Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 118

Occasional Indulgence

Volume 17… starts.
One year had passed since Fia got the seed from Shishou.
Our journey continued, and… we experienced many things like local foods and cultures, and monsters that we saw for the first time.
Of course, our relationships were good, and we haven't neglected any training.
These days, the disciples didn't only learn from me. They thought for themselves and repeating trial and error. Everyone was getting strong enough not to easily defeated in the mock battles.
However, no matter how strong they became, their behavior didn't change much.
For example… in a certain town inn, Emilia crawled into the bed while saying that it was a mating season.
I asked Reus after that, be he said that he didn't know such a thing. Since it was suspicious, I cross-examined her, and it was… a lie.
Emilia apologized while crying. After that, she became obedient after a while.
Goodness… I wanted her not to say something delicate such as a mating season. I didn't want her to say something trivial. I told her to come properly like normal in the case of crawling at night.
When it came to training with Reus, I told him to attack me anytime he wanted. But, there was a brisk encounter of Reus who was trying to attack with Reese who was creeping at night.
Since then, Reus stopped attacking me when I was asleep.
I felt sorry about this, so I firmly said sorry to Reus.
In addition, there were also times I was going to be shot when Fia was trying out the bow she received from Shishou.
There were also times when I got surprised by arrow coming from the side while I was having mock battles with Reus. By the way, Fia was practicing shooting on the side at that time.
According to Fia, it had something like a will and that maybe because the bow was a part of Shishou. She didn't really talk about it, but it seemed she felt it that way.
As a result of discussing this for a while, it turned out that the mischievous nature of Shishou and the thought that think of Asha's sister loaded in the string attached, the scene of Fia continued preaching her own bow for a couple of hours was extremely surreal.
(Fia) (The name in raw is アルシェリオン)
Whether it felt nice to be named by the owner, it was a strange bow that subtly shined and moved.
However, it would obediently listened the order of Fia, and it was an excellent weapon since it provided variety of assistance.
Finally, it was Hokuto. There were a lot of times that he hurled himself on me when he was too happy.
It was as if he did that more on me compared to the enemies. Indeed, that one year was a very fulfilling year.

We spent our time in that way while going around the Adload Continent. And then, when we found a ship that could carry our carriage at the port town we arrived in, we decided to go to another continent.
After a few days of cruising, we arrived at the new continent… the Hypne Continent. (TLN: The name in raw is ヒュプネ)
The Hypne Continent.
It was the largest continent in the world. It was said to be a bit difficult continent compared to other continents due to the differences in region's temperature and environment.
For that reason, there were more distinct villages and countries than in the Adload Continent, and there seemed to be a wide variety of races.
Although it seemed to be dangerous in various ways, when I thought that we would see rare things someday, and… that time had finally arrived.
"This is our first time to come to this continent, isn't it? I'm looking forward what will happen next." (Fia)
As we got off the ship, Fia, who stepped into the new continent for the first time, muttered while deeply moved.
There was no apparent change in appearance in one year because she was an Elf, but she grew to become a magical warrior who wasn't only mastering Spirit Magic, but also the bow received from Shishou.
"Isn't it a bit cold? Somehow, the air feels different… I feel that I have really arrived in a new continent." (Reese)
Reese, who got off from the ship following Fia, had grown slightly taller than before, and the air around her was slightly matured.
She felt a bit cold when she tasted the climate of the Hypne Continent. That was because she was wearing thin clothing at present because it was warmed until we approached this continent.
By the way, the temperature of the Hypne Continent was lower than the other continents, and it seemed impossible to move during winter especially in Snowflake Moon phase due to heavy snowfall.
But, the Snowflake Moon phase was still several months away, so we would be fine for a while.
"It's certainly cold, but I'm still fine!" (Reus)
"It's pointless to compare yourself with Reese, you know." (Emilia)
The next ones who appeared from behind Reese were Reus with short sleeved shirt and Emilia who had an astonished expression. She, then, handed a coat to Reese.
Emilia grew further after one year. She became a fine adult woman who display the dignity of an attendant… except on some parts.
And Reus was probably had the most growth among us. He had grown up to the extent that I couldn't match his eyes unless I looked up. However, the natural airhead didn't really changed at all.
"Instead of feeling cold, wear something. Especially you, Reus. You should wear a coat before your body become cold." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
And then, Hokuto came down from the ship while pulling the carriage, and our team was finally completed.
I also had grown up. Thanks to my body that became bigger, I was less seen as a child.
Last but not least, Hokuto also became slightly bigger.
By the way… Until what extent would the Hundred Wolves grow?
At present, he was considerably big, but it was really lucky because he was a species that didn't need to eat food. Even though there were two gluttons who ate too much, the food expenses never became a burden,
After moving to a place that didn't interfere with the traffic, Emilia came up and rolled a muffler around me while I was vaguely looking at the horizon.
"Did you see anything by looking at the sea?" (Emilia)
"…I was thinking that I had come a long way. Don't you feel cold, Emilia?" (Sirius)
"The Silver Wolfkin is strong against cold. If it is this much, we will be fine. More importantly, how about you, Sirius-sama? If you feel cold, I will warm you up." (Emilia)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Actually, I felt a bit cold, but even though I wasn't asking for this, a person and an animal came to me, and I felt warm.
As we left the port while gathering attention from the surroundings which was mainly focused on Hokuto, we were heading to a town to find information and clothing that protect against cold.

Here was a large port town because it was the gateway to the Hypne Continent. The culture and manners were mixed with the availability of goods and people from other continents. I would say that there were few goods unique to this continent.
We casually wondered around the town, and after finding an inn before the sun set, we gathered in a room to have discussion.
"Well… we finally arrived at the Hypne Continent, but there is one problem." (sirius)
"Yes. It is a serious problem for us." (Emilia)
The problem was… the money.
We went on a journey while earning income from requests of the adventurer guild in same way like other adventurers. However, the fare for the regular ship to go to this continent was higher than expected.
We would be fine for a while, but it was about time to think about earning income earnestly. I didn't want to hold back on food expenses due to short of money, and that would make the disciples sad.
Well, this wasn't the first time we ran out of money. There was an adventurer guild in this town, so it should be fine to earn there, but…
"Yeah, I don't want the side dishes to decrease, so I will earn plenty!" (Reus)
"But… the number of requests is obviously few." (Emilia)
I had a peek at the adventurer's guild before we stayed at the inn, but far from being obviously less requests, there were only few requests suitable for us.
Since there were many adventurers wanted to earn money as we do, it seemed that it would be processed immediately when the request came out.
"What left are time consuming requests and requests that only involves labor." (Fia)
"I wish that there is a request to beat huge monster. If I go with Aniki, we can finish it soon and make a lot of money." (Reus)
"This is a suggestion. How about stopping earning in this town?" (Fia)
We had ascertain the situation while collecting information about the continent, and there seemed to be a big town where most of the inhabitants were beastkin in a place somewhat away from here.
The name of the town was… Arbitray. It was also known as the country of beastkins. (TLN: The name in raw is アービトレイ)
The king was called as the Beast King ruler. It seemed that the town was as big as Elysion where we had stayed for a while. It seemed that there were many requests from the guild if it was a big place, and it seemed that there were various rare requests.
As everyone was listening to that information, it seemed that the disciples understood my intention.
"In other words, we are going there for sightseeing while making money?" (Emilia)
"Just as you said. According to the rumor, the public order seems not bad. Whatever it is, I plan to go there." (Sirius)
"The town of Beastkin, is it? …I may see Silver Wolfkins like me!" (Reus)
"I was also concerned when I heard it, but I have no reason to refuse." (Reese)
"I will follow Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
In that way, our next course of action was decided. After collecting information on the continent for several days, we left for Arbitray.
We were surprised by the monsters and their unique attacking methods that we saw first time on the road, but we could walk around without problems due to the information heard in advance.
When night came, the temperature went down and the camping was severe, but with thick clothing that we bought in the town and Hokuto who came close, we never had problem with cold.
Yes, the journey was going well, but… there was a problem occurred at the end.
We had forgotten about this since it was recently became daily occurrence to us and we thought of it every day.
That was the existence of Hokuto and how much he affected the surroundings…

We finally arrived at Arbitray several days after leaving the port town.
It was a big town based on the information given and the protective wall surrounding the whole town was on par with the one that surrounded the Elysion.
We rode the carriage until the front of a big gate of the protective wall, and then, I headed to the gatekeeper who examined people going into the town…
"That is… Hundred Wolves-sama!?" (Gatekeeper 1)
"It is the Hundred Wolves-sama!" (Gatekeeper 2)
Rather than us, the gatekeepers were making a fuss when seeing Hokuto.
Although there was no need to explain at this time, the gatekeepers were beastkins.
"Wait a sec! Why the Hundred Wolves-sama is pulling a carriage!?" (Gatekeeper 1)
"Bastard! Why are you making the Hundred Wolves-sama like a horse!?" (Gatekeeper 2)
It would be fine if they only praised Hokuto, but it was a bad luck considering that the gatekeepers were Wolfkin who most susceptible to Hokuto's influence.
Hokuto pulled our carriage voluntarily, but for those beastkins who met him for the first time, they would think that I was exploiting a Hundred Wolves which was the angel of God.
"Look! Not only that Elf, our brethren also are wearing collars!" (Gatekeeper 1)
"Human! You got some nerves to make our brethren as slaves!" (Gatekeeper 2)
Furthermore, the siblings and Fia who wore a choker were suspected to be as slaves. Although the gatekeepers didn't pointed their weapons, they released bloodlust at me.
I forgot to take this danger into consideration because I was used to the scene where Hokuto was worshiped and prayed at the towns that we had been going to. Well, someone asked to pull the carriage. But, that was another story.
"Uhmm, Sirius-san." (Reese)
"It's going to get more complicated, so Reese can remain hidden." (Sirius)
After telling the other human inside the carriage which was Reese to remain alert, I got off the coachman seat. I slowly walked in front of the gate to solve the misunderstanding.
"It seems that there is a misunderstanding. Therefore, I'm going to explain, alright? Yes, these three are wearing it, but they are not my slaves." (Sirius)
"Then, what is that collar!? Release our brethren!" (Gatekeeper 1)
"It would be better if you see it yourselves. You guys, take off your choker at once." (Sirius)
"Well, it can't be helped then." (Fia)
"I don't really want to remove it, but…" (Reus)
If that was a slave collar used for slavery, they wouldn't be able to remove it themselves. Hence, it would be the evidence that they were not my slaves.
Reus and Fia had removed their choker in response to my words, but… only Emilia was unusually reluctant.
"I am like Sirius-sama's slave, and I don't mind if I'm viewed as your slave in the first place." (Emilia)
"I am happy that you think until that extent, but… I want you to remove it now." (Sirius)
"…Understood." (Emilia)
Emilia let out a sigh from the heart as she removed the choker. The gatekeepers were surprised, but they still stared at me.
Hokuto also did the same. It might be seen as a problem to treat a Hundred Wolves like an underling, but I wanted them to understand that Hokuto was pulling the carriage at his own will.
This should be explained by Hokuto, but zealous believers often made a convenient interpretation, so it was highly likely that even those who were in front of us would not admit even if Hokuto explained it to them. Strictly speaking, there was such a situation in the past.
Should I try to change their mindset?
It was a hobby of Hokuto to pull the carriage, and we were the attendants for taking care Hokuto… in other words, would they think that we were lower existences compared to him?
So, when I tried to kneel to Hokuto…
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
…Not good.
Hokuto rubbed his face against my chest until I couldn't see the ground under me.
As I was thinking of another plan, Hokuto lightly barked at the gatekeepers.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"…I see, is that so!?" (Gatekeeper 1)
"Woof… Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Hundred Wolves-sama's beautiful fur is maintained by the hands of this man? I see… it is certainly reasonable for Hundred Wolves-sama to take him under your arm!" (Gatekeeper 2)
…It seemed that they conveniently misunderstood me.
According to Reus' translation, Hokuto told that I was an important existence that took care his fur every day, but it seemed that the gatekeepers thought that I was an attendant specializing in grooming Hokuto's fur. It couldn't be said as a mistake because I was indeed brushing him every day.
And then, my disciples were also thought to be Hokuto's caretakers. Moreover, they interpreted that he was pulling the carriage in order to bring those who took care of him.
Since the bloodlust from the gatekeepers had disappeared, I guessed it was all ended well.
As the misunderstanding had been solved, we finally started to enter the town, but…
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Yes, there is no problem to bring people who are acknowledged by Hundred Wolves-sama. Please come in!" (Gatekeeper 1)
"Woof?" (Hokuto)
"Yes, if it's an accommodation, there is an inn called [Wolf King] that is a bit off the central district of the town. It is the largest inn in the town, so Hundred Wolves-sama will be able to take a good rest there!" (Gatekeeper 2)
With an authoritative-sounded bark, they were not only overlooking us, but we also obtained information on recommended lodging.
Both Hokuto and the gatekeepers were excellent indeed.
But, was that really alright as gatekeepers of Arbitray?
I wasn't sure why would I worry about the town which I hadn't entered yet…

After going through troubles at the gate, we finally entered Arbitray.
The area nearby the protective wall was probably a farming area as a field of growing crops spread around. After riding the carriage for a while, we finally saw the town
From the carriage, we curiously looked at the town that full of vibrancy where houses of various sizes stood out.
"Ooh… they are really beastkins." (Reus)
"This is called a country of beastkin after all." (Emilia)
"It is also a pleasure of traveling to see such refreshing scenery." (Fia)
Starting with the siblings of Wolfkin, there were Catkin, Rabbitkin, Foxkin, and… variety of beastkin calmly walked in the town.
Apparently, 90% of them were beastkin, and the remaining 10% were human and others.
"Not just Hokuto, human like me and Sirius-san are rarely seen." (Reese)
"I can't feel any suspicious look for now, but Reese and Fia shouldn't go out alone if possible." (Sirius)
Since this was a big town, it wasn't weird if there were beastkin who had bad thoughts. Well, there was no need to worry of being attacked when Hokuto was here with us.
Now, the reaction of the beastkin who were walking around the town was either avoiding the way as much as to give way and lowered their hand or pray with their hands together when they saw Hokuto.
This kind of thing happened many times in the town we had been traveling, but it was a troubling response when it was up to this scale.
Moreover, since the carriage was a carriage pulled by a Hundred Wolves, it seemed that some beastkins started to think that he carried either royalties or important people. Even if we headed toward the castle in Arbitray as it was, there was no feeling of discomfort at all.
Since I didn't intend to engage with the royalties, I would like to find our destination as soon as possible and parked the carriage.
"Right now, this is due to Hokuto-san's prestige, but it would probably happen like this if Sirius-sama walks alone." (Emilia)
"No, it's different, Nee-chan. This is because Aniki is together with Hokuto-san, and this is also Aniki's ability." (Reus)
"I see, you said good things, Reus!" (Emilia)
I really wanted to arrive at the accommodation as soon as possible before the sibling's conversation starting to drift away…

"We are extremely honored to have Hundred Wolves-sama to stay at our inn!" (??)
We finally found the [Wolf King] inn recommended by the gatekeepers in the evening, and as the name implied, the manager was a Wolfkin.
In a way, Hokuto was a Beast Companion, but since he was a Hundred Wolves, he was casually guided into the inn by a hospitable manager who came out from the inside.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Yes, your name is Hokuto-sama, is it? Then, Hokuto-sama, I will guide you to the most exclusive room in our inn…" (Manager)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Eh… do you want to be in the same room as those who are with you? But… I got it. If Hokuto-sama said so…" (Manager)
Since Hokuto complained if he didn't get to be in the same room with me, the manager immediately changed his thought and turned a smile on us.
"Everyone here is Hokuto-sama's companions, right? In that case, you all get to be in our most exclusive room…" (Manager)
"I'm sorry, but I don't have much money, so please give us an ordinary room." (Sirius)
"How can we let that be!? If it is know that the Hundred Wolves-sama stays in an ordinary room, we will be put in shame for the rest of our lives!" (Manager)
The grownup manager had teary eyes, but I could understand his feeling.
He made a squishing face for having a great existence, the so-called Hokuto who was like a royalty, to be in an appropriate room.
The manager called us as if he was pleading, but such a lodging like this [Wolf King] looked pretty luxurious and it seemed that the price should be pretty high.
In that case, should we just have the cheapest room, while Hokuto have the most exclusive room?
Hokuto seemed not to be convinced, but somehow he needed to put up with them. Well, whatever it would be, I had a feeling that he would be coming to my room.
"We don't mind if everyone's accommodation is at the cheapest price!" (Manager)
"Then, we'll take the exclusive room." (Sirius)
I made that prompt decision.
We traveled a lot and camped outside many times, so I would like to stay at a good place when we get to town.

And then, we were not guided to a room, but a remote building in the compound of [Wolf King].
"This is the best room in our inn. I think that this is the most appropriate room for Hokuto-sama and everyone." (Manager)
It was a slightly bigger building that the place where I was born. It was like a small villa.
It seemed that it would be used for royalties or high rank nobles in travel, but this time, it was fine for us to use it as a separate lodging.
"When the meals time come, a chef will come to make it for you. And if you pour mana on the magic tool at the entrance, the doorbell of the residence will ring, so please do not hesitate to call us if there is anything." (Manager)
In addition to that, apparently it didn’t matter if we use ingredients and drinks in the residence as we pleased. After the manager finished explaining variously, he bowed and left us.
Although there were little stocks, we had to looked up every corner of the residence while feeling excited about being able to stay in this kind of lodging.
When we stayed at an inn in a town, we didn't only confirmed an escape route, but we also did a preliminary check up as to see whether something like trap had been set up.
"Will it be alright to use the whole building? This is great and it feels luxurious!" (Reus)
"Since the number of rooms is enough, there is no problem if you use one room by yourself." (Sirius)
"I also checked the kitchen, and the ingredients were perfect." (Emilia)
"Although it is narrow, I found a wine cellar in the basement as well." (Reese)
"Oh my, you did find something good. Let's drink together later!" (Fia)
We couldn't find anything particularly dangerous, so we sat on the sofa in the living room and took a rest.
"Sirius-sama, let's slowly take a rest today." (Emilia)
"Aah, this is thanks to you, Hokuto. I will brush you plenty today." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Gufuhh!? I-I understand that you are happy, but it's too much." (Sirius)
While stroking Hokuto who jumped into my chest with the momentum of his whole body, the siblings were quietly standing behind me.
""…"" (Emilia/Reus)
"…I will do it for you too, so don't look at me with such eyes." (Sirius)
"Yes!" (Emilia)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
The siblings reply with brush in hand while wagging the tail.
Today… it was going to be another long day before I could go to sleep.

The second day after arriving at Arbitray.
We got up a bit late because of the tiredness of the journey. When we was preparing to go out to explore the town…
That was coming from the manager who came to the secondary residence this morning.
When I asked the detail, there were some beastkins who were unable to see Hokuto yesterday, were searching for him. It seemed that they were planning to give offerings. The area around here was the same as the time of the village where the Silver Wolfkin lived.
But here was a city where many people gathered.
Since there was a high possibility that confusion would occur around the [Wolf King] inn, we would cooperate with those who manage the surroundings on how to deal with the matter of Hokuto. It seemed there were trying to control the information of our relationship.
For this purpose, Hokuto shouldn't go out for about a day or two.
Since we were staying at low cost, if it didn't hold us back too much… well it seemed Hokuto nodded to allow this.
However, I thought that it was impossible to leave Hokuto behind, and this was clearly suggested by the disciples.
Last night, I didn't only brush Hokuto, but I also brushed the sibling's tail. In addition, I combed the hair of Reese and Fia. Actually, I was pretty tired.
I certainly wanted to go sightseeing the town, but once in a while, it might be good to leave it to the disciples.
Hence, I decided to take a break and remained with Hokuto in the secondary residence.
Now… what should I do?
I was always busy with the disciples' training, so… I was quite lost of what to do when I had a day off.
It was good to play with Hokuto, but since I needed to use stamina if I played with the present Hokuto, I felt like I wasn't taking a break.
Besides, it seemed that he was satisfied even just staying by my side since I brushed him attentively last night.
While sitting on the sofa, I thought about how to spend the day while stroking the sleeping Hokuto.

"… Yeah. I got a good soup stock." (Sirius)
Eventually… I decided to cook.
When I thought about it, I felt that I hadn't made elaborate dishes recently. So today, I thought about making a cream stew that took a lot of time.
"It tastes the best when it is cold. I will make plenty of them and they will be pleased when they return." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
After that, I kept stirring until the meat melt… and suddenly I noticed something.
I was in a situation where I was waiting alone for their return while cooking when everyone was making money outside.
Right now, I was completely like stay-at-home husband or mother huh…
"No, no, that's wrong. I am only cooking because this is my hobby. I am not their mother. Right, Hokuto?" (Sirius)
"…Woof." (Hokuto)
"Do not look away, Hokuto! Goodness… Hmm!? Since everyone eats a lot, I have to be careful not to put too much salt." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Although I somehow felt like pressing the matter on Hokuto, I decided not to dwell on it because I wanted to focus on adjusting the seasoning.
After that, when I was cooking other dishes, I felt a presence outside the house, so I stopped cutting vegetables.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
However, Hokuto who was lying nearby stood up and went out of the kitchen. It seemed that he went to see the outside.
It felt strange for the employees of the inn, and there was no sign of hiding like a bandit at all. Since there was no bloodlust and suspicious feeling, was it a beastkin who came to see Hokuto?
Well, whatever it was, if Hokuto went out, there should be no problem.
And when I resumed cooking and put cut vegetables in a pot…
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Kya!?" (??)
When I thought of Hokuto's bark from outside, an unfamiliar voice began to sound at the same time.
There seemed to be no danger, so just to be sure, I stopped cooking and removed the pan from the fire…
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"…What did you pick up?" (Sirius)
Hokuto… came back while holding the neck of a girl with ears and a tail that seemes to be a tiger.

The bow that Fia got from Shishou.
Although it was abnormal when it came out from Shishou's body, it received the feelings put in Asha's string, and it had its own will.
The reason why Sirius was shot in the main story was the result of that confirmed the mischievous mind of Shishou and the jealous of Asha.
Since the bow loved its owner, Fia, it was basically faithful and had a capable personality.
Especially the offensive ability.
In the future, when Asha joined Fia, there would be a joke material about the fight between Asha and that bow, but… that time was forgotten.

Reason why Sirius so tired.
In the night they stayed at the separate residence of [Wolf King], after finished brushing the disciples…
"It's a bit cold. Can you bring blanket from the carriage?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"…It is true that I feel warm if you get on me, but you're a bit heavy. I will only accept your feelings." (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Well then, Sirius-sama, I will warm you up with my skin." (Emilia)
"Go back to your room." (Sirius)
"That's right! Today is my turn!" (Fia)
"No! This is an act of warming up Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
"…I'm not going to bed yet, you know." (Sirius)
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