Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 96

The Rebirth of Fonia

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"…Thank you for waiting." (??)
Late night… in the punishment room chamber under the temple, a heavy voice was let out by a middle-aged man.
The one that was put in here was only Dolgar, but since he lost everything because of the words of the Messenger, there wasn't even a single word coming out from the time he was being confined in the punishment chamber. He continued to be dumbfounded while sitting with empty eyes.
But now, he had returned to sanity and stood before the locked door.
"Aren't you a bit too late?" (Dolgar)
"I'm sorry. It took me a bit to infiltrate." (??)
"Hmmph, it's fine. Goodness… although this made them off guard, it was troublesome to pretend losing sanity. But, this is the end." (Dolgar)
The key of the punishment chamber was opened by the hand of a man wearing a mask who infiltrated to the punishment chamber, and from there, a slight thin Dolgar came out from the inside. Apparently, he was given minimum food and water as a punishment.
Of course, Dolgar was not allowed to leave from this place.
This was clearly a jailbreak.
And by the guidance of the man, Dolgar wasn't discovered by anyone and escaped the temple.
The man progressed forward in a path with less people because the security of the current Mira's Doctrine was getting loose due to the return of the Pope.
The man and Dolgar, who covered his face with a hooded robe handed over, were heading outside the town, but they were stopped by the gate guard before they got out.
It was inevitable since the time was late at night, but Dolgar managed to get out of the town with an innocent face and the negotiations of that man.
He continued walking along the road that was lit by moonlight shines, but Dolgar, who wasn't good at exercise, soon came to the limit of his stamina and sat down.
"Haa… haa… damn, I am hungry and have no energy. Oi, do you have any good?" (Dolgar)
"It's just an emergency rations, but this is it." (??)
Dolgar, who received a bag with dried meat and bread inside from the man, and he smiled when he saw wine.
"Well, shall I endure with these? Everything is without taste, but it is good with the wine." (Dolgar)
"It's fine if you want to drink, but I have a question. Which way are we heading now?" (??)
"There is a lodge in the southwest when it comes to emergency and it has money stored. First off, we will go there, and we will leave this continent before doing the arrangements. Don't worry, I'll pay your additional fee after we reach there." (Dolgar)
"Well, are you going to escape like this? Don't you, Dolgar-sama, hate the fact that you are seen with such eyes by Mira's Doctrine?" (??)
"Yes, of course. But, I will do the arrangement while the situation is cooling down." (Dolgar)
Dolgar, who felt good after long time, didn't noticed that the conversation was being induced and he continued talking.
"In that town, the overwhelming deterrent, Vagle, is already no more. If I hire mercenaries with the money earned, it is not hard to gain control in one go. Or maybe it is good to contact the bandits who are planning to attack this town." (Dolgar)
"What are you going to do with the group that has beastkins among them? I heard a rumor, that elites from the 'other side' could barely do anything…" (??)
"I wasn't sure how it is leaked out, but… they were certainly strong. But, they are not going to stay in Fonia forever. It is the only matter once they are gone." (Dolgar)
"…I understood it well. Let's move on soon. I will go ahead first, but here is already outside the town. There is a knife in the bag, so please arm yourself, Dolgar-sama." (??)
"Hmm… sure." (Dolgar)
And then, the man, who confirmed that the knife was taken out of the bag, held Dolgar's hand which was holding the knife…
"What… guhh!?" (Dolgar)
He twisted the wrist and pierced the knife into Dolgar's chest as if it was completely a suicide.
He pushed the hand faster than Dolgar's reaction, and the man got away from Dolgar when the blade of the knife was half buried.
"Gaahh… you be-betray–…" (Dolgar)
"I don't remember being on your side." (??) (TLN: the words for 'I' changed from 私-watashi to 俺-ore starting from this conversation)
"Wha!? You, why are you… here?" (Dolgar)
As I replied, I removed my mask and exposed my true face, and Dolgar had a startling expression. (TLN: The story leading to this point was written in third person view, and it changed to first person view from this point)
"I thought that you might have a backup plan, and it is as I expected." (Sirius?)
He was supposed to continue pretending being broken in the punishment chamber, and escape by the guidance of those who hired in preparation for something. By the way, the man hired was originally a thug from the Underworld, and it was a person who had nothing to do with Mira's Doctrine.
I noticed the reaction of the intruder through [Search] and started moving at the same time. I made him fainted, and changed places before joining with Dolgar. The real person was tied up and thrown into another punishment chamber.
"A-ahhh… you…" (Dogar)
"I will not do this if you don't think about getting revenge, and quietly move to another continent." (Sirius)
The reason why I changed place and expressively took him outside, was to listen to his real intention. There were other things, but this was only for Dolgar.
I stabbed him without hesitation after listening to his real intention which I had expected, but if he hadn't thought of revenge, I would have made him fainted, and returned him to the punishment chamber.
Dolgar might have escaped if I didn't change places and didn't do anything, but actually, it wasn't like that.
Why I aimed for Dolgar was…
"…How about coming out?" (Sirius)
"…Did you noticed?" (??)
Because it wasn't just me.
The one that appeared from a tree nearby was the attendant of the Pope, the former Holy Knight Jii-san. He didn't dressed like adventurers on daytime, but now, he dressed in an attire with lot of black colorization which can easily blended in the dark night.
Yeah… even if I didn't do anything, even if I turned blind eye, this Jii-san would probably deal with Dolgar.
"Well, you continuously followed me from the temple. It was a splendid tailing since your presence often disappeared." (Sirius)
"You noticed until that point, huh? You too. The ability to bring Dolgar this far in this short amount of time is worth of praise." (Former Holy Knight)
"Thank you very much. Leaving that matter aside, are you going to arrest me because I took this man out?" (Sirius)
"I guess so. On the standpoint, I should arrest you, but… I have other job right now." (Former Holy Knight)
As the Jii-san said so, he was walking toward Dolgar, who was struggling to pull out the knife stuck in his chest, and looked into his face.
"Aahh… guuhh… H-help me! That man tried to kill me…" (Dolgar)
"Hmm, I have confirmed that you are stabbing the knife to yourself." (Former Holy Knight)
"What… did… you… say…?" (Dolgar)
"Did you choose to kill yourself because of guilt? I heard that your heart was broken in the punishment chamber, so this is a possible ending." (Former Holy Knight)
"Guhuuh… don't make fun of me, bastard!" (Dolgar)
Dolgar was furious while vomiting blood from his mouth, but the Jii-san indifferently looked down on him.
"Fun? Do you think that you can live after doing things until such an extent? Besides, I must peel the sprout of revenge early." (Former Holy Knight)
"That's… not… it…" (Dolgar)
"Whoever become the enemy of the Pope… I will eliminate them." (Former Holy Knight)
And then, when the Jii-san pushed the knife with his palm as if to hit him, the blade easily penetrated Dolgar's heart.
Even if Dolgar extended his hand for help, he fell down on the ground with his hand reached out the sky, and never moved again.
After the Jii-san confirmed the death of Dolgar, he turned his eyes with vigilance toward me, but since I couldn't feel bloodlust, I didn't think that he was planning to fight.
"Now… I would like to say that next is your turn, but Dolgar will be found like this in the punishment chamber. However, your crime of deliberately taking him out is still there." (Former Holy Knight)
"Hmm, is it possible for him to be found like this in the punishment chamber?" (Sirius)
Dolgar, who was put in the punishment chamber, was broken by the feeling of guild and he didn't eat enough.
A man came to help without anyone realized about him. He handed over a bag with a food and Dolgar killed himself with a knife which was put inside the bag.
By chance, the Jii-san came to look at his condition, and he fainted the intruder while confirming Dolgar was killed in the punishment chamber… that was probably he would say.
The Jii-san nodded with a bitter smile at the scenario I mentioned.
"Heh… did you induce him to do that so it will be like this? You are very attentive… when you targeting the moment he grabbed the knife." (Former Holy Knight)
"There is also my insistence, but when someone being killed, not only the image of Mira's Doctrine, won't the Pope and Ashley feel sad?" (Sirius)
"You understand that well. I was also wondering about how to get rid of him, but let's say that this could save the work for the time being." (Former Holy Knight)
In order to make this to be seen as a suicide, it was good enough if I stabbed the knife while making him holding it after he died.
However, since there was also a method of making the target to commit suicide in the previous life, I copied the method… well, my insistence came out for a bit.
"It's just… that it wasn't necessary to bring him here to such a place. If there is a reason, I would like to hear it." (Former Holy Knight)
"By letting Dolgar escaped from the temple, I could hear Dolgar's real intention when he was off guard, and I also wanted to know your ability." (Sirius)
"My ability?" (Former Holy Knight)
"Yes. I was convinced that I could see the other side of you from your ability and appearance. It might be unpleasant when someone young to say that, but…" (Sirius)
From the fact that he was traveling alone with the Pope who didn't have fighting capabilities, I thought that his skill was sufficient.
I kept losing sight of him many times along the way. And from his calm demeanor since he was a former ally of Dolgar, I understood that even if this Jii-san was from the 'other side', he had considerable abilities.
The figure that didn't mind dirty works for the Pope more than anything was probably the ideal image of Chris protecting Ashley.
As a senior of the Holy Knight which Chris aimed for from now on, I thought that he would be a better Shishou than me. Since the eyes that saw not only the Pope but also the Cardinal and Ashley were gentle, there was no problem with his personality.
That's why I…
"If it is you, I feel relieve to leave him in your care. Please take care of Chris." (Sirius)
I deeply bowed, and entrusted Chris to the Jii-san.
As Chris had decided this on his own, I supposed that this was incongruous to say such a thing.
If I had to say this, it was probably a bit too much to regard us as a teacher and student since the relationship between Chris and I was short.
"I see… so you were called Sensei by Chris?" (Former Holy Knight)
Although it was short, Chris called me Sensei and yearned for me. Even when I wasn't there, he kept training and upheld my teachings.
I responded to such Chris by giving him training for a short time, but since he had found new goals and Shishou, this would be as far for me to be his Sensei.
That was why even if he thought that I am Chris' Sensei until the end, I wanted to properly tell in words with the entrusting party.
When I raised my head after conveying the words, the old man was looking at my eyes with a serious face.
"…What are you? When I think whether you are a greenhorn adventurer, you seem to have calmness and ability that don't correspond with your age. To me, you already look like a farsighted middle-aged man." (Former Holy Knight)
"That has been often said to me. Although I am just living a peculiar life, I am just an adventurer who aims to be an educator." (Sirius)
I didn't think that he would believe it, but it couldn't be help since that was a fact. Regardless of the memories of the previous life, I was an individual called Sirius.
As I expected, whether the old man was suspicious, the confrontation between him and I continued for a while, and a stalemate situation like reaching out to our weapons continued several times.
When I was thinking that it would be easier to have a battle once… the Jii-san untied his vigilance after lightly breathing out, and he deeply nodded.
"…Understood. I will be responsible to bring Chris up, and I will make him a fine Holy Knight to protect Ashley. Even if you don't tell me, that is what I plan to do from the beginning." (Former Holy Knight)
"Thank you very much. And since Chris has no family already, I would like you to be like his parent." (Sirius)
"Hmmm. My wife and I were blessed with no child. Since I think that I am getting a new child after Ashley, you can rest assured." (Former Holy Knight)
Later on, the fact about the Jii-san's family was known, and apparently, the Cardinal was his wife. To added it further, it seemed that she was the Pope's sister. It probably justified when he clearly dealt with Dolgar when his wife was done like that.
And the Jii-san wasn't only a brother in law, he also completely longed for the Pope and pledged allegiance to him. It was a considerable complex family, but as for me, I wasn't worried about betrayal.
"Well then, let's go back now. It will be troublesome if another believer notices that Dolgar is not there." (Former Holy Knight)
"Aah, sure." (Sirius)
I wrapped Dolgar's body with the blanket I brought, but when I tried to carry him like baggage, the old man stretched out his hand from the side and too him from me.
"Let me carry him. He was originally a believer of Mira's Doctrine." (Former Holy Knight)
"Thank you very much." (Sirius)
" No need to say thanks. More importantly, you don't have to be that polite. You should speak normally." (Former Holy Knight)
"I am way younger than you, to be like that…" (Sirius)
"I am not a fool who judges by age or appearance. I don't want to be spoken with politeness by a strong man who completely read my movements." (Sirius)
Although the standoff earlier was seen as nothing but glaring from a bystander's view, an advanced battle was unfolded while we were guessing each other's abilities. Since an initial response was a key when own abilities reached a certain level, it would be a battle between experts.
In this case, since I had an opportunity to observe the Jii-san who stopped to stab Dolgar, it wasn't difficult to guess his secret.
By guessing his secret, I could seal his movements before he tried to make the initial response.
"Goodness, it is my first time having all my initial responses blocked. The world is wide, isn't it?" (Former Holy Knight)
Since he held a flexible thinking as he could accept his own defeat regardless of age differences, I thought that I could entrust Chris to this person.
We finished all errands in this way, and we left the place in the dark night.
Although it was already in the late night, it was suspicious when we carried Dolgar's dead body.
If we tried to enter the town as it was, we would definitely be stopped by the gate guard. By going through a secret passage that the Jii-san knew, we could enter the town with an innocent look.
Proceeding through the same alley as when I got out, we came back to the temple without being found by anyone, and we decided to break up before the punishment chamber.
"The incident this time would get dangerous if it wasn't because of you guys. I thought that I was going to be busy with unnecessary blood spills by sweeping and killings people involved, but it saved me a lot for this to ended peacefully. The matter of Dolgar has been taken care off, and I really appreciate your help." (Former Holy Knight)
"You don't have to mind that far. I only acted as a retaliation since my disciple was kidnapped." (Sirius)
"Oh well. Since the Pope and Ashley have expressed their gratitude, I am not going to say anything more. Well then… it's my job after this. You can take a rest." (Former Holy Knight)
"Yeah. Do your best." (Sirius)
"Heh… that's for sure." (Former Holy Knight)
Since it was his decision, sorry to say something boorish.
Finally, after seeing a gentle smile on the Jii-san's face, I went back to my room.

It was in the next morning that the news about Dolgar killed himself in the punishment chamber spread.
It was roughly as I expected, but the difference was the man who I changed place encountered Jii-san, and since he was swept, I guessed that things had been taken care off, right?
He was the perpetrator of the incident involving Mira's Doctrine, so the majority of believers reacted as if it was justified, but there were a lot, who took pride of the teachings, thought that it might be a salvation.
As expected, the Pope and Ashley were sad when they knew the fact, but the Jii-san was told that as Dolgar was thinking of Mira-sama, so he couldn't bear the guilty conscience.
"Really? To be drown in greed… his mind thinking of Mira-sama was real…" (Former Holy Knight)
"Yes, Dolgar was just a bit off the right track. Let's keep on learning from this tragedy to prevent such a thing from happening again." (Pope)
"If Ashley is depressed, won't other believers become uneasy? I will always support you from the back, so let's move forward." (Chris)
"…Yeah… you're right. As a Saintess, I must be firm." (Ashley)
It seemed that Chris was supporting Ashley as her senior.
Unlike the Pope and the Jii-san, they were man and woman, so they probably would have a lot of difficulties.
However, it was up to them to clear their own way from now on. It was a mutual love, and I hope that they both could find their own way and grew up.
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As the Pope had returned, Mira's Doctrine would be alright. And since Chris had found new Shishou, there was almost no reason for me to be here.
I decided to start the trip soon, so together with the disciples, we visited Chris and Ashley and told them that we would leave Fonia.
"Are you going to leave already!? We haven't returned the favor for helping us." (Ashley)
"We have been allowed to see the ceremony and you have taken care of us during the stay. Besides, we are adventurers. We will come again when Chris has become a splendid Holy Knight." (Sirius)
"Sensei…" (Chris)
While Ashley was looking lonely, Chris looked sadder, and he was about to cry at anytime soon.
"Don't make such a face. From now on, look at that person as a Shishou, and get stronger." (Sirius)
"Yeah… right. But, the fact that Sirius-san is my Sensei will never change. It's not good to decide alone the person I should give my respect, and who decided that?" (Chris)
"Aren't you going to say something?" (Sirius)
At that time, Chris declared that he would become a junior of the Jii-san and became a Holy Knight, he apologized with a momentum that could pave a way for me.
Although he did it with a momentum, he noticed that he was being rude when I said that he would train under Jii-san and disregard me as a Sensei.
It was certainly rude to decide without discussion, but there seemed to be no problem with the attitude of Ashley and Jii-san. More than anything… without being forced by anyone, I would not oppse if Chrise chose his own path.
That's why I didn't mind about it… and I pushed his back.
After that, Chris gradually regained his mood after I talked with the Jii-san several times, and there were also a gift which I was told as a common courtesy.
That's right, if he had time to feel troubled or feel guilty, better get stronger.
Since I was more than happy if he showed me a grown appearance.

Two days later, we were gathering in front of the temple before leaving Fonia.
After the preparation for the trip finished, all we had to do was to bid farewell, but… there were many people gathered in front of the temple, including believers and people in the town.
Of course, the Pope and the Cardinal were there, and some people were coming because of the Saintess was also there, but there were also coming purely for us.
There were those who became our friends when we helped rebuilding the buildings burned by Vagle, those who adored Reese for treating the injured, and some beastkin also came to worship Hokuto.
"For ordinary travelers to gather these many people…" (Sirius)
"That is a proof that people longed for you all. Please… come again." (Ashley)
"We still haven't return the favor, alright. We will give you a big welcome when you visit next time." (Pope)
"Yes, I'm looking forward to that." (Sirius)
After Ashley and Pope, we shook hands and said goodbye to others, and on the side, Chris were surrounded by the disciples.
"You are also Sirius-sama's disciple, and you received training from him. I think that there will be many things from now on, but please try not to ashamed yourself." (Emilia)
"If you're going to be a Holy Knight, I will be the second strongest. Work hard!" (Reus)
"You must not overdo it. Do not make Ashley-chan cry." (Reese)
"When I think about it, you are my Senpai in regard of Sirius' disciples. Work hard so that you don't show a bad part to the junior." (Fia)
"Everyone… thank you." (Chris)
While tears floated at the edge of the eyes, Chris was receiving encouragement from the Senpais one after another.
Lastly, Chris came at me. He then looked at me after deeply bowing.
"…I'll do my best!" (Chris)
"Aah, do it like you have no regrets." (Sirius)
Since I have told the matter needs to be told, there was no need to speak any longer.
When I extended my hand, Chris firmly grasped it.
"…" (Sirius)
"…" (Former Holy Knight)
And when I looked at the Jii-san who stood by the Pope, I made a smile when he nodded as if to say to leave things to him.
As the farewell ended in this way, we got on our carriage and set out.

The carriage moved until the appearances of Ashley and Chris kept waving hands were no longer seen. I let out a small breath after we got outside the town.
It was only few days, but fighting magician who could see Spirits, and pretending to be the Messenger of God… I thought that it was considerable packed days.
When I sat on the coach while indulging in such a thought, Emilia offered a tea and sat next to me.
"Here you go, Sirius-sama. It is rare for you to be absent minded. Is there something wrong?" (Emilia)
"No. It's just a noisy stay more than I expected…" (Sirius)
"I see. It was certainly intense, but we gained a lot of things." (Emilia)
"Yeah. We gained valuable experiences, and more than anything, Reese grew up in a big way." (Sirius)
When I looked back, Reese, who was sitting at the back of the carriage while leisurely enjoying the scenery, noticed our gazes and turned her face around.
"Hmm? what is it?" (Reese)
"No, we're talking about how Reese has grown up. By the way… are they still following you?" (Sirius)
"Well… yes. Even if we have gone outside the town, they are still following me." (Reese)
Earlier, when the disciples passed through the sanctuary to infiltrate the temple of Mira's Doctrine, Reese told me because there were Water Spirits from the sanctuary's lake wanted to follow her and it seemed there were several of them came along.
Although it seemed likely a normal story, for Reese and Fia who lived together with Spirits thought that this was quite abnormal.
Depending on the situation of the place, Spirit was basically an uncontrolled and whimsy existence which didn't stay in one place.
Spirit Magic was a request for cooperation from nearby Spirits and they would lend hands even if there was some distance, but it seemed there was none that followed everywhere like the ones with Reese.
As the Spirits came like a puppy chasing after the owner, thanks to them, it didn't only make Reese easier to cast spells, it also made the invocation became faster.
Since it was Water Spirits from the sanctuary, I thought that they would go home after we left the town, but… the result was as what Reese had said.
"Say, will it be alright if you guys are not going home? Your favorite place is over there, isn't it?" (Reese)
"If they followed until here, why don't you let them do whatever they like? After all, Reese is not the only person adored by the Spirits." (Sirius)
"Why don't you also imitate that, Fia-ane?" (Reus)
"I understood when comparing it to Reese, but it looks like the attribute of the Spirit is different. The Wind Spirits are everywhere and they will lend their strength, but because they are whimsy and don't like to be bond, they won't follow." (Fia)
Apparently she tried couple of times, but the Wind Spirits didn't follow like the present Reese.
Based on the incident this time, there were significant differences based on the attribute of the Spirits, and since a strong point could also become a weakness, they understood that overconfidence was no good.
However, I knew a bad example which was Vagle, so those two who were my family and my lovers would going to be alright. To begin with, I won't let it be.
Let's try not to neglect a small amount of information exchange if there was something we could do as countermeasures.

As a side story, while staying in Fonia, I had been guided once to the sanctuary of Mira's Doctrine.
It was a very divine place, but when I looked around with [Search], I instinctively put myself on guard because there were enormous mana I felt from the lake.
I didn't feel a bad presence, but I was certain that within that lake… it was where Mira was lurking.
And since that lake contained dense mana, if one fell inside, the dense mana would erode the body, and it would result in death when it went beyond tolerance range.
Anyway, I told the disciples and Ashley not to get close to the lake, so that they won't fall into it.

The carriage departed from Fonia went on the main road, and reached a fork road.
We stopped the carriage for a break, and when I checked the place on map, Reus who was ready to run for training, came in front of me.
"Aniki, which way are we going?" (Reus)
"It's going to be… East. We will go to a town in several days from here." (Sirius)
Since this was a trip of sightseeing, we were going to go around the whole continent, but… it wasn't a rush trip.
I won't use any shortcuts more than necessary, and I would slowly go through the main roads.
After the break, we broke into groups of running as a training and getting on the carriage. And then, we started moving.
"Well then, shall we start? If there is something, report immediately." (Sirius)
"""Yes.""" (Emilia/Reese/Reus)
"Yes, I'll be careful." (Fia)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
As the carriage advanced while receiving calm sunshine and wind, our trip continued…
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— Ashley —
Several days passed after Sirius-sama and others took off.
Since the return of the Pope, I also became able to concentrate on my duties. I was working hard every day aiming to be a splendid Saintess.
But I thought that Chris-kun was the one who worked harder than me.
Although Ojii-chan wasn't a real family, he was a Jii-san I could depend on, and Chris-kun was forged with ways to fight and attitude by the former Holy Knight.
Because of that, it was lonely when Chris wasn't next to me, but when he collapsed, Ojii-chan called me to nurse him. I was sorry for Chris-kun, but I was glad that I could be near him even if I had to nurse him.

"How about these, Saintess-sama? It is the goods of Galgan Company, it is product that satisfy everyone." (??)
"Hmm… well…" (Ashley)
On one day, Chris-kun benefactor, a merchant called Gadd-san, came to the temple, and asked me this.
To discover new products, it seemed that he was looking around to decide whether to build a branch store, and he came to the temple to discuss with the 'face' of the town, Mira's Doctrine.
I tried to apologize since I snatched Chris-kun from him, and I told him that it was impossible and asked Chris-kun to be present while negotiating.
Even though I apologize, I was confused because Gadd-san kept talking without minding about my feeling, and then… Chris-kun, who didn't know that Gadd-san was in the room because he was on training, entered the room.
"Ashley. The training is over, so…" (Chris)
"Is that you, Chris?" (Gadd)
"…Gadd-san." (Chris)
They were solidified for a while, and Chris-kun, in particular, was completely 'shrinking'…
"Excellent. If it is you, you understand the merit of the store products, right? If you are free, please help us negotiate." (Gadd)
"Eh?" (Chris)
The smiling Gadd-san overbearingly asked Chris-kun to sit down. He, then, brought out some products and handed them over.
"What's wrong? Whether these goods are necessary for the temple, you would understand since you have experience with my store." (Gadd)
"But I… betrayed Gadd-san…" (Chris)
"I said 'Get out', but I didn't said anything about being betrayed. Whatever the reason is, if you are here, it seems that it was a smooth negotiation. Hey, tell everyone the truth about the good quality of our store products." (Gadd)
Gadd-san kept talking to Chris-kun with a face of a merchant, even when Chris-kun was confused.
"By the way, have you become a believer of Mira's Doctrine?" (Gadd)
"I-I am not a believer, I am training to become a Holy Knight." (Chris)
"Hoo, it looks like it is a high level position. With this, it can be a good connection then." (Gadd)
"Hmm… I'm not sure if it can be done, and that is…" (Chris)
"Are you a fool? Isn't that concluded because it has the right quality? And you know that our products is not a low quality merchandise which make you feel guilty when it is bought, right!?" (Gadd)
"That has… been already ingrained in this body." (Chris)
"If it is so, then act on it. This is a magic tool that will help you during hot season…" (Gadd)
"Yes! This is a magic tool that develop wind with small amount of mana, but I think that it will be more useful for drying clothes washed." (Chris)
He said that the connection could be done, but I felt the kindness of a parent from the eyes that instructed Chris to explain about the item.
Gadd-san wasn't really angry. He seemed rather pleased with Chris' growth.
I had taken Chris-kun away from such a big-hearted person.
But… now I need Chris-kun.
That was why I would like to say to Gadd-san who guided my precious person not only an apology, but also words of gratitude.
"Hmmm… Gadd-san." (Ashley)
"Yes? What is it, Saintess-sama?" (Gadd)
"It is about Chris-kun… I wanted to say sorry. And thank you very much." (Ashley)
"…That is what he decided for himself. There is no need for Saintess-sama to say such things." (Gadd)
Even so… Thank you very much." (Ashley)
"Yes, I will entrust you this child." (Gadd)
I deeply lowered my head to Gadd who replied with a smile.

After that, the negotiations continued for a while, and it turned to small talks when it was concluded.
It seemed that small talks were also necessary for a merchant, but now I just wanted to know the circumstances, and I was relieved after getting to know about it.
"You were really lucky… because coincidentally met Danna." (Gadd)
"Yes, we were safe because we met Sensei." (Chris)
"Besides, Mira-sama and the advent of the Messenger… this is truly a town where God has descended. If the rumor spread, many people are likely to gather, and it is likely to be the seed of business." (Gadd)
"You are still the same, Gadd-san." (Chris)
"I am a merchant after all. Come to think of it, Danna also was involved in various things, right? Unexpectedly, the real identity of the Messenger was Danna, isn't it? If it was Danna, it won't goes beyond common sense if he caused such a commotion, right?" (Gadd)
"Eh!? That is…" (Ashley)
Chris was started to get panic when I heard that Messenger-sama was Sirius-sama, but I…
"You're right, if it is that person, it won't be strange to call him the Messenger." (Ashley)
"Ooh, it looks like Saintess-sama understands the splendor of Danna! I am also able to make profit thanks to Danna, and I am forever in debt, hahaha!" (Gadd)
"A-Ashley. You…" (Chris)
"Hehe… that's a secret." (Ashley)
I was overwhelmed by the intimidation unleashed as soon as he descended, but while seeing the figure who was very strict when asking questions… I remember the scolding when I first met Sirius-sama.
The kindness that I feel within the strictness, and it was because I was completely covered with his presence.
I didn't confirm about it, and I didn't dare to open my mouth at that time.
When I settled down, I thought that it was terrible to arbitrarily pretend to be the Messenger of Mira-sama, but fortunately, rather than blaming him, Mira-sama didn't say anything at all. However, since I felt that Mira-sama was smiling gently, I thought that She surely recognized him.
When I thought so… my heart naturally calmed down, so I decided to think that Sirius-sama was a real Messenger-sama.
Besides, it wasn't just me and Chris-kun, the figure that guided and watched over Emilia-san and Reese-san was fit to be called Messenger-sama.
Therefore, I prayed.
May the trip of Messenger-sama be a path of happiness.
And may Mira-sama blessed them…

Extra NG Scene ※It is largely different from the characters in the story.
After Ashley and Pope, we shook hands and said goodbye to others, and on the side, Chris were surrounded by the disciples.
"Eh, you only have this much?" (Emilia)
"Hehehe, my partner wants to have a sip of blood!" (Reus)
"There is nothing that you don't have, do you? Come, please fly!" (Fia)
"Oh, what is that sound now? Show me what's in your pocket." (Emilia)
"Woof!" (Hokuto) (Translation… If you don't do it quickly, my forefoot will roar.)
"If-if this is a a dream, let me wake up soon!" (Chris)

Hokuto's Teachings
※It is not a Kanji conversion mistake. Since this is an extra, it has nothing to do with the main story. (Author) (TLN: Presenting Hokuto or Today’s Hokuto = 今日のホクト/Kyou no Hokuto; Hokuto’s Teachings = 教のホクト/Kyou no Hokuto) Just before leaving Fonia, Hokto loudly howled towards the beastkin who worshipped Hundred Wolves.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"""Yes.""" (??)
"…Reus. I have a bad feeling, so will you translate Hokuto's words?" (Sirius)
"Uhmm… ‘From now on, for the sake of protecting the town which my Master’… I mean Aniki ‘involved in, you need to work hard’…" (Reus)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"""Understood, Hundred Wolves-sama!""" (??)
"’If I am your God, Aniki is even a better God. When I see you next time, instead of me–‘…" (Reus)
"Hey, Hokuto!" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"""Hundred Wolves-sama!?""" (??)
"Hmm… ‘I think that is the right thing to do! So, please forgive me’… eh, Aniki!? Hokuto-san!? Are you playing a tag!? Let me join too!" (Reus)
There was only one thing in Hokuto's Teachings (temporary).
It was for the sake of the Master.
Even if he was chased by the Master (+ junior), he won't stop moving for the sake of his Master.
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