Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Volume 16 intermission

Intermission: Let's Start by Giving Up First

— Beowulf —
The Swordsman Saint.
It was one of the famous swordsmen equal to that famous Strongest Sword, Lior.
And… he was the person that I admired most.
But… since such a father passed away and left me and my sick mother behind, I also hated him at the same time.
Until a while ago…
I was defeated by Sirius-san at the Fighting Festival where many strong people gathered.
I was completely defeated by an overwhelming difference in strength.
It was frustrating to be defeated, but thanks to that, I was able to hear about my father from Sirius-san.
The reason why I wanted to be strong was because I thought that if I got close to the strength of my father, I might know the reason why he left my mother.
That was why I was only thinking about becoming stronger, but… something within me changed from that day.
I didn't know about my father much.
For that reason, I thought that I would like to learn more, and I went on a trip again.
It was said that the Strongest Sword, Lior… took care of father at his last moment, so I kept traveling to look for that man.

"I'm sorry. I don't know." (??)
"There are many people who adore the Strongest Swords and have greatsword. Where is the real one?" (??)
"Oi oi, there's a rumor that the Strongest Sword is already dead, you know? It's just a waste of looking." (Beowulf)
However, even if he searched from him, the Strongest Sword had suddenly disappeared decades ago. Hence, there was little information since he was publicly believed to have been dead.
Even when he gathered information from pub or people who walked down the road, he was told that nobody knew about the Strongest Sword.
"But, there is no doubt that he is still alive." (Beowulf)
I didn't think that Sirius-san and Reus-kun who had such strength would tell a lie, and since Jekyll-san who knew the Strongest Sword more than anything, he told that Reus' 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style' was not an imitation.
I heard that he was considerably old, but there was no doubt that the Strongest Sword was still alive.
"Besides, I don't expect the existence who hold the strength that much to be conspicuous. If that's the case… he may be in disguise or may have changed the name." (Beowulf)
That was why I changed aim a little. I would try to find an elderly man with a greatsword…
And Sirius-san told me another clue when we parting.
Because of that, I went to the town that Sirius-san mentioned while collecting information, and I had been coming to the Mellifest Continent from the Adload Continent.
This was the first time for me to be in the Melifest Continent.
It would be good if I could find the Strongest Sword in this continent, but…

"An old man with a greatsword? That remind me, I feel like I heard about him the other day." (??)
A couple of days after coming to the continent, I finally got such information at a tavern in a town a distant away from the port town.
"Really!? Where is that man?" (Beowulf)
"No, I don't know where he went. I heard that he was an old man who earned money by annihilating all bandits used to be around this area. That old man had a greatsword…" (??)
"Thank you very much. I will head to the guild at once!" (Beowulf)
Based on the obtained clues, I went to the Adventurer Guild of the same town.
Since the Adventurer Guild was a place to receive rewards of eliminating bandits, more information could be obtained there.
I immediately asked the receptionist, but…
"He certainly came here a few days ago. I remembered him well because he was amazing." (??)
"Yes. After destroying almost ten groups of bandits, he brought the bandit leaders together but it was amazing because half of it weren't restrained. They couldn't escape because they were too scared of the old man." (??)
In a short moment, I was delighted to get the information. However, the receptionist, who saw me wanting to see the old man, showed a difficult expression.
"That old man said he was heading to the Adload Continent. If you are not chasing him in hurry, you won't make it in time." (??)
It seemed that we were somehow gone past each other.
I immediately set of and returned to the port town for the public ship service that was same from the Adload Continent.

While waiting for a large sailing ship departed from the port town and went to the Adload Continent, I was sitting on the rail of a ship and vaguely looking at the scenery.
'What would I ask if I meet the Strongest Sword?'
'Will it be about father's last moment?'
'Is it about his strength?'
No… would he talked to me in the first place?
Either way, I wouldn't know until I met him.
As I decided, suddenly the sound of the bell on the ship being hit hard echoed.
"Enemy attack! Enemy attack! It's pirates–!" (??)
When I turned around, I saw a ship bigger than the ship that I got onboard was coming closer.
I felt like they were used to this attack from the point of attacking at somewhere far from the land. It seemed impossible to escape because the speed of that ship was faster, so the battle seemed unavoidable.
Since I carried weapons as always, I spoke to a sailor nearby who was preparing for interception.
"I am an adventurer. I will lend a hand by fighting them." (Beowulf)
"Ooh! That really helps! Please help us fighting the pirates." (Sailor)
"Understood. By the way, who is that pirate?" (Beowulf)
"Recently, there is a pirate group that make its presence felt in this area. We are trying to hire escorts here, but… there are more than expected." (Sailor)
They are other adventurers who had similar thoughts as me and we were the escort onboard the ship, but it seemed that there were more enemies than imagined as the sailor said.
There was a considerable difference in battle force, but… I wouldn't be defeated.
From thereupon, those who couldn't fight entered the cabin. There were several adventurers had unleashed magic toward the pirate ship, but there were also magic unleashed from the pirate ship and intercepted them.
The magic unleashed hit each other's ship, but since the magic was intermediate level at best, it wouldn't sink the ship. It was probably because they had no plan to sink their prey which was our boat.
After all, their battle force was focus more on close combat.
"But, this is what I want." (Beowulf)
And then, as the pirate ship was lining up, many ropes were thrown and the ships were tied together. The pirates wearing black clothes like marks on their heads started attacking this ship.
The number of pirates that attacked was nearly twice the number of us, but it seemed that they weren't strong enemies based on their movements.
I didn't only targeted the incoming enemies but also I randomly swung at random.
"Just because you have two swords… guhaa!?" (??)
"What's with his movement, so fast…. gyaa!?" (??)
"Damn, this is a strong one! Call that guy!" (??)
More reinforcements came after we cleared up nearly half of them, but there was one person was clearly different from others.
An adventurer was swinging sword to that man, but far from stopping him, that man sliced the adventurer together with the sword he had.
That strength… apparently, he seemed to be the captain of the enemies.
Since we couldn't afford to reduce our battle force, I rushed out to try to take on that man.
"I will not let you do that anymore!" (Beowulf)
"Uoo!? Aren't you doing well!?" (??)
"You stopped my sword very well. But…" (Beowulf)
If compared to Sirius-san and Reus-kun, he was slow.
The man intercepted my swords couple of times, but he couldn't respond with the swift speed which gradually became faster, and I slashed the man's body with my sword at the end of exchanging blows.
"It can't be… I…" (??)
"…Phew. Next is…" (Beowulf)
"Alright, break it quickly! If you want to take the hostage, they are here!" (??)
"It seems I have no time to relax!" (Beowulf)
While I was a bit delayed because of that man, several pirates tried to break the door to the cabin.
Perhaps they wanted to weaken our movement by taking civilian as hostages, but I wouldn't let them.
When I approached the pirate who was trying to swing an ax down to the door of the cabin from behind…
"Too noisy!" (??)
When I thought of that loud noise which suddenly reverberated to the point it shook the ship, the door of the cabin was blown away by shockwaves… No, it was shattered.
That shock wave, which seemed to have been unleashed from inside the door, blew the pirates, who tried to shake down the ax, in the sky and fell in the sea.
While the enemies and allies were stunned due to that sight, a large old man to the point of making me looked up, came out from cabin, and he appeared with a greatsword with length similar to his height in one hand.
"You are noisier! This old man…!" (??)
"Well then, you are just loud!" (L???) (TLN: You know who.)
A pirate nearby swung a sword to the old man, but when I thought whether his wrist was blurring, the pirate were cut into two together with his sword. In addition, there was a large cutting clearly remained on the ship.
To swing such a greatsword easily… maybe this old man was…?
"Nuhh… Although I was sleeping comfortably, what is this all about!?" (L???)
'No, let's leave him for now.'
The reason was… this old man seemed to be in a very bad mood.
Although he looked frustrated to be woken up in that way, I could feel the fear of touching God's wrath from that intimidation and bloodlust. If I spoke poorly, I might be cut in two.
As I instinctively swallowed saliva due to the strength that I had never felt before, the old man turned face over to me.
"The youngster over there! If you are not an enemy, tell me what's going on." (L???)
"What's going on… is it?" (Beowulf)
"What's with these pirates?" (L???)
"Uhmm, they are real pirates and this ship is currently being attacked…" (Beowulf)
"Hmm… so the pirates are the ones that wrap cloth on their heads, right?" (L???)
"That's right…" (Beowulf)
I instinctively realized that it would be useless to oppose this old man.
And with the way I was at the present… I absolutely couldn't win against him no matter what.
"Kuh… This is troublesome. Oi, the youngster over there. Since you have skills, stay there." (L???)
"Ha… Haa…" (Beowulf)
Without listening to my reply, while the old man was yawning, he started walking toward the pirate ship.
Of course, the pirates were unlikely to miss such an impressive old man who was walking. The pirates, who had been paralyzed by the intimidation and bloodlust, regained their minds one after another. And then, they assaulted the old man…
"You're hindrance! If you are rushing, I will do it!" (L???)
Six pirates were jumping at the same time and when I thought whether the old man's arm got blurred again… all the six pirates fell to the sea while they were cut into two.
I could see it barely but perhaps the number of times the sword was shaken… was three times.
First, he slashed half of the pirates that approach from the side. Then, he cut the remainder with counterattack. Lastly, he greatly swung while generating wind pressure at the same time to blow off the pirates.
…I could say nothing but ridiculous.
While being taken aback, the old man came aboard the pirate ship by himself and killed the pirates at the same time.
"Oo, oi oi!? What's that old man doing?" (??)
"Leave him alone! Do you have time to worry about that old man!?" (??)
The adventurers who were fighting nearby were amazed with his behavior.
It wasn't that I didn't understand their amazement feeling, but if my imagination about that old man was right… I felt that it was rather dangerous if he stayed on this ship.
The strength and sword momentum were too strong. Every time he sliced a pirate, the ship was also damaged. If this was the case, the ship was likely to sink before the pirates were annihilated.
As the old man got into the pirate ship, the enemy's reinforcements also stopped. So, we defeated the pirates on our side and let out a breath.
However, there were still pirates left on the other ship.
Leaving the defense to other adventurers, I jumped onto the pirate ship after the old man, and the sight that was spreading there… was already a disaster.
"Ooooo—!" (L???)
"""Gyaaahhh–!?""" (??)
Every time the old man, who was surrounded by nearly fifty pirates, wielded his sword, the pirates were killed, danced in the air, and blown off into the sea.
"Although I was sleeping comfortably, because of you, you woke me upppp–!" (L???)
"Do-don't know about that… guhaa!?" (??)
"Help…. gahaa!?" (??)
"You can choose either you will be cut off by me and be fed to fishes, or you can jump into the sea yourself and become a fish feed!" (L???)
"Whichever we choose, we still die!?" (??)
As I expected, every time the old man swung the sword, the ship was also damaged.
It seemed like he was venting his anger, so I wasn't sure now who was the bad guy.
"Magic Team, stop him before the ship is destroyed! Cast magic all at once!" (??)
"What a fool!" (L???)
"Wha!? What's going on!?" (??)
"One more time… gaahh!?" (??)
Far from clearing away all the magic that were unleashed, he approached them while they were surprised, and he mow them down.
Rather than being knocked down, it seemed the pirates went all out because of their current situation being trampled. From the cabin that the man I fought earlier came, four people who seemed to be strong appeared.
Among there, there was a man who had a similar size ax with the old man… and from the feeling of intimidation and bloodlust that could be felt even from a distance, he seemed to be the enemy's boss.
"Ca-captain Black! Help… aarggh!?" (??)
"Cheh… when I think that guy won't return, this happens, you know. Oi, the old man over there!" (Black)
"Ooooo—!" (L???)
"Old man! Are you listening!?" (Black)
"Oraaa–!" (L???)
"Don't ignore me! If you don't want to hear it, everyone, kill him!" (Black)
Although the other side was calling, the old man completely ignored him and he continued slashing the pirates.
When Black, who got impatient in that situation, gave instruction, the three people, who were in the vicinity, approached the rampaging old man.
Although they were not at the degree of Black, those three people seemed to have considerable abilities.
"We are the four heavenly kings of the pirate Black, I am the spear Jio–…" (??)
"So, what!?" (L???)
A man holding a spear was cut in half…
"Wha!? With my axe, I will–…" (??)
"If you have time to talk, swing your hands!" (L???)
Unlike Black, the man who swung down his big axe was slain before he finished swinging…
"The back is empty–…" (??)
"You're slow!" (L???)
The man who went around the back, was slain by the old man who turned around faster than him.
They were exaggerated bunch who called themselves, but they were easily disposed off.
While other pirates started to be scared by the overwhelming, Black was the only one who had a fearless smile.
"Heh, you can do that, huh. You came onboard alone." (Black)
"Hmm… you seem to be different from other small fishes." (L???)
"Of course. I am Black. In the streets, I am known an the Strongest Arm, Black, but… don't you know that?" (Black)
"Nope." (L???)
The old man replied as if he didn't care, but I knew the Strongest Arm, Black.
He was more or less one of the famous veteran adventurers by the guild, but he disappeared on a certain day. However, I didn't expect he became a pirate in such a place.
Furthermore, the giant ax that man had was said to be made of the heaviest ore… It seemed to be made of Gravilite or something, but given that size, it would be heavier than the sword that the old man had.
In other words, it seemed he was known as the Strongest Arm because of how easy he swung that heavy ax.
"It doesn't matter if you don't know. By the way, you might be the Strongest Sword–…" (Black)
"It's Ikki-Tousen!" (Tousen)
"Well, it doesn't matter. Anyway, I am confident that I won't lose to anyone. Even if my opponent is an old man… So, shall we have a contest of strength?" (Black)
"Hoo… that's bold. Fine, shall I accept it?" (Tousen)
And then, they both were swinging weapons with all strength at the same time.
According to the rumor, Black was said to have strength that surpassed the Strongest Sword. As the rumor said, the speed of Black's swinging axe was on par with the old man's.
If it was me, I would choose to avoid without hesitation, but the old man swung the sword with a slight delay…
"…Ha?" (Black)
"Only your strength is higher, but…" (Tousen)
Not only Black's weapon, I also heard that the old man's weapon was made of Gravilite.
When weapons made of the same material hit with nearly same amount of strength, a violent shock and a roaring sound reverberated, but as the weapons collided, the sound I heard was the sound of something falling into the distant sea.
When I looked at Black and the old man who swung their weapons, only the black's weapon had the blade part cut completely.
"Well… It is a movement that relied on that weapon. 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style' is not only about strength, it is something to be wield with spirit and determination." (Tousen)
"Wa-wait!? I am the loser in this match–…" (Black)
"Now you're begging for life, huh! Nuoooo!" (Tousen)
The old man swiftly swung the sword and cut Black in two.
Although it appeared cruel, I didn't feel that way. When he lost after challenging the other side, he begged for his life… it seemed that he wasn't overwhelmingly prepared for the fight.
Thus, Black, who was the leader of the pirates was killed, but another problem came up.
"Ru-run!" (??)
"Retreat! It will collapse!" (??)
Hmm… I overdid it, huh." (Tousen)
"Why are you so calm about it!?" (Beowulf)
The aftermath of cutting Black was also cut the mast which was also the center of the ship.
I didn't really care since it was a pirate ship, but the direction of the collapse was bad. It seemed the ship on which we were onboard would be damaged.
We were in the sea that was far from the land, so I couldn't let it break our ship.
"If I can deviate it even a bit…" (Beowulf)
After losing to Sirius-san, I also had train my strength in order to freely swung two weapons.
If I gave a blow from the side before the mast fell…
"[Break Thrust]…Unleashed!" (Beowulf)
It was a technique I came up when looking at the battle between Sirius-san and Reus-kun.
By receiving a shock from repeatedly hitting two swords, the direction of the falling mast was slightly deviated and it didn't hit our boat.
"Phew… that was dangerous." (Beowulf)
"Hou? You used an interesting technique…" (Tousen)
I was horrified by the gaze like a beast that aimed at prey, but the remaining pirates completely lost the intention to fight when their leader was defeated. It could be said that they were scared by the overwhelming ability of the old man, but anyhow, this problem was solved.
We left behind the pirate ship that could no longer be called as a pirate ship returned to our ship. When we returned to our ship, the sailors and adventurers delightfully celebrated the victory.
The voices of praises were directed to us, but since the old man casually waved hands while returning to the cabin, I chased him in a hurry.
"Excuse me! Are you…" (Beowulf)
"Hmm? If you want to talk, do it later. Because I'm busy." (Tousen)
"Y-yes. Would you give me some time later?" (Beowulf)
"Hmm… well, when the ship arrives in town, come and get me. I am sleepy!" (Tousen)
He was busy… because of that?
However, it seemed that he would hear since he was telling me to wake him up, so he wouldn't disappear from the ship.
I saw the old man went off into the cabin, and when I tried to explain the details to the captain or the crews, the ship suddenly swayed greatly.
"Yeah, what is it?" (??)
"Look, there are bunch of something on the ship…!" (??)
"Something is coming out!" (??)
When I think whether a violent water pillar had risen from around the pirate ship, something innumerable appeared and it was hitting the ship.
It extended to this ship, and it wrapped around a nearby sailor and tried to drag him into the sea.
"Wha-what's going on!?" (??)
"Damn, don't get separated!" (??)
"Don't let go, [Phantom Flash]!" (Beowulf)
The foundation of the [Phantom Sword]… it was a technique wielded by the speed that made it look like there were several swords, and with that, I cut the thing countless times in one go.
Accordingly, as I confirmed, he was wrapped by tentacles of something, and a water column that was bigger than earlier rose up.
"That's huge… what is that monster?" (??)
"Is that Gelsylla!?" (??) (TLN: The name in raw is ゲルスキュラ)
"What is that?" (??)
"It sunk a lot of ships these days. For us, it was a devilish monster. However, it shouldn't appear unless we are in a sea that is further away from the continent. So why it is in such a place?" (??)
"Maybe… it is because of blood. Perhaps, the blood of pirates sunk in the sea brought it here." (??)
A huge molluscan creature rose to the pirate sea from the sea while extending countless tentacles and it exposed itself on the deck of the pirate ship.
It was huge… it was almost as big as a ship.
As expected, I couldn't handle that size. Whether the sailors understood it, they moved the rudder and mast to the get away from the pirate ship.
Apparently, the monster seemed fixated with the corpses remained on the pirate ship, so if we didn't poorly provoked it…
"It's a monster!" (??)
"I will burn it with my magic!" (??)
However, whether the adventurers lost their composure after seeing a huge monster, several of them shot Fire Magic.
The magic couldn't get through maybe because it was an intermediate magic, Flame Spear. On the contrary, it was distracted, and a tentacle attacked us once more.
"You stupid! What are you doing!?" (Beowulf)
"Bu-but…" (??)
"Talk later! Now, cut the tentacles and earn time!" (Beowulf)
Anyhow, that was the only way to escape.
In order not to let the ship be dragged by the tentacles, we continued slicing the extending tentacles.
However, no matter how many times we sliced it, the tentacles kept extending, and by the time we were overwhelmed by the numerous tentacles… violent footsteps sounded from behind.
"I told you… it's too noisy!" (Tousen)
There was no need to look back.
The old man, who came from the inside of the ship, jumped over us and was getting closer to the monster that was hanging on the deck of the pirate ship.
While the anticipation voice came from sailors and some adventurers saying that he was reckless, the old man swung his sword…
"[Shattering Strikes]… aarggh–!" (Tousen)
When the sword was swung down with that yell, the monster… and the ship… were cut into two.
And then, the monster and the ship that were cut into two sunk into the sea… and what remained after that was the wreckage of the ship and the sliced tentacles.
While all the people, including me, who were looking at the sight were stunned, the old man came back to the ship with the debris as a foothold.
"Damn it… now I am completely woke up." (Tousen)

After that, the ship proceeded smoothly and finally, we saw the harbor of the Adload Continent which was the destination.
The people and the ship were pretty worn-out, but they raised the voice of joy.
However, no one dared to approach the old man even though he was a hero, except for some. It seemed that there were few people longing for his strength on this ship.
Since the old man was gazing the sea on the deck alone, I approached and called him.
"Excuse me… old man. Everyone is just afraid but they don't dislike you. Please don't mind about it." (Beowulf)
"What are you talking about, youngster? I was thinking that the monster was delicious. It was a rare monster, and I should pick the tentacles up as much as possible. It is regrettable." (Tousen)
"…" (Beowulf)
It seemed better not to mind when this person was thinking like that.
Anyway, let's arrange the thought. Since he said he wasn't sleepy anymore, it seemed that I could achieve my purpose this time.
First, I should start with the topic of Reus being the disciple of this old man, and when I was thinking how to start the conversation, the old man turned face to me.
"Youngster. Your swordsmanship… could it be the [Phantom Sword]?" (Tousen)
"Aah… yes. My father is… the Sword Saint." (Beowulf)
"…Is that so? I see." (Tousen)
"You are the Strongest Sword, Lior-sama, right?" (Beowulf)
"…Yes. But, I am not the Strongest Sword, Lior, now. I am Ikki-Tousen. I am just an old man who pursues strength." (Lior)
Although Lior-san talked as if he was a defeated man, he was smiling and talking proudly for some reason.
I wanted to say that he was joking, but… I could somehow understand why. I understood because I could fight.
Lior-san was surely… to Sirius-san… but it wasn't possible for me to win.
For that reason, since he became interested when I told about Sirius-san, I told everything that happened during the Fighting Festival.
"You're his friend, huh… speak freely." (Lior)
"No, I'm not asking you to teach me. I would like you to tell me the final moment of my father…" (Beowulf)
"Wait a moment, I want to hear something before that." (Lior)
"What is it?" (Beowulf)
Since he was asking to the point of interrupting my question, I guessed that it was considerably important.
"The Silver Wolf-kin girl who was close to him… Was she fine?" (Lior)
"…Girl? The boy is Reus-kun?" (Beowulf)
"The boy doesn't matter. It's Emilia. Tell me about that girl who look like a cute grandchild." (Lior)
"Uhmm… she is fine. She seems to be Sirius-san's lover, and she is quite clingy." (Beowulf)
"Is that so? If she's fine, it's all good. However… she is that guy's lover is it? If it is true, there is no problem then, but… I'm so jealous when he is with Emilia!" (Lior)
…Why, Emilia?
Although there were many mysterious, this was how I met the Strongest Sword, Lior… no, Ikki-Tousen.

Misunderstanding, Beowulf-kun.
"Excuse me… the girl, Emilia, was still young, so with Tousen-san's age, it is a bit…" (Beowulf)
"Youngster. Are you thinking that I am interested in young girls?" (Lior)
"N-no, no! I mean…" (Beowulf)
"Really? You're not thinking even a single fragment, right? Be honest… or I will slice you." (Lior)
"…I thought of it for a moment." (Beowulf)
"Alright, let's have a mock battle to see your strength. It will not end until one of us dies." (Lior)
"Do you really mean that!?" (Beowulf)

TLN: The author writes this as a supplementary explanation.The [Hard Break] of 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style'
Currently, it was classified as the ultimate technique among the 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style' techniques.
To be brief, it was similar to [Strong Heaven] and it was merely swinging down of the sword, but the sword that was loaded with mana, fighting spirit and determination could slice up to hundreds of meters ahead.
The appearance was like a laser being swung down.
It was like that at the moment, but it was still developing and it would evolve further… maybe.The reason why Lior was sleepy.
With the money earned by annihilating bandits, he made uproar by drinking and eating in the port town, and he got onboard the ship in a sleepless night condition.The way Lior's waking up
If you get close when he wakes up, you need to be caution since he swings the sword, but it doesn't fall with the reach.
It is better to prick him with a stick or call from a great distant.
Since he will unleashed [Shattering Strikes] by chance, just give up if you get involved.
He is an old man who does as he pleases, so it is better to let him sleep when he wants to sleep and wait until he wakes up by himself.
As for the exception, if it is with Emilia's voice, it will be completely safe.Black
He was an advanced adventurer who was quite famous in the adventurer guild. He was overconfident with his strength and got carried away, so he became a pirate with four people who were his colleagues when he was adventurers.
He held strength to the point of being arrogant, and he was actually better than Lior when it came to pure strength.
However, because there were a lot missing like readiness, determination and techniques, he was killed by Lior.Black's Four Heavenly Kings
The companions from the time when Black was adventurers.
It was an exaggerated name, but everyone was as strong as an intermediate adventurer.The spear, Jio–… (The name was not said until the end.)
He was a man with tremendous handling in spear, but he was killed by Lior… *make a hand gesture of praying*.The man with an ax. (The name wasn't mentioned.)
A man who was treated as Black's younger brother. However, during the long introductory, he was… blown off.He approached Lior from the back, and…
Although he was good at surprise attack with a knife, he was done by Lior…He was cut down by Beowulf…
Pretty much…Gelscylla
The appearance image was a kraken with countless tentacles… or rather a squid.
It had countless legs and fast regenerative ability, but it was cut by 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style'.
It wasn't the only one in the kind, but there were some of them here and there around the world.
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TLN:Changing names of Lior in the conversation from ‘L???’ to Tousen and lastly to Lior just because this chapter is based on Beowulf’s perspective.


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Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mo

Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!


In the middle of the night, looking at the woman in his embrace, he smiled devilishly, “With your discontentment, do y

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me


A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in my classroom and semi-forcibly summoned the entire class to his worl

A Man Like None Other


Read A Man Like None Other by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here.Jared Chance seethes wit

One Useless Rebirth


He Bai won the lottery, became rich, and reached the pinnacle of life. Then, he inadvertently took a picture of the Film

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Lastest Chapters