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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 177

Chapter 177

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We were still preparing while being cautious while considering the possibility that Lambda broke the arrangement and attack . However, preparations for the decisive battle proceeded steadily without any sudden report from the lookout . By the time the personnel and placement of each unit were decided, the time had reached midnight . I wasn’t particularly tired because I was taking a nap in the meantime . When the operation meeting, which was almost prepared and the final confirmation was held in the castle, the report arrived from the scout, who was stationed on the way to the front line base .
“I’m here to report! The enemy, the hordes of monsters, are marching toward Sandor! But as before, the progress is slow, and it seems that they have just crossed the second point . ” (??)
“Are they still around that point? Considering the enemy’s marching speed and time… we can see it directly on the plain in the early morning . ” (Cayenne)
“Hmm . They are keeping the arrangement for now . ” (Sanger)
With the bitter tongue clicking sound by Sanger, the suspended meeting was resumed . The exact number of forces was known, and they were about to explain the allocation . Cayenne, the general commander of the assault force, began to talk again .
“Let’s reconfirm the placement of each unit . If we combine the total forces that our country can put out, combined with reinforcements from Arbitray at the request of the Beast King, more than 10000 soldiers have gathered . ” (Cayenne)
Honestly, I thought it had exceeded our expectations . Apparently, it was the result of recruiting not only some small-scale forts around Sandor, but also people of the town and volunteer soldiers . As expected of the largest country in the world .
“We planned to split the soldiers who gathered with half of it to protect the wall, but since we gathered more than expected, we allocated a bit more to the assault units . ” (Cayenne)
“Hmm, that’s very good . I think we can slay more monsters with this . ” (Sanger)
“First, the right wing unit will be Emilia-dono and Strongest Sword-dono unit . The unit will be led by Beowulf-dono, but… where is Lior-dono?” (Cayenne)
“That is… he told me that the meeting was a hassle . Please forgive me . ” (Emilia)
“No, no . Emilia-dono doesn’t have to apologize . Besides, I heard from my subordinate’s report that for the right wing, you’ll be an adjutant . So, it will be enough with only you here . ” (Cayenne)
It wouldn’t be strange to be called up for not showing face at the meeting even in such a situation, but Cayenne seemed to have become accustomed to handling Jii-san early on . Or perhaps, it might be proof that he trusted Emilia that much . After confirming that Emilia had accepted her adjutant’s position and nodded with serious expressions, Cayenne continued the explanation, pointing to the pieces on the map placed on the central pedestal .
“The right wing unit will be a mixed unit that includes not only soldiers, but also adventurers and mercenaries recruited this morning . The number is about 1000, but I’ll add a few hundred more . ” (Cayenne)
“No, Ojii-chan is… Lior-sama’s strength and breakthrough power are in a different magnitude, so I believe we should turn our strength to something else . ” (Emilia)
“Understood . I will send reinforcement depending on the situation . I have sent several experienced adjutants that I trust, so feel free to rely on them if anything happens . They will help Emilia-dono to the fullest . ” (Cayenne)
“Thank you very much . However, if there are captains, it is better to entrust the commanding to those people instead of me…” (Emilia)
“You don’t have to underestimate yourself . I have confirmed with my own eyes that your strength and judgment are splendid . Either way, you are the only one who can move Strongest Sword-dono . So, you may fight at will and leave the details to them . ” (Cayenne)
Considering her success so far, he tended to focus on Reus and Jii-san, but it looked like Emilia was also evaluated properly . Although she wasn’t very prominent, she had saved the lives of many soldiers on the battlefield by supporting the soldiers who were likely to collapse with magic . No one could argue with Emilia’s arrangement probably because Cayenne had reported the situation . Emilia might also understand her position . She nodded and replied with an earnest expression, as if she was responsible for taking care of many people’s lives .
“Next is the left wing unit . It will be a unit of 2000 soldiers, led by Julia-sama . It’s as dangerous as the right wing unit, but it will be alright as it is . ” (Cayenne)
“Aah . There’s nothing to be afraid of if everyone is there . I’m going to go all out . ” (Julia)
“Ouh . I’m going to swing so much that I won’t lose to Strongest Sword Jii-chan!” (Reus)
The left wing unit, which had about 2000 people, was a unit whose main forces were Reus, Julia, Albert and Keith, who played an active role at the frontline base . The left wing unit had twice as many troops as the right wing unit, but the most distinctive feature was that most of the troops were mounted and specialized in mobility .
“And the central unit I commanded will be a 5000-people unit centered on Sanger-sama with Beast King-sama and Fort . ” (Cayenne)
“Hmm . I’m going to fight as the supreme commander this time, not as a king . So, I ask for your cooperation . ” (Sanger)
“Yes, my king! I promise you that we will not be ashamed as the king’s protector . ” (??)
The center unit was an important unit . Although the mobility was low, it had the function of creating bases for resting, sending support if the right wing and left wing units were in a dangerous situation, and absorbing them to protect them . The number of personnel was the largest, and it seemed that commanding was difficult, but there was no problem because there were the Beast King, who wasn’t only excellent as a commander but with suitable ability, and Fort, who was an active general .
“Finally, I would like to ask Zenodora-dono’s group as the force in the sky . The sky is difficult for us to deal with and it’s your turf . ” (Cayenne)
“Leave it to us . However, the number seems to be more, so we may overlook some of them . ” (Zenodora)
“That’s good enough . If they were reduced by your strength, we should be able to handle it . ” (Cayenne)
I felt bad because I had to entrust the enemies in the sky to Zenodora’s group, but this time, I had to do that because I wanted to concentrate on the ground this time . Even so, Zenodora, who knew the scale of the monsters, wasn’t hesitant at all, but rather had a fearless smile that looked reliable .
After confirming each unit in this way, he began to explain the important points of this time while tightening his expression .
“The basic role of each unit is to break through the enemy and defeat Lambda and his subordinates, Luka, Hilgan and other major enemies . It’s a very dangerous role, but I’m sure you’ll get it done . ” (Cayenne)
“Leave it to me!” (Keith)
“Yes!” (Beowulf)
“Ouh . ” (Reus)
Not only Cayenne, but others were likely to be satisfied with the brave replies of the young people, who play the leading role in the right and left wing units . It wasn’t strange to say that the burden was still heavy in regards to their age, but since no one showed unpleasant expression, it seemed they were recognized .
“Since the central unit is mainly about annihilating monsters and support others, it will bear a heavy burden in a different sense from the left and right . I will do my best to command, but your strength is of utmost importance . I will depend on you all . ” (Sanger)
“Hmmph!” (??)
“““Yes sir!””” (??)
Each experienced platoon captain responded in unison, with the Beast King and Fort as the main forces in the center unit . After that, the detailed strategies and movements were conveyed . When the meeting was about to finish and before people headed to the plain where the decisive battle would be, Sanger, who spoke very little during the meeting, suddenly raised his voice .
“Wait a moment . Let me tell you something at the end . ” (Sanger)
“Yes, please don’t hesitate . Please speak to everyone as the supreme commander . ” (Cayenne)
“Aah . First of all, I want to thank everyone here . I’m really grateful for the chance to fight that bastard . ” (Sanger)
With a serious expression, Sanger glanced at everyone, who gathered in the conference room, and slightly bowed with the Sandor King next to him who had smiled fearlessly . No matter what position he was in, I admired the fact that he could bow his head . Some people were a bit confused by the sudden behavior, but Sanger raised head and continued .
“Let me tell you this before you go to the battlefield . Lambda was certainly my subordinate and I could call him a buddy, but… I don’t have anything to do with him anymore!” (Sanger)
I was wondering what he was trying to say, but it was important to prove it firmly with words like this . His abilities and achievements weren’t enough, and even if he was in a decoration-like position, Sanger today was the supreme commander of the assault unit .
“To be honest, that bastard did something like this because of our foolish people and there’s no room of sympathy for that . But that doesn’t mean I can forgive him to destroy my country!” (Sanger)
“““Ooh…””” (??)
It wouldn’t be strange to be ridiculed in the past if it was a young man who didn’t know about war . However, unlike the times when Lambda was gone out of control, all that remained here were the vassals who pledged absolute royalty to the king . And while the king was in coma, the king’s vassal couldn’t recognize that Sanger was working hard for the country, but many of the vassals were surprised with the full confidence in Sanger’s voice . He was passive… No, it might be the moment when the king, who was being held down by Lambda, woke up . That was because…
“I don’t know if this is going to give us despair, but I’m going to crush those people who are looking down on us with all my might!” (Sanger)
“““Ooh!””” (??)
Everyone’s reaction naturally overlapped with the words he said at the same time he pumped his fist . The ability to move people with just their voice was an important ability as a king . I naturally smiled at the appearance of a man, who was growing up to be worthy of being the next king and a supreme commander, just like his father .

After the meeting, we came to the plain in front of Sandor, the place of the decisive battle . I was watching with Hokuto from the top of the wall . Many bonfires were lit and there was a sight of soldiers busy passing by on the plains where guard fences and tents for bases were built . Looking at the sky, the time was about to reach down, and according to the report earlier, the arrival time of the monsters wouldn’t change .
“The weather seems to be good . ” (Sirius)
Based on the faint flow of clouds and the smell, it seemed that the decisive battle in wet conditions of rain could be avoided . It could be said for such a situation, but today was a perfect day for the decisive battle . After confirming the weather, Fia, Reese and Princess Liefell, who were preparing elsewhere, came to watch the people scrambling in the base .
“Ooh you . Emilia is worried about you staying longer in a place like this because the wind is cold, you know?” (Liefell)
“I’m fine . I’m wearing proper clothes and Hokuto is by my side . ” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Hokuto, who wasn’t only acting as a windbreaker but also spread a moderate heat from his body and it felt like a small heater, was proudly barking . While everyone gathered around Hokuto naturally, Fia, who stood next to me, asked while looking at everyone who was preparing in the plains .
“It looks like you’ve been here all the time, but don’t you want to say anything to those young men?” (Fia)
“Aah . I’ve already told them what they need to do, and they understand that . So, I don’t have nothing to say anymore . ” (Sirius)

In the center of the many tents lineup, there were three tables for strategy meetings, and the captains gathered at each table to check movements and strategies . I listened to Emilia, who was at the right wing unit table with Strongest Sword as the main force .
[…Anyhow, please be careful not to come before me . ] (Emilia)
[I understand . We’ll move together . ] (??)
[Hmm . I’ll entrust the overall movement to Emilia, so please leave the detailed instructions to the rear to us . ] (Beowulf)
It was a unit of nearly 1000 people, including adventurers and mercenaries recruited by the call of Strongest Sword, and Sandor’s soldiers, who were formed only by foot soldiers except for each captain . Although it was such a vast battlefield, the reasons why all of them were foot soldiers was because there weren’t enough horses or perhaps, they couldn’t keep up with Jii-san . It was such a right wing unit strategy . To put it simply, Jii-san would charge at the beginning and the rest would support and follow him . I didn’t think it was much of a strategy, but that showed how much Jii-san’s breakthrough power was trusted . In that way, Jii-san’s burden was the heaviest because he was the lead, but actually, the ones who got it hard were the people who followed him . If they didn’t keep a certain distance, they would get caught by his attack, but if they left him alone, he would move around on his own, and they wouldn’t be able to make use of his unbeatable destruction force . Therefore, it was important to consider Emilia who could control him . The elderly captains understood that, and they treated her with respect even though she was close to their children’s age . They seemed to trust Cayenne who was experienced and dependable to them .
[By the way, is there anything from Strongest Sword-dono? I don’t see him even in the conference meeting in the castle…] (??)
[He has finished swinging his sword and now he’s sleeping in the tent over there . You can leave the detail to us, since it doesn’t make sense to that person . ] (Beowulf)
“Yes . I’ll wake him up when we’re done here, so we can continue discussing without worrying about him . ] (Emilia)
[Aah, sure…] (??)
The captains were utterly disappointed with the attitude of Strongest Sword, but it seemed they weren’t able to say anything to the two who looked normal about his behavior . After that, I took my eyes off Emilia and others, who continued to discuss the details, and this time I turned to the left wing unit table where Reus and others were .
[Julia-sama . Are you sure it’s fine to use this strategy?] (??)
[I think that more advanced tactics can be implemented if we have such a number, but…] (??)
Like the right wing, the left wing unit would break through the enemy from the front . The main purpose was to defeat Lambda’s group who was the main force of the enemy, but there was a relay point in manipulating monsters along the way… Perhaps, they also had the purpose of aiming at the Chimeras which had become something like an amplifier or a relay antenna . However, since it wasn’t possible to know where the Chimeras were on the battlefield without actually seeing it, the platoon captains were advising that it was dangerous to charge blindly in such a situation . Julia shook her head and spoke back clearly to those captains .
“No, speed and momentum are important in this battle, and it requires more responsiveness to the situation than tactics . We should avoid finer tactics . ] (Julia)
“That’s why we thought that charging is…&125; (??)
“Don’t worry, Julia-sama isn’t abandoning the tactics . ] (??)
“Yes . As you say, it works in such a large unit . Let’s discuss some arrangements and orders . ] (??)
If it was only with Julia’s imperial guards, who usually work together, it would be fine . But if the unit number was large, including from elsewhere, there was a good chance that the tactics would disrupt the overall pace . Then, after confirming that Reus was involved in discussing the minimal tactics for the entire unit, I left the place for a certain task .

After the meeting of each unit ended, I gathered people who were closely related to me in the huge tent that was prepared for us . Since there were Princess Liefell, Albert and Maria, Julia, Jii-san and Zenodora’s group, it was a big gathering, but the reason why I gathered was to have a meal before going for war .
“I prepared in a short time, but the amount is enough, so feel free to ask for more . ” (Sirius)
“I want more!” (Lior)
“Alright, Jii-chan! The food is still being given to everyone though!” (Reus)
While being amazed by Jii-san, who drank the hot soup made while everyone was having a strategy meeting, the meals that could be called an evening meals and breakfast proceeded in a peaceful manner . Considering the current time, it wasn’t a few hours before dawn . If it was true, we should maintain a sense of vigilance while preparing on the front line, but after all, if we didn’t eat well, we wouldn’t be able to fully demonstrate our strength . More importantly, I thought we were the ones who spend the time as per normal even in these situations . By the way, Karen and Hina, who were sleeping in the castle, were also called, and at the moment, they were eating with sleepy eyes . I felt bad for making them wake up quite early, but I wanted to have a meal with everyone because the decisive battle was just around the corner . Next to Karen, who was fed by my wives and Princess Liefell, Hina was being taken care of by Zenodora’s group, who took the appearance of a person .
“Hina, if you like this, you can eat ours . You’re too small, so you should eat more . ” (??)
“But… everyone’s share won’t be enough, right?” (Hina)
“Don’t worry . And from now on, I’ll never let you have trouble eating . ” (??)
“…Alright . ” (Hina)
At first, Hina was afraid of Zenodora’s group and kept a distance, but she probably felt something as they spoke to her . When I noticed, she wasn’t afraid of them at all . In particular, I wondered if Mejia was bothered, and for a while now, she had naturally been by his side . In this way… it was like a duckling followed a duck, so I think that Mejia and Hina seemed to be doing rather well .
After that, the meal proceeded in a peaceful manner, and when the special soup and sandwiches prepared for 40 people hit the bottom, Emilia suddenly made everyone quiet and then turned the attention to me .
“Sirius-sama . Could you say something before the sortie?” (Emilia)
“Yeah . Please, Aniki! Please liven up everyone’s mood . ” (Reus)
“It’s not me who should raise your morale, but it’s your job…” (Sirius)
I said, but their eyes looked at me with expectation, so I thought a bit and then, opened my mouth .
“Today’s battle will be fierce, but as I told you in advance, if everyone shows your strength, you will definitely be able to survive . I will do my best for that too . So be sure… to survive . That’s because I want to treat you to a proper meal next time . ” (Sirius)
It might be something new to be said in order to survive, but everyone responded with a serious look, which was different from usual . At the end, when I had finished telling each person a word, the entrance of the tent opened and a soldier came in .
“Julia-sama! The lookout reported the appearance of the monsters!” (??)
“Alright . Everyone, let’s go . ” (Julia)
“Ouh . I’m going, Marina . Wait for me with Reese-ane and others . ” (Reus)
With Julia’s words as a trigger, Reus and others, who were the center of the left wing unit, stood up all at once with their own weapons . At that time, Marina worriedly stared at Reus, who laughed confidently, but she jumped into Reus’ chest after suddenly approaching him .
“I understand . So, you really need to come back with Aniue… you must!” (Marina)
“Don’t worry . I want to eat meals made by Aniki and you, so I’ll win and come back soon . ” (Reus)
So, instead of hugging Marina, he stroked her head . Was it because of me? Marina, who gently moved away from Reus while feeling a bit sorry, tapped Reus on his chest while behaving patiently .
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“Yes, definitely . Of course, Julia as well . ” (Marina)
“Yeah! By the way, Marina, why aren’t you jumping into my chest?” (Julia)
“Ehh?” (Marina)
“Seriously, it’s weird with three people . I don’t really know if it will go well . ” (Reus)
“Hahaha . Wouldn’t it be more fun like that?” (Julia)
In the opposite of three people, who were exchanging smiles while being watched warmly by Albert and Keith, there was a sight of Emilia and Beowulf trying to appease Jii-chan who snorted roughly .
“Finally! Alright, let’s charge right away!” (Lior)
“No, not yet! It’s not alright to move on your own and start the war . ” (Beowulf)
“That’s right . Please charge only after Sanger-sama’s signal . ” (Emilia)
“Ugh… Is it no good to slice them and return?” (Lior)
““No good!”” (Emilia/Beowulf)
The old man seemed to be charging into the enemy’s camp at any moment, but it seemed that his two stoppers were holding him down very well . Well, he was motivated enough, so I couldn’t say anything more . Finally, after confirming Mejia stroking Hina’s head, I stood up and looked back to everyone who remained here with logistical support .
“Alright, I’m going . ” (Sirius)
“““Be careful . ””” (Reese/Fia/Karen)
“Please persist!” (Liefell)
“Careful . ” (Marina)
“Leave it to me . ” (Reus)
When I left the tent while listening to the replies of Princess Liefell, Reese, Fia and Karen, the rising sun shining from a distant mountain illuminated us .
— Shimifia —
“Alright, I’m going . ” (Sirius)
Sirius started walking after everyone, with a casual smile of going for walk . Then, when the entrance to the tent was opened, I looked at the view of their back that was illuminated by the rising sun on the other side of the tent, and I put my hand on Karen’s head, who was seeing him off with me on the side .
“Karen . Look close at Sirius’… No everyone’s back . They are the back of heroes, no matter how mighty the enemy is . ” (Fia)
“Is there something on Sensei’s back?” (Karen)
“Hehe, I think it’s still a bit difficult for you to understand . But even if you don’t understand now, the time will come when you will know . So, just remember the view . ” (Fia)
“…Alright . ” (Hina)
If she knew that view, it would surely help her . Then, I stroked Karen’s head, hoping that it would be carved into her heart .
— Sirius —
And when the sun began to shine the world completely, we were quietly waiting for that time to take place . Nearly 10000 soldiers… well, the sight of people of this scale that could already be called an army was already at the masterpiece level, and since all of them were allies, everyone would smile at their reliability . However, most of them now have facial expressions that seemed to be overwhelmed by anxiety and tension . This was because when the view got brighter, they could clearly see from far away that the hordes of monsters extending to the horizon, maintaining their formation in the same way as humans .
“What… is this? I’ve heard about it, but they are really forming a formation . ” (??)
“The numbers are obviously strange, don’t you think? Are we going to fight that?” (??)
“Hey, don’t be afraid! We have Julia-sama and Strongest Sword!” (??)
Although that seemed to be inspiring, the sight in front of them was causing them to be anxious over time . With that said, they were looking at each other since Sanger hadn’t issued an assault command . It wasn’t because he was afraid, but when he saw the other side staying at a certain distance, he realized that the other side might have something to say . However, considering everyone’s tension, he thought that he should make a move soon, but then, Lambda’s voice echoed on the battlefield .
[Should I say… nice to meet you all new people here? I’m Lambda, who leads these monsters . ] (Lambda)
The voice was still calm and unsuitable for the situation, but on the contrary, it made the feelings of fear intensified . Moreover, he was using the magic of [Echo] so that everyone on the battlefield could hear it, but I noticed that the flow of mana was reaching not only the battlefield but also the general public living in Sandor .
“Now that you’ve come this far, let’s reiterate our purpose . I have appeared to you… to deliver Sandor despair and destruction . On this day, Sandor will disappear from the world forever . ] (Lambda)
The strange explanation wasn’t only to scare the whole Sandor, but also to declare war . Although he spoke casually, I could feel anger and hatred from the phrases of his voice, and the grudging voice might have caused a great deal of confusion in Sandor by this time .
[It’s not just the country . You people are sucking to this foolish country! With this anger of mine, I will turn everything to ashes–…] (Lambda)
[…You’re noisy every time! Now that we know your anger, we don’t have to bother about the details now!] (Sanger)
As if to repel that anger, Sanger also shouted . The initial part of the voice wasn’t delivered by using Echo since it was too sudden . But still, Sanger’s voice echoed throughout the battlefield with the strength that slowly blew away the fear eroding everyone’s spirit .
[Whatever you want to talk about, the point is you’re aiming for Sandor, and we’re just fighting you in order to protect, yes? So leave the rest, and come on quickly!] (Sanger)
“You seem to be more powerful than before, but you should look at reality more . Do you think you can protect with just that number? My army comes endlessly from the Demonic Continent, you know?] (Lambda)
“We can! If you have an infinite number of monsters, we have the strongest army with heroes, dragons and Strongest Sword!] (Sanger)
Hmm, did he just use the words that I taught yesterday? Well, in such a battle, moral would go up a little bit with speech and conduct . More importantly…
“It’s not a lie, and we just have to prove it . ” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
While Hokuto and I, who were at the forefront of the central unit, nodded with a fearless smile, Sanger continued to speak with a louder voice . The soldiers began to show the enthusiasm one after another, and they shouted in response to Sanger .
[Say it one more time! We are the strongest!] (Lambda)
“““““Oooh–!!!””””” (??)
Finally, after the loudest shout of everyone echoed, Sanger raised one hand high, and…
[Let’s go everyone! All units…] (Sanger)
He issued a command to start the war while pointing forward his raised hand .
[Char–…] (Sanger)
“Ooooo—!” (Lior)
[Chargeeee—!] (Sanger)
But, a certain old man was leaping as he reached the limit of patience in front of his prey . Fortunately, Sanger’s voice was as loud as the old man, so the whole army started to move forward without any major disruption . Although it felt like he spoiled someone’s start, the decisive battle which clashed each other’s intentions began .

General breakdown of each unit .
Right wing unit – Lior, Emilia and Beowulf .
Force – 1000 (Adventurers and mercenaries are about 300 people)
※ Almost all foot soldiers .
Left wing unit – Reus, Julia, Keith and Albert .
Force – 2000
※ More than half are horse mounted soldiers .
Central unit – Sanger, Cayenne, Beast King and Fort .
Force – 5000
※Mixed unit of infantry, mounted soldiers and special weapons .
※ Reese heals and support behind the central unit .

Extra/Bonus 1 – Can’t stand it anymore (※While seeing a tigerkin with a spoon on Strongest Sword’s back)
When Sanger’s and Lambda’s words were clashing each other on the plains in front of the decisive battle, the right wing unit waiting for the assault command had an unusually murderous atmosphere . The cause wasn’t that they were nervous when they saw the hordes of monsters…
“Is it not yet? Come on! How long do I need to wait!?” (Lior)
This was because Strongest Sword, who was entrusted to slay the preys in front of him, was trembling on the whole body while spreading the murderous intent . It was so dangerous that if someone gave him even a slight stimulus, they would be cut instead of monsters, so some people were scared since no one could approach him .
“Emilia-san, is he about to reach limit? They are still talking, but I think we’re about to charge soon . ” (Beowulf)
“I agree . Please calm down yourself before worrying about Jii-chan . ” (Emilia)
At the request of Beowulf, Emilia began to treat him in the same tone as her younger brother . While showing her dignity as a sister, Emilia gently reminded Beowulf, who was restless because of Strongest Sword’s attitude .
“It can’t be helped if we are in a hurry now . It’s good to have a sense of responsibility, but sometimes, it’s important to give up . ” (Emilia)
“Eh? No, in such an important situation, this is…” (Beowulf)
“Think calmly . If you have already come this far, even if Ojii-chan takes the lead on his own, there will be no major hindrance to the overall movement . Besides…” (Emilia)
“Besides?” (Beowulf)
“It doesn’t matter when the battle starts, so it should be good enough . Now, rearrange your mind so that you can charge at any time . ” (Emilia)
“Un-understood!” (Beowulf)
Beowulf once again realized that Reus couldn’t argue in the calm and dignified appearance of Emilia even in such a situation .
[Char–…] (Sanger)
“Ooooo—!” (Lior)
[Chargeeee—!] (Sanger)
“Aah… Just a little more!” (Beowulf)
“Now, let’s go, Beowulf . ” (Emilia)
“Aren’t you way too calm?” (Boewulf)
In a sense, the right wing unit began to charge at the same time as Beowulf’s charging .
Extra/Bonus 2 – Hokuto before the decisive battle .
This was around the time when the people, who joined in the battle, arrived at the position and waited for the start of the war while facing the hordes of monsters . The special combat unit of Hokuto and Sirius was a bit away from the central unit… that was, they were isolated in a remote place . Although it was a bit further away, it was a position that everyone could see, and the soldiers were looking at the back of Sirius and Hokuto standing in front of them .
“It’s not going to start yet . It seems going to be difficult for a while, so should I do it for a bit?” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
As he suddenly started grooming Hokuto, a small restlessness spread to the soldiers who saw it . Behind the smiley exchange between the master and his dog (Hokuto), there were monsters, who were making noises and glaring, which was a truly unbalanced scene . It wouldn’t be strange to be yelled at for what they were doing before the important decisive battle that many lives were betting on, but…
“Say, what’s with that man and the wolf?” (??)
“I don’t know how much Cayenne-sama trusts them, but I would like them not to get too carried away . ” (??)
“Hmm… don’t you humans know? That is a must ritual before Hokuto-sama goes to battle . ” (??)
“Wh-what!?” (??)
“If he fights seriously, he will produce results for us to inspire about . We can win… we can win!” (??)
The Beast King’s soldiers and the Sandor’s soldiers had a strange interpretation, but on the contrary, their morale was rising .
“Alright, I’ll do your tummy next time . ” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)


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Read Love Has its Will by Selena Lewis by Selena Lewis. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereT

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

Neko Kouichi

A man who was once called the world strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement to train the new ge

Undefeated God of War


Youth, is meant to be used to shed sweat under the sun!Youth, is to continuously engage in battles, and secure the win!

I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Halfway Breeze

Chu Xuan transmigrated to a fantasy world and became the young master of a powerful family. He was rebuked for misbehavi

I'm the King Of Technology


Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mo

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me


A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in my classroom and semi-forcibly summoned the entire class to his worl

A Man Like None Other


Read A Man Like None Other by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here.Jared Chance seethes wit

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

I Love Mermaid

He’s the Wolf King on the battlefield, one that mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medic

The Legendary Master’s Wife

Yin Ya

After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with

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