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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 63

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!Greetings from The Noel Family

After Noir's introductions were finished, Noel continued the introductions by pushing the two who had lined up next to her.
“Sirius-sama, these two here are my younger sister, Nokia-chan and my younger brother, Alad. They work in our restaurant." (Noel)
“Hmm, I think there were more in the letter, right?" (Sirius)
“The other children are working somewhere else. They felt that they would be spoiled if they remained here, so they left on their own." (Noel)
“You mean that the siblings that are younger than you left? Well, anyway… nice to meet you, my name is Sirius." (Sirius)
“I am Nokia, Onee-chan's younger sister. You can call me whatever you like. And, you're the important benefactor for Onee-chan, right? You can treat us the same way." (Nokia)
“U-uhmm. My name is Alad. I didn't know that you are Dee-san's master, and I said rude things earlier." (Alad)
Obviously, I am younger than them, but from Dee and Noel's manner, they seemed to have decided to do the same. I think it is good to be respected by Alad, and as for Nokia, she is more natural about it.
“Is that so? Then, I'll just talk as usual. I have been a commoner since a few years already, but I am, more or less, Dee's and Noel's master. And these guys next to me are…" (Sirius)
After me, I introduced my disciples in turns. Thanks to them helping out by becoming waiters and waitresses, the evaluation from Nokia and Alad doesn't seem to be bad.
When I brought in Hokuto, who was waiting outside, and introduced him, Noel's whole family opened their mouths wide, as I expected. Among them, only Noel and Noir had their eyes glittering, they bumped into Hokuto's body to enjoy the feeling of his fur.
“It's a doggy! Okaa-san, it's a doggy!" (Noir) (TLN: Doggy in the raw is Wan-chan, Wan is onomatopoeia for dogs.)
“You can't, Noir-chan. His name is Hokuto, so you have to call his name properly. Nevertheless, he has amazingly pleasant fur to touch. It's a fitting Beast Companion for Sirius-sama, right?" (Noel)
“Yeah. Hokuto-chan feels good!" (Noir)
It was a sight that made you believe that Noir was definitely Noel's daughter. Although the mother-and-daughter duo were extremely fearless, where was Dee's gene? Was Noel's gene too strong?
After the introductions were finished with this and that, everyone reached out for the cooking pot that I prepared. As a recipe that I taught, there were plenty of ingredients available, so it became a slightly extravagant hot pot dish.
The disciples were smacking their lips at the hot pot dish they haven't had for such a long time, since we went out for our journey, and it seemed like their chopsticks were extending further than usual, probably because we were eating with a large household.
On the other hand, the reaction from Noel's family was…
“Yeah… it's delicious, as I expected. And I have really missed it." (Noel)
“…I still have a ways to go." (Dee)
“Delicious. Even though you use almost the same ingredients, what is this deep taste?" (Nokia)
“Uhh… it makes me feel frustrated, but Onee-chan is right. I can't stop my hands." (Alad)
Their reactions were the best of all. However, while everyone was reaching out to the pot, one after another, there was a child with a pale reaction.
“What is it, Noir-chan? Don't you like Nabe?" (Noel)
“…I like it." (Noir)
“Otou-san will get it. Look, the vegetables and meat are also cooked well, isn’t it good?" (Dee)
“Yeah.” (Noir)
Noel and Dee took care of her diligently, but Noir's eating progress was slow, for some reason.
Does the taste not fit her? However, judging from her look, it wasn't because of that… Maybe because of her cat tongue?
While I was wondering, my two gluttonous disciples were imposing, and Nokia seemed embarrassed and handed over the plates.
“I want more, Aniki!" (Reus)
“Sirius-san, are there more ingredients?" (Reese)
“M-me too!" (Emilia)
“…It seems like it would be better to buy a little more tomorrow, right?" (Dee)
“Sorry. I will get the money, so I would like you to buy for more than ten people." (Sirius)
While I felt sorry about my gluttonous disciples, I put some vegetables and meat into the hot pot again. By the way, I put the rice in and made porridge with the vegetables, but it goes without saying that it was eaten up in an instant.
Since I couldn't prepare dessert today, Dee prepared some light snacks and drinks from the kitchen. While eating them, we continued chatting to fill the time we haven't seen each other.
The focus of the talk was mainly about our school life, but since the disciples were role-playing the events that happened there, the Noel family was being absorbed and listening intently.
“Then, when we thought that there was no more hope… Aniki busted through the wall and came to help. The appearance of Aniki at that time was… the best!" (Reus)
“Yeah. Sirius-sama's back at that time was really bright. Even as I recall it now, it makes me fall in love all over again." (Emilia)
“Kuhh… as expected of Sirius-sama. It was an appearance that made the best delicious scene! Emi-chan has already fallen, and Reese-chan, too, has fallen." (Noel)
“No, it wasn't like that for me, at that time…" (Reese)
“Ooh? I definitely want to hear the story." (Noel)
“The feasts are good and all, but isn't better to finish this soon? There is tomorrow, right?" (Sirius)
Looking outside, it's already late at night and the whole town had already gone to sleep except for a select few. It's fine for Noel and Dee because they were at home, but Nokia and Alad had to go back to their parent's house, which was nearby, so we should finish here, for now.
“It can't be helped then. Since you guys will be here later, let us sleep in the same room." (Noel)
“The chairs over there are enough for us. In the worst case, I think we can look for an inn." (Sirius)
“That's absolutely no good! Sirius-sama will stay in the guest room, Reus-kun will stay together with my dear, and all the girls will stay in my room, even though it's a bit cramped. Please be assured, because we have bought several blankets for this day." (Noel)
Am I staying at the guest room alone by myself? That was a little bit of preferential treatment to me, so I also invited Reus and Emilia to the guest room, but it seemed that it had been decided because there was something that they wanted to talk about between the attendants.
We decided to continue again tomorrow. While Reus escorted Nokia and Alad back home, I decided to go to bed, after cleaning my body.
As a side story, before parting with Noel, after she made sure Noir went to sleep, I asked about the matter we had been talking about.
“Well… Noel. What on earth was that prank?" (Sirius)
“Eh? What are you talking about?" (Noel) (TLN: The second question is in katakana)
While sweating, she pretended not to know about the matter of being a poster girl, but for me, it was not so. I repeatedly questioned her several times, while persistently staring at her. Finally, she admitted it and told me the details.
“You see, I merely drove away the customers by doing pranks with magic. It got over my head when they said that the food was not good. And then, the popularity became good for the customers in general… so I thought that I should make it slightly funny…" (Noel)
So, she made that intimidating appearance with those props just because of that? It seemed like a sideshow, but it was not a very good idea in this world.
“Dee didn't stop it… No, he would have stopped it." (Sirius)
“Yes. But, I would do it if it makes the shop thrive. However, I can't strongly stop thinking about his feelings…" (Noel)
“I told you many times to stop doing this because it was dangerous." (Sirius)
“Since I can't help much with cooking, I thought I should do this much. Aah, the customers rarely complain about it, and it's only happened twice." (Noel)
“It is not a problem with the number of times!" (Sirius)
I grabbed Noel's face and made her eat an Iron Claw after a long absence. Unlike in the olden days, my height has overtaking hers, so it's easy to grasp Noel's small face. When I loaded my grip strength, Noel suffered in agony just like before.
“Ouch! Th-this is really nostalgic! Somehow, it is stronger than before!" (Noel)
“I understand that you want to be helpful, but what are you going to do if the opponent is stronger than you!?" (Sirius)
“B-but… For this store, I would…" (Noel)
“And what will you do if you get hurt!?" (Sirius)
“It looks like I'm getting injured nowwww! I'm sorryyyy!" (Noel)
Rather than releasing her because of her self-reflection, I planned to warn Noel and put my hand on her head while she sat exhaustedly on a chair.
“Listen, if you are injured, Dee and Noir will be sad. Since I don't want that to happen, please talk to the town guards and come up with some countermeasures." (Sirius)
“Uuu… you're making a troubled face, Sirius-sama. I will not let my Master worry anymore, so I will stop doing that from today on." (Noel)
If I persuade her strongly, she will diligently listen. The reason why she didn't listen to Dee and Nokia was that she prioritized her responsibility to hype the store. Besides, those two are very lenient to Noel, no matter what she does, and, in the end, they would probably allow her misconduct.
Therefore, I clearly scolded her and told her that she must not do that, and then made a troubled face to make her feel guilty. She is a person who gets carried away easily, but I thought she would snap since she is a gentle girl.
“You're lying!? I heard what Aneki said!" (Alad)
“To make Onee-chan listen so obediently… He's really the person that Dee-san respects." (Nokia)
After Alad, Nokia also began to look at me with respect. Oi, Noel, what does your family view you as?

Early in the morning, the next day, I woke up in a small but satisfactory guest room. When I looked at the height of the sun, it seemed that I woke up with the noise coming from the kitchen, which was a little earlier than usual.
When I left the room, and went into the kitchen, Dee and Alad had already started preparations. As I expected, it was early in the morning for a restaurant.
From the talk that I heard yesterday, [Erina's Dining Room] sells sandwiches and light meals that can be carried around in the morning, and opens as a typical dining room from noon. Those two were making sandwiches and light meals while moving around in the kitchen. When I peeked into the kitchen, they stopped what they were doing, when they noticed me, and gave their greetings.
“Good morning, Sirius-sama." (Dee)
"Good morning! Did we, by any chance, wake you up?" (Alad)
“You don't have to worry because I always wake up around this time. By the way, do you need a hand?" (Sirius)
“No, we are fine. This is our usual routine. Would you like to have breakfast?" (Dee)
“I would like to have it after my morning exercise." (Sirius)
After telling them about breakfast, I went outside to a well to wash my face. When I reached out to get the towel that was placed nearby, Emilia, who got up at the same time as me, immediately handed it to me. Reus and Reese were standing behind her, while Hokuto was waiting with his tail swinging.
All of the members have gathered, so shall we also go out for today?
“Alright, today we are going to do stealth training around the town." (Sirius)
During our time in the Diamond Cottage, we had no issue, since we were running through the mountains, but here is the early morning of a town. If we run all out, we will make a lot of noise. While diminishing the sound of our footsteps as much as possible, we started running slower than usual.
For us, this was training; but for Hokuto, it was a stroll with his master, so he ran happily beside me while wagging his tail.
After we went through several rounds around the town and finished warming up, we came to the square behind the [Erina's Dining Room]. We saw various places when we were running around, but now, we chose to use a desolate place with overgrown weeds.
It seemed that the place was owned by a noble who managed the town, but they won't blame us for entering this place on our own, because that noble is a fan of Dee's dishes. To begin with, the dining room was built here in a strategic place, which was not far from the town's center, and it was to please and serve dishes to that noble.
At the present time, the place was left idle, but I am grateful, since there was a place where we can train without reservation. As we finished our daily routine, I thought about seeing Emilia's knife technique today, but then I remembered something when I looked at Hokuto, who was waiting while wagging his tail.
“That reminds me… I haven't play Frisbee with Hokuto yet." (Sirius)
His name was different from the current one, but Hokuto had played many times in the previous life. Especially, Frisbee, i think it was his favorite and it had technology that can be aimed at anywhere in the world.
I couldn't do this in front of mother's grave, so, some time after, I made a new Frisbee with much effort, and this might be a good opportunity to try it out. When I thought that Hokuto could get it almost anywhere, as long as he has his current ability, his figure, which was next to me, disappeared without me noticing. At the same time, both Emilia and Reus' figures were missing, and the remaining Reese was staring at me with a bitter smile.
“Eh, where did they go?" (Sirius)
“Sirius-san, didn't you mutter 'Frisbee' earlier? The moment they heard that…" (Reese)
Before Reese finished talking, two people and an animal were running while raising a cloud of dust, they stopped in front of me and formed a line. And then, Emilia handed over the big handmade Frisbee for Hokuto in her hands with glittering eyes.
“Please, Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
“Aniki, quickly!" (Reus)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
These two people and an animal… No, aren't they three animals already? The movements of the three tails were synchronized, and there was no need to say anything else. Let's treat them as good as I can.
“I can't be their opponents, so I'll step down." (Reese)
“That sounds like a good idea." (Sirius)
Judging by Hokuto's and the siblings' capabilities, they would complain if I threw it lightly. Because of that, I threw it until my wrist became blurred, while using [Boost], and those three rushed out with a rocket-like start.
As the Frisbee flew far above, Emilia rushed over while creating a tailwind with magic, Reus ran on the ground with [Boost], and Hokuto ran with his proud legs.
To get the better even after only several seconds of the match… as I expected of Hokuto.
The speed of Hokuto made the siblings fall behind, he caught the dropped Frisbee easily with his mouth. It can't be helped, since there are differences between quadrupled and bipedal movements, and the differences in physical abilities between a wolf and a human.
Hokuto came back to me, while making a sidelong glance at the frustrated two. When I stroked his head after receiving the Frisbee, he was pleasingly wagging his tail around while making a sound in his throat.
“Alright, good job, Hokuto. But, wasn't that a bit immature?" (Sirius)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
No matter how you look at it, there was too much of a difference in abilities. That's why I told him to go a bit easy on them, but Hokuto was shaking his head as if saying that he couldn't do it.
“Hokuto is right, Aniki! This is already a battle!" (Reus)
“Pity is unnecessary. We will defeat Hokuto with our ability and have Sirius-sama pat us!" (Emilia)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
Taking the challenge meant that they understood what Hokuto was saying.
As for these three, it's not a game anymore. It's a battle for the Frisbee.
Due to the difference in abilities, Hokuto's victory was already decided. So, instead of going easy on them, he decided to impose a handicap on himself. Although the battle continued with the siblings interfering with him and making his starting location far behind them, Hokuto outran everything and grasped the victory… and it continued on.
This was some strange circumstances, but I didn't feel like stopping them, since this was also training for the siblings. When I stroked Hokuto for the tenth time, the siblings got together and had a strategy meeting.
“Huuu… As expected of Hokuto-san, he's tough. Even if we try to interfere, he can avoid them all and grab it first." (Emilia)
“If that's the case, let's do that, Nee-chan." (Reus)
“But, you can't get it with that." (Emilia)
“It's alright. Now, I just want to win against Hokuto-san!" (Reus)
After the strategy meeting, the determined siblings were waiting for my throw with tense looks.
And then, Emilia and Reus chased after the Frisbee that I threw, but Hokuto was drawing closer from behind. Hokuto wasn't losing, even though the siblings were given a handicap of distance. However, they lost many times due to Hokuto's high jumping power.
When I watched to see how they could make that up, Emilia was slowing down a bit, while Reus suddenly looked back, before he placed both of his hands in front of him, on top one another. Emilia put her feet onto his hands, they took a synchronized breath and…
“Nee-chan, go!" (Reus)
At the same time Reus threw Emilia, she jumped high by using wind magic.
The jump where the siblings worked together was higher than Hokuto's, and Emilia caught the Frisbee before it started to fall.
“I got it!" (Emilia)
“That's amazing, Emilia! But, what about the landing!?" (Reese)
Reese was worried, but Emilia would be able to land well with wind magic. However, when I looked at her, it seems that she was too excited, because she was finally able to catch it, and forgot to think about the landing.
In any case, I was prepared to jump out at anytime, but Hokuto jumped and rescued Emilia by grabbing her collar with his mouth. Hmm, he's doing a good job, as usual.
After Hokuto rescued Emilia, he landed without a sound,then walked in front of me, while holding her in his jaw, before dropping her off. It looked like Hokuto was praising the siblings for giving him a good fight.
“Hokuto-san, thank you very much. Sirius-sama, I finally did it!" (Emilia)
“Aah, good job." (Sirius)
She raised the Frisbee as if she took the world's gold medal, so I patted her more than usual. She wagged her tail more probably because she was never able to win until a while ago, and finally got a pat. She was immersed in happiness and made an ecstatic face.
“Aah… this is a 'Pat of Victory'. So sweet…" (Emilia)
“So nice…" (Reus)
“What are you envying, Reus? Come here." (Sirius)
The winner this time was not only Emilia, who grabbed the Frisbee, but also Reus. Even if you want to win on your own, seizing the victory by cooperating when facing a powerful opponent was praise-worthy.
Because of that, when I called Reus and patted him, he was laughing in satisfaction after having a hard time.
“Hehe…a pat at last." (Reus)
With that, today's Frisbee game was over.
It will soon be time for breakfast. After that, we plan to go and greet Noel's mother.
Even if Noel was someone who is easily flattered, I was taken good care of by her when I was a baby. Therefore, I plan to thank her mother properly. According to Noel, it seemed her mother also wanted to see me, so I have to show my face soon.
I brought back those three who were sad because Frisbee time had ended, and returned to the [Erina's Dining Room].

We gathered in the living room, which was the staying area of [Erina's Dining Room], and we were having breakfast.
Today's breakfast was Dee's homemade French Toast. Besides that, salads and soups were also lined up on the table, it was a considerable-sized breakfast. We immediately ate the French Toast, and it was obviously more delicious than before.
“Yeah, it's delicious. It is cooked very well, Dee." (Sirius)
“Thank you very much." (Dee)
“I miss this taste. This soup also has the same taste that I ate at that time…" (Emilia)
“It's delicious! Dee-nii, your skill has improved again!" (Reus)
“Of course, Reus-kun! My husband is working hard, you know. What about Reese-chan?" (Noel)
“Yes, it is delicious. By the way…" (Reese)
Noel was so proud, rather than the person himself. Meanwhile, Reese was eating one after another with a smile, and stopped eating when her plate was empty. When she looked up, not feeling satisfied enough, Dee quickly gave her more.
“Aah… err…" (Reese)
“You don't need to hold back. You should eat as much as you want." (Dee)
“That's right, Reese-chan. We are also happy when you enjoy eating that much. Feel free to tell us if you want to eat more." (Noel)
“Thank you very much. Alright… I would like two more, please." (Reese)
“Me too, another please!" (Reus)
“Aah, I'm going to make it soon, so please wait." (Dee)
Dee went back and forth between the kitchen and the living room to prepare more toast. I also tried to help, but Dee told me to enjoy remembering the olden days, and he refused my help. Dee did this and that on his own and he absolutely didn't want any help. It was like this when we were at the mansion.
While the two gluttons in the house ate toasts that were prepared one after another, I noticed that Noir, who sat on the farthest seat from me, was watching me. When our eyes met, she immediately looked away and ate some toast. Was it my imagination, or did she seem to be in a slightly bad mood?
“What is it, Noir-chan? You usually eat more, but you're eating slower today." (Noel)
“Does it not suit your taste?" (Dee)
“That's not it! Otou-san's toast is really delicious." (Noir)
“Huhu. Of course, it's Otou-san's dish. But you know, Sirius-sama was the one who made this French Toast for the first time. Besides, he also taught Otou-san other dishes." (Noel)
“…Is that so?" (Noir)
“That's right. That's why, when Noir-chan also grows up, becoming Sirius-sama's attendant is…" (Noel)
“Thanks for the meal." (Noir)
Even though the talk was interrupted, it was Noel who wanted her daughter to become my attendant. And the subject of the discussion, Noir, left her seat in the middle of it and went outside.
From the state of Noel and Dee, who were watching dumbfoundedly, Noir's current behavior was very unusual.
“I-I'm sorry, Sirius-sama. Noir-chan was impolite." (Noel)
“She is usually a gentle and good kid, but to run away like that…" (Dee)
“Hmm, anyway, both of you, go and chase after Noir. I don't mind, so don't be angry towith her." (Sirius)
“Yes, please excuse us." (Dee)
When those two left the living room to chase Noir, Alad, who had been preparing the food in the kitchen, and Nokia, who came in from her parents house, appeared. These two looked puzzled when the homeowner was not here. They looked more puzzled when I explained the situation.
“It's unusual for Noir to run away." (Nokia?)
“That's true. She is a good child, who properly carries the dishes after finished eating, so why did she do this?" (Alad?)
“Maybe it is because of us? Leaving that matter aside, rather than Alad, Nokia is here early, huh. Aren’t you going to work at noon?" (Sirius)
“That's true, but I have something for Sirius-san. Although it is sudden, is this time alright?" (Nokia)
Nokia lowered her head and she seemed sorry, but the plan at the moment was to meet their mother. When I said that I had no problem with this time, Nokia was relieved and looked towards the interior of the store.
“The truth is… our Okaa-san is coming to the store. And she said she wanted to talk to Sirius-san alone." (Nokia)
“Only me?" (Sirius)
“Yes. She will greet the rest later; but first, she would like to talk with Sirius-san about an important matter." (Nokia)
“Hmmm… I have no problem since I planned to say hello. On the contrary, I apologize for having you come here." (Sirius)
“No, I do it voluntarily for Okaa-san." (Nokia)
As I expected of my disciples, they watched me and didn't worry about it, since it's a matter regarding Noel's family.
When she entered the store, a short brown-haired woman sat on a chair prepared for a table. I knew that she was a person who had considerable muscle from the thickness of her arms, a good build, compared to an ordinary woman.
When that woman noticed me, she made a carefree smile, while stirring the same cat ears as Noel's. The words that were suitable to describe her was a gutsy mother or an elder sister.
“Are you Sirius-kun?" (??)
“Yes, I am Sirius. Are you Noel's mother?" (Sirius)
“Aah, that's right. Anyway, sit down here. And also, I prohibit honorifics. Just talk normally." (??)
Although her behavior was rough, she didn't make me feel uncomfortable because it was a plain way of speaking. I wonder how much Noel told her about me; but first, I should sit on a chair and introduce myself.
When I took the seat, Noel's mother picked up the water jug that was on the table, poured the water into a cup and put it in front of me. It was said that this was an important talk, but I was served regular water and not tea. Should this be said as too proper or daring?
Whatever it is, I am more comfortable like this, rather than being formal, so I don't mind.
“Anyhow, it's nice to meet you. I am Noel's mother, Stella. Call me appropriately." (Stella)
“Well then, I'll call you Stella-san. As you may already know, my name is Sirius." (Sirius)
“Aah, I have heard it many times from Noel. It seems my idiot daughter has been totally indebted to you." (Stella)
Stella-san said it herself that her daughter was an idiot, and she looked through a window while smiling gently.
Her mouth was bad, but there was no mistake that this person was a mother that worried about her child. There was no need for underhanded tricks, and it was better to talk unreservedly.
“I won't deny that she is an idiot, and I certainly took care of her too. But I learned many things from Noel." (Sirius)
“Hahaha, she is such an idiotic daughter, but I'm happy if she could help you." (Stella)
“Please don't say she's too much of an idiot. Isn't that something a splendid mother does?" (Sirius)
“Yeah, she is an idiotic girl. Even so, it makes me happier." (Stella)
After that, she started telling old stories that almost sound like she was complaining.
Stella-san was a woman who worked in public works of Aurum, and mainly with labor work. Stella had seven children, and Noel was the oldest among them.
She lost her husband and raised the children alone, but it seemed she went through a harsh life and she couldn't work well. This continued for several years, and then one day, when the family couldn't eat enough, Noel seemed to have suddenly left the house in order to reduce the food costs, even if it's a little bit.
“She's really an idiotic girl. The situation of getting better by reducing a single person also didn't happen. She left the house because she was worrying about pointless things. And then, she became an attendant for a noble. When the letter came, she came back with a marriage partner. That made me worried as a parent, but now it is indescribable to see that idiot having so much happiness." (Stella)
“I definitely would like to say so. But, isn't she helping out, by now?" (Sirius)
“It is frustrating, but that's true. She gave my other daughters and sons stable jobs, and brought them a husband who could make delicious meals. We became really comfortable, thanks to her coming back home." (Stella)
Then, she drank her water in one gulp, before looking at me, after pouring the water again.
Her face and personality are completely different from mother, but the warmth that I feel was exactly the same as mother.
“When I heard she became a slave, I felt like hitting her unconsciously. Hey, did you see this… well. But, I also heard that that idiotic girl was picked up and raised by a benefactor." (Stella)
“That was… my mother." (Sirius)
“Yeah. I wanted to thank that person, but she seemed to have already passed away. I thought of whom I should thank… and I finally got someone." (Stella)
The reason she called me out alone was probably because she wanted to tell me, sincerely, without being disturbed by anyone. At that seriousness, I couldn't say that I should not receive her gratitude.
“…Understood. On behalf of my mother, I will accept it." (Sirius)
“‘If it's the son of that person, please do not hesitate to accept him’. Thank you so much… for saving my child." (Stella)
Together with her earnest words of gratitude, Stella got off the chair and knelt down on the floor. Stella raised her embarrassed but refreshed face, before she sat back on the chair and drank some more water.
“Well… that was an embarrassing appearance. I can't show it to that girl." (Stella)
“No, you don't need to be embarrassed about the behavior of a mother who thinks of her children." (Sirius)
“Is that so? Oh, of course, there are also shares of gratitude for Sirius. Did you train that girl? And didn't you have a hard time?" (Stella)
“…More or less." (Sirius)
“Yeah, that's right. I like it when you are being honest. Nevertheless, that girl was picked up by a really good master!" (Stella)
Stella-san smiled graciously and shouted loudly after looking at the store's interior. Yeah, did you notice them after all?
“Don't you think so, Noel? You guys, don't hide. Come out!" (Stella)
“Muuu… we've been found out. By the way, Okaa-san, Sirius is definitely a good master! Even though he will do painful things, sometimes…" (Noel)
Noel and the disciples who were peeking from the interior came out, while exchanging apologetically glances with us. Noel and Noir did it openly, so it meant that they displayed various meanings.
“It is not good for you to not have a slightly painful experience. By the way, are those children at the back Sirius' friends? Introduce them." (Stella)
“Alright. These children are my juniors at work that I have treated like a brother and a sister. Ah, although Reese-chan is a sister, she is not an attendant." (Noel)
“I am also a sister?" (Reese)
“Oh, you! How should I introduce you, then? Besides, I didn't say the essential name, right? Come, you don't have to stay behind." (Noel)
Noel's head was hit slightly, and she was driven off as soon as she dropped. As expected of a mother, she knows how to handle Noel well.

After the introduction of the disciples, Stella-san affectionately stroked every one of them.
“Emilia, Reus, and Reese. Those are good names. Unlike the girls in my family, these children seem to be smart." (Stella)
“There is no such thing. Onee-chan saved us." (Emilia)
“Yeah. Noel-nee always played with us." (Reus)
“Although I haven't known her for long time, she is a very lively and splendid person who pleases the surroundings." (Reese)
“Hee… they are giving good compliments. She is different, after all." (Stella)
“Uhmm, Okaa-san! This is the place to be deeply moved! It is also the place to praise your splendid daughter!" (Noel)
Noel turned while being angry, but Stella pinned her down with one hand and just laughed.
While displaying such an intimate scene, Dee prepared drinks for everyone and put them on a table. Since we were all here together, we decided to discuss the plan.
And Noel, who was dealt nicely by Stella-san, interrupted the discussion while breathing roughly. If you are tired, you can take a break, and this doesn't concern you, anyway.
“Hu… hu… So, how long will Siriu-sama stay here?" (Noel)
“I don't have a plan, yet; but I don't plan to stay long." (Sirius)
“If that's the case, one year… no, how about five years? Isn't that easy?" (Noel)
Saying it's easy… Moreover, what do you mean when you increase the number of years? She looked at Stella-san as if she wanted her to do something, but she laughed it out and crossed her arms.
“Wouldn't that be nice? If you stay, I could build a house for you. I will make a splendid house for my daughter's benefactor." (Stella)
“…No, we planned in the beginning to stay for only half a month." (Sirius)
These two are definitely mother and child.
Honestly, it felt long even if it's half a month, but it seemed like they would complain if it's a short stay. And, they might build a house if I stay too long and that would make it difficult for us to leave for our journey.
“There is no other way. Let me convince you. Okaa-san, can you build a house in half a month?" (Noel)
“There is nothing I can't do, but it will be no good with a digging hut. My pride won't allow it." (Stella)
They were thinking about it after all. Let's appreciate Stella-san's craftsmanship.
While we were staying in Aurum, we were supposed to live in the [Erina's Dining Room]. I think it would be difficult for them if the number was increased by four, but there were many things that we can do, such as cooking and becoming waiters/waitresses. Since Noel's family doesn't mind, we can take care of it on our own.
But, only one person was excluded.
“Noir-chan, our family will become bigger for a while. Isn't that great?" (Noel)
“…Yeah." (Noir)
“Yeah… although she isn't a child who's shy in front of strangers… What's going on?" (Dee)
“I want you to know how wonderful is Sirius-sama is." (Noel)
Noel and Dee were troubled while patting Noir's head, who was slightly far away, but she nodded her consent when she looked at me.
“It's Sirius-sama, you'll get used to him after a while. You will eventually realized the splendor of Sirius-sama, and you yourself will want to attend him." (Dee)
“That's right. Look, Noir. Otou-san has work to do, he will be back later." (Noel)
“Yeah!" (Noir)
She seemed to be displeased at us… no, I mean at me, but her smile when she was hugged by Dee was lovely.
My aim at the beginning was to get along with Noir, before getting used to living here.
First, shall I lure her with cakes? Later, I borrowed the kitchen after getting permission from Dee.

I was planning to use this tactic next time.
“If it's Noel's child, she will surely respond to pudding and mayonnaise. Hey, come on over." (Sirius)
“…" (Noir)
“Get!" (Noel) (And she entered with her head sliding.)
The mother got lured instead…


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