Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 140

Chapter 140 I Want You to be Happy
A few decades ago, Goraon was born in the winged people village… it was way long before I was born.
He was born as a Dragonkin which had small in number. He grew up while being trained by other Dragonkin to become warrior who would protect the village.
However, Goraon transformed to a wingless dragon. He was born as an Earth Dragon which specialized in running on the ground. It was uncommon for an Earth Dragon to be born but in the area that surrounded by forests and mountains, the winged dragon which could fly in the sky was more useful.
Nonetheless, the parents and the surroundings still loved him. He grew up without any significant problems.
But… Goraon became distorted.
Although he didn’t eat monster as a prey, the sight where he returned with his body stained with blood was often seen. It was because he caught suitable size of monsters and repeatedly tore it with his claws.
Asrad and Zenodora who saw his behavior couldn’t believe it, but Goraon kept growing up without causing big problems.
A few years later… Goraon’s mother gave a birth to Mejia, and he had been given a younger brother.
At that time, Goraon’s eccentricities started to diminish. It might be because of being an older brother. So, Asrad and others began to relax the cautiousness.
But… their negligence was probably bad.
In the time where Asrad took his eyes off him for a while… that incident happened.
[Tou-san. I… I want to become even stronger.] (Goraon)
In the body of the Dragon, there was a crystal contained with huge power. It was commonly known as the ‘Dragon Heart’. The Dragonkin was strong because of the crystal. Thus, they had a very wonderful regenerative power.
Goraon wanted to increase the crystal that only existed one in number for every Dragonkin…
[So, I want the power. Be together in me… I will defeat that damn old man!] (Goraon)
Then, he committed the taboo of eating own family member… which was his father.
Even if Goraon was an immature Dragonkin, he had enough strength. He suddenly aim for an opening and killed his father who wasn’t able to defend himself… and then, Goraon ate him.
“…That’s terrible. But, can you get such strength easily?” (Fia)
“Hmm, the Elf lady is sharp. How about a night with me–…” (Asrad)
“Jii-san, talk about it later.” (Zenodora)
“It can’t be helped then. Yes… as the lady said, it was dangerous to take the crystal of own kind.” (Asrad)
There seemed to be someone who did the same thing in the past, but the Dragonkin died on the spot while spitting blood.
Apparently, even if they took the crystal from other dragons, they would die unless there was compatibility. To put it simply, it was something like blood type in transfusion or transplanting organs between human.
Since that kind of act reduced the number of the Dragonkin, it was normal to prohibit the act.
“It was already too late when I ran into him. His father’s crystal was taken in. I saw Goraon suffering from incorporating the crystal…” (Asrad)
Although Goraon was suffering the consequences of his own action, Asrad pitied him who was still breathing while splitting blood. It seemed that Asrad was resolute to blow him away with breath attack.
“If he received my breath attack, he wouldn’t be able to survive unless he is Zenodora. But, he was alive…” (Asrad)
“However, when I looked at Goraon, it was strange that he was still survived even though he was immature. Did he have any special abilities that we didn’t know?” (Zenodora)
“Which remind me, when I met Goraon, I cut his arm and it was generated instantly. I would say that his regenerative ability was abnormal. This is my guess, but I think that Goraon, who was burned down by the breath attack, repeatedly generated and barely survived.” (Sirius)
Perhaps, Goraon had the compatibility with his father’s crystal, so I guessed he obtained the astounding ability at that time. The possibility why he was compatible was because the crystal was from his biological father.
Unfortunately, it seemed the compatibility wasn’t perfect.
Goraon was certainly strong enemy, but he seemed to be weaker than the Dragonkin in the village.
By some chance, he might lost some strength as a Dragonkin because of that abnormal generative ability. Goraon’s dragon appearance was clearly different in size compared with Zenodora and the three Dragonkin.
When I spoke what I had in mind, both of them nodded as if they agreed.
“Indeed, that possibility is also good enough, right? It’s just that even though my breath attack couldn’t kill him, you did kill him.” (Asrad)
“I defeated him by blocking his movement with magic, and destroyed the crystal at the same time.” (Sirius)
“Oi, Jii-san and Sirius, stop the talk right there. Goraon is no more, so now, we should consider how to tell this to Mejia.” (Zenodora)
“Yeah! He may certainly want to get revenge when a family member was killed, but Aniki fought him to protect us. If he wants to fight Aniki, I’ll be his first opponent!” (Reus)
“Reus is right. By the way, he… I mean Mejia-san, how does he think about his older brother, Goraon?” (Emilia)
“He accepted the fact that Goraon was a criminal who did the taboo by killing his father. At least, he won’t suddenly challenge you to revenge him.” (Asrad)
The reason why Mejia had a proper discipline might be due to the influence of her brother who betrayed them and committed crime.
As a result of discussion, we were getting wary since this matter was somewhat complicated. So, it was decided that Asrad would explain it to Mejia when the opportunity came.
“Say, although this sounds bad, if Mejia-san think he is already dead, it is not necessary to tell him, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“That is true, but I think he has right to know because he became really confused because of Goraon. By the way, you all don’t need to say anything. Well then, we will soon…” (Asrad)
“Hmm, we will return. It’s already late at night, and the three fools outside need to go home.” (Zenodora)
“This is about the matter earlier. The name of the Elf lady is surely Shimifia… right? I am planning to invite you to my house tonight to deepen our relationship.” (Asrad)
“Thanks for the invitation, but I have to refuse. I already have someone.” (Fia)
“Is he your man? But, he is a human, you know?” (Asrad)
“Yes. I stay with him because I understand that. I will definitely do that until the end.” (Fia)
“If that’s the case, I’m not going to say anything. I will invite you again a hundred years later. Then, if the lady with blue hair over there–…” (Asrad)
“Stop it, Jii-san!” (Zenodora)
After that, Asrad was forcibly dragged out by Zenodora, and the Dragonkin returned to their homes.

“Good morning, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
Two days after arriving at this village.
I was sleeping in our carriage that the three dragons carried here, and this morning, I woke up by Emilia’s voice.
Although it was possible to wake on my own, I didn’t feel like going up since it was already morning and I already get used to Emilia’s voice.
I was careful not to become a useless man if she wasn’t there, but it would be hard because Emilia herself wanted that to happen.
“Good morning, Emilia. How’s everyone?” (Sirius)
“I think Reese and Fia will get up soon, but Reus is already up.” (Emilia)
I got out from the carriage that was parked next to Karen’s house and when I looked around while stretching out my body, I saw Reus running around the house…
“Good morning, Aniki!” (Reus)
“““Good morning!””” (Eye/Kuva/Rai)
The three dragons who were in their human form were also running together with him.
As I instinctively tilted my head, Hokuto, who was a distant away and was watching the scene, came close to me while wagging his tail.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Uhmm… since these three are still immature, it seems Hokuto-san is training them again.” (Emilia)
“Is that why you are running? Since you are an instructor, did you feel that these three have the prospect?” (Sirius)
Hokuto often went out for training because the siblings were like his juniors, but it was very rare that Hokuto himself was teaching.
When I listened while caressing the head of Hokuto who came snuggling…
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“Uhmm… their dispositions aren’t bad, but it seems that it is necessary to train them again in order to let them be Sirius-sama’s subordinates.” (Emilia)
“…Have you been trying to increase the number of underlings and subordinates without permission?” (Sirius)
The siblings were doing the same thing when we were in the Elysion school.
Wasn’t it a fate that a wolf was doing the same thing?
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“If we get them on board, the movement speed for everyone will increase. Of course, Sirius-sama will still have to ride Hokuto-san…” (Emilia)
“I want you to stop treating them as a ride. Well, you can do it without twisting their will though.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“This seems to be alright. And… he seems to want you to stroke Emilia’s head.” (Emilia)
While thinking the last one was her own desire, I stroked her head. It was a mysterious scene where a big and a small tails wagging.
Although they got involved with the three dragons from the morning, I entrusted the matter to Hokuto and Reus. Then, Emilia and I entered Karen’s house to see the progress of Frenda.
Frenda was still lying on the bed and she never woke up even once. I didn’t found any abnormalities from the [Scan], and I believed she should wake up very soon.
As I continued examining Frenda while having such a thought, Debra came in and we gave a morning greetings to each other.
“You all wake up really early. If I compare that to my daughter and granddaughter…” (Debra)
“We are used wake up early since long ago, so we just wake up naturally.” (Sirius)
“Yes. Frenda seems to be recovering smoothly. I think she will wake up soon.” (Emilia)
“That’s great. It’s just that I want the children in the house get up early like you. It will be very good if they don’t wake up later at this hour.” (Debra)
It seemed that Debra had regained calmed enough to make such a joke.
Even though it was already morning, Karen still didn’t show a sign of waking up at all after I had finished treating Frenda who wasn’t conscious yet.
According to Debra, Karen usually woke up late because it came from the mother.
I had confirmed that Frenda was alright, so I would like to start morning training, but since I was allowed to stay in this house, I ought to help with the house chores.
I thought so as I offered to help with the breakfast, but Debra was smiling and saying it wasn’t necessary.
“I’m fine. You may go outside, Sirius. Isn’t your morning training a routine?” (Debra)
“But if I don’t help with anything…” (Sirius)
“Yes, he’s right. Plus, we eat a lot.” (Emilia)
It’s fine. I can cook a lot alone, you know. Besides, I still have plenty of ingredients sent by everyone in the village.” (Debra)
Yes, yesterday was a very confusing day.
It was nice that Zenodora and the three Dragons came first in the morning, but it seemed that they had mentioned the matter about us to everyone. Since then, the winged people and the Dragonkin who lived in the village frequently visited us.
As what Asrad had warned us, the people of the village were very cautious at us, but most of them were worried and came to see Karen and Frenda. When they knew that both of them were safe, they gave pile of food ingredients to celebrate the good news.
Incidentally, the children of Dragonkin and the winged people who were about same age as Karen, were somehow afraid of us. Perhaps, they were told something like not to get closer to us from their parents. So, the girls in the house looked a bit lonely.
“Well then, let me use your pot.” (Debra)
Then, Debra left the room without asking about our opinion.
In the past few days, it turned out that she was an unusually obliging person and she didn’t care at all even though our number had increased. When it came to this, she would be angry if I still wanted to help her, so I supposed I just had to accept her offer.
When we went outside again, we found that Reese and Fia were warming up, but I noticed something wrong with Reus and the three dragons.
“When you fight Hokuto-san, you have to always be alert on your rear! Or you will be done in an instant!” (Reus)
“I got it, but… it’s impossible! I can’t follow him!” (Eye)
“In that case, I’ll be the decoy–… guhaa!?” (Kuva)
“He may be Hokuto-sama, but if we attack him during an opening–… gahuu!?” (Rai)
Reus and the three dragons were chased by Hokuto, but they were pounced to the ground with forefoot blow one after another.
Of course, Hokuto went easy on them, but they should have been running normally until a while ago… so what happened?
“By the way, when we came, they were already playing tag.” (Fia)
“Reus and others are just running away. This is a training to avoid Hokuto’s attack.” (Reese)
“In short, it is a game of tag, right?” (Sirius)
To put it simply, Hokuto’s training had already begun. It was a training to strengthen reflexes and assessment depend on the situation by running around in a place which had no obstructions.
On top of that, Hokuto’s role as a chaser wasn’t only to touch them, but to hit them onto the ground. So, there was no sense of confusion.
As scream echoed for the third time, we also decided to start the morning training.
At first, I started to run lightly, but when I realized, Hokuto, who was supposed to be the opponent to Reus and others, was lining up next to me.
“Hmm, are you done?” (Hokuto)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
When I looked sideways, Reus, who kept resisting until the end, fell on the ground.
Apparently, in order to run together with me, Hokuto quickly floored Reus.
It was probably not a training if Hokuto, a Hundred Wolves, matched our speed, but for him, running with me was a habit from the previous life, so it was like a walk.
When I finished muscle training after running for a while with Hokuto who was running happily on the side, the door of the house was opened and Karen came out.
“Fuahh… breakfast… is ready…” (Karen)
“Aah, got it. Everyone, don’t forget to take care of your body before coming back.” (Sirius)
“Please don’t forget the supply of water.” (Emilia)
While Emilia was giving water to everyone, I tried to thank Karen who came to call us, but somehow, her condition was strange.
Since she was a bit unreliable like doing a hula hula dance, I looked into her face, and…
“…Kuh.” (Karen)
“Say… she is sleeping, right?” (Reese)
“I’m beyond surprised. She is really amazing.” (Fia)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
This might be the evidence that she was relieved to be able to return home.
We carried her since she was important in a sense, and went back to her home.
By the way, Reus and the three dragons made a come-back while we were on our way. They had recovered since they had been doing a postmortem session from earlier.
The blow of Hokuto’s forefoot was enough to make them caved into the ground, but regardless of Reus who already used to the training, the three dragons weren’t faltered as I expected.

It was a cooked dish made by putting the ingredients received, but it was really delicious when the taste used this region spices
While the glutton siblings adding another helpings one after another, Debra was nodding in satisfaction when seeing Karen eating slowly.
“If you use honey, Karen would eat easily. Since it was hard to wake her everyday, that will make it easier.” (Emilia)
“Nomnom… kuh.” (Karen)
“It feels like she hasn’t woken up yet.” (Reese)
“It’s better since she was sleeping without eating in sitting posture yesterday. By the way, what are you going to do today?” (Debra)
What Debra wanted to ask was probably our schedule for today.
Since there were various things happened yesterday and we couldn’t look around the village, it would be good to have a guide if Zenodora came, but we had to keep the promise with Karen.
“I think I will teach magic to Karen in the morning.” (Sirius)
“Is that so? I leave her to you then. I was worried when I heard that she was non attribute, but it was really great when I saw her happily using magic.” (Debra)
“I can prove that non attribute is not inferior compared to other attributes. Besides, Karen is smart, and it’s worth teaching her.” (Sirius)
“There is no one who is more knowledgeable about non attribute than Aniki. If Karen does her best, she can become strong like Aniki!” (Reus)
I had a feeling that the hurdles were going harder because of what Reus had said. Personally, that was… no, I wanted to think that he would surpass me.
Just as the person who said about magic, it had infinite possibilities.Plus, I wanted to make Karen to find a different path from me who specialized in killing.
I would secretly put that expectation to her…
“…More please.” (Karen)
It was a usual scene to be worried, but it was just Karen was weak in the morning.
I was sure if her abilities were developed…
“…Kuh.” (Karen)
It should be alright… I guessed.

After that, we parted off once we finished the breakfast. Emilia and Reese helped with the house chores, while Reus resumed training with Hokuto again together with the three dragons.
Fia and I brought Karen to the root of a big tree near the house.
Karen was already awake by this time. When she heard about a new magic, her wings were fluttering and her eyes shone.
“I’m going to teach you [String] from now on. To sum up, it is a magic that creates mana thread.” (Sirius)
“Thread? Is it amazing?” (Karen)
“It looks simple, but it is a versatile magic that you can use for various things depending on how you use it.” (Sirius)
“He used this magic on your Okaa-san and when you were injured. Listen, there’s no loss in learning this.” (Fia)
Karen nodded several times as she listened to my explanation. First, I’d show my [String].
When I extended the mana thread created and touched Karen, she displayed a wondering face.
“…Are you making this?” (Karen)
“Yes. If you don’t firmly load mana, the thread would break or can’t be maintained. Anyhow, just try it.” (Sirius)
“Alright.” (Karen)
Since this was merely producing thread by compressing mana, it wasn’t too difficult if Kare was able to unleash mana.
It might be thanks to touching the real thing, Karen easily invoked [String], but when I lightly pulled it…
“Eh? It’s torn up. It’s different from Onii-san’s.” (Karen)
“It is similar to [Impact]. It’s just that your mana concentration is lacking. You didn’t think to make it robust, am I right?” (Sirius)
As for making it strong, if the thread didn’t have the strength of average wire, it would naturally tear. There were also cases where stretch-ability similar to the rubber became necessity in the previous life.
In my case, it wasn’t difficult because I could imagine a special alloy wire that existed in the previous life, but it wasn’t easy to reproduce an invisible mana thread.
“…It’s difficult.” (Karen)
“Try to confirm my thread by touching it one more time. Other than that… it depends on how quick wit you are.” (Sirius)
“Quick wit?” (Karen)
“It might be confusing for Karen. To cut it short, don’t get stuck with only one thing. For example, a piece of yarn only–…” (Sirius)
“…Like this?” (Karen)
“Oh my. This time is strong, isn’t it? You can try to touch it, Sirius.” (Fia)
When I touched Karen’s mana thread which was produced by [String] again, it was produced in a condition of three thin threads combined into one.
There were many flaws such as the thread intertwining was rough, the strength was weak and the concentration of mana was still mild, but compared to the previous one, it was pretty strong.
I had expected that the thread was obviously thicker, but even though Karen took my advice, she mostly noticed it using her own power.
This girl surprised me many times since I met her, but I was surprised again this time.
“That’s amazing, Karen. You noticed that part well.” (Sirius)
When I praised her as I said that, since she looked up at me while happily flapping her wings, I unconsciously stroked her head.
““Aah…”” (Fia/Karen)
…Oops, I did things similar to Emilia because of habit.
The reason was because Karen’s experience of being enslaved. When I tried to pat her head, she remembered the time and disliked it. Actually, the ladies in the house had tried that many times, but they failed all the time.
For that reason, I tried to take off my hands quickly, but rather than looking displeased, she merely looked up at me.
“Don’t you…. dislike stroking?” (Sirius)
“…Uhm, if it’s Onii-san and others, I’m already fine. So, I want you to praise me more!” (Karen)
“I see. I don’t have to hold back when doing that. There, there. Karen is excellent and very good girl.” (Sirius)
“Yeah!” (Karen)
“Aah, that’s sneaky. Let me stroke her too.” (Fia)
Were this also due to the treatment to her mother, Frenda?
While Karen gave a big smile, she let me and Fia to stroke her.
After praising her for a while, I thought of teaching her next magic, but Emilia, who helped with the house chores, came down to us.
“Sirius-sama. Frenda-san has woken up just now.” (Emilia)
“Got it. I will–…” (Sirius)
“Okaa-san!” (Karen)
Karen reacted first and started running. We picked Reus, who had been done by Hokuto, and returned to the house.
When I entered the room, Frenda, who was sleeping in bed and had her upper body raised, was hugging Karen, who jumped in.
“Okaa-san…” (Karen)
“Aah… this is not a dream. I’m really glad that you are safe. If you are gone, I…” (Frenda)
“You don’t need to say such a thing. More importantly, shouldn’t you say something to these people?” (Debra)
“Kaa-san, could these people are…” (Frenda)
“Yes. Not only you, they are also the benefactors who saved Karen.” (Debra)
It seemed that Debra had explained about us to some extent while we were coming here.
She looked like in pain because she just got up, but after she turned a smile at us, she lowered her head very deeply.
“We have been indebted a lot to you all. First of all, I’m really thankful for rescuing my daughter. I would like to return the favor somehow, but I still can’t move yet…” (Frenda)
“We did it because we wanted to do it, so your words are good enough.” (Sirius)
“Yup. Rather, it was fun to be with Karen.” (Emilia)
“Me too. I was happy because it felt like I had a new sister.” (Fia)
“You have helped us so much, so there is no way I can return it with words alone. Kaa-san, is there anything we can do?” (Frenda)
Even if we said that she didn’t have to worry about it, it didn’t seem to be that way for Frenda. That much showed how important Karen was to her.
Frenda thought about how to thank for a while, and then, she clapped as if she thought of something.
“Oh yes! How about my feathers? That person said that winged people feathers were valuable, so if you want it, you can take as much as you want–…” (Frenda)
“What is this child suddenly saying!? If you do that, you won’t be able to fly!” (Debra)
“It’s a small matter not to be able to fly if Karen is safe.” (Frenda)
“I understand you feeling, but stop thinking about your wings. Goodness, you haven’t change at all.” (Debra)
Perhaps, I should say that Frenda was a person who acted on impulse. She seemed not caring about future when it came to an important matter.
Well, if it wasn’t like that, she wouldn’t get married with the adventurer who was also an outsider, right?
“I have an uneasy conscience about that, so I’m good if I just receive one feather only. Anyhow, please calm down.” (Sirius)
I calmed them since they had been talking about it, and I decided to hold this matter for the time being.
Then, she told me that she would do anything if she could, but it was enough to let us stay in this house and to give us the permission to train Karen.
However, since she kept asking how to return the favor, I thought that it would better to think of something later.
Karen fully enjoyed the feel of ehr mother for a while, but she suddenly looked up as if she remembered something and pulled my sleeve to Frenda.
“You know, Okaa-san! I can use magic now!” (Karen)
“Eh!? Really!?” (Frenda)
“Yeah, Onii-san taught me how to use it. I will show it to Okaa-san!” (Karen)
Then, Karen left Frenda, who was surprised, and looked around. She turned her face to the window and pointed to a tree that could be seen from here.
That tree was a place where I taught magic earlier, but I immediately approached Karen…
“I will hit that with magic, please watch me. Alright…” (Karen)
“Wait a sec, Karen.” (Sirius)
I touched her shoulder and stopped her magic.
Karen showed a displeased expression because I interrupted her debut, but as a person who taught her, I couldn’t overlook this.
“Although you are pointing to the window, you can’t use [Impact] indoor. What would you do if you hit something and that hit your Okaa-san?” (Sirius)
“Aah…” (Karen)
“If it’s about [Impact], you can show it later. But, haven’t I taught you earlier a magic that you can use here?” (Sirius)
Frenda hadn’t heard that Karen had learned magic yet, so since Karen was excited, there was also a possibility that it would be revealed. It wasn’t very good to casually unleash magic indoor which would break the room into small stones unless it was an emergency.
So, when I told Karen to remember this, she gently nodded and went back to Frenda.
“Since I was told that magic was no good, I will show you this magic instead.” (Karen)
“If it’s Karen’s magic, I’m fine with anything. Please show it to your mother soon.” (Frenda)
For some reason, Frenda was unusually surprised, but it seemed the mood wasn’t bad because she was looking forward to Karen’s magic.
With such a doubt displayed in my eyes, the parent and child started to happily pull together the [String] that Karen had created
Their pleasant exchange continued for a while, and finally, when they had settled down, I decided to explain Karen’s aptitude attribute.
“…So, that was why she couldn’t use magic. I’m disqualified as her mother since I am not aware of it.” (Frenda)
“I understand your feeling, but this is far as much as you want to feel depressed. This child has met various bad experiences, but I don’t think that it was too bad, you know?” (Sirius)
“You’re… right. Karen has grown so much.” (Frenda)
“Okaa-san. What do you think about my magic?” (Karen)
“Well, it was amazing. I’m happy that you can use magic.” (Frenda)
“Yes! You know… I want to be stronger by learning more and more magic from Onii-san!” (Karen)
“This girl is indeed non attribute, but I think she has enough hidden potential to become strong. I am planning to stay in this village for a while, so may I still teach magic to Karen?” (Sirius)
Although I had received the permission from Debra, I still had to get the permission from the mother, Frenda.
When I asked while lowering my head, Frenda, who had distant eyes, stroked Karen’s head and answered.
“You are… Sirius-kun, right? Please help this girl. I can’t teach her non attribute magic.” (Frenda)
“Thank you. Well, it will be harder in the future, but you will do your best, right?” (Sirius)
“Yeah!” (Karen)
“If you want to become Aniki’s disciple, you also have to train your body. Do you want to run with me starting from tomorrow?” (Reus)
“How about the education as an attendant? I’m sure you will master it.” (Emilia)
“Karen is not only our sister, she also had become our junior. Tell us anything if you are in trouble.” (Reese)
“If I get hurt, I will… Yeah, somehow, I don’t want to assume I will get injured. Let me know if we’re going to eat delicious food!” (Karen)
“Hahaha! It looks like it will be lively in the future.” (Frenda)
“…Yes. It’s good for Karen.” (Fia)
It was a bit ambiguous until now, but Karen became my full fledged disciple as I had gotten the permission from her family.
As Karen was watched over by her mother with graceful smile, we talked about Karen’s future plan.

From that day, Karen life started to change greatly.
First of all, in the early morning…
Karen wouldn’t wake up in the morning unless someone woke her up, but she told that she would get up at the same time with us.
[I also want to be like Onee-chans. So, I will get up and train together!] (Karen)
[I don’t dislike that positive attitude. But can you get up?] (Sirius)
[…Please wake me up!] (Karen)
It was half-hearted, but I decided to wake her up for being resolute. If that was repeated over and over again, she would be able to get up naturally.
Although Karen was added up in the morning training, there were many times she used all her strength along the way and was put on Hokuto’s back.
I felt like it wasn’t a training, but I had to be patient until her body got used to it. Well, fixing the habit came first.
To begin with, the winged people were light in weight in order to fly in the sky. They were a tribe that wasn’t suitable for body training. Unlike the Silver Wolfkin sibling who had excellent physical fitness, Karen only needed a minimum amount of training if necessary.
Today, after we finished the morning training, I went outside to give magic training to Karen, but… a sound of cutting wind sounded from the sky.
The three dragons were with Reus, and as Zenodora said that he would come at noon, this must be another dragon.
When I looked up, I could see a figure of a dragon approaching here, but that was…
“Sirius-sama. That red dragon is…” (Emilia)
“Yes… it’s Mejia.” (Sirius)
Then, Mejia landed a bit further away from us and he came close after changing to a human form.
Although the cautiousness that I had seen in him before was greatly dissolved, his expression was hard to read. I felt like I was somehow thinking too much.
Perhaps… he had heard about his older brother, Goraon, from Asrad.
“Sorry for sudden visit. But there is something I want to ask you. Can you give me a bit of your time?” (Mejia)
“I don’t mind, but is that because of what you heard from Asrad-sama?” (Sirius)
“Yes. It’s about my brother, Goraon. Did you really… defeat him?” (Mejia)
Since Karen was nearby, Mejia seemed calmed enough to the point of not saying the word ‘killing’.
Emilia, who understood the situation, soon left with Karen. Then, I nodded at that question.
“…Yes, I did. There is also a possibility it was a different person, but since the person himself said so, I guess that there is no mistake since his transformed appearance was a red earth dragon.
“I see… For that brother… by a human…” (Mejia)
It looked like he was somehow had a bitter smiled while closing his eyes, but his emotions were hard to read after all.
Since I didn’t feel a slightest anger or hatred, I kept waiting quietly for Mejia’s reply.
Then, he slowly opened his eyes…
“In that case, I have a favor to ask. Will you… have a fight with me?” (Mejia)

Extra/Bonus Act 1 – The Mistake of being a Dog
“How tough is Onii-san’s [String]?” (Karen)
“I can’t precisely measure it, but it’s pretty durable. Oh yes… it’s pretty much can hold you and me.” (Sirius)
So, I brought a fallen wooden plank, and hanged it to the thick branch of a nearby tree with two [String]s. And then, I made an instant swing.
Since the mana thread was almost transparent, it became an unusual sight of a wooden branch was floating.
“This is it. It is safe to get on it.” (Sirius)
“Really?” (Karen)
“Yes, of course. Then, you can try this… Hokuto!” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“““”Gyaaahhh–!”””” (Reus/Eye/Kuva/Rai)
Due to my call, Hokuto floored Reus and three dragons in an instant and came to me.
Then, Hokuto put his forefoot on the wooden board, and put strength on it.
“You know Hokuto’s strength, right? It is alright even Hokuto does that, so Karen–…” (Sirius)
“Woof!?” (Hokuto)
At that time… a dull sound echoed and the branch that was hooked with the [String] was broken.
It looked like Hokuto was somewhat too excited.
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
For now… Hokuto was lying down while showing his belly.

Extra/Bonus Act 2 – Hokuto and Game of Tag
Beginner Level (Play)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Look, I’m here, Hokuto.” (Fia)
“Oh my, you can’t catch me, is it?” (Reese)
“Kya! Hokuto-san is coming.” (Emilia)
Advanced Level (Training of Hell)
“Gurururu…” (Hokuto)
“Run! Hokuto-san is coming!” (Reus)
“It’s pointless to run! He would go around to your rear–… guhuu!” (Eye)
“He-helppp… gahuu!?” (Kuva)
“Aaarrgghh–!?” (Rai)
Expert Level (Contact with the Master)
“Woof! Woof!” (Hokuto) ← His appearance was seen as six afterimages.
“Fuf! Hah! Let’s do it, Hokuto!” (Sirius) ← Made an innumerable magical afterimages.
“““…They are too fast, I can’t grasp well.””” (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

Gourmet – Hokuto
The Continent of Melifest.
In general, the quality of mana didn’t varied much. Hokuto was able to enjoy a stable taste everywhere, but in some forest, he could enjoy fine quality mana.
The forest where he met the Master was the best among the places he went until now.
He didn’t ask a major change in meals from the Master because this continent was perfectly suited his taste.
The Continent of Adload
Since there were many forests, it was full of mana and he could enjoy various natural tastes.
However, there were also a lot of mana with strong peculiarity, and there were some which didn’t fit depending on the place.
He could probably taste the highest quality of mana in the world in a hidden place where a huge tree stood, but he had to be careful because that couldn’t guarantee his life if he got closer.
He would have to be prepared if he wanted to go there.
The Continent of Hypne
There were many mountains where the height difference was huge. It was a continent which had a dramatically change in term of the mana quality depending on the place.
Since it covered a wide range of thick and thin mana, both were recommended to those who wanted to have fun.
However, the different of the environment was intense. The disadvantage was the inhabiting monsters were annoying.
Well, although the quality of mana varies based on the continent, the best of all was the mass of mana that the Master created.
The mass of mana which was compressed many times and when it entered his mouth, the mana was unraveling one after another. It was like the taste changed like seven colors and amused people who eat it.
It was exactly like a jewel box made of mana!
The Master’s compassion was the best spice than anything else. Every time Hokuto-kun ate it, he was lifted to the heaven.
‘He doesn’t produce that much, but Master’s mana is close to the nature taste… Why don’t you try it?’ (Hokuto)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“…That’s what he says, Aniki.” (Reus)
“…I can understand that you just want to eat my mana, you know.” (Sirius)


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