Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 73

Things that can be done as a Shishou

After the Dyna Rhodia had fled, Emilia was tired from crying and slept, and then I let Garve and Reus knew about the information that had been proven.
Dyna Rhodia
Although it is a dragon species, it runs around on the ground without having the capability to fly in the sky. It takes advantage of its strong toes and strength to chase preys and eats them.
It is a ferocious monster that also can be called as a small disaster, but because of its scarcity, it is rarely encountered.
Although it doesn't make a flock and only few of them inhabiting, it is said that the Dyna Rhodia only active once a year, and only for a few days.
It will dig mountains and holes where people can't come closer and sleep deep inside the ground. When it wakes up from sleep, it becomes ferocious because of intense hunger. Thus, it attacks monsters and people at random.
After it fulfills his hunger for few days, it will fall asleep again.
Maybe, the Dyna Rhodia which were fought earlier would be the same with the monster that attacked Emilia's and Reus' hometown. It wasn't confirmed wherever the monster was or whether it migrated from a distance place, but will it be enough to say that it is a monsters that will keep attacking until its hunger satisfied?
Maybe that was probably the reason why there were only few monsters while we were on our way to the settlement.
"…Well, that's what I understood from the assault earlier. What do you guys think?" (Sirius)
"I am not sure about the small details, but I think there is no mistake that it had attacked monsters since I could smell various kinds of blood from it." (Reus)
"Yeah, I also concur. By the way… can you release us at once?" (Garve)
It had been around an hour since the attack. However, both of them were tied with [String] and rolled on the ground.
It was because they were too agitated when seeing the enemy. If I released them, they surely would chase the Dyna Rhodia. That's why I thought if I forcibly made them unable to move, they could cool their head off.
At first, they tried to severe the [String] but now they understood that it was impossible and that made them to calm down. Since the magical thread binding their bodies was transparent, they would look miserable for those who didn't know anything. Even if the thread could be seen, they were thoroughly tied like being wrapped with bamboo mat, they would still look miserable anyway.
"I will release you guys, but you can't chase the monster, alright?
"Got it. Aniki has ordered." (Reus)
"Understood.” (Garve)
They seemed able to fight head to head with the Dyna Rhodia, but since it wasn't worth considering if their main attacks were not connecting, they should do it together with me and Reese who can use spells.
I erased the [String] and released them. To be safe, I kept Hokuto behind them beforehand. Thus, when everyone settled down, we began talking about future plan.
"Well, that Dyna Rhodia is your enemy. No matter what it takes, it won't be good if you can't defeat it. Anyhow, did you think you had a chance to win when you attacked it?" (Sirius)
"…I don't know. But, if I keep hitting at the same place, it will definitely be beaten." (Garve)
"It is not an opponent that a sword can't cut. If I'm slash shallowly because I can't cut it deeply, I won't be able to kill it, right?" (Reus)
"Garve will have it rough, and Reus is lacking on impact. Besides, you don't really have to fight with only two of you, you know?" (Sirius)
When I turned around at Emilia who lied down on the bed, Reese who was listening to the discussion while nursing her, put up her fist, asking to leave things to her.
Although she was not good at fighting, she was unusually assertive, maybe it was because of Emilia and Reus. In terms of fighting with that monster, her spirit magic will be reliable.
"There is also Emilia's and Reus' friend. Besides, I can do it with my [Magnum, I think?" (Sirius)
"…Sorry, Aniki. I'm sorry but I don't want Aniki to give help with that guy." (Reus)
"Me too, please. "That enemy of my son, I want to deal it with my own hands…" (Garve)
Reus and Garve pleaded while deeply lowering their heads, but I intended to do so from the beginning. "Reese also seemed to have similar thought, but she looked like she had some conditions.
"Understood. However, if there is an injury, I will absolutely treat it. If not… I will make it submerged." (Reese)
"I'm glad, but this is our problem…" (Garve)
"G-got it, Reese-ane! Isn't this better, Jii-chan? We don't have to worry about getting hurt." (Reus)
"Uhmm… alright." (Garve)
Reus desperately persuaded Garve because he knew that it won't be good if Reese became angry. Reese is gentle and kind, but the truth is she is a troublesome child if she gets angry.
She said that she would submerged it, but if she went all out, she could make a tsunami even if it was a mountain. Spirit magic was as powerful as that. She never got angry that much though.
I probably didn’t have to explain to Hokuto. In reality, he didn't head out in the fight earlier and moved to protect Emilia and Reese.
"Me too. I don't plan to put my hands on the Dyna Rhodia, unless it is necessary. That means, there will be three opponents, including Emilia, for that monster, correct?" (Sirius)
"Aniki, Nee-chan is impossible." (Reus)
"She really can't fight against it if she are frightened like that." (Garve)
"The one who decide whether she wants to fight is not you, but Emilia. Here, until she gets up, everyday…" (Sirius)
I tried to say that they should see the situation, but since their eyes glittering like a beast, I unintentionally closed my mouth.
That was… impossible, I guess.
Even if I hold them back here, there is no mistake that they will sneak out to hunt the monster. Since I am worried if they fight with only two, I'd like everyone to take part in that fight.
Reus pointed at a building in another place that was relatively clean, and then he came up with plans.
"Nee-chan will rest over there. Look, there is a house remained which is still in good shape." (Reus)
"I guess so. I don't want to see that child crying, more than this. It's better to leave this place." (Garve)
"If that's the case, how about Sirius-san stays here? I think Emilia will feel better if you stay before her when she wakes up." (Reese)
That's definitely would help. Although I feel a bit uneasy, if there are Hokuto and Reese, they can sufficiently win against the Dyna Rhodia.
But… that doesn't make any sense.
As Emilia herself directly looked at the Dyna Rhodia, that made her almost impossible to overcome her past days until she fought and defeat it.
Then, the only option was…
"Sirius-san, are you alright?" (Reese)
"Aniki, shall I replace you?" (Reus)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"I'm alright. You guys should preserve your strength." (Sirius)
My only choice was… to carry Emilia on my back, and having everyone challenged the Dyna Rhodia.

Even though the Dyna Rhodia had escaped, many trees mowed down with that huge body, and since traces of blood due to Reus' attack also continued on, the direction of escape was immediately understood.
The trees became spares for a while, but we continued following the blood and footprints as markers. While on our way, I activated [Search] once and pointed to a nearby mountain.
"The reaction of the monster comes from the inside of that mountain. There may be a cave at the foot of it or perhaps, it dig a hole." (Sirius)
"Your ability is truly amazing." (Garve)
"That's Aniki for you. But, isn't there a possibility of other monsters too?" (Reus)
"Didn't my knife stuck in his eyes? So, there is no mistake the reaction is coming from that monster." (Sirius)
That throwing knife was a special order made by the Elysian's blacksmith, Grant. It was a custom-made easy-to-throw knife for me, but since there were not too many of it, I had all of them embedded with magic stones. Even if it disappeared somewhere, it was possible to retrieve it since I could detect the mana in the magic stones.
While we continued walking with the reaction as a landmark, Reese was looking around and tilted her head.
"Come to think of it, there is no monster appears since a while ago." (Reese)
"Maybe they ran away from the Dyna Rhodia, or already eaten by it. Due to that huge body, it may be a monster at the top of food chain in this area." (Sirius)
"Top… is it? But, it's troubling that my attack wasn't connecting. Same goes to Felios." (Garve)
"My sword too. It felt really excruciating for my slash to be stopped until that." (Reus)
Although the skills of those two were enough, the opponent of this time was incompatible because their weapons and attacks were hardly effective.
It couldn't be helped in the case of Garve, and if Reus' sword wasn't a big sword but an ordinary sword, it might have been in different situation.
Reus' greatsword was huge and broad, following Lior's specialization. So, the surface in contact with the inside of the monster was so large, and it was easy to be incorporated in its flesh. If it was a sword specialized for cutting, and not a big sword, it would be enough to cause a fatal injury. It is unknown whether there is such a sword in this world, but if there is, it may be possible to slice it down.
By the way, if it was Lior, I thought he could directly slice it into half. He held that much skill, even if he was stopped midway, he had a power to overcome by his own power. Since he was in a slightly different 'dimension', it would be better to think differently.
"As expected, should I aim for the head? But, it is too severe for an opponent that moves a lot." (Garve)
"Should I not slice it all the way and stab it? But, if it's stopped midway, it will not come out…" (Reus)
Reus and Garve were talking about how to cope with the Dyna Rhodia from earlier, but they seemed unable to come with idea.
I couldn't let them attack it when they lacked of coping methods, but since it was also an enemy of silver wolf tribe, I thought that I also want to proactively give them advice.
"Does Garve have other method of fighting, other than that killer technique?" (Sirius)
"I can only punch and kick." (Garve)
"If that's the case, Garve should act as a support. We should leave Reus to attack the Dyna Rhodia." (Sirius)
Although it won't be too effective, it was possible to crush its assault since it could be blown by Garve's attack. A tactic that let Reus slices while Garve draws its attention or blowing away the monster and making a gap is probably the best.
"Reus, don't slice it's thick belly or neck, aim at the tip of the tail or arms. If it is a thin part, you'll be able to cut the flesh before the flesh wrapped the sword." (Sirius)
"I see. But it seems that it will take some time to beat it." (Reus)
it is inevitable for it to become a long battle with only you guys. That may be demeaning, but it will gradually hurt it. You'll regret if it attacks your settlement later, you know." (Sirius)
"…That's fine. Although I am not likely to kill it with my own hands, as long as that monster is killed, that is already good enough." (Garve)
"Leave it to me, Jii-chan! I will kill it." (Reus)
"Uhmm, alright but do it good." (Garve)
When I realized, Reus and Garve were getting along well, as they bumped their fists together. Normally, Emilia would have joined in there, but unfortunately, she was sleeping on my back.
While confirming their mutual cooperation, I didn't walk in front of them because I didn't want this to be heard. I secretly whispered to Reese who was next to me.
"You will immediately intervene when you feel danger. Reese will support them with long distance wall. And don't use [Aqua Cutter]." (Sirius)
"Understood. In the first place, it would be impossible for me to get closer. Leaving that matter aside, how about Emilia? Are we really going to bring her as it is?" (Reese)
"Yes. Even if she can't fight, there might be some changes if she sees the enemy of her parents being defeated before her." (Sirius)
However, that was an undesirable result.
It would be best for Emilia to stand up on her own and fight against the monster which was the enemy of her parents. Even if she lost or can't persevere when challenging the monster, I don't mind if she complains if I kill the monster. In that situation, Emilia would overcome the past and grow bigger.
"It's hard but you have to try, Emilia. I'll be cheering you no matter what." (Reese)
Reese gently brushed Emilia's head who had a peaceful sleeping face.

There was a big cave discovered when we arrived at the foot of the mountain.
It was enough for the Dyna Rhodia to go through and there were also traces of blood and footprints leading into the cave. There was no mistake that it escape here.
There was a river flowed inside the cave, and a passageway with ceiling that similar to a limestone cave. It was strange to feel cool and nice atmosphere of a cave. It was pure and pleasant to the extent that you wouldn't believe that there was a monster lived in it. On the way inside, Reese, who was watching the river flowing beside the spacious passageway, whispered.
"Whether there is a river nearby, the spirits are also active. In this situation, I can fully demonstrate my power." (Reese)
"That's encouraging. Nevertheless, this cave has been here for a long time. The ground is also solid, so there is no need to worry about the cave collapsing even if the monster goes somewhat rampant." (Sirius)
When examining nearby walls, I didn't feel any possibility for the cave to collapse. It seemed they would be able to fight with confidence. As two of us got excited when hearing it, we proceeded into the cave altogether.
There was a big room at the end of the passageway. It had a size of a dome located in major cities of the previous life with an open space on its ceiling where blue sky was visible. The sunlight poured into the center of the room, it was a slightly magical spectacle.
There could be a trace of historical ruins, but since we were not really historical enthusiast, we didn't have plan to explore. What we understood at present that the cave's dead end was here, and that mean the Dyna Rhodia was completely cornered.
And on top of the stone paving spread all over the inner part of the room, there was the Dyna Rhodia that display its back while devouring something. It was probably monster which were hunt while escaping here. The sound of crunching meats and bones reached even here.
"We finally cornered this bastard!" (Reus)
"That will be the last meal you eat. This time… it's your turn to be hunted!" (Garve)
Their fighting spirits seemed good enough, and they slowly stepped into the center of the open space. The Dyna Rhodia also noticed us. It stopped eating and turned its bloody face to our direction.
The wound that Reus had slashed was completely healed when I looked at its belly. Its flesh was sturdy and it absorbed impact. Plus, it had excellent regenerative ability. I thought that was really a troublesome opponent.
As I looked at the two who stepped forward without feeling afraid, Emilia, who I carried on my back, slowly woke up. It seemed she had awaken, so the setting appeared to be in place.
"Aah.. Sirius…-sama?" (Emilia)
"Have you woke up?" (Sirius)
"Yes. "Sirius-sama's back… it's very warm…" (Emilia)
Emilia understood that I was carrying her, and she was making spoiled voice while getting closer to my head with a blurry looking face. It looked like she was completely half asleep, she didn't noticed the Dyna Rhodia that was looking here.
While displaying such a carefree atmosphere, the battle at the frontline was about to start.
"I will attract it from the front. Here I go!" (Garve)
"I leave that to you, Jii-chan!" (Reus)
At the moment when Reus and Garve kicked the ground and began to run, the Dyna Rhodia turned to the ceiling and released a roar.
"Do you think that such a roar is effective now!?" (Garve)
"I'm going to shred it with my sword!" (Reus)
The roar unleashed a shock wave to the surrounding. It didn't only reach the entire cave, but also went through the ceiling and reverberated to the outside of the cave. Although they both didn't flinched with the roar of that extent… I felt somewhat uncomfortable. This roar seemed to be different from the one that released in the settlement. Hokuto, who stood next to me, also had same feeling. He appeared to be on alert while moving his ears several times.
But the biggest problem was that Emilia, who was sleeping on my back, completely woke up with that roar.
"Aa…aaahh…Nooo…" (Emilia)
"Get a grip, Emilia! Don't look away from it!" (Sirius)
Emilia trembled the moment she realized that the enemy was there. She buried her face on my back as if she didn't want to see it. However, she was calmer compared to before, thanks to the fact that she was in close contact with me for the second time. She slowly lifted her face in response to my voice.
"Isn't that the enemy of your parents? Most importantly, you need to fight it. Look at it and don't turn away your sight." (Sirius)
"Ye-… yes. I have to take on…the enemy of… Okaa-san… and Otou-san." (Emilia)
While Emilia's breathing started to get rough, she began to unravel her hands from my neck, trying to get off from my back.
At that time, the two who were fighting on the front line were exchanging blows, but they seemed to be slightly struggling, more than what I expected. Reus somehow managed to slice a finger on its hand, but the Dyna Rhodia tried to eat by biting him without being frightened at all.
"I went over there!" (Garve)
"Damn, are you not daunted even by this!?" (Reus)
Every time the monster roared because of their offense and defense, Emilia's fighting spirit gathered was dispelled, and she attached herself on my back again. Although it had been repeated many times already, Emilia kept trying to stand on her feet without breaking her spirit.
"Jii-chan, it's dangerous!" (Reus)
"Kuhh!? Until that extent…!" (Garve)
Although they had a break while on our way here, both of them were continuously fighting since morning, and they were mentally exhausted because they saw the ruined settlement. Garve was about to be eaten because his concentration was disturbed, but he made a big jump to the side to avoid it.
He was save, but again it might be difficult for two people.
But, when Emilia looked at the sight, it awake the mental trauma of the past.
"Aah… Okaa-san… Otou-san…" (Emilia)
The vision of the past came back, and this time, Emilia buried herself on my back and stopped lifting her face up. Reese was desperately trying to encourage Emilia… but unfortunately, we were already out of time.
I thought that this would be bad for Emilia and Reese, but since I had no time, I thought that I should go for a rough treatment.
"Lets step back for a bit. Reese too, follow us." (Sirius)
"Eh!? U-understood." (Reese)
We turned our back from the sight of two people fighting the monster, and we returned to the passageway from the room.
I forcibly put Emilia down from my back in a place where the figure of the monster couldn't be seen at all. I looked at her who was still crying. Reese was anxiously looking from the side, but I told her not to say anything.
As soon as Emilia put on the ground, she tried to stick it to me, but I stopped her by holding her shoulders.
"Noo… don't leave me…" (Emilia)
"Emilia… do you really want to overcome your past?" (Sirius)
"I want to get over it… I want to! But… no matter how many times I tried… no matter how many times you told me… I am afraid of that monster!" (Emilia)
"Scary… is it? Don't you have sufficient capabilities to fight that monster?" (Sirius)
"Even so, my feet… my body… I can't move them! It might be… impossible for me. Please, Sirius-sama. That monster… Okaa-san and Otou-san's enemy…" (Emilia)
"Emilia!" (Sirius)
I really yelled at Emilia.
Emilia was shocked because it was the first time for me having an angry voice. I put my hands on Emilia's cheeks, and spoke with a serious expression.
"I will not allow this any longer. I don't remember bringing up a disciples that is such a whiner." (Sirius)
"Auu…" (Emilia)
"Are you scared? Is it painful? But for me… it is pointless to run away. Even if I defeat or remove the enemy, you'll regret it forever if you are not doing anything." (Sirius)
Although she wanted to get over the past, I understood the frustration of not able to take one step ahead because of fear. However, instead of overcoming it by a stepping stone made by others, she had to get over it with her own feet.
"No matter how scared you are, stand on your own feet and face the monster. I have trained your mind and body, so you can do it." (Sirius)
"But… still…" (Emilia)
"If you say that you can't do it…" (Sirius)
I turned my back to Emilia, and talked to her while turning my head around.
"You're not qualified to be my disciple." (Sirius)
"!?" (Emilia)
I looked away from her, like I was completely losing interest, and as if I was looking at a stone on a roadside. I left Emilia and walked away.

It made me remember while walking through the cave's passageway.
The expression of Emilia that I looked at right before I looked back was stained with despair. Even if I said that she wasn't qualified to be my disciple, it didn't mean that I abandoned her. it's just that the title of disciple would be no more. Since it didn't change the fact that she was an attendant, she would still be by my side.
But she wasn't proud to be an attendant. She was proud because she was my disciple. Whether that pride was stronger than the trauma of the monster, it would be the key this time. Which was why I purposely push her aside.
However, if she couldn't stand up and do something… I really won't forgive her if she called herself as my disciple. Whatever happened… it was all depending on Emilia.
The truth was, I wanted to hid and watched her over, but… I had something else to do. Although it couldn't be helped, I continued walking towards the outside of the cave while sighing since I had pushed my disciple away.
While I was on my way out, Reese was running and chasing me, as if she had something to say. When I matched my eyes with Reese's, she was looking at me like she was condemning me, but that was also probably couldn't be helped. It would have been different if she remained there, but when judging the situation, she also seemed abandoning Emilia.
"…Would it be fine if you're not with Emilia?" (Sirius)
"If there is something, the spirits will tell me, so it's alright. Leaving that aside, why did you say that to Emilia?" (Reese)
"She is still my attendant, so Emilia will still be my side, you know? It's just that the title of disciple is no longer applicable." (Sirius)
"I think Sirius-san know how important that title for Emilia. Is there no other way?" (Reese)
“Maybe there is, but I don't have the time. Afterward… I will only believe the strength of Emilia's heart." (Sirius)
"…Time?" (Reese)
When I left the cave while Reese had a doubt, Hokuto welcomed us.
He was already here by the time Reus and Garve began fighting. It seemed that he was preparing in the case that I would not make it in time. As expected of my partner. I stroked Hokuto's head who was sitting in the direction of the forest. He shook his tail, expressing the pleasure.
"…I am more or less understand that you haven't abandoned Emilia. More importantly, why does Sirius-san and Hokuto go out? We have to help Reus and Garve-san, aren't we?" (Reese)
"Sorry, I can't help with that. There are hoardes of monsters rushing towards this cave." (Sirius)
"Eh!? Why is that?" (Reese)
"That monster… the Dyna Rhodia roared towards the sky just before the fight, correct? That wasn't a roar of intimidation, it was a special roar that attracted surrounding monsters." (Sirius)
After the Dyna Rhodia roaring towards the sky, I activated [Search] in a wider range. And then, I captured the responses of nearby monsters coming towards here all at once.
I wasn't so sure whether it was a call to gather them, but that monster also had this ability. I understood why its other name was 'calamity'.
In other words, the incident where the assault on Emilia's hometown was not caused by nature, but by the Dyna Rhodia. I thought that the Dyna Rhodia was a part of the monsters that attacked the settlement, but it was the culprit.
According to my deduction, that special roar stimulated enemies and I thought it had an effect to attract unconsciously. I didn't participate in the battle merely because I felt uncomfortable. However, Reus and Garve, who received the roar, were clearly became more aggressive.
This ability was probably for gathering monsters and eating them efficiently. The reason why there were many monsters when Garve visited the place was because this Dyna Rhodia occasionally woke up and gathered enemy, and the rest seemed to be the leftovers.
"I have to tell everyone soon!" (Reese)
"That's not good. I am not sure whether those two who are fighting inside will listen, and it will still take some time for Emilia to make a decision. I have to hold the monsters here so it won't be a hindrance for them." (Sirius)
"I will fight too!" (Reese)
"Sorry, I want Reese to take care of Emilia. I don't know what will she decide, but I want you to watch her by the side. Besides, I'm not alone, you know?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
The sitting Hokuto stood up and barked while waving the tail. I made a smile to reassure Reese.
"As you can see, he is a reliable partner, so please don't worry. Besides, I am your Shishou. I won't be done by the monsters." (Sirius)
"But… alright. I definitely don't think that Sirius-san will be defeated by the monsters." (Reese)
"Yeah, no matter how much monsters around here gathered, it won't be a problem. I am more anxious about the two who are fighting inside. If Emilia gets back on her feet, I want her to help them as soon as possible." (Sirius)
Although she nodded, she was somehow not satisfied. And then, I took off the longcoat that I wore. I thought of taking off the coat, which was an easy-to-move battle dress, and leave it in front of the cave, but anyway…
"Reese, if Emilia recovers, please hand this coat to her. There are weapons prepared, and it should prevent a light impact." (Sirius)
"…Understood." (Reese)
Seeing Reese folded the coat and held it on chest, I began warming up while thinking about plans. Judging from the speed of the monsters, I would be able to see them in a few minutes. I was going to lay traps after finished warming up, but for some reason Reese wasn't moving from the spot.
"What's wrong? How long are you going…" (Sirius)
"Sirius-san…" (Reese)
When I turned around, Reese's face was close to me, and she kissed my cheek. Although it was a light kiss, Reese slowly moved away while blushing.
"Ac-according to the legends told in books, it was said that goddess and saintess gave their blessing through a kiss. I am not a real saintess, but since I have feelings for you, I think… that is surely a blessing. So… that…" (Reese)
Doing it on her own had made her flustered, as if she was going to die at any time soon. While looking at her flustered condition, I naturally floated a smile.
"You don't have to smile!" (Reese)
"My bad. The blessing of a saintess… I surely received it. It seems I will be able to defeated monsters easily from now on." (Sirius)
"I-I don't think there is such an effect, but please don't do the impossible. I'm not sure about Emilia or Reus, but if something happens to Sirius-san, I also… don't like it." (Reese)
"Well then, for the sake of the disciples, shall I emphasize safety first?" (Sirius)
"Yes! Hokuto too, please. You must not… overdo it." (Reese)
"Woof…" (Hundred Wolves)
Finally, I saw Reese went back to the cave after she hugged Hokuto.
As time went by, the forest became more noisy. I tried a highly accurate [Seach] to count how many monsters were coming.
"…Oh dear, they gathered well until here. This much is a lavish feast." (Sirius)
The monsters were displayed in red in the brain radar, but what I saw in front of me were superbly red in color. Even if I made a slight estimation, there were about 200 of various sizes.
Nevertheless… I couldn't withdraw.
"Now… let's quickly clear it up because I have to go to see the conditions of the disciples. "Are you ready?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
I looked at the trustworthy Hokuto, switched on the brain switch for battle.
Although the number was small, I already confirmed the appearance of flying monsters in the sky. It would probably reach earlier than the monsters that ran on the ground, so let's start clearing the sky first.
I stretched out my hand toward the sky, while raising magical power.
"From here on… I won't let even a single one pass." (Sirius)
— Emilia —
"You're not qualified to be my disciple." (Sirius)
When that was said, I was seeing the appearance of Sirius-sama turning around and leaving… I couldn't nothing but seeing it because I was shocked.
And the gaze aimed at me was like seeing a stone lying around here.
As if that eyes were looking at miserable people, without having any expectation and interest. I felt more scared than I was with the monster.
I didn't like it…
I was sad…
And more than that… it was mortifying for Sirius-sama to make that kind of gaze.
Sirius-sama intentionally pushed me away to cheer me up. But those words weren't a lie. If I couldn't do anything, Sirius-sama would mercilessly give up on me.
I don't want that.
I would like to be able to communicate with each other without having to exchange words, like Hokuto… What am I doing?
If I was stuck with such a thing, I won't be relied on forever. I will be…forever protected.
I want Sirius-sama to depend on me. He won't leave me no matter what happens, sharing joyful things together, supporting during sad times, and protecting him when he is in danger.
That is the repayment for everything because I was saved by Sirius-sama. I was entrusted by Erina-san, and I sincerely wished for it.
But even so… I was ungracefully crying and clinging on Sirius-sama, and now I was stuck at this place because I was scared of a single monster.
Though I am ashamed, and regretted… it can't be help to be afraid of that monster that took Okaa-san and Otou-san away. Whenever I saw that appearance, the scene where I could hear Okaa-san and Otou-san being eaten appeared every time.
Many times over… and over… even if I was being cheered up, my body wouldn't move.
"Emilia…" (Reese)
When I noticed… Reese stood before me while I buried my head between knees, and I was unconsciously relieved. I am relieved that I am not abandoned.
While feeling miserable, Reese put her hands on my shoulders and gently spoke.
"You see… Sirius-sama went outside the cave." (Reese)
Even if she said that he went outside, I didn't think that he would run away. I thought that there was definitely something wrong, but I was about to hold my breath because of the words that Reese said next.
"Hordes of monsters are approaching this cave. Sirius-san went outside to stop it." (Reese)
Hordes of… monsters?
At that moment, the scene of monsters attacking my hometown came up. Without being able to endure the mayhem of the numbers, adults were eaten one by one… and Otou-san…
Such hordes of monsters… and Sirius-sama was…
"Why…?" (Emilia)
"It seemed that monster attracts other monsters with it roars. Sirius-san said that it might running away here on purpose to corner us." (Reese)
"It can't be true! Then, why is Reese here? Why did you not fighting together?" (Emilia)
"I wanted to stay! However… I was asked to take care of you." (Reese)
"Aah…" (Emilia)
When I lifted my face with all that feelings, Reese was watching me with a serious expression.
Yeah… that's right. Reese doesn't like to fight, but she wouldn't come here without saying anything.
"Sorry. Because of me…" (Emilia)
"Even if he didn't ask me to take of you, he would definitely tell me to leave. I am worried, but Sirius-san was on confident when he said that he would annihilate it, and since Hokuto also is there, I'm sure he will come back safely." (Reese)
"He is that kind of person." (Emilia)
"Hehe… he is our Shishou. Say Emilia, is it fine to leave things as it is?" (Reese)
"…I don't want it." (Emilia)
Sirius-sama was fighting too, but what should I do with this?
The monster is scary.
It is scary but…
"I don't want… Sirius-sama… to hate me…" (Emilia)
If I stay just like this, the eyes that he displayed when he was leaving… he would really mean it.
That is… scary.
Compared to the monster… it is… it is..
"Hey, Reese." (Emilia)
"Yes?" (Reese)
"Hit… me." (Emilia)
"… I'm really going to do it, you know?" (Reese)
"Please." (Emilia)
Reese slapped my cheek without reservation. Although Reese isn't good at being angry, I feel her kindness when she seriously slapped me.
"That might be a bit strong…" (Reese)
"It's alright. Because I have snap out." (Emilia)
Such pain was natural for myself since I was miserable until now. While appreciating Reese who didn't hold back, I breathed out and put strength on my body.
It's alright… I can get up this time.
Yeah, when I compared to the eyes displayed by Sirius-sama…
"Such a monster… it is not scary at all!" (Emilia)
My body didn't move because my heart succumbed to fear. I was able to get up by suppressing that fear.
I immediately confirmed the circulation of mana. I clasped fist for several times and tried to check the body movement. It seemed that I was able to move without problems.
If that's the case, I can fight!
"Thanks for waiting, Reese. Let's go immediately." (Emilia)
"Where to?" (Reese)
"Of course, we're going to the Dyna Rhodia which is fought by Reus and Ojii-chan!" (Emilia)
"Yeah, let’s go! Aah… before that, please wear this." (Reese)
Reese gave the long coat worn by Sirius-sama.
The fact that Reese kept this means that Sirius-sama was going all out.
I can't lose… either.
"He gave you permission to wear it. I think you should wear it, more than I am right now." (Reese)
"Thank you, Reese." (Emilia)
Although it was a little bigger, I immediately put the sleeve through the coat, I stopped the belt and tightly fixed it.
It was invented by Sirius-sama and custom-made by Gargan Company. It was light and hardly deter the movement. There were set of disposable magic stone and throwing knife prepared by Sirius-sama, so the weaponry was prepared.
The most important thing was the smell of Sirius-sama. I understood that this might be just my imagination, but I felt relieved as if Sirius-sama watched nearby.
"Let's go. Let's defeat that monster and get recognition from Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
"Yeah, let's go!" (Reese)
Before running back into the inner side of the cave together with Reese, I looked back toward the entrance once.
I couldn’t see his fighting appearance from here, but if it was Sirius-sama, it seemed that he would defeat it without any problem, even if it was hordes of monsters. Besides, Hokuto is also with him this time. Even if a whole country like Elysion becomes his enemy, I feel that he is going to win without getting hurt at all.
That's why… it will be alright.
That person will surely come back in front of us with an innocent look.
"Emilia, we were discussion about the information of the monster while you were sleeping, but…" (Reese)
"Well, can you explain? I will devise tactics." (Emilia)
Sirius-sama… please be safe.
I will definitely defeat the monster and overcome the past because I will stay by your side.

Extra/Bonus 1
If there is a status window…
"Sirius-san…" (Reese)
※Sirius obtained a saintess' blessing.
Motivation has risen by ten.
It feels like… the strength has risen by 20%.
Maybe… the agility has risen by 20%.
I think… the luck has risen by 10%.
[Gluttony] skill is temporarily gained.
[Gluttony] skill is removed.
"Don't you need it!?" (Reese)
"Nope!" (Sirius)
Extra/Bonus 2
Hokuto's feelings
Currently… Hokuto was full of joy.
Even if there were countless of monsters coming at him.
He heard from his master that the hordes were slightly over hundred.
An ordinary person will run away when they realize it, but since the juniors are fighting inside the cave, the master is trying to directly attack them in order to protect the entrance of the cave.
And if the master says he is going to fight, he has no choice other than fighting together with him.
At this time, the juniors are probably fighting in the cave.
In order for the juniors to devote themselves to battle, the master said that the entrance must be defended, and he was waiting for the monsters to come while warming up.
For the sake of cute disciples even for him, it is understood that the strength is flowing within him.
But.. he was happier because he was able to fight together with his master.
Since he was an ordinary dog in the previous life, he was frustrated many times, not being able to become the strength for his master.
And after being reincarnated, he had fought monsters and robbers many times since he met his master again, but since the master and the juniors cleared them up, there were many occasions where his assistance was less needed.
But now is different.
The master clearly needs his strength. He is glad to be relied by his favorite master.
If he didn’t need to protect the cave, he could clean them up alone.
"Now… let's quickly clear it up because I have to go to see the conditions of the disciples. "Are you ready?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
'Leave it to me', after loudly howling that, he impatiently wait for the master's command.
In order to annihilate the enemies of the master, that was the moment the strength exploded, Hokuto kept waiting with pleasure.


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