Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 137

Chapter 137 The End of Long Journey for the Child
※Extra from previous chapter (Author)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
※Below is the translation by Reus.
As Sirius and others continued the journey, he protected a winged girl who had become a slave.
In order to send the winged girl to her parent, they altogether headed to the dragon’s nest which was said to have a settlement of winged people.
However, it was a dangerous zone where many dragons lived. Sure enough, in the sky above Sirius who was preparing for camp, three large dragons that seemed to be high rank dragons appeared.
“…Even so.” (Reus)
“It is amazing that there was a lot of information contained in that roar.” (Emilia)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
※Below is the translation by Reus.
However, the three high rank dragons were easily repulsed as a result of action taken by the faithful Hokuto-kun. Later, he was tremendously praised by the Master, and he was able to receive an attentive brushing.
“…Even so. Is there such a thing?” (Reus)
“Hey! Don’t tell a lie, Hokuto!” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)

Appearing from the sky, the whole bodies of the high rank dragons were either dyed in red, green and yellow.
There were probably many reasons, but they were completely hostile to us. They were swirling over the sky while lining side by side.
They looked straight at us, and suddenly, they made a steep decent heading to our direction.
When I looked at them, the descending middle dragon was taking a deep breath and it was going to unleash breath attack that affect wide area.
“I leave it to you! Oh Water, please…” (Reese)
When Reese unleashed magic as we gathered in one place, furious water blew out from the ground and it covered in order to protect us.
“It’s our turn. Everyone, please!” (Fia)
in addition, a huge tornado was born due to Fia’s magic. The tornado swelled by taking in the water produced by Reese and it became a tornado with huge amount of water.
[…A magic at this degree!] (??)
[Do you think you can block our breath attack with that!?] (??)
[Burn!] (??)
The impact of three flame breaths released at the same time had splendid impact and amount of heat, but the impact was ward off and dispersed by the flowing water and wind while the heat was mostly prevented.
This was one of the union spells of spirit magic produced by the two…
““[Stream Shield]”” (Reese/Fia)
Perhaps, if they used magic separately, they wouldn’t be able to prevent both impact and heat.
However, this was possible because it was a strong spirit magic. By combining common magic, it wouldn’t become a strong defensive wall like at this degree. The other person who possibly could do this was probably the Magic Master, Rodwell.
“That’s amazing. If it’s like this, it seems likely to block my [Magnum] as well.” (Sirius)
“I know, right? At first, the Wind Spirits don’t move well according to my wish, I had hard time to reach this extent, you know?” (Fia)
“It was hard because we got drenched many times. Eventually, it gave me the feeling that the Water Spirits finally accepted my plea.” (Reese)
According to them, the Wind Spirits were strong but harder to control, while Water Spirits faithfully accepted detailed instructions.
Anyhow, the first shot was blocked thanks to those two, but it was impossible to counterattack since the high rank dragons leaped into the sky after mowing down the ground with breath attack.
Well, speaking of counterattack, we weren’t going to fight them.
“Nevertheless, is there any point in arguing? What are we going to do, Aniki?” (Reus)
“It looks like conversation is possible, but they seem don’t want to listen.” (Emilia)
“…There is no choice then. Shall we knock them down once?” (Sirius)
Even if we tried to escape, the dragons possessed the air superiority though. It would also difficult to escape because they could bombard us with breath attacks.
Whatever we did, it should be alright. If we could knock them down to the ground, I hoped they would listen to our story.
“Normally, I won’t think of defeating the high rank dragons. However, don’t you feel that they won’t listen to us if we make them angry?” (Fia)
“We’ll think about it when the time comes. Let’s beat them with all we have.” (Emilia)
“Whatever it is, there won’t be any conversations if they don’t come to the ground. They are three dragons over there. So, the guys will face them one on one. Emilia will observe the situation and I leave the support and protection of Karen to you.” (Sirius)
“Understood!” (Emilia)
“Ouu!” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Fia and Reese wouldn’t attack. They would focus on protecting Karen.
Based on what they displayed earlier, the two of them could provide highest defense power when they used magic.
“Don’t mind about us and please go all out.” (Fia)
“Karen-chan. You definitely can’t leave us, alright?” (Reese)
“Y-yeah!” (Karen)
At the same time as we were prepared, the dragons swirled in a big way in the sky and made nose dive again.
As the dragons gathered the momentum of descend, they came closer to our direction at a tremendous speed, but no matter how fast they were, it was the same action as the earlier.
[…Hmm!?] (??)
[You can leave there to me!] (??)
[Ouh!] (??)
When the dragons came close to a certain extent, I moved to the right while Hokuto greatly leaped to the left.
However, the green and yellow dragon that calmly turned to the left and right to pursue me and Hokuto while the red dragon in the center was aiming for Reus who stood in the front. Although they were distracted by the sudden dispersal, their mutual and spontaneous cooperation was brilliant.
While aiming at us who had dispersed, the dragons were opening their mouth to unleash breath attack, but…
“[Launcher], rapid fire!” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Hokuto and my assault were faster than the opponents’ breath attacks.
The left and right dragons were blown off and forcibly beaten down to the ground by my magical bomb and Hokuto’s ram attack.
The remaining red dragon tried to unleash breath attack toward Reus and the ladies behind him, but numerous [Air Impact] that Emilia shot earlier exploded and released shockwaves. That shook the dragon’s body many times and interrupted the breath attack. (TLN: The author said blue dragon instead of red dragon. I think he made a mistake.)
The red dragon, whose approaching speed noticeably became slower, tried to rebuild its collapsed posture, but…
“Dorashaaaa–!” (Reus)
Reus already leaped in the air and swung his sword against the neck of the dragon.
Originally, it was a sword used for slashing, but since the sword was big in size and weight, it could be treated as a lump of iron in a sense. If it used to hit, it became a massive blunt weapon as well.
The red dragon was beaten on the ground by the big sword which was like a hammer while giving thunderous roar.
[Gu… hooo…] (??)
[To knock us down…] (??)
[Don’t you dare!] (??)
Although we were careful not to kill them, the high rank dragons were nearly ten times bigger than us. To tell the truth, we had hardly done much.
For that reason, the dragons steadily got up even after receiving direct blows that could easily crush rocks.
“As expected of high rank dragons, huh? Even when they were hit by the strength of Hokuto and Reus, the scales are not chipped at all.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“That extent is… I would also rather put a bit more strength for that.” (Reus)
“Well, our objective had been achieved with this. Be careful from now on.” (Sirius)
We came here only because of Karen.
Hostility remained as usual, but since they were standing on the same ground as us, they should listen to us.
Before they spread the wings and leaped into the sky again, I called Karen and let her stood next to me.
‘Now, I wonder what kind of reaction they will show…’
[…Hmm!?] (??)
[Is that Karen!] (??)
[Was she safe!?] (??)
Their expressions were hard to read because they were dragons, but I understood well that they were glad to see Karen.
It seemed they knew Karen from how did they sound, but why the person herself had light response?
Leaving our doubt aside, Karen tilted her head, and…
“…Who are you?” (Karen)
[[[Guhuu!]]] (??)
Indeed… her light reaction was due to that. Even if they knew her, it didn’t mean that she knew them.
The dragons’ necks collapsed at such mutters. I instinctively thought that this wasn’t normal, but anyway, conversation was possible because the situation had calmed down.
As I thought so, I untie the feeling of vigilance, but I noticed that the air around the dragons were obviously strange.
[But why is that girl with these people?] (??)
[I heard that she fell in the river, but did they pick her up?] (??)
[No… wait a sec! I have heard that outsiders kidnap winged people to make them as slaves.] (??)
Somehow, they were unusually doubtful.
However, there was nothing that bound Karen. Although she was somewhat thin because of the slavery period, she was wearing proper clothes and looked healthy.
Depending on how people looked at it, they couldn’t see her treated as a slave. If they could calmly think, they should be able to understand that she wasn’t harmed.
“Excuse me, we are…” (Sirius)
[Could it be… that they are trying to get to our village by letting Karen guide them!?] (??)
[They are not only kidnapping a child… these devils!] (??)
[Let’s deal with them right here!] (??)
‘That’s not good.’
The dragons weren’t calm. Perhaps, they were the type that moved by instinct rather than thinking. They were like a degraded version of that Jii-san.
The three dragons, who brilliantly misunderstood, were about to leaped again as they spread their wings.
They didn’t look like taking too much effort by steadily doing so even though they had received the attack earlier. However, if it was going to be like this, we would likely have to fight them until they couldn’t move.
Karen retreated back. Then, at the time when we prepared our battle stance… I began to hear a high pitched sound of cutting the wind.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Aniki! Something is coming from up there!” (Reus)
I was a bit late compared to Hokuto when something was coming closer to us from the sky. When I noticed it and looked up, a dragon was steeply descending toward our direction.
The dragon, whose whole body was dyed with blue color, spread its wing while on its way here. It reduced its speed and elegantly descending in front of us without making loud noise.
The blue dragon was one size larger than the three dragons and it clearly had a different degree of atmosphere surrounding it.
[Ze-zenodora-sama!?] (??) (TLN: The name in raw is ゼノドラ)
[Why are you in such a place?] (??)
[It’s enough with us here!] (??)
Somehow, their upper body parts stood out.
Hokuto looked considerably wary. So, it didn’t seem to be an opponent that he could go easy unlike going against those three dragons altogether.
When I prepared myself and invoked [Boost] as usual, the blue dragon called Zenodora turned its head to the three dragons…
[These idiots!] (Zenodora)
[[[Guhaaaa!?]]] (??)
While it sounded like a splendid roaring sound, he struck the heads of the dragons lining up with his tail.
It was a blow that caused tremor to the surrounding, but the three dragons steadily got it. It felt like an everyday occurrence.
[Wha-what are you doing!?] (??)
[The enemy is over there!] (??)
[Yes, that’s right! We tried to defeat the devils who take the girl as a hostage…] (??)
[Hey, calm down. I was watching from a distance, but I could feel their fighting spirit.] (Zenodora)
In that way, it was no longer a fight when Zenodora’s preaching started. Anyhow, he seemed to be a dragon whom I could talk to.
The preaching ended after a while. Then, Zenodora looked at us, but from the mood, he seemed to be vigilance even though I couldn’t feel any hostility.
[Now, there are many things I want to ask you, but first off, please tell me why you are all coming here. I may let you go depending on your answer.] (Zenodora)
“Understood. Karen, come here.” (Sirius)
“…Alright.” (Karen)
Then, when Zenodora confirmed the figure of Karen, who had retreated to the rear, he was surprised just like the three dragons and he seemed pleased.
[Ooh, you’re safe, Karen.] (Zenodora)
“…Who? Zenodora… are you that Zenodora-sama!?” (Karen)
[Hmm? Haven’t you see this appearance yet? Wait for a bit…] (Zenodora)
When I thought why Zenodora closed his eyes after saying so, his body which I had to look up, began to rapidly shrink. Moreover, the changes occurred and he transformed in to a man who was slightly bigger than Reus.
It was a figure of man who could match the physique of Lior-Jiisan, but blue scales were visible on the skin that could be seen through the openings of his clothes. There were two large horns grew on his head. In addition, he had a tail extended from the butt and the appearance was similar to the time when he was in the dragon form.
Rather than a high rank dragon, this was…
“Sirius-sama. That appearance is…” (Emilia)
“Yeah. He is… a Dragonkin.” (Sirius)
It was probably a bitter memory for the siblings and Reese, but that figure was encountered in the labyrinth of the school, and he looked like Goran who was also the leader of ‘Dragon’s Fresh Blood’.
However, unlike Goraon, the air of a murderer wasn’t there, not even the slightest. There was nothing else to be seen other than a young man with a refreshing smile.
“How is this, Karen? Do you get it if I’m in this form?” (Zenodora)
“Yes! Zenodora-sama!” (Karen)
“Hahaha, more importantly, you are safe!” (Zenodora)
It might be because he was Karen’s acquaintance, her small voice was lively.
‘I guess the high rank dragons have that appearance when they transformed, huh?’
I had a lot of things to ask, but I understood that he wasn’t an enemy for now. I guessed that they should send Karen back to her hometown.
“We protected this girl since a few days ago, and we came here because we wanted to bring her to her hometown.” (Sirius)
“Hou… I hear people changed their opinion when they hear about winged people… but it seems there are curious people too.” (Zenodora)
[Zenodora-sama, do you believe what he says!?] (??)
[Those outsiders deceive Karen. There is no mistake that they are coming here to catch others!] (??)
[People who came here are just that kind of people!] (??)
“Listen, you guys too, transform now. For those who aim for winged people, they usually bring more unusual things and above all, they are people with abilities and they can easily deal with you guys. They are different from people you have encountered so far.” (Zenodora)
Indeed, among us, there weren’t only rare Silver Wolfkin and in addition to rare Elf, there was also Hundred Wolves who was known and as the God’s messenger.
Furthermore, Reese and I were rare existences as I was a non-attribute and Reese could see spirits. It was a party where there were no ordinary people.
Whether the three dragons understood that there was no choice after being told that by Zenodora, they were also transformed into human figure.
The three young people, who had red, green and yellow hairs proportional to the body color, were like in phase of children before becoming adult… Anyhow, unlike Zenodora, I felt like they were obviously young.
“The introduction is a bit late, but my name is Zenodora. Thank you for helping my companion.” (Zenodora)
“My name is Eye.” (Eye) (TLN: The name in raw is アイ)
“I am Kuva.” (Kuva) (TLN: The name in raw is クヴァ)
“I am Rai.” (Rai) (TLN: The name in raw is ライ)
“It seems that they have bothered you. I don’t mean to support them, but they just started learning about transformation recently. Their minds are still young and it’s easy for them to come with wrong conclusions.” (Zenodora)
After finished introducing themselves, Zenodora apologized again while lowering his head.
Based on his presence, I could understand that he was a powerful person and he seemed to be a dragon who had high pride, but I judged that the sincerity to be able to lower his head was splendid.
“It’s alright. I was surprised, but we also managed to counterattack, so let’s say we are equal this time.” (Sirius)
“… Yeah. I was glad that there is no injuries, but there is no distinction. Hey, you guys too, lower your head.” (Zenodora)
“Hmm… I’m sorry.” (Eye)
“But, you guys are bad too because you are also look suspicious!” (Kuva)
“I guess so. You look like the outsiders who take hostages–…” (Rai)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“““Guhaa!?””” (Eye/Kuva/Rai)
The three people urged by Zenodora to lower their heads were reluctant, but Hokuto approached them unexpectedly during that time and hit their heads with paw.
Although the attitudes of the three were obviously not good, I never thought that Hokuto would jump out.
“Aniki is not a bad person! Basically, you got it wrong, so just say sorry.” (Reus)
“…Is that so? Hey, Hokuto. That much is already good enough…” (Sirius)
“No, I don’t mind. It appears to me the reflection is worth doing it, and it is a good idea to be thought by other people than us. As long as you don’t kill them, I don’t mind whatever you do.” (Zenodora)
“Ze-Zenodora-sama!?” (Eye)
“We’re trying to protect our comrades…” (Kuva)
“Ye-yeah! Besides, this wolf is stronger than expected…” (Rai)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Yes, Sirius-sama is not a bad person! Whatever it was, he saved Karen-chan, so you should understand that firmly!” (Emilia)
“Kuh… we are Dragonkin.” (Eye)
“It’s easy for the wolf and the girl Silver Wolfkin to say that…” (Kuva)
“I thought that they would listen–…” (Rai)
“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)
“Seiza!” (Emilia)
“““…Yes.””” (Eye/Kuva/Rai)
When I noticed, the number of preacher had increased.
As three of them were seiza-ing on the spot, they kept listening to matters about me from Emilia and if they confronted even a bit, they were hit by Hokuto.
Somehow, they looked pitiful, but Zenodora also casually hit them with his tail. I guessed that I had to overlook that since that was to shape up their characters. Hokuto also was going easy on them but it seemed these three dragons were sturdy.
While looking at such a truly surreal scene, Reese and Fia, who put their hands on Karen’s shoulders, asked Zenodora with a slightly serious expression.
“Excuse me… Zenodora-san. It is about Karen-chan. Shall you bring her home soon?” (Fia)
“Aah, I will absolutely send this girl home. Besides… it seems better to hurry a little bit.” (Zenodora)
“Well. It is better to let her see her mother soon so the mother won’t worry too much.” (Fia)
“That’s true, but Karen’s mother, Frenda, is confined to the bed, and she can’t move.” (Zenodora) (TLN: The name in raw is フレンダ)
“Okaa-san!?” (Karen)
It looked like… it wouldn’t be an emotional meeting with the parent.
As Karen made a clamor while spreading her wings, Zenodora began to speak with a sorrowful face.
“A few days ago, she received an arrow by the hand of a trespasser who intruded the area around here. She was holding Karen at that time, and I heard that you were dropped into the river, but… don’t you remember that?” (Zenodora)
“…Yes.” (Karen)
“Apparently, she is unclear about that part because of the shock being dropped into the river.” (Fia)
“…I see. If that’s the case, there is no need to force her to remember it. After that, the trespassers were cleared by our comrades. Frenda narrowly escaped death because of healing magic, but whether the arrow was painted with poison, she is gradually weakening.” (Zenodora)
The preaching still continued, but I guessed that was the reason why those three were reacting excessively.
Nevertheless, I thought that abruptly attacking us was too much, but I didn’t mind now since they were given punishment.
“She is awake, but because of high fever and pain, she can’t get up from the bed. Not only healing magic, the medicinal herbs also don’t work well. If she remains like this, soon…” (Zenodora)
After that, I heard that she immensely regret letting her daughter go even though that was because she was shot by an arrow.
Not only the body but her heart also broken. In this severe injured condition, she wouldn’t remain long.
“That’s why she would feel relief if you are safe. Well then, shall we go?” (Zenodora)
“Yeah!” (Karen)
Then, as the preaching at the rear ended, Zenodora changed into dragon form at the same time. However, Karen, who noticed something, looked back with uncomfortable expression.
“…How about everyone?” (Karen)
[I’m sorry, I can’t bring them. I can’t personally invite strangers into the village.] (Zenodora)
“Eh?” (Karen)
To be honest, we also wanted to go there, but it was difficult to say that we wanted them to take us in this situation. More importantly, no matter how much we protected Karen and brought her here, it was also a fact that we were suspicious.
Perhaps, this might be a farewell to Karen even though it was planned, but it was alright since we were able to achieve our main purpose.
“Karen. You don’t have to worry about us.” (Sirius)
“Yes. Go home soon, and hug your Okaa-san.” (Fia)
“Say Hi to your Okaa-san.” (Reese)
“The only one who can relieve an anxious mother is the daughter, and that’s you, Karen-chan.” (Emilia)
“Have fun with your Kaa-chan!” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“But…” (Karen)
Emilia and Hokuto, who finished preaching, also joined in. Although we smiled as much as we could so that Karen wouldn’t worry about us, she didn’t try to move from that spot.
She was probably want to return to the mother soon… I guessed she was a really good girl.
[…Hey, Karen. Do you want to be with those people?] (Zenodora)
“Yes! They saved me, gave me delicious food and taught me magic!” (Karen)
[Did they do bad things to you?] (Zenodora)
“None. Everyone is very kind.” (Karen)
Although our relationship was only for a few days, I was glad when she plainly said that she trusted us so much.
Zenodora glanced at Karen who was answering with such an earnest expression, and after considering for a bit, he called out the three who stood up from the seiza posture.
[You guys. Transform and bring them.] (Zenodora)
“Is that alright?” (Eye)
“We don’t mind, but…” (Kuva)
“After all, the one who will talk with everyone and the chief is…” (Rai)
[It’s fine. I will take the responsibility.] (Zenodora)
As Zenodora received an undaunted answer from Karen, he kept talking while overlooking us.
[Children are sensitive to bad intention. Especially, in the case of this child… If Karen trusts you until that extent… you are not unruly people.] (Zenodora)
Zenodara was saying that while watching Karen’s wings.
He was probably wanted to say that Karen was more sensitive to the surrounding gazes and emotions as a result of having wings that differed from her brethren.
Whether the three was satisfied with Zenodora’s saying, they changed to dragon form this time without hesitation. They lied down on the spot so that we could easily get on.
[Here you go. Please get on my back, Sirius-dono.] (Kuva)
[Come here. Hokuto-sama can get on me.] (Rai)
[Reus-dono can get on me here.] (Eye)
The rehabilitation of the three people were… I meant the three dragons were already completed.
A hierarchical relationship was completely hit in that short time, but it carried various meanings like attendants or partners.
As a result of small discussion, Reese and Fia were asked to get on Zenodora’s back together with Karen, while Emilia and I were on the back of the green dragon, Kuva. Reus got on the back of Eye, the red dragon. Lastly, Hokuto was on Rai, the yellow dragon.
[Well then, let’s go. Hold on tight.] (Zenodora)
The order of dragons who spread their wings and flew into the sky was starting with Zenodora. Subsequently, Eye, Kuva and Rai were flying in the sideways flank formation.
“As I expected, it is convenient to be able to fly freely.” (Sirius)
“Huhuhu… yeah, right.” (Emilia)
It might be because Emilia was told that, she gladly cuddled while tightly grasping my back. I didn’t mind letting her rub her cheeks, but I would like to stop from biting me in this situation.
At that time, Karen who was anxious riding on Zenodora’s back was calmed by Fia and Reese. When I looked at my side, it seemed that Reus was delightedly having conversation with Eye while riding him.
Hokuto was quietly laying down behind Rai;s back, but I thought that it was a truly mysterious sight that a wolf was riding on the back of a dragon.
Then, we continued flying over the vast forest for a few minutes and… under our eyes, there was a settlement where many houses spread around an open space that was made by clearing up the forest.
[What you see over there is a village where every one of the winged people who are our Dragonkin’s comrades live.] (Zenodora)
“There were many things happening, but we arrived earlier than planned.” (Emilia)
“Yeah. I was thinking that when we were attacked, but it turns out alright in the end.” (Sirius)
Although we only flew for a few minutes, we probably needed a day if we were on the ground especially when considering the vast forest and monster attacks.
From the fact that Karen’s mother wasn’t in good condition, that one day was a huge matter.
“Say. Is it only Dragonkin and winged people live in this village?” (Sirius)
[Yes. There are approximately 500 people live here.] (Kuva)
When I inquired further, most of the population was the winged people and there seemed to be about 30% of them were Dragonkin like Zenodora.
We began to descent while I asked simple questions to Kuva. Then, Zenodora landed in front of a house built in a place that was slightly away from the village. It wasn’t a large house but it was good enough for a family to live there.
After that, the three dragons also landed. When we got off their backs, the door of the house was opened and there was a woman with fine white wings on her back appeared.
“Zenodora-sama!? For you to come to this place–…” (??)
[Hmmm. It was due to the emergency but it would be faster if you see it yourself rather than having me explain it.] (Zenodora)
“Debra-Obaachan!” (Karen) (TLN: The name in raw is デボラ)
“Karen!?” (Debra)
A woman, who passed over 60 years old from her appearance, smiled as she was surprised. She hugged Karen, who came running hard toward her.
In the meantime, Zenodora told us that she was Frenda’s mother.
“You’re safe. I was worried, you know.” (Debra)
“Yes. Debra-Obaachan… it’s hurts a little.” (Karen)
“Please just hold on. I’m really worried that much. Zenodora-sama, you’ve found this child, isn’t it?” (Debra)
“You’re wrong. It wasn’t me who protect this child and brought her here. Those people there did that.] (Zenodora)
“Those people are–…!?” (Debra)
Debrah, who was a late at noticing our presence, hid Karen behind her back, but she resolved the vigilance may be because she remembered what Zenodora had said.
However, since she had suspicion toward us, she was anxiously looking up at Zenodora.
“Zenodra-sama…” (Debrah)
[I know what do you want to say but they seem to be different from the fools that we always see. Just believe in me and greet them.] (Zenodora)
“Onii-san and Onee-chans are not bad people. They saved me.” (Karen)
“Really? They were looking after you, right?” (Debra)
Debra still doubted us, but she was convinced at the moment because of the words of Zenodora and Karen.
Nevertheless… when I thought about how Karen, who had irregular wings, was hugged until the shoulders were cramped, it seemed that she was extremely loved. I judged that it was worth coming here even to understand that fact only.
[Ask the detailed circumstances from them. It’s because we are in a bit hurry.] (Zenodora)
After glancing at the three dragons lined up next to us, Zenodora was trying to fly by spreading the wings again.
[From now on, I have to explain the circumstances to the chief and everyone else. All of you, don’t leave this house, alright?] (Zenodora)
“Understood. If it takes time, we will setup and stay in a tent nearby.” (Sirius)
[Hmmm. Be careful not to cause problems with the villagers as much as possible before I get back. It takes a lot of effort to tell that you are not an offender.] (Zenodora)
“If we are not suddenly attacked, we will not do anything.” (Sirius)
The three dragons looked away. But I wanted them not to worry because I wasn’t angry to begin with. It was all in the past, and more than anything, they brought us here.
When I told them so, the three dragons let out a breath while staying on that spot.
[As expected of Hokuto-sama’s master. He is tolerant.] (Rai)
[Zenodora-sama. We would like to remain here.] (Kuva)
[If we can explain, everyone should be safe.] (Eye)
“Hmmm…That is also true. Well then, I leave it to you.] (Zenodora)
After that, Zenodora flew away. I noticed that Debra was staring at the remaining us with a serious look.
We weren’t completely trusted yet, so we probably should explain a lot, but…
“You are Debra-san… right? Since we are going to wait here, please take Karen to her mother first.” (Sirius)
“…You’re right. I’m sorry, but you guys are…” (Debra)
“No! Onii-san and Onee-chan are also coming with me!” (Karen)
“It’s no good, Karen. Your Okaa-san is sick and I can’t afford to bring outsiders inside the house.” (Debra)
“Yes, but you have heard from Zenodora-sama. If it is Onii-san and Onee-chan, I think Okaa-san will be fine with it. So… together with them!” (Karen)
“What is this… what on earth that these people can do? Even our magic didn’t work…” (Debra)
I was surprised.
Even when Karen was in a state of anxiety because the mother fell sick, she kept thinking about us desperately.
I was planning to medically check the mother’s condition after explaining the circumstances later, but if Karen acted this way, I guessed that I should support her.
“Excuse me, I know a lot about the disease around the world. I said earlier that we would wait, but if it’s fine with you, can you bring us along too?” (Sirius)
“I’m confident if it’s about healing magic. Please take me so that I can save Karen-chan’s Okaa-san!” (Reese)
“It’s true! Onii-san knows a lot of thing and Reese-Oneechan’s magic is amazing!” (Karen)
“…” (Debra)
When Debrah was persuade with a bit of talking, she scratched her head while sighing after showing an appearance of consideration.
“Haah… I was told by Zenodora-sama to treat you well. It’s fine then. Please come in.” (Debra)
“Thank you very much.” (Sirius)
As I expected, she might be surprised to see Hokuto for the first time. So, Hokuto and the three dragons remained outside while we entered the house.
In the room led by Debra, there was a woman who was sleeping in bed.
She was a blonde woman with characteristics similar to Karen. This person was probably Karen’s mother, Frenda. When Karen grew up later, she would be like this beautiful person. I couldn’t see this since I was in a distance but now, I noticed that some of the cheeks were thin.
Karen, who looked at her weakened mother, ran over to the bedside while shedding tears.
“Okaa-san!” (Karen)
“…Karen?” (Frenda)
Frenda, who was closing her eyes to bear the pain and breathing roughly, opened her eyes slowly. However, she could only groan without looking at Karen’s face.
Since her eyes weren’t focused, she was probably thinking that it was hallucination as the consciousness was hazy.
“…I’m… sorry… To let go… your hands… I’m sorry…” (Frenda)
“Okaa-san… it’s me, Karen!” (Karen)
But when Karen grasped her mother’s hands right away, tears began to spill from Frenda’s eyes.
“…Karen…? Is that… really you?” (Frenda)
“Yes, it’s me! I’m home!” (Karen)
“Aah… Karen…” (Frenda)
“…Okaa-san.” (Karen)
In fact, it had been less than half a month since they separated.
However, it was a long time for Karen. As the journey of experiencing various things ended… they finally able to see each other again.

Extra (Joke Materials)
Indeed, among us, there weren’t only rare Silver Wolfkin and in addition to rare Elf, there was also Hundred Wolves who was known and as the God’s messenger.
Furthermore, Reese and I were rare existences as I was a non-attribute while Reese could see spirits.
“Say. Am I the only ordinary person in this party?” (Sirius)
“I don’t think so.” (Emilia)
“That’s not it.” (Reese)
“You are not.” (Fia)
“Aniki is the best at flying!” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“You guys…” (Sirius)

Presenting Hokuto – Selfish Compilation
The misunderstanding that they were kidnappers was settled due to Zenodora-san’s call. The Master, Hokuto-kun and others were about to get on the back of the three dragons who attacked them earlier.
[Here you go. Please get on my back, Sirius-dono.] (Kuva)
[Come here. Hokuto-sama can get on me.] (Rai)
[Reus-dono can get on me here.] (Eye)
Since the bodies of the dragons were big, everyone else could fit on a single dragon rather than Hokuto-kun alone.
However, since they didn’t need to ride together at all, they were riding separately…
“…Hokuto. What are you doing?” (Sirius)
Hokuto-kun, who planned to make the Master rode him, was on the back of Kuva, the green dragon.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Hokuto-san is asking Aniki to get on his back.” (Reus)
“No… I don’t think there is a need to do that.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“He said that it was his place to let you ride him.” (Reus)
“No… I don’t get your feeling, and it doesn’t make sense. More importantly, wouldn’t it burden Kuva?” (Sirius)
Hokuto-kun understood that, but somehow, he couldn’t let the Master rode someone else.
Since Hokuto-kun was determined, the Master unintentionally let out a sigh.
“Goodness. If it so, I will…” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“…Oh, is it?” (Sirius)
So, the Master headed down to the yellow dragon, Rai, whom Hokuto-kun supposedly to ride on, but Hokuto-kun quickly went around and moved to the back of Rai.
Subsequently, the Master headed toward Ai, the red dragon whom Reus was riding on, but…
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“…” (Sirius)
Hokuto-kun went around and cut in.
“…Haah!” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
This time, the Master pretended to go to the green dragon and do a feint to go to the red dragon, but Hokuto-kun took advantage of his physical ability as a wolf by going around and cut in with a momentum that created afterimages.
It was exactly wasting his strength.
“Stop it!” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
Nevertheless, he still couldn’t yield it.
[…Sorry. Are you guys still on it?] (Kuva)
“Please wait for a while. Fuh!” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
As expected, he couldn’t give up.
After that… Hokuto-kun was promised with tickets of Frisbee play and full course brushing.
After that two tickets were given, the quarrel between Silver Wolfkin siblings and Hokuto-kun was to be another story…


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