Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 75

More than Anything

— Emilia — [Batto-kazeha!] (Emilia)
Sirius-sama once showed it to me, and then, I swung a wind blade by imitating a Katana at the Dyna Rhodia.
Since it was a wind blade, there was no sense of resistance in my hand.
But what I felt something was slashed on my right hand and it wasn't an imagination. Rather than a monster, it felt like… I was slashing something dark.
I even shed tears inside without knowing… it might be related to it.
As my mana almost exhausted when unleashing this magic, my body collapsed with dizziness, but I gritted my teeth in order not to fall down.
Since the monster was still alive, I couldn't let myself collapsed until I saw the outcome.
"…It's not working?" (Reese)
Reese muttering, which was heard from the rear, was probably justified. Although my spell was unleashed, the monster had no changes.
But, this spell was…
"No… it work." (Emilia)
At that moment, when I thought whether there was cut entered in the monster's belly, a large amount of blood gushed and dyed the surroundings red. I had a bit of the blood on me because I was nearby, and Sirius-sama's coat was stained.
With a dizzy head, I was thinking that I must properly washed the coat later, but then… I noticed the figure of the monster.
"No good… it was shallow." (Emilia)
It seemed the spell had a short range beyond expectation. It couldn't be helped because the spell imitated a Katana, but I should at least had taken a few steps further.
Perhaps, the spell could cut half of its body. Thinking normally, this was a fatal wound with this amount of bleeding, but I heard that the monster's regenerative ability was amazing. It seemed the wound would heal if we leave it alone.
Even if I wanted to release the spell once more, I could hardly stand when my mana had hit rock bottom.
I couldn't do anything anymore, but our assault weren't over yet.
"Take this-!" (Reus)
There was still Reus who was suppressing the monster.
Reus pulled out the sword that had pinned the monster on the ground. He ran up on the back of the monster and swung the sword with full power.
The spot that Reus swung was the other side I slashed with the spell. Reus' greatsword didn't reach deep into the body of the monster because of its large body, but if we siblings hit from the front and the back, it would split into two.
"I did it!… Eh!?" (Reus)
"It is… tenacious, huh?" (Garve)
It seemed not enough… even there were few more. The entire body of the monster had become deep-red, but it seemed impossible to split the body with just a few slashes.
"Not yet! All of my power and mana… take it!" (Garve)
"Jii-chan!" (Reus)
At that moment, Ojii-chan, who had been focusing mana nearby, jumped out and unleashed [Wolf Fang] on its jaw.
Could this be a gut feeling? When I noticed it, Reus stabbed his sword in the tail again, and the lower part of the monster was fixed to the ground. And then, Ojii-chan uppercut the upper half of the monster toward the ceiling of the cave.
The two powers barely concentrated on the abdomen connecting the upper body and lower body. At last, the body of the monster was split.
The lower part of the monster stopped moving while the upper body dropped to the ground a moment later and made a loud noise. Ojii-chan had landed safely, but maybe because he went all out like he said earlier, he fell down on the knees and collapsed.
"Is it still alive?" (Garve)
Although the monster only had the upper body, it gradually approached Ojii-chan by crawling with the arms power alone. However, Reus stood up in front of the monster to protect Ojii-chan.
"That's bad, Jii-chan. Can you leave it to me?" (Reus)
"Aah. I was… That's enough." (Garve)
"Got it. I'll end this. To kill a monster in this condition is like bullying a weak monster and I hate it, but I don't think about that when it's about you. For Tou-chan and Kaa-chan, and to enemy who ate even my friends… I will defeat it!" (Reus)
Swiftly raising the sword, Reus came running and unleashed 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style – Strong Heaven'.
"This is the end-!" (Reus)
The sword that Reus swung down with all of his power wasn't only slashed the monster's body, but also the blade part of the sword was half buried on the ground. The swung cut no less than half of its head, and this time, the monster had stopped moving and its life ended.
Finally… we managed to defeat it.
At the moment I acknowledged it, I reached my limit and slowly crumbling down.
That's not good… my body will hit the ground if I stayed like this. But I was too exhausted to the extent that I couldn't even extend my hands to support my body.
I saw Reese trying to extend her hands from sideways glance, but I didn't think that she would make it in time. When I thought like a child that I didn't want to get hurt, there was someone who caught the fallen me in his arms.
"…You did well." (Sirius)
"Sirius…-sama?" (Emilia)
The one who caught me was my master, Sirius-sama.
There was no hint of cold eyes displayed when he went away before, he was gently smiling at me now.
Moreover, he slowly stroked my head, and I was able to keep the consciousness with so much pleasantness.
"Were… you watching it?" (Emilia)
"Of course. You displayed your fighting figure well. Facing that demon, you defeated it and you completely overcome your past. Be proud of it." (Sirius)
"Really…? Then, I am Sirius-sama's…" (Emilia)
"Yeah, you are my disciple. My proud disciple." (Sirius)
"Hehe… yeay…" (Emilia)
Aah… I felt that everything was rewarded with that smile and words.
Embraced by my beloved Sirius-sama, I lost consciousness with a happy feelings.

I was breathing and running in the world of darkness where everything was dyed black.
It was difficult to breath and I could collapse at anytime soon, but I looked forward and continued running.
Because Okaa-san and Otou-san were standing over there.
I wanted to see you.
I wanted to hear you.
I wanted to bite your shoulder for another time.
And yet… no matter how much I ran, I couldn't get close to Okaa-san and Otou-san.
I have to go to Okaa-san and Otou-san… quickly..
"Okaa-san, Otou-san, run awayyyyy!" (Emilia)
A big black monster appeared behind Okaa-san and Otou-san.
And that big mouth opened and about to eat my precious family.
"I won't let you! [Air Shot]!" (Emilia)
The magic that I used as easy as breathing nowadays… didn't activate.
"Why!? [Air Shot]! [Air Slash]! [Air Impact]!" (Emilia)
No matter how much I concentrated… no matter how much I shouted, the spells didn't activate.
I understood the reason as soon as I saw my hands.
"Why…?" (Emilia)
My body reverted to a child’s… back when the settlement was attacked.
I could cast spell after I met Sirius-sama.
I couldn't do anything back then, I was just a child…

It not that.
I… I… am not a child anymore!
Trained by Sirius-sama, I learned how to use magic and I became stronger… I am Emilia Silverion!
"Disappear!" (Emilia)
My body which was a child's body reverted back to the original body when I noticed it. I immediately leaped up high under the force of wind and I slit the black monster with a blade of wind that I swung with my right hand.
And then, the blade of wind didn't only cut the monster, but also the darkness.
"I am not scared at you anymore! Because I… have gotten over it!" (Emilia)
The black monster was completely disappeared when I boldly declared those words, and the world of darkness turned to a white world.
I was surprised by the sudden change, but more importantly…
"Okaa-san, Otou-san… are you alright?" (Emilia)
I turned around to make sure the well-being of my parents.
The moment I saw the face of Okaa-san and Otou-san who didn't change since the last time we parted… I had tears in my eyes.
Was I happy… or was I sad… I wasn't sure anymore.
Because, this was… a dream.
Since the real Okaa-san and Otou-san… were no more.
"Hehe… Emilia is a crybaby. I can't remember raising her like that, you know?" (Rona)
"I guess so. Since you were a tomboy, rather than crying, weren't you immediately get angry and retorted?" (Felios)
"But… but…" (Emilia)
"Hei, let me stroke your head like usual. Emilia likes to be stroked here, isn't it?" (Rona)
"Oi oi, you sneaky. I'm going to do that too." (Felios)
With Okaa-san's gently stroke, Otou-san's slightly rough stroked didn't change either. It was a commonplace in the now, but nowadays, it was something that I missed dearly. I was happy.
But… I had someone who was gently stroking me now.
"Eh? For some reason, her reaction is a bit different?" (Rona)
"Yeah. Because there is a person who strokes more comfortably now…" (Emilia)
"Could it be that you are all over that person? To satisfy you more than I am… it seems that person is not an ordinary person." (Rona)
"'All over'!? Is that person… a man?" (Felios)
"Yeah. He is very kind and wonderful person. Reus and I are attendants for such person. His name is Sirius-sama. He saved us when we were attacked by monsters…" (Emilia)
And then, I was too absorbed and kept talking to Okaa-san and Otou-san.
Even if it was a bit, I naturally kept talking very fast when it was about Sirius-sama and everyone. Okaa-san and Otou-san were smiling… no, Otou-san continued listening with a slightly bitter face.
Although their appearances were gradually becoming thin like melting in this white world… there were still smiling.
"Sirius-sama is very strong, and he is very knowledgeable. He always care about us, the dishes he made are very delicious, and he is a teacher who raised me to become this splendid." (Emilia)
Okaa-san's appearance became thinner…
"Reus is also growing up wonderfully. Nowadays, he wields a greatsword, and he can easily defeat monsters. There were many times when he was a bit reckless and had strange behaviors, but he became really strong." (Emilia)
Otou-san's appearance became thinner…
"And then, I went to a school. I met a girl, Reese, and we became friends. She is very kind, her water spells are amazing… she is my precious friend and family…" (Emilia)
I couldn't already see the tears in front… and I didn't even know why was I talking to myself.
I just went on with feelings, and I kept talking with Okaa-san and Otou-san.
When I let my feelings out and wiped the tears, the appearances of Okaa-san and Otou-san were almost disappeared.
Although I still had something I would like to talk about… it seemed there was no more time left.
But before that, there were something I had to tell Okaa-san and Otou-san by all means.
"Oh, are you done already? I want to hear more stories." (Rona)
"Well… I have something to apologize to Okaa-san and Otou-san." (Emilia)
"…Please say it." (Rona)
"I love Sirius-sama. I am glad that I met that person and become his attendant." (Emilia)
To become Sirius-sama's attendant and stay by his side is the best happiness for me. Okaa-san happily nodded at my confession while Otou-san reluctantly nodded.
"Yes, we understand that very well. The face you had when you talked about that person… looked so happy." (Rona)
"…He doesn't seems to be only as a benefactor. It is frustrating, but I have no choice other than to admit it…" (Felios)
"I am happy to be with Sirius-sama… and on that day… I was happy." (Emilia)
The ordinary days spent were suddenly remembered. It naturally floated, and the me at that time was deeply self-loathing.
"Our settlement… because Okaa-san and Otou-san's were attacked by monsters… I could meet Sirius-sama…" (Emilia)
I was able to achieve happiness because the people that I regarded most were attacked… it was a thought of blaspheming the dead.
"I love Okaa-san and Otou-san! I also love friends in the settlement! But the thing about me meeting Sirius-sama is… is…" (Emilia)
"…Emilia." (Rona)
When I cried, Okaa-san hugged me. Otou-san also embraced Okaa-san and I.
"That Sirius-sama is the most important person than anyone you have met… right?" (Felios)
"I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" (Emilia)
Okaa-san muttered while gently stroking me who kept apologizing in her bosom.
"Emilia… you don't have to apologize." (Rona)
"We died because my strength wasn't good enough. Instead of that, we're the ones who should apologize for dying and leaving you and Reus" (Felios)
"There is no such thing! There is no reason for Okaa-san and Otou-san to apologize!" (Emilia)
That was certainly the truth. Because of Okaa-san and Otou-san risked their lives… Reus and I survived.
When I raised my face, Okaa-san and Otou-san were stroking my head while smiling.
"You don't have to feel bad. After all… we have already died. You don't have to worry about us anymore, and it's definitely not good if you are not enjoying yourself now." (Rona)
"You met a person who is more important than me and Okaa-san. You became stronger and defeated our enemies. As a parent, we certainly are happy." (Felios)
"Otou-san is right. You have grown up and that make us happy above all. There is no parents who are not pleased with the growth of their children." (Rona)
I couldn't… stop crying.
Why… why… won't anyone that I love gone like this?
"It is good enough for us if Emilia and Reus are happy.
"It looks like Reus had grown up wonderfully and became a warrior. I was relieved." (Felios)
"Otou-san… it's too early to feel relieve. I don't feel calm if it is with that child. Sirius-sama and I would worry if we don't watch over him." (Emilia)
"Although I said that I depended on you when it came to Reus, don't overdo it and neglect yourself." (Felios)
"It's alright. If Sirius-sama is there, I will not be afraid of anything. So, you don't need to worry." (Emilia)
"You really like that person, huh. If that's the cast, you need to go soon. This is not a place for you, right?" (Felios)
After saying that and chewing my shoulder, Okaa-san and Otou-san left. I also tried to bite their shoulders, but the stretched hand couldn't touch anything. It just went through Okaa-san's body.
"Even if you don't bite, I understand your feelings. Please be safe." (Rona)
"It is frustrating, but please direct that feeling to the person called Sirius." (Felios)
"…Yeah." (Emilia)
"From now on, live the way you want and be happy. That is our only wish." (Rona)
"Whatever it will be, I bless you." (Felios)
"Okaa-san… Otou-san…" (Emilia)
Okaa-san's and Otou-san's bodies continued to disappear in the white world until there was nothing could be seen other than their silhouettes.
Even so… I still had something that I wanted to tell.
I wiped away tears and shouted.
"I am really glad that I am the daughter of Okaa-san and Otou-san!" (Emilia)
[I love you, Emilia.] (Rona)
[I love you, Emilia.] (Felios)
"I love you too!" (Emilia)
And then… Okaa-san and Otou-san had completely disappeared.
How long had I been crying and sitting down in this white world since Okaa-san and Otou-san disappeared?
I finally felt refresh after crying for quite some time, and I slowly turned back.
Although the white world was still spreading on the other side, the only difference was that I could see a sun that radiated warm light in the sky. My heart was calmed when I was looking at the son, and my tail was naturally waving.
This body felt the warmth… and there was no mistake. That sun is where I should head to. It was a place where my Master, who I swore to live together, should be.
I started walking towards the sun.
To return to where I belong…

"…Have you woken up?" (Sirius)
While I was having blurry consciousness, I turned towards the voice and I could see my master, Sirius-sama, was looking at me.
I unconsciously reached out for him, and Sirius-sama grabbed my hand.
It was warm… after all, this person was my 'sun'.
"How's the condition of your body?" (Sirius)
"Yes… although it's a bit sluggish, I am fine, Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
Since I didn't receive any attack, this was simple physical disorder due to the mana exhaustion.
I raised up my upper body while removing the blanket wrapped around my body, and then I checked the surroundings.
The place was not the cave where we fought the monster. It seemed to be an indoor where somebody used to live. The indoor was strangely dusty but somehow… it felt familiar.
"Sirius-sama… this is…?" (Emilia)
"This is one of the houses of the settlement where you lived. I've brought you here since you fainted.
Come to think of it, there were still houses in the settlement which hadn't been destroyed. Since it was an interior decorations unique to the silver wolf tribe, I felt familiar with it.
The indoor was bright due to Sirius-sama's spell, but it was already dark when I looked outside from the window.
"How long have I been sleeping? And… the others are.." (Emilia)
"It had been several hours. Both Reus and Reese are staying in other houses." (Sirius)
After that, Sirius-sama explained what happened after I fainted.
When I fainted, Ojii-chan fainted next.
If I thought about it, Ojii-chan was continuously fighting even after arriving in the settlement. It was probably expected since he had unleashed his deadly technique many times.
"His physical strength and mana were considerably exhausted, and his stressed mind was relaxed when the enemy was defeated. Reus is watching nearby. I think he will safely wake up tomorrow, so please rest assured." (Sirius)
"That's good. Since Ojii-chan.. was working really hard." (Emilia)
"Well, you were like that too. Look, I've made a soup, so you should eat it. Aren't you hungry?" (Sirius)
My stomach grumbled when I heard about the soup. Sirius-sama brought a plate of soup while smiling. By doing so, the loneliness that I felt when our hands were separated was somehow mended.
Whether it was warmed up in advance, the steam rose from the soup and a delicious smell filled the room. This smell… it was the soup that he treated me and Reus for the first time.
"And I made a Tamagoyaki since Reus found fresh eggs. He is of course a sweet guy." (Sirius)
"Uhmm, if you don't mind, can you please…" (Emilia)
"Hmmm? Do you want me to feed you?" (Sirius)
"…Yes." (Emilia)
Sirius-sama had a smile as if to say that he had no other choice. And then, he made me eat the soup and the Tamagoyaki. It was very tasty with a light flavor, I was really happy that he adjusted the seasoning according to my preference. Moreover, he fed me… I was so happy.
While letting me eat like that, Sirius-sama began to tell of what happened next.
"We dig a hole for the monster and burned it. The existence that threatened you has completely disappeared." (Sirius)
There were also things about us. It seemed the raw material of the monster weren't removed and it was completely incinerated and buried in the ground. I was happy with the thought.
Besides that, although I didn't see it, there were a large amount of monsters knocked down by Sirius-sama outside the cave. They also dug a hole and disposed them, so there was no need to worry about monsters gathered more than necessary. Reus and Hokuto seemed to play huge part in these matters.
And since Hokuto left the territory marks to the surroundings and he was watching over the settlement, there was almost no possibility for monsters to come closer.
"That's why you don't have to worry. Since I'm also going to sleep nearby, I will say something if there is anything." (Sirius)
As Sirius-sama said that, he tried to get up after feeding me, but I reflexively grabbed his sleeve to stop him.
Aah.. that's not good. Maybe because I saw a dream of Okaa-san and Otou-san, I unconsciously thought that I wanted him to be by my side.
"Reese was right. Got it. I will stay nearby, so don't make that face. Is this alright?" (Sirius)
Sirius-sama sat in front of me again and stroked my head.
Originally, this place was supposed to be for girls where Reese and I would stay, but apparently Reese clearly told Sirius-sama what he should do. It looked like Sirius-sama had expected that I would grab his sleeve when he was about to leave. He was smiling because he was right. It was a bit embarrassing, but thank you… Reese.
"Even though you just woke up, you better go to sleep. Look, I am here, so you can take a rest." (Sirius)
"Understood. But before that, there is something I want to talk to Sirius-sama. Will you hear me?" (Emilia)
"Yes, I will." (Sirius)
"Thank you very much. Actually, after I lost consciousness…" (Emilia)
I told him about the nightmare that I continued having, and the talk with Okaa-san and Otou-san after I got over it. Sirius-sama nodded many times as if he was the one who felt pleased or saddened while he stroked my head over and over again.
I heard from Sirius-sama that so called dream appeared because of one's wish and unconsciously let out, but I didn't think it was a dream. No… it didn't matter even if it was a dream. If it was my Okaa-san and Otou-san, they will certainly said so.
And then…
"Okaa-san said to live the way you want me to live… So, I think that… I have something that I want to tell you." (Emilia)
Grasping Sirius-sama's hands, I took a breath in while looking at his eyes.
"I… I love Sirius-sama. As an attendant… as a disciple… and as a woman, I love you." (Emilia)
"Is that so? I'm happy." (Sirius)
"I think that you already know it, but I expressed my feelings with words once more. But since I am your attendant, you don't need to mind about it. It is good enough for you to know that a woman is in love with you. I would be happy if you could stroke my head like now sometimes later…" (Emilia)
I couldn't say that I was happy.
Because… my mouth was blocked by Sirius-sama's mouth.
"…Are you satisfied with just stroking?" (Sirius)
Sirius-sama slowly separate himself from me. He was smiling while caressing my cheek.
"Uhmm… just now… is it?" (Emilia)
"Calm down. Emilia loves me, and I also love Emilia. Isn't it simple?" (Sirius)
"But… it's just that… you didn't respond no matter how many times I tempted you… I was worried… was it because I had no appeal…" (Emilia)
I was told the way of an attendant by Erina-san, including the care of the night. And I was taught that the female attendant whom the Master had chosen to be embraced was the evidence that she was trusted the most. And I will respond to Sirius-sama's desire… with my own body. I thought that as a great thing.
I would like to be chosen by all means because I love Sirius-sama, and that was why I had been making an effort to become an attractive woman. It was difficult but I never thought that it was painful when I thought that I would be chosen by Sirius-sama.
I kept honing myself in order to become worthy as Sirius-sama's attendant… as a beautiful woman… with big and attractive chest.
But… when Sirius-sama was at age, which was mentioned by Erina-san, didn't ask for it at all.
I sneaked into his futon, entered the bathroom… I actively tried many things when I hugged him, but he kept avoiding me without much difficulty.
That was why I started to doubt whether he really liked me, and when I thought about staying by his side… just like this… he kissed me!
I was happy and my consciousness might unintentionally disappear.
"I never said that you are unattractive. It was a bit stressful when such a beautiful girl likes me. Would it be impossible not to fall in love?" (Sirius)
"If it so, why did not you respond? Even if you look at me as a tool, I had no plan to refuse you." (Emilia)
"This is a one-sided thought, but you can't run away from me, Emilia." (Sirius)
If he accepted my feelings before overcoming the past, I would completely rely on Sirius-sama, and there was a possibility of me running away without facing the monster.
Now that he said that, I had to agree. Perhaps, when I got all over Sirius-sama, I might not able to step forward when I faced a monster, and I would hide behind his back.
I understood the reason when I thought about it, but it was really cruel. He was… really strict.
"I-I have a question, since when… did you become conscious of me?" (Emilia)
"Hmmm… I was a bit conscious about woman when we entered the school in Elysion. Because you grew up so attractively, I had hard time to endure it recently." (Sirius)
Aah… I was glad.
My effort had been paid off and it was conveyed to Sirius-sama. I was pleased and I was almost crying.
When I trembling with joy, Sirius-sama looked into my eyes with a serious expression. We were looking at each other to see if there is a lie.
"But Emilia, will you be fine? I… killed a lot of people, you know?" (Sirius)
"…Yes, I know." (Emilia)
Sirius-sama went somewhere by himself at night, and I smell a slight smell of blood when he came back.
"It was necessary for Sirius-sama to stick to your own beliefs, right? And the most important thing is, Sirius-sama will not be a person who thoughtlessly take our life. As I am including that, I am still admiring you." (Emilia)
"I also like Reese. Besides that, I had been pressed by a female elf who I met in the past… but still, are you…?" (Sirius)
"I expect this if it is Reese. I am not sure about a female elf, but it is normal for a woman to be attracted to a strong person. No matter how many increase, I wouldn't mind if Sirius-sama would love us equally." (Emilia)
"I don't mean that I want to increase the number in particular, but… I'm not that convincing huh. Putting aside the numbers, are you alright with that?" (Sirius)
"Yes. It is good enough for me if I can respond to Sirius-sama's wishes as an attendant." (Emilia)
"No… I don't like that kind of thing. I won't feel comfortable if I don't properly treat you as the woman for me." (Sirius)
And he was… kissing me again.
The endearing feelings towards Sirius-sama was overflowing, I hope time like this would last forever.
The moment our mouth tried to separate, I instinctively went for Sirius-sama, but he stopped me by holding my shoulders. Sorry but my feelings were overflowing and it seemed my body were arbitrarily asking for it.
Since Sirius-sama still had something to say, I desperately suppressed my feeling and waiting for his words.
"Emilia. I will accept your feelings. Please become my lover." (Sirius)
"Yes. I won't be with anyone other than Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Is that so? Please take care of me from now on." (Sirius)
"Yes! I'll be by your side until this life comes to an end." (Emilia)
I jumped into Sirius-sama's bosom and had a kiss for third time.
I was an attendant for this person.
However, I will love this person… as a woman.
"I love you… Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
Okaa-san. And Otou-san.
You know… I am very happy.
But, I will be happier from now on, so please watch over us.
[Yes, we have been watching you.] (Rona)
[Yeah, we will watch over you.] (Felios)

An incident that Emilia didn't even tell Sirius.
When I separated from Okaa-san and Otou-san, while I was on my way back to Sirius-sama… I was attracted to something.
There was a table and chairs in the mansion where we lived in the past.
Sirius-sama usually drank a tea that Erina-san made on that table, but at that time, she was sitting there and was drinking a tea.
And on the opposite side… there was a woman, who I had met somewhere, sat.
That person was certainly a woman in a picture that Erina-san showed, right?
By the way, that person was Sirius-sama's…
When I thought about it, those two stood up and told me while smiling.
[Take care of Sirius-sama] (Erina)
[Take care of my son!] (Aria)
"…Yes!" (Reus)
… And then, I woke up.
Whether the scene that Emilia saw was her dream… or whether it happened in reality is left to the imagination of the reader. (Author)


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