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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 179

Resolute Women

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— Beowulf ※Right Wing Unit —
“Ojii-chan is going to the left!” (Emilia)
“Understood. Bring the fifth and sixth squads to the front!” (??)
“Fourth archer squad, fifth mage mage, ready to fire! We’re going to fire it all at once to the opposite side of Strongest Sword!” (Beowulf)
Emilia, who read the intention of Shishou and Hokuto-san and skillfully moved Lior-san, and the unit leader, who moved their troops in accordance with them, we led our right-wing unit to attack deeper into the enemy line. However, no matter how good we were, the enemies were monsters that were close to infinity. At first glance, it looked like we were doing well, but it happened many times that some of the troops were about to be decimated because of carelessness due to tension and not able to withstand the onslaught of monsters. We managed to get through by the surrounding’s support each time, but this time, the situation was really bad.
“Kugh!? This bastard, they are making sudden movements… guhaa!” (??)
“We’re going to get out of the way! Be careful” (??)
“Support them! Don’t stop!” (??)
Our unit was about to be divided since we were targeted at the place where the line was stretched due to carelessness and fatigue. In addition to that, there were many injured people, so it was difficult to resist. Thus, if the unit was completely divided, the damage would be enormous. Depending on the situation, it might be necessary to rebuild the unit to the original size of the unit, and we might have to take into account that we would join the central unit. I tried to help to prevent the damage from spreading anymore, but Emilia stopped me.
“Please wait, Beowulf. You don’t need to back them up.” (Emilia)
“But we can’t leave them alone!” (Beowulf)
“There’s no problem. They will be cleaned up soon.” (Emilia)
Before I said ‘What is going on…’ Hokuto, who was supposed to be fighting in another place, appeared and ran past us while blowing away the monsters that were attacking the troops. It was a very quick event, but thanks to that, the onslaught of the enemy eased. It seemed that we managed to stop the damage by somehow rebuilding the unit including the surrounding support.
“The eighth squad has been rebuilt! There was damage, but there is no hindrance to the movement.” (??)
“Did you manage to overcome it? However, considering the number of injured people, it may be time to consider retreat.” (??)
“Emilia-dono. I’m worried about Strongest Sword-dono’s fatigue, and I think we should go down to the center and adjust our strength.” (??)
“No, Ojii-chan is still fine, and we have already taken steps to replenish our strength.” (Emilia)
Emilia was right, we could still fight, so we didn’t need to retreat now. However, since we had to spare some supplies in order to return to the center where we could receive replenishment, the unit leaders said it wasn’t good to keep it up with the situation. Then, a messenger came at the same time Emilia denied.
“Mora’s squad! Henry’s squad! We came to support by the order of Cayenne-dono. We’re going to join the command of the right wing unit!” (??)
“Ooh, I really appreciate it. As expected of Cayenne-dono.” (Emilia)
“Emilia-dono is really skillful at reading the situation. Alright, this will keep us moving forward without any worries.” (??)
“Yes. We’re going to follow Ojii-chan!” (Emilia)
Not only the reinforcement, but the escort squad that brought back the injured people were together. So it seemed that the strength of the right wing unit had recovered greatly.
After that, our troops were attacked by surprise many times, but we managed to get through with Emilia’s quick wit and everyone’s quick response. Then, Emilia murmured, as if she had read the movement, we began to completely prevent unexpected assault from the side.
“…Something big is coming.” (Emilia)
“Yes. I wonder what it is.” (Beowulf)
The monsters were attacking in a horde, but basically, they just moved forward or attacked nearby opponents, but the number of movements that were clearly instructed increased. In other words, there was a high possibility that Lambda or his companions were nearby, which was said to be manipulating monsters. However, we hadn’t found such an opponent yet, and Lior-san, who fought in front of me, continued to swing his sword in a good mood. He didn’t seem to be tired at all, and when I thought that he was slashing enemies without care, a sudden unpleasant feeling ran through my body.
This was… the same as when Lior-san was trying to do something… I didn’t see any suspicious movements from him, but when I tried to warn the surroundings, since I couldn’t ignore the feeling that came from my past experience, Emilia, who was on the same alert as me, shouted.
“Everyone, defend!” (Emilia)
“Wha!? Understood. Defensive formation!” (??)
“The whole unit, solidify your defense! Heavy armed soldiers, hurry up!” (Emilia)
When Emilia, who sounded impatient for the first time since the beginning of this battle, gave instructions while concentrating her mana, a line of light began to run on the ground just in front of Lior-san. The line of light was scattered over a wide area, and it was late to realize that it was a magic formation since the size was so large. After all, it was ten times bigger than the magic formation that I usually saw. While everyone judged that the size was dangerous, Emilia, who moved the fastest, tried to defend it with wind magic, and… as a result, there was no need to defend.
“Insolent!” (Lior)
When I thought that I could see a flame for a moment, it was blown away together with magic formation by Lior-san’s [Break Thrust]. I thought that the power was slightly exceeded even an Advanced magic, probably because of the magic formation’s size. So, he was a really ridiculous guy. Was there any magic that could be understood by that person? Well, thanks to that, there was no damage. While we were breathing a breath of relief, Lior-san shouted while displaying his anger.
“Bastard… what if Emilia’s face gets dirty with dust! Show your face quickly!” (Lior)
“Show face is it? Doesn’t he have enough?” (??)
“Well, probably no.” (??)
Soldiers and adventurers were muttering with a dismayed expression at Lior-san’s shout. It was a shock wave that even changed the terrain and it wouldn’t be strange if they got caught, but Lior-san was still in a good condition. Emilia and I were also alert because our senses weren’t normal. Suddenly, the dust that was blocking the view was cleared by wind magic, and there was a woman, who had black color on her whole body, stood calmly there.
“Goodness. That was terrible. To blow away my precious magic so easily.” (??)
“Are you kidding me, lady? I won’t forgive you since you were aiming for Emilia!” (Lior)
“I wasn’t just aiming for her, you know.” (??)
When I observed the woman on the other side, she plunged into Lior-san. Although she was a bit dirty with dust, I couldn’t find any wounds. It was surprising that she was calm after receiving that shock wave, but it might be convincing when I looked at her. She had three horns on her head, four wings on her back, and the whole body was covered with black scales. The woman who was human but close to a dragon… In other words, that woman Luca, who was a subordinate of Lambda. Luca, who was one of our priorities, had her trap destroyed and she was staring at Lior-san in a grumpy manner.
“I don’t know about asking for forgiveness. However, I have to kill all of you on Lambda-sama’s order. So, will you stop interrupting me any more?” (Luca)
“Hmmph, if you can do it, try it. But before that, where is that filthy person?” (Lior)
“Who are you talking about?” (Luca)
“The one who tried to touch Emilia! The guy who is called the Tempura Sword.” (Lior) (TLN: 天丼剣 – Tendon Ken)
“It’s Heavenly King Sword, you know.” (Beowulf) (TLN: 天王剣/ Tennou Ken)
“Hmm? Aah, could it be Hilgan? I think he is somewhere around here.” (Luca)
It looked like she was trying to deceive since she didn’t really give information, but I had a feeling that she wasn’t interested to know where Hilgan was. Perhaps, Lior realized that it was pointless to talk, so without saying anything more, he swung his sword up. However, Luca spread the wings on her back wide and leaped into the sky at the same time.
“I acknowledge your strength. But can your sword reach this far?” (Luca)
“Ugh!?” (Lior)
From a height that the sword couldn’t reach, Luca shook her arm and fired something at Lior-san. Lior-san repelled countless shots with his sword, but when one of them fell in front of us, I could see that Luca shot her own black scales.
“Everyone, that person had attacked with the scales from her whole body all at once. Please be careful not to get caught.” (Emilia)
“Understood!” (??)
“If you don’t have a shield, retreat a little bit or hide behind heavy soldiers!” (Beowulf)
Since the scale seemed to be able to penetrate armor easily, we continued to look for a gap while strengthening the defense so as not to get caught. Fortunately, Luca was concentrating on Lior-san alone, and he continued to repel her attacks, so we were able to calmly prepare for her attack.
“What happened to your proud sword? Come, try to slash me.” (Luca)
“Don’t joke around! Lady, don’t you have courage to come down here and fight me!” (Lior)
“I don’t.” (Luca)
“…Alright. The enemy is unknown. I will do my best from the beginning!” (Lior)
“Leave her to the mage unit! Archer unit, fire!” (??)
Then, the soldiers fired magic and arrows by the command of the unit leader to take advantage of the openings. The Advanced magic by those who had prepared their mana in preparation for a strong enemy which was huge fireballs and rocks hit one after another. Then, rain of arrows fell all at once on Luca. If the attack was concentrated that much, it would be normal to think that she wouldn’t stand a chance, but she was an opponent who was calm even after receiving Lior-san’s [Break Thrust]. We tried to chase her further without giving her an opening, but scales flew to our side by the blast that magic created.
“Beowulf!” (Emilia)
“Yes!” (Beowulf)
Emilia and I managed to block it, but Luca, who was ahead of the blast, remained unharmed. I didn’t think we could beat her now, but I was surprised the assault didn’t connect at all. Moreover, Emilia-san muttered that her scales might be regenerating since there was no change in the body of the opponent even after throwing all the scales away. In addition to the regeneration ability and defense power of the splendid scales, she was an opponent who could fly in the sky, which was unfavorable for swordsmen. When I was wondering how to attack such a strong enemy, I came up with the idea that I should aim when she was distracted. Lior-san unleashed [Shattering Strike] that he had done many times at the frontline base.
“Oraaa–!” (Lior)
When he poured mana along the blade, it could split even a huge monster as big as a mountain into two, and it seemed it could reach the sky. It was a sudden blow, but Luca flapped her wings and avoided it without problem.
“Too bad. Even if it’s fast, it’s easy to handle if I know when it’s coming.” (Luca)
Her reaction speed… No, could it be… had she familiarized with Lior-san’s technique? She should have met him for the first time, but the way she avoided it was as if she had known his technique. Even if the distance was long enough, the blade that was expanded by mana wouldn’t be delayed that much, and since she was in the sky, she should think that the sword wouldn’t reach her. Thus, the response should be delayed. While we couldn’t hide our surprise at the situation, we must have determined that it wasn’t a threat. Emilia, who was calmly analyzing the other side, opened her mouth as we were worried how to go against Luca, who had started aiming for Lior-san’s again.
“Perhaps, she was observing the battle at the frontline base. She never gets on with provocation, and she continues to attack without breaking the dominant position in consideration of compatibility with the opponent. It seems that she is an excellent opponent, not only abilities but also for her intelligence.” (Emilia)
“Then, I will support him too! Emilia, please persuade him.” (Beowulf)
She was able to avoid his sword, which would make me feel that he was losing. Lior gave the feeling that we shouldn’t touch her anymore, so I wanted Emilia to calm him down, but she stopped me from trying to move forward again.
“Please wait. I’ll be staying here, so you and everyone else will retreat to the rear…” (Emilia)
Although various explanations were given about future movements, there was one thing that I just couldn’t understand. It wasn’t only me, but other squad leaders argued. That was because she would deal with Luca alone.
“Wait a sec, what are you saying all of a sudden!?” (??)
“Our attack didn’t seem to work, but there must be something we haven’t tried yet.” (??)
“While her defeat is important, we shouldn’t spend any more time on one opponent. That’s why I want all of you to prioritize the monsters at the rear.” (Emilia)
As Emilia pointed out, in the rear where Lior-san’s [Break Thrust] didn’t reach, there were many huge monsters and Chimeras with a huge presence. Based on the point of being around Luca, they must be special monsters led by her. So, the command power of the monsters had increased, and it had become possible to give fine instructions. It seemed that was the reason why they hit our gaps. I didn’t know the reason for dividing the unit from that situation, but it was decided that it was better to cooperate with Lior-san or me. I tried to desperately convey that meaning, but Emilia just calmly talked about the current situation.
“Well then, is there anyone here who can do aerial combat? I’m sorry if it sounds rude, but I can fight even if the opponent is in the sky.” (Emilia)
“We can still provide support, you know!” (??)
“This battle isn’t over once she is defeated. In order to reduce the damage here in preparation for the future, each should fight a suitable battle.” (Emilia)
Surely, I didn’t think Lior-san would lose, but it seemed that it would take some time if the situation remained as it was. On the other hand, not only Emilia could fly high with the wind magic, she could move around to a certain extent. In the case of the flying enemies, it could be used as a step in the air. Zenodora-san and his companions were busy with flying monsters, so I understand that the right person in the right place was important, but to leave Emilia-san here–…
“My fight is going to be a bit rough. You will get caught if you’re nearby. If you leave, I can fight with all my might.” (Emilia)
“Do you have plans?” (Beowulf)
“Yes, I wouldn’t say it if I can’t win. I’m not just going to stop her, I will defeat her.” (Emilia)
“…Understood.” (Beowulf)
“Leave them to us. We will move at our discretion after it’s over.” (??)
Emilia answered with full confidence, so the unit leaders also accepted it with a bitter expression. Although we trusted Emilia that much, we must accept the ruthless choice as long as we moved in the troops. I wasn’t completely convinced, but I didn’t think that she, who was Sirius-san’s disciple, would lie in this way, so I would try to believe it.
“Then, I will convince Ojii-chan, so please keep everyone ready to move.” (Emilia)
Emilia was doing her best to make the most of Lior-san’s power. I saw her off as she headed down to Lior-san with a cheerful smile. Then, I renewed my determination that we couldn’t lose.
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— Emilia —
“Hehe, is the attack over?” (Luca)
“Ugh…” (Lior)
After talking to the troops, I approached to hide behind Lior Ojii-chan, who continued to repel scales shot by Luca. Then, Ojii-chan called out while facing the front.
“Ooh, is that you Emilia? Sorry, I’m going to kill that little lady right away, so wait a bit longer!” (Lior)
“No, I’ll be her opponent. So, Jii-chan, please deal with the monsters that way.” (Emilia)
“What did you say!?” (Lior)
As I expected, Ojii-chan turned only his face to me, as if he couldn’t believe it. Even so, he still prevented countless scales that flew. I was impressed since he was on a different level. I quickly explained my thoughts and the odds, but Ojii-chan began to make a fuss as if he couldn’t stand it.
“Hey, you can’t! I’ll cut her, so you wait!” (Lior)
“I don’t want Ojii-chan to be on defense more than this point. Besides, isn’t there something else more suitable for the sword that Ojii-chan wields?” (Emilia)
“Hmm…” (Lior)
“I’m just guessing but I think the enemies that Ojii-chan wants to kill are on the left or in the center area.” (Emilia)
If Luca, who was the enemy’s main force and one of Lambda’s right-hand men, was placed in the center of the right wing unit, it was possible that Hilgan was likely to be on the other side, or guarding the enemy general. Anyhow, in order for Ojii-chan to show his true essence in the future, I couldn’t let him face Luca any longer.
“So, if you defeat the monsters at the rear, you can proceed as much as you want toward the center or left wing side.” (Emilia)
Since the beginning of this battle, I had decided the direction of Ojii-chan’s progress, but I thought that if we defeated Luca and the monsters in the rear, the main force on the right wing unit would disappear. Therefore, I thought that there would be no problem even if Ojii-chan moved on his own in the future. He had a stronger instinct against strong opponents, so he would go after Lambda or Hilgan even if I left him alone.
“I will follow Ojii-chan as soon as this is over. So, can you leave her to me?” (Emilia)
“…Do you have a reason to fight that little lady?” (Lior)
“Yes. It’s a very personal reason.” (Emilia)
“Fine. I’ll leave her to you. Indeed… this is what he was saying, the one who is pleased with your growth is–…Alright!” (Lior)
For Ojii-chan, he must think that he should protect me, but I thought that he would understand if I told him sincerely. He was an old man who usually went his own way, but he would admit it if I told him directly.
Then, after calming down Ojii-chan, who continued to shed emotional tears, I went to the opponent while preparing my mana.
“…Now!” (Emilia)
“Hmm!” (Luca)
I took a slight gap when she unleashed the scales, and I gave a signal while restraining it with [Air Shot]. At the same time as my voice, Ojii-chan rushed toward the monsters in the rear of the enemy line, and the unit led by Beowulf and the unit leaders started to move accordingly. However, Luca noticed this intention with a mocking smile. She spread her wings.
“Oh my, it’s boring. Why don’t you kill me?” (Luca)
“Forward! Kill them all!” (Lior)
“I see… You’re ignoring me. Then, I won’t hesitate to–…. Hmm?” (Luca)
“I won’t let you!” (Emilia)
I was convinced. When Luca tried to aim at Ojii-chan’s back since he was running without looking back, I immediately released [Air Shot] and stopped her. At the same time, I magically created an updraft and flew to the same height as Luca. I fired [Air Shotgun] continuously. It seemed that she couldn’t ignore me and she shifted her aim to me.
“That’s annoying. Crawl beneath me now!” (Luca)
“No thanks. Why don’t you stop looking down on people?” (Emilia)
Luca threw scales without listening to my reply, but I moved to the side to avoid it. However, it might be because she was reading my movement, the scales were released before I avoided it, so I kicked the scaffolding made with mana and escaped to the bottom as if falling.
“How long are you going to run away!? Once you stop moving, it will be your last–… Hmm!?” (Luca)
Perhaps, she was aiming for the opening when I landed on the ground. Luca, who twisted her body, was showing a salvo movement, but she suddenly stopped that movement. That was because I, who should have fallen to the ground, started to rise in an arc, and was still in the air like she was.
“Heh… you can fly too. I was really surprised.” (Luca)
“This isn’t the only advantage I have though.” (Emilia)
“So? Do you think you’re on an equal footing with me?” (Luca)
Luca, who recovered from agitation, spread her arms with a fearless smile, and the magic formations engraved all over her body began to emit a suspicious light. Then, the monsters that were flying above us began to descend one after another, and began to gather around Luca. Up until now, the monsters in the sky had barely looked at the troops on the ground and only proceeded to the walls that protected Sandor, but now, it seemed that they were called by Luca’s orders.
“I will praise the courage to challenge alone. But sorry, you’re not equal to me. I’ll do my best to kill you.” (Luca)
“Do you mean that pride and dignity don’t matter to protect your master’s life?” (Emilia)
“It’s not that I don’t understand it. What good is pride when killing each other?” (Luca)
“…Indeed. I also didn’t say you’re a coward either.” (Emilia)
I also understood that there was no hesitation in suffering stigma for Sirius-sama, and that it was meaningless if I couldn’t survive as a result. Thus, I wouldn’t complain, but I didn’t like this situation where we were outnumbered by a large number of enemies. I didn’t think I could really fight, but if the opponent intended to do so…
“Well then, I will do my best to challenge you. I think you misunderstood one thing, but I’m not the only one fighting you.” (Emilia)
“Where are they? Are you going to ask help from the old man or the people running down there?” (Luca)
“That’s not it. I’ll be fighting together… with my family!” (Emilia)
At the same time as my words, a large amount of water spouted from the ground, knocking the monsters around Luca to the ground one after another. The monsters were attacked by fist-sized pebbles of water released from a mass of water, but it was almost no different from a rock because it was fired with tremendous velocity. While Luca was opening her eyes to the sudden attack, the water gradually began to change shape and it became a giant water golem before lining up beside me.
“Reese, let me know immediately if you think it’s impossible.” (Emilia)
[I’m fine. Leave them to me!] (Reese)
I heard Reese’s voice through the magic tool, but to be honest, I was a bit worried. Reese herself was near the wall, so the danger was the least since she was now treating the injured on the spot even though she created a water golem and helped me out. Since the distance to this spot was far, the burden of handling the water golem shouldn’t be normal. Still, I took confirmation from another family, while remaining reliant on Reese to fight together with me.
“Fia-san, the burden is likely to increase for a while. Please take care of me.” (Emilia)
[Understood. Don’t hold back!] (Fia)
I also borrowed the help of Fia, who had joined the central unit and was sniping monsters with a bow from a very long distance. Truthfully, I could jump high with my magic, but I couldn’t fly or stay freely in the sky. However, just as the man who could see the Fire Spirit that we fought once amplified the power of the Flame Wolf, I borrowed the power of the Wind Spirit through Fia, and I was able to fly freely as it was. Of course, it wasn’t only that…
“This is the true equal footing to you. [Air Shot].” (Emilia)
“Such magic on me huh… Gyaahh!?” (Luca)
The power of magic had also jumped up several times. Luca was calm even after getting hit with advanced magic, but my magic amplified by the Wind Spirits was powerful enough to blow her away. However, that didn’t hurt Luca, and she soon regained her posture and came back here.
“I see. You seem to be worth researching.” (Luca)
“There’s no need for that. Your research ends today.” (Emilia)
“What an interesting response. Then, try me.” (Luca)
When Luca spread her four wings, staring at me abominably, the magic formations engraved all over his body began to shine. It was going to be serious… from now on. I took a deep breath and held my favorite knife in my hand.


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