Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 144

Chapter 144 The Determination
Half a month had passed since we arrived in the winged people’s village.
I was quite busy every day. Other than learning the way of life of the people in this area, I also trained myself while training Karen. Also, I opened a cooking class for the winged people and Dragonkin who wanted to learn.
Even today, I brought Emilia with me and we were teaching the winged people and the Dragonkin who were in their human form.
At first, it was only the Tonkotsu Ramen, but now, including croquette, I also taught other dishes that could be made in this village.
“In this way, you can smack the meat by using left and right hands.” (Emilia)
“If you neglect doing this when preparing hamburger, the inside air will not come out, and it can not be grilled deliciously. Based on her example, try it over and over again to learn it with your body.” (Sirius)
“Hmmm… this is difficult with our strength.” (Dragonkin)
“This preparation is the stage for us, the winged people. Should the Dragonkin focus on adjusting the fire and the pot?” (Winged Person)
“But, they shouldn’t depend on you guys. Anyways, you can get used to this by doing it many times over.” (Sirius)
With the strength of Dragonkin, it seemed that the process of removing the air within the hamburger patties was difficult. If the strength was too strong, the patty would be completely crushed when they caught it with the opposite hand.
Even so, I quietly nodded when looking at the Dragonkin who attempted it and the winged people who made adjustment according to my instructions.
“If you can do until that level, you’ll be fine even if I’m not here.” (Emilia)
“Yes. I can’t do it like Sirius-kun, but I managed somehow.” (Winged Person)
“If you can make it until that point, the Chief will not complaint. He will be grateful, you know.” (Sirius)
When I started teaching cooking, I was nervous and felt stiff, but now, I could show a natural smile.
I didn’t worry too much because the winged people resembled human, but the scenes where the Dragonkin with the characteristics of a dragon shaped the meat and removed the lye from the pot were surreal.
After the cooking class for today ended, I returned to Karen’s house. She was training while being watched by the disciples and Frenda.
“Yahh! Haah!” (Karen)
“That’s good, Karen. Don’t stop, alright.” (Emilia)
“Good luck, Karen-chan!” (Reese)
“Karen, just a bit more!” (Frenda)
Thanks to the training which was repeated every morning since that day, Karen finally was able to use [Air Step].
However, since Karen’s internal mana reserve wasn’t that great, at present time she could only do several steps.
Not only was the movement awkward, she was about to lose balance many times, but after firmly kicking the air for five steps, she leaped into the bosom of Frenda who was standing there.
Since she was leaping forward without killing the momentum, Frenda was unable to support herself and she seemed to be falling to the back, but Hokuto stuck out his paw to became a cushion, so it didn’t become a major incident. As always, he did a good job.
“Hah… haa… did you see that, Okaa-san?” (Karen)
“Yes, that was amazing, Karen. You have achieved five steps today!” (Frenda)
Not only Karen, who had her head stroked while being hugged, Frenda also was happily laughing.
When I saw that Frenda praised Karen every time she succeeded, it made me think that they were truly a pair of mother and daughter. I didn’t see the praises being done in excess, but Frenda filled the role as a mother and a father, but perhaps, it was because Karen was a cute daughter.
When I closely looked at them, Karen noticed that I had returned and ran to me.
“Did you see, did Onii-san see that?” (Karen)
“Yes, I saw it for sure. You got better, Karen.” (Sirius)
When I stroked Karen as she got close to me, she was happily laughing while flapping her wings.
I was feeling nostalgic looking at her appearance that so closely resembled the appearance of the siblings in the past. When I confirmed her physical condition, there were signs of mana exhaustion.
“But, you better get some rest. Since I’m done with my work, why don’t we take a break together?” (Sirius)
“Yeah! So…” (Karen)
“Aah, it’s alright, of course. I’ll wait here.” (Sirius)
“Wait for me!” (Karen)
Although Karen should be tired, she ran fast and brought a book back with her. I had a nearby tree as a backrest, and then, she got on my lap.
Karen recently liked to read books in this way, and that was the reason she brought the book back.
“Uhm, are there plenty of fish in this big lake?” (Karen)
“Not just a lot, there were also many wonderful fishes. There was a fish whose whole body was soft and it had eight legs. There was also a fish bigger than Hokuto.” (sirius)
“Bigger than Hokuto!? Let alone As-jii, even I feel hungry!” (Karen)
The page Karen opened was about the Lake Deine. It was a huge lake that sustained the towns of Romanio and Parade. We already went there once before arriving here.
This book was written by Karen’s father, Beat. He also wrote about other things, such as mysterious events and rumors he experienced during the journey around the world and also the impressions he retained.
When I read Karen’s treasured books, which belonged to her father, for the first time, it was clear that he liked to travel around, since the author himself was very curious.
Karen’s curiosity being strong was surely because she was influenced by these books. This girl seemed to have inherited the father’s blood strongly.
There were several books left to be read. Although most of its contents were new to me, I noticed that some of the places mentioned in the books I read, were actually places that we had been.
So, when I told her that, Karen asked about those places in detail with shining eyes.
Since then, the occasions where we read the book together multiplied, and we were supposed to do it during breaks, just like now.
“So, have you seen this?” (Karen)
“Sorry, I haven’t.” (Sirius)
“I know that one. This is a place where I have been to before I met Sirius. Would you like to hear?” (Fia)
“Yes!” (Karen)
“Aah, this here is a place I’ve heard about from Kaa-san. I want to go there even once.” (Sirius)
“Me too!” (Karen)
Karen seemed to enjoy acquiring new knowledge and imagining the stories heard from us.
That was why I also had fun teaching her, but… there was one thing on my mind.
“Karen. Your wings… just a bit… alright.” (Sirius)
“Uhm, what is this?” (Karen)
…She didn’t listen.
Karen naturally flapped her wings when she got excited, and the wings hit my face many times like just now. The wings were very soft, so it didn’t hurt, but my nose couldn’t easily deal with it.
However, since reminding her of it would be like pouring cold water over her good mood, I had to be patient while reading it to her. Reus was nodding with a smile.
“Aniki is like Karen’s Tou-chan.” (Reus)
“Stop it, Reus.” (Reese)
“Aah… sorry.” (Reus)
Such a topic should be avoided in front of Karen who had lost her father before she was born.
Reus, who got it pointed out from Reese, soon closed his mouth. Fortunately, it seemed that Karen didn’t realize it because she was absorbed in the book.
While everyone let out a breath of relieve, I turned around and stroked Karen’s head with a carefree smile.

After Karen’s training was over, I came to the cave where I met Asrad for the first time.
Originally, it was a place that I couldn’t enter unless I came together with Zenodora or the representative of the Dragonkin, but it was no problem now since I had the permission from Asrad, who was the chief of the Dragonkin.
As I was going into the cave that was lit by shining ores for a distance, I could see Asrad in his dragon form and he was scraping rocks in the hall.
[Hmm, is that you? I heard today is the last day of the cooking class, so how are they?] (Asrad)
“They are good. They understood the basics well enough. After this, it all depends on their hard work. Leaving that matter aside, do you mind if I request that today too?” (Sirius)
[Hmm, I want to say that you are asking the usual thing, but… it’s rather unusual. So,you are alone today?] (Asrad)
“I do have a reason. That is…” (Sirius)
Since I saved Karen and brought new ingredients and dishes to the village, he would divide the ore and gems that came out when he dug the cave as a thank you.
It was fascinating because there were quite big gems too, but the thing that I was most happy about, was that there were also manastones.
Even if it was just a single piece, it was worth several gold coins. These stones held no great value for the Dragonkin because they didn’t need to use them, so there was a considerable amount remaining in the cave.
Since I got the permission that I could take as much as I liked, I used them for experiments and to create new magic tools.
Usually, I would return immediately as soon as I put some manastones into the bag I brought, but there was something else I wanted today, so I talked to Asrad.
“Asrad-sama. Today, I also took some of these gems.” (Sirius)
[Hmm, why is that so suddenly? Weren’t you interested in what you got so far?] (Asrad)
“Actually, I have something I want to make with these.” (Sirius)
[Hou, what do you want to make?] (Asrad)
Asrad didn’t stop digging rocks until now, but he stopped his hands as he listened to me.
Asrad was probably doing this as a hobby, looking at all those stone statues and accessories in this cave.
He brought his face closer as if to say he was curious, and when I confirmed that nobody was around, I told him the reason.
[…I see. That’s why you came alone.] (Asrad)
“Well, I’ve got a few gems here–…” (Sirius)
[No! I can’t give that easily knowing the Story!] (Asrad)
“…I think this is a good setting to give it comfortably, isn’t it?” (Sirius)
[That may be true, but when I think about your plan, there is no way I can give in easily. If you want it, get it with your own strength!] (Asrad)
“It’s troubling when you are this childish!” (Sirius)
After that, we left the cave and I had a fist fight with Asrad who changed to his human form.
I confirmed this later but it seemed that Asrad wanted to fight me once because I fought Mejia and he was somehow jealous yof his fight with me.
That was why it wasn’t serious and half of the fight was filled with jests. However, even if this was a joke, the opponent was the chief of the Dragonkin, so it became an uproar which gathered the Dragonkin and winged people who lived in the village.

As a result, the victory was decided with a right uppercut on Asrad, and I acquired the desired gems a few days later.
Finally, I was able to make the things that I wanted to make. On the night of the same day, I invited Emilia, Reese and Fia for a night walk.
“Haa… the stars are beautiful, aren’t they?” (Emilia)
“Yes, it feels like the sky is very close.” (Reese)
“Although I have gone to various places, this area is particularly beautiful, right?” (Fia)
“The air is fresh since we are at a higher altitude. It is a great place to see stars.” (Sirius)
Under the stars on the whole sky, I aimlessly walked in the village together with the ladies who seemed delighted.
Then, when we came to a small hill a bit away from the village, Fia, who was walking in front, turned around with a gentle look.
“So, what’s going on? I’m glad that you invited us for night walk, but do you have something to talk with us?” (Fia)
“As I expected, you noticed that, huh?” (Sirius)
“Yes. Usually if you take a walk, Rues and Hokuto will also come along, but we’re the only ones here.” (Fia)
“Could it be that you are worried about something?” (Emilia)
If this was a normal walk, Hokuto might not stay silent, but it wasn’t like I was trying to push him away.
I explained it to Reus and Hokuto in advance, and I told them to wait in Karen’s house.
They looked worried because they misunderstood that it was something serious, but I laughed saying that they got it wrong.
“It is… not about that. I have something I would like to discuss from now on.” (Sirius)
“If you are discussing, with everyone together–… aah, is this related to Reus?” (Reese)
“Did that boy do something again?” (Fia)
“First, I want you all to listen to me, including the circumstances around us.” (Sirius)
Accordingly, I came in front of them, and started talking after looking at Karen’s house.
“Actually, I’m thinking to leave this village soon.” (Sirius)
“Aah…” (Fia)
“Is it… that time?” (Emilia)
The cooking class was already finished, and Frenda’s physical condition was also healthy.
Since Karen was taught about the foundation of magic, if she continued training by her own discretion, in the future, she would achieve top class strength among the winged people.
I already knew enough about the way of living here, and to be honest, we almost had no reason staying here…
“I wonder… if it’s alright to stay a bit longer.” (Fia)
“I would like to do so, but it seems that the intercontinental meeting ‘Legendia’ is about to start. It’s not like we don’t have extra time, but I want to arrive there early to prepare for any unexpected events.” (Sirius)
The ‘Legendia’, which would be held in Sandor Country in a few months, would gather kings and leaders of major countries on each continent. It was like a world conference where they exchanged information with each other.
Since Sandor country was said to be the largest country in this world, I’d wanted to go there at last once, though it seemed to be troublesome if we went there at such a time.
But if we went there at the same time with the ‘Legendia’, Reese could see her family for the first time in a while because Elysion’s Princess Lifell and King Cardeas were also coming.
It looked like they were convinced with my words, but as I expected, they became concern about something.
“Could this be a farewell to Karen-chan?” (Emilia)
“Even though it was hard to gain a cute younger sister…” (Sirius)
“Aah yes. Karen was interested in the outside world, right? Why don’t we try to invite her to join us on our trip?” (Fia)
I thought Fia was joking, but if I nodded, she seemed to be going to invite her for real.
Whether it was because we traveled together once, everyone seemed to be attached to Karen. She had distinctive personality, but she had a charm that one couldn’t see everywhere.
To be honest, there was also the matter of being non attribute. I also had a lot more to teach her, but there was no other choice.
“It’s not that I don’t understand your feelings, but I can’t bring myself to separate Karen from her mother.” (Sirius)
“Yes. After all, children are best to stay with their parents.” (Emilia)
“Yes. I know, but it is somehow difficult.” (Reese)
It would be sad to part with Karen, so Reese, who might meet with her family at the ‘Legendia’, showed a bitter expression.
When I lightly stroked her head to comfort her, the expression got a bit better, but it was still harsh.
“Can I… say farewell with a smile?” (Reese)
“It hurts me when she cried.” (Emilia)
“I agree, but it is necessary for us adults to have patience. Let’s not forget to smile at least.” (Fia)
“Fia is right. If we have that in mind, we will come here again. So, at least let’s smile before we leave.” (Sirius)
I’d already explained this situation to Reus and Hokuto and they consented.
Even if we had regrets, we were all agreeing. Tomorrow, I would talk about this to Frenda and Asrad.
Next was…
“Actually, I have one more thing to say. This is still about the talk earlier. After the ‘Legendia’ in Sandor… I am planning to return to the Melifest Continent for the moment.” (Sirius)
“That’s fine. I can meet Onee-chan and the others for the first time in a while.” (Emilia)
“A year has passed since last time, and they are supposed to have second child, right?” (Reese)
“Oh my. I guess we can see a baby. I have never met them before, so I have to go and say hello.” (Fia)
Although it might change depending on future situations, it seemed that there was no objection to go back to the Melifest Continent.
However, what really matters were from here on.
I slowly turned around while bracing myself. Then, I was face to face with the ladies.
“We will be going back to the Melifest continent, and then, we will meet with Noel. After visiting Kaa-san’s grave… I am thinking about holding a wedding at Elysion.” (Sirius)
“…Eh?” (Emilia)
“That is… could it be…” (Fia)
“Wedding…? Eh, uhmmm… but Nee-sama and Melt-san haven’t…” (Reese)
“It’s our wedding.” (Sirius)
Our relationship as lovers… it was a relationship that I promised for the future, but because of the circumstances of traveling, I didn’t say much about marriage.
For people in this world, a wedding wasn’t a necessity, because they thought of it as one of the political instruments of nobles to get connections, rather than making it widely known.
Actually, I was envious when I was invited to the wedding of Reus’ friend in the past, and the ladies also said that they wanted to have it. I was satisfied just being together with each other, and I would like to have a child with Fia first.
From other people’s view, we were already like couples, so it would be rude to them if I didn’t do anything.
I was already at age that I could get married, and for this occasion, I would like to gather acquaintances and had a grand wedding because I have decided to become known as married couples.
“Emilia. Reese. Fia. Can you… give me your left hand?” (Sirius)
In front of them who were stunned when hearing about marriage, I took out the rings I made in the past few days from my pocket.
And then, I put the rings with silver, blue and green jewels on their ring fingers, and I clearly said, while looking at them one by one:
“Emilia. I really appreciate you because you always support me.” (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama…” (Emilia)
“And I also want you to support me from now on. Not as an attendant, but as my wife.” (Sirius)
“Aa…aah…” (Emilia)
Emilia, who listened to my proposal, started crying as though she was overcome with emotions, so I probably wouldn’t hear the reply.
Even if the tears overflowed, she was smiling happily.
“Are-are you sure? I… oh yes! I can eat a lot, right!? Besides, I’m not good at fighting unlike Sirius-san and everyone else, so I may be a bother…” (Reese)
“I also like to see Reese eating a lot, and I know well enough that you aren’t good at fighting. I also like the part where you are not good at, and I still want to be with you.” (Sirius)
“I am also… the same. I also like the part where Sirius-san always watching over us gently.” (Reese)
“Thank you. Reese, would you marry me?” (Sirius)
“…Yes, gladly.” (Reese)
Reese had her faced dyed in red, but she firmly nodded while caressing the ring she got from me.
Next was Fia only, but although it was only a bit, she was smiling bitterly. Well, that was probably to be expected.
“I never imagined that you would propose to everyone together.” (Fia)
“I’m sorry. Truthfully, I would like to invite you all one by one, but…” (Sirius)
However, I felt like I would be giving special attention to order of the ladies, so I didn’t like it. Oh well, if I didn’t know the merits of the ladies, I wouldn’t propose like this.
That was why I felt a bit guilty, but Fia, who had a bitter smile, laughed while narrowing her eyes.
“I don’t need you to say more than that. We properly understand your feelings.” (Fia)
“…Thank you. It might be bad after all this time, but let me say it again: Fia… please become my wife.” (Sirius)
“Yes, I have been waiting those words forever. Please take care of me from now on, Sirius.” (Fia)
Fia nodded while her eyes were a bit moist. She hugged my arm and looked into my eyes while saying something more.
“We are somehow concerned, but it’s alright because we are satisfied. Please love us equally, and respond to us properly.” (Fia)
“I am the same as Fia-san. Rather than as a lover or attendant, there is no greater happiness than being loved as a wife!” (Emilia)
“In this way, we will become a real family!” (Reese)
As soon as the proposal to everyone was over, Emilia and Reese also jumped into my chest. While being closely hugged like being wrapped up, I vowed this not to the ladies, but to myself:
“There will be considerable hardships during traveling, but from now on, I will keep protecting you all. So, please stay with me forever.” (Sirius)
“Come on… there were certainly troublesome matters, but I don’t remember regretting being together with you. Just be yourself.” (Fia)
“Yeah. We have no intention to be… wives that need to be protected!” (Reese)
“From here on, we will always support Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
Truthfully, those encouraging words coming from the lovers… no, I meant from my wives.

The next day after nervously proposing and confirming each others’ feelings… I was at Karen’s house, facing Frenda across the table.
The disciples were watching Karen’s training outside, and since Debra had to leave because of some errands, it was only me and Frenda at home right now.
“Sirius-kun. I heard you have something to say. What us it about?” (Frenda)
“Actually, I’m thinking of going back to traveling soon.” (Sirius)
“I see… the time has come.” (Frenda)
I guessed she was expecting this somehow. Frenda let out a breath as if she had regrets while looking at the window.
I was also influenced and turned around. Outside of the window, I could see Karen who was training with the disciples. Frenda was attentively watching her daughter who was having hard time but had a fulfilled expression at the same time.
“What do you think about Karen’s magic talent?” (Frenda)
“To be honest, I’m looking forward to the future of that girl. She’s a hardworking person, and maybe because of her strong curiosity, she is good at imagining. Plus, her talent in magic is very high.” (Sirius)
“Ehehe… I’m glad.” (Frenda)
Before Frenda met us, she thought that Karen had no talent in magic because she didn’t know that her aptitude attribute was non attribute. But she looked really happy now.
“I have taught her almost all the magic the current Karen can use. She understood the know-how of magic, so I think that she will become stronger.” (Sirius)
“There are still magics to be taught yet?” (Frenda)
“Yes, but it’s too early for Karen to learn them. Since I am traveling I also need strong magics, but those can’t be use carelessly.” (Sirius)
I didn’t teach Karen the kind of magic that uses the image of arms of my previous life. These magics could easily take people’s lives.
By the way, because of the distance Karen saw the [Magnum] I shot at Mejia as a powerful [Impact].
However, no matter what kind of magic it was, it would eventually depend on the user.
Besides, it also served as a powerful self-defense measure against monsters. Even though I left a memo about [Magnum] only, I was planning to ask Zenodora to hand it to Karen when she had grown up.
“…Thank you. You are even considering this matter up to that extent.” (Frenda)
“It is because Karen is a child who is truly worth teaching. That girl asked for it, so I responded… that is it.” (Sirius)
Although it was a coincidence meeting, I got to do just what I wanted to do.
More than that, I thought that Frenda, who raised Karen well even though she lost her husband, was a splendid person.
Frenda smiled at my words, but eventually, she looked at me with a serious expression.
“Say, Sirius-kun, you were not only saving our lives, you have done a lot of things for my daughter as well, and I really appreciate that.” (Frenda)
“Please don’t worry about it. We are also grateful because you allow us to live in this house.” (Sirius)
“That kind of thing is definitely not enough. I don’t know how to return the favor anymore, but… I have something I would like to request from you, Sirius-kun.” (Frenda)
“…Tell me.” (Sirius)
It was a very short relationship, but Frenda was sincere. I understood that she didn’t feel comfortable because she couldn’t return the favor.
However, to earnestly request for something, it must be something important.
Her words stopped for a moment. After confirming that I nodded, she told me with a determined expression.
“My daughter… Karen… I would like you to bring her along on your journey.” (Frenda)

Extra/Bonus – Kabedon
“Although everyone didn’t mind, I wanted him to call us one by one and propose to us.” (Fia)
“I’m probably… fine with this. It’s just that, if it’s only me and him, I’ll be embarrassed and probably can’t say anything…” (Reese)
“Yes, that would be difficult.” (Emilia)
“Say… Nee-chan. Why do I have to be here?” (Reus)
“You are not used to women yet. Listen to our talks and study, even if it’s just a bit.” (Emilia)
“Ouh, got it. By the way, I heard from Aniki’s Shishou that women will fall in love easily if a ‘Kabedon’ is done to them.” (Reus)
“‘Kabedon’?” (Emilia)
“‘Kabe’… is it about a wall?” (Reese)
“And the part of the ‘Don’ is… it that? I mean to show women the ability to destroy a stone wall?” (Fia)
“You got it wrong, Nee-chan. When it is about Aniki, the ‘Don’ is… decided with cooking, right?” (Reus)
“Aah!? It’s similar to the Katsudon, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“I see. So, ‘Donburi’ will make women fall in love easily… is it that?” (Reese) (TLN: Donburi is rice bowl dishes.)
“That is something that can’t be overlooked.” (Fia)
“By the way, Aniki. I want Kabedon!” (Reus)
“…Haa?” (Sirius)

Hokuto Saw You
In a dark room, there were five men sitting at a round table which was lit with only a lamp.
“Well, let’s start the meeting.” (??)
In a rigid atmosphere, the first voice that came out was from Cardeas, the king of Elysion country.
The king, who had a serious look, chaired the meeting while looking over the people who sat at the table.
“If there is no objection, I will be the chairman… is that alright?” (Cardeas)
“I don’t have problem with that, but…” (??)
“Aah. What is this meeting all about?” (??)
When the Silver Wolfkin siblings’ Ojii-san, and the Elf-neechan’s father asked questions while tilting their heads, the Elysion King answered while hitting the table with a fist.
“Of course, this is about my daughter! She has decided to be with that man!” (Cardeas)
“He took away my cute granddaughter. There is no way I can forgive him!” (Lior)
“Yeah! That idiot!” (Grant)
“No, Emilia is my granddaughter though…” (Garve)
Although there was no blood relationship, the Strongest Sword fell head over heels in love with Emilia, and the old blacksmith of Elysion joined in, but it didn’t really matter.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Of course, Hokuto was also not related, but… that didn’t matter.
The Elysion King explained to the Elf father, and the siblings’ Ojii-san who didn’t comprehend the situation.
“To sum up, it is necessary to confirm if that man is worth for my daughter, you know.” (Cardeas)
“I don’t really mind if it is him.” (Garve)
“Yes. Besides, I want to respect my daughter’s will.” (Fia’s Father)
“Don’t you think that you are too easygoing in this matter? Your daughter and your granddaughter also belong to that man!” (Cardeas)
“Yes, that’s right! Emilia is my granddaughter!” (Lior)
“That’s not an argument, you idiot!” (Garve)
“I told you, Emilia is my granddaughter…” (Garve)
“So, from now on, we will push that man to the lowest! Everyone, we’ll continue this meeting later!” (Cardeas)
“Nuuoooo!!” (Lior)
“You idiottt!” (Grant)
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
– The preview of the next installment –
The old men (two of them got caught up) were getting closer to Sirius.
The unreasonable desire of the fathers, who had the thought of monopolizing their daughter and grandchild, was absurd. As expected, Sirius wouldn’t be able to escape from them easily.
Later… this was secretly told by a certain white wolf, but the old men knelt before their daughter and granddaughter… Please look forward to it!
※Nope, it didn’t happen. (Author)
As a side story…
The words spoken by Hokuto on the last scene…
‘I’ll be… the police officer for these guys.’


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The Legendary Master’s Wife

Yin Ya

After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with

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