Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Fallen Wings
Volume 18… starts.
“Sirius-sama. Please have some tea.” (Emilia)
“Aah, thank you.” (Sirius)
Several days after departing from Arbitray, the country of beastkin… we stopped our carriage in an open space a little away from the main road and was taking a break.
With the strength of Hokuto on pulling the carriage, there would be no problem if we kept moving for the whole day. But, since this wasn’t a hasty trip, we were taking our time.
In the meantime, while drinking tea that Emilia brewed, I was watching the situation of the mock battle between Hokuto and Reus a bit away from us.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Ops… phew!” (Reus)
Without retaliating, it was a training of defense by solely coping with Hokuto’s assault, but somehow, Reus was able to respond.
The forefoot of Hokuto reeled out at a tremendous speed, and Reus handled it well with his greatsword.
“…Woof!” (Hokuto)
“This is… guhaa!?” (Reus)
Apparently, Hokuto increased his strength by one level.
A blow from the tail also began to mix it, and Reus, who finally unable to respond in time, was blown away by a blow on the stomach.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Uh… I-I can still do this!” (Reus)
I wasn’t sure about what Hokuto was saying, but perhaps, he asked Rues to get up.
Reus quickly stood up. He resumed the mock battle with Hokuto again, while calming disordered breathing. If he was in such a condition, it wouldn’t be long before the results showed.
On the other hand… Reese and Fia faced each other while discussing and doing magic training.
“How about this?” (Reese)
“…It’s no good. The Water is still heavy, and it looks like the Wind doesn’t like it.” (Fia)
It seemed that those two were trying to do unison magic through Spirit Magic, but it seemed that it didn’t go well due to the capriciousness of the Spirits.
However, they didn’t easily gave up. After all, trial and error were important.
‘Let’s watch them without saying anything for a while.’
While everyone was doing their own things in this free time, Emilia and I were confirming the way by spreading the map of the Hypne Continent acquired in Arbitray.
“In this condition… it would be possible to arrive in a nearby town tomorrow.” (Sirius)
“Yes. Through this town, we will go through a main road that greatly detour those mountains… and we will reach Sandor.” (Emilia) (TLN: The name in raw is サンドール)
It was the name of a country that was called the Empire and it was our aimed destination.
The country had existed from ancient times, and the historic Sandor was the biggest country in the world.
It was just that… the bigger the country was, the deeper the darkness. I had various hunches especially when we had conspicuous existences such as Fia and Hokuto.
For that reason, we would only go to Sandor after thoroughly gathering information, but I would go there a bit earlier.
The story went back to a few days ago.

“Aaahhhh—!” (Reus)
“Daahh!?”” (Keith)
A month after the incident with Belford… while Reus and Keith’s scream reverberating throughout the castle from the morning, I visited the Beast King’s office alone.
“Excuse me for coming early in the morning.” (Sirius)
“I’m sorry too since I am still in the middle of work. If there is something, please don’t hesitate to say anything.” (Eisen)
“I am thinking that it is time for us to leave this place soon.” (Sirius)
“…I see.” (Eisen)
The Beast King stopped his works after I said so. After telling a servant to prepare tea, he turned his sight toward me. He looked regretted but gentle at the same time.
Since he had stopped me several times already, I guessed that he felt it was impossible to do that anymore.
“Everyone will miss you guys.” (Eisen)
“Us too. We’re grateful that it is very comfortable here, but we are adventurers, so we can’t stay here forever.” (Sirius)
“I also feel unreasonable for that and I’m sorry to have you stay for a long time. When are you going to depart?” (Eisen)
“We are still preparing, so maybe we will go on a trip tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” (Sirius)
“Understood. I’ll prepare the remuneration immediately. You guys have helped us in many ways… will this be enough?” (Eisen)
I wasn’t in a hurry to travel, but I hadn’t traveled half of the world yet.
However, since we were stopped from leaving because Mea looked so sad, everyone and the Beast King family also agreed to stop.
I was desperately stopped from leaving and a month had passed since then. Finally, I was able to convinced Mea and we could go for a trip again.
Then, the Beast King presented a paper with our achievements and rewards, so when I confirmed it…
“…Isn’t this a bit too much? I’ve also asked few favors, so I am still good even with half of these remunerations.” (Sirius)
“Although I couldn’t publicize it widely, you guys had saved our country, right? Besides, the favors you asked are worthwhile for us.” (Eisen)
By the way, what I was asking was to contact the Gargan Company to supply foods and spices.
Although I wasn’t sure whether it was right to ask a country for that, it seemed that the Beast King family liked it very much when eating dishes that used ingredients which weren’t available in this country. When I told him about the existence of Galgan Company that dealt with such trading, he immediately agreed to make a contact.
It was a long way between continents but I was amazed at how quickly they decided to begin trading. As a result of trial and error since Mea didn’t dislike having meals, it seemed that she had developed a fixation on uncommon dishes.
Because of that, I took advantage on it and asked them for the delivery of letters and replenishment of ingredients. Considering the amount of manastones received as payment and deducted the shipping costs, it wasn’t surprising that the half of the remuneration would be reduced.
“In addition to mending the relationship between my wife and Mea, my daughter has developed mental and physical above all. You don’t need to hold back because that includes my personal remuneration. If you still concern about it… how about this?” (Eisen)
“…Understood. I am gratefully accept it.” (Sirius)
Even if it was decreased by twenty percent, it was still too much of money. However, it was a courtesy to accept it when he said that much.
One of the reason to visit Arbitray was to obtain money, but things happen one after another, and I got more than what I needed. With this, we would last for a while.
In addition to that, when I checked if there was any unusual remuneration, the Beast King asked me while probing the documents on the desk with a bit serious expression.
“Actually, I have something I want to ask. Do you know the country named Sandor?” (Eisen)
“I heard only the rumors. It is certainly said to be the largest country in the world… right?” (Sirius)
“That’s right. It is a country at the northernmost tip of this Hypne Continent. It is situated on the other side of our Arbitray. For your information, an intercontinental meeting will be held there in half a year later.” (Eisen)
An intercontinental meeting… held once in a decade where the leaders and the king of each country gathered and the place was decided in the previous meeting. It was a meeting of the world that discussed about the present situation and the circumstances of each country.
Only large countries could participate in this meeting, so there weren’t many participating countries. The countries that could participate would also be decided in this meeting. It seemed quite an honor if a country could participate since they would be recognized as a big country at the time when they could do so.
“Last time, it was held in a country next to the Holte Continent. There were countries displeased with the location, but it was a meaningful meeting.” (Eisen)
“As adventurers, we regard it as formalities in various ways.” (Sirius)
“Well, you have received a mantle from Elysion and they also will participate in the intercontinental meeting. So, I would like you to tell me about the King of Elysion.” (Eisen)
“Elysion also, is it? Hmm… why do you want to know about such things?” (Sirius)
“Since it is a country that you guys, who have such abilities, lent assistance, the King should be an excellent figure, right? Last time, other countries were irritating and it ended before I could make enough conversation, but this time, I think I would like to progressively make a conversation and create a tie.” (Eisen)
I told the Beast King that I wasn’t the subordinate of their country and I got this mantle by luck.
By the way, this was my own thought, but rather than lending a hand to Elysion, I was looking after Reese, the King’s daughter. That was why they felt a bit in debt.
Anyhow, it seemed that the Beast King wanted to know about the personality and the preferences of Cardeas, the King of Elysion, in advance.
“Besides, should I say that… I feel that the King has the same kind of smell? I have a feeling that I am somehow attracted.” (Eisen)
“Aah… I can somehow understand.” (Sirius)
Doting parent… did he feel synchronized just because of cute daughter?
With that kind of feeling, I also felt that they would get along, but… they wouldn’t fight about whose daughter was cuter, right?
“By the way, I completely have no political mean in this matter. I feel that he is an upright person, and I want to get to know him.” (Eisen)
“…Understood. Cardeas-sama is a strict but an outstanding person as a king, but actually he is a pretty friendly person…” (Sirius)
First off, it was acceptable to tell that the personality which the Beast King thought his daughter was cute was similar to Cardeas.
After living here for a while, I was fully understand the personality of the Beast King. He wouldn’t do foolish acts like taking advantage of people’s weaknesses.
“In addition, my companion, Reese, is an excellent treatment magician and she was known and Saintess in Elysion. Since Cardeas-sama’s daughter is as cute as that Saintess, If you talk about Reese, he will probably in a good mood.” (Sirius)
“Certainly, that girl’s treatment and water magic were splendid. I’ll keep that in mind.” (Eisen)
“…Please don’t brag about your daughter and get in fight with him, alright?” (Sirius)
“I understand. As a parent, own daughter is the cutest thing ever.” (Eisen)
‘…It’s going to be fine.’
I had a feeling that they would be in good term with each other, but since they were both doting parents, it couldn’t be helped to feel worry.

After that, I got some information on Sandor from the Beast King. On the evening of that day, I gathered everyone to the room that was allocated to me immediately and shared the information.
“I see. It seems that the whole country is getting busy.” (Emilia)
“The security of the country seems to be strict at that time, and if that is true, we should go there after the meeting is over, but… Sirius still wants to go there, right?” (Fia)
“Yeah. It looks like Cardeas-san is coming, so I’m thinking of meeting him for a bit. You also want to see your father, is that right, Reese?” (Sirius)
“Is that… really alright? When we discussed before, we were planning to head there as the last destination, isn’t it?” (Reese)
“There is no difference if we go there later anyway. Don’t worry just because we are going a bit earlier.
“Thank you. Hehe… I wonder if Tou-sama is doing fine.” (Reese)
She didn’t looked lonely after departing from Elysion, but as I expected, she seemed happy to be able to meet her father.
Beside Reese, who was happily smiling, Reus was unusually in a deep thought.
“Hei, Aniki. It is my intuition, but Liefe-ane is coming too, right?” (Reus)
“…It seems so.” (Sirius)
Half a month ago, Reese sent letters from Princess Lifell and Cardeas through Galgan Company.
It seemed that she was writing about the current situation, so since she was studying to be the next Queen, the possibility of Princess Liefe to go there was high.
“I’m not sure if we can meet them, but let’s look forward to it.” (Sirius)
“Reese’s Onee-san and Otou-san, is it? I also have to say hello.” (Fia)
“Nee-sama and Tou-sama would be surprised if they know Fia-san…” (Reese)
Since there was no objections in particular, our goals had been decided in this way.

Then, on the day of departure… we parted with the Beast King family in front of the castle.
Reus and Keith were bumping fists against each other, and while the ladies were talking to Mea and Isabella, I was shaking hands with the Beast King.
“I don’t think there is a need to worry, but just be careful on your trip.” (Eisen)
“Thank you for your concern. Well then, let’s meet again in six months.” (Sirius)
I already explained to the Beast King family that we would head to Sandor in line with the intercontinental meeting.
I was offered to go to Sandor with them if I could stay here for a while, but I refused since I wanted to travel around the continent.
After shaking hands with the Beast King, Mea, who had finished talking with the ladies, embraced me with a momentum of hurling assault.
“Onii-san… you know, it was really fun to be together with Onii-san and everyone!” (Mea)
“Aah, I also enjoyed being Mea’s Sensei.” (Sirius)
“The things that Onii-san taught me, I will keep working hard on it. And then… I’ll become stronger.” (Mea)
“Don’t overdo it, alright? And on your own–…” (Sirius)
“Yeah! I have to consult together with everyone… right?” (Mea)
Tears floated in Mea’s eyes as she slowly moved away from me, but the expression when she looked up at me was a smiling face.
Not a crying face, but a smiling face, huh? It seemed that her heart had grown again in the end.
After stroking Mea’s head, I got on the carriage and when we were about to depart…
“Form a line!” (??)
Suddenly, the guards, who worshipped Hokuto, lined up to make a way and they were seeing us off like a parade.
We were overcome with surprise in such a situation, but the Beast King who seemed to be the perpetrator just laughed it off.
“In honor of Hokuto-dono, everyone is willing to cooperate, you know. Well then, don’t hesitate to depart. We will grandly welcome when you guys come back here again.” (Eisen)
“…Rather than welcoming us, won’t you just see us off normally?” (Sirius)
We strongly persuade them that we were merely adventurers. Although they were somehow seeing us off… it made me wonder why I was so tired even before departing.
By the way, although this was in a planning stage, it seemed that there were also residents who cooperated to make a line to the outside of the town, but… I heard that it was canceled.
I think that it was impossible to stop when it involved the whole country, so I was really glad that it didn’t happen.

…Anyhow, we left Arbitray while many things had happened, and we would continue traveling with a plan to arrive in Sandor by half a year.
Reese and Fia returned coincident with the closing of the map as we finished confirming the path. Then, Emilia immediately prepared tea for a number of people.
“How does the unison magic goes?” (Sirius)
“Well, I guess there’s a bit progress… I think?” (Reese)
“I think it is possible to unveil it just a little bit more. By the way, are you done with your part, Sirius?” (Fia)
“Yes, shall we leave when everyone finishes drinking tea? Hokuto, Reus. Around that much–…” (Sirius)
When I turned around while asking them to stop, Hokuto was diverting his eyes away as if he did something bad, and there was a figure of Reus lying spread-eagled.
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“…He said he made a mistake in adjusting the strength.” (Emilia)
It was an understandable situation even without an interpreter.
Hokuto looked uneasy, but I thought that it was inevitable. Recently, Reus had tried various actions, but it occasionally didn’t go the way he expected.
I was glad with his growth but on the other hand, it became difficult in many ways. Well, it was probably the cry of joy.
“…The break will be extended, huh.” (Sirius)
“It seems so.” (Emilia)

“I still can’t afford making Hokuto-san to be an enemy…” (Reus)
After a while, Reus woke up as if nothing had happened, so we resumed our journey and we were on the forest covered road.
Once Reus had more or less taken care his own stuff and get on the carriage, but it seemed that he was tempted to move his body already. Since he had piled up a lot of experience, the recovery was quick.
“Hei, Aniki. Since I’m already fine, can I run?” (Reus)
“That’s not good. Please have a rest for a while. Try to remember the reason why you lost when you have spare time. Image training is also important.” (Sirius)
“Yeah… the reason for losing, is it? Since Hokuto-san’s movement is too fast, I can’t make it in time to think…” (Reus)
“In my opinion, even if Hokuto’s attack is visible, I think that it is amazing if you can read beforehand even a bit.” (Fia)
“After fighting him many times over, I think I can understand what Fia-ane meant. By the way, I totally can’t predict Aniki’s *swaying sfx* movement, and it is really difficult to avoid since Hokuto-san’s attack comes like *swift sfx*.” (Reus)
“…I don’t really get it.” (Fia)
“I think only Reus can understand that.” (Emilia)
Perhaps, it was like Lior-jiisan.
It was good to have a steady growth, but he wasn’t good at teaching people. Even if he could only explain by such an onomatopoeia, it couldn’t be understood except by the person himself who could fully understand it.
While watching such Reus with a bit of amazement, the movement of the carriage suddenly stopped. Hokuto moved his nose and began wary of the surroundings.
“…Woof!” (Hokuto)
“What’s wrong, Hokuto? Is it an enemy attack?” (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama. Something is approaching here.” (Emilia)
As soon as I invoked [Search], it seemed that there was a carriage that was approaching from our direction of travel.
This was a main road, so it wasn’t uncommon for adventurers and merchants to use it, but the speed of the carriage was clearly unusual.
As if they were running away from something–…
“…Hokuto. Move a bit away from the main road and give way. Then, we will–…” (Sirius)
“Battle preparation is perfect.” (Emilia)
“Me too!” (Reus)
“I am fine too.” (Reese)
“The spirits also gave a warning. It looks like a substantial number.” (Fia)
The Spirits also gave a hint, and it seemed that the carriage was chased by monsters.
Although there was enough space that two carriages to get pass each other, but since there was a possibility that ours could be hit in that situation, we moved it to a location slightly away.
Then, when we waited for a while after completing battle preparation, a carriage that was pulled by a horse running at full speed, and I noticed many monsters approaching from behind with naked eyes.
“They seem to be chased after all.” (Sirius)
“It looks like they are somehow escaping, but the horse stamina can’t be maintained if it runs as it is. It is already an unpleasant situation.” (Emilia)
Looking at the back of the carriage, not only dozens of Murky Wolf, a black wolf-shaped monster whose size was half of Hokuto, there were dozens of huge bee monsters on their heads.
“Magical Bees are here too, huh? It is not a monster that will attack unless people attack its nest first… they got hit badly, is it?” (Sirius) (recehck)
“That’s because the bees usually make nests deep inside the forest. No matter how I think about it, I feel like the bee was the one attacked first.” (Fia)
The honey that could be taken from that monsters’ nests was nutritious and tasty, but people had to fight a large number of magical bees that protect the nest in order to secure it.
Furthermore, the size of the bee was the size of arm. This wasn’t something people could handle especially when there were nearly a hundred of them. It was certainly a number of mayhem, far more annoying than the wolf.
People wouldn’t be able to aim the nest without having a careful preparation or appropriate abilities. I guessed that this was also an unexpected accident since they were not only chased by bees, but also wolves.
“We don’t really have obligation to help them, but we won’t be able to escape from the monsters too. Shall we provide backup with magic?” (Sirius)
“Understood.” (Emilia)
“Please leave it to me.” (Fia)
Judging from the appearance, we managed to prevent monsters from attaching to the carriage by shooting arrows from the back of the carriage and throwing something suitable, but it didn’t end since numbers of them still approaching.
We also aimed at the monsters by releasing magic from a distance. Since we had to be careful not to hit the carriage, we couldn’t actively aimed and the result of our effort was lacking.
At last, when the carriage that the bees were flocking tried to get through us, a man who was holding the reins on the coachman seat realized our existence and shouted at us.
“You guys! Run away fast!” (??)
“What are you doing!? These people are–…” (??)
However, due to the screaming of a man who was watching from inside of the carriage, it went passed us without dropping its full speed.
“…What an admirable group, huh.” (Sirius)
“Yes, they are heartless bunch.” (Emilia)
The vast majority of the monster who had been chasing the carriage was now attacking us.
I had expected that it would be impossible to stop the carriage in that situation, but… I didn’t expect that nearly 80% of the monster came at us.
Although the monsters were wholeheartedly chasing the carriage, it was weird to be chased by that number.
“…What is this smell?” (Sirius)
“It is that, Aniki. That man was dropping it from the carriage a while ago.” (Reus)
Although those bunch had already disappeared, their carriage had dropped a big iron box when they passed in front of us.
The strong-looking iron box had the size that I could barely get in. I couldn’t see the contents well because only a few gaps were seen, but it had a strong smell.
“Uh… what is this? Rather than strangely stung my nose, I don’t want to sniff it so much.” (Reus)
“It looks like some kind of fruits that are used to attract monsters. But, it is not sane to scatter such a strong smell.” (Emilia)
“Yeah. It doesn’t seem that the box… fell by coincidence.” (Sirius)
“Apparently, we are used as a decoy.” (Fia)
Many monsters were already clustering on the fallen iron box, but there were also many monsters aiming at us.
The act of deliberately pushing down monsters on us was an offend even if there was no way to deal with it. If the pressed side appealed to the guild with evidence, they would have to pay the penalty.
I didn’t see much, but I firmly remembered that guy’s face. He was probably a merchant by looking at his getup. I understood that they were desperately trying to survive, but I would have to report this in the next town unless they came to apologize.
“Gurururu…” (Hokuto)
“…It’s no good, huh. There is no choice but to do it.” (Sirius)
Whether Hokuto was agitated because of Fia’s word, I couldn’t see that those monsters wanting to run away even with Hokuto’s intimidation.
When we counted, there were nearly sixty wolves and bees in total, but we probably would have no problem.
“Reus and Hokuto, take on those wolves. We will go for the bees–…” (Sirius)
As the noises of the wolves’ howling and the bees’ buzzing were loud, I was judging on dividing works and planning on complete annihilation, but at that time… I noticed something inside the fallen iron box.
“…Strategy change! Everyone, follow me while repelling monsters!” (Sirius)
Even with the sudden change, the disciples quickly decided and followed me.
Then, while defeating monsters, we approached the fallen iron in one group from the carriage.
“Sirius-sama, what is that box?” (Emilia)
“It moved unnaturally, and I felt an indistinct scream. At any rate, clear out the swarming monsters, and form a circle around the box!” (Sirius)
“Got it, Aniki!” (Reus)
“Leave the box’s close perimeter to me! Oh Water, please!” (Reese)
“I will also do that!” (Emilia)
“Then, leave the bees to me! Everyone… please do it!” (Fia)
Emilia and Reese sent the wolves that were biting the iron box away with magic, while Fia brought forth a big tornado and swept out the bees that were flying around.
Meanwhile, Hokuto and Reus leaped forward. Simultaneously, I took hold of the box while repelling the bees and wolves that were trying to get close again.
“Oi, are you alright? Answer me!” (Sirius)
“…Hii!? Auu…” (??)
Although I was in front of the box, I could clearly hear a faint shriek in the middle of growling and buzzing noises.
It seemed to be a girl from the voice heard, but I really couldn’t see the inside even from the small openings. Although the voice was hoarse, she was still desperately screaming, so I understand that she was in considerably unfavorable situation, physically and mentally.
I tried examining the iron box while shooting the approaching bees with [Magnum], but there seemed to be a sturdy lock attached on the small opening of the box.
Of course, there was no way for that key to fall conveniently.
“Can you destroy it? I’ll leave this to you, Emilia.” (Sirius)
“Leave it to me!” (Emilia)
Emilia unleashed a small but sharp blade of wind, and she accurately cut the shackle of the lock.
While admiring her splendid skill, I looked inside as I removed the lock, and the inside were filled by the crushed fruits that could attract monsters and there was a figure of a girl watching me with a scared expression.
“A… uu…” (??)
“Are you alright? I came to save you, so come here.” (Sirius)
I extended my hand as gently as possible while saying that, but the girl didn’t move and she leaned toward end of the box. When I looked closely, there was a slave collar attached around the neck of the girl, so it wasn’t amusing for her to be afraid of people.
I should pass the role to Reese or Fia, and let them calmed the first…
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Aniki! Hokuto-san said the monsters in the distance are getting closer!” (Reus)
Since we were beginning to collect surrounding monsters by smell, it seemed that there was no room to relax.
Moreover, the girl’s body was also subjected to the fluid that attracted the monsters. Even if we took her away, we would keep gathering monster.
‘It is inevitable. I guess I have to force her a bit.’
“Reese. Please wash her.” (Sirius)
“Yes! Oh, Water… [Aqua Ring].” (Reese)
By observing the circumstances, Reese seemed to understand what I wanted her to do.
Incidentally, after confirming that Reese had produced a mass of water to cleanse her body, I grabbed the girl’s arm and forcefully pulled her out.
“Nooo!?” (??)
“I’m sorry. Just be patient… for a bit.” (Sirius)
Be that as it may… her arm was thin.
I understood well that she didn’t get enough to eat.
That weakened body reminded me the siblings in the past, but I threw the girl into the mass of water as I hardened my heart.
It was a bit harsh to do that suddenly, but with this, the smell would be washed away.
“We will be finishing soon–… eh? This girl is…” (Fia)
“Sirius-sama. The surrounding monsters have all been… this is…?” (Emilia)
We were going to leave this place later before the monsters gathered, but we kept looking at the girl who was struggling within the water, and gathered around her.
I didn’t noticed this since it was dim within the box, but I could see it now as the whole body of the girl was under the sunlight.
On the back of the thin girl…
“Is this girl… a winged people?” (Sirius)
White wings were growing on her back, as it was a reminiscent of an angel.

Extra/Bonus 1
Keith’s Peace of Mind.
After Sirius and others left, Keith’s heart wasn’t calm, but there was only one thing he felt relief.
“With this, there will be no one who can teach Mother professional wrestling.” (Keith)
It didn’t change the fact that he could already apply the technique, but he was no longer afraid by the dread of a technique with unknown movement.
He headed toward the battleground in high spirits since the technique couldn’t be applied even today, but Isabella and Mary were there before him and they were studying some kind of book very hard.
When he looked at the title of the book… [Art of Sirius: Encyclopedia of Professional Wrestling Techniques] was written.
“Okaa-san. I would like to do this Cross Armbar.” (Mea)
“I’m good with… Northern Lights Bomb…” (Isabella)
The future of Keith’s piece of mind was still far away…
“Onii-chan. I want to do this armlock technique, the Cross Armbar. It only feels like hugging Onii-chan’s arm…” (Mea)
“I’ll be glad to help you!” (Keith)
Aah… she was nearby.

Extra/Bonus 2
※Rejected Material 1
In a scene where a carriage went pass Sirius.
As soon as I invoked [Search], it seemed that there was a carriage that was approaching from our direction of travel.
This was a main road, so it wasn’t uncommon for adventurers and merchants to use it, but… since the running speed of the carriage was at a reasonable speed, the situation was strange.
As if they were running away from something, and after a while…
“He-helpppp—!?” (??)
“Hahaha! You should just obediently be my source of money!” (Lior)
A group of bandits who had their horses running at full speed appeared and there was an old man, who was swinging his greatsword in high spirit, was chasing after them.
“Hei, Aniki. That is–…” (Reus)
“Shhh! Don’t look at them. Everyone also, don’t look at their eyes!” (Sirius)
※Rejected Material 2
During the departure in Arbitray…
After stroking Mea’s head, I got on the carriage and when we were about to depart…
“Onii-san! I’ll be a good girl when I grow up! Then.. I will your… fourth bride–…” (Mea)
“Wa-wait a sec, Mary! Don’t speak more than that!” (Eisen)
“What do you mean!? Even if you are my Sensei, I will not forgive you if you touch my sister!” (Keith)
“Run, Hokuto!” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
I thought that there were many times when Mea was talking with the ladies, but… was it about that?
Judging from appearances, Emilia was smiling as usual, and both Reese and Fia didn’t feel bad, maybe because they could have a cute sister.
‘This is… nah, there is no need to think too much.’
By the way, as a side story, Keith was chasing us until outside of the town.


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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

Neko Kouichi

A man who was once called the world strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement to train the new ge

Undefeated God of War


Youth, is meant to be used to shed sweat under the sun!Youth, is to continuously engage in battles, and secure the win!

I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Halfway Breeze

Chu Xuan transmigrated to a fantasy world and became the young master of a powerful family. He was rebuked for misbehavi

I'm the King Of Technology


Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mo

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me


A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in my classroom and semi-forcibly summoned the entire class to his worl

A Man Like None Other


Read A Man Like None Other by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here.Jared Chance seethes wit

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

I Love Mermaid

He’s the Wolf King on the battlefield, one that mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medic

The Legendary Master’s Wife

Yin Ya

After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with

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