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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 66

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Do enjoy! ????The Two who Realized

— Reus —
Of the monster group that was composed of close to thirty, there were only a few left when they finally ran away.
I wanted to exterminate them because it's possible that they'd aim for another child if I let them get away, but Noir was here, so I should stop.
When I looked back while catching my breath, there was the figure of Noir looking at me dumbfoundedly.
Although I told her to close her eyes, from when did she see me?
"Noir, you are not injured, right?" (Reus)
"Y-yeah… I'm fine." (Noir)
Noir was somewhat cold, but as far as I could see, she didn't have any injuries.
Seeing this child safe, made me realize that I could finally protect someone.
I had been an escort at the request of the guild until now, but the escort subject was mostly protected either by Aniki or Nee-chan, so I went to the front and would be fine swinging my sword without worry.
For example, even if I was alone, I would concentrate solely on swinging the sword, while barely having any awareness of the subject as I was too absorbed in defeating the monsters.
Thus… this time was the first time that I protected someone.
She was someone that I needed to protect.
It was very difficult, but I was really happy that I could protect Noir without any problems.
This was the thing that Aniki always did… and this was the path that Aniki walked.
From the time I wanted to line up next to Aniki, I'd been chasing him all the while. I continued training every day, and learned swordsmanship from Jii-chan, but Aniki's back was still far away until this very day… and, for some reason, it looked hazy.
But now that I knew about the difficulties of protecting someone, and the joy of protecting them, I felt that I could clearly see that hazy back. The back that became distant after knowing the difficulties, but I was glad that I could clearly see my aim.
I tried to approach Noir, since she was looking here without any indication to move, but she took a step back to avoid me.
Yeah, it was understandable why she was avoiding me.
Anyhow, I haven't removed my transformation yet, and my whole body was bright red as a result of the wolves' blood. Even Aniki or Nee-chan would probably hate to be approached.
"This is bad. You're scared… right? I will not come any closer, but do not leave me. There may still be some monsters left." (Reus)
"N-no! You're wrong! You aren't… scary." (Noir)
Even if she said so, I knew Noir was scared since her legs were trembling, and her ears were drooping.
A cursed child is a man who transforms to something that looks like a wolf, which also looks like a monster. I thought Noir's reaction was normal, and that made me think again about how mature Aniki was.
"Let's leave this place before other monsters come. Come, follow me." (Reus)
"W-wait!" (Noir)
When I thought of why she would run while shouting, she grasped my hand regardless of it being wet with monster blood.
I immediately tried to separate my hand from her, because she would get dirty with blood, but she tightly grasped with both hands while shivering, so I couldn't shake her off.
"Hey, let go because there is blood on it." (Reus)
I asked her to separate from me, but she shook her head and didn't try to let go of my hand.
We walked as we were because it couldn't be helped, but since she was tightly holding it, there was no problem with our movement.
We didn't talk to each other. We just kept on walking and finally returned to the place where I was before rolling down. In a normal situation, I would immediately go back, but I could not, not in this situation, until I calmed my fighting mood.
Although the wounds done by the monsters were healed because of the resilience of the transformation, I felt pain from numerous parts of my body since I was forcing it to move.
Then, I thought about seeing Aniki and Reese-ane soon, and Noir let go of my hands when she noticed that my appearance returned to normal. When I looked at Noir, she was smiling at me while being surprised.
"Hmmm, the wolf Onii-chan was scary but… it was amazing, you were really cool!" (Noir)
I do not like that appearance so much. I could become strong, but I would see nothing but enemies because of the stimulation, and to make matters worse, I didn't want to be seen with scared eyes by those who I considered friends.
Noir was scared of me, but… she felt relieved about being rescued, especially when she put that smile on her face.
Looking at that smile, I thought that I really could keep protecting Noir.
I want to inform my current feelings to Aniki and Nee-chan soon.
— Sirius —
"…You grew again, Reus." (Sirius)
I nodded in satisfaction, while I was on a high ground away from Reus.
I sensed Reus and Noir were in danger, and when I readied the long distance shooting condition, Reus was already surrounded by the Dyna Wolves.
I wanted to support them immediately, but I thought that it was a good opportunity to check Reus' ambiguous goal, so I put my magic into an [Idling] state and viewed their situation.
Whether Reus wanted to become strong in order to catch up to me or so he could protect those who were important… this was probably the time to make it clear.
Of course, if Noir wasn't being protected, I would give them my support, but Reus did a transformation that rarely took place in public.
Whenever Reus transforms, he becomes abnormally stimulated, and there was a high possibility of him not noticing Noir's existence, but he kept fighting without being drunk by the impulses, and he protected Noir from the monsters.
I thought it was overprotective, but I'm glad that those two were alright.
Honestly, I was planning to thin out the Dyna Wolves beforehand, but we took some time dealing with the other monsters. Hokuto and I also exterminated nearly fifty Dyna Wolves, but since this forest was close to the town, there was a possibility that they would attack the town when their numbers multiplied, so in addition to that fifty, we exterminated their nest.
That monster's characteristic was to swarm endlessly. There were almost a hundred wolves waiting in the discovered next, but at the same time when we exterminated them, Reus already encountered the enemy.
Nevertheless, Reus really did grow up.
Although he said many times that he yearned to be by my side, I thought that the impetus for him to become stronger was to protect his sister, Emilia.
However, as Emilia became stronger, she was no longer a target of protection, so his goal changed to being by my side. Of course, the feeling that he wanted to protect hadn't changed, even now, but his sister and I were strong and we almost didn't need his protection.
His battle style was mostly stepping forward and defeating the enemies, so he forgot the feeling of defending.
And without asking for anyone's help, he would see the person he wanted to protect for the first time, and he wouldn't know what they thought unless they were asked. But I think that something had definitely changed. I will not know until I hear what he thinks.
I will see him with an innocent look later, and listened to his honest feeling after things have calmed down.
…However, there were things need to be done before that.
"Five are running away… huh. Hokuto, I'm going to ride on your back." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Since I'd been keeping track of the presence of the Dyna Wolves that were escaping, I figured out where I would go.
Hokuto stood behind me after confirming their location, and I pointed my finger towards the Dyna Wolves that continued to escape while looking through my self-made telescope.
There were many obstacles in the forest. Furthermore, to aim for the wolves that were still running was a difficult technique, and the distance was already a few kilometers ahead…
"It's regrettable, but they are still within range." (Sirius)
It would be impossible in the previous life, but they were within the range for the current me.
If you are running away, you should run more in a zigzag motion in order to avoid being aimed at.
However, since it was impossible to snipe from a very long distance in this world, it would probably be unreasonable to be alerted.
I confirmed their figures that could be seen moving through the trees in an instant, and then, after calculating the moving distance of the enemies and the landing position of the bullet, I activated the long-range sniper magic, [Snipe].
In a moment… the head of the monster that I aimed exploded, and since the remaining wolves had stopped moving to watch for an attack, they had become easy targets.
It was pitiful to be killed without knowing, but this was the retribution for aiming at my disciples and their child.
I unconcernedly shot through the heads of the remaining monsters. I would use this measure later for other monsters.
"Disposal complete… Shall we return, Hokuto?"
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Then, I got on Hokuto and returned to Emilia.
Thus, the large number of Dyna Wolves that inhabited in this forest was completely annihilated.

Since Reus was matching Noir's walk, Hokuto and I made a great detour in order to avoid them and returned to Emilia.
Since we returned earlier, Emilia and Noel were vigorously rushing at us. I was surprised with that threatening look for a moment but that was a secret.
"Welcome back, Sirius-sama! Are there any injuries?" (Emilia)
"Sirius-sama! How about Noir-chan's and Reus-kun's reactions!?" (Noel)
I somehow managed to calm them down. I told them that they were safe and heading back here, and then Reus and Noir showed up.
Noel and Dee immediately came out, but Noir hid behind Reus when she confirmed her parents' figures. It would be difficult to face them after yelling and fleeing like that.
But, Noel was unconcerned about that. She ran to quickly embrace Noir…
"Noir-chan! Reus-kun! You're safe… no, what on earth were you doing!?" (Noel)
"Aah… yeah, Noir and I are safe, Noel-nee. Anyway… look." (Reus)
As one would expect, she stopped when she saw the condition of the bloodstained Reus. After Reus explained about the monsters' blood stain, he put his hand on Noir's head and urged her to come out.
Noir took off the mantle she wore and stood in front of Noel, but she was looking downward. Then, she raised her face and met Noel…
"…Okaa-san" (Noir)
"Noir-chan!" (Noel)
At that moment, Noir was tightly embraced. Regardless of her desperate condition, Noir was embraced while shedding tears.
"…I'm… sorry. Okaa-san." (Noir)
"Yeah, I'm sorry, too." (Noel)
"…Sorry for calling you stupid, Okaa-san." (Noir)
"I don't mind that. So, don't go anywhere. If Noir-chan isn't here, Okaa-san…" (Noel)
They kept embracing each other while shedding tears, but… the situation had changed a bit. To be specific, Noir seemed to be suffering.
"Uhmm… Okaa-san? It hurts?" (Noir)
"You can't! This is not because of me, this is punishment for troubling Sirius-sama!" (Noel)
"Nyaa! Help me, Otou-san!" (Noir)
…It wasn't my imagination that the impression of the reunion had started to move in a strange direction.
As she kept holding Noir under the pretense of punishment, I thought of stopping her from being unreasonable, but Dee entered between them and caressed Noel's head. Noel reluctantly released her daughter, and then, Noir hugged Dee to escaped from Noel.
It seemed like an everyday occurrence, after looking at Dee's familiar hands.
"Noir, you're not hurt?" (Dee)
"Yeah. That's because Onii-chan protected me." (Noir)
"Is that so? Reus, thank you." (Dee)
"Haa!? That's right! Reus-kun, thank you for helping Noir-chan." (Noel)
"Hehe… I'm glad that I rescued her safely. Me too, thank you." (Reus)
The two had strange expressions when Reus said thanks, but he immediately realized that his body was covered with blood and when he tried to pick a towel, Reese stopped him.
"Aah, can you wait a bit for the towel and give it to me? Reus, let me do that." (Reese)
"I leave it to you, Reese-ane." (Reus)
"Water… please. [Aqua Ring]" (Reese) [h]TLN: The Japanese name for the spell is Water Purification[/h]
When Reese activated the spell, water started gathering around Reus and became a big sphere covering his whole body.
This spell is Reese's spell that reproduces an original idea of mine, it is a spell that covers an object with water that accelerates the healing process, treats wounds and removes stuck-on dirt. It is most suitable in this situation, since he is covered with blood.
The downside is that the whole body gets soaked and breathing is impossible. If she uses it without telling the other side, there is a possibility that they might drown if she uses it for a long time, so she has to be careful. Actually, if Reese doesn't include the healing part, she can uses it for attack, but she rarely uses this spell.
Since it is necessary to have a huge mana supply and fine control to use it, Reese is the only one who can do it, where the spirits can be seen.
"…Yes, you'll be cleaned soon. Release." (Reese)
And when Reese released her spell, Reus' body was soaked, but the blood was completely removed.
Reus also looked satisfied after checking his body. He shook his body and scattered the water around him. Then, he received a towel and wiped himself down.
"Huu… that's refreshing. Thank you, Reese-ane." (Reus)
"The outer wounds have healed, but do you feel pain anywhere else?" (Reese)
"Hmm, there is a somewhat discomfort feeling on my left arm, and my whole body is a bit sore, I think?" (Reus)
"Where is it? Show it to me." (Sirius)
Some people would try to hide their injuries, and they won't talked about it until there was an after effect later. Since I taught them to inform any pain or discomforts, Reus frankly told me and received a diagnosis.
I put my hand on Reus' head and checked for any abnormalities on his whole body with [Scan], but… other than muscle damaged due to movement that exceeded his limits, I was relieved that there was no fatal injury.
"…Hmm, there shouldn't be any problems if you don't move too strenuously. After I invoke a regenerative process, there will be no pain tomorrow. For today, I forbid you from swinging your sword." (Sirius)
"Got it. Hey, Aniki. Today, it was my first time protecting someone I wanted to protect. It wasn't because of Aniki's instructions, but it was because of my resolve." (Reus)
"Is that so? You did well, until you became like this." (Sirius)
'Next time, please be better so that you won't be bathed with blood'… and that's what I thought for a moment, but currently, I was pleased with Reus' growth.
When I gently stroked his head, Reus seemed to be embarrassed.
"Hehe… But, it was hard to protect those who cannot fight. I realized how amazing Aniki is again." (Reus)
"You're right. It is really difficult to protect. Well, did you feel something?" (Sirius)
""It wasn't clear, but I feel I could see something. Looking at Noir's smile, and being thanked by Noel-nee and Dee-nii… it made me really happy. But, that is something that Aniki always does, and I only felt it once… that is what I thought." (Reus)
I took my hand off Reus' head, and he had a good smile while displaying teeth like a boy.
"My dream to catch up with Aniki still hasn't changed, but I thought that I wanted to become stronger to protect someone important. From here on, please take care of me." (Reus)
"It is difficult, you know? Unlike how you try to catch up with me, it is difficult to protect someone, unless you become many times stronger than now." (Sirius)
"That is my aspiration!" (Reus)
Was that the answer Reus got from this situation?
On the path of catching up with me, the path of protecting someone had become clear and it felt like a midway stopping point. It wasn't a big change, but it was a fact that there was a definite change.
If there are many paths, there is also the possibility of being unable to decide, but the possibilities will expand with that alone. No, rather, you should be greedy. Rather than just having strength and standing by my side, it would be better to become stronger and become a spare hand to save people. You probably can do that much with your potential, and let me continue to be your respectable goal worth pursuing.
"My first target is to defeat Lior-jiichan!" (Reus)
"Aah… yeah. Keep going for it until the end." (Sirius)
He will keep progressing himself to become stronger, and I think that it should be a fight at the end.

After calming Reus, who was boiling with determination, we discussed our future plans, but judging from Noir's anxiety and Reus' physical condition, we decided to go back to [Erina's Dining Room] a bit earlier.
When we returned, Noir didn't get on Hokuto. She was walking in the middle of Noel and Dee with their hands connected.
A scene where the parents and their child were holding their hands together and laughing with each other was a scene of happiness. The disciples were looking and smiling at such a scene.
"Noir, she looks happy." (Emilia)
"Reus also did his best. That sight is happening because of your protection." (Sirius)
"After all, the parents and child are good. I'm a bit… jealous." (Emilia)
Since we didn't have parents anymore, it was impossible to link hands with our parents like Noir. Although Reese has a father, she had no mother, so it was impossible for her to link hands together with her parents.
Reus seemed purely happy, but Emilia and Reese were envying while smiling.
I didn't understand their feelings, but it was good if our way of thinking changed a little bit.
"It may be impossible to be in Noir's position, but it is possible to become like Noel, you know?" (Sirius)
""Eh!?"" (Emilia/Reese)
"I don't mind if it's a boy or girl, but if it is Emilia's and Reese's child, they will look cute either way." (Sirius)
"Uhmm… Sirius-sama? Is that… could it be…" (Emilia)
"Err… the father is…" (Reese)
"Well… someday, I guess?" (Sirius)
When I looked over my shoulder, Emilia and Reese stood still with reddened faces, but I continued walking as if I didn't see them.
When those two immediately caught up, Emilia was overcome with emotion, and held my left arm, while Reese was smiling as she quietly held the other arm.
We couldn't be like Noel's family right now, but it was good since they were happy.
While looking at Reus, who walked ahead, and Hokuto, who was at the rear, I was enjoying the warmth of the important existences I felt from both sides.

When we returned, what we saw was the scene of carnage in [Erina's Dining Room].
The rumors of Donburi served at noon seemed to have spread all over the town, and nearly twice as many customers were rushing in. Reus, who fought earlier, was forced to rest, while we made a charge to the dining room, which had turned into a 'bloodbath'. By the way, Noel left to look after Noir.
Today, Noel's brother and sisters were working, and when we participated, the number of people was too many, compared to the size of the store. After we came back, the progress of the dining room became smooth.
The business ended with no particular problems. Dee tried to pay his brother- and sister-in-laws when they were about to go home, but they said they didn't want it because he was family. They were a good family.
Since Dee didn't feel good when he received their help without giving anything back, I gave them a souvenir of my new homemade confection that I made during break-time.
And, at present… Noir and I were sitting opposite of each other at a table inside the store.
Reus was sitting on her side, and since he said he won't talk as much as possible, he sat while binding his mouth in a straight line.
This situation was created by Reus. He persuaded Noir back in the forest, and suggested to her to tell her real feelings to me. Although, I understood to a certain extent when I heard from Reus, I would like to praise his nice assistance, because it was easier to correspond to the side who mentioned their real feelings.
Noel and Dee were looking secretly, but Noir didn't seem to realize because they were diligently hiding.
Since we got back to the dining room, Noir had time to be alone with Noel. It appeared that they were talking a lot during that time, and I couldn't feel the hostility that was shown in Noir's eyes from before. However, she seemed to be wondering about how to make the first move, and the silent time continued awhile between us.
Still, Reus and I patiently waited, and the word that finally came out from Noir's mouth was…
"Err… Sirius…-sama?" (Noir)
"What is it?" (Sirius)
"I-I'm sorry." (Noir)
It was an apology to me.
I didn't think that she did something that made me demand an apology, but I won't be able to understand if she didn't clearly say it. It was because I should understand what that apology was for.
"Aah, I don't mind it because I'm not angry at all. Anyway, can you tell me why you are apologizing?" (Sirius)
"Uhmm… I said… that Sirius-sama's dishes weren't tasty even when I ate them. I also said… not to take my Otou-san and Okaa-san away, and I said nothing when I got some desserts…" (Noir)
"Haha, didn't you say it was unpleasant and not delicious? But, what Noir said wasn't a mistake, right?" (Sirius)
"There is no such thing! It was really… delicious." (Noir)
"Thank you. However, what I want to say is, no matter how delicious the meals or sweets that I make are, I can't ever win against Dee." (Sirius)
"Eh?" (Noir)
Yes… no matter how I struggle, I can't win against Dee.
Noir probably didn't think that I would say this. While she was looking at me with a confused expression, I placed the dessert that I had prepared in front of Noir.
"Is this… a dessert?" (Noir)
"That's right. Yes, I made this and it is called Mont Blanc. Let alone Noel and Dee, Reus also hasn't tasted this yet. Here, eat it." (Sirius)
To be precise, it was a dessert made with nuts similar to the taste of chestnuts, but since the taste and appearance were exactly the same, it was named Mont Blanc.
Reus unintentionally gulped his saliva, and… I could hear a small voice of Reese saying "So good." from the other side of the door when Noir took a bite of the Mont Blanc. At that moment, Noir had glittering eyes while being surprised and finished eating it in no time.
"How was it?" (Sirius)
"Yes! It was very delicious!" (Noir)
"Really? You're saying it because you're having it for the first time." (Sirius)
Noir looked down, seemingly embarrassed when I smiled at her, but she immediately looked up and smiled at me.
"I will teach Dee later, so you can have it someday. And then, it will become the most delicious Mont Blanc." (Sirius)
"Eh? This is also tasty, isn't it?" (Noir)
"No, the Mont Blanc that Dee will make is the most delicious. He will make everything just for you." (Sirius)
"Aah…" (Noir)
"Listen to me, Noir. I think that Noel, Dee, and Noir are my lovable family. But, no matter how Noir likes me, I can't win against the love Noel and Dee have for you." (Sirius)
After telling Reus to sit next to me, and calling Noel and Dee, who were hiding, they sat on both sides of Noir and were looking at me with earnest expressions. As I expected of Noel, she properly read the mood.
Noir was confused with the sudden development, but she became calm when Noel gently stroked her head.
"Well, shall I ask Dee? Will you be able to win against me, for Noir's sake?" (Sirius)
"Yes, I'm sorry, but I will never give up on that. It is because I love Noir." (Dee)
"No! I love Noir more! When it comes to Noir-chan, I will absolutely… not lose to Sirius-sama!" (Noel)
Tears began to emerge in Noir's eyes, as she watched her parents, who were pounding the table with their hands at me.
Thus, the love of her parents was displayed before her, and finally Noir seemed to realize her misunderstanding. Reus, who was next to me, was smiling until his teeth were seen and he called for Noir.
"How about it, Noir? Was it like I said?" (Reus)
"Yeah! Thanks, Onii-… Reus-sama!" (Noir)
"Ouu!… Eh?" (Reus)
Reus tilted his head at the last word uttered by Noir, and I also had a similar feeling. What did she just call Reus, if I'm not mistaken?
Noel, who noticed our wondering looks, explained to us with a raised finger.
"Aah, Reus-kun. I discussed this with Noir-chan a little while ago, and she has decided to become Reus' attendant in the future." (Noel)
"Eh? Not Aniki… but me?" (Reus)
"Yeah. Noir-chan is going to train herself to become a good attendant, and she wants to become stronger, so that she won't lose to Reus-kun." (Noel)
Reus' movements had completely stopped.
Yeah, I could understand his feelings. He rescued her until he was bathed in blood, but to think that she would become a bride, or something… was a totally unexpected matter. Was it because she was raised by her parents, who were attendants?
"Err, Noel-nee. Wasn't the plan for Noir to become Aniki's attendant?" (Reus)
"Yes… I was really thinking that, but since Reus-kun is Sirius-sama's attendant, it shouldn't be a problem. Most importantly, Noir-chan is really motivated." (Noel)
"Yeah! I will absolutely become Reus-sama's attendant! And then, I will cook delicious meals!" (Noir)
"O-ouu!?" (Reus)
Hohou, she understood Reus' personality well, that this fellow valued appetite more than appearance. It was a the correct choice to attack from there.
Noel continued explaining as she gently persuaded Reus, who was hanging his head with a confused look.
"Well, Reus. You don't have to worry too much now. It is alright for Reus-kun to think about having Noir-chan as an attendant when you both have already grown up in the future."
"I-is that so?" (Reus)
"Yes. I don't know how many years it will be, and there is a chance that the feeling will change. It is fine if you remember it for a bit… alright?" (Noel)
"A-aniki… what should I do?" (Reus)
Reus asked me for help, but since I showed an expression of 'It is your problem, deal with it', Reus gave up and nodded after a while.
…He was checkmated.
With this, as long as Noir didn't changed her mind, it was decided that she would become an attendant. It was unlikely for Reus to coldly deal with a child who yearned for her benefactor.
'My condolences'… that was what I wanted to say, but since this could be an impetus for Reus to notice the opposite sex, I decided to cheer for him.
As a child, Noir's feelings might not be anything more than longing, but there is enough possibility that her feelings will change into love. Depending on Reus' situation in the future, she could also choose to get married.
When I was pondering about Reus' future plans, Dee was glaring… No, he was watching Reus with his usual expression. He slowly extended his hand and asked for a handshake.
"… Reus." (Dee)
"O-ouu! What is it, Dee-nii?" (Reus)
"Noir… take care of her." (Dee)
"Yeah… but, Aniki? Somehow, I am scared. And, my hand hurts so much…" (Reus)
Even if the other side was Reus, who he treated as a younger brother, he seemed reluctant when it came to his daughter. It looked like there were amazing conflicts within Dee, the mouth was laughing, but he was probably annoyed since he put more strength into the handshake than necessary.
Incidentally, a few days before we left Elysion, Reese's father, Cardeas and her sister, Lifell-hime, asked me for a handshake and to take care of Reese. At that time, Cardeas shook my hand as if he wanted to crush it, but I just gave up and let him do it. And, there were also times when I was praised by Lifell-hime because of how well I did while dealing with her father.
What I want to say is that a father is a troublesome being in various ways.
"Dear, I understand your feelings, but didn't I say that you don't have to worry, since it's Reus-kun?" (Noel)
"Aah, I thought that I would hand her over to some suspicious guy, but when it becomes real…"
"Otou-san, please teach me how to cook. I want to cook as delicious as Otou-san, and have Reus-sama eat it." (Noir)
"…Alright." (Dee)
Parental conflicts seemed like dust in front of their beloved daughter. Dee was somehow able to digest a lot of things and he acknowledged it.
Thus, the matter about Noir and I passing each other had been solved, but since she looked away when our eyes met, there seemed to be a long time before we'll be able to get along with each other.
But, we just have to compromise, since I have already come here. It won't be long before I can enjoy being good friends with Noir.

I called Emilia and Reese, who were hiding and looking like Noel, and when everyone gathered, Noel was looking at me with an excited face.
"By the way, Sirius-sama. The Mont Blanc that Noir ate earlier is…" (Noel)
"I knew it. Don't worry, I have made enough for everyone. Emilia." (Sirius)
"Yes! I'm here." (Emilia)
Emilia immediately brought it on a tray and distributed it for everyone on the table.
Although there was a piece for each person, I instructed to prepare two in front of Reus, and prepared another for Noir, who ate it earlier. Apart from Reus, Noir was growing up and there was no problem if she ate two.
"Aniki, there are two in front of me, but… can I eat them?" (Reus)
"Yes, you did the best this time. Do not hesitate to eat them because they are something like a reward." (Sirius)
"Hehe… yay!" (Reus)
Noel and Reese were enviously looking at Reus, who was pleased, but they forget about it and was engrossed when they ate a mouthful of Mont Blanc.
"Its sweetness is slightly different compared to the shortcake and cheesecake, but it is really delicious." (Reese)
"The desserts made by Aniki are the best after all!" (Reus)
"Haa… there is such desserts too, huh. It's delicious…" (Noel)
"The way of using this nut… can probably be used for other cuisines." (Dee)
"Si-sirius-sama! One more, can I have one more, please? This isn't enough for me!" (Noel)
"I only made this much. Be patient." (Sirius)
Apparently, Mont Blanc seemed to be Noel's most favorite dessert. When I thought of giving mine to her, since she normally wanted more helpings with unprecedented vigor in the past, Noir scooped hers and gave it to Noel.
"Here you go, Okaa-san. I will give you some." (Noir)
"N-noir-chan. Okaa-san's tears are coming out because of your kindness." (Noel)
I thought that it should be the other way around, but since it was a pleasant scene, I guessed this was alright. It could be said that Noel's face was loosened to the extent of being the best, after being made to eat by her beloved daughter.
Noir started eating the rest while watching her mother's face, and she was smiling at Noel.
"This is delicious, Okaa-san." (Noir)
"Yes, it is delicious. Hey Noir, isn't Sirius-sama also amazing?" (Noel)
"Yeah, Okaa-san was right. Sirius-sama… is amazing!" (Noir)
Listening to Noir's words uttered from the bottom of the heart, I was satisfied because I was finally acknowledged by this girl.

Extra/Bonus 1
(Author: This was included in the beginning of the writing, but since it was likely to destroy the mood, this part was omitted. The place was thought when Emilia and Reese were enviously looking at Noel's family, and after they were overcome by emotion because of Sirius words.)
When I was walking while enjoying the warmth of Emilia and Reese, Reus, who was walking ahead, asked me while watching Noir.
"Say Aniki, what do you think will happen to my child?" (Reus)
"What!? Did you want a child?" (Sirius)
"I didn't mean that in particular, but I think it would be fine if my child could hold a sword or learn magic. Aah, it has been decided that the child will become Aniki's attendant, of course." (Reus)
"…That is up to you. You don't have any partner in the first place, anyway. Do you know how to have a child?" (Sirius)
"Eh? Of course, I remember. If you do a special move on the bed… Ouch!?" (Reus)
The two sisters hitting his head was a natural consequence when the good mood was spontaneously hindered. It became a moment which Reus couldn't raise his head more and more.
Since he had little interest in the opposite sex, I indirectly taught him, but… apparently, it was a failure.
It was a wonderful year and I decided that I should educate him by getting straight to the point soon.
Extra/Bonus 2
(Author: There was typo earlier when Reese used [Aqua Ring] on Reus.)
"Aah, can you wait a bit for the towel and give it to me? Reus, let me do that." (Reese)
"Aah, can you wait a bit for the towel and give it to me? Reus, hold your breath for as long as possible." (Reese)
"Reese-ane!?" (Reus)


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