Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 72

When You Get Over It

— Emilia —
I was breathing and running in the world of darkness where everything was dyed black.
It was difficult to breath and I could collapse at anytime soon, but I looked forward and continued running.
Because Okaa-san and Otou-san were standing over there.
I wanted to see you.
I wanted to hear you.
I wanted to bite your shoulder again.
And yet… no matter how much I ran, I couldn't get close to Okaa-san and Otou-san.
I have to go to Okaa-san and Otou-san… quickly..
"Okaa-san, Otou-san, run awayyyyy!" (Emilia)
There was a big black monster appeared behind Okaa-san and Otou-san.
And that big mouth opened and about to eat my precious family.
"I won't let you! [Air Shot]" (Emilia)
The magic that I used as easy as breathing nowadays… didn't activate.
"Why!? [Air Shot] [Air Slash] [Air Impact]" (Emilia)
No matter how much I concentrated… no matter how much I shouted, the spells didn't activate.
I understood the reason as soon as I saw my hands.
"Why…?" (Emilia)
My body reverted to a child… back when the settlement was attacked.
I could cast spell after I met —sama.
I couldn't get over it… because I was just a kid… I couldn't do anything at that time…
"No… Stop…" (Emilia)
Even so, I ran… and ran… desperately extending my hand to my parents.
But, Okaa-san and Otou-san were smiling and walking towards the monster.
"… Emilia." (Rona)
Please run away!
After this… please don't say it!
"Live strongly. I love you…" (Rona)
At the end of those words, Okaa-san and Otou-san… by the monster…

"Again…?" (Emilia)
When I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my hands, I could see my growing hands, not child.
What I saw until a while ago… was a dream.
I kept seeing… that nightmare several times since that day.
I almost didn't dream about it since I was saved by Sirius-sama, but when I stepped on this continent, I began to see it again after we rescued Aery-san and Quad-kun.
When I saw a sight of a scared mother and her son, I instinctively remembered about that day. It was like every day after that. I kept having the nightmare where Okaa-san and Otou-san were eaten by monster.
When I woke up, it was always in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep after that because I got worked up. Because of that, I didn't get enough rest. Someday, I might do an irreversible mistake.
I became calm when I embraced the cushion with the smell of Sirius-sama, but the effect was gradually getting thinner. I had to cling on Reese who slept next to me since I couldn't calm myself yesterday. At that time, Reese gently hugged me. She stroked me until I calmed down, but I already had depended on her too many times.
After all…
I looked outside of the carriage so as not to wake the sleeping Reese, and I confirmed that Sirius-sama was sitting in front of burning firewood.
Hokuto-san always watches for the night, but Sirius-sama orders to make sure the watch must take turns. Although Sirius-sama who is our master doesn't have to do it, he properly includes himself for the watch, and he usually does it at the most difficult time.
On the contrary, Reese and I slept in the carriage. No matter how many times I told him that he didn't have to do it, he didn't listen. Erina-san said to him many times, for him to be more selfish.
But… because Sirius-sama is like that, I want to support him. And I happen to love him from the bottom of my heart.
Looking at that appearance of Sirius-sama made my sadness caused by the nightmare went away.
"…Can't you sleep?" (Sirius)
Even when I showed myself a little, Sirius-sama noticed me and looked back.
I quietly got out of the carriage and sat next to Sirius-sama. Hokuto-san, who was sleeping on my way to him, slightly opened his eyes, but he immediately closed it and turned to other direction.
Since he sounded like about to complaint, I leaned against Sirius-sama shoulder without saying anything.
It is something that an attendant shouldn't do without asking the permission of the master. If Erina-san looks at this, she will get angry. Although I am aware about it, I want… the kindness of Sirius-sama.
"Can you not sleep in such condition?" (Sirius)
I did something improper, but Sirius-sama put my head on his lap.
Sirius-sama's lap pillow! Aah… so happy.
…I am happy but why Sirius-sama not asking anything? While I had a doubt, Sirius-sama stroked my head with a smile.
"Isn't this weird when you haven't heard about anything?" Emilia)
In order to confirm that, I moved my head a bit.
"I know the reason why you cannot sleep. But, I don't plan to do anything about it. Got it?" (Sirius)
…Sirius-sama really understands me. I firmly looked at that face and nodded because he was looking at me with a slightly serious expression.
"It looks like you understand. Yes, you have to overcome the problem yourself. You probably don't want me to solve your problem, right?" (Sirius)
Yes… this is what I have to solve it on my own. I want to support Sirius-sama, and I don't want to rely on Sirius-sama for everything.
I know but I just want Sirius-sama to pamper me. Despite this, why you…
"…Are you not angry?" (Emilia)
"You mean being pampered? Do you want me to say something? I can if you want me to, but since you are aware about it, it is not necessary for me to be angry." (Sirius)
Sirius-sama gently stroked my head while reprimanding me with voices trying not to complaint.
"When you return home, you have to face your past, even if you don't like it. If you are tired at that time, you won't be able to do anything… and it will be meaningless." (Sirius)
What I am afraid is the shadow of the past. I was trying hard to run away from the problem. However, I do not know yet how the settlement after being attacked by monsters is. At that time, I wonder what I will become… if I see it with my own eyes.
But if I run away, Sirius-sama will surely feel disappointed at me. I don't want that.
"When you are tired, you will naturally think unpleasant things. That is why now the time is for you to rest to prepare for that time. I will lend my lap only for today." (Sirius)
"Thank you very much. But… is it only for today?" (Emilia)
"…I will think about it when you have overcome your problem." (Sirius)
"Promise. In order to support Sirius-sama… I will get over it…" (Emilia)
When I realized, the feelings of wanting to cry faded away and the only an endearing feelings remained.
I am an attendant and disciple for such a great person. In order to declare the feelings in my heart, I have to overcome the past.
But now… let's accept Sirius-sama's words.
I was wrapped by the smell of the person that I love, and I fell into a deep sleep.
— Sirius —
In addition to Garve, we left for the settlement of the silver wolf tribe to where the carriage was left behind.
Although we had to go through the forest to reach to the siblings' hometown, we would be able to approach by using the main road like when we escorted Aery-san.
"Hmm… it's a splendid carriage." (Garve)
"It is our house, Jii-chan. It is small for everyone to sleep, but it is comfortable." (Reus)
"But I'm not going to ride it." (Garve)
Since Garve also worshipped Hokuto, it was too much for him to get on the carriage that Hokuto pulled.
As we secured the carriage which was still in safe condition, we returned to the main road and began traveling to the sibling's hometown.
We were attacked by monsters and thieves on the main road, but they were being easily brought down by the combination of Garve and Reus. When fighting together, Garve's true nature was well expressed.
"Hey look, isn't that silver wolfkin on a trip? Although he is an old man, it seems likely to sell at a high price." (??)
"There is a brat, but there are women too, you know. I want to train them to call me master… buhhh!?" (??)
"Do you want to die, brat?" (Garve)
In short… he had no mercy except for his kin. Especially those people who aimed for Emilia, they were beaten about five times extra. He seemed trying to hide the affection towards them until he mourn for his son.
The journey went well while being amazed by Garve's behavior.
There was no particular problem on the first day, but during a break on the second day… it turned out that a little problem was occurring when I was preparing lunch.
Reese, who helped cooking next to me, looked around once, and then she talked to me when she confirmed that nobody was around.
"Sirius-san. Actually, Emilia is a bit…" (Reese)
"Aah. I was thinking to listen to it because she seemed not well. Can you tell me what happened?" (Sirius)
"Yes. In the middle of night…" (Reese)
Currently, there were only Reese and me around the carriage since Emilia and the rest headed out to pick up ingredients. Hokuto didn't care even if he heard it, so there was no problem.
It seemed she was suddenly hugged by Emilia when she was sleeping. It felt like they were having good relationship when I listened to her, but from Reese's perspective, her conditions appeared to be abnormal.
"Emilia was trembling a lot. She hugged me for quite some time, and she could only calm down after I stroked her back and head. She appeared couldn't sleep well until morning." (Reese)
"Did she mutter something like Okaa-san?" (Sirius)
"Yes, she was. Could she be…" (Reese)
"It is as what Reese thinks. Emilia is scared because she dreamt about the nightmare of her past." (Sirius)
Although it was a story of a few years ago, she was in that same situation for several days after I picked up the siblings and got along with me. Emilia occasionally remembered when she dreamed about the past. She was scared and she seemed slipped into Noel's or Elina's bed.
But after one year had passed, the dream that made her frightened was completely disappeared. She regained her original cheerfulness and she worked hard on training.
She was reverting back to the circumstances of the past. It might be when she was approaching her hometown, but the trigger was probably when we were helping Aery-san and her child.
"Have you heard about too? About what happened to Emilia's and Reus' parents?" (Sirius)
"Yes… and it was in front of her. I haven't seen Emilia to be frightened to that extent. If Sirius-san consoles her…" (Reese)
"Unfortunately, that is not possible." (Sirius)
Her parents was eaten in front of Emilia was her deepest trauma. Even though she could forget that pain, the wound still remained and didn't disappear.
Even if I console her, she would cry again when she remembers it. It's going to be repeating again.
She had less chance to deal with the past when she was a child… but now is different.
Emilia has reached an age commonly referred to as an adult by general public, with trained body and mind. And now she is returning to the place that is related to her. It is time to overcome the trauma with her own feet.
"Emilia has to get over it on her own. Otherwise, she will continue to be frightened because of nightmares, no matter how many times." (Sirius)
"Is…that so? I wish I could do something." (Reese)
"Fortunately, she is aware of it. She was being pampered not to the point of relying on us, and she need to rest her mind and body properly." (Sirius)
Although Emilia came to me, there was also Erina's teaching of not to depend on me. Because of that, I casually advised her that it would be best to maintain physical fitness in order to calmly confront the trauma.
When Reese heard about me moderately pampering her, she was laughing as if she was misunderstood.
"Ahahaha… what shall I do? Emilia trembling was somewhat cute, I spoiled her yesterday." (Reese)
"Aah… Sorry about that Reese. It will be fine to observe the situation today. But, it seemed better if Reese pampers her. She is reverting to like a baby, isn't she?" (Sirius)
"Sirius-san also can pamper her, you know?" (Reese)
"I will rely on you sometime." (Sirius)
"Eh!? Y-yes. Anytime… I will be waiting for you." (Reese)
Reese probably didn't think such a reply would be returned, she was smiling while being surprised.
By the way, even though I said about child retrogression, it was actually not a joke and I was half serious. She is called as a saintess. Although she is not equal in term of Elina's, she has the capacity to reassure people with her smile.
If she kept pampering her, it won't be good for the other person. I also had to be careful.
"It is severe but I want Reese to bear it too. And, if you feel that I am saying something strange, feel free to say something. Because I might make a mistake." (Sirius)
"If you care about Emilia until that far, I have nothing to say. Besides, it is not a mistake for someone who says that." (Reese)
"Thank you. Perhaps even today Emilia may suffer, and if that is happening, please take care of her." (Sirius)
"No, I think that child will go to Sirius-san more than I am today." (Reese)
Reese had a mischievous smile when she wished me for the best.
And she was right on the mark.

Like when we headed for Aery-san's settlement, we departed from the main road, led by Garve. We went to a place where the carriage could enter and made a camp.
Then we ate dinner and decided the order of the watch as usual and went to sleep. Later, it seemed my turn came when Garve woke me up.
My watching time was in the middle from overall list, and it was also the most difficult time. But, I was the best candidate to activate spells and recover in short time, including sleepless night. The sibling said that I didn't have to watch over, but I didn't plan to listen to them because I thought that I am not qualified to be called as their teacher if I skip this task. Besides, it was an important times for the siblings, so I had to reduce their burden as much as possible.
As I shook off the sleepiness, I folded the blanket and drank water. Garve appeared to praise me while narrowing his eyes when we were passing each other.
"…You really change, huh?" (Garve)
"Well, I just live the way I want to live." (Sirius)
"Heh… those kids, they were lucky to meet you." (Garve)
Garve slept in a place slightly away from the firewood. After I confirmed that Reus slept nearby, I sat in front of the kindling fire and threw firewood.
When I was about to extend my hand to brush Hokuto's head, who sat down near me and became a backrest from some time ago, I felt a presence. When I looked back, Emilia was looking from the carriage.
As expected, she couldn't sleep after all. She sat beside me without saying anything. She, then, clung on my shoulder with a look that was about to cry at any moment.
Although she was being like a spoiled child at me, she never showed it in front of others, especially Reus. Even though Reus and Garve were sleeping a little away, this behavior was not like Emilia's. It was a proof which she was shaken.
I won't say anything from discussion earlier, but I guessed it was fine for her to cling on me after waking up from nightmare. It was just as Reese said.
At this kind of time, if it was Erina or Noel… it would be a lap pillow. Because of that, when I brushed Emilia's head that was on my lap, she was visibly calmed down.
"… Are you not angry?" (Emilia)
She was scared but she still asked about it. I would complaint if I am angry. Since she realized about it, I shouldn't be angry.
After telling me what to tell, Emilia was quietly sleeping. This will allow her to get minimum rest, and she probably would be fine tomorrow. There was no need to worry about Emilia would get cold because Hokuto put his tail as the blanket.
Emilia was suffering so much, unlike Reus, who was sleeping like a normal person.
It didn't mean that Reus had no feelings. In his case, it was probably because of his personality. He also didn't see the moment when his parents were eaten, and he probably regarded Erina as his second parent. In the case of Emilia, rather than a parent, she is an attendant for a master.
It's just that… it was certainly was not normal. She is unusually sensitive to monsters. Although it was not as much as Garve, there were many occasions where she attacked monsters beyond necessity. I managed it somehow with 'House' command, but when I think about it, I had to think about method to forcibly stop her with [String] soon.
And that Garve, he was watching this secretly while pretending to be asleep. However, he seemed to understand that he shouldn't speak out, so he closed his eyes without saying anything. It appeared that he let me to take care the things about Emilia.
Although I'm a bit worry about the future, we have no choice other than heading towards their hometown.
And now, I am just watching over a child who sleeps on my lap, trying to overcome the past.

In the morning, we hid the carriage again and we headed out.
According to Garve, we were likely to reach the settlement before noon if we were moving with the present speed. There was a small valley on the way. Unlike the one on the way to Garve's settlement, we went through it without any problem.
However… the situation had suddenly changed beyond the big river. The number of monsters had started to abnormally increase.
Until we came here, I barely noticed monsters attacking us due to Hokuto's intimidation, but they came to attack more frequent after crossing the river.
"Take care, the number of monsters will increase from now on! Let's do it!" (Garve)
"Leave it to me, Jii-chan!" (Reus)
"I'm going too!" (Emilia)
The monsters appeared every time we walked not even too far, but since they were knocked down by the silver wolfkin family, there was almost no case that our progress halted. Although it was unworthy, we decided to ignore every monster's drops except for the rare ones. It was because there was no monster appearing one after another while ripping the material.
While seeing the whole picture, I gave instructions. And I shot monsters with [Magnum].
"Emilia, Reus, step back! Hokuto and I will take over." (Sirius)
"Eh? We still can fight, you know!" (Reus)
"Yes, we still…" (Emilia)
"Did you think that I didn't realize that your breathing is starting to get disturbed? Step back and take a break." (Sirius)
Since Garve seemed to be fine, I ordered the siblings to stay back and went ahead with Hokuto. Nevertheless, rather than Reus, it was a bit unusual for Emilia to grandly went ahead on her own compared to her normal assault method.
While confirming the siblings who received a drink from Reese, I swung my sword against the approaching monsters.
When Hokuto and Garve's fist gave away the last monster and almost annihilated the enemies, Garve was frowning while muttering alone.
"… That's weird." (Garve)
"What do you mean? It is going well so far, but tell me if you have something in mind." (Sirius)
"The number of monsters is too few. If I compare it to the present, there were few times more monsters were attacking when I came here before." (Garve)
"Wouldn't the number decreased since Jii-chan knocked them down? Maybe they are running away…" (Reus)
"Shall I thoroughly check it?" (Sirius)
As I closed my eyes, I invoked a slightly more precise [Search] to confirm the response of the monsters from here and there, but I could hardly see more flocks than before.
I didn't think the number was small, but with that number, it wasn't something that made the attempt by the silver wolf tribe, including Garve, to be abandoned.
"Garve was right… the number of monsters is not that many. There will be no problem if things keep on like this." (Sirius)
"Is that so? I am a bit concern, but if you say so, let's proceed." (Garve)
Looking from aside, my [Search] spell that detect magic response is a spell that can't be seen with eyes, and it does look suspicious. However, Garve started walking without questioning anything. I was saved since Garve unconditionally trusted me, maybe it was because we had a match once.
Proceeding through the forest while plucking the vines and branches growing thick, Emilia, who stayed at the rear and was taking a break, came close to Garve and called him out.
"Ojii-chan, how far is the settlement?" (Emilia)
"Just a bit more. We will reach the settlement once we leave this place." (Garve)
As what Garve said, when we walk passed a big trees, the trees there were cut as if the forest was cleared, and we reached the remains of the settlement where people once lived.
I didn't feel any sign of people in this abandoned settlement.
After so long, the siblings were finally…
"… We have returned, right?" (Emilia)
"Yeah. Jii-chan, our house… is gone." (Reus)
The hometown where the siblings were finally returned… was completely destroyed.
Most of the houses were destroyed but there were some original shapes remained where abundant weeds and vines grown.
Tears overflowed from the siblings' eyes who were staring at the hometown that had completely changed from the time they lived.
"… I'm sorry. I can't do anything… but let me grieve together." (Reese)
"Reese…" (Emilia)
"Reese-nee…" (Reus)
Unable to bear it any longer like those siblings, Reese was crying while embracing them. As someone who they thought as their family, the siblings accepting her gentleness of grieving and they all crying together.
"Finally… I reached this far. Felios… you were here, right?" (Garve)
Garved walked to the place where it seemed to be a place. He then sat down and lowered his head. He also needed to arrange his mind, so I should leave him for a while.
Everyone seemed to need a bit of time to settle down, but this place was not a safe place. I stroked Hokuto before giving him instructions.
"I depend on you, Hokuto." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto barked as if saying to leave things to him, he kicked the ground and jumped into the surrounding forest. I instructed Hokuto to deal with the nearby monsters, and leave markings to prevent them from getting closer.
And what I could do now was to eliminate any hindrance that could disturb those who were mourning for the deceased. The monsters that were approaching before they were dealt by Hokuto, were secretly shot by [Magnum].
I also should grieve together with the disciples, but somebody needed to take care the surroundings.
"…Sorry." (Sirius)
If it is such a miserable situation… I'm already used to it.
Compared to the mountains of dead bodies that I had seen over and over again on the battlefields of the previous life, there were no dead bodies left at the moment… even though it was a realistic impression, priority must be given to own safety, rather than that. It is a habit acquired in order to survive, and I can't fix it by any means.
'That is why I can't grieve together with you guys', that mutters leaked from such emotions.
And then, I shouted… at the moment when I activated [Search] and Hokuto exterminated the surrounding monsters on his own.
"Ready for battle!" (Sirius)
Whether it was a result of training, the disciples who were crying wiped away tears and held weapons in hands. Before I shouted, Garve already prepared his posture, and he was staring at the direction where there was a reaction.
"Sirius-sama! Is it a monster!?" (Emilia)
"Yes, it's coming!" (Sirius)
With my voice as a signal, Hokuto jumped out like a bullet from between trees and landed in front of us, he was glaring and groaning at the forest.
Along with earth trembling, it made its appearance while knocking down trees of the forest.
"What the heck is that!? There was no such monster when I last came!" (Garve)
"Do you know it, Aniki!?" (Reus)
"If I'm not mistaken… that is Dyna Rhodia." (Sirius) (TLN: The name in raw is ダイナローディア)
It was a subspecies of a dragon with strong legs that could run at high speed on the ground, but unable to fly in the sky.
It looked similar to the Tyrant species seen in the previous life, but its body size was several times bigger than Hokuto. The legs supporting the huge body were abnormally developed, and long nails were extended from its thick arms. There were countless sharp fang on its huge jaw that could easily swallow and chew a human with one bite.
Such a huge monster were looking at us and loudly roared, getting ready to attack.
"Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
That roar would be powerful enough to intimidate intermediate adventurers, but Hokuto offset it with a howl at the same time.
Although Hokuto might be able to fight alone with the monster, I told him not to force himself. He was faithfully on guard and lured the monster here.
Besides, even if his howl couldn't prevent it, we didn't train to be faltered at this degree.
"Tactical Alpha! Pay close attention!" (Sirius)
"Understood, Aniki! Jii-chan, I am from the left!" (Reus)
"Uhmm, I take the right." (Garve)
"I can do [Aqua Pillar] anytime!" (Reese)
Tactical Alpha is a basic formation for us, which Reus and Hokuto become the vanguard while the rest give supports. Besides replacing the role of the siblings and Hokuto, there are other kind of formation such as Bravo and others.
And then, when the vanguards tried to attack with the usual formation…
"No…. nooooooo—-!?" (Emilia)
…For a moment, I didn't who was that.
When I turned around, Emilia had a pale face. She was scared, holding her head down and crying.
Reese immediately approached and shook Emilia's shoulder, but her cry didn't stop.
"What happened, Emilia!? Hey, what's wrong!?" (Reese)
"Noooo! Stop! Don't go, Okaa-san!" (Emilia)
I quickly understood when she shouted her mother.
When I thought about it, it wasn't surprising for that monster that attacked her parents stayed around.
In other words, this Dyna Rhodia was…
"Reus! Garve! That monster is the monster that attacked Felios and Rona!" (Sirius)
I was convinced that it was one of the monsters that attacked the settlement, and ate their parents in front of her.
When the old man and his grandchildren knew the enemy of their family, they clenched their fists and glared at the monster while releasing overflowing bloodlust.
"This guy did that to Tou-chan and Kaa-chan…" (Reus)
"Was that… you bastard…!?" (Garve)
Having an obvious murderous intent, they both rushed at Dyna Rhodia.
I thought that they would attack from the front since they were angry, but they were calmer than I thought. They separated to the left and right and attacked from both sides of the monster at the same time.
The Dyna Rhodia displayed a momentary moment, turned its face to target Reus who was approaching slightly earlier. At that instant, Garve's speed dramatically accelerated.
"The enemy of my son!" (Garve)
Garve's fist hit the side of its face, and Dyna Rhodia's head was greatly shaken. Through that gap, Reus slip into its chest, he swung the greatsword aiming at the neck and the torso.
"Arrghh!" (Reus)
Reus' greatsword slashed the monster's skin, but the force was lost to the extent that the sword was sunk into its skin, and the sword was stopped while being buried in its body.
Reus was surprised and he immediately tried to pull the greatsword, but it was completely locked. The monster regained its posture at that time. And then, it swung its nail aiming at Reus who was trying to pull out his sword.
"Like I'm going to let you do that!" (Garve)
Garve went around and released and uppercut at the monster's arm to deviate the trajectory. In the meantime, I shouted after I stretched my [String] and wrapped around the greatsword.
"Pull at the same time, Reus!" (Sirius)
"Thanks, Aniki! Ready, set!" (Reus)
Pulling the [String] together with Hokuto, the sword was released with the power of two people and an animal. As we kept pulling while making Reus to go away from the monster at the same time, I fired off a handmade throwing knife.
The knife stabbed into the monster's eye and it was sunk in. The monster roared again while shedding blood from the eye.
Since Hokuto stood in front of Emilia and Reese in order to protect them, the roar wasn't offset this time and it hit us. Reus and I stopped attacking and defended against the roaring which was like a shockwave, but there was one who still hadn't got away from the monster and hadn't finished attacking.
By the time the monster noticed an enormous mana and bloodlust felt from its feet, Garve's special move was on the verge of being released.
"Take this!" (Garve)
When Garve's special move [Wolf Fang] struck the monster's belly, its large body which appeared to be several tons was blown away while knocking down the trees in the forest.
However, although the Dyna Rhodia had a blow that threw him outside of the settlement, it slowly stood up.
"Impudent…" (Garve)
"Step back, Garve! Let's go Hokuto!" (Sirius)
I wanted Emilia to participate in the attack to overcome the trauma, but it was impossible because she was still crying even now. I was somehow wanted to re-coordinate the assault but since I wasn't sure why Reus' and Garve's attacks went through, I didn't think I will head out.
At the same time when I pointed my hand to release [Anti Materiel] and Hokuto made a loud howl, the Dyna Rhodia suddenly turned its legs and ran into the depths of the forest.
""I'm not going to let you run away!"" (Reus/Garve)
"'House'!" (Sirius)
Reus and Garve rushed out in order to chase the runaway monster, but I forcibly tied them up with [String] while giving them order.
"Wh-what are you doing, Sirius!? I'm going to kill it!" (Garve)
"Release me, Aniki! The enemy of Tou-chan and Kaa-chan is running away!" (Reus)
"Calm down! Your attacks didn't really work, you know!" (Sirius)
""Uuh!?"" (Reus/Garve)
It easily received the Garve's killer technique, and held Reus' sword even when it was cut until the point it didn't come out, so there was no doubt there was some secret on the monster's body.
Dyna Rhodia is a considerably rare monster, so there is little information about it. What I know about Dyna Rhodia is its ecology, its strength matches its large body, but I don't know that weapons won't really have effects on its body. Although there was a way to defeat it according to a certain book, the method was to hit it with massive continuous long range spells… the information wasn't very helpful.
And because of Hokuto and my intervention, it understood the handicap and that established the theory. It was a troublesome monster in various ways, but I was grateful that he pulled away before inflicting any damage.
As the two regained their composure while being tied up, I decided to ask their opinion since they were directly fighting the monster.
"Have both of you calmed down? I would like to know what you think when fighting the monster." (Sirius)
"Uhmm… yeah. My Wolf Fang was definitely hit it, but it felt strange. Although I hit at one point, I felt the impact spread throughout its body." (Garve)
"I also didn't feel too much when I slash its flesh. The sword caved in and some unknown force pushed it back. As if its whole body seems to be alive… sorry, I'm not sure how to explain it." (Reus)
"No… I understood it somehow." (Sirius)
Summarizing their opinions, it spread the impact received to the whole body and resist weapons trying to penetrate the body. In short, the blow from Garve's battle style was fatally incompatible. Their attack didn't have any effect. Reus's father, Felios, who was strong enough like Garve also lost.
Although Reus' sword managed to slice it a little, apparently its flesh enveloped and resisted the sword. I was not sure whether the monster did that consciously or unconsciously, but it was like a lump or rubber or something.
As for the countermeasure it will be either stabbing with sharp pointed weapon such like a spear, or slash the body quicker than it can respond, I think?
The [Magnum] is unreliable but it seems I can do it with [Anti Materiel].
But… there is no point if I kill that monster.
Therefore, Hokuto and I were trying to support without helping them too much, but their attacks didn't get through. Plus, there was a child who should fight against Dyna Rhodia but she couldn't do it.
"Sirius-san, Emilia is…" (Reese)
"I know it. Are you alright, Emilia?" (Sirius)
"Ah… Aah…
When I turned around, Emilia was crumbled down and consoled with a shoulder embraced by Reese.
I approached those two and bend down in front of Emilia. When I matched her eyes, she slowly raised her head. It was confirmed that she was depressed with tears on her face.
"Okaa-san… Otou-san… that monster… ah… ahhhh…. Nooo…" (Emilia)
I anticipated that she would be like this because of her hometown, but the problem was a monster.
It would be fine if the monster had already died, and if it was still remain alive, I planned to let Emilia do the last blow after secretly weakening it.
But… I didn't expect that we would encounter the monster that attacks her parents so soon.
I won't blame Hokuto for leading the monster. It was because Hokuto took the most suitable action.
Emilia jumped into my chest like a child asked for her parents, and she kept hugging while shedding tears.
"Sirius-sama… Sirius-sama…" (Emilia)
I barely understood her, but it would be tough to fight monster in such a condition. It wasn't a condition where she could fight very well even if she could think normally.
But… Emilia repeatedly said that she wanted to support me.
And if she wants me to regard her as a disciple, I want her to overcome the past on her own and live with confidence.
It seems the time has come for her to make her own decision.

Presenting Hokuto
(I'm sorry, but Hokuto is busy with markings his territory, so I will take a day off. However, please enjoy the images since I took photos where Hokuto does his markings.) (News presenter)
※ Please potray the images in your mind.
Scratch… scratch…
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Warning… people who can't portray are not up to Hokuto's level.
(I'm going) (News presenter)


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