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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 94

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— Sirius —
When I finished trimming Hokuto after dealing with Vagle, I was informed by Emilia that they had safely entered the temple. Later, I returned to the carriage hidden in a distant forest from Fonia and made the preparation.
After a while, I was informed that they had secured Dolgar, but as I expected, it seemed that there were people from the 'other side' similar to the ones I fought.
Even so, Emilia and the rest were able to defeat them with a bit of struggling. I thought that I would properly praise them later.
However… even though Dolgar was captured and all his guards were defeated, I heard what he was talking about with calm attitude, and it made involuntarily let out a sigh.
It didn't seem to be a problem if Dolgar was held down since the teachings were changed by someone with high rank position which was Archbishop, and he turned Ashley to be the enemy of Mira's Doctrine. In a sense, it also could be said I had predicted the details.
It seemed that Dolgar threatened by saying that the credibility of Mira's Doctrine would fall if he himself was prosecuted, but it looked like Ashley had prepared to face the disappearance of Mira's Doctrine by indicating him on everything.
Apparently, they were now heading outside the temple with Dolgar, so I had to rush for a bit.
I covered myself with a white wig that I made from of Hokuto's fur which I collected, white mask and mantle. And then, I disguised myself as a figure that fit to be the Messenger of the God by having my whole body with brilliant white color.
"…Anyway, I leave this to you according to what I explained, Hokuto." (Sirius)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto was thinking a little, but he reliably replied and headed to the town. Subsequently, I also started getting ready with the preparation.

[Children of Mira-sama, raise your head. And to all children of Mira-sama who live in Fonia. Listen carefully to my voice. Gather before the temple.] (Sirius)
And at the moment… I was standing on the roof of Mira's Doctrine temple in Fonia.
I immediately stood next to the object of the sun which was the symbol of Mira, but since I was going to the messenger of Mira until the end, I had to be careful not to touch it.
When I looked down from there, I saw an unusual scene of at least several hundreds of Mira's Doctrine believers knelt down.
Not only the attire, I also cast a halo on my head with [Light]. In addition, I shot even more detailed [Light] to blur my figure by the refraction of light. This was to emphasize the effect of being the Messenger of Mira.
On top of that, I told the disciples to make Ashley and Dolgar lowered their heads, and since I made Hokuto who had grand presence to prostrate as a backup, it appeared that other believers convinced that I was a messenger of Mira.
[By the discretion of Mira-sama… I will pass down an oracle.] (Sirius)
I thought that the act of pretending to be the messenger of Mira to represent the God was an act to be afraid of, but I wasn't afraid to a God who left their believers, who yearned for Her, in suffering. I would rather say that I was getting angry.
Unlike Ashley, who sincerely worked for Mira's sake, I would like to see how Dolgar, who did this due to his self interest, was going to be judged.
I didn't believe in God at all, but if She wouldn't do anything even if things like this happened, I would handle this on my own then.
During the time when I talked as the Messenger, since I invoked [Call] without any discrimination, maybe my voice had reached all people who live in this town.
This could probably a forced public broadcasting to let people of the town knew about problems with Mira's Doctrine, but either way Ashley seemed to have proclaimed it, then the Messenger would had only a bit resistant from those who spread the teachings.
The only drawback was that, the mana exhaustion was intense because I was activating [Light] at the same time.
While, I continued enduring the fatigue from mana exhaustion and mana recovery, I looked down on the believers and spoke about an oracle.
[Oh Mira-sama's children, Saintess Ashley and Archbishop Dolgar. Answer my question with honesty.] (Sirius)
[Yes!] (Ashley)
[Un-understood…] (Dolgar)
The nominated Ashley's and Dolgar's voice echoed to the surroundings by Fia's wind.
Putting her hand in front of the chest, Ashley knelt down and took the posture of repentance. I thought that was an appearance worth to be called as Saintess.
On the other hand, Dolgar was probably suspicious about me. It could be slightly seen that he had to kneel down in front of many people because he had no other choice. He really hated it, but that feeling was correct.
[Mira-sama greatly laments over an unseemly dispute at this time. She wonders why such a thing happened. Confess without leaving any detail.] (Sirius)
I'd heard something about him trying to protect Mira's Doctrine, but if I had to say about this incident in one sentence, Dolgar was doing it for his own personal interest.
Apart from those who agreed with him, first of all, I want to solve the misunderstanding of the believers, who didn't know that they were danced in Dolgar's hand until they looked at Ashley as a traitor.
Rather than indicating Ashley didn't do anything, there was a high possibility that the believers would revolt. Therefore, I appeared as the Messenger, and it would be good if I supported her explanation.
[Saintess Ashley, answer me.] (Sirius)
[G-got it! I kept doing activities in accordance to Mira-sama's teachings, but from the day that the oracle was passed down by the Archbishop, I was branded as a traitor who threatens Mira's Doctrine, and I was pursued.] (Ashley)
What I was doing now was already a public trial, and it seemed that there was not much of distrust from the air that dominated the place.
Dolgar started sweating after truth were being told, but as I expected, it looked like he didn't want to interject maybe because he would be in disadvantage if he made a noise in this situation.
Later, Ashley was driven out from Mira's Doctrine, but she recovered while getting help from various people. After that, she continued talking until the part which she infiltrated the temple and captured Dolgar.
[…Why are you trying to fight despite the oracle of being a traitor?] (Sirius)
[The current Mira's Doctrine is eager to make money, but that is not in the teachings of Mira's Doctrine. I couldn't accept it, and that's why I decided to confront the Archbishop.] (Ashley)
[That is a misunderstanding, Messenger-sama! In order to spread and to preserve the teachings of Mira's Doctrine, it is necessary to–…. gyaaaaargh!?] (Dolgar)
Even so, Dolgar tried to interject to justify himself, maybe because he felt that it was unfavorable to keep silent as it is. However, even this was a sham, I was still the Messenger of their God.
Since it was obvious that he was being impolite, I secretly wrapped Dolgar with [String] extended from a blind spot. I poured mana and let him undergo a light electric shock.
[…I haven't asked for Archbishop Dolgar's statement. Don't interject without permission.] (Sirius)
"Guh… Haa… U-understood." (Dolgar)
Although the bystanders didn't see anything when they looked at him, the believers, who saw the Archbishop suddenly writhed in pain, held their breath, and lowered their heads as if I was an absolute being.
Although the blow to Dolgar had been adjusted to the extent until his body was numbed, anyone who was half doubtful about the Messenger would also changed their mind with this.
[A distraction, but… Ashley. Is that the reason of this dispute?] (Sirius)
[Yes, I realized after I was told that I was a traitor to Mira-sama. If I have to accept a punishment, I am willing to accept.] (Ashley)
[I am only asking for the truth, not a punishment. And that graciousness… it is fitting for one who known to be the Saintess of Mira-sama. Please continue your endeavors for Mira-sama.] (Sirius)
[Th-thank you very much!] (Ashley)
Although she was shedding tears from a feeling of guilt in the middle of the conversation, she looked happy when she nodded after receiving my words.
It was a bit high-handed, but I raised Ashley first, and that would make people understand that she fit to be the Saintess of Mira's Doctrine.
"Well then, I'm asking you, Archbishop Dolgar. You had said this earlier, but in order to preserve Mira's Doctrine, there is no mistake that you are collecting offerings for the sake of Mira-sama, is that correct?] (Sirius)
[Th-that is correct. Although it goes against the teachings, I did everyone for the sake of Mira-sama.] (Dolgar)
[…You are not lying?] (Sirius)
[I swear in the name of Mira-sama!] (Dolgar)
Dolgar was startled maybe because he didn't receive the shock again, but he felt that he could go through the questioning and let a small sigh.
But the question so far had been answered, and as a matter of course, the main subject was from hereafter.
"It is sad that a dispute has happened, but let's admit that both of you moved with the thought of Mira-sama.] (Ashley)
[Yes!] (Ashley)
[I am grateful, thank you!] (Dolgar)
[But… I have something that I can't forgive. Archbishop Dolgar, do you think that what you did was something that Mira-sama wants?] (Ashley)
[Th-that is…] (Dolgar)
[It seems that the children of Mira-sama convinced when you delivered the oracle of Mira-sama, but… it is hard to imagine that is what Mira-sama wants. How do you explain about this?] (Sirius)
It was easy to put in words, but I skip questions from the believers who yearned Mira.
Because Dolgar was puzzled while running cold sweat, he was clearly disturbed and trembling before the believers.
It seemed that he was desperately looking for excuses, but I would pursue the answer without giving him time to think for it.
[Of course, you can't answer that. Because Mira-sama doesn't ever remember giving oracles even once to Archbishop Dolgar.] (Sirius)
[Th-there is no such a thing! I certainly received Mira-sama's oracles–…] (Dolgar)
[That is a fact. There is no one appropriate for Mira-sama but Saintess Ashley.] (Sirius)
In the first place, it was weird for a God known as the Goddess of Love to give such an oracle.
Those who could receive oracles were limited, and it also could be because of tricks, but even a faithful believer was deceived, it was suspicious from the outsider's point of view, so I clearly declared from the top.
In the first place, the incident this time was because Ashley was true to the real Mira's Doctrine, and it was suspicious for Dolgar to do it for his own personal interest.
[Archbishop Dolgar, the crime of deceiving Mira-sama's children with fake oracles is heavy.] (Sirius)
When I clearly declared like this, Dolgar's supporters would almost disappear.
They were some believers who had been corrupted by Dolgar, but if they looked at how sincere Ashley and other believers were, they would return to the original.
If they couldn't get used to it, they would disappear from Mira's Doctrine, but I had no plan to take care the problem that far.
Anyway, I made [Call] in advance to the disciples excluding Chris to inform that the Messenger was me. Of course, I told them not to let Ashley and Chris knew about it.
Since the believers devoutly believed the God they worshiped, it won't be funny if I revealed my name now. If I revealed about me, Ashley won't feel happy even if the situation was solved.
Even if I didn't do this, if they thoroughly searched the temple by taking advantage of the disturbance, they would find a great amount of evidence. In other words, it was already a checkmate for Dolgar. But then, they would take time and Dolgar was likely to run away.
As a result when they grew up, if the luck was bad, Reese might have a deep wound in the heart because of Dolgar and others.
I wasn't really a knight in shining armor.
Those foolish who took out their hands on my family, I thought that I would definitely punish them even if I had to pretend to be a God.
And then, all scandals related to Mira's Doctrine and the anger of people in the town would bear by Dolgar. Hence I could reduce the distrust toward Mira's Doctrine even for a bit.
I would be bothered if I didn't mow seeds that I sow. Since I dealt with Dolgar in the same way with Ashley, there was no complaint.
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[Archbishop Dolgar, if you have excuse, please tell me.] (Sirius)
Having the crime exposed, Dolgar, who gathered gazes of distrust from the believers all at once, very deeply lowered his head and opened his mouth.
[…Please forgive me. I have remained silence because of the weakness of my heart. The truth is… I was threatened by the Holy Knight, Vagle.] (Dolgar)
[Holy Knight… he is Mira-sama's child who can see Fire Spirits, correct?] (Sirius)
[There is no mistake that he is that person. The Holy Knight is drowned in his own power, and he was planning to rule Mira's Doctrine from a while ago. I tried to stop him but I couldn't do anything. I was threatened by his flames and I had no choice but to expel the Saintess out. The Holy Knight is the root of all evil–…] (Dolgar)
[That person already doesn't exist.] (Sirius)
"…Haa?" (Dolgar)
Since Vagle was doing as he pleased, bad reputation spread everywhere, and that reason itself was good enough.
However, since it was a pointless struggle in this place, I took out Vagle's robe under my mantle and dropped it in front of Dolgar.
[Th-this robe is!?] (Doglar)
[He wasn't only rampaging in the name of Mira-sama, he attacked me when I gave him warning.] (Sirius)
[W-what!?] (Dolgar)
[He is not only dishonor the name of Mira-sama, and I can't forgive that fool for attacking me. Which is why, the Holy Knight was purified by me, and he went down toward Mira-sama.] (Sirius)
Not only Dolgar, other believers were severely agitated in that declaration.
It might be justified because Vagle, who was a subject of fear for them, was defeated.
[The Holy Knight, at the end, said that he wasn't interested in Mira's Doctrine. Stop passing the responsibilities to one who is not longer exist. I should have said earlier that you shouldn't lie.] (Sirius)
[Uh, it's not–…. gaarghhh!?] (Dolgar)
I poured mana again toward Dolgar, who lost his trump card, Vagle, and the trust of the believers, and silenced him. And then, I passed down the oracle.
[Here's the order on behalf of Mira-sama. Archbishop Dolgar. I will not allow you to hold the position of Archbishop again! And you shall receive a fitting judgment from the children of Mira-sama.] (Sirius)
[Th-that's very generous of you… thank you very much.] (Dolgar)
Losing all his supporters, it would be good enough for Dolgar who became like a cast-off skin.
After this… it depended on the people of the town.
Since all of the conversation so far should have been heard, they should have known about the scandals caused by Mira's Doctrine. At the same time, the cause of this incident was known, and that was because Dolgar alone behaved selfishly.
When looking around, he was the main culprit of the Mira's Doctrine, and there were few angry people seen.
However, since many people were confused and losing their trust, if I left it as it was, the dissatisfaction might explode.
…There was no other way then, let me do another task.
[Gather here, oh children of Mira-sama. Remember Mira-sama once more.] (Sirius)
A huge [Light] was invoked again in the sky, and it gathered the attention since it pouring down like a sun light.
[It is a very unsatisfactory result, but still Mira-sama will accept everything. Yes, Mira-sama never changes. And for Mira-sama's sake, Mira's Doctrine which just overcame this incident, will work harder.] (Sirius)
Since the people who gathered here were originally longed for Mira, I couldn't completely left their hearts with disappointment.
The riot didn't occurred even when the truth was known because the evidences were there, but people gathered were wondering what to do.
That was why, for those who were lost, it was fine if I forcibly do it through the words of the Messenger.
[No matter what happened, there is no mistake that you are the children of Mira-sama. Believe in Mira-sama! Believe in yourself who believe in Mira-sama! No matter what happened, Mira-sama will watch over Her children!] (Sirius)
Although it was cheap incitement by using mouth with a clear impact, but if the other side was a devout believer, the effect from the Messenger who was the closest to the Mira would be dramatic.
With those words, those people in front of the temple were greatly boiled up, and when I noticed, all of them were kneeling and were looking at me.
The preparation was in good order. Later…
[Oh Saintess Ashley. Now, the Cardinal is sleeping, and you will be the representative of Mira's Doctrine.] (Sirius)
[I… will?] (Ashley)
[You should freely express the teachings of Mira-sama to Her children according to your wish.] (Sirius)
[…Yes!] (Ashley)
Ashley was flustered for a moment because she was suddenly nominated, but she firmly stood up, and turned her body toward the believers.
She had already regained the right of the Saintess, and it was probably the best stage to convey her sincere thoughts.
If she could properly create a better image for Mira's Doctrine, they should be able to smoothly progress in the future. Restoring the trust lost by rebuilding Mira's Doctrine, since it was going to be a hard work from here on, she was lost of what to say.
She was nervous, but it looked like it was going to be alright as long as the smile with full of hope could be seen.
My work would end here.
[I will return to Mira-sama.] (Sirius)
I thought that I should flashy disappear like a Messenger. So, after recovering my mana, I activated [Light] around myself.
I gradually strengthened the light in order not to damage the believers' eyes and when I released mana until the intensity of the light became at the degree that the believers couldn't open their eyes, the surrounding of the temple was enveloped with huge mana of light.
While everything dyed in white, I started moving to hide in the temple while undoing the disguise, but…
[My beloved children. I will always watch over you.] (??)
When I thought about a sudden unusual reaction, it was warm and a voice that wrapped everything reverberated.
I instinctively stopped my feet, but I somehow managed to hide inside of the temple before the light went out.
I didn't feel the reaction already… what was that?
[…Mira-sama?] (Ashley)
Ashley, who could receive oracles, seemed to know about this.
I thought that was an auditory hallucinations or mishearing, but…
"What… was that gentle voice?" (??)
"Saintess-sama was also told! It was Mira-sama just now!" (??)
"Mira-sama has descended!" (??)
"""Mira-sama!""" (??)
Only with those words, the front of the temple was wrapped with cheers. It wasn't an imagination that not only the believers, the people of town also were covered in divinity.
When I heard that, I felt warm enough to instinctively think of mother.
[…Everyone, there is no mistake in the words of Mira-sama. And as what the Messenger had said, even if we made mistakes, Mira-sama asked me to watch over you. In order to response to those words, from now on, Mira's Doctrine will–…] (Ashley)
There was also the words of the God they revered, and the distrust toward Mira's Doctrine was completely disappeared.
I confirmed the believers and the people of the town earnestly listened to the speech of Ashley, and then, I started walking to the interior of the temple where none of people inside.
Even so… the voice that heard at the end, it seemed to be directed only to me, based on the reaction of everyone.
[I thank you from the bottom of my heart–…] (??)
I was prepared to get scolded because I arbitrarily claimed myself as the Messenger. Let alone it was accepted, I didn't think that She send Her appreciation.
With big hearts, She was called as the Goddess of Love after all.
To be honest, I expected that She would come out a little sooner, but I heard that they couldn't received the oracle other than on the altar within the temple, but the God probably had Her own circumstances.
We helped Ashley as a result, and let me say that it was alright because it cleared away the distrust toward Mira.
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"Is that you, Aniki!?" (Reus)
While the speech continued outside, I walked inside the temple which almost became unattended, and I arrived at the Cardinal room where Reus and Reese were.
Reus was in the room, but maybe he smell me or something, he came and opened the door of the room.
"Good job, Reus. Is there any problem here?" (Sirius)
"After everyone has gone outside, nobody is coming here. But we are still being cautious." (Reus)
"I don't think that the enemies will come anymore, but just to be sure, be alert for just a little more. I will examine the Cardinal." (Sirius)
"Leave it to me, Aniki!" (Reus)
When I entered the room while poking Reus' head who strongly nodded, Reese, who was sitting in front of the sleeping Cardinal bed, came up.
"More importantly you are safe, Sirius-san. A while ago, I heard a mysterious voice, but what's going on outside?" (Reese)
"It's going to take long to explain, so I will explain later. Anyway, I think that the outside is fine right now. Lastly, it's about the Cardinal." (Sirius)
As I approached the sleeping Cardinal's bedside, I touched her hand while mentioning the word of apology. When I concentrated my mana, Reese suddenly pulled my sleeve and looked with an anxious expression.
"Hmmm… you are really tired, right? Please don't overdo it…" (Reese)
"You understood that? I didn't mean to show it on my face, but…" (Sirius)
"Even if you hide it, I still understand it. Besides, I think that Emilia will notice it sooner, isn't it?" (Reese)
There was one thing after another today. I fought against Vagle in the morning, and in order to pretend to be the Messenger until a while ago, I repeatedly exhausted and recovered mana.
It was true that it was completely like how tiring to barely keep a business going on, but I wasn't close enough to collapse.
"There's no problem. After I finish examining this person, I'm done for the day." (Sirius)
While smiling at Reese, I used [Scan], which was to examine the inside of a person, and examined every corner of the Cardinal's body.
I investigated for a while and found the cause, but I asked for Reese's diagnosis first.
"Reese, what do see about her?" (Sirius)
"Hmmm… this is just a guess, but I think that she is in a state of losing consciousness because of medication. Since I diluted the toxins in her body with my treatment, I think that she will wake up soon." (Reese)
"Yes, I also have similar diagnosis. The treatment is also not bad, you have grown up, Reese." (Sirius)
"Ehehe… thank you very much." (Reese)
Roughly speaking, special non-lethal sleeping pills were administered. Hence, she was in a situation as if she was sleeping.
The toxins in her body seemed to have disappeared due to Reese's treatment, and she would naturally wake up after a while.
Although there was nothing unusual with her life force, it seemed that she was in this state for several months. Therefore, it would be necessary for her to be in rehabilitation for a while even after she woke up.
While stroking Reese's head, I thought about teaching her some new knowledge about treatment. I, then, sat on the sofa in the room and took a deep breath.
Looking at the ceiling vaguely as it is, when I carefully listened, I could slightly hear Ashley's voices came from outside the window. Since the voices of the believers were often heard, it seemed that the speech still went on.
"…It's going to take some time. I hope that Fia is not overdoing it." (Sirius)
"Fia-san also, but Sirius-san is overdoing it much more." (Reese)
"That's right, Aniki. Reese-ane and I will watch this place, so Aniki can take a rest." (Reus)
"I will wake you up when Emilia and the rest come back." (Reese)
Since Reus took the disguise set of the Messenger I had and Reese started to get a bit agitated, I decided to accept her suggestion.
I thought that it was impolite to sleep in other person room, especially the Cardinal's without permission, but there was no problem at the moment since there was no emergency situation.
"If there is something, wake me up right away." (Sirius)
I was probably too tired after all because the sleepiness suddenly struck when I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes. I wasn't going to resist it anyway.

"Ehehe…" (Emilia)
"…Is that you, Emilia?" (Sirius)
"Yes. Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
When I woke up, there was Emilia's face with a smile in front of me.
I was somehow lying down a sleep. Apparently, I was sleeping on Emilia's lap.
Maybe because I remembered about Okaa-san because of Mira's voice, when Emilia stroke my head, I could see Okaa-san–…
"Aaah… I'm giving Sirius-asma a lap pillow. So happy…" (Emilia)
…Since she had a sloppy face of happiness, the illusion disappeared in a blink of an eye.
Although it wasn't bad in particular, it looked like she was still far away from reaching the level of Okaa-san.
When I raised my body after persuading the hesitant Emilia, the disciples were not the only ones in the Cardinal Room, it was completely with everyone else, including Ashley and Chris.
When I stretched my body to sweep the sleepiness, Fia spoke with a smile while touching my shoulder.
"Your sleeping face was cute. Nevertheless, it is very rare of you to have a deep sleep." (Fia)
"There is no way that it was cute. I could sleep well because Reese and Reese were watching things, and it is important to take a rest when you can rest." (Sirius)
If in the case of an unknown person approached or unleashed bloodlust, I would immediately jump to my feet and drew a knife. Talking about being in a most defenseless state, I had to react because I was hit by Shishou even if I was in the middle of sleep.
I basically got up early and rarely showed my sleeping face. And it was safe for a familiar person like Emilia to approach, but it might be dangerous for Chris and Ashley.
After confirming the condition of my disciples and stroking Hokuto's head who was lying down on the corner of the room, I stood next to Ashley. She was sitting next to the bed where the Cardinal slept.
"Good morning, Sirius-sama. Will it be alright for you to wake up?" (Emilia)
"What do you mean by alright?" (Sirius)
"I heard from Reese that you got tired from trying to held the Holy Knight. Although I don't see any injuries, should I prepare a bed for you if it still hard?" (Emilia)
They were right. I was out of the town, so it felt weird to be here. Thanks to Reese because of her suggestion which include hidden meanings.
Reese was looking nervous whether I was fine with this, but I nodded to say that I was alright.
"No, it's already alright. After I defeated Vagle, I took a rest before the Messenger suddenly appeared. Thanks to that, I was only tired, but I wasn't injured." (Sirius)
"As expected, you saw the Messenger! We couldn't see well because he was too far, but Sirius-sama saw it because you were near, right?" (Emilia)
"Aah… he was a divine person, dying with white on his whole body." (Sirius)
Other than the characteristics of outward appearance, I didn't explain much what happened the time between I defeat Vagle until the Messenger appearance.
While I felt ashamed inside, I continued with the explanation, but I would like to hear what happened after I felt asleep, rather than about the Messenger.
"Leaving that matter aside, what happened after giving the speech outside? I was listening halfway, but I got inadvertently fell asleep when I got back from outside." (Sirius)
"Well… as what the Messenger said, when I told them my feeling, everyone forgave me." (Ashley)
Although I could see that Ashley was tired, her facial expression was bright. She was satisfied to the point of holding Chris' hand.
"It looked like everything went well." (Sirius)
"But, it is only about the forgiveness. In order to response to the words of Mira-sama, we have to work harder from now on." (Reese)
"That's the spirit. I heard from Reese that the Cardinal probably will wake up soon. It's going to be like a 'battle' from now on, you know?" (Sirius)
"Yes!" (Ashley)
The incident was solved, and the smile of Ashley, who returned to be the Saintess without sorrow, was very attractive.
I see… not only Chris, other believers were also hurt by this.
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Chris, who was fascinated by such a smile, shook her head, and he suddenly whispered to my ear with a serious look.
"Sensei. It's only a bit, but there is something I want to know…" (Chris)
"Hmm, only two of us?" (Sirius)
"…Yes." (Chris)
"That's fine. Let's go to the hallway for a bit." (Sirius)
And after notifying everyone, Chris and I went to the hallway. We kept walking in the hallway without saying anything to each other.
I walked and tried to find a place without people by using [Search]. We came to a corner of the garden in the temple, and Chris, then, confronted me.
"Nobody will come here for a while. Well, what do you want to hear from me?" (Sirius)
"That… it's something that I really want to hear…" (Chris)
"It looks like you understand. If that's the case, I want to ask first. What happened to Dolgar? I barely hear anything when Ashley was there." (Sirius)
"Maybe because he lost everything, there was no reaction no matter how much we asked him after the Messenger is gone. Because of that, he was confined in the reflection room in the basement for the time being." (Chris)
There seemed to be an idea that Dolgar should be given a death penalty from believers who hated him, but since the advent of Mira-sama… it seemed the punishment had been suspended in many ways.
In order to prevent him from escaping, the believers of Saintess faction were watching him, so it seemed to be alright even if I left it for a while. While I was here, I sometimes checked his position with [Search].
Other than that, some believers who supported Dolgar voluntarily left, and since the discussion about the future of Mira's Doctrine would be tomorrow, I was taught that this was the calm before the storm now.
As the inquiries ended in this way, Chris' nervousness lessened and I asked again.
"So, what do you want to ask Chris?" (Sirius)
"Uhmm… Was Sensei… the Messenger?" (Chris)
"Why do you think so?" (Sirius)
"That's because… the Senpais and Hokuto-san weren't perturbed at all, and that huge light too, I think that Sensei was the one who did it. Besides, for such an action outside of common sense, there is no one else but Sensei…" (Chris)
Other than my disciples, it seemed that Chris noticed it on his own.
But, when I saw Ashley's reaction…
"…You didn't tell Ashley?" (Sirius)
"It look like Ashley believes that he was really a Messenger, and if she knows it was Sensei, it seems that she will get confused in various ways…" (Chris)
He appeared to understand the situation.
Although I knew that it was better not to talk, based on his true personality, he probably didn't want to hide it from someone he loved.
It was easy if I didn't say anything here, but I decided to entrust it to Chris.
"I will leave the matter to you, Chris. Think about it, and decide it yourself." (Sirius)
Instead of making decision because someone higher than him said so, it was more important for him to make him decide his own decision.
In order to protect Ashley from now on, it was necessary for Chris to be broad minded enough to associate with various actions. Whichever he chose, this was one part of learning.
Besides, we were adventurers, not permanent resident in this town.
Even if he decided to talk to Ashley, and we became a criminal who pretended to be a God, it was all good when we escaped to another continent.
"I…" (Chris)
And then… Chris answered.

Extra (including 'Presenting Hokuto')
When Sirius was sleeping on the sofa, the fighting between girls unfolded.
"Although it is fine if you gave him a lap pillow before we came here, you did more than you deserve, Reese." (Emilia)
"Not only Sirius-san, I also like everyone. Because of that… if it is not equally done, I don't think I will like it." (Reese)
"That's so upright, Reese. If that's the case, let's decide it through Rock-Paper-Scissor learned from Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
And while the spirit was high, everyone faced each other.
"Pampering Sirius-sama is a job for me as an attendant!" (Emilia)
"I-I will not lose!" (Reese)
"I also want to give a knee pillow, so I will go all out!" (Fia)
"I also won't lose!" (Reus)
"""You, go over there!""" (Emilia/Reese/Fia)
Reus was instantly kicked out, but it was reasonable.
"""Hoi!""" (Emilia/Reese/Fia)
Together with the signal, their hands came out and all of them were Rocks.
However, a paw came slightly out of a place… or Hokuto's forefoot appeared.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Pa–… eh, that's sneaky, Hokuto-san!" (Reese)
"I would say that Hokuto also made a Rock!" (Fia)
"In the first place, this is a battle between woman, so you're out!" (Emilia)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
Because of that, actually, Hokuto was lying down at the corner room feeling unhappy.
But since, the Master will stroke him later, he was generally satisfied.
"…Chris-kun's Sensei is really popular, isn't it? (Ashley)
"Yeah. I don't feel that they are like Shishou and disciples anymore." (Chris)
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