Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 82

The Person who Persist on His Own

The night before tomorrow Semi-finals… I was brushing Hokuto in my room in the [Wind Cape Cottage].
Hokuto, who was stretching on the floor, slowly waved his tail looking comfortably. On the next bed, Reus was lying down, trying to go to bed early in order to prepare for tomorrow.
"Uhaa… I'm going to sleep soon, but aren't you going to sleep, Aniki?" (Reus)
"Aah, I'm about to finish. Shall we go to sleep?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
As I finished brushing Hokuto, I turned off the illumination magic tool while soothing him who was rubbing his face.
And then, I noticed Reus looking at us here in the darkened room.
"Yeah, what is it?" (Sirius)
"No, I mean if I defeat Jekyll tomorrow, I will face Aniki, right? I have fought you during training for many times, so I think this is my first time fighting Aniki in a battlefield." (Reus)
"I guess so. However, unlike in training, I'm going to all out in the battlefield. So prepare yourself." (Sirius)
"Of course. I'm going all out too!" (Reus)
"Aah, I'm looking forward to it." (Sirius)
As he said that, I confirmed Reus started to fall asleep soon, so I pretended to go to the toilet and left the room.
The other side of the room was the room with the ladies, and since I wasn't really sneaking into their room, I confidently knocked the door.
"Yes? Who is that?" (Emilia)
"It's me. Can you open the door?" (Sirius)
"Sirius-sama!? Right away!" (Emilia)
The reaction of Emilia, who aware that it was me, was very quick. There was Emilia with a smile on the whole face from the other side of the opened door.
I didn't think that they would open the door without confirmation, but Emilia was a genius who could distinguish me. Hence, I thought that no mistake will occur.
"Come on in, Sirius-sama. Have a seat on my bed." (Emilia)
"Eh!? Uhmm… why here?" (Reese)
"Ooh, could this be a sneaking visit?" (Fia)
When I was invited into the room, Reese and Fia, who sat on their beds and chatted with each other, were surprised and turned their eyes on me. Fia seemed to be more pleased than being surprised, but… I wouldn't worry about it.
Since I'm not sneaking in here, don't undress yourself. I came to talk for a bit." (Sirius)
"That's too bad. I was definitely thinking that you're going to pick among us." (Fia)
"Sirius-sama, I will always be waiting!" (Emilia)
"Awawa…" (Reese)
"Be reasonable and move away from me!" (Sirius)
I didn't dislike them for being aggressive, but I'd like them to stop as there was an important match tomorrow.
I managed to calm them somehow. I sat on Emilia's sleeping bed and I explained to them about tomorrow's plans.
To briefly explain, it was something about… not to be surprised if Reus got a hard beating even if they were at the back of the preferential audience seating.
"..Well, that's about it. I think that it will be fine since there is Hokuto, but don't be too distracted." (Sirius)
"Please also be careful, Sirius-san." (Reese)
"Of course. Well then, I will get going soon…" (Sirius)
"Oh, are you leaving already?" (Fia)
"There is no problem if you just lie down on my bed, you know?" (Emilia)
When I was about to return to my room, Fia stopped me by holding my sleeve while Emilia embracing the other arm without a moment's delay.
If I thought about it, they were lightly dressed instead of wearing the replacement robes provided by the inn, so there would be something unusual come up for a man like me.
"I will only accept your feeling today. Well then, goodnight." (Sirius)
"""Eh?""" (Emilia/Reese/Fia)
It was unfortunate for those ladies, but let's give sleep a priority for today.
I was also wearing a robe of the inn, but I moved away while undressing. Reese was surprised at me who moved to the front of the door. Emilia and Fia were stunned with grabbing a robe that nobody was wearing.
I ran away with a technique similar to the so-called body-substitution-jutsu. I waved my hand to the ladies and left the room.
By the way, I was properly wearing shirt and pants under the robe, so there was no problem even I didn't wear the robe.
&123;Eh!? Wait a sec, Emilia. I won't be silent… eh, what are you doing?> (Reese)
As I enhanced my hearing and listened to the conversations in the room… I was relieved that they seemed to be friendly.
That was the situation, but it was fine if the ladies were having fun. I returned to the room while feeling a bit satisfied.

The next day, the four people, who won the matches, were lining up on the platform, and the live coverage sounded when the preparation was well in place.
&123;Sorry to keep you waiting! The Semi-finals of the Fighting Festival will start from now on. The first match will be between participant Beowulf and participant Sirius. Both participants, please go to the center of the platform.&125; (Announcer)
As the cheers from the audience fluttered, Reus and Jekyll descended from the platform to the seat for the players while Beowulf and I were facing each other with some distance at the center of the platform.
My equipment was the usual long coat, Mithril Knife on my chest belt and a Short Sword on my back. The throwing knives and hidden tools were removed just like yesterday.
Meanwhile, Beowulf's equipment were similar like yesterday; two swords, iron breastplates and Tekkous. It seemed the protective equipment didn't hinder movement since dual wield style had a quick movement.
&123;Well then everyone, I can't imagine how this match will turn out. Whether participant Sirius who fascinatingly emphasizes avoidance until the match so far, or do the dual wield style of participant Beowulf will triumph… Honestly, it doesn't matter who wins.&125; (Announcer)
As I waited for the start of the match while making final adjustment to the equipment, Beowulf, who already drew his swords and prepared for the battle, opened his mouth.
"…Please take care of me today." (Beowulf)
"Aah, me too. More importantly, you're full of enthusiasm." (Sirius)
"As I said yesterday, I will never lose to you. Besides, I understood about your strength when I saw the other match, so it should be alright if I go all out." (Beowulf)
"It's an honor. If that's the case, shall I respond to your expectation?" (Sirius)
"I will quickly erase that calm expression and mood of yours." (Beowulf)
&123;Well then… Begin!&125; (Announcer)
The gongs resounded at the moment when he was glancing at me while releasing bloodthirst, and the first match of Semi-finals between me and Beowulf began.

As the gong resounded, we started running and wielded our weapons.
Beowulf's right hand sword was trying to match with my movement while his left hand sword made a sharp thrust, so I swung my sword towards the left sword and deflected the trajectory of the thrust.
By shedding the incoming sword towards to the left, Beowulf right hand sword which was prepared had difficulty to be swung.
However, Beowulf probably expected that much, he twisted his body while lowering his posture and overbearingly slashed my feet, but I jumped beyond that and unleashed a roundhouse kick in midair.
"I have seen that pattern!" (Beowulf)
However, as he defended with left sword, I had no choice but to stop the roundhouse kick.
By the time I landed without doing anything, Beowulf was approaching again, and this time he was slashing by crossing the swords on both hands.
"How are you going to avoid this!?" (Beowulf)
"I will do it like this!" (Sirius)
When I tried to defend by pointing my sword at the intersection of Beowulf's sword, I was blown to the backwards with an intense impact, and… I landed without problem on the floor after making one rotation in midair.
"… That's a sturdy weapon, huh? Besides, it isn't working after all…" (Beowulf)
"It is a sword that I got from an important person. And if I fail to endure the impact, that would be difficult, isn't?" (Sirius)
Just as the sword hit, I leap backwards.
Nevertheless, the way he stabbed from the beginning and not to aim at the opportunity after I was blown away… was that an evidence that he was still going easy on me?
"More importantly, what about the Sword Saint's style? I haven't seen it yet… the Phantom Sword, right?" (Sirius)
Phantom Sword.
Apparently, it was called like that because it was a style used by the Sword Saint which a sword that swung at such a speed that would make it look countless, as if you were completely seeing an illusion.
In the past, it seemed that the Sword Saint was surrounded by countless enemies, and there were rumors saying that the table was turned with countless swords released from a single sword.
According to Lior-Jiisan, fighting with the Sword Saint seemed like a battle of one against two. He was telling while laughing about how many times his neck was about to be split.
"If I use it, you will die, you know?" (Beowulf)
"I was able to confirm with that single blow earlier. Try to kill me if you can." (Sirius)
"…Fine. You'll regret it." (Beowulf)
The air surrounding Beowulf changed due to my provocation as he releasing bloodlust and pointed his two swords at me.
Originally, the Phantom Sword Style was a style that used a single sword.
Since Beowulf released the Phantom Sword with two swords, it was completely unknown of how much it will be.
"[Phantom Flash]!" (Beowulf) (TLN: The technique in raw is 幻閃)
The speed of the swords swayed at the same time as Beowulf moving forward was frightening, and it was as if the two swords looked like eight.
All the swords were like living creatures, they were attacking from various angles…
&123;This is…!? Participant Beowulf has countless swords!? How participant Sirius is going to endure the assault worth of the Sword Saint name… eh!?&125; (Announcer)
I instantly grasped the Mithril Knife on the other hand that was holding a sword, and I stopped all eight swords approaching with dual wielding.
Beowulf was skillfully handling two swords, but in my case, it was possible to move the right hand and the left hand in a completely independent state due to [Multi Task].
And at the moment when I endured all the opponent's swords with my right hand sword and my left hand knife, Beowulf opened his eyes wide as if saying that was unbelievable and he was solidified for a while.
I kicked Beowulf chest because he was full of openings, and he was unsightly rolled over the match ground without being able to defense himself.
&123;…H-he endured it! Let alone enduring all attacks, participant Sirius made a counterattack!&125; (Announcer)
Since there wasn't much damage, Beowulf quickly got up but he wasn't recovering from the confusion.
"I-it can't be!? To endure against that…" (Beowulf)
"That's because I have seen similar techniques many times." (Sirius)
I thought that the opponent compared was wrong, but if I made a comparison with the one whom I had been fighting a lot, Lior-Jiisan, with his [Shattering Strikes] which simultaneously released eight slashing attacks, his technique was way too slow.
In other words, it wasn't difficult to handle since there was a lag even though the swords were simultaneously swung at the same time.
"According to the rumor, the slashing attack released by the Sword Saint was more than ten. Moreover, it seemed that all the blows were deadly, but… your sword was unusually light. It looks like you are not used to dual wield style yet?" (Sirius)
Although I said that he wasn't used to it, it was good enough for common people. In fact, he was releasing eight slashes with two swords.
However, when I looked at it with my eyes, it was still unskillfully weak and that was why I could move my hand faster since I didn't need to use much strength to handle it.
It was probably because there wasn't much strength by having one sword, but… it was just that he didn't have fundamental physical strength to keep up with the speed.
"You seem to repeatedly fight in order to become stronger, but have you reviewed yourself each time you fight?" (Sirius)
"Kuh… what's with that Sensei's attitude only after handling my attack once? Don't make fun of me!" (Beowulf)
Beowulf, who grasped the swords again, took a deep breath and glared at me as he muttered many times to convince himself.
"Next is faster. More… and more… faster!" (Beowulf)
Beowulf's presence gradually sharpened, and he jumped at the same time as the third breath.
&123;It's a fierce attack from Beowulf again! I still can't see the sword, but I am aware that it has more speed than before–!?&125; (Announcer)
The number of swords released was nine, but… the speed of the sword didn't change the essence of the swords.
Calming myself down, I repelled with left hand sword and a knife. After hitting, stopping and handling it, I kicked his chest and blew him away.
"Why…?" (Beowulf)
"Surprisingly, you're full of openings. Think about your action after your technique wasn't connecting. Don't forget the worst case scenario." (Sirius)
"So… what with that arrogant attitude!?" (Beowulf)
"With your personality, you definitely won't listen unless I completely throw you down." (Sirius)
The reason I fought him without immediately knocking down was because Beowulf's strength was more than a waste.
I didn't know whether he learned it from his father or not, but since the coarse and redundant parts of his movement stood out, I thought that rare technique wasn't 'alive'.
Hence, I was thinking to variously point it out, and I needed to make him succumb in order to make him listen.
"I can sense the hesitation from your swords, but the truth is you only make little progress, right?" (Sirius)
"I don't want to be told like that by you who know nothing!" (Beowulf)
It seemed his heart wasn't broken yet just because I defeat only one technique.
As Beowulf gradually became irritated by my attitude, he prepared the swords while displaying his anger and raised his mana.
"[Heat Haze]!" (Beowulf) (TLN: The technique in raw is 陽炎)
When I thought that Beowulf's mana had expanded for a moment, his body suddenly began to look blurred. I reflexively tried to slash him but I was just cutting an air, and then I realized that what I saw was an afterimage.
&123;When you think that there are two participant Beowulf, he is approaching from participant Sirius behind! Is this also a technique of Sword Saint!?&125; (Announcer)
I see… it was a technique of making a pseudo afterimage and go around to the rear by moving at high speed while releasing mana from the whole body, huh? It would be a good match with the Phantom Sword Style which was mainly based on speed and technique.
Beowulf attacked from behind with a decoy afterimage, but I evaded the right sword while turning my back, and I repelled the left sword by scooping the Mithril Knife.
"W-what!?" (Beowulf)
"It is easy to deal with if I know that you will come from the back. Besides, isn't it obvious that you should be careful with the rear since it is a blind spot?" (Sirius)
Although he wanted to deceive the visual perception with an illusion, I could grasp the position of the enemy if I kept using [Search] during a battle.
Beowulf was surprised, but since he was getting ready with his sword and preparing for a counterattack for the third time, I didn't attack him and took a distance.
There were other points to point out, so I was taking same stance as Beowulf when he was using a technique called [Heat Haze].
"Besides, shouldn't you use this technique in combination with other movements? Even if you use it before your opponent, the effect is light. However…" (Sirius)
"It can't be!?" (Beowulf)
The moment Beowulf noticed this stance, I released mana from the whole body and kicked the ground at the same time and I went to Beowulf's flank.
"My [Heat Haze]!? But, even if you use it in front of me, the effect is light-…!?" (Beowulf)
Beowulf slashed me who went around to his flank, but… he was opening eyes wide because it wasn't connecting. That was also expected since he was slashing a decoy of mana.
When I went around to the flank, I used [Heat Haze] again at the same time, made a decoy and went around to his rear. In short, I was attacking the back of the back… of that guy.
Behind Beowulf, who was totally distressed by the side decoy, was full of openings, so I kicked him that would otherwise slashed with a sword.
"Gahaa!?" (Beowulf)
"You can make a surprise attack depending on how you use it, like just now." (Sirius)
While looking down on Beowulf, who was rolling on the floor of the match ground, I pointed that out and waited for him to stand up.
&123;W-what an unexpected development! Beowulf who hold speed at that level was completely messed up! I… it seems like I will fall in love with the strength of participant Sirius! Won't you have a date with me?&125; (Announcer)
While the live coverage person got excited and started to say something strange, the expression of Beowulf, who slowly stood up, wasn't anger but clearly convinced.
"I am learning something. And I understood. You… you have learned about sword from a Sword Saint, right?" (Beowulf)
"Why do you think so?" (Sirius)
"Because both [Phantom Flash] and [Heat Haze] are certainly attacks that will bring death, it can't be avoided by first look. If that's the case, whether you received teachings from the Sword Saint, or you fought him and confirmed it, either way… I couldn't imagine anything but you received the teachings because of your age." (Beowulf)
"That's too bad, but it's not it. I only listened to the story about him, and it is the first time for me to see those two techniques. But, I have seen similar techniques." (Sirius)
Although the [Phantom Flash] was similar to the [Shattering Strikes] of 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style', it was originally a technique that Lior made after meeting with the [Phantom Flash] of the Sword Saint. It might be natural that they resembled each other.
And as for me who use many surprised attacks tactics, I was used to techniques like [Heat Haze]. There was also the strength of magical power, and it wasn't hard even if I watched it for the first time.
"Do not lie! Although you said it yourself, I don't think it is that easy to deal with my technique! Especially, you can't avoid it unless you are at the Sword Saint class-…" (Beowulf)
"If that's the case, let me give you a hint. In your opinion, what is the Style of Reus?" (Sirius)
"…Isn't it 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style'? If the live coverage heard yesterday wasn't a lie, he seems to learn it by himself then." (Beowulf)
"Yes. And I am Reus' Shishou and Aniki. Well, how do you think Reus learned the swordsmanship from the Strongest Sword?" (Sirius)
"…No way, were you also learning swordsmanship from the Strongest Sword!?" (Beowulf)
"That's still incorrect." (Sirius)
This time, when I attacked and slashed my sword from the front, Beowulf reflexively stopped it with his swords. He should be praised to be able to move his body while being shaken.
I swung my knife and sword held by both hands, I mentioned the continuation of the talk earlier while watching Beowulf who somehow responded.
"I fought the Strongest Sword and became acquainted. His sword is faster, heavier and sharper than you." (Sirius)
"A-aren't you the same as me!?" (Beowulf)
"It doesn't matter if you want to believe it or not, but you should have understood my strength when you fight me. If you don't stop thinking something silly, you will do it badly, you know?" (Sirius)
"Kuhh!? Surely it is so!" (Beowulf)
Beowulf, who understood what I said, gradually started to regain calmness, and he started to match with my assault which was slightly delayed.
&123;Both participants are colliding at a speed that which no one is budging an inch! On the contrary, the speed is gradually increasing!&125; (Announcer)
Although the speed of attacks continued to rise, it seemed that Beowulf was getting out of strength soon.
In my opinion, Beowulf's strength was probably one level lower than Reus. But since there was also a problem of compatibility, I thought that I wasn't sure until they practically fighting each other.
Beowulf, who smacked his lips because of the speed that was still increasing, braced himself to accept my sword and deliberately blown backwards. He was forcibly taking a distance away from me.
If this wasn't a match, I would unleashed spell or throwing knives, but I would not pursue him because I was about to do something.
As Beowulf understood that, he leaked a dry laughter while receiving empathy which could also be said as humiliation.
"Haha… There is no other choice but to admit this already. I wanted to keep this until the Final, but… it seems that I can't say that anymore." (Beowulf)
"Do you still have a trump card?" (Sirius)
"No, I am prepared to exhaust my mana here! With mana as power… [Boost]" (Beowulf)
It appeared that he used mana to temporarily strengthen his body to release [Phantom Flash] and [Heat Haze]. Apparently, he understood that he had to fight with full power without thinking of the Final.
Unlike the [Boost] that Reus and I used, his was a pointless body strengthening, but if a strong person like Beowulf used it, it would be quite powerful.
In reality, the floor of the match ground where Beowulf step on it was broken and pebbles were rolling.
As I expected, it was difficult to handle Beowulf who had strengthened his body. Hence, I also invoked [Boost] and provoked Beowulf by inviting with hand.
"That's good resolution. Come with all your strength." (Sirius)
"I will do it even if you don't tell me so. [Phantom Flash]!" (Beowulf)
Whether he wanted to put what he said earlier into reality, the weight of the blow was changing but the number of swords released was reduced by one.
However, since I was also strengthened, I pointed out things concerned while handling it without any problem.
"Don't lost focus after finishing a series of moves! Do not stop thinking, always look ahead and don't stop progressing!" (Sirius)
"Guhh!? No-not yet!" (Beowulf)
Although it was difficult to immediately fix it, there was a gap to breathe only a little after finished unleashing the [Phantom Flash].
In order to clearly communicate about it, I aimed for that gap and kicked his stomach.
"It hurt!? From where are you!?" (Beowulf)
"The enemies may not only me! Always pay attention to the surroundings and prepare for an unexpected blow!" (Sirius)
Occasionally, I kicked the fragments of the crushed floor and hit it against Beowulf's body, and I would teach him the feeling of preparing for attacks from other places.
"You have been eating kicks how many times since a while ago, but everything of a person is a weapon! And you're only care about the weapons you have in your hands!" (Sirius)
"Uguhh! Y-yes!" (Beowulf)
Similar to the mock battle with Reus too, I repeatedly pointing out Beowulf while fighting.
From experience. it seemed Beowulf was a type to remember with own body in the same way as Reus, so the only way to make him remember was giving pointers.
&123;Why is this? It is really an amazing battle, but it doesn't look like a match. But… I can't take my eyes off.&125; (Announcer)
The live coverage person and the audiences were puzzled about our battle, but I couldn't hear even a swear.
It was probably an unusual situation, but because fierce clashing of swords still continued, the audiences were fascinated.
"How about this?" (Beowulf)
"It's a good attack!" (Sirius)
When I realized, Beowulf, who started to be obedient, immediately released a blow that corrected the point that I pointed out.
I was impressed with his speed of comprehension, but as soon as Beowulf's mana sunk to the bottom, the weight of the blow and his whole speed started to fall.
I strongly repelled that blow with sword, I took a distance and declared with my index finger.
"It's going to be over with the next one. Come with all your strength." (Sirius)
"Yes… I'm going!" (Beowulf)
Beowulf's last choice was [Phantom Flash], but the number of slashing hadn't increased and the appearance didn't changed.
However, the weight of the blow that wielded with all of his strength was greater than before. Since I couldn't stopped even one, I chose to avoid it.
And then, when he swung his hand on the last strike… I felt a feeling out of place and directed my awareness to the rear.
"Haaaa!" (Beowulf)
At the moment when Beowulf swinging the last strike, he used [Heat Haze] and went around behind me.
Using the remaining mana, a smile came out due to the luxurious feint. I thought that it was splendid because of the attitude of how he instantly applied what he had learned.
I only turned my face to the back, I grasped the appearance of Beowulf who was trying to swing his sword, so I took a step back and jumped to Beowulf with the back of my body.
"Haa-!?" (Beowulf)
"Just one more step." (Sirius)
While greatly withdrawing to the rear, I hit with the scooping elbow to the back, and I let the elbow slip into the side of the opponent who became almost defenseless when he raised his sword.
He gave up the stopped arm and immediately slashed with the opposite sword, but I slipped my own body from the arms stopped with elbowing and I avoided it by moving around behind Beowulf.
We were back to back after that, but before opponent moved, I gripped Beowulf's collar on the shoulder, I threw him forward with my back as a fulcrum while sweeping my feet.
As he was thrown away, I met Beowulf's upside down eyes in midair and tell a word after pointing my palm.
"Finally, let me teach you. I think you are under impression that you shouldn't use magic because you are swinging a sword." (Sirius)
"…Yes." (Beowulf)
Although Beowulf's consciousness became hazy due to mana exhaustion, he was somewhat smiling in satisfaction. And then, I released [Impact] and blew him off the match ground.
&123;It… has been decided! Participant Sirius is the winner! It was an amazing battle, but it seems that participant Sirius was overwhelmingly triumph!&125; (Announcer)
As the gong marked the end of the match and the cheers from the audience reverberated, I turned my eyes toward Beowulf who was receiving treatment outside the field.
The medical team was using water spell treatment, but the main damage of Beowulf was only my kicks and the last [Impact], and he was now losing consciousness due to fatigue and mana exhaustion. He would wake later if they left him alone.
And for some reason, Reus was standing near and he frequently nodded while watching Beowulf.
"Got it. Aniki's training… is harsh. But, I always had that kind of feeling." (Reus)
It was a gentle look like a friend who had tasted the same suffering.
However Reus, it was a match with Beowulf until the end, so I was still holding back. Yours were more severe, you know?
I recently increased the difficulties, it was overkill but you also wanted it. It became harder day by day to take things into consideration as for not breaking his body, but it was also a proof to that growth. I could also say that it was a cry of joy.

After a while, Reus and I were in front of Beowulf who was sleeping in the treatment room.
The next match was Reus' but since the match ground became tattered due to the waves of swords clashing, it took time to be repaired. About this time, people with earth attribute desperately repaired and strengthen the match ground with spells.
That was why I was able to take a temporary break for about an hour, so I came to see Beowulf's condition.
"Say Aniki, this guy is the son of the Sword Saint. Was that Sword Saint the one who fought with Jii-chan and died?" (Reus)
"Yes, that's right. There were also techniques heard from Lior." (Sirius)
"I see… Although he had a child who wasn't much different than me, I wonder why he challenged Jii-san." (Reus)
It was said that the Sword Saint challenged the Strongest Sword, and he died, but it seemed to be a bit different according to Lior-Jiisan's story.
Although he had a son, the reason why he fought Lior wasn't known except the person himself, but when I listen to the truth from Lior, I somehow understood that he had a son called Beowulf.
"A family is important for a person like you, and people who want to become stronger in order to protect them may not understand it. And the Sword Saint was asking a place to die." (Sirius)
"A place to die? I don't want to be killed by Jii-chan and die. If I die, I would rather die watching my family like Erina-san, but… do you know about it Aniki?" (Reus)
"Yes, somehow." (Sirius)
"Will you… tell me?" (Beowulf)
"Ooh? You have woken up!" (Reus)
Beowulf woke up when I noticed, and his eyes looking at me were like children's.
I see… this man didn't know it after all. The Sword Saint also was at fault.
"If you know something… please tell me. Because… I want to know my father and become stronger." (Beowulf)
"It was my guess… but will that be alright?" (Sirius)
"I don't mind. As long as I know my father even a little…" (Beowulf)
"Understood, but I want to hear something first. How is Beowulf's mother doing?" (Sirius)
"My mother… followed my father. She passed away because of an epidemic." (Beowulf)
It was as I expected, so the credibility my guess had increased.
If it was the truth, Jii-san should be one who tell him, but this might be somehow on the edge. Should I explain as far as I know?
"I'm sorry to hear that. First of all, let me tell you how I got acquainted with the Strongest Sword, alright?" (Sirius)
"Yes… I can trust you when looking at your strength." (Beowulf)
"I heard the Sword Saint's last moment from the Strongest Sword. The Sword Saint didn't die fighting the Strongest Sword, he died by disease after fighting." (Sirius)
"Eh!?" (Beowulf)
Before the Strongest Sword retired… the Sword Saint suddenly showed up in front of him and challenged him for a match.
Jii-san made a desperate effort and won the fight at the end, but the Sword Saint at that time still escaped death. According to Jii-san, the Sword Saint unconsciously stopped his sword and challenged him again.
But… the Sword Saint suddenly vomit blood, and he told him that he was afflicted with a disease.
"Your mother seems to have been suffering from epidemics, so it wasn't strange that your father had it too, right?" (Sirius)
"It can't be!? I… my father had a disease of my mother, and challenged the Strongest Sword to the death… and…" (Beowulf)
"What is that!? Why he did such a thing!?" (Reus)
"He probably wanted to keep his pride. " (Sirius)
While he was vomiting blood, he begged Jii-san to fight him and let him die.
Jii-san, who heard the wish of the person who enjoyed himself, buried the Sword Saint who died because of the disease and he officially announced that he beat him. I didn't think that Jii-san proactively made it to the public, but since there was also the brand power of the Strongest Sword, it spread without control.
"Rather than dying from a disease, the Sword Saint challenged the Strongest Sword and died… that could be the Sword Saint, and it probably bad wordings, but I think he wanted to be Sword Saint than to be a father." (Beowulf)
"Is that so? If that's the case, I didn't know." (Sirius)
"…I couldn't forgive my father. He left my sick mother, challenged the Strongest Sword and didn't come back. There was no way I could forgive him." (Beowulf)
Tears had fallen from the eyes of Beowulf who knew the truth, but he had a somewhat refreshing look.
"But, my mother didn't say a grudge against my father at all. Perhaps, my father only talked to my mother and she accepted it. I was excluded and it was terrible…" (Beowulf)
This was also speculative, but perhaps, the grudge against him might be the ‘source’ of living.
"It was awful, but… I was longing for such a father. The sword techniques that he showed me since I was a baby was cool, and… I also thought that I wanted to become stronger. That is why… there are parts that I can understand after listening to the story just now." (Beowulf)
…He was a strong man.
I didn't think that he walked a happy life because his parents were dead, but he was accepting it and looking forward.
"There were parts that I can't forgive, but… I longed for him… and he was a Sword Saint until he died. Even knowing is good enough. Thank you so much… for telling me." (Beowulf)
As he told the words of gratitude, he turned to me with an awkward smile.

And then, while we head out from the treatment room and returned to the match ground, Reus, who were behind me, was silent.
Since he was thinking with a serious expression, I stopped and looked back. Reus lifted his face and saw my eyes.
"Hei, Aniki. I love sword, but if I have a choice between family or sword, I will definitely choose family." (Reus)
"That is so like you." (Sirius)
"Hence, I am not convinced if I know the truth like Beowulf… I think, but I felt that I could understand if the Sword Saint was Aniki or Tou-chan." (Reus)
Did you replace the position and thinking, instead of listening? I guessed he grew up.
"I don't like not being nearby, and I don't want to see something wrong with the person I longed for… Beowulf strongly thinking about that, right?" (Reus)
"Aah, I guess Beowulf was longing for the Sword Saint more than a father. I guess that he is not similar like you." (Sirius)
"Yeah… although he is not similar, there is one thing I can understand about that guy. It is the same idea that the Sword Saint persisted with own beliefs." (Reus)
"Yeah, that is good enough to understand it. Your belief is to protect your family, isn't it?" (Sirius)
"That is also true, but I want to become stronger to let Aniki rely on me. What does Aniki believe in?" (Reus)
"It is similar to you. I want to protect you guys and the disciples who are my family and nurture them. I think that if there is a reason, I want you to prepare to be an opponent even if you are aimed by a country or aimed because of unreasonable things." (Sirius)
"Ooh! That is Aniki indeed!" (Reus)
It was up to each person about what they believe in.
Like what Reus said, the most important thing was to persist… that was it.
By the way, the belief I had in the past life before I became an educator was to help realizing the ideals of my partner.
I admired the belief and I was trying hard to grant that absurd ideals of my partner. Now that we've died, it had gone and the only belief left was to be an educator.
"Well then, it will be your match soon, right? Jekyll is probably strong, so don't be careless." (Sirius)
"Of course! In order for my belief to persist, I will win over Jekyll!" (Reus)
"That's the spirit. Come on, go ahead." (Sirius)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
While displaying determination and ambition that were more than before, Reus went off to the match ground.
Longing for the Strongest Sword, Jekyll was using a small scale of the Strongest Sword's during the First Round and Second Round.
There was also a racial difference, and if it was just strength, Reus was definitely higher, but if it was the experience, Jekyll was better.
Would Reus' strength and belief prevail or Jekyll's technique and experience win.. that was something I couldn't predict.
"…He has grown up." (Sirius)
Looking at the back of the disciple who continued running straight anywhere, it was a secret for me to overwhelmed with an unusual emotion.
And… the match between Reus and Jekyll started.

Presenting Hokuto (Extra/Bonus Version)
The night before Semi-final.
As promised, Hokuto-kun, who received brushing from the Master, was in a dreamy state.
"Woof…" (Hundred Wolves)
"Alright, is it here?" (Sirius)
He was madly falling in love with his Master who properly understood the point he wanted him to brush.
Since nobody slept in the Master's bed today, Hokuto-kun was lying down next to the bed, sleeping next to the Master for the first time in a while.
The next day… the Semi-final started with the opponent called Beowulf.
Hokuto-kun honestly wouldn't worry even if was just a bit about Master getting defeated, so he leisurely watched the match.
Hokuto-kun was smiling within his mind and watching the figures progressed in the match while Beowulf-kun was being educated, and then… that incident occurred.
&123;W-what an unexpected development! Beowulf who hold speed at that level was completely messed up! I… it seems like I will fall in love with the strength of participant Sirius! Won't you have a date with me?&125; (Announcer)
"…" (Emilia)
"Eh… ehh!?" (Reese)
"Oh…" (Fia)
The air… suddenly changed.
That's weird, although Hokuto-kun thought that he was stronger than his Master's women… it seemed that he had cold sweats for some reason.
"Aah, that live coverage person, she could tell if a person is a strong person, huh? And she seriously fell in love… right?" (Reese)
"I certainly heard that. But, we must think about it depending on who they are." (Fia)
"Yeah. It is fine if she genuinely like him, but if she think that it is a relationship for only one night… she must be stopped with all cost." (Emilia)
Hokuto-kun decided to pretend not to hear it.
He was a faithful dog who protected his Master's important people, and he was busy sharpening the signs in preparation for enemies.
He was in no way scared of woman.
He wasn't afraid of woman.
Since this was important, he had said it twice.
There were no signs of enemy today! There was no abnormality!
Hokuto-kun was diligently committed to work today.


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