Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Inner Instinct
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“I did it, Aniki!” (Reus)
The battle was decided with a splendid backdrop . After that, Reus got up and gave a shout of victory .
I understood that he was happy, but the one whom he had defeated was a prince, so it was troubling if he displayed too much happiness .
I got up from the seat and went down to the battleground with Isabella and called for Reus .
“Congratulations, Reus . But, please get him out now . ” (Sirius)
“Aah, yes . Are you alright, Keith?” (Reus)
Reus ran toward Keith, whose upper body was buried in the ground while his lower body popped out like a comedy skit . He grabbed Keith’s leg and pulled it out at once .
As Keith was rescued from the ground as if being pulled out like vegetables, he couldn’t tell what was happening for a moment, but he seemed remember after looking at Reus’ figure and the surroundings .
“I see . I… lost . ” (Keith)
“You were seriously being done, how’s your body?” (Sirius)
“Hmmm . It’s not a big deal compared to mother’s training . Rather…” (Keith)
“…You need more training . ” (Isabella)
“Mother!? That is… that is—…” (Keith)
He seemed would have it hard after the match .
Keith was hardened and sweating like a waterfall as Isabella stood behind without making a sound .
It seemed the training was about to start at any time soon, but Isabella didn’t do anything . She just quietly looked at her son .
“Uhmm… mother?” (Keith)
“…It wasn’t amusing no matter who won just now . Do you understand why did you lost?” (Isabella)
“Yes, I understand . It seems that I had lost my cool, and then I became careless and impatience . ” (Keith)
“Good . After this… become a target practice for that technique of the moment ago . ” (Isabella)
“…Yes . ” (Keith)
Isabella seemed to like the backdrop technique .
Reus poked Keith’s shoulder to comfort him since Keith made a scared faced because of the hell waiting after .
“Even if you are lifted, you’ll get by if you calmly move . For example, you hang your feet the moment you are lifted up . ” (Reus)
“Is that with the precondition of me going to get it!? But… I will remember . ” (Keith)
I had a subtle feeling that he was comforting Keith, but anyhow, the relationship of those two had deepened after they fought each other once . Well… there were many things happening but it all turned well .
I casually touched Keith and performed [Scan], and it seemed there were no injuries .
As I was relieved and glad that he was strong, Reese also came down to the battlefield and treated them .
“I’m glad that Reus and Keith-sama only have small injuries . I’ll treat you right away . ” (Reese)
“No, I’m fine . If I endure a bit with this degree of injury–…” (Keith)
“That’s not good! It will be difficult if the scars remained . Even if you don’t like it, I will treat you . Reus!” (Reese)
“I told you I don’t need it–… wha-what are you doing, bastard!?” (Keith)
“Just give up, Keith . It’s useless to go against Reese-ane when it comes to injuries . ” (Reus)
Keith’s treatment was forcibly done as he was strangled by Reus .
As I was looking at such a noisy scene, Isabella came close to me and pointed at the center of the battlefield .
“Well then… now is our turn . Shall we?” (Isabella)
At that time, although it was only a bit, Isabella was laughing .
That didn’t make people think that she had two children . It was a fascinating smile coming from a beautiful woman that wouldn’t stop attracting man, but it was spectacularly offset by the sense of intimidation and bloodlust that were released as well .
Since I wanted the end the match soon, I looked at the audience seat for those two who had completed the treatment, but Reus was looking at Isabella with a serious expression .
“Aniki . I’d like to fight Isabella once . Is that alright?” (Reus)
“I don’t mind . How about you, Isabella-sama?” (Sirius)
“…It’s fine . ” (Isabella)
Isabella’s response was slow, but as she nodded at Reus, she directed her eyes to the Beast King who was looking toward our direction .
After receiving the gaze, the Beast King had a little talked with Emilia and threw the greatsword, which was Reus’ partner . That greatsword was quite heavy, but the Beast King threw it easily with one hand .
While standing at the center of the battlefield, Isabella confirmed Reus had picked up his thrown partner and she lightly muttered .
“Are you sure…?” (Isabella)
“Uhm… Aniki?” (Reus)
“It’s fine . Do it with everything you have . ” (Sirius)
When I told Reus that he could do his best, he was hesitated since walls could be easily cut if he swung the greatsword with full power .
However, that was a pointless worry . It was because he already understood with instinct that the opponent was superior .
“Fight her with the feeling when you fight against me . ” (Sirius)
“…Ouu!” (Reus)
Although it took some time to reach this point, Reus’ weapon wasn’t a wooden sword anymore, but it was a mock battle with real weapon .
After reaffirming the readiness, Reus headed to the center of the battlefield . He, then, set the greatsword and confronted Isabella .
“You can come to me… at any time . ” (Isabella)
“…” (Reus)
While concentrating, Reus quietly nodded . He brought the sword higher as he arranged the breathing . As he waited for the gap of the opponent, Isabella slightly lowered her waist and just waiting . She might want to let him made the first move .
To be honest, instead of saying that he wouldn’t attack her well, Reus’ ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’ was an offensive swordsmanship .
The opponent was probably waiting because it was a technique that could cut people into half . Plus, he had trained to make it possible .
The glancing continued for a while, but since Reus remembered that he was allowed to practice with an opponent who had better abilities, he made his decision and leaped out .
“Dorashaaaa–!” (Reus)
Reus leaped out with a momentum that crushed the ground . Reus didn’t step only once on the ground, but he leaped out while threading the ground several times . That kind of movement should be able to instantly respond to any kind of movement made by the opponent . That was why he maintained his feet on the ground .
However, Isabella didn’t tremble even a little even though Reus approached from the front . Just before the swung down greatsword accelerated… Isabella disappeared .
“To the right!?” (Reus)
It could be seen that Isabella turned to the right at the speed that could make afterimage, but it looked like she disappeared from the front of Reus .
He seemed able to catch the position by the instinct and the kinetic vision forged when he fought against me .
He forcibly changed the trajectory of the sword swung down, and he tried to mow down Isabella who went around the sword, but…
“…You have good eyes . ” (Isabella)
“!?” (Reus)
Isabella immediately gave a kick and it was faster than Reus’ sword .
However, Reus had experienced such things many times in mock battles with me . Reus gave up swinging the sword and then, he twisted his body while pulling back the sword in a shortest distance and switched to defense mode .
Thanks to that, the defense was in time, but it might because of receiving an intense shock with an unstable posture, the sword was repelled and he was blown toward the audience seat .
Nevertheless, Reus didn’t give up after collapsing due to the kick . He stood up, but… Isabella disappeared once again .
“Where…” (Reus)
“I like… when you are not giving up . ” (Isabella)
When Reus caught Isabella’s figure once again, she went around behind and wrapped her hands on Reus’ waist .
Could it be… a backdrop?
She planned to do it on her son—… No, she was just curious, so she probably wanted to try .
But, Reus had eaten that technique many times from Shishou, so he knew how to deal with it—…
“That technique…guhuu!?” (Reus)
Reus probably tried to put his hands or legs on the opponent’s body, but even with that, Isabella’s backdrop was bursting faster .
During the time with Shishou, it was slowly done because she was half playing . However, in the case of Isabella, it was released with an overwhelming speed and it seemed that the coping couldn’t make it in time .
The result was… Reus’ upper body was buried in the ground . He was in the same situation with Keith .
While Isabella made a satisfying expression as she had made a new object, Keith ran up to Reus in panic .
“… Yeah . Not a bad technique . ” (Isabella)
“Are-are you alright, Reus!?” (Keith)
“Guh…buhaa!? I-I’m alright . ” (Reus)
Nevertheless, Reus escaped from that by himself . He stood up even when the body was staggering . To sum up Reus’ sturdiness, it was a blow lighter than Shishou’s .
“I still… can do this… guhaa!?” (Reus)
“Yes, you can’t do it anymore . ” (Reese)
Even so, since Reus had his head cut a bit and was shedding blood, as the doctor, Reese, entered and stopped him, she forcibly treat his face with a mass of water .
Isabella, who was watching such a situation, made a smile that she showed even before the match while pointing at Reus .
“…You passed . ” (Isabella)
“Kuh… It can’t be helped then . I will admit it . ” (Keith)
“Eh? Aahh…” (Reus)
Reus, who was liberated from water, was puzzled by the sudden rebut, but it seemed that he was accepted in regard of his fighting capabilities .
“Don’t misunderstand! I only forgave you for approaching my sister! But, as my sister’s boyfriend, I won’t–…” (Keith)
“No, I already have a lover, so I don’t plan to do that . Aniki also has lovers, you know?” (Reus)
“What!?” (Keith)
“…” (Isabella)
To begin with, Keith seemed to challenge because he couldn’t forgive the man who tried to get close to Mea, so with this, they shouldn’t recklessly act anymore .
Unlike Keith, Isabella seemed to understand the situation to a certain extent, but…
“But… I’m not done yet with you . So, shall we fight?” (Isabella)
As expected, she wouldn’t admit unless I fought her .
After confirming that Reese had returned to the audience seat once the treatment of Reus and Keith had ended, I stood before Isabella, who was waiting at the center of the battleground, since I still had no intention to refuse the match .
“I am ready for this, so you can start at any time . ” (Sirius)
“…Sure . ” (Isabella)
After quietly nodded, when Isabella turned toward to where her husband was sitting, the Beast King declared with a loud voice .
“Begin!” (Eisen)
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Since we weren’t killing each other, the weapon that I brought in this fight was only the wooden knife given by Shishou .
Anyhow, even though this knife was made of wood, it was far more robust than the ones made of ores . Moreover, it was a mysterious existence since it was sharper than the mithril knife when it was loaded with mana . However, it could be used as an ordinary sturdy knife if I didn’t put mana on the blade, so it was suitable for mock battles . There were various other functions, but since I wasn’t using them, I would omit it for now .
Besides, Isabella was fighting with empty hands . During the time with Reus, I was convinced and I expected she would use her body as weapons .
“…Aren’t you going to come?” (Isabella)
The match had already began by the declaration of the Beast King, but we didn’t move even one step and kept staring .
Isabella was fast enough to instantaneously decide the match, so it could be like Reus all over again if I poorly attacked . If it was simply the speed, she was probably faster than me .
“Well, this time, it’s from me… I’m going . ” (Isabella)
Unlike Reus, who crashed the ground and jumped out, Isabella’s move was a quiet move that didn’t make any sound .
It was completely like a teleportation when she appeared in front of me and gave a punch, but… I caught it with my palm from the front .
“…Have you finished warming up?” (Isabella)
I instantaneously strengthened the physical ability with [Boost] . Although the impression was like receiving a shock… the blow was lighter than I expected .
Even if it was just with a forged body, since it was fragile on the whole, the weight of the blow was a bit light . Perhaps her strength was about two thirds of Reus . Nevertheless I wondered if there was nearly twice as much difference as me due to the racial differences .
By the way, as for direct hit, it looked like I could manage it somehow since I was able to stop with my palm .
That was for the time being only though .
Isabella merely laughed after hearing my words that sounded like a provoke .
“Of course . Shall I… raise the speed?” (Isabella)
“Just to be sure, how much the speed just now?” (Sirius)
“…It’s only half . ” (Isabella)
That might be problematic… before pulling back, Isabella aimed at my face with the other hand, so I tilted my neck to avoid .
As I twisted my body like a flow, I repelled a kick unleashed with a wooden knife, but it was consecutively followed by her tiger tail, and since I couldn’t stop the blow, I bend to avoid it .
Hmm… that was brilliant . Besides limbs, the tail could be used as a splendid weapon .
“More… I’m coming!” (Isabella)
“Me too!” (Sirius)
As the opponent’s speed increased, I also activated [Boost] to maximum . I handled the attack that the speed continued to rise further by returning with fist, twisted the body, leaped, and crouched .
Although Isabella’s speed wasn’t up to [Mirage] speed, an afterimage seemed possible with the momentum . Even though my thought could keep up, the response speed of the body wasn’t able to keep up .
Even so, with accumulated experience, I was somehow managed to deal with it by anticipating with [Multi Tasking] .
As the speed rose, the changed had begun to occur in Isabella .
“Hehe… Haha… Ahaha! It’s coming… it’s coming! It’s the first time in a while!” (Isabella)
Her thin eyes that were sleepy were opened wide . Even her murmur that seemed disappearing also changed to a loud laugh .
Were adrenaline secreted by the match? She seemed to be high with a complete excited state . I was surprised by too much change and it was where I couldn’t avoid attacks .
Anyway, those who quiet and rarely moved were extreme people .
“Hmm… It’s been ten years since I saw that appearance . Is he an opponent of that degree?” (Eisen)
“Oyajii, what happened with Mother?” (Keith)
“Isabella’s emotion explodes as the fighting instinct increases . As you can see, that’s her true nature . In other words, she is going all out . ” (Eisen)
“…Okaa-san” (Mea)
“Ahaha! You can avoid this too!” (Isabella)
While she ferociously laughed, I was unable to escape from the punches unleashed . She kept roaring while ripping my cheek a bit .
“I haven’t been agitated this far since my husband! Now, show me more of your power!” (Isabella)
“It’s an honor to do so!” (Sirius)
Even if she went around behind me, I avoided while creating an afterimage with [Mirage] but the kick I unleashed as a counterattack was easily avoided .
“More… more… more… show me your true power! Oh Earth, rise up! [Ground Break]” (Isabella)
As Isabella crushed the ground at the same time as chanting, the ground under my feet cracked and there were countless rocks shot up toward the sky as if a volcano erupted .
That magic… was it an intermediate magic of earth attribute that shot rocks toward sky?
Furthermore, the chanting was shortened and she skillfully using magic while unleashing attacks… she was truly an opponent that I couldn’t be careless .
A rock approached my right from the bottom toward the sky, but I conversely used that rock as a foothold and avoid the magic .
“Aren’t you amazing!? There is a person other than me who can do this!” (Isabella)
As Isabella declared that, she came close while kicking rocks at me as I was leaping at the height of the third floor of a castle .
However, if it was an aerial fight, I could use [Air Step] .
Isabella came to me a number of times while kicking rocks, but at the same time of her kicking the rocks, I made magical scaffoldings to the extent that it wouldn’t be disturbed just before the rocks intersected it and avoid the assault .
It seemed that the rocks kicked were scattered around here and there and were falling toward the audience seats, but unfortunately, I had no time to worry about it .
Well, there would be no problem if the rock fell on my companions and the Beast King .
“Hey Mary, come to your father because it’s dangerous!” (Eisen)
“No, come here, Mary! If you are next to your brother, I swear that you will not be hit by a single piece of rock!” (Keith)
“I’m protecting with the wind, so don’t move too much Mea-chan . ” (Fia)
“Wahh… Fia-Oneesan is amazing!” (Mea)
““…”” (Eisen/Keith)
I landed on the ground as the rock kicking had stopped . I tried to leap to the side immediately, but Isabella went around behind me faster than that and wrapped around her hands on my waist .
This course of event… was it a backdrop again!? She really liked that backdrop, huh?
“How about this!?” (Isabella)
“Like I will let you do it!” (Sirius)
I immediately extended my hand right above and I released [Impact] just before I was about to hit the ground .
With the shock released, our body flew even while hitting the ground . Incidentally, when I got blown up in midair, I greatly twisted my body and removed Isabella’s hands from my waist .
While she was surprised at that action, I received Isabella’s kick with both hands . And then, I grabbed the leg, created a foothold with [Air Step] and hurled her toward the wall of the battlefield .
“You are stronger than I expected! However…” (Isabella)
Isabella rearranged her posture even though she was hurled . She landed on the wall, kicked it and flew at the same time . While wielding fists, she came close to me as I landed at the center of the battlefield .
At that time, when I looked at the approaching opponent in order to anticipate her movement… she shouted with a serious expression and for the first time, she wasn’t smiling .
“For you to hold this much of power, what are you plotting when you approach my daughter!?” (Isabella)
Those words weren’t coming from a warrior… but from a mother .
The moment I heard those words, the question which had floated was resolved .

It was during the discussion last night .
It was a conversation between me and the Beast King, just before returning from the castle to the inn .
He heard from Mea that she was able to see a bit because of mana . It seemed that he wanted to thank me again, but I also had something I wanted to ask .
…Why Mea had bad eyesight?
I was wondering whether it was congenital or due to illness, and the answer given by the Beast King was…
&123;Mary was poisoned . &125; (Eisen)
Mea wasn’t only loved by the family, but also those who were in the castle since she was born .
However, one year ago… a tragedy happened that Mea was poisoned .
She somehow escaped death, but because of the tragedy, her eyesight became terribly bad .
To make matters worse, she unconsciously wouldn’t accept meals . Unless someone did poison tasting, she would eat after that .
She was served with poison not because of a grudge or a political conspiracy, but it was due to a mistake of a cook who was trying hard to make Mea ate delicious meals .
Although it wasn’t intentional, it seemed that the chef couldn’t bear the guilt, and he killed himself after that .
It was a miserable ending that no one could expect .
Since then, the surrounding became very sensitive about Mea’s physical condition .
Thanks to that, Mea lived in good health without being sick or getting injured . When it was thought that the scars of the past finally faded… we came to this town .
I thought that they were overreacting when she collapsed due to mana exhaustion, but the reason was actually because of that incident .
Mea was adored to the point being sought after by everyone, but there was only a person who was calm .
That was Isabella .
She came in rush and she seemed disconcerted when Mea collapsed, but once she confirmed that Mea had narrowly escaped death, she returned to her usual .
She just stared at a far away distance even when she faced the daughter and it seemed that she repeated for days while training her son, Keith .
&123;I have one more question . I mean, Isabella-sama, is she always having that attitude toward Mea?&125; (Sirius)
&123;She is just clumsy . My wife is just being cute, isn’t it? Hahaha!&125; (Eisen)
&123;You’re saying that her action of staring is as her being clumsy, is it?&125; (Sirius)
Because of that, Mea was ‘harshly’ treated when she approached her mother . From the side, she was thought as a cold mother who didn’t care much about her daughter .
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However… it was completely misplaced, and the Beast King was right .
The usual Isabella was an extremely poor talker, but I was able to fully understand her personality as we collided and talked with each other . Furthermore, like in the present time, I wouldn’t know her real intention if she didn’t go all out .
According to the Beast king, Isabella wasn’t only look for strong opponents, she also had matches against those who approached Mea .
In other words, Isabella was more concerned about her daughter than anyone else, so she tried to know the real intention when she went against them .
She trained herself in order to forge abilities for the sake of protecting her daughter .
Although she was glaring at Mea, the real intention could only be known by fighting since she was a poor talker .
Of course, there were times when she wanted to fight against strong opponents .
However, the primary reason was to confirm whether the opponent was a person worthy to approach her daughter, and… that was why I was challenged for a match in order to judge me .
“Answer me! Then, hit me with your real intention!” (Isabella)
To be honest, I didn’t have a concrete reason .
I encountered Mea by chance and I helped her since she was in trouble . It was more or less that it was just on a whim .
I didn’t think that she would feel satisfied even if I explained by mouth, so it wasn’t good for me to avoid that blow .
Although she was a difficult woman, I didn’t dislike that upright affection . Since I planned to make her as Reus’ training partner if she was fine with it, I would face her with all I had then .
I lowered my waist and I let my mana covered the whole body more carefully than usual . I swung my right hand and unleashed a blow will full strength toward the incoming Isabella .
“As a person who supposes to guide people up, I just helped a child in need!” (Sirius)
As soon as I swung the fist, an [Impact] exploded at the same time near the elbow and the swung fist was accelerated by a momentum .
The principle of punching with all strength that I was currently unleashing was close to a pile bunker, but I didn’t want to use it a lot since it gave a heavy burden even to my strengthened body .
My fist that was added with [Impact] just before the direct hit and Isabella’s fist collided with each other, and the shock was more than the impact between Reus and Keith .
As I heard an unpleasant sound from the right arm, we got blown backward at the same time . After rolling on the ground several times, I hit the wall of the battlefield and stopped .
“That’s it!” (Eisen)
It seemed that the Beast King judged that it would involve life and death if we continued this match . He forced the match to end .
I still could fight some more, but since I was really tired, I remained leaning against the wall .
Isabella also in the same situation as me since she didn’t show the intention of getting up, but she looked satisfied maybe thanks to the fulfilling match . Although it was a very attractive smile when looking at her, it was difficult to do that because she had to fight .
“Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)
Emilia flew at the same time as the end declaration and her face looked anxious, but I told her that I was fine to calm her down .
I thought that Emilia would cry a lot since this might be her first time to see me exhausted, but… surprisingly she had a calm look .
Aah, she had grown up…
“She is an opponent who pushes Sirius-sama to this point, but it is already over for her . Please leave the rest to me . I will make her to completely yield and hold this country–…” (Emilia)
…that nature was worse than crying .
While calming the head of Emilia with left hand, I began to confirm my injury .
Hmmm… although the pain was intense, the right arm bone seemed wasn’t broken . However, I would be resting today since there was a physical fatigue due to continuous handling Isabella’s attack and a fatigue of mana exhaustion .
By the time I finished analyzing my body, all my companions were around me .
“There were few wounds, but please don’t move since I will immediately treat it . ” (Reese)
“I’m glad that you are safe . Even so, isn’t this the first time that you are tired until this much?” (Fia)
“I will handle the matters of the surrounding, so please rest for today . ” (Emilia)
“I will blow away anyone who approach Aniki!” (Reus)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“It’s not that bad, so please calm down . ” (Sirius)
As Reese finished the treatment while the siblings made a fuss, when I stood up while holding on Emilia’s shoulder, Isabella who stood up supported by the Beast King and Keith .
Words were no longer necessary . As Isabella came approaching and extending hand with a calm expression, I clasped that hand and shook it .
“Hmmm, it was a splendid fight . And if my wife accepts you, the people of the castle will have to completely admit you . ” (Eisen)
“I didn’t think there was anyone who could fight Mother until that far . Oi, fight me when your injury is healed!” (Keith)
“I didn’t think feel that you were lying from the last words and that punch . I’m fine… with Sirius-kun . ” (Isabella)
According to the Beast King words, the beastkin who were in the audience seats were surprised but they sent us generous applause .
It seemed that Keith also admitted it, and when I thought that the situation was solved with this, I noticed something strange about Mea . She was a little away from us and she was hardened with a confused expression .
The Beast King told me that it was the first time she saw Isabella to be agitated and talkative .
Perhaps she was confused when listening to her mother’s real intention since she thought that she was disliked since she was glared every time they faced each other .
It would be good if Isabella could tell her real intention here, but unfortunately the excitement was already cooled and she returned to the usual state .
She stared at Mea like always, but now that I knew the situation, she was a just a mother who was having trouble on how to talk to the daughter .
The Beast King, who cuddled next to Isabella, put his hand on her head while laughing .
“Isabella, how about you become more honest? If you can ferociously fight to that extent, it wouldn’t be difficult to express to Mary, right?” (Eisen)
“But… I don’t know what to say . And… I can’t let her be spoiled…” (Isabella)
“It is fine if you can speak like you do with me and Keith . Like ‘I love you more than anyone else!’” (Eisen)
“…That’s impossible . ” (Isabella)
It felt like I couldn’t see this going on anymore, so unintentionally gave suggestion .
“If words are impossible, express it with action . How about stroking Mea’s head?” (Sirius)
“!?” (Isabella)
Whether that suggestion was a divine revelation, Isabella opened his eyes wide and stared at me .
“Hey, your intimidation is coming out, you know . Your daughter will not run away, so you can calm down, alright?” (Sirius)
“…Yes . ” (Isabella)
Isabella quietly nodded and approached Mea who stood still . She gently placed her hand on her daughter’s head and began to slowly stroke .
“Okaa-…san?” (Mea)
“…Mary . ” (Isabella)
“Y-yes . What is it?” (Mea)
“I love you . ” (Isabella)
“…Really?” (Mea)
“…Yes . ” (Isabella)
Although it was clumsy, she gradually started interacting like her mother .
It was a sight that reminded me when Reese reconciled with her father .
Reese looked embarrassed since she remembered the same memory as me . While Isabella kept stroking Mea’s head, she turned her face to me .
“Sirius-kun . Would you become… my daughter’s educator?” (Isabella)
Since I had a feeling that the battle between experts wouldn’t be prolonged, I deliberately requested battles between Reus and Isabella .
The result was… Reus became a wonderful someone who would put up a fight but had no chance of winning .

NG Scene
In the scene where Isabella was stroking Mea’s head .
“…Cute girl . ” (Isabella)
“…Okaa-san” (Mea)
*Stroking* few more times…
“…” (Isabella)
“Ehehe…” (Mea)
*Stroking* some more…
“…” (Isabella)
“Uhm… Okaa-san?” (Mea)
*Stroking* more and more…
*Stroking* without stopping…
“…” (Isabella)
“Okaa-san . My head is getting hotter . ” (Mea)
*Stroking* still…
“Aniki! There’s a smoke coming from Mea’s head!” (Reus)
“Reese, water!” (Sirius)

Presenting Hokuto ※Please disregard when this part happened .
“…” (Isabella)
“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)
That day, Hokuto-kun was staring at Isabella-san .
The reason was unknown, but somehow Isabella-san stood in front of Hokuto-kun .
Since he understood that the other side was a strong person, he didn’t make a poor move and kept on guard .
“…” (Isabella)
“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)
The staring continued for several minutes, and when Isabella gently extended her hand… Hokuto-kun reflexively avoided it .
“…” (Isabella)
“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)
This time she reached out somewhat faster than before, but Hokuto-kun avoided it as expected .
“…” (Isabella)
“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)
*Ssu* ← the sound of reaching hand .
*Ssa* ← the sound of avoiding it .
“…” (Isabella)
“Woof, woof!” (Hokuto)
*Ssu* *Ssu* ← with both hands
*Ssa* *Ssa* ← evasion
“…” (Isabella)
“Woof, woof!” (Hokuto)
*bababababa* ← high speed reaching hands .
*sasasasa* ← avoiding like Dempsey (TLN: I think it is Jack Dempsey)
“–!” (Isabella)
“Woof!?” (Hokuto)
Since Isabella finally came closer to his body, Hokuto-kun felt great danger and ran away .
“…Beast King-sama . What does your wife want to do?” (Sirius)
“Hmm? She just wants to touch him . Well, my wife really likes cute things . ” (Eisen)
A few minutes later…
Hokuto-kun came back, but…
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“…Fluffy . ” (Isabella)
It seemed that he had lost since Isabella was clinging her whole body on Hokuto’s back while rubbing her cheeks on him .


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