Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Volume 13 extra

Extra – If [G] Intrudes

This story came at the beginning of chapter [All I Can Do Now].
It's completely out of the main story, and it is a story of another world.
Because of that, each character may do things which are not normally done, so please don't mind about it.
In other words, please think that this bonus is like going towards the main story. (Author)
The time of ordeal had come for Reus.
When I stood on the stage while releasing bloodthirst, the cheers of the stadium were visibly getting smaller.
Although I was aiming the bloodthirst at Reus only, when I released it that much, it couldn't be helped if it leaked to the surroundings.
Those who still made noises in this present condition were either strong people who could endure the bloodlust, or thickheaded who didn't know anything.
"Reus. This is the first battle, so come at me with the intent to kill." (Sirius)
Mustering my spirit like a demon, I kept on releasing bloodthirst without any adjustment, and that made Reus stunned while holding his sword as it is.
Was he already overwhelmed?
But, if he aimed higher from now on, it was impossible to do it if he got scared of my bloodlust.
If he became unable to do anything after the match started, it seemed that it would be necessary to have a talk with him later.
"Ooooooo!" (Reus)
When I was began to concern, Reus loudly screamed to shake off the fear.
Yeah, that was my disciple.
I didn't changed my poker face expression, but I was smiling deep inside my heart.
&123;…Ha!? I'm sorry! I was caught up with the bloodlust from Participant Sirius! Since Participant Reus also was prepared enough… I think that I will start the match. Well then, the Final Round… starts!&125; (Announcer)
When I was about to leap out as the live coverage of the game and the gong rang… he came.
"Hold eeeettttt—!!" (??)
A loud voice that seemed not coming from magical tool used for live coverage echoed in the arena for a moment.
The voice was heard from the stone pillar at the edge of the arena, and when I turned my sight… there was a man brimmed with muscle and great sword in hand, had a daunting pose.
That man was wearing a mask to cover and hide his face, but… it would be weird if anyone didn't know him from the voice and the sword he had.
"Who are you!? Don't interrupt my match with Aniki!" (Reus)
… Aah.
It went without saying that tears fell in my mind because that was my acquaintance.
Jii-san… the masked man deliberately jumped from the stone pillar, and to the edge of the stage where Reus and I faced each other.
After pulling out the greatsword on the back and raised it high in the sky, the audience began to notice the true identity of the masked man.
&123;Could it be an intrusion!? Besides, the intruder is the Strongest Sword, Lior!&125; (Announcer)
"You're wrong! I am the sinking masked swordsman, Ikki Tousen!" (Tousen)
The masked man was shouting again with a voice surpassing the magic tool. Or perhaps I should say, are you seriously using that name and appearance to play?
&123;B-but, no matter how I look, it's Strongest Sword–…&125; (Announcer)
"It's Ikki Tousen!" (Tousen)
&123;If the person with such greatsword says…&125; (Announcer)
"It's Ikki Tousen, say it!" (Tousen)
The masked man shook down the greatsword in anger, and crushed a part of the stage. Was he throwing tantrum like a child? Well, breaking the stage…
"G-got it! It's Ikki Tousen-sama! W-well… are you an intruder, Ikki-Tousen-sama?&125; (Announcer)
"Hmm! I came… to challenge Reus or something for a match." (Tousen)
And the masked man looked at my face.
Perhaps… you're going to measure Reus' strength? And there was no difference between wanting to say.
Maybe Reus was a bit excited, he still didn't know who the man was, and sullenly stared at the masked man.
"Why should I fight someone like you? I am fighting against Aniki!" (Reus)
My inspiration had been dampened by the intrusion of the masked man, and I was already not in the mood to unleash the bloodlust.
Besides, Reus resisted my bloodlust, and since I was going to give him that medallion after this battle over, it might be alright to seriously challenged that masked man.
I walked close to Reus who was holding sword.
"Reus. Apparently that man seems to want have a fight with you. Try to fight him with all your strength." (Sirius)
"Aniki… got it. It seems that he is not an ordinary person. Although I feel like seeing him before… I will defeat him and challenge Aniki!" (Reus)
"Like I said earlier, you already have the ability to go higher. Do not hesitate to go for it." (Sirius)
"Understood!" (Reus)
"Oooh! Alright, I'm motivated! Show me how strong have you become, boy!" (Tousen)
"I am not boy! I am Reus!" (Reus)
As I prepared to do something, I decided to stop at the edge of the stage.
And then, I heard the voice of Jekyll and Beowulf who were watching near the stage.
"Uooo! Lior-… Ikki Tousen-san! Fight me when you're done!" (Jekyll)
"W-wait a sec, Lior–… Ikki Tousen-san! Please tell me about my father!" (Beowulf)
As they were trying to say the name, they were stared by the masked man and had to rephrase.
Leaving them alone, the air of the arena was reaching the climax as a result of the masked man's intrusion.
However, there was one problem happened before the match.
&123;Uh-uhmm… I am very sorry, but since a part of the stage was broken a while ago, we would like to repair it before the match…&125; (Announcer)
"There's no need for that." (Tousen)
&123;No… Uhmm… it's dangerous, and Ikki Tousen-san is the one who broke it….&125; (Announcer)
"Sorry!" (Tousen)
He absolutely had no remorse.
The fighting festival officials were somehow pitiable, so when I put a magic stone that I took from my pocket on the stage and pour mana, a violent earthquake occurred at the same time the magic stone broke, and the stage was beautifully repaired.
Since the magic stone were drawn with the magic formation of [Create], the stage was repaired by manipulating the terrain.
Although it hurts to lose precious magic stone every time I used it, it won't break easily because it was firmly repaired. By the way, I would properly go and claim the bill of magic stone later.
&123;Wh-what is this!? That much of trouble was fixed in an instant…&125; (Announcer)
The other side was surprised, but since the audience seemed unable to wait, I gave a signal to start the game quickly.
&123;Y-yes! Since I will pay back Participant Sirius with my body later, let's start the game! Well then… begin!&125; (Announcer)
While I felt Emilia's anger from the audience's seats, the gong rang and the match began.
I thought that they would hit it right away, but the two of them didn't move while holding their swords. Somehow, it looked like…
"…This is a hindrance, after all!" (Tousen)
While I was thinking about it, the masked man took off the mask and threw it away.
Aah… yeah, if the person himself was fine, it was fine, wasn't it?
As I expected, Reus also understood when looking at his face. He was surprised while still holding his sword.
"Ji-jii-chan!? Why are you doing in such a place?" (Reus)
"It doesn't matter for whatever reason! If you, boy, could handle Sirius' bloodlust earlier, get ready to accept my seriousness. Come at me from anywhere!" (Lior)
"Y-yeah! I will defeat Jii-chan today, and I will be Aniki's number Two!" (Reus)
Reus transformed his arm like in the match against Jekyll, and swung it at the masked man… Lior.
"Uoooo!" (Reus)
"Nuoooo!" (Lior)
The greatswords collided with each other with thunderous sounds, and the one who won the match was… Reus.
Overwhelmed by Reus' strength, Jii-chan regained his posture while being blown away. He looked at Reus with a smile.
"Hahaha! So, you have finally reached this far, huh!?" (Lior)
"Of course. Because I have trained with Aniki!" (Reus)
"Well… wouldn't it be embarrassing if you can't do that much as that guy's disciple? Somehow, it seems alright if I go all out a little bit." (Lior)
"…Eh?" (Reus)
At that moment, the air around Jii-chan changed.
"Nuoooo!" (Lior)
Along with the roar that seemed to break the eardrums if nearby, Jii-chan began to release the same level of bloodlust as mine.
I would quietly overwhelming my bloodlust with opponent as a center, but in the case of Jii-chan, he indiscriminately unleashed the bloodlust to the surroundings, penetrating the body.
When looking at the audience seats, there were many people who were stunned by Jii-chan's bloodlust.
"This is… more than I expected." (Sirius)
"Uoooo! As expected of Lior-san!" (Jekyll)
"Fa–… father is fighting this person!?" (Beowulf)
While hearing their excited voices, I was surprised by Lior's change.
Jii-san after few years later… I also became considerably strong, and I thought that Jii-san would be considerably stronger, but… far from expectations, it was two or three times more.
I see… it would be unpleasant when I didn't think about it for a bit.
"Hahaha! Let's go, boy!" (Lior)
"Wa–!? Eh!?" (Reus)
Whether Reus got used to my bloodlust, rather than being afraid, it looked like he was surprised by the unexpected force unleashed by Jii-san.
And there was no reason for that Jii-san not to aim for that opportunity.
He began to run while breaking the reinforced stage, and swung down his greatsword at Reus.
"'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style, Strong Heaven!'" (Lior)
"Uooo!?" (Reus)
The shaken Reus hurriedly set his greatsword to accept it, but it seemed that he was unable to defend against Jii-san's sword when he couldn't concentrate on receiving it.
'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style' was at the strongest when it was used for attacking, rather than defending. In this situation, he should attack instead of defend.
In other words… if he accepted it as it was, there was a high chance that Reus would be split into two.
"Hand!" (Sirius)
"Ouu!?" (Reus)
Since Reus instinctively jumped by my instruction, he had avoided Jii-san's greatsword in a hair's breadth, but he was not in safe situation just by jumping to the side.
Thinking that the sword that swung down would pierce the stage, Jii-san immediately turned his wrist and swung it to chase Reus…
"Like I will let you do it!" (Sirius)
I headed towards Jii-san while releasing [Impact] and attacked him.
That was too bad, but it seemed that Reus was still too early against the Strongest Sword, Lior.
Perhaps I should say that Jii-san didn't changed after all. He was too happy that Reus became stronger.
Since he could seriously kill, I decided to intervene here.
"Hoho! You're eager, huh!" (Lior)
"It's not strange to be happy, but calm down! It may be no good if Jii-san goes all out here!" (Sirius)
Jii-san slashed the [Impact] released with his greatsword. He arranged his posture while keeping his eyes at me, who was leaping towards his bosom, and swung down the greatsword.
As I avoided that greatsword while making a big leap to the side, he swung up with no interval to chase me, so I kicked the air by using [Air Step] and avoided it.
"I can't hit you as ever!" (Lior)
"It is the end if it hit!" (Sirius)
I stick around Jii-san while kicking the air, and kept avoiding his assault.
We tried not to use big moves since it would reach until the audience seats and harm them, but in the case of this Jii-san, I wasn't sure if he understood that or not.
Since the location was a bit bad if we seriously fought, let's pretend to be knocked down even it was a cowardly action.
"Good, you're good! 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style – Break Thrust'…" (Lior)
"Stop it!" (Sirius)
Since Jii-san tried to unleash 'Break Thrust' that would release shock waves to the surroundings, I shot [Magnum] by imagining rubber bullet at Jii-san's face.
My [Magnum] unleashed was at about the same speed as gun, but the old man instantly reacted, so he interrupted the technique and slashed it with greatsword. However, since Jii-san anticipated that, he didn't give a chance and swung the sword in no time.
"You, are you using magic just now?" (Lior)
"Yeah! I did!" (Sirius)
"You finally did it! Come, show me more how serious you are!" (Lior)
Jii-san accepted the sword that I swung with his Tekkou. Using that momentum, I jumped up and pierced the knife I had in the opposite hand at Jii-san's face.
However, Jii-san moved his neck sideways to avoid it. After confirming me flying in the air, he swung down the greatsword and…
"Here I come!" (Reus)
"There–.. guhoo–!? (Lior)
Reus, who was approaching from behind, swung his greatsword, and hit Jii-san's flank. Of course, it was a blow rather than a slash.
I didn't think that Jii-san wouldn't notice enemies approaching from behind, but it was also an evidence that Reus was a strong man, when he was busy with me.
By the way, I secretly used [Call] and gave Reus instructions in advance.
Jii-san, who was struck by his flank, flew horizontally. He crashed against the wall of the audience seats and went beyond the arena.
A part of the wall crashed because of too much impact, and Jii-san was buried in the collapsed wall.
&123;…Uhmm, the match is turned into royal rumble without anyone notice, isn't it?&125; (Announcer)
"Did he die, Aniki?
"I don't know. If that makes him stand down, it's all good then." (Sirius)
I judged that the audience couldn't be convinced because we attacked him with two people, but it couldn't be helped in order to quickly make Jii-san stopped.
There was a high possibility of involving the audiences, and that would no longer be a Fighting Festival.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
While the audience was surprised, Reus and I were vigilantly watching the direction where Jii-san flew. And then, Hokuto came next to me before we knew it.
I was puzzled since we weren't in an emergency situation, but Hokuto moved his right foreleg up and down many times.
"Aah, is that it!? Hand." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
By the way, when I gave Reus instructions earlier, I said 'Hand' without saying name.
I didn't think that Hokuto misunderstood it, but since he was probably fawning, Hokuto gently put his right front paw when I put up my palm.
And then, when I stroked Hokuto's head, Jii-san that buried in the collapsed wall rose while removing rubble.
"Hahaha! That was good attack, Boy! Alright, the warming up is over!" (Lior)
"It-it didn't work!? I was seriously hitting you!" (Reus)
"…There is no other way then." (Sirius)
I whispered to Hokuto and Rues, and moved into actions after confirming Reese's position.
"Withdraw!" (Sirius)
It was no longer a mood of a match, and it's too conspicuous with an opponent like the Strongest Sword.
In regards to the matter of Sieg, it was already ended when Jekyll and Beowulf were defeated, and since it wasn't about achieving the overall victory, we decided to withdraw from this place.
I asked Hokuto to pick up Emilia and Fia while picking up Reese, and then, we ran away from the arena.
"Aah!? Wait a sec! I still haven't showed you the technique that I developed…" (Lior)
&123;Aah!? Please wait! I still haven't give you my body…&125; (Announcer)
By the way… I recovered the horse carriage and went outside the town, but of course, Jii-san would give a chase.
The end. (Author)

Extra of Extra 1
Later, the conversation with Lior who joined outside the town.
"Ooh, Emilia! I wanted to see you!" (Lior)
"…" (Emilia)
Jii-san, who had the excitement cooled down and became calmed, was pleased to see his dearly Emilia, but she had bulging cheeks while looking angry.
"What's wrong? It's me, Lior-Jiichan, right?" (Lior)
"… I don't know anyone who doesn't listen to Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"So-sorry. Maybe I should say that I was a bit getting in the mood, and I was excited because the Boy became stronger than expected." (Lior)
"I don't know you." (Emilia)
"Nuooooo! Sirius, do something!" (Lior)
"Give it up." (Sirius)
"Thi-this is… that legendary Strongest Sword. I can't see him as nothing but an ordinary Ojii-chan." (Reese)
"Hehe, it doesn't get bored with Sirius here, right." (Fia)
Extra of Extra 2
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Hoho! You are considerable strong monster. Which is stronger, me or…. buuhh!?" (Lior)
Hokuto unleashed a preemptive strike by instinct.
Extra stories which couldn't be posted last time because of the matter of Sirius. (Author)

The techniques used by Hokuto during the training days.
Hokuto’s Punch
Hokuto's main weapon.
It is strange to say it as punch because it's a fore paw, but it is punch anyway.
It represents Hokuto's skill and it is possible to go easy on someone by using the paw.
With that punch, it had buried many opponents and made them impossible to fight.
It is a reward for certain people.
Let's say it is a 'Thank you' if you receive it.
Hokuto’s Fang
There is nothing that can't be crushed… with Hokuto's fangs.
Due to its sharp fangs and strong jaw forces, it can easily crack whether it is a lump of steel or others.
He occasionally eats, but basically, it's not necessary for him to eat, and since he properly taking care of himself after chewing, he has no bad breath issue.
Hokuto’s Tail
By manipulating the inner mana, it is a blow of a hardened tail.
It is a heavy blow that easily break a deeply rooted tree.
It is impossible to severe this destructive part.
Hokuto’s Fawn
Activate only on Sirius.
The ultimate technique of Hokuto, who rubs his nose against the chest of Sirius, and takes a submission pose by showing his belly.
There are times it is activated on impulse. If he activates it, the victory chance is very high.
Since Hokuto is brushed and stroked every time, he is very happy.
Hokuto’s Dynamic
It is a punch unleashed when Hokuto is getting serious.
With a blow that can crush a rock, you will die if you get hit.
Hokuto’s UGP
The official name is Hokuto’s Ultimate Galaxy Phantom.
It is a punch unleashed by Hokuto with full power.
You'll die anyway.
Hokuto Genocide Nova
Attention… The lowest three techniques don't exist. (Author)


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