienced? Well, Nii-chan and I together will do the roof." (??)
"Aah, leave it to me." (Sirius)
The Master said that he had the experience of building a simple log house, so he was invited to work on a roof together with a carpenter of the town.
Then, he went up by using the frames until he reached the top, and from there, he nailed strong and heavy boards with nails to make a roof, and because the scaffolding was unstable when handling heavy boards, it was very dangerous and delicate work.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Hoi, Aniki!" (Reus)
"Alright." (Sirius)
Hokuto-kun got a board from the ground, he handed it to Reus who was in the middle of the scaffolding, and the Master received it at the end and hit the nail.
Moreover, the Master hit the nail with a single hammer blow, thus the speed was immeasurable.
Due to stunning flow of work, the work of the roof ended while the carpenter of the town was surprised.
"Ni-nii-chan is good with his hands." (Carpenter)
"Next is the wall?" (Sirius)
"No, it's enough. Our work is done, so please take a rest." (Carpenter)
Whether his professional face was crumbling, the Master obediently took a rest.
And when Hokuto-kun rested around the area where the timbers were stacked up, he noticed that a nail protruded from a piece of timber.
"…Woof." (Hokuto)
He wasn't sure if that was a coincidence or caused by someone's mischief, but it was dangerous nonetheless.
Since it was deeply stuck, Hokuto-kun judged that it was better to hit the end rather than pulling it out, so he swung up his forefoot to drive the nail in.
Of course, he knew exactly what he was doing.
By cleanly focusing on the nail, Hokuto-kun… and his forefoot…
"Hokuto. Let me brush you since I am free." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"…Woof?" (Hokuto)
Alas… the forefoot missed the target due to the joy. He didn't hit the nail, but the timbers.
At this time, Hokuto-kun time certainly stopped.
"What's wrong, Hokuto… Hei, what are you doing!?" (Sirius)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun ran away.
However, he wasn't just running away.
Hokuto-kun went outside the town and thought that he would pick up new timbers as an apology.
He was in no way wanted the Master to be angry.
Yeah, he didn't like Master to be angry.
Hokuto-kun thought it twice because it was important.
"Hokuto, House!" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
But, he couldn't go against his Master's order.
Hokuto-kun instinctively came back due to the Master's voice and he eventually got caught. And then, he apologized to the carpenter together with the Master.
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