Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Vol 17 Intermission – The Path of the Old Man

Vol 17 Intermission – The Path of the Old Man
“Hmm… it’s been a while to be here too.” (Lior)
I swung sword while traveling.
I did so while slashing the monsters and bandits.
While swinging the sword, I pursued Sirius and Emilia, and the fighting festival that held every year was at… Ga–…. Ga….
“Kid. What is the name of this town?” (Lior)
“…It’s Garaff. Although you have won many times at the Fighting Festival, you still don’t remember the name of the town?” (Beowulf)
“The only thing I remember is the arena where I can fight.” (Lior)
“You don’t even feel bothered when answering that with full of confident…” (Beowulf)
In any case, I arrived at Garaff.
Yup, I remembered many things as I was informed by the kid.
I participated in the fighting festival and repeatedly gained victory, but in the end, there was no opponent who could oppose me. Then, it became a bother to participate.
Like always, the town seemed to be full of vibrant with many adventurers carrying various weapons, but as expected, no one gained my interest.
Was there anyone who overflowed with enthusiasm going to fight me…
“Hmm… what’s going on? Why everyone is looking away when I looked at them?” (Lior)
“If you are looking at them with such glaring eyes, they will definitely run away, you know.” (Beowulf)
“That’s bad. As an adventurer, I want them to show determination of suddenly slashing me.” (Lior)
“It would be strange to pull out weapons suddenly. Tousen-san also shouldn’t pull out weapons, alright?” (Beowulf)
“Don’t worry about that, kid. As long as the opponents never pull out weapons, I won’t do it.” (Lior)
The kid who walked behind me was definitely Beowulf… wasn’t it?
By the way, this kid was the son of the Sword Saint who I once fought.
The famous Sword Saint died because of illness, but he fought me with the intention to kill until the end. Publicly, I would end his as a swordsman.
And this kid was looking out for me to listen to end of that Sword Saint.
At first, I had no doubt that it was for revenge, but when I told him about the end of his father, the kid didn’t only hate me, he also thanked me.
&123;Thank you so much… for letting Tou-san to remain as swordsman until the end.&125; (Beowulf)
The battle of swordsman was always a matter of life.
It would be different if the opponent was ordinary people or common adventurers, but as a fellow swordsman, we were fighting by betting our life.
So, the boy, who thanked me, seemed to have various prospects for the future.
Actually, there might be a possibility of surprise attack when seeing an opening, but if he did that, I would say he was welcomed to do so. If it was so, I would just kill him.
I intended to be apart from him after the talk ended, but since the boy seemed to be a disciple of Sirius, I let the kid accompanied me since I was chasing him.
Since I was chasing while training, I told him that my travel would be delayed if we went together. However, he said that he wanted to learn a lot, and he began to come along on his own.
Well, since he was doing troublesome things like preparing meals, he was really helpful if I had to be honest.
“Well, I guess I should look for someone who looks strong at the stadium.” (Lior)
“Shall we go to book the accommodation first since you can do that later? No, before that, we should go to the adventurer’s guild and bring those monsters material.” (Beowulf)
“It’s a bother…” (Lior)
“Let alone the inn, we don’t have enough to cover the meals. Maybe, there are strong people in the guild, you know?” (Beowulf)
“That’s so.” (Lior)
Since I forgot the way there, I let the kid guided me to there. When I entered the building of the adventurer’s guild… suddenly, a screaming voice hit me.
“Tousen-sama!? You also come to this town!” (??)
The Jou-chan, who confirmed my presence, was screaming while sitting at the receptions. She looked delighted.
“That Jou-chan is surely… were you the beauty who did the live report of the Fighting Festival?” (Lior)
“Yes, but it is unusual for Tousen-san to remember someone. It is because she is beautiful, right?” (Beowulf)
“Every time I won the Fighting Festival, she said something like wanting to marry me, or attacking me not just in the inn, but also in the bed. I can remember it even when I don’t like it.” (Lior)
“You said that you were attacked before… Anyway, it doesn’t sound good memories with that lady, isn’t it?” (Beowulf)
“She’s simply a hassle.” (Lior)
She might be a woman who liked a man, but she was persistent even though I told her that I wasn’t interested at all. I was also having hard time to chase her away every time.
When that Jou-chan walked from the reception seat, the kid went behind me and hid. It seemed that Jou-chan was no good as I said, but to make me as a shield… he got some nerve, huh.
“I’m honored to see you again! But, the Fighting Festival has already ended…” (Receptionist/Announcer)
“I know. I came here today to sell monster materials only. Come, do it quickly.” (Lior)
“Understood. Eh, ooh!? Is that you, Beowulf-sama!? Perhaps, you are Tousen-sama’s disciple–…” (Receptionist)
“You’re wrong! We’re together due to circumstances. More importantly, here’s my materials…” (Beowulf)
Jou-chan was noisy as usual.
The surrounding adventurers were starting to make noises when the noticed me, but they were only looking without doing anything.
An adventurer who seemed to be aiming for Jou-chan was glaring at me, but he looked away in a hurry when our eyes met.
‘Seriously… do you think you can get a girl with such guts, what a fool!’
While looking around in such a way, Jou-chan was unusually surprised when she was showed the materials from the kid.
“Th-this is… could it be… from the horn of the dragons that live deep in the mountains? In addition to that, you have it a lot…” (Receptionist)
There was a highway that we greatly detoured a steep mountain on the way to this town. However, we went straight ahead since it was troublesome, we found the horns of the monsters.
I fought them too. As for its meat, it was tasty since it was quite chewy. I stayed on the mountains for a while and hunted dozens of them.
The kid was surrounded by monsters and he probably would die several times, but it was good experience.
“Uhmm, it’s a side trip…” (Beowulf)
“That place is one of the most dangerous zones, and I think that it is not a place to go for a side trip. Please wait for a while.” (Receptionist)
Since the materials were reek of blood, we could send it from our private room, but the kid was directly sending it here because it was rare horns.
After depositing the materials, we waited for a while. Then, Jou-chan came back before me with a slightly tense look.
“Tousen-sama. I’m sorry, but the guild leader would like to see you…” (Receptionist)
“About what? If he wants to talk to me, he should come here.” (Lior)
“Don’t say that it is troublesome to do so…” (Beowulf)
“…I thought you would say so, so I came here.” (Guildmaster)
“Guild Leader!?” (Receptionist)
“So… Will you listen?” (Guildmaster)
“Hmm… it can’t be helped then.” (Lior)
I planned to look for a strong guy at the stadium after this, but if he came by himself, there was no way to ignore him.
While sighing, I followed the guildmaster, a bald old man.
— “What kind of business you have with me?” (Lior)
“Don’t be impatient. After all, it takes times to assess the horns you’ve brought anyway. Look, I have prepared light meal and sweets, you can have it.” (Guildmaster)
“Hmm… more!” (Lior)
“You’re eating a lot as usual, huh? Oi, bring some more.” (Guildmaster)
“Understood! Tousen-sama, I’ll prepare immediately.” (Receptionist)
‘If I’m not mistaken, this baldy name is Badom.’ (TLN: The name in raw is バドム)
His age was close to mine. Since we were facing each other each time I won the Fighting Festival, I could openly speak with this guy.
Anyhow, the kid and I were brought inside of the building and into Badom’s room, that baldy, but why was Jou-chan following us?
“Kid. If you are not eating this, I’m going to eat all of them, you know?” (Lior)
“…Please don’t worry about me. I’m envious since you don’t mind about the surrounding even at such times.” (Beowulf)
“Well, this Jii-san is out of norm in many ways. Even so, you were also stood out in the Fighting Festival…” (Badom)
“We are travelling together because our purpose is similar. Traveling together… only… uhh..” (Beowulf)
‘Hmm… is he at it again?’
“Oi, are you alright? It feels like you are dead inside… were you having bad time?” (Badom)
“Of course! That is a result of charging while laughing no matter how many monsters that were many times bigger than people and went to smash thief’s hideout because he was in the mood of walking, I was left in a group of monsters and could die several times. And trying to kill each other in the mock battles during spare times… arrrgghhh…” (Beowulf)
“Hey, get a hold of yourself!” (Lior)
“Haa-!?” (Beowulf)
When I beat his back, the kid regained his mind while lightly coughed.
That condition had decreased these days, but it would take some time to get used to my behavior.
“Aah… I’m sorry. I lose myself again.” (Beowulf)
“…You seem to be struggling.” (Badom)
“Yes. Although I am just travelling together, I think that I become strong in various ways in this short period of time. Especially, on the mentality part…” (Beowulf)
“I guess so. You can also go easy on him, you know.” (Badom)
“I am just moving in my usual stuff.” (Lior)
There was no problem since the kid didn’t die.
In the first place, other than reuniting with Sirius, he followed me because he wanted to know my strength.
‘There’s nothing wrong to act the way I like, right?’
“Leaving that aside, why are you calling me for? If it’s about chitchatting, you might as well prepare as many strong people as you can.” (Lior)
“Aah, sorry. Actually, I would like you to appear in the match that being held in the arena today.” (Badom)
“Hmm… that’s so sudden, isn’t it? I don’t mind doing that, but I thought the Fighting Festival has already over?” (Lior)
“It’s not about the Fighting Festival. There are a lot of matches at the arena…” (Badom)
Apparently, there were matches between five-man parties in the arena right now.
The matched had begun yesterday and it seemed that the champion would be decided today…
“I would like you to fight with that champion.” (Badom)
“Ooh? Are they strong bunch?” (Lior)
“Well… they are. Individually, they are at intermediate adventurer level, but they are close to advanced adventurer level when they are in a party.” (Badom)
“In order words, Tousen-san appearance is like a side show?” (Beowulf)
“Officially, yes, that’s the purpose. But, there is other purpose. Their personalities are a bit…” (Badom)
It seemed that they were a party who fought with magic alone without using any weapons, and it wasn’t well received by the surroundings.
“They are bunch who highly regard magic and look down on swordsman and people who use weapons. I admit that magic is powerful, but it’s troubling if that impression spread to the surrounding.” (Badom)
“The main idea of the arena is about clashing of weapons, in short, the balance is important… is that it?” (Beowulf)
Apparently, it had happened for two days. In the game of yesterday, the people with weapons were told that they would only be walls of meats.
Hmm… if those bunch did such a thing, they probably had considerable abilities. This made me interested for a bit.
“That’s it. It’s going to be troublesome if fewer adventurers use weapons in the arena, thinking that magic is the only a better choice. In order to let these greenhorns who have such a biased thought to realize the reality a bit, I was hoping to hire an advanced adventurers party to fight them, but… unfortunately I got no one.” (Badom)
“So, am I going to do that?” (Lior)
“That’s right. I would like you to whip the nature of these people who make light of people who fight at the front line. Actually, it is also fine if I do this, but it’s troubling in various ways because of my position…” (Badom)
“If Tousen-san goes out there, I don’t think it will end with just whipping….” (Beowulf)
“There are other reasons, but this Jii-san is the best for that. You can do as you like as long as you don’t kill them. How’s that?” (Badom)
“Hmm… fine. I will accept it.” (Lior)
“You do?” (Badom)
“I fight monsters only these days. So, I want to fight those who use magic. Well, it’s a bit of training.” (Lior)
Hopefully they weren’t far behind that angry Elf because I would like to recall the filling of slashing magic soon.
“Thanks. “Since this is a personal request, I will give you several gold coins as a reward–…” (Badom)
“How about a marriage with me!?” (Receptionist)
“Don’t need it!” (Lior)
Jou-chan, who was bringing the sweets, suddenly interrupted, but yeah, I wasn’t interested!

&123;I think that you will be in time for the final match if you go to the arena now. Why don’t you look at how they fight? I will also go there after this.&125; (Badom)
After getting out of the guild, the kid and I came to the arena.
It looked like the matches were still going on from the sound of cheering, but I was wondering when I arrived in front of the entrance of the arena.
“Hmm… what is this?” (Lior)
There was a stone statue of a wolf at the entrance as if to protect the arena.
It wasn’t here in the past. Since it was a stone statue with a strange presence, it unintentionally made me stopped my feet.
Jou-chan who accompanied me explained because I was wondering, but… was that the job of a receptionist?
“This is the Beast Companion who was accompanied the previous champion. It was built by the donation of the committed beastkin, and it has become the image which is also said to be the guarding of the arena now.” (Receptionist)
“I explained before, right? This is the wolf brought by Sirius-san and his name is Hokuto. He is a sacred wolf called the messenger of the God. He seems to be a Hundred Wolves.” (Beowulf)
“Ooh… this is a Hundred Wolves, is it? It looks quite powerful.” (Lior)
“It was made with regard to his actual size. I want to be more intimate with the participant Sirius for having such a wonderful wolf…” (Receptionist)
“The Hundred Wolves is much stronger that Tousen-san think. Reus seemed to train with the Hundred Wolves from time to time, but I heard that he still couldn’t land a blow.” (Beowulf)
“Hohou! That’s a worthy opponent!” (Lior)
It would be a pleasure to see Sirius again.
While looking forward to the future, when I was about to enter the arena, I noticed another large stone statue at an open space a bit away from the entrance.
“What is that stone statue? It has a big sword, and I feel like it resembles someone…” (Lior)
“It does not only resemble someone. It is the stone statue of you.” (Beowulf)
“That’s right! Did I explain that the stone statue was built because Tousen-sama won the Fighting Festival for three times!?” (Receptionist)
“Is that so?” (Lior)
Did I win for the third times?
I certainly fought here, but even if I was asked, I remembered how to answer this properly.
‘I see. This is me, is it?’
I felt something wrong after seeing this… was it something like that?
“…That is a fake.” (Lior)
“Uhmm..Tousen-san? What are you trying to do with that sword?” (Beowulf)
“Pl-please stop it! It is a stone statue that the craftsman poured the most effort!” (Receptionist)
“Nuh!? What to do!?” (Lior)
I was only thinking to give a slight cutting because the shape of the sword was different.
Since I was pushed down by those two, I was forced to stop.
“Ehehe… what a strong muscle…” (Receptionist)
Jou-chan didn’t seem wanting to stop…

As we enter the arena, we came to special seating where we could watch the game without worrying about the surroundings. It was isolated from seating for general audience.
People wouldn’t be able to use this area unless they paid a lot of money or high ranking people, but Jou-chan negotiated saying that this was only temporary, so we were allowed to use it.
Whether I was lucky or not, the final match was about to begin.
“Hou… it certainly a place where you can see well.” (Lior)
“Hehehe, I get to do a lot of faces when doing live coverage.” (Receptionist)
“It helps. Please look. Is that the party that the guildmaster said back then?” (Beowulf)
As the kid pointed, there were five people who didn’t hold any weapons in the ring.
They seemed young, maybe somewhat older than the kid?
The match started when I thought so, and the other party who held various weapons was running at once.
If people knew that the opponent used magic, the basic tactic was to crush them before they threw spells. However, that choice was wrong.
“…It was a beautiful coordination. They are good at fighting.” (Beowulf)
“Yes.” (Lior)
I felt sorry that the match had ended in a blink of an eye.
Three people released countless beginner magic while making earth walls to stop the other party. The remaining two used wide range intermediate and advanced magic and wiped them out.
Although the other party wasn’t weak, everyone who used magic has their own capabilities and they accurately coordinated and moved with each other.
The baldy was right, they were certainly strong…
“Well, it will be the end if you hit the opponents who lightly surpass beginner magic.” (Lior)
“Yeah. It seems that there are no outstanding people who got through this time.” (Beowulf)
“Since the match is not big, it only gathers intermediate adventurers.” (Receptionist)
If there was a vanguard with a weapon and a shield in hands, it would be more balanced, but… that seemed impossible.
Those five people were wearing light equipment as much as to say that they would use nothing but magic. Although i couldn’t see well what was hidden in the robes and clothes, I understood that their bodies would break apart even if I gently pushed them. I wanted to tell them to train their bodies or swinging swords more.
Even that stupid Elf mage also trained his bodies in case of someone coming close, you know?
&123;There are no enemies in front of our magic! No matter how good their weapons and skills are, it is useless if they can’t come closer!&125; (??)
The brat who seemed to be the leader declared that while expressly boasted own magic.
&123;That’s why it is useless to have weapons! People have magic! Those warriors with weapons are nothing but meat walls in front of magic!&125; (??)
‘Hmm… he is certainly an extreme guy.’
This was rather my intuition, but that brat seemed to hate those with weapons. I wanted to say to that the baldy that he was troublesome guy.
Nevertheless… I felt an unusual incongruity from that leader-like brat.
‘It feels like I have met him somewhere… uh, that’s not good. I can’t remember.’
“I don’t mean to deny everything he says, but that is a bit overstatement.” (Beowulf)
“I think so too! Besides, the battles in the arena will be more glorious with something like the colliding between powers with full strength! I don’t want to admit such a one-sided magical battle!” (Receptionist)
“They are drowning in their power, as I did before. Tousen-san. Together with me, let’s show them the real swordsman.” (Beowulf)
“What are you saying? I don’t need you, kid, for these brats. Just stay silent.” (Lior)
“Eh?” (Beowulf)
“No way… are you going to participate? If it so, please leave it to me!” (Receptionist)
“Eh, both of you, wait a sec? I have somewhat bad feelings, what are you going to–… someone, stop these two!” (Beowulf)
Ignoring the restraint of the kid, Jou-chan went to the live coverage seat and I leaped from the crowd and landed on the edge of the ring.
The audience was confused with my sudden appearance, but a cheering sounded in the arena once I pulled out my sword. Apparently, they realized who I was.
Then, the brats who stood on the ring were a bit confused by the situation where the audience was making noises.
“-!? That old man is…” (??)
“Oi, what’s going on? Didn’t they win already!?” (??)
“Someone, please chase that old man immediately!” (??)
“Hmm, it’s fine to force me out. Are you brats going to do it with magic?” (Lior)
As I walked down toward the ring and pointed my sword while provoking them, the brats glared at me which I could easily understand its meaning.
While a man, who seemed to be the referee, was wondering what to do, he looked at Jou-chan, who was sitting on the live coverage seat and she seemed to be telling something to the surrounding.
&123;Ladies and gentleman. The winner of this tournament was the party [Fangs of Flame] led by Asyl, but here’s a new information for you. It is… Participant Ikki Tousen, who had won the Fighting Festival for three times in the past, and he came here! Moreover… he wants to challenge them alone!&125; (Receptionist)
Yeah, the moment Jou-chan informed this through magic, the cheers became bigger and the audience started to get excited. I came here because some people prefer flashy things, so I accepted it as if it was a sudden situation.
&123;But since the victory has already been decided, the result will not change even if everyone from [Fangs of Flame] fights Participant Tousen. Of course, you may refuse, but…&125; (Receptionist)
“If you win, I’ll give you fifty gold coins!” (Lior)
&123;Oooh! Participant Tousen has made a big appearance! If he loses, he will fork out the money himself! Now, what is your answer, [Fangs of Flame]?&125; (Receptionist)
“We don’t have such money!” (Beowulf)
I felt like I heard the voice of the kid, but it was drowned out by cheers. In other words, I couldn’t hear anything!
It might be aggressive, but they seemed hesitated because of the money.
The audience was also expected, and since they were boasting so much, they weren’t planning to run away, right?
“…That’s fine. But, is that Jii-san really going to fight alone?” (Asyl)
“Yes, I said so. You are not hesitating because of an old man with a big sword, right?” (Lior)
“Cheh, don’t regret it! Out of those with weapons… I really hate the ones with a big sword!” (Asyl)
“It seems that it has been decided! Although Participant Tousen displays unrivaled strength when fighting by individuals, how would he go through the coordination of magic that the [Fangs of Flame] unleash? Ladies and gentlemen, you must watch this!&125; (Receptionist)
Hmm, with this, everything seemed to be ready.
According to the original plan, I would provoke them while the baldy performed the award ceremony. It should be the flow to make me enter the stage at the same time with the permission, but… there was no problem since I could fight anyway.
Before I knew, there was the baldy next to Jou-chan. I guessed that it was alright since he was having a bitter smile.
&123;Since the permission from the top has been given, I would like to start the match! Participants, are you ready?&125; (Receptionist)
“I am alright anytime, but how’s their mana? If it’s not enough, they might need a break, you know?” (Lior)
“Don’t look down on us! Do you think our mana has depleted with a little use of beginner and intermediate magic? We also can do this anytime!” (Asyl)
&123;Well then… the match starts now!&125; (Receptionist)
After the brats and I took a certain distance, the match began with the declaration of Jou-chan.
At the same time as the match started, three of them released countless beginner magic while the other two performed long chanting magic, but… I didn’t move even a step from the spot.
&123;What’s going on? Participant Tousen is not moving at all! What is he going to do if he is not going to approach the opponents?&125; (Receptionist)
“I don’t know how strong this Jii-san is, but don’t you dare to think you can do anything with a single sword in front of our magic!” (Asyl)
“Second, Third, aim and do sequential firing! First, target the moment he evades!” (Asyl)
The twenty beginner magic invoked by the three were lumps of rocks and flames.
In the previous match, they continuously released such beginner magic and skillfully stopped enemies’ movements.
All that magic were hurled towards me, but…
“Nuoooo!” (Lior)
I knocked them all.
It would be different if the magic were all hurled at the same time, but it wasn’t difficult if it launched in order.
I just needed to swiftly swing my sword according to the flying magic.
“Wha? He got… hit, right?” (??)
“Do-don’t be afraid! Of course, beginner magic is to confine him. Keep doing that to stop him from approaching!” (Asyl)
Hmm… as expected, even though it was magic, it was different.
The magic unleashed by that Elf gave a strange response, but the feeling I got from these brats was like cutting an air.
Was it because the different in concentration of magic? Well, it was pitiful to compare them to him who lived a long life.
Then, when the slashed magic exceeded thirty, the remaining two people had finished chanting the intermediate magic that they were about to release.
“Granting chains of confinement to offender! [Earthbound]” (??)
“Manifest from the ground and penetrates with spears of rocks! [Earth Javelin]” (??)
Ooh… since I was alone, they were not using wide range magic, but using a restraint magic, huh?
When I sliced the last beginner magic hurled, my body was tied up by countless chains of rocks that grew from the feet.
At the same time, spears of rocks that seemed to easily penetrate my stomach also flew away.
Since I would die if I got hit by that magic, the Jou-chan and the audiences were making noise, but this was a battle with such a tense feeling. They weren’t making noises one after another.
“That’s not good enough to take my life!” (Lior)
I pulled out the chains wrapped around my body by force, and I sliced the incoming spears of rocks.
Since the assault from the brats stopped maybe because they were agitated, I made a step forward in the meantime.
“Next!” (Lior)
“Eh… wha?” (??)
“Didn’t you say you are going to release next magic quickly? You were so confident with your magic, so are you saying that was the end?” (Lior)
The inside of the ring became quiet for a moment due to my declaration. The kid and the baldy seemed to sigh in amazement as if they were thinking that I came here to practice slicing magic.
I certainly came here because of that baldy request, but the main focus was those brats.
“I will not come out unless you brats unleash magic. Either wide range magic, or whatever it is, use it without hesitation!” (Lior)
“…What are we going to do?” (??)
“He is surely not moving, but…” (??)
The brats looked confused, but they finally started chanting when they noticed that I wasn’t moving as I said earlier. When I looked at the baldy, he seemed to give instructions to prevent the audience from being hurt, so I didn’t need to worry about outside.
Well, this time, I wanted them to unleash advanced magic.
“Old man! That leeway is fatal!” (??)
“If you think you can slice wide range magic, try to do it!” (??)
“It has been decided that magic is stronger!” (??)
Then, wide range magic and advanced magic were unleashed one after another from the brats who finished casting.
The floor stone of the ring jumped out at the same time to the left and right, and the advanced Earth magic that tried to crush me while I was standing in the middle, was cut with a round sword swing at that spot. The intermediate Wind magic, that blew blades of wind in wide range, was blown away with the wind pressure caused by the sword swing.
I was also hurled by an advanced magic that creates a large fireball that covered me completely, but from my point of view, it was just a big flame. It would be easy to slice it if I swung the sword with a little effort.
While continued slashing various magic like that, I surely approached the brats a step at a time. I was like a wall that was getting closer to them…
I forgot how many steps I took, but by the time I stood before the brats, everyone except the leader was fainted due to mana exhaustion.
It seemed that the leader held his knees due to the same reason, but he somehow managed to keep his consciousness.
‘What a splendid determination.’
“Is it over?” (Lior)
“Haa… haa… don’t… look… down… on… me! I… still…” (Asyl)
‘…That’s weird.’
It felt like I was bullying someone weaker…
“…Fine.” (Lior)
Whether it was a match without killing, a battle was a battle.
I was considering whether I should knocked without killing him if he did something like escaping from the ring or giving up at the pressed moment, but I’d just praised his guts until he collapsed because of mana exhaustion.
Anyhow, they should understand now that magic wasn’t everything.
When I lightly pushed his head thinking about making him faint, that brat was looking at me, and I finally realized the reason of this uncomfortable feeling.
“Hmm… are you from Krupps household?” (Lior) (TLN: The name in raw is ケリュプス)
“…Did you finally remember?” (Asyl)
“It can’t be helped because you’re not alone. So, are you the same with that fool? Has he grown up from being childish?” (Lior)
“I am his younger brother! My brother died because of illness as well as a grudge against you!” (Asyl)
I wasn’t good at remembering things other than those I was interested in, but I remembered well about the Krupps household.
Although he wasn’t interested in swords, he was one of the noble who became my disciples solely because of prestige, and he killed the disciples I raised and gathered because of jealousy.
He was a nobleman with a considerable status in a country, but it wasn’t enough after slicing one of his arms and threw him at the king.
Nevertheless… that fool had passed away, huh?
So… that was the reason… why this brat hated those who used swords.
“Strongest Sword, Lior! You didn’t only sliced my brother’s arm, you also made our household fell because your advice to the king! I will never forgive you!” (Asyl)
“What are you talking about? That fool killed my disciples, after all.” (Lior)
“That’s because while you made him as your disciple, you disrespect my Krupps household!” (Asyl)
“Too noisy. In spite of his manner, I can’t favor him because of the way he boasted strength. While he degenerated until the adventurer, he still didn’t understand. That’s why!” (Lior)
That fool was completely thought nothing but himself. There was no mistake as they both were blood related.
It didn’t matter whether he was the heir of the household, but even if I didn’t take any part in this, his household would fall under him.
When I sliced that fool, I felt emptiness more than anger…
“I am grateful even though it is only a bit. Thanks to that, I am living a life better than before.” (Lior)
“Are you kidding me!? While making our household fall, you dare to…” (Asyl)
“This is no longer a dialogue, and it is troublesome. Come anytime if you want to get revenge. I will accept it anytime.” (Lior)
When I raised my sword while firing bloodlust, the brat fell on his butt and looked up at me in fear.
That frightened eyes were similar to that fool, but there was no need to worry.
“There is no next time, remember? I will not kill you in this match now, but next time, I will cut you into half.” (Lior)
The sword swung down stopped just before touching the head of the brat.
By the way, this technique of stopping just before was a technique I learned when fighting several times against that kid.
Dust and pebbles in the arena fiercely fluttered by the wind pressure of the sword swung down, but that brat was in safe condition. There was a little blood flowing from his forehead… but it was alright!
“Hmmm. I became better at watering down my strength.” (Lior)
“I wonder what it is like at the time when the blood is coming out…” (Beowulf)
I ignored the slight murmured of the kid and when I took the live coverage seat, Jou-chan was nodding with shining eyes.
&123;It’s already decided! It is an overwhelming victory! As expected of the Fighting Festival champion, there’s no problem no matter how many opponents he has!&125; (Receptionist)
The match ended by Jou-chan’s declaration. About half of the audiences were pleased while I felt that the rest were confused. There were among them who looking satisfied on how the pride of these brats was broken.
Anyhow, I was only walking while slashing magic. Maybe it was unsatisfactory for audiences who like the collisions between weapons.
&123;But, the [Fangs of Flame] fought impressively. Not only the strength but also abundant magic, did they show various possibilities?&125; (Receptionist)
&123;That’s right. This time, it was decided by Participant Tousen who uses sword, but that is the strength for someone like that. Since both weapons and magic change according to circumstances, I want you all to understand that none is better than other.&125; (Badom)
Jou-chan praised the brats who fought well even though they lost, and the baldy used magical tools to join the live coverage.
As the kid said, they kept on talking for a long time to find the balance or something, but in the meantime, I quickly went away from the match ring.
&123;Eh… wait a sec! Interview… you can answer it in a hot night with me… Participant Tousen!&125; (Receptionist)
I was already satisfied with slashing magic, anything more than that was troublesome.

“Ojii-chan, you are using same sword as Reus-oniisan, isn’t it?” (Kathia)
“Hahaha! He is not my disciple, but I taught that kid swords. I want more!” (Lior)
“I will prepare it immediately. Even so, it’s been a while to have people to eat this much. Kathia, please help with Tousen-san a bit.” (Cecil)
“Leave it to me!” (Kathia)
After entrusting the cleaning up and leaving the arena, I was joined by the kid who chased while sighting. Then, I stayed in a lodging recommended by him.
It seemed that this was the lodging which was in the middle of the town where those guys stayed when they were here.
There was another thing that I was happy at.
“As I expected, that guy left his recipes even here. I wish I could eat it here.” (Lior)
“Deep fried chicken is delicious!” (Kathia)
“Hmmm. It has a unique flavor but it’s also good. Thanks to the kid who choose this lodging!” (Lior)
“…If it so, don’t eat my portions.” (Beowulf)
“That’s because you don’t eat it fast!” (Lior)
Sliced before being sliced.
Eat before being eaten… it should be the same as the sword.
While leaving the kid who had a bitter smile, I took the cup that was poured with sake.
“Uhmm… that is strong sake, is it alright for you to drink it in one go?” (Kathia)
“It is something that I usually drink like water. This much is fine.” (Lior)
“That’s amazing. You are the second person who can drink all at once, you know?” (Kathia)
“Ooh, who is the other guy?” (Lior)
“Yes. The Elf-oneechan who was together with Reus-oniichan.” (Kathia)
There were many strong drinkers in this town where adventurers gathered.
Besides, the daughter of a couple who operated this lodging could do it without being afraid of me. So, I kept on drinking in a good mood.
“Uhh… Is Tousen-sama likes children? Young people is…” (Receptionist)
“Nope! By the way, why Jou-chan is here?” (Lior)
“Oh you! I came to accompany Tousen-sama in your room!” (Receptionist)
“Eeii, can you go away! I told you I don’t need it!” (Lior)
“Ah, I will not give up! I will nooottttt!” (Receptionist)
I was trying to shake off Jou-chan who was holding my arm, but she was quite tenacious.
Where in this thin arm got this kind of power. She was only a receptionist of a guild where ruffians gathered.
“Oh, calm down, Tousen-san. Look, here’s another one.” (Kathia)
“It can’t be helped. I’m eating it.” (Lior)
Although she wasn’t as much as Emilia, this girl was also a straightforward and cute girl.
Even so… I wondered what Emilia was doing this time.
I guessed that it was fine for him to win against e, but if he made Emilia cry… I would slice him.
Even if it was difficult to slice him when he became her partner… I should work harder.
“As expected, you like children…” (Receptionist)
“Nope!” (Lior)
“Well, I’m just joking, you know!? But, the strength of this arm–.. ouch ouch! The content is coming out!” (Receptionist)
“Don’t worry. Before the contents come out, your life will end.” (Lior)
“Gu…uhh! I lost… nope!” (Beowulf)
“Ooh?” (Lior)
The kid grabbed my arm, but whether he tried to get away by force, he jumped out of the window and prepared his sword.
Although I didn’t use full power, did he slip away my restraint by sheer force?
‘You are indeed good.’
“Hahaha! That’s the spirit! How about training after meal?” (Lior)
“If you are drunk now… I should be able to win!” (Beowulf)
“Do you think you can land a single blow on me!?” (Lior)
“Aah… that confidence is great, Tousen-sama!” (Receptionist)
And then, our usual battle had began.
It was true that I was a bit drunk, but if I pull out the fighting spirit, the drunkenness would go away.
Well, while on the way…
“Didn’t I say… like always!” (Beowulf)
“Got you!” (Lior)
“Die! You dirty old man!” (Beowulf)
“Don’t get in the way!” (Lior)
“““Gyaaahhh–!?” (??)
The brats who had launched magic behind me, were blown away by my [Break Thrust] together with their magic.
I didn’t know who were they, but it didn’t matter who attacked first.

As a result… the town was damage a bit by the battle, a part of the commission reward had been deducted.
Damn it, even though the fight was started by the kid…
“I can’t understand!” (Lior)
“I am also more or less are paying for it, you know? Besides, the one who destroyed the things in the town was all because of Tousen-san’s swords, right?” (Beowulf)
“…I don’t know about that!” (Lior)

Extra/Bonus 1
After that, the kid and I continued traveling, a big lake… and a town facing the lake, and I came to that town, Pa–… Paradise.
“…It’s Parade.” (Beowulf)
“What, I haven’t said anything, right?” (Lior)
“No, but I feel like you are remembering wrong name again…” (Beowulf)
I thought that it was a usually floating town, I see… was it called Parade? Well, as long as the name was almost right.
Then, there seemed to be a town called Romani on the opposite side of the lake from the Parade. According to the information gathered by the kid, there was some kind of heroic event happened in Romanio.
So, when I came to Romanio…
“…What is this stone statue?” (Lior)
“You mean this? This is Hokuto-sama who protected the town together with the Hero-sama. You’ll be blessed if you stroke the head.” (??)
There was also a stone statue of a Hundred Wolves here.
I asked the people of the town and I was told that it was built by the volunteers of the beastkin. Now, it seemed to be honored as the guardian of battle and journey.
“Rather than Sirius-san, I feel that it is better to follow the trace of this Hundred Wolves.” (Beowulf)
“I would like to fight him soon…” (Lior)

Extra/Bonus 2
On a certain day, there was information about a young man who went on a trip together with the famous Ikki Tousen.
And then, we finally succeeded in making contact with that young man.
&123;I have a question. What did you learn when you travel together with him?&125; (??)
※For the sake of privacy protection, the voice of the young man is being processed.
“Basically, he moves on instinct. He loves swords and meals… Yeah, if I have to give an analogy, he is like wild monster. He is fine even if he eat wild grasses or meats contains some poison. As a conclusion, you can’t understand anything about that Ojii-san.” (Beowulf)
&123;I see. Well then, if I may ask, what kind of encounters you had with him?&125; (Reporter)
“If I say in a short sentence… it is hell. Thief extermination–… trampling is obvious. While screaming when there seems to be strong monsters, he easily went into dangerous mountains and monster nests… I… how many times… how many times… arrgghh!?” (Beowulf)
Since the young man started to become crazy, the contact this time ended here.

At a glance, he seemed to be a forgetful Jii-san, and it didn’t matter what remained in his brain… In order words, it is a personality that lives with instinct.
If his brain is divided into ten portions…
Sword – Struggle – Rival …. 6
Emilia …. 2
Meals …. 1
Kid …. 0.5
Other things …. 0.5
It felt like this.


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