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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 29

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"This incompetent!" (Servant)
He came swinging down with his wooden sword from behind, so I took one step back and avoided it by about half a body's length as I met the eyes of the man who attacked me.
He had probably thought that there was no way to avoid an attack from behind without detection, and his face was dyed with surprise as my fist was sinking into the pit of his stomach.
"Naa!? Th-this…" (Servant)
Before that guy fell down, I had already taken the next move.
I took that man's wooden sword and threw it at another person at the same time, but he deflected the thrown wooden sword instinctively. I wrapped around him from the side, and moved to the back during the brief moment that man focused on me.
"Yes, I'm here" (Sirius)
I suppressed his movement by twisting his arm straight into his neck. This is not a perfectly accurate representation, but it would be easier to understand if I described it as being like a choke hold.
An opponent in this state can't escape easily, and it is almost impossible to escape if both legs are hooked to the body. This time, it had been only on the neck. Nevertheless, I increased my arm strength gradually so that he would understand. But the opponent was noticeably trying to struggle so I told him by whispering at his ear.
"Do you want to stop?"
He answered by nodding his head slightly since his neck is being suppressed. By the way, the two men were making a commotion about me being a coward, but they did nothing as I continued to hold the man hostage. Coward huh… I want to return those lines entirely.
"If you want me to stop, tap my hand twice. But…" (Sirius)
Before I finished talking, my hand was tapped. Oi, oi, you challenged me proudly, but you're too weak minded. I released my hold from his neck just as promised, and the man laughed while looking back.
"You fool…Owaaa!?" (Servant)
The man tripped over when I waved with the back of his wooden sword. If you didn't think I saw that coming, you're underestimating me. Subsequently, I picked up the wooden sword which had lain on the ground , and aimed my thrust at the face of the man who had fallen down.
"Hiii!?" (Servant)
Of course, I didn't stab seriously. The sword struck straight into the ground, right next to the man's eye. It scratched his skin a little bit, and the blade is half buried in the ground, so he'd understand what would happen if I were to stab with full force. For example, if I had struck that wooden sword on his head, you could expect his life to be gone.
"There is no next time." (Sirius)
"Y-yessss…" (Servant)
While saying that, I could see his eyes rolling back because of excessive fear. That may have been overdoing it, but fear tends to make foolish opponents remember more clearly. I think the fear will fade over time, but the meddling will not happen for long time.
"This guy… are you serious?" (Servant)
"Oi, what about you?" (Sirius)
Since two of their fighting force were disabled suddenly, the remaining two's margin (of winning) had completely disappeared. The two (servants) trembled and had mutual glances among themselves as I got closer while putting up a smile.
"Use magic while I hold this guy!" (Servant-1)
"Understood!" (Servant-2)
Oi, oi, to speak your plan so casually before your opponent's eyes?
While I was astounded by their foolishness, I lightly dodged the servant's attack. His abdomen was full of openings where it could have been hit as it is but, I think I'll educate them a little. Even if they have been given a (noble) title, magic shouldn't be used excessively in school… right?
"Hei! What happened to that power just now?" (Servant)
He is a noble, but that man must have experience because his movements aren't bad. It felt like an antipersonnel battle I remember from a test, to the extent of avoiding an attack by a hairbreadth, but then the man at the back seemed to have finished chanting.
"Release Fire arrow… [Flame Arrow] let’s go, you're going down!" (Servant) That [Flame Arrow] and [Flame Lance] are both middle level fire attribute magics. In [Flame Arrow] roughly 50 cm of elongated flames are hurled, but its killing and wounding capabilities are low. However if used by an unskillful person, it can cause serious injury from the burns and impact, so it isn't magic that can be used casually. It seems that the man who had cast it fired the Flame Arrow towards his partner's direction.
"Waaa-guaa!" (Servant-1)
So, I grasped the collar of the man who was about to duck and deliberately tossed him towards the [Flame Arrow].
"St..stoppp!?" (Servant-1)
"Waii(ttt)!?" (Servant-2)
The hand which was waving down couldn't be stopped. The servant and the [Flame Arrow] clashed in midair, and then the servant received a direct hit with a small explosion and was lying on the ground. Well now for their lesson, if magic is used excessively, it may lead to accidental firing at your friend… they should learn that.
If these were ordinary clothes, it would be a serious injury but the school designated robe is sturdy and it has excellent magic resistance. As for an injury on the level of a [Flame Arrow], it would be nothing more than a light burn and a bruise, I think.
"You bastard! I beg you, a great power serving as the incarnation of fire…" (Servant-1)
"Haa?" (Sirius)
What is he thinking? There are no more vanguards already, and he began chanting in this situation? I wonder if they are joking with this much disorder. I stood in front of that servant full of openings and hit his cheek lightly.
"-!? What are you doing!" (Servant-1)
"Well, it's because you are full of openings." (Sirius)
"Shut up, fall below, incompetent!" (Servant-1)
Since the chanting had been interrupted, he swung his fist, so I avoided with a light step backwards. I thought he was going to come at me again, but that guy had started to chant magic again.
"I beg you, the incarnation of fire—… buuu!?" (Servant)
The incantation stopped of course. That guy is staggering and he's likely to fall since I slapped him slightly stronger.
"Bas-bastard…" (Servant-1)
"So full of openings… are you stupid?" (Sirius)
"Shut up! If somehow my magic hit, you will…" (Servant-1)
"This is impact, [Impact]" (Sirius)
A shock impact bullet grazed his cheek, gouging the tree behind him and opened a hole in the ground. The servant looked back at where he heard a smashing sound from, and his face changed completely from a bright angry red to a pale color.
"I won't miss it next time you know? Next will be the belly… or face, I wonder?" (Sirius)
"B-bastard… Do you think that you can do such a thing and get away with it?" (Servant-1)
"Eh? After all, I wonder if this fight was going to be "sold" from that angle (He'll say I picked a fight with him)? Besides, what do you think your master, Mark, will say when he knows about this situation?" (Sirius)
Since he knows Mark's character, I hope he understands. If the situation is reported, he will be fired. And if it is reported to the head of family, his position would be compromised.
"In the first place, what are you going to explain from here? 'I challenged the incompetent opponent who doesn't have a weapon with four people who had them, but I lost'… that kind of report? (Sirius)
"Gu…gugu…" (Servant-1)
"How about this, if what happened here is spread, your position will fall to the ground, I think. Nobles will laugh at your loss to an incompetent, and commoners will despise you for using cowardly tricks and still losing. " (Sirius)
"Da…damn it!" (Servant-1)
He no longer had anything to say, so that guy threw a feeble fist at the ground. Since he was completely broken from the defeat, I'll call it a resounding victory.
"Well then, I'll excuse myself. I don't have a habit of spreading rumors in particular, but wake up, because I'll hold your defeat tightly." (Sirius)
I turn my back on them and return to my original purpose. Just in case, I focus my awareness to my back, but they weren't chasing and instead were seeing me off quietly.
While I pushed the trees aside returning, Emilia was running on her way to Diamond cottage. I noticed that when she called out to me, she was accelerating while wagging her tail to come to my direction.
"Sirius-sama! What has happened for you to be in such a place?" (Emilia)
"Well, I took a little detour. Emilia too, is everything fine?" (Sirius)
"Yes, given that Reese has returned to our room, I had to explain the contents of the school entrance ceremony." (Emilia)
She lines up to my left now, which is the usual position for her and we head back to the Diamond cottage together. If I look next to me, I see that she is different from some time ago, and that now she is holding a big bag. She noticed my stare and showed me the contents of the bag.
"You mean this? This is maid clothes." (Emilia)
"Well… why maid clothes?" (Sirius)
"That's because it's the formal attire when serving Sirius-sama. And they're battle clothes for me." (Emilia)
To sum it up, she changes first to maid clothes when she gets to Diamond cottage and then she changes back into her robes again before going back to the student dormitory.
"Aniki~!" (Reus)
Reus also caught up on the way and we gathered into our usual formation. Reus lines up to my right and he seems happy as he holds his wooden sword high.
"I had matches with everyone, but the going easy is difficult." (Reus)
"They aren't hurt, are they?" (Emilia)
"Everything is alright, Nee-chan. When they return, they can walk properly. By the way Aniki, I'm not really satisfied…" (Reus)
"I know. When we get back, I'll be your fighting partner, but only once." (Sirius)
"As one would expect, Aniki!" (Reus)
Illuminated by the setting sun, we're walking to the Diamond cottage while our shadows extend. Thus, my assault case has ended secretly…well not quite, as that story is still to be continued.

On the next day, while waiting for the teacher in morning class, as soon as Mark entered the class alone, he came in front of me and lowered his head. The surroundings began to raise a commotion, but I made him raise his head and listened to him talk.
"I'm… really sorry." (Mark)
"No, since you understood, explain the details first before you apologize." (Sirius)
"Aaa, first of all, I should probably speak from there. I think you already know but they're my servants." (Mark)
Yesterday, he was worried about his servants who were late and he went searching for them. I heard that they were carried to a treatment room. When he went there, one of the servants was dumbfounded and the other had burns, and he asked why were they being treated. He forcibly interrogated his two reluctant servants, and it seems they finally told him and he was shocked.
As for those who are being accepted into the Holtia family, it's very clear subjugation as to challenge one colorless commoner boy with several people. He didn't know how angry he should have been, but his feelings had gotten to the point where he simply didn't care about them anymore.
A message was sent to the house in Elysium on the same day, and it's said that they reported everything, including disgraceful conduct in the past. So, that's why he's alone today.
"Their reputation was already poor due to their bossy behavior. They were already disowned, and their release was something that couldn't be avoided." (Mark)
"It's justified disposal. But, they are likely to retaliate based on their personality." (Sirius)
"I swear in the name of my family, I promise that I will prevent that. They've already been sent away to a faraway place for voluntary labor, so at the very least, they won't be in this town." (Mark)
"Are you worried about that?" (Sirius)
"Again, I'm really sorry. But, I'm glad that Sirius-kun was unharmed. I would like to give some kind of apology, is there something you need? If you're fine with money, I will pay you with my own pocket money." (Mark)
Mark had begun to take a gold coin out from his chest and place it in front of me. Stop stop, that apology is good enough already. I stopped him in a hurry and returned the money.
"Because I was unharmed, it's all good. If you really want to apologize, oh yes…think of this as a loan." (Sirius)
"Loan?" (Mark)
"Aah, if I ever get into trouble involving relations with nobles, I want you to help me only once in something." (Sirius)
"Huhu… I think that would be good. I will lend my hand if I can do it." (Mark)
Mark and I shake hands, and the story finally has came to an end.
There is sequel of a story about… me at beginning of enrollment. It seems there's a rumor that I'm the man who made the nobles bow their head and took their money forcibly.
"Good morning, Aniki! Oya-bun!" (a lot of Reus' friends)
"Ou, good morning!" (Reus)
Yesterday, Reus had mock matches with all of the beastkins, beat them soundly, and made everyone his underling. What is a beastkin? Just only this guy?
Although I'll have nothing to do with that, I want Reus to deal with the situation with his underlings one way or another, involuntarily if needed.
"Understood, Aniki. I'll knock them into shape so that there won't be anymore underlings." (Reus)
Well, this and that are different, but even if you do that, it seems possible.
After quite some time has passed, the establishment of the Diamond group has been completed as one of school's clique, where they made me a Taishou (admiral/boss/leader/general)… but it's better if he is not doing that. Well no, seriously.

Three days have passed since I entered school.
At school, rather than classroom learning, practical class is the main thing, which nothing (no fixed syllabus) is firmly decided and the students are allowed to do anything until graduation. School was to be a support place for personal training until the end.
It depends on the guiding principles of the homeroom teacher. For example, in the case of a person with fire attribute, if they are able to cast [Flame Lance] within five years, they will receive an emblem from the homeroom teacher as a possible sign of being graduated.
A person can gain prestige just by being graduates, and if that is set as a target, then new students can decide to work very hard for their homeroom teacher.
I came to school in order to study various things for sure, but the main purpose is to spend years safely in a protected place. Even when going out traveling and wanting to experience the world, earning daily money is a cornerstone. However, you can only register in an adventure guild when you're thirteen years old. I'll be nine years old before long, but it's not going to happen anytime soon.
Since I would like to avoid troublesome investigation on my knowledge and skill, I will train while hiding my real abilities for five years until graduation. And if I manage to pass through it safely, I think that will be good.
Thus, today's morning was a lecture.
Magna-sensei talks about the basics of magic; I am writing various entries on paper using my hand while students listen to the lecture eagerly.
I know the basics of magic to a certain extent from books, and to be honest, since my magic deviates from common sense in this world, it is insignificant to hear the lecture. Therefore, I studied magic formation on my own in order to make best use during this time.
Reus also in the same situation where he is doing image training and Emilia seems to be thinking of creating new wind magic while writing various things.
It was a very impolite thing to do until the class ended as we were not listening to Magna-sensei's lecture. Afterwards, we went to eat in the dining room together.
"I get overwhelmed by the taste of Aniki's and Dee-nii's (as in Dee-nichan), but the meal here is also delicious." (Reus)
"You're right. I wonder if the ingredients are different?" (Emilia)
"Hmmm…this meat is somewhat different as Emilia says." (Sirius)
The meat is less in muscle and very tender. It has a fair taste. Too bad that the meat juice flows away and the main point, the flavor, is escaping. While thinking that the cook is a little bad with his hand (not too skillful), I finished having lunch.
"Should we ask the cook what kind of meat this is? I think that the meat is better off boiled than roasted." (Sirius)
"Yeay! I expect new dishes from Aniki!" (Aniki)
"I look forward to-. Aaa… it's Reese! Oii," (Emilia)
Emilia raises her voice when she sees an acquaintance, but why does she look so distanced. The dining room is wide and since a lot of people are chatting, so her voice doesn't get through.
"What happened? Didn't you see Reese?" (Sirius)
"I saw her, but somehow she is in a very depressed state,although she was full of spirit this morning…" (Emilia)
"If you want to know, you should go to her. Because it's still lunch break time." (Sirius)
"Thank you so much, I'll be going." (Emilia)
Since I don't know what Reese looks like, I follow Emilia's figure in order to find out but I had lost sight due to the crowd of people.
"I was able to introduce my friend immediately, but I haven't been introduced to Nee-chan's friend yet." (Reus)
Well, that isn't a friend, it's an underling I think. It's only you who thinks that they're a friend.
"Me too. She might be able to get her." (Sirius)
She returned after several minutes had passed, but unfortunately, she was alone. She had smiling face before going after her but now, she had a depressed look.
"Sirius-sama…" (Emilia)
"You have a gloomy face, what happened? Did you have a fight?" (Sirius)
"No, it's not like that. To tell you the truth, Reese seemed to be troubled, so when I listened to her story, I impulsively asked her to consult Sirius-sama about it. Master's permission was not obtained and I did this at my own convenience, I'm really sorry." (Emilia)
"You don't have to worry about that. Is it hard to tell her troubles here?" (Sirius)
"Yes, she wants to talk in a place where there are few people, is that alright?" (Emilia)
"I'll listen as much as I can. Speaking of a place where there are no people, we can do that in Diamond cottage. How about inviting her into the house after the class is over?" (Sirius)
Emilia is a child who cares about others. I'd like to help if I can.
Diamond cottage is my dwelling that hasn't been visited by anyone except the siblings, and this is the right place to talk about something where it can't be heard by anyone else.
"Thank you very much. I'll go tell her to come immediately." (Emilia)
Instead of getting depressed, she floated a smile and went to Reese' direction again. Even though the consultation contents weren't heard yet, she was making a face as if everything had been settled.
"It's good, Nee-chan. If we entrust this to Aniki, it's almost settled." (Reus)
"You guys, it will still be impossible for me if it's a case of love consultation or female related questions you know?" (Sirius)
"Since its Aniki, it's alright!" (Reus)
On what ground did you say so? If I talk confidently about female physiology, it will probably only look abnormal. If you think that, you could say that since I have knowledge in medicine, but… that is not the reason to give such talk.
After that, I was talking about ways of swinging the sword with Reus in order to kill some time, and Emilia returned after setting up an appointment.
"Because Reese' class is Iron (アイオーン) class, we may finish faster than they do, so I made an appointment with her at the library." (Emilia)
"That is alright. Lunch break is about to end, should we return to classroom?" (Sirius)
Thus, an appointment with Reese has been set and lunch break has ended.

The class from noon is a practical skills lesson.
Going outside from the class, everyone is using their best magic to hit the target, and almost all of the students have beginner level of magic. With the exception of me being the odd person for this, if it's possible to include nobles and commoners in this year on elementary level magic capabilities, they all can do it sufficiently.
In the meantime, Mark is releasing intermediate level magic [Flame Lance], and he is showing off their difference in level to the surroundings. It seems that he has talent from the beginning but he's a man of effort who reached this level by his own, and it is said that he never been too proud to miss training without any good reason.
"Mark is amazing. To use this cool looking magic to this extent, it must be caused by lots of training." (Sirius)
"I'm still not that good. I think Sirius-kun is better than me. Even if there is no aptitude, it is great to be able to use all attributes in this year. (He's talking about general studies where students can try to use all magics from other attributes)" (Mark)
During my time (or turn), since it's a request from Magna-sensei, I used magic formation requested on applications of all attributes. As a result of showing off on purpose, it seems that my admittance can be an example of great effort, even if I'm colorless. If they're defeated in their best attribute(s), it will make their pride fall down, and that fact causes everyone's motivation to grow.
"That is the result of a so-called magic booster. If I don't have that, I couldn't even do elementary level sufficiently." (Sirius)
"Drawing magic formations immediately also can be a merit. There is a case where I saw other magic engineers, but I have never seen anybody that can draw it spontaneously just like you." (Mark)
"Is that how it is? Unfortunately, I do not know because I have never seen any other magic engineers." (Sirius)
I want him to inform me about magic formation soon. While I'm chatting with Mark, a large cheer remarkably went up while looking at students who fired magic in succession.
"Tear the wind, [Air Slash]" (Emilia)
"Put a flame on my fist, [Flame Knuckle]" (Reus)
Being the center of attention, the siblings are showing off the magic used during the interview . Their target scattered into pieces amidst a roar after being hit by wind and a fist of flame.
"…So intense. Isn't Sirius-kun proud to have servants like them?" (Mark)
"Well. I'm more than one deserves to have them, you know." (Sirius)
The siblings are surrounded by classmates, and they were asked a barrage of questions on their magic. Aaa… it's dangerous. Read the flow.
"So awesome! How can you do such magic?" (??)
"The incantation is also short and this is the first time I saw Reus' magic" (??)
"Of course, our master is Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Since we are Aniki's disciple, it's natural to be able doing it. After all, the basics of my swordplay were thought of by Aniki." (Reus)
"Awesome! Sirius-kun, we want to be your disciple… ehhh?" (??)
I had disappeared already.
Because there is a suitable teacher before everyone's eye, Magna, please forgive me. The reason is my practice is abnormal to begin with, so I'm not sure whether it can be learned by an ordinary person. In the case of these two, they didn't have any other choice and they simply didn't neglect their effort for the sake of their aim.
While the classmates are trying to find me, Reus seemed to remember something it was told to everyone.
"Aaa… but, the training is very strict you know? For example, in the morning…" (Reus)
Running from early morning. Having a meal and running. Running after studying. While speaking about the practice contents at the time when I was in a house, the classmates made a blue face and gave up from becoming my disciple. The general public's reaction was that they just looked doubtful on how extraordinary the siblings were.
They just have talent and that's what I usually think. Their strength is due to their diligent effort.

Today's school has ended and we came to the library.
Indeed, this is a continent with the only city, and the library is really wide in all directions with enormous amounts of material. When I look up, I can see books are spread all over on tall shelves. Although the book binding technology is still not developed here, I think they have guts to compile books.
Since I entered a school at great pain, it's wasteful to pass through these materials without stopping. That's why, this has become a daily routine in which I return here to study after class is finished.
Since this is a matter with Reese, it's the most suitable place for her appointment because her group, Iron class, usually always ended late. I think there is time for light reading.
"Sirius-sama, we're going to meet Reese soon." (Emilia)
When I read an interesting part while taking notes, Emilia said so and rose from her seat. Hmmm, is that the time already? I began to tidy up slowly as I turned my eyes to Reus' direction.
"Aniki, how should I launch the flame of my [Flame Knuckle]? [Flame Lance] was seen today but, is such feeling alright?" (Reus) (TLN: Flying Flame Knuckle?)
"Oo, you noticed that properly. That's right, try that while imagining a flying flame." (Sirius)
"But imagining that is hard. Why you can do it easily, Aniki?" (Reus)
"That's a secret." (Sirius)
Well, that's because I saw and used the real thing in my previous life.
Numerous restless childish (I am also a child) actions came from Reus, but he is a child who doesn't feel pain when educated by me and Kaa-san (Erina). He should go read a book because it's not bad for your head. But… since he has talent for the sword, it's natural for him to be seen as an idiot. Given that he has completely received Lior's influence, I think it'll be good to beat him up a bit more next time, regrettably.
Since a library is a place that strictly prohibits magic, I look at Reus who's doing image training as Emilia comes back with another person.
"Sirius-sama, I will introduce her. Her name is Reese, she is my roommate and friend who is of the same age as me." (Emilia)
"Ni-Nice to meet you. My name is Reese!" (Reese)
Based on Emilia's explanation, she is a cute girl with a matching blue hair that extends until her hip. It's a simple hairstyle, but that brings out her cuteness. She has pupils that imitate the pure and crystal clear of aquamarine, and a well featured nose and mouth. I think she will grow into a beautiful woman.
"Same goes here, nice to meet you. I think you have heard before from Emilia, I am Sirius." (Sirius)
"I am Reus." (Reus)
"Yes, I heard from Emilia everyday that you are a wonderful person." (Reese)
"I think that's a bit excessive. If you think it's troublesome, please report it anytime." (Sirius)
"No, since I can hear interesting stories, I am enjoying myself too. Aaa, I'm sorry. Are you in the middle of research? I'm alright with waiting until after you finished your reading, so please continue." (Reese)
"Unn, aah it's ok. Because I'm done already." (Sirius)
The reason for such dialogue was probably because she saw my open book and notepad. She is a good girl who reads the atmosphere, because she often looks around.
What I did was a hobby, just to pass the time. Even if I'm stopped halfway close to finish, it's not a problem. I return the book to a shelf quickly and proceed with talk.
"Well then, there's a reason why we should go to the Diamond cottage now but there's no other person besides us. Will it be alright to be acquainted with an unfamiliar man?" (Sirius)
"I'm not worried because you are Emilia's master. In addition, she wouldn't have recommended me to you if you weren't a good person." (Reese)
"In case of being a man, I'm also here you know?" (Reus)
"You're Reus-kun… I think? I'm not worried because you are Emilia's younger brother." (Reese)
"Is that so? You know, you and Nee-chan are the same age, so is it alright if I call you Reese-ane (It's kind of like Aniki for big brother, Aneki is for big sister)?" (Reus)
"That's fine. Huhu, it's like I'm getting a younger brother." (Reese)
She puts on an innocent smile without any room for doubt. It appears that she has complete trust in us. That courtesy shows that she has a very gentle heart as she doesn't differentiate between beastkin whom comes she comes into contact with… Emilia is the one who made it possible.
"Since you have to lower your voice here, should we have a talk at the Diamond cottage?" (Sirius)
"You're right. Is that fine, Reese?" (Emilia)
"It's fine." (Reese)
"Well then, let's go!" (Reus)

I took Reese along and we continue walking towards the mountains that lead to Diamond cottage. We finished self introduction with her in the meantime.
"Is Reese-sama a noble? I am sorry that I didn't use the proper honorifics just then." (Sirius)
"Aaa, it's fine! It's not a problem to address me without honorifics, and could you please talk normally to me? I wasn't always a noble, I was a commoner to start with, so I'll be happy if you treat me like an ordinary companion." (Reese)
The dignity of a noble was felt from her polite disapproval, but it didn't feel like something that she was familiar with. (she'strying to act like a noble because of sudden change in status)?
"So you are a noble who were a commoner? I guess you had a lot of things going on." (Sirius)
"Yeah, a lot. I've been living together with Kaa-sama (mother) in some village. But, after Kaa-sama died because of illnesses one year ago, someone appeared and claimed to be Tou-sama's (father) messenger. Then, I was lead to Elysion. That time was the first time I was told that Kaa-sama was a noble's mistress, and before I had even realized, I had become a member of the nobles." (Reese)
"Oioi, is it fine to tell me when this is the first time you've met me? Besides, is it alright to become less formal (as in not acting as nobles)?" (Sirius)
"Since I have spoken to Emilia already, it's all good. This way of manner is by the grace of Kaa-sama's education, so please don't worry about it. In retrospect, I think Kaa-sama would be strict on me if she could foresee this." (Reese)
"I'm sorry about that. It made me remember things about Haha-oya (formal word for mother/Sirius' Shishou/not Erina)." (Sirius)
"Since it’s all clear now, it's alright. Besides, in comparison with Emilia and Reus-kun, I…" (Reese)
"Speaking of that, Emilia?" (Sirius)
When I look at Emilia who is next to me, she is acting like a child who got her secret exposed and was hanging her head. Do you think I would get angry about speaking selfishly? It seems they thought I was depressed to that extent, and Reese is trying to protect her in a hurry by standing in my way.
"Please wait! Emilia was not only talking about your past. She didn't speak of anything other than boasting about Sirius-kun. Please don't scold her!" (Reese)
When judging from the side, although this was a problem between master and servant, she still intervened to protect Emilia. Her lips unintentionally became loose in her kindness.
"I think there's no reason to scold her? Emilia may think and speak for herself and on my behalf. Such joy of having a reliable friend, there is no way I can scold her. Hey, please look up here." (Sirius)
"Sirius-sama… uheheh." (Emilia)
For example, even if we're talking about my past, it doesn't change the words subjected to her. When I stroke her head, Reus who is next to me, pulls my sleeve, so I stroke his head too. Good grief, what spoiled children.
"Huhu… Sirius-kun, you look like a mother rather than their master. I understand the reason why Emilia yearns for you." (Reese)
"Oioi, forgive me for having big kids at this age." (Sirius)
For having said that, from my mental age, they look like children. Emilia was a little embarrassed while Reus accepts all the stroking without worrying, and I was looking at Reese' reaction and laugh together with her.
Then, we arrived at my home, the Diamond cottage.
"Err…I heard that this place hasn't been maintained for several years." (Reese)
"Yes, it was certainly an abandoned building, so we had done various things." (Sirius)
Reese was stunned to see the appearance of Diamond cottage.
Wild grass and trees were cut clean by Reus, and the worn out walls and roof was painted beautifully with white paint. The neglected well had also been restored and a pump with a magic formation to draw water was installed.
The appearance is almost on par with the villas of low level nobles. In that case, she either had heard about it being an abandoned building and thought it might've been a mistake, thinking we came to different place.
"Please don't be amazed at such, how about you straighten up. That's also include Emilia." (Sirius)
"Y-yes. Well then, I'm coming in." (Reese)
"Reese-ane is the first guest, isn't she?" (Reus)
When the entrance door was opened, Emilia who wore maid clothes was standing there, and she welcomed us with a clean bow.
"Welcome back, Sirius-sama, Reus. And welcome, Reese." (Emilia)
"Ehh! Huh? It was a robe just now… why are you wearing maid clothes?" (Reese)
"Because I am a servant of Sirius-sama. Please Sirius-sama. Aaa, Reese too, come, these are slippers. Here, take off your shoes, I want you to enter the house wearing this." (Emilia)
"Y-yes, understood. Is it no good with shoes?" (Reese)
"Aniki decides the rules of the Diamond cottage. I was wondering about it at the beginning but once I got used to it, it becomes easy, doesn't it?" (Reus)
"Because cleaning will be easy as the house won't get dirty, right?" (Reese)
To explain, people in this world wear shoes inside the house. The house where I was born was my Chichi-oya's (formal word for father), so I had worn shoes there. Here, however, is my new house. Thus, the first thought was to prohibit shoes in the house.
"Anyhow, welcome to Diamond cottage. How about having tea first?" (Emilia)
"P-please." (Reese)
Reese remained somewhat intimidated as the curtain to an unknown world was opened for her.
There is a big table placed in the middle of the dining kitchen where five people can sit. Several minutes later, black tea is served along with pre-made cake as a snack.
"What is this? It's a snack… isn't it?" (Reese)
"This is called a cake, Sirius-sama made this snack. Please cut it by using the fork and eat it." (Emilia)
"This is… a cake? It's completely different from what I know!" (Reese)
"Because it's good, try it. It's super delicious, Reese-ane!" (Reus)
"Y-yes…sss!?" (Reese)
When she cut a bite-sized piece from the cake and placed it in her mouth, her face immediately changed from an expression of caution to bliss With a melting smile, she held it in her cheek as she relished the taste.
"Very sweet…and soft…this is the first time." (Reese)
"Everyone reacts similarly when this is eaten, right? Noel-ane too had the same reaction." (Reus)
"Naturally, because it's good. I want to eat even more." (Reese)
"If you eat too much, you'll get fat. It's delicious because you eat it occasionally." (Sirius)
Nevertheless, Reese didn't return to reality until after she finished eating the cake. Finally, she realized after eating the last portion, and then she was embarrassed and looked down while having tea.
"I have eaten what you have prepared silently, without giving any thought… I'm sorry." (Reese)
"I understood what you thought of it just by seeing your impression. As long as you like it." (Sirius)
"Reese, would you like to have another cup?" (Emilia)
"…Itadakimasu." (Reese)
As the remaining cup of had become lukewarm, more tea was poured and it changed the atmosphere in the room. From here on, it is the main topic.
"First of all, thank you for inviting me." (Reese)
"Aa, since this is the first time we have a visitor here, please do not hesitate to say if there are any misgivings. So… I heard from Emilia that you wanted to consult with me about something?" (Sirius)
"Yes. Well… I want to train my magic." (Reese)
"…Tell me the details." (Sirius)
"I think it's natural for you to know, but do you know the four attributes of beginner's level magic?" (Reese)
"Aa, [Flame], [Aqua], [Wind], and [Earth] I think?" (Sirius)
[Flame] is used to light up stoves and torches instead of creating a fireball.
[Aqua] is use to create a mass of water and it also has various uses such as in domestic irrigation systems or extinguishing fires.
[Wind] can be used to blow wind and circulate air, instead of using an electric fan.
[Earth] can change the designated ground, and can be used to create a wall or hole. It can also used for road maintenance.
If there is aptitude for an attribute on the above mentioned beginner magics, it can be used easily. Even if there isn't an aptitude, a beginner magic can still be done later with some training
"In my group, I am unable to use all of the beginner level magic. I'm hopeless." (Reese)
"Reese' Iron class homeroom teacher is…Gregory? (Sirius)
"Yes. That Gregory." (Reese)
"I have to say, that Gregory himself is garbage." (Reus)
"Calling without honorifics!? Err… well, since I'm the only one who can't do it, everyone in the class points their fingers and laughs at me." (Reese)
Iron class' students are recruited by that arrogant Gregory himself who is prejudiced against commoners. When there is an underachiever in a class where high status nobles are assembled, I can't imagine how terrible it is to be called out by such thing.
"It's better for me to be laughed at. However, even my mother, who was not involved in this matter, was spoken badly of and laughed at, and that is not something that I can endure. I can't cast an attribute of (beginner level magic), not at all… why to that extent." (Reese)
She clenches her fist and desperately tries to stay strong despite her overflowing tears. While watching this scene, Emilia held out a handkerchief with the thought as to comfort her, and this came to my mind.
"I don't think that has only happened to Reese. I often dislike practicing with selfish guys, and I think there are people other than you who can't do it as well." (Sirius)
"I got a pass through bribing the teacher… I have been given a strict order not to criticize him." (Reese)
"Haa~…" (Sirius)
Good grief… the homeroom teacher is a waste as well as the students. Why is she, who's like a daughter, being put into such a place. No… I'll postpone from solving her problem (Sirius wants to know the basis of her problem first).
"I understand the reason. But Reese, what do you mean by hopeless?" (Sirius)
"It's [Flame]. No matter how many times I do it, I can't maintain a fireball and it disappears." (Reese)
"What is your aptitude attribute? Also, I would like to know how good you are at it." (Sirius)
"My aptitude is the water attribute. I can make do with it until the intermediate level and I'm also good with recovery (magic)." (Reese)
Is it because fire is the opposite of water? A thought about contradicting attributes came to mind, but when performing at the beginner level, it should still be possible.
"As expected, it would be faster if I see it. Shall we go out and have you show it to me?" (Sirius)
"Yes, please." (Reese)
After we went out from the Diamond cottage, Reese showed me her magic at the square in front of the house.
First is [Earth]. She had no problem in mastering it, and there are countless small holes completed in front of her.
Next is [Wind], it creates a wind similar to the maximum output level of electrical fans from my previous life. Although she had no aptitude in wind attribute, she can still use it because she has considerable amounts of magic.
By the way, when Emilia with the aptitude of 'wind', uses [Wind] seriously, it doesn't last long but I think she could let out enough wind pressure to blow Diamond cottage apart.
And then, the [Aqua] which is her aptitude attribute…this strength is more than expected. The original [Aqua] is a magic that produce a ball of water thirty centimeters in size, but her's is twice the size. And, she could perform it easily in the air.
"Awesome-! It seems like it would be comfortable if I jumped into it." (Reus)
"That's amazing, Reese. I have never seen such splendid [Aqua] before." (Emilia)
"I'm only good at water attribute. Let's say, if there were to be an injury, I could heal it." (Reese)
"That's wonderful. Then, please do [Flame] next." (Sirius)
"Understood!" (Reese)
Reese releases magic, and begins getting into the intonation of her troubled magic, [Flame]. During the incantation, I used [Search] on her but her magic circulation was perfect; I don't see any problem in the activation of magic.
"[Flame!]" (Reese)
However, the fire only occurs in a moment, leaving smoke, and has disappeared without leaving a trace.
She fell down on her knee; she looked at me with sad eyes.
"That was my [Flame]. No matter how many times I try to do it, this…is the result." (Reese)
Finally, she couldn't bear it anymore and a tears begin to spill from her eyes. Emilia looked up while holding her shoulder, Reus was completely frustrated just like her, and I was being looked upon to.
"Sirius-sama…" (Emilia)
"Aniki…" (Reus)
These two somehow want me to help her. Emilia aside, although Reus just met her, he is seriously worried about her.
Well frankly, I know the reason. But, I don't know whether I should say it. This hasn't been published yet, but if research on aptitude attributes is kept up as it is, something might be realized.
"Is there anything you can do to help her?" (Emilia)
"I can't bear to see this, Aniki" (Reus)
These two's gazes are painful.
Haa… I'm really lenient to my disciples. I have no choice but to be prepared.
Whether she is aware of it, or doesn't understand because she doesn't know about it, I look at everyone and say it.
"Reese… you can see spirits right?" (Sirius)


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