Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 31

Chapter 31 is out!
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Before the match began, we gathered the opponent’s information visually a little. (ED Note: Their power levels must be negative lol)
The opponent team is a group of nobles with Alstore as a leader, and there are three servants who wear heavy-looking iron armor. Certainly there’s nothing written on armor, but nothing but their wooden swords could be used as weapons.
There was an unknown man in the group and surprisingly he's wearing full body armor. He's holding iron shield and wooden spear engraved with Alstore household crest.
His face can't be seen because of full face helmet. Unlike some nobles, he gives off an intimidating feeling. He's definitely not a noble…perhaps he’s a mercenary?
The height is not too different compared to us but since the shoulder width is unusual. Is he of the dwarf race? Since it seems unlikely there is a mercenary in Gregory's class, are they employing him for the sake of this match, I wonder…
Again, this isn't written in the rules…to come to school is rather refreshing. Since Alstore is using magic only, he's dressing lightly. It seems it's not a problem.
Anyways, they were heavily armed in contrast with us who were lightly dressed. The school designated robe has some defense but it’s difficult to move in, so we removed it. Reus prepared one sword at the back of his light knitted leather armor and another piece on hand while I wore an ordinary clothes that easy to move and with empty handed. I’m anxious about experiencing a battle here, but it doesn’t feel strange.
Although there is a clear difference in both equipment and number of people, Reus and I don’t feel that we will be defeated at all. Even if the opponent has iron armor, there are many ways to deal with it.
I conveyed the strategy decided in advance to Reus by a hand signal.
“[Trade]…Start!” (Rodwell/Vile)
The instant Vile-Sensei, who had also become the referee, had given the match the starting announcement, Reus and I begun to run to the left and right separately.
Alstore’s team was noticeably agitated by our dash at unexpected direction immediately after the match had started.
“Slow and steady, you guys! After all, it’s impossible for these two to win against us!” (Alstore)
The servants are flustered but the leader. Alstore seems calm. He doesn’t seem to be an ordinary BONBON. (TLN: slang for a man who can’t do anything by himself or doesn’t know how the world works)
We keep running to the edges of the arena in order to sandwich the opponent’s team in the center.
“I don’t care what are they thinking about but if they are going to be separated, then it’s good. First, prioritize that beastkin. We’ll deal with the incompetent later on.” (Alstore)
The three servants focus on Reus, the mercenary with full body armor is facing me and Alstore is starting to cast magic. Judging by lip-reading, the long incantation is probably intermediate level magic. He’ll be alone for a little while.
“Whether you will be burned by Alstore-sama’s magic or taken down by our strikes, choose whatever you like, it’s all good!” (Servants)
“Either way, I’m sorry. Look, I am here.” (Sirius)
“Kuu, wait, you demi-human!” (Servants) (TLN: author used amahito instead of kemonohito)
The three servants are approaching but Reus is running along the edge of match arena while going forward to my direction. Then, I joined up again with Reus who was running along the edge of the match arena. While adjusting to similar running speeds, an opponent can be taken out.
“Wait!” (Servants)
“…they’re absolutely not just children, eh.” (??)
A rough voice came out from that full body armor, completely different from the childish image he game off. No matter how you heard it, he is an old man. Nonetheless, even wearing full body armor. There is no doubt that he’s the most powerful contestant on the opponent’s team.
By aiming and moving to one another, Reus took all servants out before one could blink an eye. After that, the instant we pass each other by several steps…eye contact.
"[Light!]" (Sirius)
"Haa!" (Reus)
Just before running into them (the old man and Alstore), I invoke [Light] behind me without looking back as Reus jumped high over me at the same time.
The invoked [Light] I had aimed at the back was brighter than usual, so it's enough to make the opponent to be dazzled(Stunned [ED Note: League of Legends Taric Rework Referance?] . The flash can't be blocked by a full face helmet since the eyes are still exposed. The man in the full body armor had to stop and shield his eyes. As the [Light] disappeared from the sky above….
"Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style – Break Thrust" (Reus) (TLN: The name is based on the meaning of kanjis)
Reus' single blow landed on the head’s crown of the man in the full body armor, which soon became full of opening.
The armor wasn't cut by the wooden sword but, Reus' strike is a slashing attack that releases an extensive impact from the sword. That powerful impact is spreading to whole body from the man’s helmet, and ended up cracking all of his armor and the ground below him. Since the impact can't be blocked even with steel full body armor, that man in full body armor falls onto his knees. Reus remembered when I said to go easy on them. so that man isn't dying, I think.
On the other hand, Reus was chased by the servants in front of me but I jumped over them with the assistance of momentum from running with the [Boost] enchantment. If
I held a spear, I might be able to knockout the servants here but unfortunately, they are all short of reach when using a wooden sword. While calmly leaping on the air over the servants, I direct my left hand that engraved with a water magic formation at Alstore.
"[Aqua]!" (Sirius)
"—Flame of spear, pierce my sworn enemy–…buwaaa!?" (Alstore)
"""Alstore-sama!""" (Servants)
The water ball was fired from my left hand and it was a direct hit on Alstore's face while he still in the middle of chanting and stopped his incantation forcibly. The servants leave us because they worried about Alstore who had changed his appearance to the likes of a drowned rat. I also run to where Reus at in order to join with my disciple.
"You…G-Get off me! I can’t believe it, he targeted me!” (Alstore)
“Alstore-sama, you might get sick from getting wet. Stop this match immediately and get change of clothes!” (Servant)
“Don’t be silly! Am I going to be ridiculed and be made to remain silent?!” (Alstore)
“Th-that is…” (Servant) (ED Note: I feel like the English equivalent of “So, Sore ga” would be “we-well…” your call though)
The fallen full body armor man is surrounded by Magna-sensei and medical team and they are observing his conditions, and Magna-sensei depicts large “X” with his arms after judging him to “impossible to continue”.
“Aniki!” (Reus)
“Aa, you did it.” (Sirius)
Reus was delighted and threw a fist bump with me when we’re coming together. Reus was the first person who did fist bump with Sirius since he came to this world.
Our next plan was being considered but before that, Reus condition needed to be confirmed because one of his eye’s was closed.
“Reus, how’s your eye?” (Sirius)
“Yeah…it’s already alright. It is as usual.” (Reus)
The [Light] that blinded full body armor man also attacked Reus. Nevertheless, since he knew beforehand, he closed one eye before jumping in order to defend against
flash. When one eye can’t see, he can open the closed eye to secure a target and deal precise strike to the opponent. Above all, he seems to be utilizing my teachings properly.
“By the way, Aniki. Isn’t their weapon somehow strange?” (Reus)
“Did you notice? It doesn’t seem to be an ordinary wooden sword.” (Sirius)
While jumping over the servants, the sound from when they swung the wooden sword desperately remains in my ears. Ordinary wooden sword won't let out such sound.
"It's something heavier than a wooden sword…I think there's steel embedded on the inside. It's disturbing but if it doesn't hit, it's useless." (Sirius)
"It was really unfair since a while ago. As expected of nobles." (Reus)
"It’s obvious we caught up now but there is a skilled one, don't you agree? See, it's Mark." (Sirius)
Although Mark is very prideful with his family honor, he's a nice fellow as he possesses fundamental politeness and courtesy. I think that is an exemplary noble for sure but unfortunately, there are too many nobles who drown in power in this world. If foolish nobles are being mass produced as it is, a revolution would be needed to help this world.
While I feel anxious about the future of this world, Alstore and his servants who finally recovered has come here to attack.
"Come now, its continuing. Reduce them to helplessness. However, don't use special techniques this time, just use pure swordsmanship." (Sirius)
"Understood Aniki!" (Reus)
The three servants' assaulted at the same time from the front. Reus is attacking alone, stopping the servant's sword that contains iron which placed Reus at a disadvantage. Reus' wooden sword starts making an unpleasant noise. And yet, he doesn't care at the pushy assaults and he blows off every sword swing from the servant.
Then, the second servant is stabbing from right side.
"This demi-human!" (Servant)
"It's obvious, you know!" (Reus)
Although the let out lunge is avoided by bending the body to an unnatural posture, Reus struck the servant with his sword by using sword's back part and drove the wooden sword into second's servant belly. Thereupon, the wooden sword reached its limit and it breaks.
"I got him!" (Reus)
"Reus, [Lie Down]!" (Sirius)
"Wan!" (Reus) (TLN: Japanese word for the sound a dog makes)
The third servant aims at the gap and approaches but he makes the mistake of forgetting that I am here. Reus bends his body at my command and the gap is closed. Then a kick is thrown as a direct hit to third servant's belly.
The three servants are blown back in turn but since they’re also wearing iron armor, there seems to be little damage done.
Using the gap in the servants, I shoot [Aqua] at Alstore for second time but he's been very vigilant as expected and it has been avoided this time. Nevertheless, the purpose (of firing Aqua) was to stop his incantation, so this is fine. Alstore does stop, regrettably; whether he doesn't trust his vanguard or doesn’t know how to reduce the incantation, he should learn a skill to chant while moving his body.
Reus takes out his reserve wooden sword and is attacking the servants again.
"It's simultaneous attack this time!" (Reus)
“[Hand]!" (Sirius)
"Wan!" (Reus)
"Guhaa!" (??)
"Kuu! Once again!" (??)
"[Seconds]!" (Sirius) (TLN: Okawari)
"Wanwan!" (Reus)
"Uguu!" (??)
Why did I accept a match with such disadvantage conditions?
That is because I will have to cook for the headmaster but the number one reason is I wanted to confirm the level of cooperation with Reus.
[Hand] means to turn the attention towards right side when viewed from Reus and [Seconds] is the opposite. By the way, [Lie Down] originally is an order to lie on a belly but it is made to discipline in relation to the siblings…that's the basis of education. Emilia's body is moving around a lot at the corner of my eyes but I shrug it off.
Reus moves precisely according to the commands and I move in order to close the gap. I judge that there seems to be no problem dealing with these three servants.
However, I don't really think the cooperation can only be done with hearing voice only.
"How about this!" (Alstore)
It's not an attack this time. Alstore is using a strategy of creating an ordinary wall which to gain time for incantation. He makes a desperate attempt at making his spells work this time, even though he has failed twice already.
If I move sideways, there’s another servant assisting him and the [Aqua]’s line of fire can’t be secured. But the time is not yet…no, is the magic incantation completed? Was it changed to beginner level magic, not an intermediate level!
“—crushed by the impact wind! You guys did well [Air Shot]!” (Alstore)
The servants flee to the side quickly with tears coming out, and [Air Shot] is fired and aimed at Reus. The ball of wind is invisible. Although the speed isn’t at a degree of bullet, it’s quite fast. I can grasp the location by [Search] but normally it would be best to avoid by doing big jump to the sides like those servants did.
However, Reus is concentrating on a stance with wooden sword raised.
“It is there—!” (Reus)
— Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style – First Sword . Heaven Strength —
By simply swinging down in one blow, Reus cuts [Air Shot] precisely with kinetic vision and intuition which was honed by daily training. At that moment, Reus brought down the strong wind from the initial position. What remained after Reus swung down his wooden sword is only a whirling cloud of dust.
“Im…impossible!?” (??)
Whose voice was that? There were too many events happening in the arena and everybody was simply looking amongst themselves and forgot about us.
The cutting of magic.
That was called ‘Strong Sword’ by Lior when it was used for the first time, and the technique is hardly seen because there are only a handful of users.
The arms of the person himself materializes vividly, and it’s natural to cut magic with necessary speed and arts of sword, but the point of sword will be dull even if there is a little hesitation and being scared. Preparedness is also needed to cut a magic.
It will be different in the case of having a person to protect from the back but since it is only to negate magic, the hard fact is its better to avoid it quickly. The up close shows of skills fascinates the public, since possessing that much skill will increase the status. There are sights of people that are taken aback from amazing displays of skills.
There are a lot of invisible magic especially for the wind attribute, so the degree of difficulty is high. Nevertheless, Reus possesses intuition comparable to animal and excellent kinetic vision, and now it’s even possible for him to cut down beginner level magic. In this case, the winding cloud of dust that occurred is a sign of ball of wind, so he brought it down with intuition…
By the way, it was said that the origin of this cutting magic is Lior, and that he had reached the point of mastery of this technique where he can cut [Flaming Lance] while humming a tune. Although I have said this many times, that old man is really a monster.
“Hehe, it’s not a big deal when compared to Nee-chan’s ferocious style!” (Reus)
“What did you say!” (Emilia)
“Hiii!? I’m sorry Nee-chan!” (Reus)
It may be because the arena became quite because of Reus’ prowess, those words seems to reach her ear. After all, the fact that Emilia fires [Air Shot] in a ferocious manner does not match her demeanor.
In addition to the opponent’s ridiculous behavior; the sight of quarrelling with outfielder during match, and Alstore’s adult tone tossed out changed to suits his tone of age because his anger shot over the limits.
“Guuu! This…demi-human! I absolutely won’t allow you to disrespect me. I beg of you, with my flame mana as an offering, an incarnation of great fire—…”
“It’s Alstore-sama’s [Flame Lance]! Let’s buy some time!” (Servant)
“”Oo!”” (Other two servants)
They tries to gain time for their master but they already ran out of stamina because of their heavy armor.
“Reus, I rely on you to stall some time.” (Sirius)
“Understood!” (Reus)
If I were to give undivided attention to preparation, it would be natural to be targeted, I think. However, the servants’ swords swing without power are light enough and are completely stopped by Reus’ sword. I can leave the defense to Reus, my preparation is going well without getting bothered at all.
“—Flame spear, pierce my sworn enemy…[Flame Lance]!” (Alstore)
Then, Alstore’s [Flame Spear] was invoked. However, the person himself loaded an excess amount of mana to [Flame Lance] and the size is several times bigger than ordinary. If the control of the magic isn’t done properly, the spear is not able to be maintained and it’s likely to be explode. Naturally, if it’s to explode, Alstore who stays near won’t be able to escape safely.
“You can’t do that! The magic is running out of control. Stop it immediately!” (Magna)
“That isn’t necessary! Do it Alstore! Defeat that incompetent!” (Gregory)
“Hmmm…what to do about this?” (Rodwell/Vile)
Vile-sensei appears to stay on sidelines even in such situation, Magna-sensei is the only teacher who tried to stop Gregory-sensei but couldn’t make him stop.
During the time Alstore poured his mana in, his face is paled while sweating. I have experienced that so many times, it’s just one step before mana is depleted. He fainted while several seconds haven’t passed, then the control of magic is ceased and it will explode.
“Aaa…aaaaaaaaaaaa–!” (Alstore)
Whether it is noble’s pride or anger, he shot an incomplete [Fire Lance]. In spite of that, there is (nearby) company and that is his servants.
“Aa, Alstore-sama!? Why!?” (Servant)
“Please stop! Help me!” (Servant)
“Hii!? Nooo!” (Servant)
If the enormous [Flame Lance] hits directly, it will explode in wide range and even we and the servants too will be certainly dragged into the explosion radius. Reus and I have confidence to avoid it but since those three servants are exhausted, they can’t move satisfactorily so they can’t run away too.
“Let’s escape fast Aniki!” (Reus)
“Well, please wait. Alright, it came out.” (Sirius)
I was kneeling down in order to draw a slightly complicated magic formation on the ground. It’s the magic formation that I found in library the other day but it should be suitable for the situation now. Once it’s completed, I pour mana into the magic square and recite the magic’s name.
“[Earth Shield]!” (Sirius)
The ground rose a little bit in front and a big mud wall was born to protect us. Since the form was imagined properly, there is no roundness to the shape but instead a splendid wall.
“The wall is too thin, Aniki!” (Reus)
“I know.” (Sirius)
As what Reus is pointed at, the mud wall thickness is no different than wall for common house. Since the flame is big and the wall was also made rather widely, there is no doubt that it won’t be able to hold out. I pour mana one more time, there’s about 30cm opened gap and another same mud wall is made.
“It’s complete!” (Sirius)
The moment the last measure of the mud wall gap is applied, the [Flame Lance] reaches the barrier and it creates large sound and has exploded. The ground is shaken so hard an enormous cloud of dust flutters at surroundings and obstructs the view.
“It’s wind! [Windstorm]” (Rodwell/Vile)
When Vile-sensei invoked intermediate magic, a gust rose and blew the dust out of the surroundings quickly. Although the power is suppressed considerably, to use magic with that shortness of the incantation, he’s indeed ‘Magic Master’.
“…Apparently, it seems to have been decided, isn’t it?” (Rodwell/Vile)
The outcome was decided already when the visibility of the arena became clear.
Alstore collapsed because of mana exhaustion, and the servants were protected from the explosion remain unmoving and they aren’t capable to fight.
“Gregory-sensei. Are you alright with the rules?” (Rodwell/Vile)
“…Hmmph!” (Gregory)
“It’s because this will be reported to a principle by an official form. It’s better not to conclude this as strange thing.” (Rodwell/Vile)
“You’re noisy! Do whatever you want, I’m going home!” (Gregory)
Even Vile-sensei asks, he has turned his back and left while snorting. Is it alright to let him do whatever he likes?
“The winner is Colorist class!” (Rodwell/Vile)
“Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)
The victory is declared and Emilia has literally flown from the seats from audience and was flooded with joy. To be precise, she lept while applying a tailwind against
herself by magic. There is magic power but that superhuman leap is soon forgotten by all class members the moment when victory is announced.
Incidentally, a robe can’t be rolled up to the top from the knee. This also seems to be servant’s skill.
“Are you safe!? Are you injured!? I believed in your victory!” (Emilia)
“Yes yes, I’m sorry to worry you. Please calm down.” (Sirius)
“Nee-chan, I also worked hard!” (Reus)
“I’ll have something to discuss with you later.” (Emilia)
“Hiii!?” (Reus)
Emilia’s head was stroked once to calm her down and Vile-sensei came with a gentle smile. By the way, Magna-sensei along with the medical team are tending the collapsed Alstore and his servants.
“That was excellent, Sirius-kun. I didn’t think [Flame Lance] could be stopped by such protective wall really.” (Rodwell/Vile)
“No no, because that (Flame Lance) was incomplete, it could be stopped.” (Sirius)
The [Flame Lance] used this time was loaded with excessive mana and it wasn’t in the shape of spear. It is to say that the shape was close to spherical, the original features which is penetration power wasn’t utilized at all.
“Because the impact was a problem in that state, so that (Earth Shield) was necessary to stop the impact. Please look at the fragments of the scattered wall.” (Sirius)
The prototypes broke already and he turned towards the walls which is no longer remained. A fragment of protective wall scattered in wide range indicates the power of
[Fire Lance], but if it’s observed carefully, it can be understood immediately.
“…there are few strange fragments of wall, aren’t they. Is this a secret?” (Rodwell/Vile)
“That’s right. Two thin but hard walls were made with a gap in between, and the gap was filled all over with pebbles. By doing so, an impact is dispersed and everything can be stopped by two thin walls…that was the reason.” (Sirius)
The barricade that was used in previous life when participating in guerilla activity. Although the walls at that time were thicker, and it’s an excellent thing withstood a crane that dropped iron balls.
Even if it’s a perfect [Flame Lance], the penetration power will be decline to certain degree, wouldn’t it?” (Sirius)
“It’s absolutely wonderful to have such protective wall. Well…I’ve learned something.” (Rodwell/Vile)
To be honest, I thought of using [Earth Shield] to encircle Alstore in a dome shape for the sake of disturbing his actions, but since the situation became like that, the original method was used instead.
When Vile-sensei is nodding with satisfied feelings, Reese ran from Iron class audience side with her fluttered blue hair.
“Sirius-kun! Emilia! Reus-kun!” (Reese)
Although she isn’t good at physical movement, she’s running here desperately.
“Haa haa…both of you…are you…haa…anywhere?” (Reese)
“Aaa, Reus and I are not injured. Please catch your breath.” (Sirius)
When she arrived here, her breathing became intermittent, and so I waited for Reese to calm down like Emilia. Reese calmed down after a while, she sighed in relief as she confirmed that we are safe.
“I’m really glad that you are safe. What would I do if two people were injured for my cause…” (Reese)
“So, didn’t I say it? If you believe in Aniki and I, it’s alright!” (Reus)
“Yes, it was. Such a thing…beating five people with only two people, truly amazing.” (Reese)
To be honest, we only beat that one person with full body armor but…oh well, I won’t say an insensitive thing.
“It’s only natural, after all, Reese is also in our friend.” (Sirius)
“Ee? I am…your friend?” (Reese)
“What are you saying Reese? You are my friend, we ate same meal so aren’t we friends?” (Emilia)
“From today, you will enter our class. I am not mistaken, I hope?” (Emilia)
Tears overflowed from Reese’s eyes at those words. She hugged Emilia in order to hide her tears of relief and joy.
“Thank you Emilia. However, please wait a minute. Since I haven’t told the main thing yet.” (Reese)
She looked up from Emilia’s chest, and said while turning a smiling face of the whole to face to us.
“Sirius-kun, Reus-kun. Thank you very much!” (Reese)
By simply looking at that delightful face, it seems that was the result of working hard were well worth it.
After that, Reese finally regained her usual tone when talking. Magna-sensei who has finished treating the injured people appeared.
“That’s great Reese-kun. I would like to hear just as a confirmation, but do you have no objection to enter Colorist class?” (Magna)
“Y-yes! I would like to enter Colorist class. So…what should I do from now on?” (Reese)
“That’s right. There are a lot of things I have to prepare such as official documents, but first, there is a work to do, isn’t it?” (Magna)
When Magna-sensei turns his eyes to the side, all members of Colorist class were coming down from the audience seats and they were making noise.
“As one would expect, Sirius-kun. You used your servant well, but to defend against mighty [Flame Lance] with that splendid wall. It truly is informative battle!” (??)
“I wouldn’t think to win with that remaining fighting power!” (??)
“””As expected, Aniki and Oya-bun!””” (Reus’ underlings)
The classmates were praising us one by one, but Magna-sensei drew attention one by clapping his hands.
“Well then everyone, I will introduce the new student who enters my class from today.” (Magna)
She stood in front of her new classmates after being pushed gently by Magna-sensei.
She looked at us and confused at sudden request for a self-introduction, but when I nodded since there was no problem, she made up her mind and took a breath.
“Nice to meet you, ev-everyone. My name is Reese, I will enter this class because of [Trade]. My aptitude attribute is water attribute and I’m good with healing magic.
I’ll be in your care!” (Reese)
She was welcomed by applause of classmates and our class got a new student.

After school, I was called by Vile-Sensei to come alone to Magna-sensei’s room.
By the way, Reese is shopping for a celebration party with the siblings, I instruct them to go to Diamond cottage immediate once they are done.
“Have you come? Please feel free to be seated.” (Magna)
I sit down on so while thinking how many times I have come here in merely several days. Magna-sensei is brewing black tea quickly. Although I have thought this for long time, Magna-sensei’s skill as an attendant’s is quite high.
“Well then, what use am I to be here? As expected, there was a problem when winning against noble.” (Sirius)
“That is also part of the discussion. Let’s assess and talk about the result of this [Trade]” (Rodwell/Vile)
“So, there is no problem to talk to me because I’m the only student here?” (Sirius)
“I don’t think of you as an ordinary student. Your inventiveness and behavior are wonderful…no, I’ll say this clearly now. It’s interesting to watch Sirius-kun. So, I will provide you with information since I want to be your be of assistance. Are you satisfied with that?” (Rodwell/Vile)
“No, I’ll understand if the amusement you take in me remains at a reasonable level. On the case of giving me information, since I’ll be helped, by all means, please.” (Sirius)
I can’t understand the feelings of an elf who live for more than four hundred years, but yet this person doesn’t neglect a person’s great endeavors. Furthermore, he’s a diligent elf who works hard in order to nurture school students. It’s troublesome to be supported by such a grand individual, but there wouldn’t be a second chance to obtain such a partner who obtains information. I was cautious at the beginning, but I am indebted by the matter of Reese so I have a little bit confidence right now.
“Understood. First is with Reese-kun, her transfer to Colorist class has been finalized smoothly. Since it has been established in official documents, Gregory-sensei won’t be able to say anything more.” (Rodwell/Vile)
As expected, complaining about the result would be embarrassing. In the worst case, I thought of getting out of sight but it seems there is no problem with the matter of Reese.
“Now…the problem is the story about you defeating a noble, Alstore-kun. From the time when he was born, he has continually shown enjoyment when bullying the weak.” (Rodwell/Vile)
“He’s vexatious noble, right?” (Sirius) (ED Note: “Vexatious – causing or tending to cause annoyance, frustration, or worry”, from Google)
“Indeed he is. The person himself was raised while thinking that he is a special existence with [Double] aptitude attributes. His arrogant attitude stands out but as you expect, I am unable to act against his Chichi-oya (father).” (Rodwell/Vile)
That Chichi-oya is a prominent noble in Elysion and his characteristics represent a energetic military soldier. He seems to be very lenient with his son but if he hears about today’s talk, there’s no mistaking that he’s going to enter a hissy-fit.
“The opponents were dressed with iron armor and equipped with wooden sword that had an iron rod embedded in it. And even if there was a difference in number of people,
the defeated person himself was running out of magic and a battle was impossible. He would be pleased to trample a colorless like you, but he didn’t even think in slightest that he would be lose, right?” (Rodwell/Vile)
To summarize him in one word, he’s only an outrageous fool.
“Apart from being nobles, this unfairness is beyond acceptance. Since it was only happening at school, there won’t be impact to the head family, but he’s already restricted from acting as if he was a big shot in this school.” (Rodwell/Vile)
“Will there be any punishment?” (Sirius)
“In the case that you got injured, it is necessary that something must be given back.” (Sirius)
“Since it’s troublesome, I’ll have to decline. If it doesn’t involve us any further, it’s fine.” (Sirius)
"I thought you’d say so. Therefore, I put a nail on Alstore-kun from my side." (Rodwell/Vile)
When Alstore woke up at noon, he was immediately called into headmaster's room and he seems to be interrogated. He was quiet because he was still tired from the [Trade], but he appeared to remember his anger towards me in his mind.
However, the headmaster is getting involved with Colorist class from now on, including today's injustice; he meekly informed that Alstore's father invested various projects at school.
"There are various legends when you live long life. His father can object directly. Look, I have the signed written oath." (Rodwell/Vile)
I read the paper a paper-like document that was handed to me by Vile-sensei. It has long winded contents and Alstore's signature, which seems to be signed quickly. It looks like he was frustrated.
‘I am Alstore Elmeroy, I swear not to get involved with Colorist class from now on.’
‘Furthermore, in case if I breaks the vow, I will confess everything to my father, Lord Elmeroy, and I will accept any punishment, such as being dropped from the school for an indefinite period.
‘Alstore Elmeroy’
“…did you make this written oath?” (Sirius)
“I had to do something to this degree because he’s likely think of getting revenge. He reaped what he had sewn and it would be a good remedy for his actions this time.” (Rodwell/Vile)
Well, there is some truth in what headmasters says. He is the person who knows Alstore better than me. Since we were promised to not to be further involved with this, I am able to say that we were saved.
“His punishment ends here but to be honest, there is a more basic problem.” (Rodwell/Vile)
“Is there more?” (Sirius)
“Yes…In fact, it was the act of someone who influenced Alstore-kun to perform various acts of unfairness this time.” (Rodwell/Vile)
“…Is he Gregory-sensei?” (Sirius)
“As what you expect, that’s right.” (Rodwell/Vile)
During the time when Alstore lost consciousness and released [Flame Lance], Gregory clearly said to defeat us regardless of the risk to the students. After being a non-attribute is established, the public opinion of me will become unusually suspicious and it’s not even funny as trying to put me there on that spot.
“First of all, he made rules that favors the nobles, and when the appointed day arrive, Alstore-kun noticed the difference in number of people. In the beginning, it seems he had the right number of people because of a noble’s pride, but he was instigated by Gregory to accept that as it is.” (Rodwell/Vile)
It is a long lasting rumor where it is said that he likes to bully the weak and when trampling down with overwhelming violence.
“Furthermore, Gregory told a lie about you guys wearing strong armor. He had arranged the wooden swords too, and employed a mercenary with full body armor.” (Rodwell/Vile)
Did people hear about us wearing good protective armor or about those guys equipped with iron armor? When everything is heard like this, it’s clear that Gregory is the mastermind, but there doesn’t seem to be any sympathy for Alstore…
“However, those servants and mercenaries accept anything. To begin [Trade] with such standings, Alstore-kun is equally punishable. That written oath is a proper measures.” (Rodwell/Vile)
After all, Alstore was a fool as I expected.
“It’s understandable. So…how about Gregory-sensei?” (Sirius)
“…I am sorry. He is a man who is good at hiding evidence, he can’t be punished without finding important evidence.” (Rodwell/Vile)
According to the story, the rules discrepancy was allowed through the official documents and it says that the wooden swords were to be fetched from the warehouse.
Then, it appears that the mercenary was employed through adventurer guild’s to protect the important son of a noble. I imagine the mercenary is a dwarf. He wanted to apologize after realizing the real situation, it seems he’s repented as he is a very serious person.
Finally, the instigation about him telling a lie to Alstore was just word of mouth, and thus it can’t be seen as evidence. That was the reason why he couldn’t be punished.
“…Why does that person regard me as a hostile?” (Sirius)
“I don’t know. Hating a beastkin is a noble’s characteristics but he never talks about being colorless at all. Besides, do you want to initiate a conversation with him?” (Rodwell/Vile)
“I don’t think so.” (Sirius)
“I know, right?” (Rodwell/Vile)
Vile-sensei and I exchange glances and we both laughed unintentionally. No wait, although I go along laughing together, but is it okay for a chief executive of a school to do so?
“Because of this situation, we decided to put the shoulder to the wheel. From now on, since we will be monitoring him, if anything happens, please report it
immediately. And you can interfere if they become a hindrance to Sirius-kun.” (Rodwell/Vile) (ED Note: Put the shoulder to the wheel – “to work hard at something”, from
“Please treat me well.” (Sirius)
“Nevertheless, whatever you do…you may do it without reserve. I will permit that.” (Rodwell/Vile)
“Without reserve…is that right?” (Sirius)
“Yes, without reserve.” (Rodwell/Vile)
Once again, we laughed. This time, with evil smiles.
“…I feel like I may have antagonized a terrible person.” (Magna)
No one replies to the statement of Magna-sensei.

“Well then, in celebrating the transfer of Reese to Colorist class…” (Emilia)
“””Cheers!””” (Everyone)
That night, at the Diamond Cottage.
We are holding quite a party to celebrate the victory of [Trade]. The four members of the party are the siblings, Reese and I. We enjoyed various dishes that were put on the desk.
“Aniki, this meat is still raw you know?” (Reus)
“This dish is called Roast Beef. It’s a bit raw, but it is cooked thoroughly while going through fire.” (Sirius)
“It’s delicious! Is it alright to eat more?” (Reus)
“Please eat without reserve. Today’s achievement is without a doubt, because of Reus. You worked really hard!” (Sirius)
“Hooray! Aniki praised me!” (Reus)
Reus’ tension is reaching the climax. In contrast, Emilia’s expression was not good.
“I also…wanted to fight.” (Emilia)
That’s right, although I found that the servants weren’t counted in the number of participants, the battle ended without calling in Emilia. She was unusually sulky when she found about it after the toast. She was dissatisfied and had puffy cheeks while eating the Roast Beef silently .
“I’m sorry Emilia. Since I wanted you to keep our secrets, I don’t want any action other than magic to be seen.” (Sirius)
“But still…I wanted to be together.” (Emilia)
I didn't call out Emilia because I want to conceal cards on the table, but I have feeling there is no longer meaning behind such actions when her physical abilities were seen when she was able to jump from audience seat to in front of us. Oh well, what could possibly happen if that high jump is revealed? I have received permission from the Headmaster to repel all troublesome people when involved with strange things. If I do that properly, it should be fine.
However, although I have continuously pet her head since some time ago, her mood rather irreparable. It can't be helped, should I take out my trump card?
"Emilia, what do you think this is?" (Sirius)
"It is…a comb. Perhaps!?" (Emilia)
"That’s right. Yes, take out your tail." (Sirius)
"Yes!" (Emilia)
The dissatisfied face from a moment ago has disappeared. She delightfully held out her tail in front of me. I gently groom her bushy tail with the comb.
"Fufu…ufufu…ufufufu…" (Emilia)
The tail is an important thing for the beastkin, and they only allow it to be touched by the people they trust. I do this as a way to show affection that is usually done by family or lovers. It seems Emilia's mood is restored with this act of grooming.
This shouldn't be done during the meal but pardon me by putting those aside.
"How nice…Nee-chan." (Reus)
"Yours will be some other time." (Sirius)
Even though the tail grooming was done by only several minutes, Emilia is caressing her tail happily.
Seeing as she could die of happiness as it is, suddenly I meet Reese who is next to me. She was laughing a moment ago but now she has unusual firm look. Have you
decided on something? That is look of determination.
"Err…Sirius-kun." (Reese)
"What's wrong? Does the food not suit your taste?" (Sirius)
"That's not it! Roast Beef is very delicious." (Reese)
She ate the meat in a hurry while pointing at me, she shook her head while murmuring that it wasn't like that.
"Well, the meat is very delicious but that's not it. Actually…I have something to ask." (Reese)
"Why are you being humble?" (Sirius)
Reese is adjusting her posture and the siblings’ attentions are focused on something. After she makes an eye contact once with Emilia, she makes her mind and she opens her mouth.
"I…want to be your disciple please!" (Reese)
"Haa?" (Sirius)
What is she saying suddenly? When I look around, the siblings are nodding in satisfaction. What? Did they know already?
"Can I hear the reason?" (Sirius)
"Yes. I entered the school because my Tou-sama(Father) said so, and yet I don't have any goal. Passing the time by training magic without interest and hiding the fact that I can see spirits…I thought of that. However, I have decided when looking at Sirius-kun and Reus-kun today. Everyone looks like they want to help me, and I also want to help someone else eventually…that what I think." (Reese)
Talking entirely like a hero, a meaningful gaze had been directed to me.
"But I am weak. I totally don’t understand about how to treat spirit properly, and I have confidence with restoration magic. Therefore, I want to be strong. I do not want to stay behind everyone’s back but instead be able to line up to others, shoulder to shoulder.” (Reese) (TLN: like fighting together rather than being protected at the back) (ED Note: AKA frontline warrior as opposed to being the damsel in distress)
She finished speaking up to that point, she stared at me with prayer-like pose. We stared at each other for a while, staring seriously without turning away her gaze.
It’s not…a joke?
“My training is harsh. Even that Reus had nothing but to complaints at the beginning.” (Sirius)
“Stop it Aniki!” (Reus)
“I have heard from Emilia that it is a harsh training. I’m not sure when I will catch up with everyone but I will work hard. So, please!” (Reese)
I hope she’s not hitting her head on the table from bowing vigorously. Reese stared anxiously at the siblings, and they turn towards me next. What’s with that looks similar to abandoned puppy’s eye? Worrying to that extent…we really get along with her.
“Maybe I should utilize the matter of you being liked by spirit?” (Sirius)
“It’s alright if it’s Sirius-kun. I believe it is not a bad thing even if it is utilized.” (Reese)
That’s bad. I had no intention to make her do it but I wonder what she can do with it? Because of water spirit, the water magic is amplified, then such a thing like creating a tsunami is normal…you probably shouldn’t, huh… This has become another perfectly accepted way of thinking.
“Understood. I permit you to become my disciple.” (Sirius)
“Really!?” (Reese)
“Aa, but it’s really hard you know. Be resolute.” (Sirius)
“I’ll endure it! After this, please treat me well, Sirius-san!” (Reese)
“Why did you use ‘-san’? (Sirius) (ED Note: Mr. Sirius, or Formally, Mr. Sirius Teacher, LOL)
“Since I have become your disciple, and you are the senior figure, and because I feel that I would like to call differently.” (Reese)
“Well, I am younger, are you nine years old?” (Sirius)
“That’s true but I am in a position to be taught. Don’t mind about it, Sirius-san!” (Reese)
Yeah…I don’t get it but are you ok with that?
There is little doubt but with this, my disciple has increased by one person.
Her name is Reese.
She is liked by water spirits and she’s a kind girl.
I think that she will be strong enough to protect herself against the worst, if she honed her ability to see spirits.
While watching her and the siblings rejoice and hug, I was thinking up her new training menu.
Because she is good at magic instead of physical strenth, she will become unbalanced without a dedicated plan.
It’s been half a year since we went to the outside world, our life is going well.
“Well, Sirius-sama. There’s one more thing, will you comb my tail please?” (Emilia)
“It’s fine but afterwards, enter the bathroom and clean it.” (Sirius)
“It can’t be!” (Emilia)
“It’s a normal conversation!” (Sirius)
Oi Emilia…where are you heading?
(ED Note: I’m pretty sure that Emilia here is unhappy because “The tail is an important thing for the beastkin, and they only allow it to be touched by the people they trust. I do this as a way to show affection that is usually done by family or lovers.” Since Reus and Emilia are more like family, an outsider like Reese would play the role of a Lover of some sort probably. Please correct me if I’m wrong)


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