Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 88


The holy land of Mira's Doctrine, Fonia, was surrounded by walls.
It was a town which was a size smaller than Elysion, and it was also one of relatively big towns on the Adload Continent.
Since this country which was a town where Mira's Doctrine believers gathered, there were no such things like castle and king.
There were people who manage the town, but since the Mira's Doctrine acted as a center, it was said that if one control the Doctrine, that person was as good as controlling this town.
The temple of Mira's Doctrine, which could be seen from any direction, exuded a presence like a castle, and what spread beyond that as a center was the town, Fonia.
We stopped our carriage in a forest which was a distant away from Fonia.
We were fine, but it was dangerous to let Chris and Ashley, who were being chased, into the town without plans.
Because of that, we stopped to hide the carriage in the forest and made the location as our base. First off, we decided to go to the town on foot to gather information.
"Hokuto, I leave those two to you. In case of emergency, pull the carriage and run away. However, your life is the main priority." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"I will also remain together with the carriage. If I go into the town, we will be too conspicuous, and it'll get more hassle." (Fia)
Certainly, before we could understand the situation in Fonia, we should refrain ourselves from any unnecessary disturbances.
Since the Elf, Fia, stood out, there was high possibility that it will hinder the information gathering if we got involved with something.
"Sorry for the trouble. Contact me if there is something. Do you remember how to use it?" (Sirius)
"Yes. I can speak while pouring mana into this choker, right?" (Fia)
"Since you can't talk too long, try to minimize the words used. Well then, we're going." (Sirius)
"Take care." (Fia)
"Sensei, everyone… please be careful." (Chris)
"Mira-sama… please grant your love to these people." (Ashley)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
While being sent off by our companion, four of us set foot towards Fonia.

Depending on the situation, those, who couldn't prove their identity when entering a big town, often had to pay some toll.
Since we were adventurers, there should be no problem if we showed our guild card, but it didn't work in Fonia.
"To enter Fonia, you all must wear this. It's one iron coin each." (Guard)
That being said, the thing that we forcibly had to buy during the screening at the gate was a pendant that Mira's believers wore.
It wasn't that much money, and it was alright if I considered it as an entrance fee to the town, but…
"…It's a clumsy work, isn't it?" (Emilia)
"Yeah. Ash–.. no, the one that child has is better, right?" (Reese)
The pendant that Ashley had was a refined white ore. It was splendid pendant engraved a crest of a sun. The one we bought was made of wood and the whole thing was slightly distorted. We could see it as nothing but inferior product.
"It is a mass-produced item. Therefore it fits the expected quality. Conversely, don't laugh at it, alright." (Sirius)
"Goodness… although we are not believers, what are we going to do with it since we already bought it?" (Reus)
"It may serves as a small income and advertisement. I don't feel any magical response from this thing, so wear it to avoid trouble." (Sirius)
Even those who could prove their identity, they still had to pay money. Besides, it was hard to throw it away since we had to pay for it, so the people who had it multiplied, and that was why, there seemed to be many believers.
It was a cunning plan, but since it didn't become too much of a burden, I didn't that it was bad. I didn't think there was too many of advantages, but if they made it better, I judged that there would be less animosity because it looked like a souvenir.
…Well, it didn't matter to me. I put the pendant around my neck while somewhat feeling subtle about it.
"Sirius-sama, what's the plan from now on?" (Emilia)
"As I have said before coming here, we are gathering information by walking in the town." (Sirius)
Since it was late morning when entering the town, we found a suitable place for meal, and had lunch.
While drinking tea after eating, we were talking about future plans in low voice.
"If you worry about something, make sure you report it. After that, follows the plan." (Sirius)
"…Understood." (Emilia)
Emilia had a slightly disappointing face because I was going to act separately.
In other words, the disciples were going to investigate the 'surface' of the Mira's Doctrine, while I would get in touch with an informer in order to investigate the 'other side'.
It should be fine to take Emilia along since I had taken Reus to see the underground world for study purpose, but I couldn't say that the situation was good. Hence, it was better to consolidate abilities as much as possible.
Ashley might rush it if we took too long, so this time, I thought that I would make progress by emphasizing efficiency.
"I have entrusted with the arrangement of the accommodation. Well then, I'm going." (Sirius)
"Please take care." (Emilia)
"You can leave Nee-chans to me, Aniki." (Reus)
"Yes, please be careful." (Reese)
In addition to information gathering, I told the disciples to avoid troubles if possible.
If there was anything, they would contact me through [Call] magic stone on their choker or earrings put on. And if they got involved with a troublesome opponent, it had been decided in advance that they would run away even if they had to escape from the town. Even if they escape to an unexpected place, if it was me, I could quickly find out where they were.
With the plan of uniting with them in evening, I separated from the disciples who waved their hands while seeing them off.

There were many ways to come into contact with informants in the town, but first off, I decided to 'attack' bars in a steady manner.
I walked through the town looking for a bar, but since majority of the stores closed during broad daylight, I kept walking around while checking the public order of the town.
The scene of the believers of Mira's Doctrine, who wore slightly luxurious attire, calmly walked along the stores seemed to be ordinary at first glance.
Incidentally, I also noticed adventurers and with the exception of Mira's Doctrine believers, there were almost similar to the neighboring towns.
It seemed that the public order was well kept, but if you changed the perspective a bit, you would understand that it was a mistake.
"This is close to a country that reigns through fear." (Sirius)
The believers, who were grandly walking while wearing luxurious attires, were probably those who firmly gave offerings.
On the contrary, the appearances of somewhat out-of-luck believers, who were walking around the corners and trying not too stood out, were too conspicuous. These people, who were like vagrants hiding in the shadow of buildings, were obviously wary, and some of them seemed to be terribly scared.
As I continued walking, I stepped into slum area that always existed in every town, but there were many buildings collapsed. It was a terrible sight where numerous pitiful looking burning marks remained.
"It's terrible." (Sirius)
Based on how things caught by fire, the way it burned was abnormal. Clearly it was artificially done. So, I asked a man from the slum who was sitting nearby, and gave him money.
The result of information obtained was that the criminal seemed to be the Holy Knight of Mira's Doctrine. I heard that he came while laughing on the other day, and burned the area here.
"He said that we are trash and not fit to be Mira's Doctrine believers. That guy thinks of us that way." (??)
Was this situation being done in a straightforward way? The Mira's Doctrine seemed to be getting worse compared to Ashley's story.
There was no one who could stop the Holy Knight and the people of Mira's Doctrine. I guessed this was getting out of hand. There would more victims as the time went on.
After that, I found an open bar in the vicinity and entered the building. While collecting gazes from several customers, I sat at the counter seat. I ordered low-alcohol drink from the Master and asked him. (TLN: The word Master is in katakana, he is the Master of the Bar.)
"Give me a bottle of sake behind you. By the way, I'm looking for an informer. Do you know any?" (Sirius)
"Well… In the past few days, the people and buildings were burned since the Holy Knight was doing the 'cleaning'. Hence, there is no informant anymore." (Master)
"Are you fine with this?" (Sirius)
I put a silver coin in a cup I was drinking and placed in on the counter.
The Master, who saw that, slightly diverted his gaze while getting the silver coin. He looked around before directed his gaze at me.
"What are you going to ask from the informer?" (Master)
"It's about Mira's Doctrine. Especially if there is a person who well-informed on the other side." (Sirius)
"…Unfortunately, there is none. Now that I got this, let me warn you. Stop investigating the Mira's Doctrine. It will come back at you." (Master)
"Is that so? Sorry for disturbing you." (Sirius)
Drinking the alcohol served, I quickly left the store, and walked down the slum again.
I intend to get into contact with some bars in similar fashion, but… I might have a hit from the beginning.
Since I caught five reactions following me, I kept walking towards a blind alley on purpose while pretending to get lost. It wasn't difficult to grasp the topography by using [Search].
Since I came to the end of the alley as expected, I looked back to the way I came from, and the bunch, who were following me, revealed themselves while closing the path.
"Hehe… do you want to pass through here? Then, you have to pay for it, you know?" (??)
The other sides were sitting at the bar in the afternoon. There were four large-build and one small-build men.
These people probably vagrants who lived in the slum area based on their tattered attires, but I felt something different from what was on the outside. They were well-fleshed to be vagrants in such a place.
As I looked at the men with surprised expression, one of the men came close and glare at me.
"Oi you, are you listening?" (??)
"I am listening. So, what do you want?" (Sirius)
"Cheh… you, quickly take out your silver coins. Besides, you're saving it, right?" (??)
Hmm… I handed it over without being seen to avoid troubles like this, but… were the Master of the bar and these people in cohort?
The man was frustrated because I didn't show any reaction at all, so I replied back before he told me something.
"The truth is that silver coin earlier was the last one I had. No, I'm sorry." (Sirius)
"Don't tell me an obvious lie! If you obediently take it out, you'll be pardon from being sold to Mira's Doctrine, right?" (??)
"Being sold? Is the present Mira's Doctrine collecting slaves?" (Sirius)
"Don't you know? If you inform anyone who try to meddle with the Mira's Doctrine at the temple, and if you hand them over, you will receive money. In short, you are that kind of guy." (??)
"I see. Is that the price of crushing the seed of rebellion? I will think about it in various ways then." (Sirius)
"If we sell you, we will able to get food for a few days! Just obediently get caught!" (??)
And then, all men attacked at once, but it immediately ended because they weren't strong.
I reaped their consciousness by folding their arms, hitting their faces against the wall and holding them down on the ground. And the last man, who aimed the path I was walking, was thrown down all the way.
The man made parabola flight mid air and dropped on the ground. While he rolled on the ground… I quickly moved.
"Ooh… that's amazing. That's unexpected." (??)
"Well… what is unexpected?" (Sirius)
"W-what!?" (??)
There were five people in all who were chasing me. But only one of them was separated from the group and looked here.
The last man was thrown in order to conceal myself from the hiding man's range of vision. Using that gap, I got closer just before his range of vision and shoved a knife on his throat.
"Wa-wait! I am not an enemy!" (??)
"Are you in the habit of just looking at me being attacked?" (Sirius)
"Th-that is to measure your ability. Do you think there is such an informer who nonchalantly showed his face to the person who can do such things to those guys!?" (??)
"In other words, you are the informer. According to what you have said, am I good enough for you?" (Sirius)
"Y-yes. Since you totally passed, take down that knife!" (??)
I held back the knife since I couldn't feel hostility, but since I wasn't sure whether he was a real informer, I repeatedly questioned him.
And it turned out that he was real informer. When I asked him why he indirectly acted, he said that there were too many people like the ones I defeated here and there, and apparently the informer couldn't move too much.
"Even by just collection information can be seen as rebellion against the Mira's Doctrine. I usually hide among these people." (Informer)
The Master of the bar was a companion of the people I knocked down, but actually, he seemed to be a part of informers. Was he like a double agent?
He judged those who had asked for informers, pressing on whether they were betrayer, and oversaw if they deserved to be contacted.
It was troublesome, but if they didn't do it until this much, they would be in danger.
"Anyway, you want information, right? There is an exclusive place in the bar earlier, you can ask there." (Informer)
Since the informer started walking toward the bar, I followed him while still being caution.

And then, the informer and I, who returned to the bar, passed through a narrow room with a guide from the Master. No traps were found, and I didn't feel any other reactions through [Search]. So, it was likely to be reliable.
"I don't dislike for being cautious. Occasionally, this room is also used for confession. The Master is standing guard outside, so you can ask anything without worrying." (Informer)
The informer sat on a chair prepared in the room, and as I sat on the other side, he was looking at me with a serious look.
"So… what do you want to ask? Offer me silver coins if you just want the information. You expected that much, right?" (Informer)
"Yeah, first off, let me offer a silver coin. After that, I will add the amount depending on the contents." (Sirius)
When I took out a silver coin, similar like the time with the Master earlier, the informer received it with a smile.
"Thank you. Are you sure you want to ask about the other side of Mira's Doctrine?" (Sirius)
"Yes, first is…" (Sirius)
After that, I started with the number of injustices done by the Mira's Doctrine from the informer, and those who colluded with corruption, and the whereabouts of the believers who were fighting the present Mira's Doctrine together with Ashley.
No matter what I asked, it could say that the amount of information that can be answered were pretty limited. His skill was reliable since he was able to survive in this kind of situation.
"Finally, I want to know about the Holy Knight." (Sirius)
"…That guy, huh? By the way, what are you planning to do?" (Informer)
"I'm not doing anything. Depending on the situation, there is a possibility to encounter him, right?" (Sirius)
"Don't say such a bad thing, and I want you to stop from getting in contact with him. He can use Spirit Magic which is also dangerous, and his personality is bad," (Informer)
The man was slightly older than me, in addition to being hedonistic and cunning. Plus, he seemed to have brutal personality who burned his opponents without any mercy.
Moreover, since flames spread when he unsparingly used the mighty Spirit Magic, the damage to the surroundings seemed to be severe.
"Such a guy will do well joining the Mira's Doctrine." (Sirius)
"Archbishop picked him up since he was a child, so he only listen to the Archbishop's orders. As the Archbishop started deviating from Mira's Doctrine, he began to tolerate his conduct, and it gradually became extreme." (Informer)
That fire-devastated slum area was one of his extreme conduct… was it?
Although he had done numerous conducts which people unable to let it pass unnoticed, there were some people who appealed to the Mira's Doctrine. He was the guardian of Fonia, and it seemed he did nothing but passing judgment to the enemy of Mira's Doctrine.
In reality, he defeated the outside monsters to vent his anger, and since that reduce the damage of monsters, it wasn't a mistake that he was the guardian of Fonia.
The man, who explained it until this far, was sighing and looking toward the window.
"This is a rumor, but recently, there are times when he doesn't listen to Archbishop's orders. If that's true, it's quite a strange story." (Informer)
"Nobody can stop him. Every day, people are scared by the fear of burning with the whim of the Holy Knight." (Sirius)
"That's it. To be honest, I think that the town is no longer as it is. If you are an adventurer, leave the town before you meet the Holy Knight." (Informer)
Since the informer said so, I guessed he was about to leave the town soon. His appearance was like a vagrant, but it seemed that he prepared in various manners to get out like an adventurer.
Well… I secured considerable good information as I confirmed the matter about the Holy Knight. There were suspicious rumors among them, but I just had to directly check on it.
Rounding up the talk, I took out a piece of gold coin from my chest as a reward for him and put it on the desk.
"This was a very meaningful time. Is this reward good enough?" (Sirius)
"Heh… by no means, it is a gold coin. Are you a noble… No, it doesn't seem so. Although it is only a bit, you have the smell of having same profession as me." (Informer)
"Isn't it reasonable to pay an appropriate reward for such an ability? And, it is also against the rule for trying to know my identity without reason." (Sirius)
"You're right. But, receiving a gold coin is maybe a bit too much. Other information… aah, there was something I had forgotten to say." (Informer)
The informer scratched his head. He opened his mouth while playing the gold I handed over with his fingers.
"A few days ago, that bastard Holy Knight had a partner from nowhere…" (Informer)
[Can you hear me… Sirius-sama?] (Emilia)
When the informer was getting to the main point… Emilia's voice resounded in the brain through [Call].
I reflexively activated [Search], and I felt a flow of mana as if something was happening in a quite distant place.
[I'm sorry. We have met the Holy Knight mentioned earlier.] (Emilia)
Immediately ending the talk, I left the informer and jumped out of the bar.

— Faeris —
After we separated from Sirius-san, we walked around Fonia while gathering information on the Mira's Doctrine.
It was about what was the present Mira's Doctrine usually doing, and what about the residents' evaluation?
We found a shop on our way, and while ordering stuff, we ask questions about the Mira's Doctrine. First, we needed to purchase stuff, and after that it would be a very smooth information gathering. That's what we learned.
"Thanks to Mira-sama, we can do business, but something is wrong with the present Mira's Doctrine. They never asked offerings until now, but they started to demand it from a while ago. Here you go, ten skewered meats." (??)
"If people give offerings, many can be saved since they received money from the Mira's Doctrine, but it's troubling when the price has gradually increased. Here you go, ten pieces of bread, thank you!" (??)
"On the other day, my acquaintance got injured. After consulting with the temple, a believer, who was able to use treatment, was dispatched. However, I was requested a considerable offerings as a treatment fee. If it was the earlier Mira's Doctrine, there would be no such thing, but there is nothing you can do about it if you think that as a treatment fee. Yes, here are ten sandwiches. Thank you for waiting!" (??)
It was understood that even the residents were starting to feel weird. I wonder if they were trying to accept it?
On the surface, the residents seemed to live their live like normal, but it wasn't my imagination that I could feel the unrest in the air.
Emilia and Reus said that they didn't want to enter the gaps between building because they sniffed smell they didn't like.
"…There is somewhat uncomfortable feeling." (Reese)
"Yeah. I am not joking, but it is a weird town." (Reus)
"According to Sirius-sama, an extreme religion seems to have twisted with the people's conduct and idea." (Emilia)
On the surface, the people, who wore beautiful attires, walked while smiling, but when I looked at a slightly shadowy side, vagrants often seen in the slum were sitting.
Sirius-san said that there were cases that those people had surprising information, but until the end, we were only needed to check on the surface only. We were trying not to get involved now in order to avoid troubles.
Because of that, we continued going around the shops and listening to the people walking around, but along the way, we noticed a common detail.
"Ho-holy Knight? Uhmm… He is associated with the Mira's Doctrine and he can use wonderful flame. He is the guardian of Fonia… yeah!" (??)
"Since his flames are used to hunt the monsters outside, the damage from the monsters is little. I think that he is a wonderful person… if only you don't get involved with him." (??)
"Stop it. I don't really want to hear that name." (??)
Whether everyone panic when the talk of the Holy Knight came out, they diverted their eyes as if to say that they didn't want to get involved.
According to Ashley, he seemed to do whatever he wanted with Spirit magic, and I had a feeling that the residents were afraid regardless of the Mira's Doctrine.
There were times when Reus grasped his fist while listening to some of the tragedies caused by the Holy Knight, maybe he couldn't forgive him.
"That Holy Knight is a really cruel person. I will kill him if Aniki allows me." (Reus)
"But, isn't he reducing the damage to the town by defeating the monsters outside? He also said to be the protector, so it's no good to take out your hands just because there will be no problem if you defeat him." (Reese)
"At least, I think that he is an enemy to us since we are on Ashley's side. Just like Sirius-sama have told us, let's not get involved as much as possible." (Emilia)
Walking down the street with a little caution, we noticed that the corner of a place was getting noisy.
There were a lot of people who like entertainment, but from the expression of the people gathered, it didn't seem to be for something fun.
While we were puzzled, Reus, who was eating a sandwich, talked to a person nearby.
"Did something happened?" (Reus)
"Hmm? Aah… It's the Holy Knight-sama." (??)
"The Holy Knight? What, is he that popular enough to attract such attention?" (Reus)
"That's not it. We were being gathered." (??)
Since the person who talked to him shifted sideways a bit, we were able to see the situation at the center.
Over there… there was a figure of a woman sitting in the center of the square. On the other side, there was a red-haired man wearing a splendid robe clad with dazzling ornaments.
"… What is that? He is wearing unusual luxurious attire." (Reus)
"Are you an outsider? That is the Holy Knight, and this gathering is to make an example of a traitor. It is started from today, so be careful that you might be aimed if you say bad things." (??)
Apparently, the man who was wearing splendid robe was the Holy Knight.
I only heard cruel stories, but since he was someone who can use Spirit Magic like me, I thought that I would like to see him even for a bit, but… that was a mistake.
In front of that woman, a cold smile looking down on her… which saw human nothing but a thing. It was exactly like the thinking of noble ruler.
"Wait, please stop! I am a believer who swore loyalty to Mira-sama! I never betray the Mira's Doctrine–…" (??)
"It doesn't matter what you are. I was told to deal with you right here, and I don't care even if you beg for your life." (Holy Knight)
When the Holy Knight swung up his arm while murmuring a word, a big flame popped on top of his head.
He didn't chant, and from the point of creating flame just by saying a word, there was no mistake that he was a user of Spirit Magic.
"Aa, aah… Mira-sama… Ashley… I'm sorry." (??)
"Mira-sama has decided. This flame of judgment will rain upon you. Well then, will you accept it according to the oracle?" (Holy Knight)
The Holy Knight, then, swung down his arm, and a violently burning flame was released upon the woman.
That person, could she be Ashley's…
"Please… [Aqua Wall]." (Reese)
When I noticed, I already asked the spirits and had created a wall of water in front of the lady.
As expected, my compatibility against opponent with flame was good. The wall of water I had created not only completely stopped the flame, but it also extinguished it.
"Reese-ane!?" (Reus)
"I thought so…" (Emilia)
"So-sorry! But… according to Ashley, that person is surely someone who got caught instead of her." (Reese)
Yesterday, Ashley was sadly talked about someone who was captured as a decoy in order to let her escaped and that before she met Chris.
And she was like a sister to Ashley. She had similar features to what I had heard from Ashley.
If that person was burned, Ashley would definitely grieve.
She would lament that she could do nothing other than giving oracles.
In the past, I was good only at Water Magic.
Although we both were totally different, but we were called as Saintess altogether, and somehow I overlapped myself with Ashley.
And… if the woman who was about to be burn was Ane-sama… and when I thought that, my body instinctively moved.
"Both of you, run. It is my responsibility… so I will do something." (Reese)
"There is no way we're leaving Reese-ane. Right, Nee-chan?" (Reus)
"Yes, of course. Besides, it's still alright, Reese. That guy doesn't know who did it." (Emilia)
Emilia was right. Since we were far away from the Holy Knight, he was looking around without I was the one who did it.
We were talking in low voice, so people around us didn't seem to know that it was me.
And then, the smiling Emilia and Reus stood up in the way to hid me from the Holy Knight.
"Can he not perceive the mana from the way he manipulates that splendid flame? It was prevented by Reese-ane's spell, I guess he is not that strong huh?" (Reus)
"That's not it. I managed to stop the flame earlier, but the truth is, the flame is too strong and the Water Spirits are few in the surrounding area. Because of that, the mana consumption is huge. It is going to be difficult for prolonged-battle." (Reese)
"There is no need to fight. If we can run away like this, we are still not breaking our promise to Sirius-sama. Since it will become uproar before long, let's take the opportunity and run away." (Emilia)
Certainly, if we escaped like this, we didn't have to fight. We kept waiting quietly while looking at the surrounding reactions.
"Who prevented my flame just now!? Come out!" (Holy Knight)
The Holy Knight became frustrated. As he confirmed that there was no reaction, he raised both hands at the same time while smacking lips.
Thereupon, the same flame as the earlier one was brought forth, and since the flames flew around the head of the Holy Knight towards the surrounding people, the people who were at the gathering had started to retreat.
"If you are not coming out, I will force you to do so!" (Holy Knight)
"Now! Let's take advantage of the chaos and escape to the outside of the town." (Reus)
"But, the flames that surround people…" (Reese)
"If that's the case, Reese concentrates on making that flames ineffective. Reus will hold Reese." (Emilia)
"Leave it to me." (Reus)
Yeah… if it was like that, I could concentrate on the flames.
When Reus turned his back, I entrusted my body, but since the flames started to indiscriminately attack people, I created multiple water bubbles and offset each other.
The surrounding people ran away and at the same time, we tried to move accordingly, but Reus, who was holding me, stopped his steps. When I looked, Emilia on the side also stopped her steps and displayed caution.
[I can feel it… the blue-haired woman over there! Goodness… don't you remember how to detect mana]" (??)
After offsetting all flames, I redirected my consciousness, and there was a whole body burn in bright red color, and a wolf-like monster was standing. It probably could be said that the flames symbolized a wolf.
It was about the same size as Hokuto. It had somewhat similar air, but it clearly hostile and talked using people's words. And my body was naturally becoming stiff because of the hostility.
"Shut up, if I have my flames, there is no problem even if I can't detect it." (Holy Knight)
[Hmmph… what a fool.] (??)
When I noticed that there were none around us, we were already sandwiched between the Holy Knight and the flame monster.
It was certain that we had been exposed, but there was no time to regret it now. The Holy Knight is a definite, and that flame monster also seemed to be considerably strong. Since Reus was obviously cautioned, he dropped me and pulled his greatsword.
"Well, who are you people? Based on your appearance, are you an adventurer." (Holy Knight)
"That's right. Are you the Holy Knight of Mira's Doctrine?" (Emilia)
"Use the honorific, -sama. No need. Why don't you let me burn you?" (Holy Knight)
"Can we not conclude until that point? Besides, rather than the honorific sama, or the official position, shouldn't you give us your name? Since I don't know your name, please let us know. Can you hear me… Sirius-sama?" (Emilia)
While Emilia deliberately prolonged the conversation, she contacted Sirius-san with her hand on the choker.
As Reus gave full attention to the flame monster, I concentrated my mana so that water could be created in preparation for the flames of the Holy Knight.
The Holy Knight, who heard Emilia, was smiling and clapping hands as if something was funny.
"Hahaha, that's true. Well, shall I give you my name? I am Vagle. As you can see, I am a Holy Knight who uses Flame Spirit Magic." (Vagle) (TLN: The name in raw is ヴェイグル)
"Thank you very much for your kindness. We…" (Emilia)
"I don't need it. I only have business with that blue-haired woman. I don't care about the rest." (Vagle)
"…Me?" (Reese)
"I'm sorry. I have met the aforementioned Holy Knight." (Emilia)
The man called Vagle was happily laughing while pointing at me. Emilia informed Sirius-san about the current situation during that gap.
"You were erasing my flame, right? It looks like you can use considerably powerful Water Magic." (Vagle)
"That… what? Could you probably have complaints because your flame was extinguished?" (Reese)
"I have a complaint, but it doesn't matter now. You… become my underling." (Vagle)
…When I thought what he was going to say, was that a solicitation?
Although he acted like being hated by people, I thought that there was no way people would obediently agreed with that condescending attitude.
"No, I don't really need a reply. I will just force you. Oh Flame, burn them!" (Vagle)
"Oh Water… [Aqua Pillar]" (Reese)
Since he shot flame without even waiting for reply, I also created a pillar of water and offset the flame.
As expected… my invocation was a bit dull since Water Spirits were few, and I couldn't see them, so I judged that the Water Spirits couldn't come closer because there were too many Fire Spirits.
Nevertheless, the flame released that was doing something only to us, but Vagle spread his flames without purpose to the surroundings and tried to burn unrelated things and people.
"By protecting unrelated people, I understand that you are soft-hearted. How about this? If you come to me, I will stop this?" (Vagle)
Although that was a cowardly action, his head seemed to be functioning. I wanted to clear all the flames, but the fountain in the square was already dried. By creating water out of nowhere, the best I could do was preventing the flames before me.
Even if there was a rain, the flames that degree wasn't likely to disappear. If there was at least a river nearby, I could call a lot of water and cover the whole area.
While frustratedly offsetting the flames, a huge wind all of sudden wrapped us and Vagle, trying to scatter the flames that spread to the surrounding.
"Reese! I will cover the flames around me with wind. You concentrate on your opponent!" (Emilia)
"My opponent is that guy!" (Reus)
"Thank you!" (Reese)
Since Emilia generated a wide range of tornado, it seemed that the damage was somehow suppressed.
Reus, then, brandished his greatsword and slashed the flame monster.
[Hou, what a powerful silver wolfkin. Are you going to take me on?] (??)
"Compared to Hokuto-san, you are not a big deal!" (Reus)
Like Reus said, Hokuto seemed to be stronger, but I judged that it was an opponent that we shouldn't be careless.
The flame monster leaped in order to avoid the greatsword swung no down, but Reus immediately turned his wrist and slashed it.
[…Hmm!?] (??)
"Here I come!" (Reus)
The flame monster was shaken with the unimaginable continuous assault from that greatsword, and Reus gradually drove it into corner.
And when Reus finally seized the opponent, his greatsword slashed the forefoot, but…
"Next is… eh!?" (Reus)
[You are quite strong, but… it's meaningless to me.] (??)
A flame spewed out from the place where it was slashed, and the forefoot restored as if nothing happened.
"If that's the case, I will shred it until you can't regenerate!" (Reus)
[Like I've said, it is impossible. I am a Fire Wolf, Enrou. As long as there is a flame, I can regenerate no matter how many times.] (Enrou)
"Because of it, I can bring flames as much as I need. In other words, we are invincible with the dog there." (Vagle)
[I disliked partnering with you, but this is interesting.] (Enrou)
"I guess your Fire Wolf is invincible, but you are not right?" (Emilia)
Even if Vagle could use powerful Spirit Magic, he was similar to us. In truth, I could compensate it with my magic, so it was a bit funny to call himself invincible.
Locking my eyes with Emilia's, we planned to proceed at the same time, but at that moment… a huge mana released by Vagle.
"My flame is a flame that burns everything. The thing about being surrounded by wind makes you unable to run away! Oh Flame… Burn everything!" (Vagle)
At that moment, a flame spurt over a wide range from his feet, and turned on side into a sea of fire.
I quickly covered Emilia and Reus with ball of water to prevent flames, and when I tried to defend myself at the end, I was blown into the air.
After a slight floating feeling, a violent impact rushed when my body hit the ground. And then, I noticed that the Fire Wolf held my neck and brought me next to Vagle.
"Excellent, you had a hard time." (Vagle)
[Hmmmph, it will be troublesome to proceed with battle more than this.] (Enrou)
"Le-let me go! What are you planning to do!?" (Reese)
"What do you mean? I'm just going to bring your home." (Vagle)
"No! Let me–… auu!" (Reese)
When I tried to struggle, the Fire Wolf stepped on my back with its forefoot, and pressed me against the ground.
When I turned my head only while wondering why the forefoot didn't feel hot, the Fire Wolf body had apparently became larger than before, and its mana also increased than earlier.
Perhaps… it was absorbing fire spirits?
[Don't try to struggle. The me right now will probably crush you under my feet.] (Enrou)
"Aah, if you do that, don't ask the spirit again. On the contrary, just relax." (Vagle)
["I know it. So, don't move.] (Enrou)
"U, uu…." (Reese)
I anticipated this, but it was a really unpleasant situation.
My body was naturally trembling when I felt enormous mana through my back. Perhaps, it might be stronger than Hokuto.
It was my fault… to be in such situation.
But, if I didn't protect that person, I would absolutely regret it.
What should I do… at that time?
"Reese!" (Emilia)
"Reese-ane!" (Reus)
No good… sorry for troubling you guys.
Although our surroundings weren't burning, the place where Emilia and Reus stood was burning with flames.
My water that protected them wouldn't last long, and since my mana was not much, I would definitely run out of mana if I tried to extinguish the flames.
I guessed… there was no other way around.
"I-I will go! I will go with you, so erase the flames! And save them!" (Reese)
"Nope. This fellow really likes to burn, and it's troublesome since it doesn't really want to disappear. If it is absolutely necessary, I will keep watching it until it disappears by itself." (Vagle)
This person… only used spirits to burn things?
He didn't use them in any other way. He just burned and violently released it.
For this person to be similar as me and Fia… it was sad.
"Water… please…" (Reese)
Concentrating the remaining mana I had, I was able to create water and erased the flames.
I felt my body was getting heavier with less mana within me, but apparently, I was able to keep my consciousness. In this situation, I should avoid losing consciousness.
"Ooh, you can do it, huh? From now on, you will erase my flame, I will depend on you, alright." (Vagle)
"Leave… them alone." (Reese)
"Aah, it's alright. Besides, I will break its collar. There is no meaning if you don't have mana to produce water, haha!" (Vagle)
Whether that made him feel better, he accepted my request.
The flame wolf probably felt that it didn't need to detain me. It took off the forefoot from my back and stepped towards Emilia and Reus.
[Just as he said. I will overlook this if you do not take out your hands.] (Enrou)
"Damn it… Reese-ane…" (Reus)
"Reese…" (Emilia)
Since they vexingly gripped their fist, I smiled to make them not worried.
[Uuh, no good!] (Enrou)
When I thought why the flame wolf suddenly shouted, it threw itself at Vagle.
It looked considerably desperate, and while Vagle, who received the body hit as it was, was blown away, it rolled and went into the shades of a building.
"Bastard! What are you doing!?" (Vagle)
[Fools! Someone is attacking!] (Enrou)
When I was wondering why the flame wolf moved while shouting, the place where it stood earlier exploded and hollowed out.
[I can't feel any signs or smells! Let's leave! Quickly!] (Enrou)
"Oh, oi! Don't forget the woman there!" (Vagle)
[What a troublesome fellow!] (Enrou)
The Fire Wolf headed toward me, but unknown assaults were unleashed several times toward the fire wolf in order to protect me. However, the Fire Wolf approached me while avoiding the assault with a quick movement.
And at the moment when the Fire Wolf opened it mouth to carry me, an attack directly hit the body of the Fire Wolf.
[Ughh!?] (Enrou)
A part of the body lost as a result of a direct hit, but flames immediately spewed out and the body regenerated.
It seemed there was damage because it looked a bit painful, but as it grabbed my collar, the attacks stopped at the same time.
[I was wondering what kind of attack… but it is surprising with just that amount of mana. It seems that you can't help this girl.] (Enrou)
The Fire Wolf lifted me in order to display me, and then, it started walking towards Vagle.
And while I was being carried away without able to do anything…
[Reese… don't let out your voice.] (Sirius)
I heard Sirius-san's voice through magic.
What was this… even by just calling my name, the heart, which seemed to be crushed by anxiety, got better.
I was about to scream Sirius-san name without thinking, but I closed my mouth before they could hear me.
[I'm sorry, it seems that rescuing you is a bit difficult as it is. I never thought that there was an opponent with same ability as Hokuto.] (Sirius)
No, Sirius-san did nothing wrong. This was my own mistake.
[I have heard the situation from Emilia and Reus. First off, it is regrettable that the situation has become like this, but I have something to say to Reese.] (Sirius)
The reason why they strangely put off the struggle was because Sirius-san told them so.
So… what was the thing he wanted to talk to me?
[Certainly, Reese has done something unsuitable about our situation. But, you did nothing wrong.] (Sirius)
Aah… eh?
[It is not a bad thing to save a life that can be saved. I think that is one of your merits. It is also can be said to me, because this time, I was too late to get the information about that monster called Fire Wolf, and there were a lot of misjudgment.] (Sirius)
As Sirius-san mentioned various coping methods, I felt like holding down my head. I didn't have that kind of ability.
And above all, he told me that my action wasn't bad… I was happy.
When I realized, my tears already overflowed.
[Well, I can do this now, but I will give a complete remonstration when this is over. Now, be obediently caught and reflect about this situation. Emilia and Reus are somehow agreed about this.] (Sirius)
I was convinced that they had frustrated expression on their faces. I guessed that much was proven… right?
[I will head right away, but I will keep in touch every other time. If I am going to attack, or do something, I will give a signal by magic or immediately contact you. I will go even if I have to force my way through with Hokuto.] (Sirius)
It's fine. Only… Sirius-san… forgave me.
As much as attacking, I would also spend all mana and swept things away with water.
[I will definitely rescue you. Please wait until then.] (Sirius)
Yes, I would do my best with your words.
And I would be waiting… for you to come.

— Sirius —
"Sirius-sama!"" (Emilia)
"Aniki!" (Reus)
After Reese was taken away, I called the siblings to an alley which couldn't be seen by other people and tried to reconcile information.
Since they came close to me with a frustrating face at the same time, I stroked their heads first.
"Emilia, Reus. You both endured well. I have asked you to endure the scene of seeing her off." (Sirius)
"No, although I am frustrated, I couldn't win against that Fire Wolf. Sirius-sama's decision wasn't wrong." (Emilia)
"Yeah, that wasn't a mistake, Aniki. But now, it is about Reese-ane. We should quickly rescue her!" (Reus)
"Don't worry. I am preparing for that moment to come." (Sirius)
Reese had been taken away, and it hadn't been an hour yet. I contacted her once earlier. She was trapped in a place that seemed to be a guest room and she had no restraints. Apparently she was alright because she had already calmed down.
More importantly, the problem was that Fire Wolf.
Although it was reinforced with Fire Spirits, I didn't expect that it could perceive and avoid my long range attack, [Snipe].
The speed of that spell exceeded the speed of sound, but it was avoiding at the same time as I unleashed it. Did it have some kind of wild intuition? Well, Hokuto also could avoid it… that was acceptable if I considered it as an opponent similar to Hokuto.
"Wait… let's go to the temple without talking about this anymore! Reese-ane was kidnapped, and doesn't Aniki feel frustrated!?" (Reus)
"Reus…" (Sirius)
"Hiii!?" (Reus)
That was no good, I instinctively stared at Reus.
It was frustrating, but the mistake this time wasn't only about Reese protecting the woman, but it was also my miscalculation.
"Do… you think that I am not frustrated when Reese got kidnap?" (Sirius)
I was also irritated at myself, but more importantly, I couldn't forgive that lowlife and the animal for kidnapping Reese.
I would surely… clean this up.
"No-noooo!?" (Reus)
"That is Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
After that, while Reus was unusually scared, and Emilia was quietly waiting with shining eyes, I felt a sign of person approaching here.
The reaction seemed different, but I didn't feel hostility. When I turned around, a woman with slightly tattered attire appeared.
"Aah… I'm sorry" (??)
"You are…" (Sirius)
"Are you the one who almost got burned by that bastard?" (Reus)
"Ye-yes! My name is Amanda. I wanted to say thank you for helping me, but because of me, your companion got kidnapped… so I don't know what I should say…" (Amanda) (TLN: The name in raw is アマンダ)
While running away, it seemed that she heard who helped her out. And when she tried to move away from the crowds, she unexpectedly found us.
"For her to be kidnapped is also because my own mistake, and I don't want you to mind worry about it. By the way, do you know Ashley?" (Sirius)
"You know Ashley!?" (Amanda)
Like what Reese had said, Amanda looked like a sister to Ashley.
I thought about the possibility of her of being a spy or a fake, but she seemed to be the real thing after questioning her about Ashley, and then, we told her about the circumstances of saving Ashley.
"Aah… that's great. That child was alright…" (Amanda)
"You can see her later, but there is something I want to ask you." (Sirius)
"Everyone is a benefactor who saved Ashley and me. In the name of Mira-sama, tell me anything if I can do it." (Amanda)
"Together with these two, I want you to go under the believers who fight against the current Mira's Doctrine." (Sirius)
To be honest, I thought that it was a worthwhile that Reese rescued her.
I knew about the place where the believers who fought against current Mira's Doctrine from the informer, and it was troublesome for us to get inside.
It was dangerous to bring Ashley in, and I wanted to protect from outside as much as possible since I hate being selfish. I was thinking about breaking through, but if she was there, it should be smooth to get inside.
"You guys go with Amanda, and tell the believers that the Saintess is safe. It will probably raise their morale, and that will make it easier for future actions to take place." (Sirius)
"I will be escorting her, right? Is Sirius-sama going to save Reese?" (Emilia)
"I want to go too! I want to save Reese-ane!" (Sirius)
"Since they know your faces, it's no good. I'm planning to go directly." (Sirius)
By kidnapping Reese, those guys clearly became my enemy.
Because of that, I want to visit their 'general', Dolgar, at least once.
Let say, this incident happened because of Vagle's recklessness, I won't be satisfied if I didn't know the other side to whom he corresponded.
"But, it is difficult for just adventurers to enter the temple. Even the believers like us, if Ashley is not in the vicinity, we will not permission to enter the center of the temple." (Amanda)
"Not a problem, as for the envoy… aah there you are." (Sirius)
When I turned around, the person I called… Fia was walking with a luggage.
By flying in the sky, she arrived very quick. Incidentally, I had already explained the situation to Fia.
"That cocky child… I'd like to properly confirm with my eyes." (Fia)
I noticed that Fia was quite angry from the low and chilly voice that I heard through [Call].
As a companion who could also see spirits, it was natural to treat her like a younger sister.
"Thank you for waiting. I wonder if Reese is safe." (Fia)
"Aah, I checked it a while ago, but it doesn't seem to be a problem." (Sirius)
"Fia-ane!? Why are you here?" (Reus)
"Of course, I am here because Sirius called me. Yes, it's fine with this, right?" (Fia)
Actually, Fia… was illegally trespassing into the town.
In order for her to come as soon as possible, I informed the location of the castle wall which could hardly noticeable. Hence, she entered the town by secretly flying in the sky.
And then, I spread the luggage passed from Fia. It was a luxurious clock embedded with Elysion's crest.
"That is Lifell-sama's…" (Emilia)
"Yes, it is. This is a matter of Reese, so I'm going to use it without reserve." (Sirius)
I got this from Lifell-him in the past. It was an evidence of being a guard to the future Queen… in other words, it was a reservation mantle.
If I wore this, I would be welcome not as a mere adventurer, but as a messenger of Elysion.
"I will go with you too. Look, if there is a rare Elf, the credibility of being an envoy is better, right?
"I'll depend on you. So, I'm going to the temple from now. I will gather information and rescue Reese. Incidentally, by kidnapping you guys, I will teach them the fear of being an opponent who really turn Elysion to become an enemy." (Sirius)
Well… even if they decided to obediently return Reese, I had already decided not to simply end this situation.
Of course, I didn't mean to say that Reese was the King's daughter.
She was called as a Saintess even in Elysion.
After giving instructions to everyone, I wore the mantle of a Guard.
"Well then… shall we get this started?" (Sirius)

Presenting Hokuto – telling the situation
Hokuto-kun was waiting for his Master's return in the forest that was a little away from Fonia.
Fia-san was practicing magic while talking and getting along well with Ashley-chan.
And as a burning Knight, Chris-kun, was training while waiting.
However, since he didn't know what would happen, he was doing a light training now.
"Fuh! Fuh!" (Chris)
Hokuto-kun was sitting and watching Chris-kun, who was swinging sword according to what his Master taught. He thought about helping a little, so he went in front of Chris-kun.
"Fuh! … Hmmm? What's wrong, Hokuto-san?" (Chris)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun made a signal 'Come at me' while waving his right forefoot.
"…Aah!? Could it be that you want to become a training partner?" (Chris)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Thank you very much. Well then… I'm going!" (Chris)
Chris-kun held a wooden sword and swung it down at Hokuto-kun.
But, Hokuto-kun didn't show any sign to avoid the swing. He hit the wooden sword from the side with the right front paw, and…
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Huh!?" (Chris)
A paw punch was thrown down, and Chris-kun was hit from the head. It was strangely extended to the ground's surface.
"Woof! Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Ye-yes, sorry!? I don't really understand you, but I'm sorry!" (Chris)
Since Hokuto-kun seemed to be angry, Chris-kun apologize while kneeling down on the ground.
Perhaps, if he was going to do it, he probably wanted to say to do it more seriously. If it was because of bad mood, it might be something like going easy on him because he was a wolf.
"N-next, I will do it seriously!" (Chris)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Chris-kun, who had a bit of a sense of crisis, seriously swung the wooden sword this time.
As expected, it was at miserable level compared to the Master and Reus-kun, but it was a worthwhile to continue training, maybe, he could win against an average adventurer.
A continuous attacked came, and…
"Ha! Ha!" (Chris)
"… Fuah." (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun handled everything with just the right forefoot.
To tell the truth, he was getting sleepy, but he didn't get exposed the fact since Chris-kun was desperately trying. Hokuto-kun was a gentleman.
After handling twenty attacks, Chris-kun was hit on the ground again by Hokuto-kun's paw punch.
"Chris-kun!?" (Ashley)
"It's fine if it is Hokuto. He can properly go easy on someone. Even Reus also will be like that." (Fia)
As expected, Reus-kun fought Hokuto-kun while using his whole body, but he was also a top-notch training partner. Hokuto-kun was all-purpose.
And then, while taking a break, Hokuto-kun turned around as if he noticed something.
Although he couldn't feel any smell or sign, he felt an uncomfortable feeling from the direction where his Master headed.
That made him unintentionally wanted to see it, but he wouldn't leave this place due to the order of his Master.
"What's wrong, Hokuto-san!?" (Chris)
"…Woof." (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun said it was nothing and resumed training with Chris-kun again.
At that time… Hokuto-kun didn't realize that he had a hunch.
That the time for battle was approaching…


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