Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 4

Hey guys, well, someone () asked me to translate this,
but like I said, I’m a novice, this was a lot harder than Shinka no Mi.
The translation might be lacking, but this was just too hard for me, this time, I used MTL but a lot of normal translation as well (from Romaji to english), I can’t promise that it’s good, I didn’t even reread it.
You can check on the first chapters thought I changed the names (Erina becomes Elena and Shirisu becomes Sirius)
I don’t know if I’ll keep going with the translation, at first I thought this novel was bad, but it’s unexpectedly good.
I also translated the synopsis:
A man who was once called the world’s strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement, to train the new generation of agents.
After many years of training his disciples, he was killed at the age of 60 by the ploy of a secret organization and was reincarnated in another world with all his past memories.
Though he was surprised by the magic and the strange species of that world, he adapted very fast to his condition as a newborn and took advantage of it.
He acquired special magic and gained a massive amount of strength thanks to his tight discipline, in order to reach his goal: Resume his career as a teacher which he left halfway through in his previous life.
This is the story of a man, who, based on the memories and the experiences of his previous life, became a teacher who travels through the world with his students.
Well, here is the fourth chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it:
Elena’s struggle
I, Sirius, turned three years old.
My body grew further and is now big enough for me to start jogging.
I’m actually running a marathon in the garden right now.
I keep running at a constant pace which puts a huge load on my body, when I reach my limit, I take a rest and then I repeat the whole process.
【 “Phew, I’m done with running for today.”】
Since I’ve reached my daily quota, I conclude my training with some supplementary exercises.
Next, I call out to Noel, she ran the marathon with me under the pretense of wanting to diet but is now nearby, lying down on her back, dead tired.
【 “Ah…… ah ah…… Si…Sirius-sama….. how come……’re still fine?”】
【 “That’s because I’m stronger, your physical strength is lower than mine, you should go at your own pace from now on.”】
【 “Yeess――……”】
Says Noel who runs out of energy by the end of her last words.
Even though she ran half as much as me, was it that hard?
I’m not the physical strength type, I convince myself of this while finishing my supplementary exercises.
At the same time, Elena-san offered me a towel and a drink.
【 “Thank you for your hard work, Sirius-sama”】
【 “Thank you, Elena.”】
By the way, I’m talking that familiarly to Elena-san because she asked my to call her by name and without honorifics. (TLN: He’s calling her Elena which is not really polite) I look at Dee nursing Noel nearby while I drink the water I was just given.
These two people seem to fit quite well together even though their characters are nothing alike, they probably get along because they are at around the same age..
【 “Don’t overwork yourself.”】
【 “Thank you… phew… very much.”】
Elena-san is also watching both of them with a gentle smile. I’m also looking at them with a grin. I should leave those youngsters and get back to taking care of my body.
While I’m thinking that, I’m drawn toward the water well and I take a look at my new face’s reflection. I’m only three years old but I do understand the particularities of my face and I think that it’s pretty good. My hair is black and gives off a soft impression. My face is pretty rather than handsome. It’s not all that different in comparison to the faces of the only three people I know either, it’s a plain and normal face. At least I’m not a failure in this field, I’m relieved now that I confirmed it. However, I’m just not impressive enough. Because being intimidating is important appearance-wide, this gentle-looking face will be a minus. It could be a problem in the future.
Since I’m done with physical training, I should start training my magic, right?
By the way, taking advantage of becoming three years old, I showed the three people that I was able use magic. They started looking at me with dot-like eyes as if time had stopped.
【 “Sirius-sama, Dee and I are going back to the mansion, it’s almost time for lunch.”】
【 “All right, I’ll be back home when I’m done practicing my magic. “】
Just like for my physical streenght, I’ve been training my magic.
I can now stand using【(Light)】for one minute while I used to hold it only for ten seconds. it increased by 6 times. The book was right, this growth speed was abnormal. One of the reasons for that is that I’m still at an early age an that I used the various training methods listed in the book for one years old, two years old etc…
However, I think that the real reason behind this abnormal growth is the speed cycle. I squeeze out my magic power to the limit then I recover, then I squeeze it again and I recover again and I keep repetting there two steps. Apparently, I recover faster than other people. Therefore, I can make more repetitions than a normal person.
Only a few kinds of magic were increased.
To begin with, the no attribute magic is weak, the book only had 3 spells for the【(Light)】magic. Is light magic really that unpopular?
The magic I learned is【(Impact)】 and 【(String)】.
First of all,【(Impact)】, to make it simple, it’s a spell that throws a mass of mana.
The mana is collected to one place, it flies, and it’s thrown. Though it is doubtful whether you can call that magic, it’s unfortunately weak.
Mana is originally a thing without mass. Because it’s hardened by force, it’s given some mass but it’s just not hard enough. It gives as much damage as throwing a rubber ball. To make it worse, the range is also short and the spell disappears when it gets a little too far away. It’s more efficient to throw a regular rock. Because there wasn’t enough research done on the subject, it was bound to be weak.
【(String)】is a spell that makes a string out of mana.
The magic string can be extended and It is possible to draw an object toward one’s self by wrapping the string around it. It makes the user look like he’s shooting a spider’s web. Speaking of spider, can you swing between trees by using the magic string, like in that movie I saw in my previous life? Well, I tried, but it was impossible as expected. The problem with this string is that it’s hard to maintain its shape and that it’s quite weak as well, to the extent that only something like a twig or a nut can be pulled with it: at most, it could be useful as a support technique.
It seems useful when compared to【(Impact)】but the truth is that these spells are really weak by this world’s standards.
This concludes my report, after all, all I got is two weak spells. Since I’m not good at controlling the attribute, I’ll have to master those at least.
Therefore, I keep using it as much as I can, I’ll raise my magic little by little. Though I’m giving priority to my physical strength right now, I still want to research and improve my magic.
Well, I still have some time ’till lunch, right? I aim my hand to the target I put on a nearby tree and I shot my 【(Impact)】spell.
【 “Creatures of darkness, paladins of light, help me disperse the night, and release the light【(Impact)】”】 (TL: I kinda made this one up, to make it rhyme, but really, the original sentence was close to this)
The transparent magic sphere with the size of a baseball ball appears and starts shaking. However, from an uninformed person’s point of view, it would seem like only the target is swinging when the ball is thrown on it. Though the size of the magic sphere can be adjusted, enlarging it consumes mana and maintaining the enlargement is difficult as well. I’ll reach my limit if I use this around ten times. I swing precisely ten balls toward the target then I stop. Ah, I can’t get used to this heavy feeling no matter how many times I experience it.
After settling down my body, I take a deep breath and turn my gaze to Noel who seemed like she had something she wanted to tell me about.
【 “So, Noel, what do you think?”】(TL:He’s just asking her if he was good at magic)
【 “I think you’re amazing for being able to use【(Impact)】”】
【 “Really? But it doesn’t cause any damage at all… “】
【 “It’s still amazing for you to be able to use it this early. Are you really three years old? Aren’t you lying about your age?”】
【 “Well, it’s because you showed me magic so many times that I somehow managed to get the hang of it”】
【 “what? Then, is it thanks to me? YAY! I’m the teacher of a future great magician!”】
Noel is really simple minded.
I said that in order to change the subject but I’m really thankful for her from the bottom of my heart.
I’m really tired so I take the still cheering Noel with me and I return to the house.
Three years after being born.
I’m watched by Elena, Noel and the fool, as I eat the dish Dee made for me.
I’m enjoying a safe and happy everyday life.
The end of this paradise isolated from the outside world will come sooner or later.
And its footsteps are surely approaching. (TL: the footsteps of the end, ofc)
Several days later.
The morning is slower than usual but seems kind of busy today. I change my clothes then I head to the dinning room to eat my breakfast as I wonder, just what is going on?
【 “Good morning”】
【 “【 “【 “Good morning”】”】”】
Three people return my greeting gracefully all together. I notice something while I head toward my chair. Noel and Dee’s clothes are different from usual. No maid outfit and no uniform, they are wearing
normal and casual clothes. It’s safe to think that they’re going out somewhere.
【 “Are you guys going out somewhere? You went shopping just the other day.”】
【 “Actually, I broke a fire magic tool just a little while ago. It’s a little sudden, but we’ll both have to go buy a new one.”】
Though the mansion is self-sufficient to some degree, it’s still necessary to go to town once every several days to buy magic tools etc. I’ve never been there, but it seems that it takes half a day at most to get to the closest town, or so I was told, which means that the round trip plus the shopping takes about a day or so, and since they spend the night doing errands, they’ll be back by tomorrow.
I live in such a remote place in the countryside, but, mysteriously, I don’t go through any kind of inconvenience, or at least, I don’t feel like I do.
【 “How are we gonna manage during your absence? You’re the only one with a fire attribute, and Elena is of the water attribute, right?”】
【 “It won’t be a problem for today or tomorrow since we have a fire stone.”】
What is a fire stone? Well, it a mysterious ore which generates an intense heat when you put magic inside it. Though it’s not possible to use it if it’s not at least the size of a fist and if you don’t put it in a combustible place and hit it with a hammer on the top.
【 “Do you want us to bring you a souvenir? You can ask for anything as long as it’s not too big or heavy.”】
【 “No, I don’t need anything in particular. I’ll be content as long as you both come home safely. “】
【 “Snif….I’m touched by your kindness,Sirius-sama.”】
【 “Please leave it to me!.”】
Since Dee is a former adventurer, he’s really knowledgeable when it comes to travelling. He went shopping a lot of times in the past so he’s not worried at all. The two people, who finished eating soup and boiled meat and vegetables with brown bread, left pretty fast.
I also finish eating and and run outside to do my daily physical and magic training. After I was done with my quota, I started reading a book until it was lunch time.
【 “Do you want to eat outside today, Sirius-sama?”】
【 “Yes, I do. You can go ahead and bring the meal over.”】
As Elena-san proposed, I eat my lunch on the table that’s in the garden.
Today’s meal is a handmade sandwich made by Elena-san. Although Dee’s cooking is delicious, Elena-san’s is exceptional as well. Especially since she’s using salt meat and my favorite kind of vegetables, the ingredients are distributed in a particular way that makes it even better. I’ll have her teach me how she does it next time.
【 “Please, take some tea after your meal.”】
Even though I’m already full, a herbal tea made out of a citrus called “Eriki” was prepared. (TL:Citrus is the genus of Lemon, for does who don’t know)
Although it’s a little bitter, the taste is quite good. We’re having a fine weather today. Enjoying a warm tea after a meal under the sunlight is kind of peaceful-…what the..?
【 “Elena, is there any Apu? I feel like taking a dessert now.”】
Apu is an apple shaped fruit.
Well, even if it looks like an apple, it’s slightly smaller and it kind of tastes like strawberry.
【 “All right. I’ll go get some in the kitchen.”】
Elena-san floated a smile and disappeared in the kitchen.
After confirming that she was gone, I spit out the mouthful of tea in my mouth and throw all the contents of the cup on the ground. I did that because I noticed the taste of something I was familiar with in my previous existence. I have a new body so I might be wrong. However, if I’m right, this is a sleeping medicine.
However, I don’t get it. Why on earth would anyone try to force me to sleep? Am I going to be sold? No, I doubt it. There is no way the people who gave me so much affection would do that to me. Though I don’t know what’s thee point behind this drugging attempt, I’ll pretend to drink for now. Even thought my tongue absorbed some of the tea, I’m not feeling any tiredness or drowsiness yet, it’s probably a slow-acting medicine.
Afterwards, I eat some Apu with Elena-san, and I start my acting as I start feeling sleepy.
【 “ughh…”】
【 “Are you tired, shall I prepare the bed?”】
【 “Yes, go ahead, I think I’ll have a little nap for now.”】
【 “Understood, please wait in the living room, I’ll be done soon.”】
I yawn and prepare myself to go to bed and “sleep”. As for putting the sleeping medicine, was it Elena-san’s doing? I’d be glad if this was just my imagination. However, since the others went outside, I did feel that something was off about her behavior. I’m not gonna run away, for the time being, I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens.
I get in my room, roll myself in my bed-sheets and activate my magic with my eyes shut.
The reason why I’m using magic is to keep myself awake since I’m feeling slightly sleepy, it’d be a problem if I actually fall asleep. Right now, I’m on my bed, lying on my back. I’m waiting quietly and I’m ready to face whatever situation that comes at me.
A few minutes after that, someone knocked lightly on my door. I do not answer and I wait, without making any noise, the door is opened. Naturally, the one who opened it was Elena-san, she probably came to confirm that I’m asleep.
Well, what’s going on? She suddenly takes a knife out and SLASH-
【 “Wha…. I…”】
The knife comes close to me and everything goes dark.
Or so I imagined, but it was all in my head. While muttering in a voice too small to be heard, my head is lightly patted.
Though it is so pleasant that I almost fall asleep, I somehow manage to handle it and to convince her that the medicine worked.
She leaves the room again without making a sound.
When getting frustrated over not understanding the situation, I hear an unusual song from outside the windows
The sound of a horse’s footsteps and the voice of a man, who’s not Dee. Nobody came to visit here in the last three years, right? Is this to the reason why Elena-san has been acting this way?
From a gap on the window, I see a four-seats carriage stopping in front of the entrance. Two people come out of it. The old guy who was sitting on the driver seat stretches himself an takes a rest.
My eyes are naturally drawn to one of the men who came out of the carriage. He is wearing some very elegant clothes and got a very dignified appearance, he looked like some sort of aristocrat. Well, even if he does look like a noble, he’s a little fat and gives off an unreliable feeling. His face’s traits are pretty bad when compared with Dee’s. As a bad feeling crosses my mind, the man sets a foot in the entrance hall.
I stick my ears to the floor and try to pinpoint his position. Though my room is in the second floor, I hear the footsteps of two people getting to the parlor of the first floor. This is probably a good occasion to understand the situation so I slip out of my room without making any noise and head towards the parlor’s door. Because the door is pretty thin, I can hear the voices inside.
【 “Thank you very much for coming today.”】
【 “Ughh for god’s sake… Just tell me why you asked me to come to this remote place.”】
They started talking.
However, Elena-san’s voice seems kinda weird, it’s mechanical, like she’s not putting any feelings in it. It’s the first time I hear her being so cold. The man, on the other hand, was just as I expected him to be. He’s the same kind of man as the various useless bosses I got in my previous life, he’s talking in an arrogant and selfish way.
Could he be…. No, let’s concentrate on the conversation between the two for now.
――― Elena’s point of view―――
This day has come at last.
I hoped that it would never happen, but it can’t be helped.
【 “Thank you very much for coming today.”】
【 “Ughh for god’s sake… Just tell me why you asked me to come to this remote place…”】
Did he already forget that he’s the one who pushed himself onto us?
【 “By the way, Where did that unsociable man and that sup-person go? Aren’t they going to say hello even though their master came here?” 】
【 “They went to do some errands. They won’t be back before tomorrow.”】
【 “Well, that’s good. Just looking at them is annoying.”】
He says that he wants them to say hello then he says he doesn’t want to see them. Doesn’t he notice the contradiction? In addition, he called Noel who’s of the beast-kind a sub-person, which is a huge insult to her. This man is as pathetic as ever.
The number of his wives uselessly increased recently too, all the rumors define him as being more and more childish.
【 “Where is the spare? Why isn’t he showing up though his father came?”】
【 “Sirius-sama is taking a rest right now. He got a slight fever so I isolated him.”】
【 “He’s sick? If he’s weak, I don’t need him. I have no use for a weak spare. “】
Who is he calling a spare? Sirius-sama is not your tool.
I stop myself by force from doing something unsightly to him for insulting Sirius-sama.
I really want to hit his face right now. However, he’s the one who holds the money and the power to raise Sirius-sama. I have to endure it, if I endure it, Sirius-sama will be safe.
【 “However, I don’t need the spare any longer anyway.” 】
【 “W-what do you mean?” 】
【 ” My lawful wife finally gave birth to her second son the other day. I’ll be able to avoid unnecessary expense thanks to this.” 】
【 “R-really!? C-congratulations.”】
No….. this is bad, this is really bad.
Sirius-sama is the second son even though he is an illegitimate child. Therefore, as the eldest son, he was secretly raised close and his living expenses were paid in order to keep him as a safety measure. However, now that a legit second son is born, isn’t it unnecessary to take care of him? Is his existence going to be ignored?
Though being related to this man and his inheritance is a problem, it’s fine as long as Sirius-sama can grow up safely. This is what I promised to the Ojou-sama. This is my wish.
Therefore, you have to think Elena, think! Sirius-sama is still three years old.
I… I have to protect him.
【 “My third wife got a daughter as well. Though that was good, I still wanted to have two male heirs. Also, my eldest son learned how to write at the age of five. he got a really bright future ahead of him, hahaha”】
At five years old? Though it is pretty early, Sirius-sama learned how to write by the age of two.
His growth is really fast and clearly abnormal when compared to other people. I become happy whenever I notice how much he grew up and I can watch him for all day long. Even if he grows up to no end, I’d like to watch him all the time, forever and ever.
However, if this man finds out about the talent of Sirius-sama, he’ll surely abuse it and try to take control over it.
Since Sirius-sama is different from other people. By the time he’ll be twelve… no, when he’ll be ten years old, he’ll be able to accomplish anything.
【 “He has a really promising future. Though I have seen a lot of children, I’ve never seen this kind of growth before. “】
【 “Well, my second son will surely grow up to be something big as well, he’s making the whole home bright.”】
【 “I heard a rumor about a rage disease recently, is that true? It might be kind of presumptuous but, how about the child’s physical condition?”】
【 “hmm? Well, indeed. Though the eldest son is healthy.”】
【 “What Sirius-sama has is not a disease, it’s ordinary fatigue. But a baby would be weak to a rage disease.”】
【 “Well, I get your point. You’re saying that I can’t stop assisting the spare yet.”】
【 ” That’s right.”】
There is no guarantee that the man’s second son will grow up to be healthy.
I bring up the worst case scenario to stall for time for time and raise the expenses given to take care of Sirius-sama, even if it’s just by a little.
If he can reach ten years old safely, he’ll be strong enough to live in the outside world.
【 “Though he’s not your legitimate son, Sirius-sama has a lot of potential in my eyes and I’m sure he’ll be useful by all means.”】
【 “Are you forgetting that you’re talking about the child of that girl? She was completely useless except for her appearance.”】
What do you even know about Ojou-sama?!
I hold my fist tightly under the table to the point where it become painful.
I repress my anger and continue putting on a false mask.
【 “I will raise him to become obedient. So please support him until he gets twelve years old, at least.” 】
【 “Hey, I’m the one who takes the decisions here! Five years. I’m not going to waste any more money than this.” 】
【 “Wait! He’ll still be a child in five years!”】
【 “That’s not my problem. You’re gonna have to educate him in five years. If you hate it that much, nobody’s stopping you from leaving.”】
【 “…… I see.”】
I…… I’m completely powerless!
【 “Here is the money, I didn’t add anything more than what’s necessary so you’re gonna have to deal with that.”】
I take the money bag he throws on the desk and I verify the contents.
No matter how I got the money, I’ll do anything if it helps Sirius-sama. I throw away any feeling of shame. But there is clearly less money than last time.
【 “By the way, I’ll be very busy in the future, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to come again.”】
【 “Well, why don’t you use a subordinate as a messenger then?”】
【 “You think I could let a subordinate come in here? I’m an important aristocrat with huge
responsibilities, I can’t take that kind of risks.”】
Could it be that he doesn’t trust his subordinates?.
Actually, I’m sure that’s the issue here. I remember being told that when I talked with the prostitutes in the town.
【 “I’m leaving now, I entrust the education of the kid to you.”】
【 “Understood.”】
I see him off at the entrance, I confirm that the carriage left and I’m able to relax at last. Am I more worn out than I expected? My body feels a little heavy. Sirius-sama will wake up soon, I have to go check on him. However, with the failure I just went through, I’m not worthy of facing him.
This paradise will end in five years…
To be honest, it’s too short.
When he’ll wake up, he won’t know about his father or the medicine and we’ll be able to laugh together. That thought is comforting me in my sadness.
Ojou-sama, I…….
――― Sirius’s point of view―――
The conversation finally ends, I return to my own room to avoid being found out.
I lay down on my bed and roll inside the bed-sheets again. I think about what I just heard. I don’t want to admit it but, it that the kind of man my father is? So bad that Elena-san went as far as drugging me to sleep in order to not introduce us?
Parent’s can’t chose their children and children can’t choose their parents either. Well, it’s fine since we both don’t want to meet each other.
From Elena-san’s behavior, I’ve received a lot of help from that guy. At least I was able to find out my father’s identity. I’ll surely return the favor as soon as I can.
Is the problem my viewpoint?
Though I’m the son of an aristocrat who was born from a mistress, I shouldn’t think of him as a noble but rather as a father. These peaceful times will be over in five years, too. Though I’ll only be eight years old by that time, it’s just enough when you know that in this world, you’re treated as an adult at thirteen. I’ll be able to train for as many as five years and I’ll undoubtedly improve my abilities but my young face will probably bring a lot of unexpected troubles.
Then there is Elena-san, Noel, and Dee, too. What will they do in five years?
It is useless to think that much, there are too many possibilities. I’ll make it simple, for now, I have two things to do.
First, training earnestly.
I have to build up a body that can deal with anything. I don’t think I need to explain any further.
Second, get the support of the three people.
The three are undoubtedly allies. But I wonder what they would do if I get thrown. I’ll let out a little more of my secrets by next year, then I’ll work on a strategy with them.
I just have to find a way to explain my knowledge. I can’t suddenly announce that I have memories from a different world. I keep thinking about a setting.
【 “All right, it’s decided.”】
Though it seems kind of impossible, I was able to make up a setting to some degree
I get up from my bed and as I stretch, I notice something strange.
Elena-san is really late.
Even if she was just slow at making dinner, she’d have at least showed up once. I guess she’s just feeling bad about this whole situation and is too ashamed to show herself? If that’s what she thinks, she’s far from the truth. Right now, I only feel like thanking her.
I go out of the room and start looking for Elena-san.
I cheer myself up to avoid getting depressed as I go down to the first floor.
And I immediately find Elena-san.
She is lying down on the floor in the kitchen.


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