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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 13

You Were Selected
Note that while this is not a machine translation, my Japanese isn't too great so there are almost certainly some errors. Feel free to wait until a better translation is out.
[Umm...okay? You lucky trash!]
Hey now, those are your first words after they wake up? I fear the confusion Noel caused, as the initial impression is crucial to clear up any tension.
However, where did the word trash suddenly come from?
[...what the hell are you saying]
[A slip of the tongue! Just now, they looked so messy, I confused them with trash!]
[Listen, calm down and tend to the kid]
With you panicking, the kid won't settle down. As Dee and I withdrew, Noel clumsily begins to talk while gesturing.
[Ah, uh...sorry. Umm...are you okay?]
A little surprised to be talked to, the girl inspects her surroundings frantically searching for something. Seeing the boy next to her, her expression softens a little.
[Younger brother yes? He's safe too. Are you okay? Is there anything you need?]
Noel confirms things one at a time, first calming the girl down and then assuring their safety.
[Is this child unable to speak?]
[I only recently rescued her. I think it's only inflammation, so I believe she should get better.]
With the two nearby, I invoke "SCAN".
Along with inflamed and festering wounds covering their bodies, they are plagued with malnutrition and severe dehydration. Even though the inflammation won't last long, I decided to heal the girl's throat. Although troublesome, this isn't the time to worry about that.
Understandibly nervous, I left it to Noel until the girl calmed down.
[Hey look, I don't have a collar right? This companion of mine won't hurt you, okay?]
The girl was surprised while touching her neck; she noticed the slave collar was missing. The boy on the other hand looked confused.
[Ah, you noticed? You can be relieved because the collar was removed.]
[Under normal circumstances it would have been impossible, but thanks to master it did not result in a failure so it's all good. Oh? I get it, you're hungry right? We've prepared some warm soup that I know is delicious.]
The girl who cried tears of joy after hearing that her collar was removed, reacted to the word soup. However, the boy lying down shook his head. Noel appeared to be considering their reactions.
[I see, the young brother is hesitant. Well, shall we talk then?]
Wiping tears away with a handkerchief, the girl slowly nodded. Noel's straightforward nature had helped to lower their guards.
[My name is Noel. Can you tell me your name?]
[Sorry, your voice is a little too strained huh. Then letters? Can you write them? Um...]
Noel looks toward Dee and I for help. But, considering Noel's nature, she isn't the type to give up so quickly. With great trouble Noel returns her attention to the girl.
[Jeez, Dee calls Noel. Then Noel's gaze shifts to me.]
[I'm sorry.]
[Got it. Um, this man is our master, Sirius. Do you remember him helping you?]
Still wary, she answers with a nod. As Dee quietly leaves the room, I calmly approach Noel.
[I'll introduce myself again. I am Sirius. As Noel's master, I will protect you.]
[I want to understand your situation. However, you can't talk right? First, I want to heal your throat. But how to do it, I wonder.]
[Sirius-sama is a very tender-hearted master, so it's okay. Heck, he's not even angry from something like this]
I rustle Noel's hair. She understands that this gesture is to calm the young girl. Even with Noel's poker-face and reckless greeting earlier, the girl nodded.
[Thanks, Well then, let me touch your throat. You'll feel a little heat but the pain will quickly go away]
Though a little suspicious, the girl exposes herself. Thanks to that, I was able to see various pitiful chafing scars.
Let's heal those too. Placing my hand on her head, I pour in magic power for an instant.
Suddenly the boy shot up and bit my arm.
As Noel pins the boy down, the magic doesn't disperse as my concentration is maintained. Even though his jaw is weak, his fully grown canines are a little painful.
[By talking with master, you're delaying treatment]
Because of the girl trying to stop the boy, the healing isn't stabilizing. The boy is also desperate. It's difficult for the wounded boy to think rationally.
[The timing is a little difficult huh]
[wah wah, Sirius-chama, blood is...]
A little blood was coming from where the canines had penetrated. The pain continued, however I can endure it.
[You, if you don't move, I'm going to pet you]
[That's right. By acting indifferent, I'll calm him down]
Elena was clearly in turmoil while observing the unpleasant situation. The boy persisted relentlessly.
After the Girl calmly stroked the boy's body for a few minutes, he gradually released his bite.
[Sister, why should I stop!?]
[I don't like it! I can't believe it. Hey, take your hands off my sister!]
Trying to attack once again, he's stopped by his sister's hands.
Unlike his sister, his rebellious spirit appears to be strong and considering their history of slavery this makes sense.
After the younger brother was soothed for a few minutes, the treatment was completed so I withdrew my hand.
[...Okay. Any time now is good. Say something]
[Stop it, that's unreasonable for my sister! Because of them my sister isn't able to speak!]
[Your throat should be healed. Try and use your voice.]
While the boy ranted, I persisted anyways. The Girl, baffled, sucked in her breath.
[, usu?]
[reus...Reus. You hear my voice?]
[I hear! I hear you Sister!]
[*sniffle*, That's great]
Tears begin to form on Noel's face as the siblings embrace each other, Noel brings a handkerchief to her tear filled eyes. Hold on now, there are things to do before you cry.
[Want soup?]
[That's right! Prepare at once]
So it doesn't get cold, I want them to eat quickly.
Reaching to the bottom of the container, Noel presented two bowls of soup to them with a smiling face.
[The younger brother has come to his senses, so I'm alright now right? Right, warm soup to eat]
[Mmm...that's it, it's a trick! It's incredibly disgusting and you're going to laugh at us!]
[That's not the case. Look...yea, it's tasty]
Unthinkably, the boy falsely accuses me again despite seeing me eat in front of him. Saying nothing at the scene in front of her, Noel holds out the bowls to them with a slightly serious face.
[I think you two suffered a lot. However, Sirius-chama tried his hardest for your sake, right?]
[Umm...why do this for us?]
[Maybe you question why Sirius-sama intervened? I want you to listen to Sirius-sama's explanation, but right now I want you to eat]
[That's right, eat right away. It's getting cold]
With my encouragement, the girl finally put some in her mouth.
[Oh, is that true sister? It's not something like poison?]
[It's very delicious. Warm, and for the first time...]
Timidly raising the bowl to his mouth, large tears started flowing.
[ little. What the heck...*hick*, shit]
[Delicious...really...u, uuu!]
It seems he's completely thrown off his shackles.
Ignoring their appearance and the shame of it, the two cried in a loud voice.
Crying with all their strength and unable to calm down, those present came to understand their harmlessness.
Crying without holding back is a good way to let go of heavy burdens.
[Rely on us in the future]
[Yes, please leave it to us]
Trusting the two, I quietly left the room.
Upon leaving the room, I greet Elena. She takes my hand smiling gently.
[Good work. But don't over-do it. If it wasn't a kid's strength, you'd be seriously injured.]
[As you said, but it isn't so serious an injury for you to be worried.]
[Indeed. Let's hurry up and apply treatment. I don't want to sound cynical, but thinking about hygiene I'm worried about infection.]
[It's okay, the magic filtered any impurities in the blood. After clotting, treatment won't be needed.]
[As expected. But let's wrap it in bandages just in case.]
Using my hands, the bandages were wrapped quickly. Though overprotective as ever, Elena looked happy.
[Sorry Elena. I grabbed these two without consulting anyone.]
[Apologies are not necessary. Rather this is a good thing. Sirius-sama really is Aria-sama's child.]
[That's right. The situation was different, but Aria picked up Noel in a similar manner. Their look and spirit were just like this.]
Elena laughs happily. Without knowing I'd acted the same way as mother. I should say I'm glad, yet it feels creepy.
[Sirius-sama, what do you intend to do with the two?]
[What do I intend...huh. The family right now can easily support two more people-...]
Interrupting me, Elena put her hands on my shoulders with a serious face.
[Don't mind us or the household, please tell us your honest feelings. We're servants therefore we'll do what you want.]
[Even if I'm unreasonable?]
[Even then. However, if you're being unreasonable we'll say something.]
Jeez, these people are hard for me to understand. With Elena's words, most of my guilty conscience was cleared.
[I want to protect them. I want to train them and give them their independence.]
[The two are broke and immature. Honestly it will only be a burden for us. However you want this nevertheless?]
[Regardless. This is not an act of mercy, but rather one of self-satisfaction.]
As their teacher I should be qualified. I understand there's also a difference in growth due to their race, yet I'm able to overlook this difference due to my unprecedented amount of magic.
[Well then, want to know the reason why I happened to help you two?]
[I thought nobody was good. But ever since you helped me, it's become hard to think that way.]
I wanted to protect both of them the instant I saw the young girl's eyes. So long as I see someone hurt, I'm going to want to protect them. This is because I remember a student in my last life with similar eyes.
To me it's sentimental, but it's fine that way. The present me, rather than as a old man with 60 years of mistakes, intends to live instinctually, like a youth.
[You were desperate to protect each other right? I thought I could trust two people like that.]
[If Sirius-sama says such, I will also trust you . As such, will you accept my request to give you two attendant training?]
[Attendant training? I didn't pick the two up to be attendants.]
[However, I can't feed two people who don't do anything. A home and meal has value, so you should help with our work first.]
[Mm, it certainly is.]
Just physical training or educating yourself isn't good enough; we must also provide them with experience in being an attendant.
[I'm ashamed to admit it, but recently there have been many times where I thought the work was overwhelming and that we needed more attendants.]
[Since I don't mind the time education will take, I want permission.]
[If Elena allows it, I don't mind. The first thing to do is confirm it with the two siblings.]
[Since you saved their life, I think there's no problem.]
[Though you feel obligated to teach them a way to live, leaving it to the saved themselves should be an exception.]
[Uhuhu, kind huh. Truly just like Aria-sama.]
Even so, I'm embarrased when that's said to me. Feeling awkward, I decided to change the topic.
[Prepare for dinner. We should calm down with a meal. I got fresh pork cutlet today.]
[Is it a new dish? I'm delighted.]
[Right? In my spare time I was able to make it with Noel.]
I hope this new dish will be the first thing that stands out to them as I make my first attack through their stomach's.
Now that the food is ready, everyone is gathered in the parlor. Calmed down, I thought I'd finish questioning the two.
[What is this!? It's so crunchy and meaty! Moreover, the mayonnaise inside in is the best!]
[Hush up]
I purposefully created a scene by passing the meal to Noel in front of the two. By the way, I sandwiched the cutlet in slices of bread.
While Noel turned ecstatic with her favorite mayonnaise, handing it over in front of them was a mistake. The two looked jealously at the fragrant dish as Reus began to drool.
[It would be bad for you, so you shouldn't eat any.]
[I don't believe you! Isn't that Oneesan eating it!?]
[H-Hey Reus! Sorry for my younger brother's rudeness]
[Don't worry about it. By the way, what's the last thing you both ate?]
[That is...there wasn't any meat to eat, so we ate wildflowers but we threw them up. The soup now was the first meal in a while.]
[Is that so. Not eating weakened your internal organs. If you eat that now you'll throw up.]
[I won't throw up!]
[Sorry Sorry!]
Reus continued to make brazen statements not understanding the situation. He lived with such an attitude as a slave.
[Well hmm, if you sound healthy, in order to eat you need to be patient.]
[Yes! Ah...S-Sorry]
The girl, apparently also wanting to eat it, unintentionally responded and was embarrased. Well, honesty is good.
[I introduced myself earlier, but shall I re-introduce myself?]
[Yea yea, who the heck are you?]
[It's fine, then I shall introduce myself. I am Sirius, master of this House]
Next I introduce Erina, Dee, and Noel. During my introductions, Noel accidentally chokes on some water, but it doesn't affect the flow of the conversation.
[Um, is Sirius-sama a noble?]
[A noble for now I guess? But speaking to me casually is good; I'm a different type of person.]
[Such a reason. A-Anyways, I am Emilia. Although it's late, thank you for helping us. Hey, you too]
[...I'm...I am Reus]
Emilia and Reus huh. Since Reus's voice quickly became submissive, maybe he understood I was a noble and pulled back?
[Your voice quickly became quiet, huh. What happened to your confidence up to now?]
[Uu, shut up! My name is Reus! Son of the amazingly strong and proud Phelios!]
[So, the son of the amazingly strong and proud Phelios doesn't have the manners to say thanks for the help received?]
I don't particularly want to torment him, but this is part of teaching him. Although he may be a child, a decent person that is unable to thank their benefactor should be corrected. The servants support my side by saying nothing and waiting for orders.
[Mm, well okay. With this, introductions are complete, so do you have any questions?]
[Ah, umm...what's going to happen to us after this?]
That's what worries me the most. Rather than proceeding, we need to present what choices there are and aren't.
[I have nothing but Reus. No parents, no family, no money. Therefore, I don't know what I should do]
[Emilia and Reus, being left behind like that. Please stay here until you're healed]
[Eh? But we're both slaves]
[Since there's no collar, you're no longer a slave right? After you get well there are 2 options. One way is for you two to do as you like afterwards. Another is to learn a way to live from me.]
[ it?]
[That's right, I will provide the necessary strength and knowledge for survival in this world. Naturally I will also provide meals and necessities in the meantime.]
[He's lying sister! An adult that talks like that must have an ulterior motive!]
[Are you two not frustrated?]
[Wh-what would you know!?]
[Don't you think it's frustrating wanting to protect each other but not being able to fight back against a mere monster? Isn't merely being deceived by an adult good?]
With those words the two hid their faces in frustration. It's a bitter lesson. Even though it's easy to do.
[You said there was nothing but your younger brother. If there's nothing to lose, follow me]
[Why...go so far for us?]
[No reason. If you force me to answer, it was a whim. Think of it as good luck]
[....Yes, we'll follow you]
It's somewhat of a letdown. I thought I would have to press for a decision all day, but the girl was more proactive than expected.
[We don't have any other choice , and you say your teaching makes a person stronger? I want to become strong to protect Reus]
[B-Because I have to protect sister!]
[Then Reus also agrees? Moreover, don't you think this attitude resembles your father?]
[Wrong! Father was bigger and stronger. 'You' and us aren't the same as him!]
Oy oy, don't compare me with him. Since I look like a 6-year-old I don't feel the same to Reus, but for Emilia it seems different. I thought she was just a helpless girl, but she might be an unexpectedly good find.
[It isn't 'You', it's Sirius-sama. Since you decided to follow him, you should address him properly]
[I-I got it sister. S-Sirius...sama]
[Even though my younger brother is useless, please treat us well Sirius-sama]
Even though Reus didn't want to, the two silently bowed. At any rate it turned out fine in the end. Although half forced, to be able to teach again and for the two to receive protection until they become strong is a WIN-WIN relationship. I can't complain.
[I have various thoughts as well, but treat me well. Your resolution can't be half hearted]
[[We'll do our best!]]
[To be brief....Show me your resolve! ]
Though as tattered as ever, their expressions softened immediately. I think children are best when smiling. Though not yet, some day the two children will overcome their past and smile again.
[Since it seems the conversation is done, is it okay for us, the family, to explain?]
[That's right, I'll leave it to you]
They should learn the family rules from Elena-tachi# who are in a similar situation.
[First your appearances. Take this medication and wipe your bodies]
[Here's the medicine]
[Right, here's hot water and a towel!]
[[Eh? Eh?]]
[Next clothes, after getting your measurements taken, get some hand-me-downs]
[Right, measurements are done!]
[Clothes here]
[[Eeh!? EEh!?]]
Elena, Dee, and Noel, adjusted the attire of the two while they stood there in a daze. Since their injuries are completely healed, about 5 days should be enough to allow their minds to adjust, right? Naturally I include this in my treatment plan.
While talking to the two, they're being pushed around like rag dolls as clothes are put on them, I form a schedule in my head.
7 year old girl with hair that shines silver down to her shoulders in a bob-cut.
With small eyes and future prospects of growing into a beautiful woman.
One of the few Silver-wolf-tribe of the Adroad continent, daughter of Phelios.
Helped with housework in the village and was like a caring big sister to the children.
Hasn't used magic, so her attribute is unknown.
5 years old, Emilia's younger brother.
Not inferior to his undaunted sister, a mischievous silver-haired boy with an attitude that mocks the heavens.
Has distinct small clefts at the tip of his ears. Like a mark of a cat being castrated#, it's like a cut on the tip of the ear.
Because of his many cheeky remarks, I must culture him thoroughly before I forge him.
Attribute is unknown like his sister.
Yep, like before, teaching students gets me fired up.
Just imagining their potential brings me great pleasure.
I, Sirius
At 6 years old, was able to get 2 students.
Translation by: Saishuuheiki
Editing by: Honinbo Shusaku (Sai)


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