Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 161

Chapter 161 For the Sake of Those to Protect
Synopsis of the previous chapter.
By the way… I, Noel, am called the featured wife of Elina’s Dining Hall, and I will report this.
Eh… this doesn’t related to the main story? I haven’t heard of that.
Since there is a time limit, I will explain briefly.
Sirius-sama and others had arrived at Sandor which was said to be the largest country in the world.
They were invited to Sandor’s castle and met with Reese-chan’s older sister.
However, the current king fell down due to illness, and because of that, the was a strife to decide who would be the next successor–… uhmm, Dear. I wonder how do you read this.
“…It’s restless.” (Dee)
Yeah, the situation was restless.
It’s not that I don’t know the word, but I just forget a bit–…
“Hey, come here fast! You are the one who says there is no time!” (Nokia)
Hmm… err, it seemed that the restless atmosphere was drifting due to succession fighting.
Then, Sirius-sama was asked to assassinate General Fort, an important person of the country, by Zilard, who was called the hero of the same country.
What was Sirius-sama’s answer!?
Phew… well, anyway, it is enough to remember that Sirius-sama was asked to assassinate an important person.
The review is perfect with this.
But, it hasn’t ended yet, you know?
Let me tell you more important information.
Actually… the rice bowl dishes that I don’t cook has been put on the menu of Elina’s Dining Hall since last month.
They are called… [Noel Donburi]!
There are Katsudon, Gyuudon and the ultimate meat rice bowl dish with a balanced distribution is Oyakodon!
If you add a copper coin, they will get salad with the dish. So the nutritional balance is perfect!
There is no doubt that… the storm of meat will captivate you!
Please try it when you visit Elina’s Dining Hall.
Yup… that’s perfect.
I didn’t think I had such a talent for advertisement.
There was a lot time left for good execution, so should I talk about how wonderful Dee-san was–… eh?
Sirius-sama, what were you doing in such a place?
Eh… wait a sec? What is that had?
It’s completely like an Iron Claw–… eh!?
Don’t advertise it without permission?
But I had plenty of time and I was doing it properly–… aah!?

“Would you please remove… General Fort who plans to bring revolution secretly?” (Zilard)
I didn’t expect he called me to request for assassination. I was thinking how could he ask someone after meeting for only two days, but Zilard was someone called God’s Eyes in this country, so I guessed it was possible to know I could kill Fort. But, a revolution… was a very strange talk. Before I could agree or not, I should inquire about the situation since he was asking such a request.
“I want to ask some questions. What is his reason to bring a revolution? I would like you to tell me what is the basis and how did you end up with such a conclusion.” (Sirius)
I found that Jii-san seemed to be a stubborn man, but even if he was tough against Julia, he was also a relatively honest man. He could be seen as a man who devoted his loyalty for the sake of the country, so I didn’t think he would bring a revolution.
“How should I say this? He glorifies the Sandor of the past, and… he doesn’t seem to bear to see Sandor which to him is corrupted now.” (Zilard)
“So, he wants to bring revolution, is it?” (Sirius)
“Yes. After purging all corrupted people and stand at the top of the country by the revolution, he would disappear after handing over the throne to Julia-sama.” (Zilard)
To sacrifice oneself to purge the pus of the country… huh? I didn’t think that was the correct way. So, even though it could be said to be forceful, if the current Sandor didn’t have such the preparedness, they might not be able to change.
“…Regardless of his appearance, don’t you think he has reasons just because he seriously think about Sandor? And don’t you think that it is too much to sacrifice own life for this?” (Sirius)
“It’s because the target of the purge is Sanger-sama.” (Zilard)
Despite being the eldest son of the king, Fort seemed to judge that the country couldn’t be entrusted to Sanger who had been made fools by the foolish people. More than anything, Fort only accepted Julia for the next throne. Since it was troublesome that Sanger was there, Zilard heard that they were planning to remove Sanger together.
“If they pose danger to Sanger-sama, this will be the only option I choose. After all, dirty works are something I do as well.” (Zilard)
“So, he is a loyal person. If that’s the case, I think you guys should do it rather than entrusting the matter to an outsider like me.” (Sirius)
“We really want to do it by our own hands, but it is impossible for us. It is different when it comes to a battle where I lead armies, and General Fort’s might is far above mine.” (Zilard)
The man took Reus and Julia’s swords easily even though the swords were wooden swords. If they wanted to take down such a powerful people secretly, they must prepare appropriate strategies and personnel. If they failed and the fact that they were aiming for Fort was known, the responsibility would naturally fall to him and Sanger, and it was certain that the path to be a king would be far away.
“Luca and I are already suspected by him, so he would raise vigilance if we come closer. Plus, Hilgan, who favors to fight directly, is not suitable for assassination. In other words, the person who General Fort doesn’t care at his surroundings is no others but you, Sirius-sama.” (Zilard)
“I don’t mind your evaluation on my abilities, but aren’t you overestimating me?” (Sirius)
“You are being humble. The facts that you aren’t only good at the Fighting Festival, but also behind the scenes are something that secretly being handed over to me. Whatever I do, we shouldn’t turn you to be an enemy… right?” (Zilard)
It became noticeable in many ways. After all, I was involved with the underground to obtain information and removed troublesome people. It wasn’t strange for the fact of my abilities was known, but…
“Would you accept my request? I will prepare everything as long as we can.” (Zilard)
Before I gave my reply, Zilard came down from the chair, putting both knees on the floor and lowered his head. He understood well my abilities. I thought that his devotion was admirable since he lowered his head without caring about appearance or shame for the sake of his master. I didn’t dislike this uprightness, but…
“I’m sorry but I will have to refuse.” (Sirius)
I understood all of these well, but it was too dangerous to bring down an important person of a country. This wasn’t about being succeeded or not. If something happened and Sanger was put in a disadvantageous situation, this man would calmly remove me. That was something I understood well. I might consider a little if this wasn’t an assassination but a capture. However, I had been avoiding from stepping into the dark side of this country until now.
“Are you sure…?” (Zilard)
“Yes. I have no reason to help you now.” (Sirius)
To be honest, I couldn’t believe that this was enough to involve my family and disciples. The problem was… what was Zilard’s planning? If this man was called a hero, he should understand that he was highly likely to be refused and the danger involved by having such a talk. From the start, this served no purpose. Perhaps, it was a circumstance that didn’t matter so far, but for some reason, I had bad feeling. I quietly raised up vigilance, and then, Zilard lifted his face as he sighed deeply.
“I’ve been expecting this. In that case, it can’t be helped.” (Zilard)
“…What are you going to do?” (Sirius)
“I can’t miss this opportunity. I don’t really want to do this, but…” (Zilard)
Together with those profound words, Zilard slowly got up and hit the floor with the tip of the cane he held in a hand. Then, I noticed that someone was approaching this room. This presence… it wasn’t his master, Sanger, nor his companions, Luca or Hilgan. I was wondering if he was calling his companions and intend to for me, but I couldn’t feel any bloodlust, and the approaching presence was only a person. The one who appeared together with mild knocks on the door was…
“Are you calling me, Zilard-sama?” (??)
It was a beautiful female Elf who was wearing a thin cloth like negligee. The conjecture on her age based on Elves’ appearance was difficult to understand but I would say that she was a bit younger than Fia. Her eyes that looked to the surroundings was similar to Silver Wolfkin siblings rather than Fia.
Did he plan to use that woman’s charm to gain my help? However, her appearance was strange enough to the point I instantly deny that was the purpose. The reasons was her eyes were empty as if she would collapse at any time. Through the gaps of the cloth, I could see her skin with painful bruises and scars.
“…What did you do to this woman?” (Sirius)
“It was Hilgan, not me. That guy usually acts on instinct, so sometimes he treats women violently.” (Zilard)
“That is one thing, but what I want to ask is why I can’t feel the will of this woman?” (Sirius)
The woman was at least not a slave because I couldn’t find anything such as a slavery collar. However, far from calling Zilard, her appearance was looking straight at the empty space. She was completely like a puppet. I stared and asked for more answers, but Zilard continued to speak indifferently.
“That is natural, you know. Her heart is already broken.” (Zilard)
“Did you use medicine as well?” (Sirius)
“…It was an accident happened because of my carelessness. She has already become a puppet and can’t hear anything but my orders.” (Zilard)
As Zilard said so, I couldn’t see a sense of lust from Zilard’s expression. Rather, he was displaying a vexing face. At least, it didn’t seem that he laid his hands on her, but…
“If Luca does research on dragons, I have been researching plants. Besides, the Elves is also called as forest people… so, during the time I examined this girl, I noticed that the body of the Elves had portions similar to plants.” (Zilard)
According to Shishou, who was also the sacred tree, the descendant of Elder Elves who were born from the sacred tree was the Elves. Therefore, it might be natural that parts of plants remained. The main point was the level of the treatment by magic in this world was low, but did this man come up with such a conclusion by researching up to cell level? As I expected, he wasn’t an ordinary person.
“When I put some medicine mixed with my own blood into the Elf’s body, I found out that I could freely control her by snatching her will. Just like how she stands there.” (Zilard)
“Could it be…” (Sirius)
“It is according to Sirius-sama’s imagination. Last night, I mixed my blood with the wine that everyone’s drink. You don’t have to worry because it is totally harmless to human.” (Zilard)
Even for the elves, it was a medicine that our body knows and it isn’t harmful. However, it was something that slowly eroded the body and snatched will. Nevertheless, that didn’t mean he was aiming the Elves only. There was also a possibility that he was telling a lie, but was it difficult to determine that by examining Fia if I did it now? Zilard sat on a chair and kept talking at my frowning face in order to deal additional blow.
“Now… I heard your wife, Shimifia-san, hasn’t been feeling well since this morning, but do you know the cause?” (Zilard)
“…It’s just a hangover.” (Sirius)
“Are you sure? Other than headaches, does she have symptoms like the movement of fingertips becoming numb and difficult, or wanting to drink a lot of water?” (Zilard)
He was right. There were other symptoms other than hangover were seen. I didn’t say anything, but Zilard had noticed that I made a difficult face.
“If possible, I didn’t want to use this method. I will accept any resentment and dishonor, but I still have the obligation to make Sanger-sama to be the king.” (Zilard)
“Stop with the tedious talk. So, you want me to take down General Fort, is it?” (Sirius)
“Indeed, I am. Fortunately, the kings will only return tomorrow.” (Zilard)
The drill performed at the front line base was delayed more than expected. I also heard that Albert, Maria, the Beast King and Reese’s father would only return tomorrow which was why I knew that now was the best time since the vigilance became harder when the kings returned.
“I assure Shimifia-san’s safety if you fulfill this request.” (Zilard)
“That mean… you have a way to save Fia?” (Sirius)
“Of course, I do. If I don’t have it, I won’t be able to negotiate this with you.” (Zilard)
This was no longer negotiation, but rather a threat. However, such a logic didn’t matter. Then, Zilard took out a small container from his pocket that filled with green liquid since I had agreed to help him.
“The symptoms can be neutralized within two days by consuming this medicine. Well, Shimifia-san still has time.” (Zilard)
I also thought of forcibly taking the medicine, but I assumed he had already anticipated that since he understood my abilities. It was too dangerous to look down on him, so I decided his bluff was true to avoid circumstances that couldn’t be repaired. After all, it was a matter of Fia.
“…Those are promising words. However, if you have such a medicine, why didn’t you use it for her?” (Sirius)
“When this medicine had been completed, it was already too late. To put it simply, she became a sacrifice in order to create this medicine.” (Zilard)
“You mean that’s the medicine, yes?” (Sirius)
“No, this is not the real thing. It would be meaningless to take it by force. As I said earlier, there is no one but me who knows how to make this medicine. It can be completed by tonight if I make it now. So, it should be enough if you bring him down before the day’s over, you know?” (Zilard)
The tone was polite, but it seemed he was doing it so that I wouldn’t be able to think normal by pushing me to the corner. On top of being clever, he was using the moral obligation for his master. What a very troublesome person. I would like to blow his head right as it was, but I couldn’t do it except to obey for now since Fia was taken hostage.
“…Fine. I will take care of him today.” (Sirius)
“I thought you would say so. General Fort is strong, so proper preparation–…” (Zilard)
“No matter what kinds of opponents are, they will always have openings. Don’t worry uselessly, just prepare the medicine quickly.” (Sirius)
I was already holding my stomach. Later, I could only do work that was close to perfection in order to reduce harm to me and my companions. There was nothing I could do here more than this. Then, I came closer to the female Elf who stood in daze nearby.
“It’s pointless to say anything. She will not hear anything other than my voice.” (Zilard)
“How… did she got here?” (Sirius)
“I rescued her from a slave merchant who had been doing crimes in the past. I received her cooperation and explained the circumstances of the experiments, but I broke her mind by an unexpected accident.” (Zilard)
Since she didn’t say that herself, I wouldn’t be sure that she had really given cooperation. At the moment, it was already impossible for her to regain her will… that was it. I understood by the result through [Scan] which I did stealthily. While suppressing displeasure boiling up inside, I advised Zilard before leaving the room.
“I’ll start preparing from now, but don’t make unnecessary movements. I will eliminate those who disturb my work without hesitation even if they are your companions.” (Sirius)
“I understand that, of course. I will not expose in case of failure since this is our intervention.” (Zilard)
In such cases, I would probably be monitored by something, but it seemed he understood what would happened if he unnecessarily intervene. Other than that, he was likely to say nothing if this situation went to public. So, it was convenient if he didn’t interfere.
“Is there anything you need? I will prepare anything if you want.” (Zilard)
“…In that case, do you have poison? Something powerful and can work fast.” (Sirius)
“Use this.” (Zilard)
The thing that he took out from the pocket while saying so was the container he showed earlier.
“This is poison I made. If you put this inside a body, the whole body would be numb in a short time. It’s an excellent thing to take away life as if you are sleeping.” (Zilard)
“You were saying this thing a medicine.” (Sirius)
“Does it really matter if it is a medicine or poison?” (Zilard)
He was a cunning person, so I guessed it was impossible to make him talked. I received the container in silence. Then, I turned around and opened the door of the room.
“I will come to report when the night comes. Prepare the promised item and wait here.” (Sirius)
“I’ll be waiting.” (Zilard)
I left the place without looking at Zilard who was deeply lowering his head.

After that, I came back to our room and told everyone to pack their luggage. We came to the cabin where we parked our carriage. Hokuto was quietly lying down near the carriage, but when he saw me, he came closer while wagging his tail.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“There, there. I’m sorry, but I have a lot of things to do today. I will brush you later, alright.” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“Hokuto-san. Sirius-sama also hasn’t done that to me today, so let us endure it together.” (Emilia)
As I comforted both Emilia and Hokuto, I continued preparing strategies based on the information I had at the present moment. To be frank, I hadn’t talked to anyone yet about Fia was taken hostage. If it was the usual, I would explain to every and I probably should think about countermeasures, but other than being asked to assassinate, cautious actions are required. I didn’t know where they were listening us from, but I wanted to hide my cards for now.
I stroked Hoktuo’s head and Emilia who seemed sad with her tail hanging down. When searching for necessary items from the carriage and packed it in a bag, Emilia, who was helping nearby, asked me seriously.
“Sirius-sama. Did… something happened?” (Emilia)
“Hmm, what do you mean?” (Sirius)
“Well… after you got called by that person, I can feel that you have made your mind somehow.” (Emilia)
As I usual, I wasn’t surprised by Emilia’s observing eyes. I completely suppressed the disturbed feeling on the surface, but it seemed that she noticed a slight sense of incongruity.
“…I can’t say in detail, but it is quite complicated. And I’m also in hurry.” (Sirius)
“Understood. Is there anything we can do for you?” (Emilia)
Instead of complaining for not explaining, Emilia nodded while smiling. I truly appreciate that trust and wanted to talk about everything, but since there were people working in the surroundings, I couldn’t explain. When I proceeded with my works after telling others to do their things as usual, my body was pulled and I was made to sit on a couch furnished in the carriage.
“…Why are you so suddenly?” (Sirius)
“Please forgive me. May I have a bit of your time?” (Emilia)
Emilia ignored my reproach. She put my head on her lap and began to caress my head with tender. She usually didn’t do anything to disturb my works, so I was a bit wondering. But, I liked it anyway. Eventually, Emilia began to speak slowly.
“You don’t have to tell me if it’s difficult to talk. If it’s Sirius-sama, I believe that there is no problem no matter what happens.” (Emilia)
“So, why are you doing this?” (Sirius)
“I learned from you that you need time to calm your mind when you’re in difficult time. This may be unnecessary, but…” (Emilia)
“No…” (Sirius)
I intended to be calm, but it seemed that I was also impatience because I knew that Fia was targeted. I accepted Emilia’s words. After taking a deep breath, I revised my strategies once again. No matter how much times was approaching, failure would never be permitted. I closed my eyes and calmed my mind just for a few minutes. I looked up at Emilia, who had a gentle smile like a mother, and thanked her.
“Emilia… thank you.” (Sirius)
“Those words are more than I deserve.” (Emilia)
“At times like this, please accept it as a wife rather than an attendant.” (Sirius)
“Ehehe, the role as a wife doesn’t change much and that is also to support you as my husband.” (Emilia)
I couldn’t let myself to make this gentle smile cloudy. While touching Emilia’s cheeks, I resolved my determination again.

From there, I arranged necessary items, and headed to the town after asking Emilia to message everyone. I went through the secret path as yesterday to visit Freesia, the information seller. Since Ashley wasn’t coming in daytime as expected, I could discuss with her freely. However, unlike Sandor’s history and present situation, I asked for a number of important information. Hence, the always smiling Freesia frowned when she heard me.
“That’s too much, isn’t it?” (Freesia)
“But you know about it, aren’t you? If I prepare something that worth the cost, will you tell me?” (Sirius)
“…Unlike last night, you are extremely overbearing today.” (Freesia)
“The situation has changed a bit.” (Sirius)
She probably had perceived the circumstances even though she was baffled. Then, she responded with a serious look after let out a small breath.
“Of course, if there is a price, I may also slip my mouth. However, it is impossible to exchange with ordinary value with this worth of information, you know.” (Freesia)
“Actually, I have a lot of ways, but here’s one as advance payment. I will not say it’s perfect, but I’ll improve your condition.” (Sirius)
Due to poison received in the past, not only the eyes and feet, it seemed that there was an after effect where Freesia would have difficulties in breathing unless she stay in this room filled with burning incense. I wasn’t sure because I hadn’t examined her in detail yet, but from the incense being used, I could at least improve the respiratory organs. It might be because she had heard the detail about treatment from Senia, she nodded with interested expression.
“That is certainly an attractive proposition. However, there were many people in the past offering treatments to curry favor, but most of them were unable to come up with results, you know?” (Freesia)
“It will be difficult to do it with magic and medicine. I think you can’t breath outside because your body has become too adapted to incense.” (Sirius)
The burning incense of this room has the effect of relieving pain even though it wasn’t up to anesthesia level. Perhaps, the poison received was quite powerful. Therefore, as she stayed inside a room with burning incense for long time, the body remembered that this was the norm. It was said that the rejection reaction unconsciously occurred outside and the breathing became difficult. I had such a conjecture because of the experience in the previous life.
“In other words, I can lower the required amount of incense.” (Sirius)
“That would be impossible. The thinner the incense, the more my breathing becomes difficult.” (Freesia)
“There is no other choice but to endure some pain. Instead of making it thin in one go, I would let you only feel a bit discomfort. After that, you will slowly get used to it.” (Sirius)
“That is a tough story with my physical. After all, I can’t move well.” (Freesia)
“Well then, let me also look at your feet and eyes. Since it doesn’t matter with hands, do you mind if I touch your body a bit?” (Sirius)
“…My lord seems to be jealous, so please keep this from him.” (Freesia)
After getting the permission, I activated [Scan] to diagnose. As I expected, if I used the method explained earlier, it was highly likely that her condition would be improved. Her eyes and legs weren’t working well because it turned out that the poison caused the destruction of the motor nerves in the body. However, I barely manage to find some nerves which still working. Then, I quickly anesthetized by using mana, utilized ultrafine [String] and regenerative activity, and I succeeded to revive her weakened nerves. Later… if she rehabilitated the weakened muscles, she would be able to recover until she could walk even though it was impossible to run.
“With this, one of the payments is over. However, you will feel a little pain when the anesthesia effect is no longer there, so please be patient for a while.” (Sirius)
“To feel the pain is also mean that the sensation has returned, right? I never thought that day will come when I look forward to pain.” (Freesia)
I did the treatment while trying not to burden my body as much as possible, but I had already exhausted my physical strength now. Nevertheless, she should know the clear differences. While smiling, she put her hands on the chest to enjoy the pleasure.
“Please also use this tool. I think that it will be useful not only for Freesia-san, but also for the surroundings.” (Sirius)
What I brought from the carriage was an assembled wheelchair that I made for the time of emergency. I also included a simple manual, so she should be able to use it.
“I didn’t really believed what Senia told me, but I never thought that you will do so much.” (Freesia)
“This is enough as advance payment, am I right?” (Sirius)
“Well then, I also want to ask you one thing. While having such power, why do you seek that information? The matter of Sandor is not related to you, and you will be in danger if you step in, you know?” (Freesia)
“I order to protect people, I have to know it by all means. Incidentally, I also want to you to hear this…” (Sirius)
When Freesia heard the information about Zilard and Fort, she gulped as if she couldn’t believe it. There was no persuasion power of things that I had said since I was an outsider whom she just met, but I guessed she remembered a feeling out of place. The troubled Freesia closed her eyes for a while. Then, she began to speak slowly. She might have been prepared for it.
“Understood. First of all, in regards of Fort-sama, he is–…” (Freesia)

In this way, her information enhanced my strategies, and I finished troublesome preparations just before the setting sun went down. I hurried back to the castle and told my plan to the disciples. From there, I hid in a forest which was a distant away from the castle… it was the forest where I had a mock battle with Julia this morning. Since the eyes of the castle rarely reach this place, it was perfect to bring him down secretly.
As I had confirmed the disciples were acting according to the strategies by using [Search], I caught a presence approaching here.
“…I’ve come. Show yourself.” (??)
When I verified it from the shade of a tree, there was no mistake that was the target, Fort. It seemed Fort came alone just as what I’d written in a letter that was sneakily put inside his room. He got lured out even though he knew it was a trap because I wrote his secret heard from Freesia. What were written were things that he didn’t want to know. Of course, it wasn’t possible to ignore me. I revealed myself since I didn’t intend to hide. Then, he unleashed bloodlust while staring at me.
“Bastard… how do you know about it?” (Fort)
“What do you think about that? Anyhow, you should understand what I want to do by inviting you here.” (Sirius)
“Hmm, is it money for that brat? I also thought that you are an upright person, but you are that kind of man, huh?” (Fort)
“Say anything you want. I also have the circumstances.” (Sirius)
“If that’s the case, I’m going to force you to spit it up. You showed up boldly before me. Maybe you believe you can win, but…” (Fort)
Based on the information heard, Fort’s weapons were spear and shield. He seemed to have a good spear and shield that had thronged thousands of enemies as he always stood at the front line in battles. However, he currently had only a long sword since he stayed in the castle. Whether that was his primary weapon or not, I clearly understood that dignified stance had reach the level of experts.
“Don’t you ever think you can easily get my life!” (Fort)
Even if Fort was good at defense, he leaped out. I avoided his sword at paper-thin difference and aimed my sword at his arm to counter him, but he avoided. I retreated to the rear as it was and threw countless throwing knives, but Fort easily repelled it with his sword.
“Do you think you can stop me at this level!? Haaah!” (Fort)
I should be surprised when he accurately repelled even the throwing knives thrown by simple slingshot which were set up with [String] and tree branches. The technique that perfectly repelled knives unleashed from all sides with sword and armguards could be only said with one word, magnificent. But this wasn’t the time to be fascinated.
I rearranged my breath and leaped into the bosom of Fort again, and I continued swinging swords while releasing all throwing knives. The exchanges of not budging from the ground, repelling and evading continued for a while, but that struggle for supremacy collapsed fast.
“Kuhh!? Thi-this is…” (Fort)
“Has it finally worked?” (Sirius)
Fort surpassed me in strength, but he fell down on his knee without being able to take my attacks. He was certain that he fought with full power, but it seemed he couldn’t believe that his stamina ran out to this extent. In other words, the effect of the needle fired in the midst of battle finally came out. When he got closer, a tiny needle was shot from my mouth with countless throwing knives as decoy, but it looked like a warrior in long service wouldn’t care about it.
“Bastard… this level… of poison…” (Fort)
“Stop your pointless struggling. Can you even fight me in this state?” (Sirius)
It took some times to reduce the needle to utmost limit, but the effect seemed to appear properly. Fort’s consciousness had already become hazy, but even so, the fighting spirit in the glaring eyes didn’t’ fade away at all. However, this was already a hopeless situation when it came to a battle between experts. I didn’t really like to use this method against true warrior, but I had no choice but to use it this time. Grasping a knife, I slowly approached General Fort…
“I have no grudges against you, but I have to send you to death.” (Sirius)

— Zilard —
“…Is it over?” (Zilard)
Based on the information from the roots set when I came to this country, between the two who had been fighting in the forest, I noticed one of the reactions completely stopped. I let go of the cane to cut off the connection. When I deeply let my back fell on a chair, I naturally laughed. The most troublesome existence to us had been disposed of. It might be natural to laugh. Seeing me acting like that, Luca and Hilgan, who held back nearby, called me.
“Zilard-sama. Are we on schedule?” (Luca)
“Yes, the one who won was that guy. There is no mistake. Well, I can easily understand from the reaction of Fort.” (Zilard)
“Heh. What a pitiful old man. I just wanted to do it with my hands at the very least.” (Hilgan)
“There is no meaning if you do it. Plus, I’ve said many times. Do not get involved with these people. Otherwise, the troubles will increase.” (Zilard)
There was no point in being suspected of involvement even if there were women Hilgan liked among them. It might be because Hilgan noticed I was serious when I was glaring like a nail stab, he sat on a nearby chair while diverting his gaze.
“I got it. So, until what time I have to stay here? Say it, because I want to sleep.” (Hilgan)
“In your case, rather than to sleep, you are going to get a woman, right? You already wrecked that Elf, and you still don’t have enough, yes?” (Zilard)
“Shut up. She gave no reaction, so it couldn’t be helped, you know!” (Hilgan)
“Both of you should come down. Wait until he comes back. It’s only a bit more.” (Luca)
It should be alright until tomorrow, but he would definitely come soon since he wanted to ensure the safety of his Elf as soon as possible. I had them as guards because I was considering the possibility of him aiming at me after making the medicine, but with this, it might not be necessary. Just to be sure, I confirmed his position and Sanger again through the cane, but it seemed that there was no suspicious movement in particular.
“It looks like Sanger-sama is still with his companions.” (Zilard)
“Is he still having discussion? Although he was invited for tea by the other party, I think that the royalties are involved with these adventurers for long time.” (Luca)
“It’s obvious to get involved with his companion if he wants to solicit him. That’s necessary, you know.” (Zilard)
“What a pain. I’m jealous when he is with those women.” (Hilgan)
Since Sanger-sama was doing his best, we also shouldn’t be lazy. As I waited while rolling the medicine made on my palm, I sensed a reaction approaching the room without sound. When I ordered Luca to open the door immediately, he came in with a leather bag in hand.
“Isn’t quite luxurious to have all three heroes in this room here?” (Sirius)
“It’s because we are companions. Leaving that aside, I assume you have done well, yes?” (Zilard)
“Yes. It’s fine with this right?” (Sirius)
When he spread the leather bag that let out strong blood smell, there was a man’s head cut from a body. With the characteristic scar engraved on the face and countless wrinkles of old age, it seemed there was no doubt that was the head of Fort we requested.
“Haha, no matter how great he is, he is nothing when only the head left.” (Hilgan)
“Silent. Do not insult those who are warriors until the end of life.” (Zilard)
“Haa? I’m just in the mood because the old man got killed–…” (Hilgan)
“Hilgan…” (Zilard)
“…Cheh!” (Hilgan)
Goodness… did I make mistake in disciplining him? He was still like a child even he had already grown up. I immediately glared at Hilgan to silent him. Then, I praised Sirius while handing over the medicine.
“It isn’t easy to bring down that General Fort. It seems he is better than the rumors.” (Zilard)
“Stop with the flattery. Anyhow, I’ve accomplished your request with this, right?” (Sirius)
“Yes. It doesn’t like the people of the castle notice this. It was truly a brilliant work. I will settle the matter afterwards, so have your wife drink this soon.” (Zilard)
“You don’t need to say it. I’ve already planned to do that.” (Sirius)
Unlike simple nobles who full with greed, it saved the trouble when he was this calm. Even after getting the medicine, he was quiet and didn’t show that he was angry. He didn’t know whether the medicine I gave would work or not, but it was an evidence that he understood the risk to his Elven wife if he did something bad. Of course, if she knew that his wife was safe, he might return to take revenge on me, but we had already prepared for it.
“Just to be sure, please let me talk to your wife tomorrow. You will feel relieve by that, right?” (Zilard)
Once she took in the medicine, she wouldn’t become like a puppet similar to that girl, but she wouldn’t be able to go against my orders. Even if she disliked it, the body would obey, so she might feel bad even more. This man would get really angry if he knew the fact, but he would no longer reach me if I commanded the Elf to do suicide. Therefore, if I said that I wasn’t interested with them, would they know what to do if this man was smart? In order to prevent the Elf from hearing my voice, he had no other way but to leave this country, and together with the crime of killing Fort.
“What are you going to say as a mastermind of all these? ‘I also don’t want to meet you, but it is necessary to assure Fia’s safety’… is it?” (Sirius) (Recheck)
As I expected, he accepted it even though he didn’t feel good. For those who still had someone to protect, such a measure was the most effective. He didn’t only Elf as his wife, but he also had others. However, he tend to pay particular attention to the Elf, so it was a correct decision that I targeted her. I was considering to make such a man to be Sanger-sama’s vassal, but… I wasn’t going to do that. He certainly had good abilities for sure.
It might be possible to keep the Elf as a hostage, but I was convinced that if their opinions differed from each other and even if they had relationship of a master and attendants, they would pass through own beliefs. It was like how he disregard his beliefs when it came to Fort, and how he could afford crimes. Anyhow, I couldn’t take in this unruly monster and had my plan failed. Since Fort, who was the biggest hindrance, had gone, I no longer needed this man.
“Yes, of course. I will make amends. Since Sirius-sama doesn’t intend to become Sanger-sama’s vassal, I will put in a good word for you.” (Zilard)
Nevertheless, this man, who not only famous because of the Fighting Festival but also the underworld, came to Sandor. It would be a waste not to use that abilities. Hence, he was the right person to be able to dispose Fort without getting into troubles. That was the reason why I informed to Sanger-sama and invited him to the castle.
As a result… he might hold grudge because of the Elf, but he should understand at once that there was no need to concern about this country. By depriving the will and the reason to fight, it would be good enough if he didn’t show up before me again.
The foundation had already solidified and all were moving according to my calculations. As I was smiling inside, I noticed that he, who had been looking at the medicine seriously until recently, turned his eyes on me.
“I don’t intend to forgive you because of what you did to Fia, but there are things I want to ask you.” (Sirius)
“Haa… are you alright with wife?” (Zilard)
“By all means, I’m concern about that. But, I’m going to ask you firmly. What is your real purpose?” (Sirius)
He pointed a sharp gaze as if he had confirmed something, but what on earth was this?
“There is no other purpose, it is what I’ve told you in the day. I am trying to get Sanger-sama to be the king–…” (Zilard)
“Stop playing dumb. On top of putting your hands on him, I am your accomplices and we can’t turn back. Therefore, I also have the right to know the truth.” (Sirius)
Could it be…
“Zilard… no, you once served this castle, as a magic engineer, Lambda. Yes, the purpose of that man.” (Sirius) (TLN: The name in raw is ラムダ)
This man… to know my identity…


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