Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Karen
Winged people.
As the name suggested, it was a human race whose wings grew on the back.
According to rumor, it was said that they were taking care of themselves by making a settlement in the mountains of the Hypne Continent. However, the overall population was small. On top of that, the greatest characteristic was their beautiful whitish wings. Even though they weren’t as strong as the Elves, they were considered as a rare tribe.
After helping the girl of the winged people, we retreated from the place where the fruits that could attract monsters lying there, before the next wave of monsters gathered.
The smell was stuck on the girl, but since the smell gone because of Reese’ magic, we didn’t get attacked by monsters after that.
And since the sun was beginning to set when we moved to the place where there was no smell, we began preparing for the camp.
While making a stomach-friendly soup which was we already got used to it, I talked to the ladies who were watching the girl who lied down in the carriage.
“How’s the girl?” (Sirius)
“She is still sleeping.” (Emilia)
“There are no major injuries, and I think that she is alright because the breathing is calm.” (Reese)
It had been around several hours since we met her, but to tell the truth, we didn’t know anything about the girl yet.
At that time, the girl was thrown into the mass of water created by Reese, and when I thought that she would only struggle for a while, she suddenly lost consciousness.
The time she was in the water was merely a few seconds, so basically, Reese wasn’t trying to drown her.
Since it was quite comfortable to be wrapped in that magical water, I guessed that Reese probably didn’t think much, but let say that I could sense her feeling of guilt.
Thereupon, the girl was asleep. When I checked her up with [Scan] earlier, no fatal illness could be found and she was weakened due to malnutrition. I wasn’t sure whether it was due to the rarity value, but I considered that it was very fortunate that there were only few traces of being beaten.
I already removed the slavery collar, and she would naturally wake up if we let her sleep.
“Even so, this girl seems to be different from the winged person that I know.” (Sirius)
“Well. The wings are different from the winged person I heard.” (Emilia)
They were the only tribe with wings. Although they couldn’t fly like a bird, they could soar in the sky.
I heard that the wings were quite large if they spread it from the usual folded wings condition, but one of the girl’s wings was… well, the right wing was obviously smaller compared to the left wing.
That was probably because she was still a child, but it was strange that the balance was bad.
Was it because of genetic or something? For the time being, should I call her… an irregular angel?
Besides, since I hadn’t seen any other winged people, there was a possibility that this kind of condition was a normal thing among the winged people.
Or maybe the girl was a rare existence, but there were many rare existences in the house, so I was more concerned about the girl’s condition rather than the wings.
“But, rather than the wings, this girl is more problematic. Goodness… I can’t forgive those who did things this far to such a young child.” (Fia)
“Yes. It’s cruel for not letting her eat until she lost weight until that much.” (Reese)
“…For children who become slaves, they are given a minimum amount of meal to deprive the desire to go against the owner. She probably didn’t want to get beaten, but then, it became harsh since she became hungry…” (Emilia)
The girl’s blond hair that reached the shoulders was dull and unkempt, and she lost considerable amount of weight.
Looking at the appearance of such a girl, Emilia, who was a former slave, remembered the bitter memories. I gently stroked Emilia’s head since she looked sad when looking at that girl.
“Well, when she wakes up, let’s have her eat right away. Look, if you show such a face, the girl would be anxious when she wakes up, right? Did Noel show that kind of face at that time?” (Sirius)
“…You’re right. Onee-chan was kind.” (Emilia)
Noel was slightly nervous at that time, but she gently talked and calmed the siblings down.
After that, Emilia settled down and resumed cooking the soup. In the meantime, Reus and Hokuto, whom I asked to procure food ingredients, returned.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Welcome back. It seems like there will be a considerable amount of meals, isn’t it?” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
Since Hokuto put down the monsters that had its blood fully drained and put his head in front of me, I stroked him plenty.
His appearance became splendid compared to the previous life, but it didn’t change the fact that he wanted to get pampered by stroking when he showed me the prey hunted by him.
“Welcome back, Reus. How’s the result?” (Reus)
“It was bigger than I thought, but it was easy because the number had been decreasing much.” (Reus)
Subsequently, when he unsealed the opening of the large bag Reus carried as he put it down, a great sweet scent permeating… and there was magical beehive inside it.
Since we fought and reduced the number of bees earlier, I asked Reus to secure the nest that was slightly thin. By the way, if the bee was big, the nest would also be big. Hence, the beehive that Reus brought was only a part of the nest.
It was a nest full of honey and bee larvae, and since it was difficult to eat as it was, I asked Reus to sort it out.
“Leave it to me, Aniki. More importantly… what happened to that girl?” (Reus)
“She’s still asleep. It might be good to let her eat the honey when she wakes up.” (Sirius)
“Yeah! Hehe… it’s been a while for Aniki to make that.” (Reus)
“Aah, I will also help you with that.” (Reese)
By the way, it was a French Toast with plenty of honey.
Reese, who was drawn to the honey, also came to help. The honey extracted from the beehive was packed in a prepared contained and the bee larvae were also sorted out.
The grown magical bee was big, but as expected, the bee larva was just as big as my fingertip. The appearance was a bit… well, on top of being highly nutritious similar to the honey, it was also good for the beauty. So, the ladies would be delighted as well.
Since the honey would be used for tomorrow’s breakfast and sweets, I guessed I should use the bee larvae for dinner.
“Well then, I will help with the soup.” (Emilia)
“Don’t you have to look at that girl?” (Sirius)
“Well, yes, but it is more meaningful to make the soup delicious than just waiting.” (Emilia)
“I see. I leave it to you then. I will prepare the dinner.” (Sirius)
“You can leave the girl to me.” (Fia)
In this way, it became the usual sharing work. I was thinking about the dinner menu with the meat and bee larvae handed over.

Since then, the girl still didn’t wake up after dinner, so we gathered around the bonfire and talked about the future plan.
“Is Sirius-sama going to take care of the girl?” (Emilia)
“If possible, I’m thinking of returning her to the parents. Whatever it is, I want to listen to her story first.” (Sirius)
There wasn’t really an obligation to do this, but I judged that this encounter was worth treasuring. I couldn’t do that now, but if I protect the girl and brought her under the parent, I might be able to get acquainted with winged people.
As I explained so, the siblings and Reese were happily nodding, but only Fia had a bitter smile as if it couldn’t be helped.
“Although we still don’t know anything, you act as usual.” (Fia)
“This is a trip to broaden the view. We can make a lot of friends, so there is no loss, correct?” (Sirius)
“Yes, I agree with it. It is because you are such a person, I can continue traveling happily like this.” (Fia)
At the time when I first met Fia, there were many reasons to help her who was being hunted by bad people, but the main reason was to get acquainted.
In those days, I thought that we would just be friends, but when I realized it, it felt unusual to be traveling together now as pair of lovers.
As I recalled the old days while drinking Emilia’s brewed tea, Hokuto, who lied beside me, made a small bark.
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
“Aniki, that girl is waking up.” (Reus)
“Got it. Everyone, don’t try to agitate her.” (Sirius)
Since I judged that she would be surprised if she saw unknown people when she woke up, we were quietly waiting for her who was sleeping in the carriage to get up without moving from the place.
And then, the girl slowly raised her upper body and looked around with sleepy eyes.
“…Here… where?” (??)
By the time she went out from the carriage while tilting her neck, she opened her eyes wide when noticed our presences.
Although it was a bit imprudent, I thought that the appearance of the girl’s folded wings spread in one go because of being surprised was a bit adorable, just like when the siblings were surprised, their tails stood up together with the sound of ‘Ping’.
After that, Emilia was talking gently like Noel in the past to the wary girl who was spreading her irregular wings.
“Is it alright for you to get up already?” (Emilia)
“…Who… are you, Onee-chan?” (??)
Whether the caution was a bit loosened, the girl tilted her cute neck while slowly folding her wings.
Since it was dangerous if she walked around the campground arbitrarily, I planned to capture the girl if she ran away, but it seemed that I didn’t have to worry about it.
“It’s cold if you stay there, you know? Why don’t you warm up together with us around the bonfire here?” (Emilia)
“There is a warm soup if you are hungry.” (Reese)
“Auuu…” (??)
Whether the appearance of the confused girls tickled the maternal instinct, Emilia and Reese were looking at her with warm eyes as if they wanted to embrace her.
After the girl slowly looked at each of us…
“…Oh my, I wonder if you are alright with me?” (Fia)
“…Yeah.” (??)
““No way!?”” (Emilia/Reese)
“Hiii!?” (??)
She approached Fia who was quietly watching the circumstances.
Since the girl didn’t try to get away from Fia even though she was surprised by the two who were shocked, I would just leave her to FIa.
“Well, then. We’ll introduce ourselves first. My name is Fia. Can you also tell me your name?” (Fia)
“…Karen.” (Karen) (TLN: The name in raw is カレン)
“I see, you are Karen. That’s a cute name, isn’t it?” (Fia)
Whether she was happy when her name was praised, the girl… Karen was blushing while her wings were trembling.
“Next is us. I am Emilia.” (Emilia)
“I am Reese. Nice to meet you, Karen- chan.” (Reese)
“…” (Karen)
Subsequently, when Eimlia and Reese introduced themselves, Karen looked frightened and hid behind Fia’s back.
With that clear rejection, they were dropping their shoulders while sighing.
“It’s alright, Karen. The people here are not going to do anything bad to you.” (Fia)
“But… I am scared of the angry people, and she is similar to the Wolf-san’s tail and ears…” (Karen)
“Scary people… you mean…” (Reese)
“Tail and ears…” (Emilia)
The people who hit Karen were probably scary people and that ears and tail reminded her to the wolves that attacked earlier.
Telling her that we were different from such people wouldn’t easily change what that child was thinking. We probably should compromise until she understood that we weren’t dangerous people, but why was she fine with Fia?
“Oh my, I wonder if I don’t look like a scary person.” (Fia)
“…I can smell forest from Onee-chan.” (Karen)
Speaking of the Elves, it was a forest kind, huh. So, the winged people who had wings like birds were unconsciously attracted?
Well, anyhow, if there was someone whom she could tolerate even a little, I didn’t have to worry about her running away then.
“Next is me. I am Reus–…” (Reus)
“Hiii!?” (Karen)
“Why!? I said nothing but my name only…” (Reus)
“That’s because you suddenly talk. And since you are big, you have to be more careful!” (Emilia)
“Aniki, tell me! How can I become smaller?” (Reus)
“Don’t ask something unreasonable.” (Sirius)
Except for Hokuto, Reus height was the tallest among us. Hence, from a child’s perspective, there would be an intimidating feeling.
However, rather than getting angry at Emilia, he clung at me and that made Karen looked at Reus strangely.
“Come, no matter how you look at them, these Onii-san and Onee-san are delicate people. That’s why you don’t have to be scared.” (Fia)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
Unfortunately, Karen didn’t seem convinced.
It was too bad for Reus, but it was good when Karen’s cautions was lessened when she looked at the delicate part… well, maybe.
“And the big wolf over there is Hokuto. Although he might look scary, he will not attack Karen, so you don’t have to worry.” (Fia)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“…Yes.” (Karen)
“Lastly, the Onii-san over there is Sirius. He was the first person who noticed you.” (Fia)
“Well, even if it wasn’t me, Hokuto and everyone else would have noticed her immediately. Leaving that matter aside, as introduced by Fia, my name is Sirius.” (Sirius)
“…Sirius?” (Karen)
Karen wasn’t terribly frightened even when she saw Hokuto, and that might be because he didn’t bark while lying down. In my case, I felt like she was wary at me similar to Emilia.
Now, that the self introduction was over, we probably should let Karen ate something first.
When I turned my line of sight, Emilia quietly nodded. After preparing a plate and poured soup in it, she handed it over to Fia.
“Say, Karen. This soup is prepared by that Onii-san and Onee-san, would you like to eat it? It’s warm and delicious.” (Fia)
“Soup?” (Karen)
“Yes. You will understand if you smell it.” (Fia)
When FIa brought a spoon that scooped the soup to Karen’s nose, she opened her mouth and ate it. I guessed that won over her hungry stomach.
Perhaps, Emilia and Reese wanted to do it but I decided not to look at their frustrated expression.
“…It’s delicious.” (Karen)
“Can you eat it by yourself?” (Fia)
“Yes… I can.” (Karen)
And then, Karen received a plate from Emilia, and she continuously ate the soup while struggling with the heat.
Although I felt happy when Karen said that the soup was delicious, she only loosened her mouth slightly.
She hadn’t met us for long time, so it couldn’t be helped when she had become a slave, but I wanted her to start smiling soon.
After Karen finished eating the soup and settled down, Fia asked Karen again.
“How old are you, Karen?” (Fia)
“…Five years old.” (Karen)
“Well then, do you know where is your Okaa-san and Otou-san?” (Fia)
“…I don’t want to say.” (Karen)
“Yeah, I will not force you if you don’t want to say it. But you know, since we want to take Karen to your parents, please let me know the place of your house.” (Fia)
“But, if I say it, those scary people will attack it…” (Karen)
Perhaps, those scary people were the ones who put the slavery collar on her.
It wasn’t my imagination that I could feel the anger from the siblings and Reese due to the appearance of Karen being terrified at us.
Fia also seemed to be angry, but she gently smiled without giving a hint.
“It’s alright. Onee-chans will not hit you, so can you tell me please?” (Fia)
“…I don’t know.” (Karen)
“…Let alone your home, you mean you don’t know where we are?” (Fia)
“Yes. I fell into a river when I was walking with Okaa-san, and when I woke up, the scary people put something strange on my neck…” (Karen)
“I see…. You had it hard.” (Fia)
The merchants probably tried to ask Karen in order to catch other winged people, but I guessed that they got angry because she answered that she didn’t know anything.
Fia tried to stroke Karen’s head since she was about to cry, but she got frightened when Fia brought her hand closer. It seemed that Fia wasn’t able to touch her easily. It seemed more time needed before they could stroke her.
Then, Karen was tilting her neck while touching her throat. She might notice now the collar had gone.
“Why? Even though I tried to pull it many times, I still couldn’t take it off…” (Karen)
“It’s because that Onii-chan has incredible power. With this, Karen is already free now.” (Fia)
“…Ooh.” (Karen)
After that, Fia patiently continued the conversation. She told her about us and repeatedly asked questions about Karen.
It was within the range that Karen could understand.
She lived with her parents in a village where winged people lived. Like what she had explained earlier, she fell into the river and was washed away. She was picked up by merchants and put on a slavery collar.
After that, she was confined in an iron box that she almost couldn’t see anything outside. The box, then, violently shook in the middle of being carried somewhere, and she was fearing the appearance of wolves by the monsters’ bark heard from the box’ opening but we were the ones showed up at that time.
The good thing was, only several days had passed after Karen was caught and became a slave.
She was locked up in that iron box with minimal amount of food. Since physical violence was at the very minimum, she didn’t look like having mental disorder so far.
To begin with, she might be having a stranger anxiety, but now the situation had changed way too much, she became too sensitive to the surroundings.
She was greatly relaxed thanks to Fia, and if we kept in touch and took care of her, this situation was likely to be managed somehow.

When I realized, she was sleeping while clinging to Fia. She might be tired from the conversation and starvation.
While everyone was smiling with the natural state of sleeping, we confirmed our future plan in low voice.
“In the end, I still don’t understand well about the winged people. What are you going to do from now, Aniki?” (Reus)
“I will gather information after reaching the nearby town tomorrow. Winged people is a rare tribe, so if I ask the guild, I may find some clues about them.” (Sirius)
Although it wasn’t always possible to ask the residence, if I brought Karen along and asked, there might be a possibility of recalling something.
There was also another way to find out and that was to ask that merchant, but that guy didn’t only make Karen as a slave, but he was also diverting the monsters to us. I didn’t want to take the trouble to go back the way we came, so I should consider that as a last resort.
There were also some information, but I had to buy Karen’s clothes when we get to the town.
When we rescued Karen, she was wearing a piece of cloth that could cover the slave collar and her body, and now she was forced to wear Emilia spare shirt with holed on the back for her wings
“Shall we take a day off in preparation for tomorrow?” (Sirius)
“Well. For the night watch order of tonight, I will be the first…” (Fia)
“No, Fia doesn’t have to do it today. Just stay with Karen. She would probably anxious if Fia is not nearby when she suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night.” (Sirius)
“Yes, you can leave it to us.” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“If it is so, I will accept that offer. Hehe… she is a bit big, but I wonder if this how it feels when having a child?” (Fia)
Fia, who gently held her in arms, went back to the carriage to sleep together.
She usually behave like and older sister, but when I looked at her like this, I could see the side of a mother. ‘Am I realizing a glimpse of Fia’s new charm?’
Will it be alright if I also accompany them…” (Reese)
“I want to make Karen-chan sleep in between of me and Sirius-sama. Then, it feels like a parent and child… hehehe.” (Emilia)
While calming the two ladies who were envious, we decided the order of night watch.

The next day… I was preparing for everyone’s breakfast as I was the last person on the night watch order.
They would naturally wake up because of the smell if I cook, so when I was preparing while not making noise as much as I could, I suddenly felt eyes from my back.
“…” (Karen)
“…Karen?” (Sirius)
When I turned around, there was a figure of Karen showing her face out of the carriage and looking at me.
‘Is she a curious child?’
She hid herself as soon as our eyes met, but since she showed her face again after a while, I tried to speak slowly, not to make her anxious.
“Are you hungry? I’m preparing dishes now, so please wait for it.” (Sirius)
“!?” (Karen)
However, Karen only spread her wings as if she was on alert, and she didn’t move from there.
She should be hungry because she was only eating soup last night, but… this situation seemed quite difficult.
After that, I called Emilia and Reese who had woken up, but Karen never got closer to us until Fia woke up.
“It’s difficult, isn’t it? She seems to be hungry, so I thought that she would come closer if we offer her meat, but…” (Emilia)
“*Nomnom*… right. It’s not good to hold back.” (Reus)
“*Nomnom*… he’s right. Dried meat is really delicious.” (Reese)
“The one who will be tempted are these two. (Emilia)
Even with that skit of those three, Karen still didn’t try to separate from Fia.
The appearance of Karen following Fia when she washed her face, and moved to the other side of the carriage to change clothes was completely like how ducklings followed its parents around that I’d seen in the previous life.
And now, while yawning, she was modestly sitting next to Fia who sat on a rock nearby.
By the way, Hokuto was usually lying next to me, but he was doing that a bit away from us since he didn’t want to scare Karen.
While thinking about brushing him later, I finished preparing the breakfast.
“Today is the French Toast as requested. Please bring plates.” (Sirius)
“““Yes.””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus)
“Furenchi… what’s that?” (Karen)
“It’s baked sweet bread, it’s like sweets.” (Fia)
“Bread… I don’t like it much because it is hard.” (Karen)
“Ooh, you were given that kind of bread. But, it’s alright, this is soft and delicious bread.” (Fia)
I placed the baked bread one after another on everyone’s plate, and after that, we were going to eat it with the honey we got yesterday.
And then, it became a breakfast where everyone handed over the honey, but Karen was puzzled holding the dish handed from Fia. According to Emilia, slave meals were basically the last. In that case, she might have been thinking that it was no good to eat without permission.
“Look, this is so soft. You can munch as it is–… what’s wrong?” (Fia)
“I… is it alright for me to eat this?” (Karen)
“Yes, of course. Sirius made it because he wants Karen to eat it.” (Fia)
“Yeah. If you want more, just say it, alright.” (Sirius)
After Karen confirmed that I plainly nodded, she timidly put the French Toast in her mouth… and she immediately ate again.
Karen finished eating it in no time, but she kept her eyes on the plate as if she didn’t have enough. Although she was still recuperating, it seemed that I cut her portions a bit too small.
“Say, was it delicious?” (Fia)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
“If you want to eat more, why don’t you try saying that you want it?” (Fia)
“…O-onii-chan. I would like… to have more.” (Karen)
“It’s alright. Come here.” (Sirius)
Even though Karen was frightened, she came in front of me, but she ran away and hid behind Fia after I put more bread on her plate.
It seemed that she would take some time to get used to us.
‘I wonder how long it will take for her to ask for more helpings without reservation like Reese and the siblings.’
“Another please.” (Reese)
“Me too, Aniki!” (Reus)
The honey is delicious. Sirius-sama, could I have some more, please?” (Emilia)
‘Aah… it may be a bit of problem to be assertive that much.’
Well, it was the right time to have good appetite.

This time, the usual ‘Presenting Hokuto’ changes to…
‘SATW Hokuto’.
※ Super Animal Therapy Wolf…
SATW Hokuto
There is what people call animal therapy.
There are various effects, and there was also the effect of healing companion’s spirit by touching animals.
This time… the Master picked up a girl who had gone through hard times and had her heart broken, so Hokuto, who was also a dog in the previous life, was up for the animal therapy.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Hiii!?” (Karen)
Although Hokuto attempted with full spirit, the girl was scared of him and hid behind tree.
It might be inevitable due to the situation of the girl, but from Hokuto’s point of view, it would be meaningless unless he had her touched him.
His heart was slightly hurt, but he lie down on the spot so as not to frightened the girl and he had decided to wait for the girl to become less cautious.
“…” (Karen)
“…” (Hokuto)
The girl was watching Hokuto, but there was no sign of approaching.
If Hokuto was in the state of the dog in the previous life, he could simple-mindedly approach her, but the current him could think like people.
Then, Hokuto thought…
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
He lie down on the spot and showed his belly, showing that he wasn’t an enemy.
Originally, this wasn’t an act he wanted to do other than to the Master, but now, mending the girl’s heart was the priority.
‘How about this?’
If the girl saw him lying down for a while, she would…
“Karen. Emilia made a snack for you to eat.” (Fia)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
Then, the girl had already gone away.
And Hokuto who was left behind…
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“There, there. You did your best.” (Sirius)
The therapist was on the side to be treated.
SATW Hokuto is changed to…
STSW Hokuto… The end.
※ Wolf which had therapy by Sirius (TLN: OK, this part is weird. The SATW is an English abbreviation, while STSW is a Japanese abbreviation ‘Sirius-ni-Therapy-Sareru-Wolf’.)

Remodeling surgery?
Reus, who scared Karen, brought himself to Sirius.
“Aniki, tell me! How can I become smaller?” (Reus)
“There are methods like cutting out parts of bones and muscles, and compressing by force from overhead… so which one? I think both will hurt a lot.” (Sirius)
“…As expected, no thanks.” (Reus)
“No no, it is important to have trial and error for such things. Experiment–… would you like to try? IT’S ALRIGHT!” (Sirius)
“Aniki!? I have a feeling that you change to something weird!?” (Reus)

The summary of her current features…Age is 5 years old (it may be more or less changed.)Having blonde hair with length to shoulder.She has the style of bobbed hair, similar to Emilia in volume 1.The wings are small only on the right side.She is actually pretty curious on things.


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