Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 50

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Well, here’s chapter 50 for you. Enjoy!The End of Short Foolish Revolution

— Sirius —
“…You two have become strong.” (Sirius)
I watched the siblings fight from afar with something akin to a telescope, quietly complimenting them on their growth.
Unfortunately, Reus let himself slip towards the end of his battle. It was great that he was able to defeat the mercenary, Dominique, in a direct fight. However, as the conflict came to a close, he immediately left to support others without confirming the status of his enemy. Definitely a failure on his part, perhaps I was too hasty when I gave him my compliments earlier in that battle. Oh well, I won't complain since I was happy for him as well.
In the end, not just Dominique got away, but the one who has the authority over the slave collars fled too. In any other situation, this could have proven a fatal mistake on Rodwell's part.
However, in reality that person is still young and inexperienced in many ways. These were all common mistakes, and hopefully everyone involved will learn from this and grow.
So, the task of cleaning up the remaining mess… is mine.
“Where do you think you're going?" (Sirius)
Anticipating their arrival, I was already in position to intercept the key players who fled from the arena. When I saw them coming my way, I jumped from the sky while releasing bloodlust, and landed in front of Gregory and Dominique.
As I increased my bloodlust slightly, Dominique quickly tossed aside the man he was carrying, and brandished his sword. His quick perception and reaction to my appearance shows that he's been in plenty of life and death situations. On the other hand, Gregory, who didn't initially notice my presence, was just standing there dumbfounded. He wasn't even chanting.
“Bastard… name yourself!" (Dominique)
“What name would be most appropriate… Canis Major, I suppose?" (Sirius)
“Oo– Canis? I can't say I'm familiar with the name." (Dominique)
Though it's polite to give your name first when fighting someone, as expected, I would like to have my true identity remain anonymous here. I prepared to draw the Mithril Knife from its place on my chestpiece, expecting Dominique to continue the conversation and stall. Instead, he turned and smacked Gregory, bringing him back to reality.
“Oi, noble! How long to plan to stand there looking stupid?" (Dominique)
“Haa!? Wh-what on earth is he? He appears to be nothing more than an eccentric brat, so why is he so overpowering?" (Gregory)
“I don't know, however my gut tells me that he's a monster! We'll be killed if we're careless!" (Dominique)
Finally recognizing the situation they were in, Gregory got into a battle stance. At the same time, Dominique charged at me, readying his greatsword for a swing with just a single hand. Despite using a weapon that should be held with two hands, he swung it with no more effort than swinging a twig would require.
His sword may have driven Reus into a corner, but it means nothing to me when compared to Lior's style and the bouts I had with him. I evaded his downward swing effortlessly, jumping backwards. Instead of pursuing me, Dominique paused and appeared to be carefully weighing his options in this situation.
“Cheh, to require so much effort to fight you, and yet I still can't even graze you. What is going on?" (Dominique)
“Your style isn't that bad, but you're too sloppy for it to be effective. I would suggest that you put more emphasis on feints and other tricks while fighting to cut down on wasteful movement. Furthermore, you're too taut when you fight, loosen up a bit." (Sirius)
"Thank you for the advice, but if you're so willing to give it, couldn't you just let us go? Must we fight here?" (Dominique)
The ability to gauge your opponent's strength is vital to survival in tense situations. He must have grasped at my true strength during our little exchange there. Tossing aside his sword, Dominique raised his hands in surrender. Gregory, however, wasn't interested in being that passive.
"What in the world are you doing, you imbecile!? Why won't you just quickly defeat him so we can move on!?" (Gregory)
“Shut it, you stupid noble! It's better to get arrested than to face this monstrous person, don't you think!?" (Dominique)
“Ugh… there seems to be no other way. Oi, you over there. Are you sure you can't look the other way? If it's gold you want, I can provide you with plenty, you know?" (Gregory)
“Pass, I don't need it. Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have any plans to let you escape." (Sirius)
It's to be expected that I won't let Gregory go, but if I think about the future, I can't let Dominique go either.Dominique is the leader of a mercenary group, and works for the underground. If I let him go now, there's no telling how much trouble he could cause for me in the future. Furthermore, I plan to make him pay for hurting Reus in the fight earlier.
“Please hold a minute! We already have lost interest in this revolution, so please spare us! That's right, if gold coins aren't enough, we have white gold coins as well! With those, you could live your life comfortably without working ever again! Furthermore, isn't already enough to have this unconscious man here?" (Dominique)
“You're talking a lot for someone in your position, do you think I'm stupid? You're buying time, perhaps trying to strike me down with magic while I focus on you?" (Sirius)
Turning to Gregory, who was chanting to prepare his magic, I heard Dominique click his tongue in annoyance as he realized that his plan had been seen through. Rushing me down with his sword drawn, he swung at me.
“Cheh! He's really troublesome enemy." (Dominique)
“I could say the same of you; you play a lot of tricks." (Sirius)
After deflecting his sword swing to the side, I stepped in close to Dominique and grabbed his arm. Using his momentum, I tripped him and threw him down onto the ground, smashing the back of his head hard. That was not enough to finish it though, he continued to swing the sword like clockwork even from that uncomfortable position.
“I wasn't going easy on you in the slightest, but that still wasn't enough to finish you, huh?" (Sirius)
“Of course not! This thing allows me to keep fighting at my strongest, it would be a waste for me to play dead!" (Dominique)
“You're using 'Life Boost' huh? I hate that detestable thing." (Sirius)
Though her life was drawing to a close already, that drug was what killed mother.
I tried to suppress the effects of that drug, but no matter how much I tried, she wasn't going to make it more than a day after ingesting it.
I have complicated feelings about it, but at least at that time we were able to spend one last day with her in complete happiness.
Gregory is planning to attack me with magic while Dominique distracts me. Good, that's an appropriate method when pairing up against a tough opponent.
“Spear of fire, [Flame—… wha!?" (Gregory)
Gregory invoked [Flame Lance], but before it could fully take form, I interrupted it with my own [Flame Lance]. When Emilia would do the same thing the spells would explode, but I do it fast enough that it simply dissipates into the air.
Gregory emphasizes his magic capacity by casting multiple spells at once, but in doing so he sacrifices his chant speed. His invocations are slow to come out, making it easy for to interrupt them. In comparison, Rodwell's speed is significant that I would already have to be dodging in the air before I would have the chance to cancel his chanting. The risk there is significant.
“Are you even trying to help, noble!?" (Dominique)
“Shut up! Spear of fire, [Flame–…!?" (Gregory)
I shot [Magnum] at Gregory's magic while repelling the incoming swing sword. Dominique held small pouch on his mouth that he took out from his chest and was about to release it but I held his jaw with fingers and switched to sides. I don't know what's inside it but it won't be a problem if it doesn't come out.
“Keh! He even saw this coming!?" (Dominique)
“I offer my life to those who worship the ground, [Rock Golem]" (Gregory)
Dominique withdrew at once, sticking the sword into the ground and throwing three small knives. At the same time, Gregory summoned more golems to attack me. I disposed of those quickly with [Magnum Shot] after finding their magic formations with [Search].
As I got a closer look at the knives approaching me, I realized that they were coated with something. Evading two of them with minimal movement, I caught a hold of the handle on the last one, and threw it back at Dominique.
“Haa!? What kind of eyesight do you have!?" (Dominique)
“Spear of Fire, [Flame—…" (Gregory)
I extinguished the [Flame Lance] spells that Gregory was invoking, and Dominique deflected the dagger I threw back at him with the flat of his blade. Following that, he returned to swinging at me, while also using magic stones with his mouth. I noticed as they were shot towards me that they were inlaid with a fire magic formation, but he launched them too quickly to be useful. I used [String] to smack them away long before they managed to invoke any magic, and they exploded off in the distance. I then warded off another swing of Dominique's sword with the knife, and returned his attack by striking him in the stomach with my knee.
Unfortunately, that strike didn't even faze him. The 'life boost' drug that he consumed deprived him of the sense of pain; he shrugged off the attack and continued swinging at me. I quickly backed away to avoid the blade.
“Is this also no good!?" (Dominique)
“— Bring forth, [Rock Golem]" (Gregory)
Despite there being three golems this time, I needed only one hand to destroy them with [Magnum]. It's easy to fight him with [Multi Task].
“Impossible! How can he do this so effortlessly!?" (Gregory)
Even if you ask why, it was foolish to use magic that can be easily dispelled. You should've learned from fighting against Emilia, but your pride as a noble has led to negligence, and that in turn will lead to your downfall.
That was how the fight continued from that point on; I would dodge and evade strikes from Dominique while destroying any magic that Gregory would attempt to invoke. They were visibly becoming increasingly frustrated at their inability to wound me, despite teaming up against me.
“This is no good, can't just do this forever…" (Dominique)
“Haa… haa… that senile old man will catch up if we sit here for too long. Do something quickly, mercenary!" (Gregory)
“Keh, this noble… oi, that's easier said than done!" (Dominique)
Even while gasping for air, struggling from mana exhaustion, Gregory is still arrogant as usual. Dominique laughed as he was cursed at, already used to his partner's antics. Turning back to me, he shoves his sword into the ground and points at me in a grandiose manner.
“We don't have a lot of time, so let's finish it with this next exchange." (Dominique)
“Just go all out, if you have something up your sleeve. This isn't the time to be stingy, right?" (Sirius)
“That's true. My employer is already in the red, with all of the expensive tools I've had to use thus far. There's no point in holding back at this point, so I'll be going all out to try to kill you now." (Dominique)
“What did you say, you bastard!? Were you playing until now!?" (Gregory)
“As a mercenary, I'm different that you nobles, you know? I don't get my kicks the same way you do. It's fine as long as we survive, anyway." (Dominique)
Those were truly the words of a mercenary, I from a certain perspective, I could understand where he was coming from. I was in a similar line of work in my previous life, after all. However, in this situation, it was foolish for him to hold back and not go all out, as a safety precaution.
“Alright, here I come! Time for my trump card!" (Dominique)
First, he threw magic stones on either side of me, to try and seal my movements. Following this, he threw the sword that he had previously stuck in the ground directly at me. While he had the right idea with sealing my movement, I was still left with more than enough room to dodge the incoming sword blade. However, there was something black extending from the bottom of the blade, back towards Dominique's hand. Are those… chains? I thought the sword was simply large, but was this guy trained in a special fighting style after all?
“If you think you can avoid it, avoid it then!" (Dominique)
While yelling out those words, Dominique yanked on the handle to pull the sword blade back towards me. Furthermore, Dominique charged towards me at the same moment, and I saw a smaller blade connected to the handle. In short, I was sandwiched from front and rear.
I'm tempted to dodge to the sides, but if I did, it's likely that I would get caught up in the explosion from the magic stones. Even without the use of both arms, he's quite talented to be able to restrict my movements like this.
However, I have fought nastier enemies than this in my previous life.
Compared to those fights, this attack is full of holes. Of course Dominique will have taken measures against me evading, but I'm capable of fighting in non-standard ways. I could repeat my earlier strategy of using [String] to knock the magic stones away, towards him in this case. I could also escape into the sky with [Air Step]. However, I want to shatter his confidence entirely, so I think I'll boldly challenge him from the front instead.
First, I used [Magnum] to destroy the magic stones on both sides of me. I then dodged the sword that was coming from behind, jumping over it and landing on its back, pushing it into the ground.
“That's absurd!" (Dominique)
Lastly, I evaded the incoming thrust from Dominique, dropping low and slicing upwards with my own knife as we passed by each other.
Dominique's remaining hand dropped to the ground with a dull thud. Defeated, he turned and looked at me with a resigned look on his face.
“So, that's the end of it, huh? You're the 'Aniki' that beastkin kid was referring to, right? He didn't lie about you being the strongest…" (Dominique)
“To your credit, I believe you were trained well in various ways too." (Sirius)
“What? That was just a cheap trick, you know?" (Dominique)
“No matter what method you use, it's natural to use everything you have to try and win. You were generous in assuming I was a strong person." (Sirius)
“I've never met a monster like you… I've completely lost. Ah, would you mind not stopping your attack here? I'd like to die before I feel the consequences of using the 'life boost' drug, if you'll grant me that." (Dominique)
“That's fine. It's impossible to kill yourself without hands, after all." (Sirius)
I approached Dominique, preparing to shove my knife into his throat, and he starting laughing…
“Thank you…gah!?" (Dominique)
I hit Dominique's chin with my palm, knocking his head upwards slightly, and forcing his mouth closed.
Flames burst forth from his eyes and nose, and he crumpled to the ground.
“Like I said, your assumptions were too generous." (Sirius)
He had swallowed magic stones. It was probably just an elementary level [Flame] magic, but at that range it would've been significant enough to damage even me. Such a tactic would inflict serious damage unto himself, so this was likely his true trump card.
However, I saw that coming, so I forced his mouth closed. All of the damage was sustained by the inside of his body, and I was left uninjured. In my previous life, people who go so far as to consume large-scale explosives as a last resort, so comparatively I feel like his method was too soft to be effective.
I turn my back from the charred Dominique, and face down Gregory.
“Next is your turn." (Sirius)
“Ah..w-why? Why are you aiming at me, you bastard!?" (Gregory)
“Haven't we decided that it's because of your hatred against beastkin?" (Sirius)
“I don't know who you are though!" (Gregory)
“Is that so? How about now?" (Sirius)
It was obvious that Gregory was petrified after seeing Dominique's fate, and was grasping for straws. I decided to indulge him, and removed my mask to reveal my true identity to him. Of course, the truth enraged him further.
“Y-you incompetent bastard!? Do you think a mere commoner will get away with doing such a thing against a noble!?" (Gregory)
“Oi oi, you're not a noble. You're nothing more than a criminal. You call this a revolution, but you've involved innocent people into this against their wills." (Sirius)
“Silence! If not for the absurd strength of those subhumans, you incompetent, you wouldn't be able do a thing against me!" (Gregory)
“Are you a moron? You call me an incompetent, yet you can't even raise a finger against me in retaliation. I've destroyed your magic, and backed you into a corner, can't you see?" (Sirius)
“Shut up, shut up! I'll tear down your false strength! [Flame]" (Gregory)
Oh? He can use chantless elementary magic after all. I point my finger at his fireball and use [Impact], and it explodes before vanishing entirely. I realize that it would be troublesome if he tried to flee, so I take aim at one of his legs and use [Impact] once more, destroying his leg and turning everything below his knee into shattered bone and blood.
“Guhaa!? W-why!? Why does my magic disappear!?" (Gregory)
“You should calm down a bit. You'll never understand the situation if you sit there screaming and frothing at the mouth in rage." (Sirius)
“Guuhh… bastard! You incompetent… incompetent!" (Gregory)
He tried to put up a tough front by calling me an incompetent, but he had already realized the difference in ability between us, so his words carried no weight. As he glared at me, with hatred burning deep within his eyes, I picked up the sword of the mercenary leader, Dominique. It was a bit heavy, even for me, but I didn't worry since I wouldn't be needing to swing it around.
“Well then…if you have any last requests, speak them now." (Sirius)
“Wait! You bastard, why do you have such a strong grudge against me!? I never tried to kill you personally, right?!" (Gregory)
“You did play various tricks on me sure, but those aren't the cause of my hatred. You've done other things to incur my wrath." (Sirius)
“Th-there's someone else who runs the revolution, other than me! If that's what this is about, I'm just a representative only!" (Gregory)
“No, that's trivial matter to me, I don't care about it. Shut your mouth and listen up. Were you the one who invited 'Dragon's Fresh Blood' to Elysion? I'll know immediately if you lie to me, so don't even try." (Sirius)
“Hii!? Aa, aaah. It's true, I was the one who invited them! However, I had no say in their actions beyond that…" (Gregory)
“That's why I have a grudge against you." (Sirius)
That's right, personally I don't care about this revolution. Each person has different ideas and beliefs, and I've seen more convincing disagreements in my previous life. I can't bring myself to get invested in this.
My hatred for this scum comes from only one place…
“You invited that trash into this country, and because of that my disciples almost died. In revenge, I'll dispose of you. It's that simple." (Sirius)
“Wha!? Something that simple made you turn to such extremes as killing me!?" (Gregory)
“I won't allow myself to do any less to you. When I saw the tears in my disciples' eyes, I swore to myself that I would make you suffer." (Sirius)
“T-that was all them! I did nothing!" (Gregory)
“Hadn't you realized that they were murderers when you invited them? It's unlikely that you didn't, and even were that true, it still doesn't matter. I won't lose sleep over disposing of you." (Sirius)
“I tried to stop them! They wouldn't list-…buhh!?" (Gregory)
I was becoming increasingly annoyed by his excuses, so I hit him in the face to quiet him. I didn't hit him very hard, a little bleeding will be the most damage he incurs from that punch.
He probably planned to use 'Dragon's Fresh Blood' in this revolution the same way he used Dominique. However, those people were vicious and gleeful killers, yet he didn't even try to stop them. Due to his lunacy, countless commoners and servants became unwilling and unnecessary victims.
“I was going to leave the matter of disposing of you to the headmaster, however fate seems to have you landing right in my lap. You've committed the crime of nearly killing my disciples… should I make you compensate, perhaps?" (Sirius)
“Hu, huhahaha… I refuse! You can die!" (Gregory)
Gregory pulled a knife out from his clothes, attempting to stab me, but I didn't even need to dodge such a pathetic attempt to kill me. He was used to fighting with magic, there was no strength behind that stab. Grabbing his hand and shoving it down, knife and all, was sufficient to stop the attempt. I broke some fingers for good measure.
“Meguuaaa–!? N-now, do it now!" (Gregory)
While he screamed in pain, I looked back and saw Dominique approaching me, smouldering. Normally, one wouldn't be able to endure one's mouth and nose burning, but he simply trudged forwards. His eyes found me, and with a blade in his mouth, he swung down towards me.
But… while in the middle of swinging, Dominique's movement stopped.
“W-what are you doing!? Kill this guy quickly!?" (Gregory)
“It's useless." (Sirius)
I lightly tapped Dominique with the sword I took from him, and he tilted forward, falling to the ground and remaining still. That was his body; his head continued moving, rolling past me and towards Gregory.
“Hii!? W-when did you..!?" (Gregory)
“As I thought, there's no easy way to stop someone who has consumed the 'life boost' drug, short of severing their head from their body. It's good that he felt no pain, though." (Sirius)
An opponent who feels no pain is truly troublesome, but they aren't immortal. After all, the body can't function without a brain to support it; he isn't a creature from some story book, that could exist without a head or regenerate itself at will.
Once I confirm that Dominique is truly dead this time, I release the [String] that I had secretly placed around him. The [String] I used this time was particularly thin and sharp, almost invisible and extremely lethal. Since I had placed it around his neck-height, I didn't need to make any moves, the person finished himself off by moving forward.
“Don't worry, you'll be finished by this sword. You can die without any lost limbs." (Sirius)
“Aa…uhaa…stop it…if only I hadn't discriminated against subhumans…" (Gregory)
Do you really think that the situation at hand would have gone differently if that were the case? I've let you despair enough, let's finish this quickly.
“Your father was killed by incompetents and beastkin, not yourself. His own incompetence was the cause of that, but rather than making a difference, you chose to follow in his footsteps. Resent yourself for being a captive of the past." (Sirius)
“You're a monster! No, a demon! You're a demon in human skin!!" (Gregory)
“Thank you. I've been called the God of Death in the past though, so calling me something like a demon doesn't bother me in the slightest. Though, should I act the part, and settle your request?" (Sirius)
“Aa…aaaaa! Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stoppppp!" (Gregory)
“Farewell." (Sirius)
I buried the sword into Gregory's heart.

“Aah! Sirius-sama-!" (Emilia)
After I finished cleaning up the mess outside, I changed my clothes and brought Golia back to the arena. Since I entered from the front this time, Emilia quickly noticed me and dashed over with a smile on her face.
“Good job, Emilia. I saw your battle." (Sirius)
“Yes! So… what did you think?" (Emilia)
“Aah, you did well in handling the other students and in your own fights, your training has served you well. Your tactic of snatching this man from their control was also a smart move, so you've done a great job." (Sirius)
“Really!?" (Emilia)
Emilia had bright eyes and was wagging her tail as though she expected a reward, so I indulged her and patted her on the head. She smiled and looked almost as though she were melting from my actions, but since I had other things to do, I stopped it there. There was a flash of disappointment when I removed my hand from her head, but she quickly replaced it with a smile and stood by my side.
“I'll continue later. Right now I have baggage I need to deliver to the headmaster." (Sirius)
“Yes! Ah, please let me help deliver the baggage!" (Emilia)
Given the contents of the baggage, I didn't feel comfortable letting Emilia carry it. So, I politely declined Emilia's offer and approached the headmaster. He was busy talking with other students who had the slave collars on.
I thought he would certainly pursue Gregory, but instead he was still here doing other things.
“Sirius-kun I've been waiting." (Rodwell)
“Thank you. Headmaster, you didn't go after Gregory so what are you doing here? (Sirius)
“Because Gregory's companion, Golia escaped, I decided it would be more appropriate for me to focus on calming the students who were still trapped by the slave collars. Anyhow, that's Golia right there, correct Sirius-kun?" (Rodwell)
“That's right. The paralysis is still in effect, but it's best that we tie him up first as a precaution. Moreover, I'll hand this over. It fell out of that man's pocket." (Sirius)
The item in question was the key to the slave collars currently trapping so many students. Luckily these collars were mass-produced, so the key would work on all of them. The headmaster nodded his head, satisfied, as I handed over the master key and plenty of spares.
“Thank you very much. Magna-sensei, here you go. Pass some of the keys to the other teachers, so we can free the students at a faster pace." (Rodwell)
“Understood." (Magna)
They keys were handed over to Magna-sensei and other teachers, and the students were made to line up and approach the teachers to have their collars removed. Understandably there were some students who tried to cut in line, but they were quickly apprehended by Magna-sensei's golems and sent to the back of the line. Rushing would just cause a panic, which wouldn't be helpful at any point in this situation.
While I observed this, Rodwell consoled me with a smile on his face.
“Good work, Sirius-kun. You carried out your job splendidly, recovering Golia and the keys." (Rodwell)
“Thank you very much." (Sirius)
“The headmaster wasn't rushed, because he had requested Sirius-sama's assistance earlier." (Emilia)
I don't recall the situation having happened in quite the way she's explaining, things were likely exaggerated to credit me. I'm tempted to deny her words, but since there are other people watching, I'll leave it alone for now. Rather, I'll take advantage of this opportunity to ask a few questions of my own.
“However, headmaster, the mercenary man and Gregory were fighting each other when I showed up. They killed each other, thus I didn't make any effort in capturing them." (Sirius)
“That can't be true! If it's Sirius-sama, either one person or ten person–… muguhh!" (Emilia)
Since it would be troublesome if she continued, I covered Emilia's mouth with my hand to stifle her comments. She was surprised at this, but I appealed to her with my eyes, and she calmed down. Rather, she seems to be gleeful sniffing my hand.
After pondering it for a bit, I decided to go with the story that Dominique and Gregory had killed each other. Of course, since Dominique was decapitated, and Gregory didn't have a sword, I could get caught if I weren't careful.
In order to make it look like they had killed each other, I reattached Dominique's head and then burned his body with fire magic. I also impaled Gregory's corpse on Dominique's sword. Nobles and mercenaries were a bad combination, so it wouldn't be surprising to most that they might have had a falling out..
The weak point in my story is Golia. If he were to call me out, I'd have trouble defending myself. Luckily, he was facing the other way and unconscious during most, if not all, of the conflict. Furthermore, I pretended to leave as the masked figure and return as Sirius the student, so he shouldn't be able to draw the connection between those two characters.
“Internal strife, huh? …Understood, we'll leave it at that." (Rodwell)
“Yes. It was over without any significant trouble." (Sirius)
The headmaster and I communicated smiled at each other, though while we were speaking, our eyes conveyed the real conversation. Despite knowing that there was more to the story than what I was saying, since I refused to give him any ground, he was forced to give up and accept it for what it was.
The rest of Gregory's matter wasn't pursued, and they gave up asking me.
“I have to hand it to Reese-kun, thanks to her there was no need for medical assistance for injured students. It's natural to have excellent fighting ability, but to have excellent leadership skills and exceptional recovery magic on top of that. She was even leading the seniors alongside Emilia. Your disciples are certainly splendid." (Rodwell)
“Thank you very much. They are my proud disciples, after all." (Sirius)
Emilia was glad to receive the praise and wagged her tail. I also caught her rubbing against the hand that was clamped over her mouth, but I chose to ignore that.
“Aa, Sirius-san. Welcome back." (Reese)
Rodwell left Golia to his advisors and went to go speak to some of the newer teachers, and Reese approached me to welcome me back. She had been busy treating the students all around the arena, so she had been too busy to notice me before. She came forward and looked me up and down, before nodding satisfactorily.
“You are… not injured. Being safe is the best." (Reese)
“I could say the same thing to you. Wasn't it hard to treat everyone here after treating Emilia and Reus the whole fight?" (Sirius)
“It was indeed difficult, but I'm just glad that my power can be of use to everyone. I have you to thank for that, Sirius-san." (Resse)
“That's true, everything is thanks to Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
“No, rather this victory was a result of your efforts…" (Sirius)
I think the disciples worked hard this time, so I want to reward their efforts. The question is, what would they like?
“You guys, do you have any requests? I'll fulfill them as long as they aren't unreasonable." (Sirius)
“Eh!? Err… really?" (Emilia)
“Err…we're happy but Sirius-san also contributed greatly, so we…" (Reese)
“It's alright. You got past this crisis safely, so it's fine to give one or two rewards, don't you think? You don't have to hold back, you know." (Sirius)
“A reasonable reward… that's difficult!" (Emilia)
“Emilia, calm down just a bit! But… I wonder what's good? I want to see if I can eat whole cake, maybe." (Reese)
“If you need more time to decide, feel free. By the way, where is Reus?" (Sirius)
This whole time, I've been looking for Reus. Normally he'd be right by my side, eager to get a reward of his own. This time though, I haven't seen him at all.
“Err, if it's Reus…" (Emilia)
When I followed Emilia's gaze, a familiar figure was leaning against an arena wall. Could that be…Reus? He had a thick, dark atmosphere about him that was far different from his usual vigorous aura.
Since he has such a different atmosphere about him than usual, I didn't even recognize him.
“…What's going on with him?" (Sirius)
“That is… the mercenary leader escaped and took Golia with him. He felt like everything since is his fault, and he is depressed because of that…" (Emilia)
“He was very happy to be praised by Sirius-san, so he felt like that mistake betrayed your expectations." (Reese)
“Good grief… Oi, Reus!" (Sirius)
Reus slowly turned around when I called out to him. It was obvious that he was depressed, his ears and tail were drooping low. Oh dear, it's hard to feel elated when this guy is in such a state.
“Come here quickly, Reus. 'Pause'!" (Sirius)
“… Yeah." (Reus)
Reus slowly began moving towards me when I gave the order, dragging his favorite sword behind him. Finally, he reached me.
“Why are you depressed?" (Sirius)
“That's because… Everyone was in trouble because of me." (Reus)
Haa… this foolish disciple.
Hey, don't tell me such obvious lie. I poked Reus on the head to get his attention on me, and stop him from looking away.
“You're not depressed because you made a mistake are you, you're depressed because you think I'm upset with you, right? Answer honestly." (Sirius)
“… Yeah." (Reus)
“If that's the case, then you've made another mistake. I'm not going to scold you. Rather, I have to praise you for doing as well as you did against that enemy." (Sirius)
“Eh!?" (Reus)
Reus was surprised, looking towards me to confirm if I was being genuine or not. I didn't mind, instead patting his head and rubbing between his ears. It didn't take long for his smile to return to his face, and light to return to his eyes.
“You made the mistake of not checking to see if Dominique was dead or alive before leaving. Do you understand that?" (Sirius)
“Yeah. As a result of that, I troubled everyone." (Reus)
“If you understand that, then it's all good. In the first place, you were fighting a tough opponent. Judging it honestly, it was probably too soon for you to go up against someone like him." (Sirius)
If the opponent were simply strong, it wouldn't have been a problem. However, Dominique was a member of the underworld, cunning and not afraid to fight dirty. That guy was plotting the entire fight, and if it weren't for his obligations to the ones who hired him, he likely would've fought more seriously against Reus. If that were to happen, Reus most likely would've died.
I simply wanted Reus to fight that man as training, and yet Reus managed to even win against him. With that level of growth, there's no way for me to be anything other than proud, let alone angry.
“Besides, your opponent this time was doping with 'life boost'. So, you should be proud of that victory." (Sirius)
“Aniki… is it alright for me to be glad?" (Reus)
“Oo, be glad, be glad. Look, I'll pat you more." (Sirius)
“…Yeayyy!" (Reus)
That's right, rejoice to your heart's content.
On another note, while Emilia and Reese were relieved that Reus had regained his spirit, there was an air of jealousy about them because I was petting Reus so much.
Rodwell, returning to our group, laughed as he saw the situation around Reus.
“Huhuhu, as expected of Sirius-kun. Reus became spirited just with that." (Rodwell)
“It was remarkable for Reus to hold his own against that man. There's no need for him to be depressed." (Sirius)
“That's right. I am also grateful, not only for holding off the mercenary, but for fighting against Golia. You have every right to be proud right now." (Rodwell)
I understand that Rodwell had his own expectations for how this would turn out.
However, you're way too lenient about this disturbance and Gregory's escape. Furthermore, you are like this despite Reus being depressed about it to such an extent. I think I'll prepare a bit of a 'counter attack'.
“As expected of headmaster. You've lived for how many hundreds of years, and yet you still strive to improve." (Sirius)
“Of course. People are creatures who cannot help but make mistakes. What's important is that you have a heart that lets you reflect on them." (Rodwell)
“That kind of thinking is fantastic. Well then, in the spirit of reflection and improvement, let's hold back on sweets for now, until you get in shape." (Sirius)
“…Eh?" (Rodwell)
“To be specific, I won't be supplying you with cake for a while." (Sirius)
“Err…wait a sec, Sirius-kun?" (Rodwell)
There is obviously some truth in my words, the headmaster doesn't seem to be able to retort. The man who was overpowering in the eyes of his enemies just a few hours ago, now appeared feeble and lost in thought.
Magna-sensei, who overheard our conversation, was unable to remain indifferent to such a situation, and came over to intervene.
“Sirius-kun, the headmaster has various stressful tasks and responsibilities that are pressuring him, and he never has time to take a vacation. Meanwhile, Sirius-kun's sweets are soothing. I implore you to reconsider." (Magna)
“Magna-sensei. Thank you for protecting Emilia with your golem. As means of thanking you, I'll supply you with a whole cake this time." (Sirius)
“Headmaster, please reflect on it." (Magna)
“Magna!?" (Rodwell)

Finally, once the students who were trapped in the slave collars were released, and those holed up in the classrooms were freed, everyone was able to laugh and start recovering from this incident.
It will be a bitter memory for those involved, especially those trapped by the collars, but they will be more sympathetic to those in similar positions to themselves. They've learned a good lesson through this event, if it is any consolation to them.
Gregory was shunned for his actions, and became an example to everyone in the school. His death was revealed to the students present, and they were told that the ones behind this incident would face capital punishment.
Thus, while more people were involved than should have been, the revolution came to close before ever involving the whole country.


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