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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 71

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"Is that so? Well then, have a match with me." (Garve)
I was observing him while being told that by the sibling's Ojii-san, Garve-san.
Silvery-short hair like Reus, countless scars on his fearless face, and there was a portion of his left ear hollowed and missing. He looked like he was already over 60 years old, but that overflowing aspiration was as good as Lior-jiisan.
His attire was similar to an easy-to-move-in sleeveless clothing, and there was a shining, well-maintained silver Tekkou on his left hand. (TLN: It is something like hand guard. It is mainly used by Ninja, Samurai or Monk – FFXI reference)
Aery-san's husband, Jiria-san, was a man who used his muscles as his weapons. Based on the muscles on the body and the footwork, there was no difference between this person and those who fight with their bare hands.
Even though I haven't fought yet, I judged that this person was definitely strong.
“Why?" (Sirius)
“Are you going to say that you won't fight if there is no reason?" (Sirius)
He was looking at me with a sharp gaze. It seemed like his intention to fight me was openly visible. So, why are you looking at me, and not the grandchildren behind you? I can't accept that.
When I got up to inquire his reason, Jiria-san, who noticed the unpleasant air, stood in front of Garve-san.
“Wa-wait a minute, Garve-san! Why do you suddenly want to have a fight?" (Jiria)
“Don't you understand? This man is not an ordinary person. He is certainly a man who can be my obstacle." (Garve)
“It's not that I don't understand your feelings, but he is our benefactor. Wouldn't it better to discuss this together?" (Jiria)
…He wasn't stopping the fight.
When he displayed unpleasantness at Jiria-san's words, this time, the siblings came in to defend me.
“Please stop it, Ojii-chan!" (Emilia)
“Yeah! Why are you challenging Aniki, Jii-chan!?" (Reus)
Although he merely said nothing but a word, the siblings admitted that Garve-san was their relative, and tried to stop our fight.
“Do not… call me that!" (Garve)
“”Eh!?"" (Emilia/Reus)
The words that came back were cold.
The siblings were shocked by those words, but they didn't try to move from their places and continued to protect me. They might be mixed feelings, but I was really happy about their feelings.
But, you know… your Ojii-san seemed to be someone that needed a slightly different kind of talk.
“It looks like this guy won't be satisfied if I don't fight him. Emilia, Reus… step back." (Sirius)
“But, Sirius-sama. Such a battle is meaningless." (Emilia)
“There is no reason for Aniki and Jii-chan to fight!" (Reus)
“Well, it is a fight, but this is his way of 'talking'. It won't involve our lives, so it's alright." (Sirius)
Even if I say it is a talk, it is a 'talk' with our fists. So I removed the sword on my waist, and placed it next to Hokuto.
I went passed them, while stroking their heads, and then, I was guided to the center of the square. There was a bonfire nearby, but it was at a sufficient range for us when we faced each other, since this was a bare-handed fight. From the surroundings, we heard voices supporting Garve-san. He was a person who suddenly requested a match, but he seemed to be adored by the tribe.
The surrounding silver wolfkins appeared to have thought of this as a side entertainment for the feast, but everyone held their breath because of the serious air and were watching attentively.
There was only the gradual crackling sound of the fire, but while hearing that…
“Aniki! Good luck!" (Reus)
“Please do your best, Sirius-san!" (Reese)
“Sirius-sama! Go for it!" (Emilia)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
“Onii-chan, do your best." (Quad)
I heard the cheers from the disciples and Quad, and the tense air dissipated. Since the other party was too motivated, I was saved because I could have a conversation before the match began.
I have decided to fight, but first, I wanted to know his reasons. When I tried to say so, the other side unexpectedly spoke first.
“…They are longing for you, aren't they?" (Garve)
“Aren't you the same? More importantly, is it necessary for you to fight me?" (Sirius)
“It is for the sake of getting stronger." (Garve)
“Your other reason… no, I'll ask about it later. Anyways, I have something I want to hear before we fight. Why… did you say such words to your grandchildren, Emilia and Reus?" (Sirius)
He was rejecting the siblings. In other words, it is like he was saying they were not his family, and that was not the silver wolf-like behavior that valued family members. I also considered that he was not their real family, but he said such relieving words at the beginning, so I didn't feel like it was something to say to someone that was unrelated.
Garve-san's expressionless face slightly crumbled because of my inquiry. His mouth twitched, before he showed a bitter smile.
“They are not bad. This is… my problem, you know?" (Garve)
“Well then, shall we place a bet? If I win, Garve-san will allow your grandchildren to call you Ojii-san. And, you will tell me your reasons." (Sirius)
“…That's fine. But, I also have conditions if I win. I heard about you from Jiria and Aery to a certain extent. Are you going to go to where my son's settlement was at?" (Garve)
“Yes, I am. To condole their parents, as their friend." (Sirius)
“That is an admirable intention. Then, if I win… I also want to go on that trip. Also, Emilia will…" (Garve)
Garve-san directed his line-of-sight towards the three young men who were standing behind him. Everyone was a refreshing young man who had strong bodies and their expressions weren't bad. Could it be…?
“Emilia will stay in this settlement. And, I want you to tell her to exchange vows to someone over there." (Garve)
“””Ehh!?""" (Garve’s disciples)
I didn't say anything because I was somewhat expecting it, but the surprised voices of his disciples went across. Of course, there were voices raised by the siblings.
“I will not leave Sirius-sama's side!" (Emilia)
“Yeah, Nee-chan belong's to Aniki! If you lay your hands on her, even if you are my friends or Jii-chan, I will not forgive you!" (Reus)
“Sit Down!" (Sirius)
“Woof!" (Reus)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
Emilia looked like an abandoned puppy. Since Reus was standing in front of his sister and was sending bloodlust to the young men, I forced him to sit down.
By the way, Hokuto was also sitting reflexively, and the young men who were shaken dropped their faces. For me, Emilia was a beautiful woman, and those men seemed to be quite serious.
“Sirius-san, about Emilia's feelings…" (Reese)
“I understand, Reese. Garve-san, since your grandchildren said such things…" (Sirius)
“Just call me Garve. You are not looking at that child with dangerous eyes, I guess? If that's the case, I want to tie her down with a man from the same tribe. So, don't you think that the most important thing is to live peacefully?" (Garve)
“That is also one possible way, when considering her happiness. However, since I usually leave the decision to the person herself, I don't want to give the order as her Master." (Sirius)
My disciples come with me as they wish, so I want to respond to them properly. Those are my feelings. And, if Emilia likes me and doesn't want to leave me, I will respect her feelings and respond to her.
“Those two have grown up, and they can decide the way they want to live by themselves. Because of that, I can't accept your condition." (Sirius)
“If that's the case, you will have to live in this settlement. Even though you are from the human tribe, I think that, in this case, someone like you would be welcomed, and Emilia would also like it." (Garve)
Hmm, so that's what you came up with? It's true that the disciples won't complain if that's the circumstance, but I'd have to give up my dream. The disciples would say that that would be alright, so long as they stayed by my side, but I'm sorry, I think I will chase my dream.
“…I want two kids." (Emilia)
And then, Emilia was grinning, probably because she was thinking about the future with me. I wonder if it was about having kids, or if she was smiling because she can stay by my side, or something else.
“I'm sorry, but I have my own way of doing things. Besides, I have no plan to lose, even with such conditions." (Sirius)
“There is no other way then. But, I don't intend to lose, either. I must become stronger!" (Garve)
Let's also hear the reason why he wanted to get stronger after I win. Garve-san and I took our positions and prepared for the match.
“That Tekkou is opposite, but similar to what Tou-chan had." (Reus)
Reus' murmur reached my ears, and the thing that wasn't said earlier was suddenly noticed. I think… there was no need to forget it, but let's ask him, at least.
“One last question. Why didn't you say anything about Reus?" (Sirius)
“That child is already a full-fledged warrior. And if he has already sworn loyalty to you, it's not necessary for me to stop him." (Garve)
Isn't it because he is a man? I felt the same air as 'it doesn't matter since he is a son, but I'll be sweet to a daughter forever'. Anyway, it seemed like he really cared about them.
Since it wasn't necessary to prolong the conversation, I began to concentrate and turned on the 'switch'.

Generally, silver wolfkin try not to use weapons too much.
They have strong bodies, even without relying on weapons, so they don't want to use weapons that sacrifice their speed.
In the case of Reus, the impetus was because of my action, and from the point where I murmured that 'Strongest Sword' expectation, the way of using the sword became more natural compared to the bare-handed style. By the silver wolf tribe's perspective, he joined the category of oddballs, but since he was not avoided, I guess it was fine.
Well, while thinking about unnecessary matters, Garve kicked the ground and threw his right fist. So, I activated [Boost] to square him off.
Although it wasn't a speed that was incomparable to Jiria, the speed was not as fast as Lior's sword, and it could be, somewhat, overlooked. From a single blow of his fist, which was loaded with so much strength, I understood that he didn't think of me as a human or a child.
The moment I tried to intercept the swinging right fist, Garve greatly stepped on his foot and stopped the right fist. And then, the left fist equipped with the Tekkou was shot out. Even though I judged it as a protective hand armor, the Tekkou was used as a weapon. Feinting from the beginning was evidence that he was used to battles, but I am someone who had kept struggling against that sword maniac.
I didn't try to forcibly drain the opponent's strength. I avoided it by letting the fist fly next to me. Without a moment's delay, I grasped his arm as if I was holding it, sent a kick that lifted my up body while aiming at his face, but it was avoided when he bent his body and neck.
He threw a right uppercut at me, who was full of gaps while I was in midair, but I seized it from the side of the fist, and moved my body by hugging his arm to avoid the assault. I dropped my foot on top of the opponent's head, but the opponent made a big jump, and my foot only hit the ground.
As we separated from each other, we made eye contact again, but the old man was happily smiling and shook his fists.
“As I expected, you are strong! Rather than evading the blow earlier, you even counterattacked… very good. I am likely to climb to the top again." (Garve)
“I am not a stepping stone. Moreover, instead of being stronger, I want you to first apologize because of your attitude towards Emilia and Reus!" (Sirius)
Whatever the reason was, when you said something about letting your grandchildren live peacefully, it showed that you cared about the siblings. If you were not good with words, you could embrace them or express yourself with action.
And if you refused, I would say that you were cold-hearted. I don't want to be in trouble in the future. Because the ones that were mostly bothered were Emilia and Reus.
“Aren't you going to use a weapon? You have a knife on your chest, and you can use magic, if you want." (Garve)
“It's not necessary. I already understand everything from what I've seen, and I am confidence with my Taijutsu." (Sirius)
“Then, I will use it." (Garve)
This is one of the ways Shishou mentioned.
You can ignore any objection if you fight and win in the opponent's field of expertise… although it is a style that emphasizes on nothing but strength, I agree with that and abide it.
Because of that, I use Taijutsu against an opponent who uses Taijutsu, and there was no use arguing about being called Ojii-chan.
Avoiding the attack of the opponent again, I pulled out with a counter. If I had to say it with words, instead of Lior's sword, this time it's with fists.
Even if I'm late to say this, there was a slight difference. The trajectory of the attacks moved, freely like a whip, and he used both his arms and feet unsparingly. I had a lot of trouble because of that.
I won against Lior because of good compatibility, but I am competing against Garve whose battle style was similar to my own. Taking advantage of the strong physical ability of the silver wolf tribe, he can easily do moves that are difficult for normal people. I guess I'm at a slight disadvantage?
“…This is my first time seeing Sirius-san struggling in a fight." (Reese)
“Our Ojii-chan is such an amazing person, isn't he?" (Emilia)
“…Aniki!" (Reus)
Neither one of us got hit by a single blow, but during that time, the exchange kept going without any time to breathe.
It was still alright, but unlike the silver wolf tribe, who had excellent physical strength, I am a human being. So the difference will soon come out.
While bending to avoid a large swing, I made a foot sweep, but it was easily avoided. However, my aim was to keep the distance in order to arrange the disturbed breathing.
“Why!? No matter how confident you are, this shouldn’t be your original style. Do not hesitate to use weapons!" (Garve)
“Huh… I refuse." (Sirius)
“Are you not going to be serious until the end? Then… let's end this." (Garve)
When Garve loaded up his strength, he started to release a thick amount of mana from his whole body. It started to gather on his left arm, until the air appeared to be distorted.
It was proof of loading mana to the extent that the mana, which was originally colorless and transparent, can be virtually seen. If I get hit with that… it won't be a laughing matter.
“What are you doing, Garve-san?! If you do that, he will die!" (Jiria)
“Uhmm, Jiria-san. What is Jii-chan trying to do?" (Reus)
“That is Garve's [Wolf Fang]. It is a killer technique that crushes rock and even steel." (Jiria)
Using mana to its own limit, collecting it on the dominant arm and hit it… it was a simple one-hit killing technique. An enormous amount of mana would pour out, creating an illusion of a huge fist.
It is a technique that's similar to 'Ultimate Heaven' of the 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style', I have a feeling my bones will break if I receive it upfront.
When I was worried about how to cope with it, while listening to Jiria-san's explanation to the disciples, Garve-san gave a shout to collect the attention of the surroundings.
“Everyone! Since it is dangerous, fall back!" (Garve)
The ring that surrounded us expanded at a considerably large rate, except the disciples. That made me understand that this blow was more than what I expected.
I should probably evade it, but I am confident. I guess there was no other way but to put on a grand show.
“Avoid it, if you can. But… do you think it can be avoided?" (Garve)
“Is that so? In that case, I'll receive it from the front." (Sirius)
“What?" (Garve)
If I can endure this blow, Garve will surely admit defeat. The disciples raised their voices at another place from where Garve was surprised by my reply.
“Sirius-sama! Please, stop it!" (Emilia)
“She's right, Aniki! Even though there is [Boost], it is still difficult to make up for the difference in physique!" (Reus)
“I wonder if my magic can heal you?" Reese)
I am sorry for making you worry, but, right now, I can't afford to reply. So, I will ignore you guys. If it's done poorly, I probably will die. I made a stance with my legs in an L-shape that was deeper than usual… and profoundly concentrated.
“Are you coming? That single blow… I will accept it." (Sirius)
“You seem confident. Well then, go get it!" (Garve)
Deeply dropping his waist, the speed of the protruding Garve was several times higher than before, while crushing the ground. I see. It is difficult to avoid when seeing the sudden acceleration for the first time. But… I had gone through storms of bullets and blades in the previous life. How am I going to cope with this amount of speed?
Dampen the excess power to the limit, and concentrate all of my nerves sharply like a sword…
“Haaaa!" (Garve)
Without explaining the name of the technique, I invoked [Boost] with full power to hold the directionality, and, at the same time, I used my power to catch the swinging left hand with my right palm.
At that moment… the ground beneath my feet crumbled. A huge shock ran through my rear and scourged the ground.
As a result, there was a big hole behind me, but I remained upright and kept Garve's fist.
“Wh-what?" (Garve)
While the people were surprised, including Garve, I crept into his chest in a flash, and hit Garve's jaw with my left palm. That blow was enough to lift Garve's body. He lost consciousness and fell onto the ground with his back.
“The pain… was light, huh?" (Sirius)
I confirmed the surroundings while shaking my numbed right arm. It was really good that it didn't involve the disciples and other silver wolfkin. As I confirmed the hole that opened up, as if a bomb had burst behind me, it made me realize the might of Garve's killer technique.
When I checked Garve's condition, my disciples finally started running while screaming my name. Several other silver wolfkin came closer, so I left the treatment for Garve to them and met my disciples.
“Sirius-sama! I'm glad that you're safe. And… what about Ojii-chan?" (Emilia)
“He fainted because his brain was shaken. He will wake up after a while, without any problems, so there is no need to use magic." (Sirius)
“That's good. Ah, but Sirius-san, please show me your arm. I will check for injuries." (Reese)
When I told them that there was no problem with Garve, the siblings watched their relative, while sighing in relief. Since he was admired by other companions, I thought it might be bad if I defeated him… but the other silver wolfkin praised me while applauding.
I heard later that the silver wolf tribe honors those who are strong, so long as there was no problem with their personality. A Shishou was challenged by their disciples one after another… so such a thing is not a big issue.
As I responded the applause by waving my hands, Reus was wholeheartedly staring at me with shining eyes.
“You're amazing, Aniki! How did you do that? Aniki is unscathed and a hole opened on the ground!" (Reus)
“There is no name for that, but it is one of the skills that is at the height of the parrying techniques. In other words, what I did was let the force of the opponent's attack through my feet.” (Sirius)
It is one of the skills my Shishou used in the previous life.
Accepting the attack from the front, and diverting it away onto the ground while minimizing the burden on the body. For example, it is similar to electrical earthing. I had about 20% of the force on myself, but I can handle it by the strengthening effects of [Boost].
By the way, Shishou was extremely skilled in this technique. She caught a moving big motorcycle while yawning.
Shishou briefly explained that the human body has limitations, so it is practically impossible to do it. In fact, I could never do it in the previous life. It was a technique that I had forgotten during my later years.
But, when I was reincarnated into this world, on a day when I was able to perfectly control [Boost], I suddenly remembered this technique and tried it.
I failed many time against Lior-Jiisan as an opponent and broke my bones, but the result was what you saw. Nowadays, I did it with a wooden sword, and this time, it was easy to do because it was with my bare hands. However, my right arm was numb because it was a blow that went beyond my expectations. The force that failed to be relayed was slightly hurting my body. If it was this much, it would heal immediately, and there was no problem, since Reese was giving the treatment.
Since Shishou used this technique calmly, I thought that she was originally from another world. Well, for me, whoever Shishou was, I don't care about it that much.
More importantly, it was troubling to tell Reus, who was pestering me, wanting me to explain.
It was difficult, even if I told you with words. it was a technique that you can use only when you can fully control the flow and movement of your whole body. There was nothing else you can do except to remember it with your body.
For the time being, I told him that he couldn't do it until his [Boost] reached my level.
“Is that so…? I got it, Aniki. But I will definitely do it someday!" (Reus)
Reus had the intuition, which can be explained with words, and he had a strong will, despite losing many times before. If it was this child, he may be able to do it, someday.
After calming the motivated Reus, who was breathing roughly, my mental strain had lessened as I received treatment from Reese.

The feast ended as soon as the conclusion between me and Garve was decided. Then, the silver wolfkin went back to their respective houses.
We saw Jiria-san, his wife and son off going home together, and then we gathered at Garve's house. The reason was so that Garve could have a talk with the siblings as soon as he woke up.
While watching Garve lying on his bed, a voice came from the entrance and a man came into the house. That man seemed to be Garve's junior, and he introduced himself as the Chief of this settlement now.
“Good grief… he's being unreasonable. So troublesome." (SW Chief) (TLN: Silver Wolf Chief)
He was slightly younger than Garve, he would soon be called Ojii-san.
Since he had some other business to attend to, he was only able to join the second half of the feast. He apologized for not greetings us earlier. He gratefully took my hand because I helped Aery and her son, and also the siblings.
Sighing at a sight of the unconscious Garve, he looked at the siblings, and narrowed his eyes while looking at them nostalgically.
“You guys are Emilia and Reus, correct? Hmmm… you really do look like Felios and Rona." (SW Chief) (TLN: The name in raw is フェリオス and ローナ.)
“Do you know our father and mother?" (Emilia)
“Yes. Felios and I are childhood friends. I knew about those two through letters." (SW Chief)
The sibling's father was the chief of another settlement. They seemed to have kept in touch by reporting the their situations, since they were both heads of settlements and childhood friends.
Even this person, who was the head of another settlement, knew about the siblings, so why did Emilia's and Reus' father never talk about Garve? And why did Garve reject his grandchildren?
Since the siblings had similar questions, Emilia opened her mouth to represent us.
“Excuse me… why didn't this person allow us to call him 'Ojii-chan'? The others also…" (Emilia)
“Yeah, I came here to talk to you about that. There is a possibility that your Jii-san won't explain it, and I think the most important thing is that the both of you should know about it." (SW Chief)
It seemed to be a complicated family talk, so I signaled Reese with my eyes, but when I tried to leave… I had to stop because the sibling had grabbed my clothes.
I had to sit again because, from their eyes, they were begging me to stay. Reese also took a seat because they pulled her clothes as well. The chief seemed happy when he saw this scene.
“Hahaha, both of you are liked by these two. You guys look like a real family." (SW Chief)
“Yes! They are important to us." (Emilia)
“Hehe, they are my Aniki and Reese-ane." (Reus)
“Well, if you don't mind. First of all… should we talk about when your father, Felios, was born?" (SW Chief)
Emilia was still grabbing my clothes while we listened to the old stories of Garve and the siblings' parents, Felios and Rona.
Garve was a charismatic person who led his fellows and he took good care of his subordinates. Most importantly, he, who had strength that was unique among the people in his settlement, was the chief of the settlement.
Then, he married a woman who lived in the village, and a son was born between the two. He was the father of the siblings, Felios.
But, Garve's wife died after Felios was born. Garve became very depressed, but he recovered for the sake of his son. He raised his son while receiving help from the surroundings.
In order to raise Felios to become a strong man, the training for him started together with other children of the same age.
“Garve was strict with him, as well as the others. Generally, he was a gentle person, and he was only scary during training. Even Felios and I cried a couple of times…" (SW Chief)
Tempered by Garve, Felios grew big and became a warrior who could rival his parent. From the surroundings, it was said that he was certainly going to succeed the position of chief.
But then… an incident happened here.
“We found a suspicious group when Felios and I went to the forest to hunt. It was a slave merchant who seemed to have gotten lost because of some monsters' assault. But the things they had were… silver wolfkin." (SW Chief)
There were two women led by them. The two immediately attacked them in order to rescue them, but they were held back by the silver wolfkin who had been enslaved.
Although they threatened to invoke pain from the slavery collar, one of the women already reached her limit, and then…
“…It was disastrous. When I looked at the rear after completely annihilating them, Felios was crying while holding the lady who died. And the one who comforted Felios was the other woman." (SW Chief)
Apparently that woman was the siblings mother, Rona.
The woman who died was her younger sister. It seemed that it wasn't that long since she got sick. She kept saying thank you while hugging Felios, who held her sister until the end.
He somewhat recovered and when they headed back to the settlement, there was an immediate discussion on who would take care of that woman… Rona. It seemed that a couple decided to take her in, but, apparently, Felios forcibly took custody and said he would bear the responsibility.
“Of course, others objected, but Felios firmly didn't give up. Garve-san was stubborn from a certain aspect, but Felios was also like that." (SW Chief)
That was probably like licking each other's wounds.
But the mental trauma was gradually healed because of Rona's honesty and gentleness, and the strength of Felios' heart. The licking of the wound soon became love. A few years later… the two came to love each other.
“Then, he told Garve about getting married, but the sleeping Jii-san over there did not accept it."
Either because his wife died early, or he had to raise him alone, the Garve of that time was unusually stubborn. Felios wanted to marry Rona because he felt indebted for not being able to save her sister. It looked like he was thinking about taking responsibility.
Since Garve didn't allow it, even when the father and son were fighting seriously, they didn't talk to each other and then he married her. After that, they escaped to a distant settlement.
“By the time Felios became the chief of that settlement, I became the chief of this settlement. From the letters that I received, he wrote that he didn't know some things about his old man. But I never thought that he would not talk about it to his children." (SW Chief)
“…Did father hate Ojii-chan? And Ojii-chan also…" (Emilia)
“That's not it, right?" (Sirius)
There was at least that expectation, and I don't think it’s all about hating. Before Garve fought with me, I remembered that Reus mentioned something about Garve's Tekkou being similar to what his father had.
“Reus. About Garve's left Tekkou, didn't you say that your father also had one? And, it was on the right hand, right?" (Sirius)
“Eh? Yeah… you're right. I think it was on the right hand, but it was similar to his." (Reus)
“I also remember it. My father maintained it dearly, and there wasn't a day where he forgot to do that." (Emilia)
“Really, as expected, they really are father and son. Isn't he the same as Jii-san?" (Sirius)
When I examined the Tekkou earlier, it was made out of rare mithril. It wasn't something that's easily available. I don't think it was a coincidence that the father and son had separate ones. Originally, these Tekkous were a pair, but they separated them.
And they both cared their own as if they were very important…
“In other words, they split up, but they were not able to be honest to each other… isn't that right?" (Sirius)
“You are right on point, Sirius-kun. Yeah, it wasn't good for them to be so stubborn altogether." (SW Chief)
After listening to that, the siblings sighed with relief, and Reese was smiling as she put her hand on Emilia's shoulder.
“Your Otou-san and Ojii-san, they did not hate each other. Isn't that good?" (Reese)
“Yeah… it was a bit of a false alarm, but I am relieved." (Emilia)
“Which reminds me, Tou-chan sometimes absentmindedly looked at the Tekkou. I guess it was because of that." (Reus)
“Hahaha, aren't you glad, Jii-san? It seemed that Felios also wanted to make peace." (SW Chief)
When the chief was talking to the sleeping Garve, Garve turned his back to us while snorting. I was aware that he was already awake in the middle of our conversation, but since he didn't say anything, I just left him be.
“Ojii-chan! You were awake?" (Emilia)
“Are you alright, Jii-chan?" (Reus)
“If you feel pain, shall I treat you with my magic?" (Reese)
“Even so, don't call me that. And Ojou-chan, thanks for your offer, but I'm fine." (Garve)
He kept his back to us and refused the offer. The chief sighed and called out to him, while shaking Garve's body.
“You know, Jii-san. Your grandchildren are bothered. Please, explain it to them." (SW Chief)
“…" (Garve)
“"Haaa, well then, let me explain. It is sad looking at you." (SW Chief)
“…Have it your way." (Garve)
Since he got permission from Garve, the chief started talking about what happened to the siblings' parents after that.

After Garve's son left, he was living the usual life. But, the time he spent idly somewhere like an empty shell had increased.
By the time he took over the chief position from the man in front of him, Garve knew that Felios had become a chief of another settlement. As the chief received the letters, Garve persistently asked him about his son's current circumstances, so he was somewhat annoyed.
“A few years later, he wrote in his letters that Emilia and Reus were born and that they were happy. And finally, the letter that said that he should forgive his father soon arrived, but…" (SW Chief)
It was the unforgettable fateful day for the siblings. The chief slowly opened his mouth, while sadly casting his eyes down.
“Your settlement… was attacked by groups of monsters. We only knew about the assault after a few days. Everything except you guys was annihilated. Our companion went there by chance and he barely returned alive… I'm really sorry." (SW Chief)
“No… I think there was nothing could be done." (Emilia)
When I realized it, Emilia was holding my arm instead of my clothes, so I stroked her head to calm her down. The chief was smiling as he looked at the scene, he then turned his eyes to Garve.
“The moment he heard the report that Felios' settlement was attacked, that Jii-san rushed out without looking back. But since it was dangerous to go there without any preparations, it was difficult to stop Jii-san with our companions." (SW Chief)
Apparently, it would take a few days from here to get to the settlement where the siblings lived, even if we go all out. Anyhow, while calming Garve down, the chief chose some warriors and prepared provisions. They seemed to have immediately left for Emilia's and Reus' settlement, but…
“Your settlement was full of monsters. Furthermore, there were many strong monsters, they kept appearing no matter how many times the monsters were defeated. They had no choice but to retreat." (SW Chief)
Although there were no survivors, they sent their warriors many times to make tombs for their brethren… but they were repeatedly overwhelmed by the monsters and had to withdraw.
Is this the reason why Garve said that he wanted to become stronger when he had a match with me?
He would become stronger and defeat the monsters. And then, he would regain the settlement and mourn his son.
“Let alone enemies of my son, I can't even build a grave for him. I just don't have the qualifications to be called Jii-san by my grandchildren. Dear me… I really want to meet my grandchildren, despite of this." (Garve)
“Ojii-chan…" (Emilia)
“Jii-chan…" (Reus)
“…That's why, don't call me that." (Garve)
Garve probably hated the monsters that attacked the settlement, but, more than that, he can't forgive himself.
If he didn't oppose the marriage, they would be spending time together in this settlement. His son would be safe, while Emilia and Reus might not have been attacked by the monsters. And more than anything, he regretted the fact that he couldn't make up with his son ever again.
He forbade himself from embracing his grandchildren, whom he wanted to meet… but that doesn't matter to me.
“No. Garve, just allow them calling you Jii-san. Do you remember the promise if I won?" (Sirius)
“Hmm, there is no other way then. It was… a promise." (Garve)
“Just as you said. Both of you, please do not hesitate to call him Jii-san." (Sirius)
Although Garve still kept his back to us, he didn't refuse the promise. So, I forcibly pushed the sibling's backs in front of Garve.
“Uhmm… Ojii-chan." (Emilia)
“… What is it?" (Garve)
“I'd like you to tell me… about Otou-san." (Emilia)
“…If I'm in the mood, sure." (Garve)
“Well then, Jii-chan. Tell me about that technique. The wolf technique, or something." (Reus)
“…I'll think about it. By the way, it is called [Wolf Fang]." (Garve)
Reese and I quietly left, leaving behind the family that was finally able to have a conversation for a bit. The two grandchildren will probably mend Garve's heart afterwards. Now, I want them to enjoy talking with their family.
When we left, we took Hokuto along, who immediately came with us, and strolled around the settlement under the moonlight. Because the other residents already went back to their home, the settlement became a calm world where only few living sounds were heard, the sound of the wind and insects playing.
We walked around without purpose. And then, we sat, side-by-side, on a rock found along the way and enjoyed a leisure talk while looking at the moon.
“It's not that I don't understand his feelings, but he was just a stubborn old man. Oh well, at least they are going to be together for a while. If you are in touch with cute grandchildren, that stubbornness also will be washed away." (Sirius)
“Together for a while… are you still going to bring Garve-san?" (Reese)
“That's the plan. Those two will be pleased, and Garve's intention can be fulfilled. I see no problem with increasing our war potential. He said to take him if he won, so he will definitely join us if I invite him." (Sirius)
“No one is losing anything. To be together with your family is the best, anyway." (Reese)
“I guess so. Does Hokuto think the same?" (Sirius)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
They brushed the cuddling Hokuto, wasting time while enjoying the calm mood.

We stayed at the settlement and leisurely spent our time there for several days.
I think we were spending fulfilling days by helping with the harvest and hunting, Hokuto was worshipped, Reus agonized because was failing to ward off the people who were praying towards Hokuto.
We thoroughly enjoyed the livelihood of the silver wolf tribe, and then, we tried inviting Garve on our journey when we thought about leaving soon.
“Will you come with us?" (Sirius)
…Although I can be said to be shameless by relying on young people, I still want to follow you. Please… I want you to take me." (Garve)
There was a considerable difference in age, but while it became difficult in terms of Garve's family, Garve and I were like peers of the same age.
We were not seen as a grandchild and a grandfather, and we were almost talking casually by now. Since I showed my ability to overcome Garve to the people, there was no one trying to argue with us.
After that, the talk about Garve traveling with us had spread to the whole settlement. There were also others who wanted to follow us, but the chief and Garve told them to be cautious, since their brethren were kidnapped by humans the other day. Thus, they had to give up.
As we completed our preparations, we didn't feel tired. We kept our spirits firm. Then, we left the settlement while being sent off by the silver wolfkin.
We went through the forest with Garve as our guide in the front. The siblings were smiling, sticking by Garve's side.
“Fufu… thanks for guiding us, Ojii-chan." (Emilia)
“Please, Jii-chan!" (Reus)
“…Uhmm." (Garve)
Although he allowed them to call him Jii-chan, his attitude towards his grandchildren was still a bit stiff. But… it was only on the surface.
He couldn’t see those two as his grandchildren until he could liberate the settlement and mourn for his son. But when he was determined to drink, he seemed happy when his grandchildren depended on him like spoiled children, so that determination was easily crumbled.
Jii-san, your mouth has loosened, hide it quickly.
“Ojii-chan, what is that plant?" (Emilia)
“Jii-chan, teach me [Wolf Fang] soon." (Reus)
“…Hei, I will tell you, but talk one at a time!" (Garve)
Whether it was about the liberation of the settlement, or Garve falling for the siblings… either way, it was a view.
While looking at such a pleasant sight, we headed for Emilia's and Reus' hometown.

The degree of Tsundere for every Otou-san (Ojii-san) towards their children (grandchildren).
Garve => Emilia and Reus… Tsundere Level C (currently growing)
Cardeas => Reese… Tsundere Level A (initial level D)
Lior => Emilia… Tsundere Level EX
Level E… "Who are you bastard?"
Level D… "I-I don't really care!"
Level C… "I allow you to call me O-ojii-chan (Otou-san)!"
Level B… "I-it's not that I like the child (grandchildren) so much!"
Level A… "I will buy you anything, and it will not hurt even if something enters my eyes!"
Level EX… "Even if it's not real, they are my grandchildren!"

Presenting Hokuto
Today, Hokuto-kun is also happily staying by his Master.
There are various things that have happened. Today, he comes to a settlement of the silver wolf tribe.
While there are a lot of same brethren of his juniors, Hokuto-kun participates in a feast while being worshipped by many.
Hokuto-kun will be alright even if he doesn't eat, but the silver wolf tribe offers a lot of food. Although he says that it is not necessary, he is troubled because they still give their offerings regardless.
Since he got more than he deserves, he gives it to his Master. He is relieved because his junior, Reus, and his Master's companion who he likes, Reese-chan, eats a lot.
And then, Hokuto-kun stays in the settlement for several days. However, people never fail to worship him every day.
On one particular day, Hokuto-kun was walking around the settlement while feeling good since his Master brushed him. A silver wolf mother, who had a baby, came in front of Hokuto-kun.
Apparently, the baby was born a while ago, so she seemed to want to inform Hokuto-kun. It is said that the child will grow strong if they inform Hokuto-kun.
Hokuto-kun didn't understand it well at that time. He tilted his head while watching the cute baby, and he suddenly remembered that there was something similar in the previous life.
When he visited a certain country with his Master, his Master said that he would give his blessings, and he remembered a very important person performed a cross on animals and humans.
But since Hokuto-kun is a wolf, he thought it should be different, rather than performing a cross, he decided to put his paw on the belly of the baby. Of course, he didn't put any weight on it. Hokuto-kun, who can easily control his strength as easy as pie, put his paw on the belly with a soft touch, between touching and not touching.
And, the blessing was completed… with a light bark.
When Hokuto-kun raised his face, somewhat feeling satisfied, the mother was deeply moved. She thanked Hokuto-kun while crying. It was a secret that attracted quite a bit of attention.
The next day, a mother, together with her child and baby, came in front of Hokuto-kun.
Apparently, yesterday's case seemed to have spread. It seemed everyone came to receive Hokuto-kun's blessings.
It is unlikely that sighs will leak out, but since Hokuto-kun can't escape being a wolf that serves his Master, he blessed them all. He doesn't do it halfheartedly.
Fighting. (TLN: He said Ora Ora)
He was spiritually tired, but since his Master was watching him doing his best, his Master deliberately brushed him on that day.
He was really happy, but Hokuto-kun thinks that it is hard for him to be worshipped.


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