Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 98


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"Perverted peeping tom!?" (??)
"The woman who hit me!?" (Reus)
Since Reus and Kon's younger sister pointing out at each other while shouting, they gathered attention of everyone in the dining room.
We didn't really care, but as for her sibling hiding his face with hood and used fake name, this situation wasn't a good situation.
"The two also have their problems, and other than that, I want to talk about various things, but… let's changes places at once. Are you fine with that?" (Sirius)
"Thank you for your consideration." (Kon)
As expected, Kon also didn't want to stand out, so he accepted my suggestion first, and nodded.
He tapped the shoulder of his sister who became solidified while pointing at Reus, and then, he called out his sister to leave this place.
"Wait, wait a sec, Aniue! This man is the perverted peeping tom whom I told you before! Besides… after I was seen, he didn't close his mouth!" (??)
"These people are fine. Besides, we will talk about it later, so let's leave this place. Take a closer look at the surroundings." (Kon)
"Eh!? Ah… yeah." (??)
The sister finally noticed that she was drawing attention, and she became obedient like a borrowed cat.
"About the place, if you both are here, that mean you area staying in that inn, right? We are also staying at that inn. The ladies here stayed in three person room, so how about we talk in there?" (Sirius)
"Ooh… alright. We have no problem, so let's do that." (Kon)
"Understood. By the way, the room is at the end of the first floor." (Sirius)
"Well then, we will head there later. Come, let's go." (Kon)
"Wait, Aniue! At least seal that pervert's mouth…" (??)
While leaving an unfinished remark, Kon and his sister left us.
Nevertheless, we still gathered the attention, but as we resume eating without getting affected, the surroundings gradually lost interest and the bustle earlier came back.
"By the way, shall we return to the room with foods around here?" (Emilia)
"I see. Reus' misunderstanding still hasn't been solved yet, and it looks like necessary for them to talk with each other." (Sirius)
"If that's the case, should we bring wine too? I will order another one." (Fia)
"I'd like a sandwich please." (Reese)
Although it was a considerable eating and drinking, it seemed that Reese and Fia still didn't have enough.
They ordered for dishes and liquor that could be brought into the room from the waitress, and since there was no reason to stop them, so I left them alone.
More than anything, I was concerned with Reus who was still standing.
"Reus. How long are you going to stand? How about sitting down?" (Emilia)
"Aah, yes." (Reus)
As Reus was called by Emilia, he probably noticed that he was still standing, and then, he returned to the seat where he sat before.
"I thought you would apologize soon, but it was quite unusual huh." (Emilia)
"Yeah. That girl was highly spirited, somehow I missed the chance to apologize." (Reus)
"A unusual sight indeed. I have never seen that you were so opposed until that point." (Sirius)
Reus was a natural airhead, but he immediately apologize if he did bad thing. Hence, I had never seen that other people was so angry with him.
Even though the encounter was terrible, he probably was surprised with the girl's angry look.
"Since you will meet her again later, it will be alright if you apologize at that time. Come, finishes the leftover, and let's return to the room." (Sirius)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
Reus ate up the leftover dishes at once. After we received the liquor and sandwiches, we returned to the room.
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We took double room for guys and triple room for ladies respectively.
We gathered first in the spacious triple room, and after a while, we heard a discreet knock coming from the door of the room.
"I'm sorry, it's me Kon. I made a promise earlier…" (Kon)
Since I noticed through [Search] that there was no reaction other than those two, it would be no problem if the door was opened Emilia nodded after locking with my eyes, and opened the door.
"Please, come in." (Emilia)
"Yes… eh!?" (Kon)
Although Kon, who was still wearing the same hood earlier, he was surprised when seeing the appearance of Emilia.
Well, in an accommodation where only adventurers could stay, he probably surprised when Emilia, who wrapped herself in maid dress, suddenly appeared. By the way, we brought a tea set from the carriage.
"Uhmm, your dress is…" (Kon)
"I am Sirius-sama's attendant, and this is the formal attire. Please, don't mind about it." (Emilia)
"Aah…" (Kon)
As Kon and his sister were convinced with the usual perfect smile, they came into the room.
"Welcome. Though I say this now, you really came on my invitation." (Sirius)
"Our time together was short, but I am starting to understand your character and strength. Besides, there is also a personal matter." (Kon)
"If you agreed, it is fine. Anyway, this is not a formal place, so you may rest it easy by sitting at the bed over there." (Sirius)
"I will prepare tea." (Emilia)
"There is also wine if you drink it." (Fia)
"Do you want sandwiches?" (Reese)
"No, it's fine…" (Kon)
The brother and sister were puzzled by the sudden hospitality, but they got hungry as they heard sandwiches.
Come to think of it, it seemed that they were just coming to the cafeteria during the time of helping the waitress, and the sister, who came late, eventually headed back without eating anything.
Because of that, when Reese gently put out sandwiches, the siblings blushed while receiving it.
And then, once the siblings finished eating in the blink of an eye, they cleared throat and corrected the postures.
"I'm thinking of doing the greetings again. But before that…" (Kon)
"Wait– Aniue!?" (??)
Shortly after her sister tried to stop him, Kon put his hand on the hood and exposed his face before us.
Kon had a beautiful reddish-golden long hair tied at the back of the neck, and he was a man with a well-featured face. He would be undoubtedly called a handsome man.
And as we expected, fox ears grew in his head, so their tribe probably Foxtail.
"A-aniue! Why are you showing your face to these people!? If by any chance…" (??)
"I was helped by them, and it is inexcusable to keep hiding my face. Besides, were you already seen?" (Kon)
"…Understood If Aniue said so." (??)
Admonished by the brother, the sister also removed her hood and exposed her face.
As Reus explained, she was a beautiful girl, but now, she was wary of us and looking with suspicious eyes. The tail which said to be three tails were not visible because of the mantle, but now it wasn't the situation to talk about it.
Based on her behavior and attitude, the sister seemed to be alarmed. Well, maybe she admired her brother?
When thinking about the part of longing which was similar to Reus, he deeply bowed after turning his face to Reus.
"Reus-kun, it is a bit late, but let me thank you. Thank you so much for helping my sister… in the lake of the forest." (Kon)
"Yes… no, I mean, it is normal to help, isn't it? Your sister…" (Reus)
"Aah, which remind me, we haven't told our names yet. Actually, Kon is an alias, my real name is Albert. And the girl here is my sister, Marina." (Albert) (The name in raw is アルベルト and マリーナ)
"Albert… is it? Don't worry about the helping. Besides, same goes to me, I saw her, Marina, naked. I am sorry." (Reus)
"Ehh!? Y-yeah…" (Marina)
Reus also probably waiting for this chance. He was deeply bowing to the sister.
She probably didn't expected that. The younger sister seemed surprised and couldn't calm down. Maybe because Albert tapped her shoulder, she regained herself. She shyly turned to Reus and lowered her head.
"Me too… thank you. But! I will not forgive you for peeping! And for you to compare me with someone, about my small chest… that is absolutely unforgivable!" (Marina)
"Hahaha, why are you so embarrassed about? Reus-kun told you that you are beautiful, and that wasn't even the whole story, right?" (Albert)
"Th-that is… I was told with a serious face, so I unintentionally… A-anyway! You made fun of me and laughed!" (Marina)
"No, I didn't really laugh, you know. That's how I really felt." (Reus)
"Do not tell a lie! Even though you were looking at me when I was naked, there is no way I don't understand that perverted thought!" (Marina)
"Aah really… what do you mean! Even though I obediently apologized, why must I be told until that far!?" (Reus)
As mentioned earlier, Reus talked back because he was told unreasonable things.
Because of that, the conversation of these two was starting to get heated, but… I didn't think that I wanted to stop them at once.
Even though Albert had a troubled look, he was looking at Marina with gentle eyes. Besides, not only Emilia, Reese and Fia also gently looked at Reus with bitter smiles.
Marina's complaint was certainly seemed one-sided, but when looking from the side, it could be seen nothing but things getting furious because of misunderstanding. The scene of a child desperately trying to make an excuse was funny.
In the meantime, we finished our introduction, but the two continued arguing.
I heard that people would get along well as they quarrel, so it was good to watch a little more, but it seemed that if I left them like this, Reus might uttered something pointless.
The other side probably had the same idea as we locked eyes with Alberto. After that, we interjected and stopped those two.
"Reus. House." (Sirius)
"Understood!" (Reus)
"Marina. Please stop it. Be more lady-like." (Albert)
"…I'm sorry." (Marina)
Despite the immediate conclusion, the two still had unconsenting expressions. In order to turn such an atmosphere, Emilia entertained everyone with tea.
But, there was a big difference.
Unlike us who were used to the usual taste, the siblings became solidified with eyes wide opened when the drink the tea.
As the siblings continued drinking while paying attention to the heat of the tea, they quickly looked at Emilia with shining eyes after they had drunk it.
"…Delicious. This is the first time we had a delicious tea. Even though there are no such tools, it is unbelievable for having a deep taste until that far…" (Albert)
"It really suits the taste, after all. This is the way Sirius-sama discovered it." (Emilia)
"Excuse me…" (Marina)
"Do you want some more? Here' you go." (Emilia)
Emilia pour for another cups to the siblings, and even though Marina savored the taste, she quickly drank it and presented her cup again.
"An-another cup please!" (Marina)
"Hey! Please hold back a little." (Albert)
"Because it is the first time for such delicious tea! Aniue, let's recruit this person as an attendant…" (Marina)
"Wait a second! Nee-chan is Aniki's attendant!" (Reus)
Reus was snapping at Marina, who was unable to get hold of herself, maybe because she was too excited.
Since the brother, Reus thought that Emilia was absolutely my attendant, he couldn't bear it.
"Wh-what is it!? What are you getting angry at?" (Marina)
"Because Nee-chan's belongs to Aniki!" (Reus) (TLN: Reus said 'Aniki no mono'. 'Mono' can be translated literally as 'a thing', but also can mean 'a person'. It may sound degrading to those who doesn't know the real situation.)
"Belong to… isn't that cruel!? Aren't you her family member? Don't say that she is like a slave!" (Marina)
"Do you also see her like that?" (Reus)
What Marina said was correct, so even though she was his family, it wasn't a good idea to decide that on his own.
However, the said person was…
"Ehehe, Reus also say good things by chance. Yes… everything of me is belong to Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
Having her head caressed by me, she made a charming smile while wagging her tail.
Hmmm… for now, I understood that Marina was a girl who hated slavery.
Although Marina hardened for a while because she was showed an unexpected reaction, she regained herself, and stared at Reus.
"B-but, I didn't try to recruit her. You don't have to get upset with that!" (Marina)
"Hmmm…That is also true. My bad." (Reus)
"…Eh? If that's how it is, it's fine then… yeah." (Marina)
It seemed that Marina's mood was thrown out of order because of Reus' reaction.
Since he was being honest at good or bad things, the sudden changes of conversation just like now was not uncommon. (Recheck)
As Reus and Marina completely arguing like a funny show if looked from the side, Albert lowered his head seeming sorry.
"Sorry for having a noisy sister. She is usually a very good girl…" (Albert)
"Aah, I understand that she is not a bad girl, you know. Besides, Reus rarely associated with someone on equal term. That sort of light argument also is necessary. In fact, it pretty much helps." (Sirius)
"I'm spared if you say so. However, there is still an important talk." (Albert)
"…It seems like a talk that you don't want others to hear. Fia." (Sirius)
"Yes, leave it to me. Oh wind…" (Fia)
When Fia hummed with a wine in her hand, a flow of wind was produced in the room, and the room became soundproof room where sound wouldn't leak out.
When we explained that, Alberto was surprised while being grateful. He turned his eyes to Reus with a decided expression.
"Reus-kun. When you helped Marina, did you see my sister's tail?" (Albert)
"Yes, I saw it. She has three tails." (Marina)
"…I see. You saw it, huh? About that matter, everyone here has heard about it, right?" (Albert)
Since he was asking with a serious expression, we quietly nodded.
When we noticed, Marina also made a serious look. It was hard to believed that she was arguing with Reus earlier.
"I wanted to ask you to keep this matter silent. The reason is… you will understand if you have an Elf with you." (Albert)
In other words, she might be aimed by a bunch since she was a rare occurrence.
We nodded because we had no other reason to say differently, but they won't go for this trouble if they could feel relieved just by doing this.
And then, Fia came out to the front and looked at Marina.
"I may be different from you in many ways, but I understand the feeling of being aimed." (Fia)
"Ah… yes." (Marina)
"But, it's alright, you don't have to worry. These people here won't do something unnecessary." (Fia)
"But, the thing that attached on your neck, it feels like a proof of slavery…" (Marina)
"This is a handmade accessory, and those two Silver Wolfkin also have similar things. Besides, it also can be removed. By the way, the one who made it was this man… he is my lover." (Fia)
Fia, who returned to my side like she was dancing, hugged my arms and had a smile full on her face. Perhaps, she was drunk… No, that was her reason.
Aside from the last behavior, thanks to the fact of being told that it was alright by someone who was easily aimed, Marina's expression became considerably soften.
"Anyhow, please don't worry. Hey Reus, come say something." (Fia)
"Me? Oh yeah… I saw it a little bit, but it was pretty beautiful fur. It is a waste to hide it, you know." (Reus)
"Beautiful…" (Marina)
Marina made an expression as if she couldn't believe it because of Reus' straightforward words with totally no hidden meanings. (Recheck)
"But, if compared to Hokuto-san’s and Nee-chan's fur–…" (Reus)
"Oh water!" (Reese)
"Guhoo!?" (Reus)
At that moment, Reese, who was eating sandwiches, invoked spell and created a water ball in Reus' mouth in order to forcibly make him shut up. While admiring the splendid quick job at the same time, sigh leaked out once again due to Reus' spontaneity which was about to repeat similar mistake.
Well… it won't be much of a trouble if this could cure Reus' natural airhead once or twice.
Although it was better than before, Albert was breathing out of relief even though it was far from betterment.
"…Although we were seen, but I'm glad that it was you guys." (Albert)
"It seems that you are struggling a lot. Anyway, we are not going to say anything. So, please be relieved. Leaving that aside, to meet you like this is somehow fated. If it's fine with you, would you like to talk a little more?" (Sirius)
The interaction with people was also a real pleasure of traveling.
Of course, we properly responded to the fools, but I completely couldn't feel any hostile from this siblings, and more than anything, they might became acquainted with Reus.
"I do not mind if it is not bothering you. Same goes to Marina, right?" (Albert)
"…I-I would like to drink more tea, so… I'm fine." (Marina)
"I'm happy for you to be that happy when you drink it. I'll immediately make another." (Emilia)
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Later, we asked questions to each other after finishing with the introduction. It seemed that Albert's age was similar as mine, and it turned out that Marina was two years younger.
The siblings seemed hiding various things, but it could be said same for us.
In this way, we talked about what we saw on each other's journey, and when I noticed, the conversation was divided between men and women.
"Eh!? Emilia-san is also Sirius-san's lover!?" (Marina)
"Ehehe… I was also happy to be his lover. However, I am his attendant until the end. It is a great pleasure to take care of Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Honestly, I am also his lover. My relationship is shorter than Emilia, but he helped me a lot…" (Reese)
"Even Reese-san too… Is Sirius-san a great person?" (Marina)
Whether it was because they shared sandwiches and delicious tea, or there were woman who could sympathize, Marina seemed to considerably more opened.
"Well, there is no mistake that this is out of an ordinary. Hey, I wonder if you know about the Fighting Festival that took place in Garaff town a while ago?" (Fia)
"I left the city during the Fighting Festival, but I only heard the rumor. Surely, the winner was… is that how it is?" (Marina)
"Of course, it is not just the ability. We, I mean everyone together, purely longed for him." (Fia)
Although the said person was in the same room, the unreserved conversation spreading around in order to explained their relationship.
To be honest, it was a bit embarrassing. The conversation that made me unintentionally want to interject continued, but let's endure it because I might interfere the peaceful conversations.
After finished talking about me briefly, Fia looked at the mantle that covered Marina's whole body.
"Say, Marina has three tails like mentioned earlier, is it? If you don't mind, can I see it?" (Fia)
"That is…" (Marina)
"Aah, if you can't, that is fine. I am a bit concerned since Reus said it was beautiful." (Fia)
"…If it's already known… I wonder if it's alright?" (Marina)
They probably gained Marina's trust since she began to take off the mantle even if she hesitated for a moment.
Incidentally, underneath the cloth was said to be a Japanese style or something. It as a unique attire that looked like hakama, but the essential for the tail was…
"""…–Eh?""" (Emilia/Reese/Fia)
"Actually, this is an illusion. Wait a second. Phew…" (Marina)
While feeling exhausted, when Marina heavily let out breath, mana overflowing from the tail and the shape warped at the same time. And then, the tail was completely split and it became three tails.
"I have the power of the Foxtail's ancestors, so I can use the ability to show illusion. It is impossible to do something too complicated, but it is possible to make illusion of one tail like earlier." (Marina)
"Heh… it is different from magic. But, if you have that ability, you could hide it from Reus at that time, right?" (Fia)
"I can't preserve the illusion like earlier if I am surprised or lose my focus. Besides, I was taking bath at that time. It was pleasant and I became careless…" (Marina)
"Your luck was bad–… no, I wonder if you were lucky with Reus? At least, that boy is not looking at woman with weird eyes." (Fia)
"Wait a second, Fia-san! Weren't you about to say that it was bad luck!? I can't forgive the guy who compared my features! Rather than Aniki, such… to be seen by such man…. arrgghhh!" (Marina)
It made me reflexively looked at them, but it seemed the other side was having a good conversation over there.
Nevertheless, I could see a rare sight.
I had never heard from book or rumor about the capability that Marina had in the Foxtailkin. She said that her ancestors used it. It was said as a particular condition of three tails, so was she like a throwback?
"That girl rarely shows her true nature to other people, and yet she looks like having fun. I'm really grateful." (Albert)
"You're saying that she didn't show her true nature, but she was angry at me though?" (Reus)
"That's because she is embarrassed, so she desperately try to gloss over. Since her tail is trembling whenever Reus-kun says that it is beautiful, she is pleased on the inside." (Albert)
Perhaps, because of the feature of three tails, they had been avoiding going around in their hometown. They were being polite to other than their families in order not to expose their origin. (Recheck)
Although I wouldn't think so when I saw her now, it might be that the encounter with Reus was probably devastating.
Other than that, it was first time for her to be clearly complimented that she was beautiful. Her brother, Albert, keenly explained that she was happy and it wasn't something intolerable. (Recheck)
"Well, the other side seems having no problem. By the way, we are going for Parade, but where are Albert and Marina going for?" (Sirius)
"…To be honest, we are still discussing on that matter." (Albert)
"If you want to consult, you can entrust it to us! If it is Aniki, he can answer everything." (Reus)
What did he say? Although it is an evidence of trust, don't unnecessary raise a hurdle.
I had a premonition of trouble, but since Alberto's expression was serious, I settled down and listened to him.
"Don't mind what Reus said. I can listen to your story, but I may not be able to answer." (Sirius)
"Since we are being impudent, I am fine even with only listening. Hmm… would you train me? Of course, I will pay an appropriate reward." (Albert)
"…Why me? Is it because I won the Fighting Festival?" (Sirius)
"That's right. I have to get stronger in a hurry for a certain reason." (Albert)
"When you said reason, are you telling this because of this reason?" (Sirius) (Recheck)
"Yes I would like to explain as much as I can." (Albert)
As Alberto deeply bowed, he started talking while correcting his posture at once.
"I am coming from a certain noble in Parade, but when I was child, I had a fiancé engaged to me for the future." (Albert)
"Although I am somehow understand that you are a noble from your demeanor, but for you to have a fiancé mean…" (Sirius)
"Yes. A few months ago, her parents suddenly canceled the engagement, and forcibly engaged her to other man." (Albert)
Marrying own daughter to a higher ranking household, using politics to earn connection… well, it was a common story among nobles.
Actually, Albert's story seemed like it, and the parent switched over to another nobles. It was a story of children who couldn't do without each other, but the girl and Albert, who had mutual love, couldn't agree with it.
"I went to her parents, and they presented a certain condition." (Albert)
"You mean…" (Sirius)
"Yes, I should achieve the overall victory at the Fighting Festival." (Albert)
I had seen him during the Fighting Festival, since it was known that he had a considerable skills with swords, they seemed to have issued such a condition.
There was a subtle feeling of guilt, but to be honest, it was impossible to win with Albert's skills.
Even if we didn't participate, the mercenary, Jekyll, was obviously better than Alberto, and same case with the son of Sword Saint, Beowulf.
Albert appeared to understand it, so he was waving at me not to worry.
"It is all because my ability is not good enough. In the worst case scenario, I returned back to report while considering of taking her hands and run away, but it seemed that I was evaluated since I reached until quarterfinal, so I got one more chance." (Albert)
"And what is the condition?" (Sirius)
"A dragon named Gurdjieff inhabits in the mountain a little away from here. And I need to defeat that dragon alone." (Albert) (TLN: The name in raw is グルジオフ)
"Dragon, is it? I wonder if the current me defeat it. What kind of dragon is that Gurdjieff?" (Sirius)
According to Albert's explanation, it was a medium sized flying dragon with hard skin and scales.
He was told to kill the dragon alone, and picked the horn that grew on its head as a proof of subjugation.
"It is frustrating, and it is a difficult monster for the current me…" (Albert)
"If that's the case, have another person knocks it down and receive the horn. I think that is cowardly, but if you really want to be with that woman, that is the only way." (Sirius)
"Shall I kill it?" (Reus)
"…I also don't like it, but it doesn't make any sense. There is a continuation in the condition. After returning with the horns, I need to fight a certain swordsman, and then, I can have the daughter…" (Albert) (Recheck)
In Parade, there was a splendid and famous swordsman who has the ability to defeat Guirdjieff alone.
In short… he wanted to train under me to have necessary ability to defeat Guirjieff.
"The blow Reus-kun unleashed when he fought in the Fighting Festival was terrific. If I can train by Sirius-san who is Reus-kun's Shishou, I feel as if I can reach the target." (Albert)
Even if I refused, I had a feeling that Albert would try to achieve his aims, so it was dangerous to leave him alone.
More than anything, when I saw how Albert fought in the Fighting Festival, it would be regrettable if I disappear from here to be careful enough to secretly help him. (Recheck) To put it simply, somewhere in my mind wanted to train this man.
It appeared that there was nothing wrong with his personality from the point of earnestly answering. Perhaps, Reus might be given a different stimuli.
"It was entirely personal, but this is the reason. I will endure any suffering if I can be stronger. Please… help me!" (Albert)
"Aniue…" (Marina)
When I noticed, the ladies were also looking here and apparently, they had properly heard about the details.
I asked Albert, who deeply lowered his head, for more details.
"Is there a deadline?" (Sirius)
"It will be on her birthday, in half a month." (Albert)
"…It's short. There is no guarantee that you will get stronger, you know?" (Sirius)
"Rather than sitting down and wait, I would like to bet on the possibilities!" (Albert)
It was said that he plan to do it at the same time with the fiance's birthday. (Recheck)
When I asked the exact date, it would be in a few more days. Considering the time to defeat the dragon and moving, the training period might or might not be reaching half a month.
Since he himself said that he would stand any suffering, I wouldn't confirmed that I saw eyes who wanted to die. (Recheck)
"Let's do it. I will train you as much as I can." (Sirius)
"Really!?" (Albert)
"It's just that when you are trained, you'll be my disciple for limited time. And unlike Albert, I am a commoner. Hence, if you become my disciple, you will be completely looked down, you know?" (Sirius)
It would be a good idea to train normally without becoming my disciple, but to train someone mean they were more or less became my disciple… well, that was my fixation.
I wasn't sure about the relationship between teacher and student, but they needed to keep in mind that there was a complete hierarchical relationship, whether in the same age or not.
"I don't mind. Besides, I trust Sirius-san's abilities. I am well understand when looking at Reus-kun." (Albert)
"You understood that? It is intense, but there will be no mistake if you train under Aniki!" (Reus)
"Yes. Although it is not long, I ask for your favor, Reus-kun. No, in this case, you'll be my Senpai, right?" (Albert)
"Under Aniki's wing, it doesn't matter whether I am a senior and you are junior. And, I also want you to stop calling me with -kun. Somehow, I don't like it." (Reus)
"Is that so? Well, Reus…" (Albert)
"Well then, I will call you Al. Nice to meet you!" (Reus)
Basically, Reus had a personality to get in touch with others without being scared, and in the case of Albert, he was close to him.
They probably would get along well, but since Reus was the opponent who warded off Albert's sword in the Fighting Festival, he acknowledged Reus.
However, although Albert was happily smiling, it seemed Marina was a bit depressed.
"Aniue…" (Marina)
"I am sorry to decide this by myself. However, this is necessary. From now on, I probably will you an unsightly appearance…" (Albert)
"No, as long as Aniue has decided. Besides, since I am asking a favor, I have no right to interject." (Marina) (Recheck)
"…Thank you." (Albert)
Well, although her brother was at the same age, he would be under my wing. Maybe because of admiration, she didn't want to see her brother's unsightly appearances.
When they returned to their room, they would probably thoroughly discuss about this matter.
More importantly…
"First of all… what happened after this…" (Sirius)
Since he didn't have much time, we had to progress through with the training as quickly as possible.
I chuckled while thinking about Albert's training plan.
"Haa!? Oi, Al! Don't stay up late at night today, and take a good rest." (Reus)
"Wh-what are you saying–…" (Albert)
"Just rest well! If you don't keep up your stamina, you will die tomorrow!" (Reus)
"…Understood." (Albert)
For now, I planned to push him to the point before death in order to measure Albert's abilities, but it seemed that Reus understood it.
After that, we talked a little bit more for a while, and then, we returned to our rooms.
Next day, I took Albert and Marina out of town and started the training…
"Guhaaa–!?" (Albert)
"Aniki! Wait, take it easy–… uoohhhhh!?" (Reus)
The atmosphere in the morning was filled with the scream of two men.
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A part of the conversation between the ladies in Sirius' family and Marina…
"Everyone really likes Sirius-san, is it? My Aniue is also strong. After all, strong men are attractive!" (Marina)
"He is not only strong. The dishes he makes for everyone are very delicious. The first time I had a hot pot, it changed my world…" (Reese)
"Other than that, he came up with couple of unprecedented new dishes. So, his cooking skill is also first class. By the way, I like everything that Sirius-sama makes." (Emilia)
"Yeah, the time when I had mayonnaise was shocking. My recommendation is beef stew." (Fia)
Only dishes…
"Other than that… he is also very intense in the night." (Emilia)
"Y-yes. But… that make me very happy…" (Reese)
"Yes, he taught me the pleasure of being a woman." (Fia)
"Aa, awawa…" (Marina)
"Stop with that kind of talk!" (Sirius)
I was holding back, but I couldn't bear any longer.
"Aniki. When I heard, Nee-chans' talk, I feel like eating Aniki's dishes." (Reus)
"We just finished dinner earlier!" (Sirius)
At that time, I felt a presence and when I looked at the window of the room, Hokuto was knocking the window with a lonely face.
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Aah, sorry. I plan to do that after this… hey! Don't knock too strong! The window will be broken!" (Sirius)
Today also my companions were like the usual.

Presenting Hokuto
Hokuto continued traveling with the Master even today.
Aiming for the town called Parade, they decided to stay at an in town along the way.
However, Hokuto-kun wasn't allowed to enter the inn.
Anyhow, when he went to the stable while looking out for the carriage…
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
""""!?"""" (??)
There were several horses rode by other adventurers, but they were scared when looking at Hokuto-kun.
Since Hokuto-kun already got used to this, he lied at the edge of the stable in order not to intimidate them any longer, and he was waiting for the Master who said that he would come later.
"Garur!" (??)
"…Woof?" (Hokuto)
After a while, the door of the stable was opened and a monster came in.
Having a bigger and splendid physique, it was a small dragon specialized in running on the ground. There was a large magic formation drawn on its body, so it was probably a Beast Companion of an adventurer.
However, Hokuto-kun wasn't interested in such a dragon.
When he lied down with no worries…
※Language Switch On
[Hou… there is a monster like you in such a place, huh.] (Dragon)
It was talking to Hokuto-kun, but his mind was already full of the Master's brushing.
He only looked at the dragon with an annoyed face, but that made it became irritated.
[Bastard! Although a proud dragon species like me is talking to you, that attitude…] (Dragon)
[Be quiet. This place is a place to rest, and it is not a place to make a noise.] (Hokuto)
"Wha!? You, you just a wolf–… guhoo!?] (Dragon)
The moment the dragon tried to charge as a warning, Hokuto's tail were swung down onto the top of the dragon's head, and it was unsightly beaten to the ground.
[Be quiet…] (Hokuto)
[…Yes.] (Dragon)
And the dragon became obedient.
※Language Switch Off
After waiting for a while, the Master still hadn't appeared.
Hokuto-kun didn't think that he was forgotten, so he carefully left the stable and search for his sign.
It looked like the Master's room was on the first floor, and he could peek through the window.
Looking around so as not to be found by people, he looked into the window, and…
"Stop with that kind of talk!" (Sirius)
There were an increasing number of strangers, but the Master and the companions were happily talking.
It made Hokuto-kun somewhat lonely, and he unintentionally knock the window.
Of course, he was using his paw to the degree that wouldn't break the window.
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Aah, sorry. I plan to do that after this… hey! Don't knock too strong! The window will be broken!" (Sirius)
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