Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 128

Chapter 128 The Conclusion of the Incident
Despite the damage of some parts of the castle and to some people, it was miraculous that no one was killed when the battle ended.
However, as for the matter of huge monster and the herds of Lindworms attacks, it was happened to the extent that the country collapsed.
Because of that, the area surrounding of the castle was noisy even though it was late at night. As our battle ended, the soldiers and the attendants of the castle began to move restlessly at the same time. They were busy confirming the damage and cleaning up the corpses of the Lindworms.
In the meantime, we were gathered in one corner of the battleground that had already become wreckage.
“…I understood the situation in general. Anyhow, is it alright if we don’t touch McDatt?” (Keith)
“That’s right. Other than him mentioning his identity, we don’t know anything beyond that.” (Eisen)
The ones who overlook Belford, who possessed McDatt, were the surprised Beast King and Keith.
Belford was now put on the ground, being tied up by [String] and we were surrounding him.
I still wanted to ask him questions, and since there was a possibility of the consciousness might be taken over similar to McDatt if he was unnecessarily touched, I told everyone not to come near to him.
“What are you going to do, Aniki?” (Reus)
“Sirius-sama, you told Beast king-sama that you were aiming for McDatt-san, it seemed you were considering something, wasn’t it?” (Emilia)
“Yeah. I’m not sure if I can save him, but if I leave things as it is, I would feel bad about it later.” (Sirius)
‘Let’s put together the information for a bit.’
From the conversations that took place before the battle, it seemed that McDatt was still alive. He was just being possessed.
In order not to make people of the surroundings suspected him, he told that he acted similar like the real McDatt except when necessary.
Perhaps, Belford was on the surface when McDatt’s consciousness was completely sleeping, or he was made to think so by implication or he was tricked so as not to have a feeling out of place.
“Anyway, if I can force Belford out from the body, McDatt is highly likely to be safe.” (Sirius)
With the exception of his name, his existence was puzzling, but I might be able to find something if I touched his body and [Scan]ed him.
When I told that to everyone, the one that displayed the most response was the Beast King.
“Although it has been decided, I would like to help you if I can. Do you want me to do anything?” (Eisen)
“You don’t have to do anything. I’ll be doing as much as I can.” (Sirius)
He was tied up with [String] at present, but this was also considered as touching him through magical threads. But since I didn’t feel anything, it was unlikely to be possessed by touching him through mana.
That might be due to him being fainted, but since there was no progress in this matter, it seemed that we had to make contact with him even though it was dangerous.
Incidentally, as we had decided, Belford, who was fainted, woke up and vaguely stared at us.
“Uh… Beast King-…sama?” (McDatt/Belford)
“Is that you… McDatt?” (Eisen)
“Yes… I am. Apparently I had done something unforgivable while I was possessed.” (McDatt/Belford)
Whether he had decided that there was no need to care about McDatt’s consciousness since the identity was out, it looked like he remembered all the events of today.
He remembered the events like implicating Isabella and Keith to bring Mea to him, using magic tools at the top of the castle to give instructions to Dragloss, and he learned that Belford was moving doing all that behind the scenes.
“The culprit is not you, but that guy. Leaving that aside, what happened to Belford? We can’t talk like this you know. He is still inside you, right?” (Eisen)
“…Since I don’t feel that unpleasant feeling, he may have disappeared from me.” (McDatt/Belford)
“What!? Where is he now!?” (Eisen)
“I remember it is when I was falling. It was when Beast King-sama leaped at the end, but since that guy thought that you were targeting me, he seemed to move onto the monster underfoot just before that attack.” (McDatt/Belford)
If it was so, Dragloss, which was the monster underfoot, already become a junk of meat. That meant that Belford had already disappeared.
Although he was an enemy who aimed at his sister, Keith seemed unable to hide the unsatisfactory feeling.
Accordingly, when I looked at the presences approaching this direction, Isabella, who leaped into the forest in order to save her daughter, came back with Mary.
Although it was within walking distance when she rescued Mea, it took her long time to return back her. She probably leaped a considerable distance and it looked like she was so desperate trying to save the daughter to that extent.
“…I’m back.” (Isabella)
“Hmm, have you returned. It seems Mary is also safe.” (Eisen)
“Of course. There is not even a single wound on this child.” (Isabella)
I could hardly feel the emotion as ever, but the expression was obviously different.
Isabella pulled Mea into her chest while rubbing her cheeks against, while looking ecstatic. To be honest, it was quite suspicious. I had a feeling that the sleeping Mea was having a nightmare.
“Mother… I’m so jealous! Change to me!” (Keith)
“Nope.” (Isabella)
With envy feeling, Keith rushed over, but Isabella took a distance and not letting him to get close. It looked like she was moving in quite violent manner, but she made used of high technique so as not to wake Mea up.
I thought that the Beast King would react if Mea was involved, but he didn’t try to leave McDatt from the beginning.
“…Hey, McDatt. Are you already alright?” (Eisen)
“Yes. I am sincerely thinking that I would like to serve Beast King-sama from now on while making up the crimes I have done. However… I am ready to leave this country if you say that you can’t forgive me.” (McDatt/Belford)
“There is no need to leave. As I said earlier, everything is caused by him.” (Eisen)
“That’s very generous of you… thank you very much. Well then, I would like to be treated immediately, would you please release me?” (McDatt/Belford)
“I can’t do that.” (Eisen)
McDatt requested his release, but the Beast king plainly rejected him.
Hmm… I guessed he was a doting King after all.
“Ooh, as expected of Beast King-sama. Are you thinking about the possibility that that guy is still in me? If you doubt that he really has disappeared, so it may be better to put me in jail for a while.” (McDatt/Belford)
“How long are you, bastard, going to fool around?” (Eisen)
“Th-that’s not true! Just put me in prison…” (McDatt/Belford)
“There is no need to put you in prison! How well do you know about the relationship between me and McDatt? Do you think I would believe that you are the real person by imitating that face and voice!?” (Eisen)
“Father!? Is that true?” (Keith)
“Keith. If you succeed the king, you are not only training your body, but also need to train the eyes that see people. Our enemy is still remained inside McDatt.” (Eisen)
I thought that Belford might still be in there because of the disturbance of mana, but I had no confidence at the degree of the Beast king.
As the Beast King stood among his people and leading them, I guessed it was different because they were friends.
“Is that so!? I was somehow concern about it since earlier… was it because of that?” (Reus)
It seemed that Reus thought that it was doubtful with his sixth sense which I didn’t understand well.
Due to the sharp gazes from us and the Beast King, the weak expression which was displayed on McDatt’s face changed to Belford’s kind of smile.
“…This is more than I expected. Should I say that you really are the King?” (Belford)
“You should know about people more. Well, you probably don’t understand well since you’re thinking of people as materials for experiment.” (Eisen)
“Do you think I will change if I hear to such words? I don’t deny that I was having fun, but I was doing it with the corresponding resolution. You should know more about the thought of a lunatic here.” (Belford)
“Oi, we have already cleared up your monster and the Lindworms. Do you understand the situation?” (Keith)
“Indeed, I do. Look, you can do it if you want to do it, right?” (Belford)
He asked Belford whether he understood the situation, but on the other hand, Belford became defiant and that made Keith to be agitated.
“My greatest masterpiece, Dragloss, was torn down, and I was arrested in such a way. It is my complete defeat.” (Belford)
“You accept the defeat, is it? If that’s the case, get out from that body immediately. No, before that, spit whatever you have done so far.” (Eisen)
“Huh? Why do I have to go out? I am indeed defeated, but I hold resentment for interfering with my experiment and Dragloss. If I have to disappear, I will do that after accomplishing my goal regardless how small it is.” (Belford)
“Bastard!” (Eisen)
“No matter how much you threaten me, it is pointless since you don’t know my true identity. And if I don’t go out on my accord, I will keep this man until he dies. In other words, if you make me die, I have no choice but to get rid of this man!” (Belford)
He wasn’t going to do it, probably… or he was bluffing.
Plus, I didn’t really mind if he was really died. In the first place, he said that he was a death-transcending entity, and perhaps, the sense of that was different.
If it was about death, it did give unpleasant feeling… as if he died after getting involved in grand scale matter.
“Beast King-sama. Do-don’t worry about me. This kind of existence… I can’t forgive him…” (McDatt)
“McDatt!?” (Eisen)
“Oops, it’s no good. That might be the real voice just now? Hey, come on. If the man himself allows you to do it, will that be alright?” (Belford)
“Kuh! McDatt… I’m sorry.” (Eisen)
“Father…” (Keith)
I guessed that he had already made the decision. The Beast King clenched his fist while breathing heavily.
…This wasn’t the time to leisurely look at this. I feel bad since he made up his mind, but that would be the last resort. First off, it was still not too late to try many things.
Then, I stood in front of the Beast King when he was about to raise his fist to forcibly interrupt him.
“Please wait, Beast King-sama. Didn’t you say a while ago that you would leave him to me?” (Sirius)
“Hmm… sorry. It seems he manages in provoking me. I’m still inexperienced.” (Eisen)
“Your friend’s life is depending on you after all. Well then, please stay away from me, just to be sure.” (Sirius)
Not only the Beast King, the disciples and Hokuto who were beside me also took a step back. After that, I stood in front of Belford, who was amazed as if he was let down.
He was also a lunatic culprit who only scheme if he benefited from it, and he put up an annoying face at me.
“Cheh… if you weren’t here, everything would have gone well. So, what are you going to do to me?” (Belford)
“Obviously, I’m going to examine you. I guess that you are going to bite if I do it from the front, so I’m going to do it from the back of your body.” (Sirius)
“Are you going to touch me? You’re expressly offering your body to me, aren’t you?” (Belford)
“That is bluff, right? Too bad, I already have some idea about the requirements for possessing people, you know.” (Sirius)
And then, I tried to touch with my hand after going to his back which was the blind spot, but before that…
“Reus, come here for a bit.” (Sirius)
“What is it, Aniki?” (Reus)
“If you judge that I am possessed by him… kill me without hesitation.” (Sirius)
“Eh… Aniki?” (Reus)
I should prepare for the worst case scenario.
The reason I whispered that and gave instruction only to Reus because his intuition was sharp beyond words. To put it simply, there was a possibility that he would surpass me in the future.
I would kill myself if possible, and I probably should also leave it to Hokuto.
To be honest, that was a harsh instruction, but… this was also an experience.
However, that would be the worst assumption. I wasn’t desperate. I was just making a move with a certain degree of certainty.
“Well, do that if I’m possessed. If you stand next to me, I want you to know that you need to be prepared for that.” (Sirius)
“Aniki. I…” (Reus)
“It’s alright, you don’t have to decide it now. Besides, if my assumption is correct, I think that he can’t move his consciousness if I touch him. So, you don’t have to worry.” (Sirius)
According to the story, it seemed that the entity moved from the previous body when McDatt chest was bitten.
In other words, he possessed through a mucosal contact…
“Or he was embedding something… either way.” (Sirius)
I touched Belford’s back after Reus separated from him, but nothing happened as expected.
As I confirmed nothing happen, I used [Scan] while sharpening my senses, and… I caught a reaction that in a position which was slightly off the heart.
“…Found it. Is that your core?” (Sirius)
The situation was totally different, but it felt a bit nostalgic.
At that time, it was certainly… well, Reese asked for my helped, and I took the thing that was embedded in her sister’s arm.
“I’m not sure what the reason is, but Belford… your identity is a manastone that is embedded in the chest, right?” (Sirius)
“You… who are you, really?” (Belford)
“Well? I am your enemy, and that is for certain.” (Sirius)
When the entity bit by using its previous body, it put the manastone into the tooth. It seemed that was how this situation started.
Belford was violently trembling only for a moment because of my findings, but then, he had a fearless smile immediately.
“…It is splendid since you are able to find my true identity, but what can you do about it? Are you going to gouge the chest to take me out? I wonder if this guy can live in such a state–…” (Belford)
“I know a full detail about the structure of human body. If I shoot straight at this angle, I will not hit the heart, but I can still shoot your manastone.” (Sirius)
There were many examples that people were saved even if the chest was shot with a gun.
The bullet wasn’t only goes off the vital parts, it could miraculously penetrate the body without damaging important blood vessels.
Of course, if it didn’t follow with a subsequent treatment, it could cause bleeding to death or infection…
“Reese. Please prepare for the treatment.” (Sirius)
“Yes, leave it to me!” (Reese)
We had Reese who excelled in therapeutic magic.
It was impossible for Reese to perform a direct surgery like cutting and connecting the body, but the ability of treating wounds already surpassed me.
As soon as I shot it out and the treatment with Reese magic began, the small hole in the chest would be healed immediately.
“…There is an existence like you, huh?” (Belford)
“Everything is overcome due to your self-conceit.” (Sirius)
I wasn’t sure if I could remove it, but it would have been different if the manastone was closer to the heart.
Hokuto and Reus pressed Belford’s body down since we judge that it was fine to touch him, but surprisingly, he was quiet. Did he understand that he could no longer escape because he knew the penetration power of [Magnum]?
Then, I was concentrating mana on the fingertips while paying attention to the release angle, Belford sighed as if he had accepted that notion.
“What an unusual ability. You and I are the same…” (Belford)
“… In terms of being out of an ordinary person, sure, we are the same.” (Sirius)
“Yeah. The existence that is out of ordinary like you and me will be feared by the surrounding. They will regard us as dangerous, and we are destined to be targeted from all over the world. You will give in to the darkness of the world, and the only future you’ll have is despair.” (Belford)
“Despair… is it?” (Sirius)
It could be said that what he said wasn’t wrong in a way.
It was the instinct of man to be afraid to those powerful and those who held an unknown power.
But… to despair…?
I had tasted such a feeling to the point that I hate it so much in the previous life.
However, I didn’t overcome the isolation feeling with Shishou and the enemy lines in battles.
Moreover, I was called the world’s strongest in the previous life, but if I changed the perspective, it also meant that I had a lot of enemies. Hence, I was used to be hated and targeted.
“What about being scared with the future that doesn’t proceed the way you want? After all, you and I are not the same, you know?” (Sirius)
I didn’t know what happened to him in the past, but I had something clearly different from him.
“Well? I wonder if the delusion of selfishness is over.” (Fia)
“We will not make him feel despaired. It’s because Sirius-san is not alone!” (Reese)
“Sirius-sama has us with him. There is no way he will walk over the path of solitude.” (Emilia)
“Whether it is despair or anything, I will slice trivial things like that!” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
My techniques were also tempered, but in the previous life, I survived by trusting my companions and partner.
That didn’t change even after I reincarnated in a different world.
I had disciples who trusted and supported the current me. They were my companions and my families.
“Beside, if you stand before me, it is just a matter of eliminating you with full power. Do you think that you can shake us with the last few pointless talks?” (Sirius)
“Hummph! You’re impertinent until the end, is it? Your name… can you say it one more time?” (Belford)
“…Sirius.” (Sirius)
“Sirius. Live and struggle as far as you can, alright!” (Belford)
“…Pointless until the end, huh.” (Sirius)
I was slightly amazed.
Such a thing was common when it was about life.
Since it was dangerous to crush a manastone in his body, I shot [Magnum] that was squeezed out, and the manastone came out together with blood from the back of McDatt.
“Now!” (Sirius)
“Everyone, please! Healing water that connects life…” (Reese)
“Yes!” (Emilia)
“Ouu!” (Reus)
McDatt was wrapped in healing water caused by Reese’s magic and at the same time, the blade of wind Emilia unleashed from the side to the magic stone that danced in the air. Finally, Reus’ greatsword was swung down and the mana stone shattered.
It was a disappointing way to end it, but the vexing expression he made at the end was really impressive. Even though the face was McDatt’s…
Reese’s treatment ended after a while. When I reported that McDatt was only fainted but still breathing, the Beast King let out a deep breath as if he was relieved.
“I see. With this, it’s all over.” (Eisen)
“Yes. McDatt-san will probably wake up tomorrow, but I’m not sure if he remembers the time when he was manipulated. And please bear in mind, I think that this has strong effect on his mind, so…” (Sirius)
“Hmm, that would be my job. Nevertheless, this country may have been destroy if you aren’t here. I don’t know how to return the favor.” (Eisen)
“I would say that this is a result of accidental development. Besides… this is my destiny.” (Sirius)
“By the way, what about the state of the princess that is said to be the cause of all this?” (Fia)
In the words of Fia, everyone looked at Mea , but the princess was sleeping with a gentle look as she was embraced by her mother.
Mea’s secret was revealed because of Belford, but I was really glad since she was put into sleep because I judged that it was still early for her to know the fact.
It was troubling if she misunderstood that she was loved because of her ability that attracted the surroundings. It might be due to the ability, but at least, Mea’s family and the surrounding people genuinely loved her.
I had to tell her about that secret before long, but… I would wait for now until the situation calmed down a bit more.
Anyway, for now, I was really glad that I could protect that gentle sleeping face.
“…Cute girl.” (Isabella)
“Dang it, what do you mean… well, my sister is still the best!” (Keith)
“I must give you reward for saving not only McDatt, but also my daughter.” (Eisen)
“Reward? I can think of several request, but can I inform you tomorrow? Now, we are all tired.” (Sirius)
“Sure thing. I also need to calm down a bit, so I should take a day off.” (Eisen)
“For the time being, if it is necessary, I would like to ask for a spacious room where I can sleep at ease.” (Sirius)
“Hmm! Let’s prepare the best room!” (Eisen)
The Beast King summoned a nearby attendant, and asked him to prepare a room as requested.
After that, we did few things and errands that required immediate action while waiting the room to be prepared, and then, we finally got a break.
Like this… while having various wounds, Belford’s ambition was crushed.

“…Is it morning already?” (Sirius)
By the time our businesses were done, it was already the next day. The fatigue of the body disappeared with the thanks to the short sleep. It was already morning when I looked out of the window.
The place where I was at present was the largest room in the castle. It was also a special room to be used by other envoys.
There were several big beds enough for two people in that room, and I was lying on one of them.
“… That’s weird.” (Sirius)
When turned to the sound of sleeping breathing on my left, there was Emilia, and when I turned on the other side, I could see the calm sleeping face of Reese and Fia.
As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t went to bed together with them.
Hokuto was lying beside the bed and Reus was sleeping in the next bed.
“Yesterday, I certainly slept alone…” (Sirius)
After being guided into this room and being told that I could use as much as I wanted, I got into the bed after taking care of my body. Together with the softness of the bed and the fatigue, I instantly fell asleep.
I remembered that I kicked out Emilia and Fia from getting bed together, but it was a fact that when I wake up, I was lying together with three people.
How should I put it… even though the bad was large enough, it was crowded and cramped… Well, everyone was sleeping peacefully.
It was a pleasant situation as a man, but as a man, waking up in this situation was demanding.
Hokuto also raised his upper body at the same time as mine, but he slowly stood up when he saw my situation.
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
‘Hey, Hokuto… don’t try to read the air and carry Reus out of the room.’
There would be discussions about reward recognition with the Beast King and also the cleanup related to Belford after today’s breakfast. As expected, now, it was a bit…
“…Hmm? Oh my… are you awake, Sirius?” (Fia)
“Aah, good morning, Fia. By the way, what kind of situation is this?” (Sirius)
“Good morning. Like I said earlier, you were bad, you know?” (Fia)
According to Fia… it seemed that the ladies questioned the details I told Reus before touching Belford last night, and they knew it now.
It seemed that was done after I slept, but being interrogated by the three sisters, Reus was certainly unable to keep the secret.
“Even though it was a presumption, I felt anxious when listening to it. It feels like you’re making light of your life.” (Fia)
“I’ve said about that a couple times so far, and I’d like you to get used to it. Was Fia sleeping together because you felt uneasy?” (Sirius)
“I was just taking advantage. Look, it is not possible for everyone to sleep together unless it is such a time.” (Fia)
She laughed at it with her tongue slightly out as if she succeeded in her prank.
That pleasant smile was suddenly disappeared, and Fia was looking at me with a slightly serious expression.
“I don’t know what will happen in the future, and I will not say that it is bad to prepare for the situation when you are gone. However, if I was told like that, it couldn’t be helped to get anxious.” (Fia)
“I don’t really intend to die, but I have this habit of thinking because the influence of the previous life. Besides, even if I’m gone, I think that everyone will definitely overcome it.” (Sirius)
“Well… we definitely can live with your will and thought. I am probably convinced because I may live for a long time, but these two would end up lonely, right?” (Fia)
“…I won’t deny that. If that happens, Princess Lifell and his father will hit me even in the next world.” (Sirius)
“That’s why, be sure to live until you leave children. As long as we have children, they can fill the loneliness when you left us behind.” (Fia)
“Haha, aren’t you like a sister today?” (Sirius)
“Oh my? Even if you add the amount of years lived in the previous life, I am still a sister, you know?” (Fia)
Fia was slightly more than two hundred years old, so she was older than I who had been reincarnated once.
As I scratched my head with the feeling of being completely got me, I noticed Fia brought herself before my eyes.
“So, why don’t you seriously think about having children from now on? When I look at Mea and Isabella, I feel like having a child.” (Fia)
“…Give me back my admiration feeling toward you. Could it be that you were planning all this before doing it?” (Sirius)
“That’s rude. Everything is my true feeling. It seems that there is still time for breakfast, so why don’t we try it out as a morning exercise?” (Fia)
“Stop that! These two are likely to join mid way, so try to think of it. And Reus is also there.” (Sirius)
“Hokuto. This is an important matter for the future of your Master, so please don’t let anyone enter, alright.” (Fia)
“Woof.” (Hokuto)
‘I told you, Hokuto, don’t grab Reus and leave me!’
To utilize Hokuto’s mentality for my sake… she was terribly scary but reliable woman.
Goodness. I was happy since she was asking for it, but…
“Hmm… eh? It is somewhat noisy–… say, what are you two trying to do!?” (Reese)
“I see… I understood the situation. Well then, I will also…” (Emilia)
“Come on, you too, hold him with both hands!” (Fia)
“Wait, Hokuto, ‘House’! You guys need to get hold of yourselves!” (Sirius)
‘That is that, this is this.’
It was about the location, and I also wanted to do it in moderation.

After that, I somehow managed to escape from ladies and now, I came to the bathhouse of the castle with Reus and Hokuto.
I was tired yesterday and I didn’t get to wipe my body. Plus, there was still time before breakfast.
It was the only bathhouse in the castle and it was spacious. When I looked out from the window, I noticed that there was a luxurious open air bathhouse.
I thought that no one was there since it was early in the morning, but the Beast King and Keith were in the bath.
“Ooh… you guys also are coming for morning bath? By the way, were you able to sleep well since the room was prepared in a hurry?” (Eisen)
“Yes, it was a nice room for us.” (Sirius)
There were various things happened and it didn’t get settled down, but I was pleased with the wonderful softness of the bed.
“What, I haven’t returned the favor when it is only that. Don’t hesitate to ask for something else if you need it.” (Eisen)
“Thank you very much. Well, this is too soon, but I would like you to separate the rooms by gender or give me a single room.” (Sirius)
“Aah… is that so? I’m sorry, I wasn’t attentive enough. I heard that the ladies are your lovers, but it will be hard to invite them if you are all in a room altogether.” (Eisen)
Although the Beast King convinced by a person at a time, far from being invited, on the contrary, I was being assaulted… but I couldn’t say that.
“Hey, Reus. Although you are smaller than me, how on earth do you have that kind of strength?” (Keith)
“According to Aniki, if the muscle is too big, it will hinder the movement, so occasionally, it is necessary to squeeze it.” (Reus)
As Keith and Reus were getting to know each other, the Beast King and I were talking about the matter last night while immersing in the bath.
“The damage to the castle is numerous, but if the attendants are safe, they will be able to fix it soon. Also, in this morning, I found a suspicious passageway in the McDatt’s room, but as you say, I told everyone not to enter it on their own.” (Eisen)
“Is that so? More importantly, I’m sorry for saying this even though I am an outsider in this matter.” (Sirius)
“Don’t worry about it. You were right, if it was that guy, it was highly likely that he was working on something. Either way, I want to ask for your cooperation.” (Eisen)
I considered that there was a research facilities if he was working behind the scenes here, and somehow something like that was found.
Well, the reason I told him not to let anyone investigated as they please was due to the possibility of explosion and destruction of evidence if they tried to investigate poorly. That was happened in Parade. The underground was completely buried in order to destroy the evidence.
‘Anyhow, since nothing come out from the entrance, let’s investigate with the Beast King after having breakfast.’
“Next is… McDatt-san, right?” (Sirius)
“Hmm, the implication had been untied. Although I couldn’t take my eyes off him for a while, it seemed that he was recovering.” (Eisen)
McDatt remembered the time when the consciousness was snatched by Belford. He asked himself to be put in the prison or he might try to suicide because of self-loathing.
The Beast King continuously convinced him that he was possessed. So, after explaining the situation to the surroundings, he resigned from the job of educating Mea. Now, he was devoting himself as the king’s aide, and it seemed that he was trying to forget the bad feeling.
“Fortunately, Mary remembered McDatt was possessed. Thanks to that, she isn’t scared at him. Sometimes, he called Mary to cheer her up He will back to normal soon.” (Eisen)
It seemed tough, but I would leave it to his friend, the Beast King, and there would be no problem.
“Well, here is a bathhouse. Let’s stop the difficult talks here. Let’s talk about it after getting out from the bath later.” (Eisen)
“Well. We are taking break after all.” (Sirius)
More than anything, this bathhouse was really spacious.
I went through considerable hardship and since I was able to get into this place, I was just going to slowly enjoy this for now.
“Gu… uooooh!” (Reus)
““Haaaa!”” (Keith)
While watching Keith and Reus somehow started arm-wrestling, I comfortably enjoyed the bath.

There was an outdoor bath in the bathhouse, and it seemed that the women’s bath was over that high towering wall.
At the moment, the ladies of the house came with me and a fierce voice could be heard from the other side of the wall.
In such a case, those people who tried to peek were likely to appear, but…
“Peeping? I will be killed if I do it.” (Reus)
“I am true to my wife.” (Eisen)
“I am not interested in the opposite sex other than my sister.” (Keith)
Regardless of the Beast king, I judged that the prince was dangerous in various ways.
Though it felt cute to look at it, did I feel sorry for him not having desires? No… even so, was it impossible?
And I…
“Well then, Sirius-sama. I’m going to wash your back.” (Emilia)
“…Aah.” (Sirius)
Since Emilia was intruding the men’s section, this wouldn’t be peeping anymore.
It was already futile to say this, so I gave up and let Emilia washed my back. Generally, I was the one who suppose to ask that, but this was also our daily routine.
Emilia was wearing proper cloth for bathing, but since the body line was clearly visible, it felt awkward in various ways.
“Nee-chan, you’re sneaky, you know! I was going to wash Aniki’s back!” (Reus)
“Hmm… as expected, I’m good with my wife.” (Eisen)
“If Mary grows up to her level, there will be many insects trying to come closer. If I don’t work hard…” (Keith)
No… he was going to be alright.
Rather, I felt that Emilia came in since she understood all that.
“Well then, Sirius-sama. Next, I will wash you with my body.” (Emilia)
“Wait a sec!? Where did you learn such a technique!?” (Sirius)
“Shishou taught me the other day. She said that it was a man’s dream and it was an indispensable technique as attendant.” (Emilia)
“Shishou!?” (Sirius)
Eventually… I couldn’t take a bath at all.
I swore that I would pour a tea that brewed unreasonably later on Shishou’s knife.
At that time, Hokuto was…
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
He was soaked in the open air bath while enjoying the moment.

Extra/Bonus 2
NG Scene
“Now!” (Reus)
“Everyone, please! Healing water that connects life…” (Reese)
“Yes!” (Emilia)
“Ouu!” (Reus)
McDatt was wrapped in healing water caused by Reese’s magic and at the same time, the blade of wind Emilia unleashed from the side to the magic stone that danced in the air…
“–Aah” (Sirius)
It got out.
“Leave it to me, Nee-chan!” (Reus)
And the greatsword that Reus swung down… shook the sky.
“…I think that it is impossible for that small manastone.” (Reus)
“Well. It is smaller than expected.” (Emilia)
“…You guys, shall we have a little talk?” (Sirius)


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