Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 97

Today as well for Reus

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Volume 15… start.
— Reus —
"Over there!" (Sirius)
"Aah!?…. Guhaaa!?" (Reus)
Today also I was having a mock battle with Aniki, but Aniki's movement was abnormal as always.
The outcome was… I got kicked by Aniki and blown away, and I was unsightly lying on the ground.
"If it's you, I think that you will notice it soon, but…" (Sirius)
"Gehoo… sorry…" (Reus)
Since the match at the Fighting Festival, the mock battle with Aniki had become more severe than before.
Previously, Aniki often stopped just before blows, but if the blows were done as per normal now, so other than weird part, Aniki won't tell how to cope with it.
The reason was battles constantly changed, so it was important to understand and deal with it in an instant.
That's why, if I didn't want to feel pain, I need to find the answer myself and respond to it.
Actually, I knew the reason why I got kicked, but… my body couldn't catch up with him.
Sorry for not being good, but then, Aniki pointed his wooden training sword, while wryly smiled.
"Think about it if you want to apologize. Well, do you still want to continue?" (Sirius)
"One more time please!" (Reus)
In fact, I thought that my gap was only a little.
But with that small gap, I couldn't defend in time since Aniki took the opportunity to hit me with his accurate blow and abnormal speed. It even made me think that my movement was being induced.
But, if it was Lior-jiichan, he would surely deal with it. In order to stand together with Aniki, it would be embarrassing if I couldn't overcome the wall with my own strength.
One of Aniki's taught policy was… never fail to move even a bit as you think at the same time.
To respond to Aniki's smile because of what I said, let's try to deal with it as I think next time…
"Aaahhh–!? Aniki! Iron Claw is unfair!" (Reus)
"It can't be helped this time since you were full of gaps." (Sirius)
…After all, it was no good.
I was caught by Aniki's Iron Claw, and ended in pain.

"…Here." (Emilia)
Normally, I would swing my sword before going to bed, but today I was holding a box and walking alone in the forest.
The reason was that after having finished the dinner that Aniki made, it started when Nee-chan told me after sniffing the odor.
[…Sirius-sama. Although it is slight, I smell water from over there. It seems there is a river or lake nearby.] (Emilia)
[I noticed the smell of water. It's a river, huh? I really want to eat fish…] (Reus)
[You're right, we keep having meats these days…]( Emilia)
[You don't have to say that. I also understand. Shall you go ahead?] (Sirius)
[Well then, I'm going!] (Reus)

By the way, I was looking for a place with water by myself.
If I had to say this, Nee-chan and I won't lost our way since we both could smell it.
Walking for quite some time while watching out for monsters, I found a wide lake as I expected. I approached the lake soon and confirmed the water.
"Let see… yeah, the water is beautiful." (Reus)
Aniki said that fishes lived in beautiful water were delicious and didn't taste muddy.
In the olden days, when I didn't know anything and received a quest from a guild, I baked and ate a fish in a bit cloudy lake because I was hungry, and I was surprised because it was too muddy.
However, fish dishes Aniki made had the fish soaked in clean water for a long time, or wrapped with herbs. After so much trouble, the fish didn't taste muddy at all.
Especially the fish which wrapped and steamed with herbs was the best. Anyway, I was going to work hard since it was no good if I got no fish.
Under the moonlight, I took off my shoes and rolled up my pants before entering the lake. I stood quiet for a while and erased my presence.
And when I pinpointed the water surface with fingertips, fish would misunderstood it as a bait, and when it came closer…
"Fuh!" (Reus)
I scooped the fish at the speed of swinging down my sword, and let it flew. It dropped into a wooden box placed next to my shoes. In here, there was beautiful waters let out by Reese-ane's magic.
Raising arm in succession, I caught a few fishes. And then, I stopped and left the lake.
"Should I catch a bit more?" (Reus)
I want to eat at least 10, and Reese-ane also ate as much as I had.
But, it was easy to catch fish here more than I expected, and I still had time to spare…
"Shall I swing sword for a bit?" (Reus)
It was no good to say this but somehow I felt like Lior-jiichan, but I won't be able to catch up with Aniki forever if I didn't train.
Having my partner in my hand, I closed my eyes to prepare myself, and started to think.
This was also often said by Aniki. It was an Image Training.
"Aniki… Jii-chan's 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style'…" (Reus)
I raised my sword while recalling 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style' unleashed by Lior-jiichan and abnormal speed of Aniki's no matter how many times I saw them.
After that, I tried to copy such movements, but… even if I tried, something felt different.
What was the difference between me from Aniki and Jii-chan?
Although I could see it, even if tried… again and again… I couldn't chase their distant backs.
But I thought that was justified. I wasn't the only one who grew up, Aniki also the same.
Lior-jiichan didn't notice this, but I thought that Jii-chan was chasing after Aniki's back with terrifying vigor. I also won't lose to him!
"…Hmm, it's no good. My thought has been veering away. Focus… on the foundation…
Anyway, when I tried to swing the sword down while recalling Jii-chan's 'Strong Heaven', a loud noise suddenly heard from the lake.
That was dangerous… I was concentrating and my vigilance got loose.
But it seemed that there was a distance from the sound, so when I turned my face towards the sound without getting panic…
"…A girl?" (Reus)
There was a naked girl in the lake.
…Why naked?
Aah… I'm sure she was taking bath. Since we had special bath made by Aniki, we didn't really need to bath that much.
Apparently, I seemed to have concentrated so much that I didn't notice that girl. And as I kept quiet while preparing my partner, it seemed that the other side also didn't notice me.
Leaving that matter aside, I would be seen nothing but a pervert. I might as well leave this place without being noticed, but for some reason, I couldn't take my eyes of that child.
I guessed… it was because the appearance of a girl taking a bath under moonlight was beautiful.
I wonder if her age was same as mine.
She seemed to be a beastkin similar to me with visible fox ears and reddish long hair.
Look, even her tail was thick, but… that was!?
"She has… three tails huh?" (Reus)
If my eyes weren't wrong, that child seemed to have three tails. I visited various cities together with Aniki, but this was my first time to see such a beastkin, wasn't it?
"…Hmmm, this is not good for me after all!" (Reus)
This was surely unusual, but Aniki said that it was rude to look at naked lady.
I tried to leave with shoes and box contained fishes before she noticed me, but… I felt something out of place, and turned my eyes at that girl again.
"That is…!" (Reus)
When I looked, there was a lizard-like monster quietly showed its face from the water's surface.
It obviously aimed for the girl. That girl didn't turned around as if she didn't notice the monster, and there wasn't even a movement.
I kicked the ground earlier than calling out for her and jumped. While on the way, I made a foothold in the air with Aniki's [Air Step] and leaped to the girl's vicinity in one go.
"Behind you!" (Reus)
"Eh!?" (??)
And at the same time as my call, I brought my partner down to the monster that was trying to attack and sliced it two.
Together with certain responsive feeling from the partner, it landed to the lake while greatly scattering the water. Then, I quickly confirmed the girl's situation.
"Phew, that was dangerous. "Are you alright?" (Reus)
"Aah… yes… I'm fine–… eh, kyaaa!?" (??)
When I looked closely, the girl's back was lower than Nee-chan’s, and I completely overlooked her.
The girl looked up at me, who suddenly appeared, with a surprised face, but she quickly turned her reddened face around and hide her chest with hands.
"You, what are you!?" (??)
Eh… didn't I help you?
But why was this girl glaring at me? It wasn't like I wanted to be thanked, but don't stare at me.
"Somehow I was rescued, but I was about to do something to it!" (??)
Eh, really? I am a man, and it was natural to be alert since the other side was naked.
It was fine to immediately leave, but other monsters were likely to gather because of the defeated monster blood unless I hurried up, so I would like to escort her to the land as fast as possible.
First, let's calm her down since she wasn't an enemy, after that…
"Hmm, I'm an adventurer and I accidentally came here. Because of that, I look at you and…" (Reus)
"Did you peek at me!? This pervert! I'll burn you if you get any closer!" (??)
No good… I wasn't sure if I could calm her down in this situation! In the first place, I didn't really know how to treat woman.
If it was Aniki, what would he do… wait? I noticed that it was very effective when Aniki honestly praised woman.
Don't tell a lie, so I would tell you what I honestly thought.
"It is true that I was peeking, but that was because you are beautiful." (Reus)
"Eh!?" (??)
"I was going to leave soon because peeping was no good, but the appearance when you were bathing was beautiful, and since a monster appeared when I was looking at you, I had to help then…" (Reus)
"Wha…aah… uu…" (??)
"Well, your chest is smaller compared to Nee-chan and Reese ane, and you're not as beautiful Fia-ane, but I thought that you were really beautiful—…" (Reus)
"….Huh…" (??)
I properly praised her, and I directly expressed my thought, and why was she getting angry…
"Are you kidding me!?" (??)
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— Sirius —
"I see… so it is that?" (Sirius)
"…Yes." (Reus)
When Reus went to catch fish and came back… not only his whole body was soaked, I was surprised because he came home with a palm mark on his cheek.
Although I was astonished at first with the splendid palm mark, when he calmed down and explained, it made me sigh several times because of the details.
I probably should fixed Reus' wordings, but let's resolve the important thing first.
"So, what happened to that child?" (Sirius)
"The slap that I received was stronger than expected. I was blown away and submerged into the lake. I got up soon, but during that time, she already got out of the lake and disappeared into the forest." (Reus)
"She seems quite fast. Well, if she is strong enough to blow you away, you don't have to worry." (Sirius)
"I also think the same. But, why I was beaten up? Although I honestly praised her…" (Reus)
It looked like he still had no idea why he got hit.
This was also Reus' own character, but I also had to be responsible. Doing nothing but training the body, the experience of meeting ladies and other people than us was rare and I didn't pay too much attention to it.
Besides, that was what I would say, but in the surrounding of Reus, there were his older sister, Emilia, who was considered beautiful from a general viewpoint, and Reese with a smile that could naturally attract people. And there was an Elf, Fia, who has the beauty that couldn't be found in other races.
Since it was difficult to say it, the praise towards the other person's appearance was very lacking. So, for Reus to say that the girl was beautiful, his behavior to be fascinated was quite unusual.
However, the natural airhead and honest Reus was unconsciously compared her to the family members. He was a difficult person in many ways.
Actually, I had heard about the person he liked in the past, but…
[What kind of person do you like?] (Sirius) (TLN: The raw says child instead of person.)
[I like Aniki's curry and burger! No, I like everything Aniki makes.] (Reus)
[That is your favorite thing. What I want to hear was your preference of woman.] (Sirius)
[Someone like Aniki] (Reus)
[…Please you explain more.] (Sirius)
[Hmmm… someone who can cook delicious meals, strong, very good at taking care people, and can properly tell about important things. So, it is someone like Aniki!] (Reus)
In other words, Reus was the type that attracted to the inner side more than the looks, and the inner side that he liked the most because of me.
…My head hurts. If I was born woman, Reus seemed going to passionately proposed to me.
As a parent and as a Shishou, I was very uncertain about his future.
"Reese-ane, if I compare to Aniki's blow, it was lighter, but somehow it hurt. Please put your magic on me." (Reus)
"Yeah… sorry. I don't want to treat you…" (Reese)
"What?" (Reus)
Reus approached Reese to seek for a treatment, but she refused with a bitter smile.
As a woman, she definitely understand the feelings of that girl. Furthermore, since they were being compared, it might not be unreasonable to feel guilty with that reply.
"Hehe, Reus is really honest." (Fia)
"It's nice to be honest, but there are things you can't say. Look, Noel-neechan always slipped her mouth, and that made Sirius-sama angry, right?" (Emilia)
Noel was a pathetic example, but I also agreed, so I didn't feel like correcting it.
"In other words, I said something that I shouldn't say? But what did I say wrong? I praised her since she was beautiful, but…" (Reus)
"There is no problem about the beauty. What's not good was you compared her to me and Fia-san." (Emilia)
"For example, that child doesn't know us, and if Reus says that your family is stronger than hers, she won't feel good, right?" (Reese)
"Is that how it is!?" (Reus)
Somehow he understood that.
It might be too much to slap Reus' cheek, but since that child was naked, there was a possibility that the situation couldn't be handled in calm manner. In that situation, should I say that it was a bad luck?
"Then, I must apologize. Even so, women are difficult…" (Reus)
"Yes, it is. So, don't just get stronger. Become a man who will please women like Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"I am not really interested in woman, but I understand well. By the way, if it was Aniki, what would you say to that child?" (Reus)
"You are asking me, huh…" (Sirius)
That was a difficult question.
I was thinking a lot because there were things I couldn't say, but since the heart of a woman quickly changed depending on the situation, I had to carefully choose the words.
When I thought of what to answer, Emilia, who stood by me, joyfully raised her hand.
"Sirius-sama! Will you demonstrate if I am that girl?" (Emilia)
"No, there is no need to do that…" (Sirius)
"I want you to do it!" (Emilia)
The momentum of Emilia when she got closer at me was tremendous, since this won't end unless I did it, let's do this.
Now… based on the situation I heard from Reus, the girl was shaking when she was said to be beautiful, but she didn't look angry.
In short, since everything was caused by Reus' verbal slip, it might be better to act like a gentleman without saying extra things.
I faced Emilia while being watched by everyone like this, but somehow the siblings were fixated, they started to have a detailed meeting.
"Yeah, the distance between me and the girl was about that. And the girl was naked, but as expected, here was…" (Reus)
"But in order to reproduce the atmosphere of the place, this may be necessary and it's not good if you are not considering to take off your shirt. Reus. From here on, leave this place, and please close your ears and eyes." (Emilia)
"Is there something wrong!?" (Reus)
Because they failed to notice the importance of this, I decided to just sticking with cloth on. Besides, if I took off my cloth, Emilia usually would assault me, and there was also high possibility to be assaulted as it is.
Pulling myself together, I spoke to Emilia who was acting being rescued and in surprised.
"Somehow I was rescued, but I was about to do something to it!" (Emilia)
"Hmm, I'm an adventurer and I accidentally came here. Because of that, I look at you and…" (Sirius)
"Did you peek at me!? That… hehe…hehe–… kuh! Although it was an acting, to let out such thoughtless words, I as a disciple…" (Emilia)
"Cut. " (Sirius)
If I considered that she was acting while really getting closer… this was it.
I understood Emilia's ulterior motive, but that was a result of succumbing to the desire, and it seemed that she had forgotten that I wouldn't fall for it.
However, since I felt that she would cry if I stopped her like that, I decided to start over.
Anyway, Take 2.
"Did you peek at me!? That… ei! If you get closer than that, I will burn you!" (Emilia)
"I apologize for peeking you. However, I was fascinated by your beautiful bathing appearance under the moonlight." (Sirius)
After this, Reus told a line that compared the girl with the ladies.
In order to show it as an example, I didn't need to speak unnecessary things. And then, I turned around so that I didn't see the other person, softly present her the coat I was wearing…
"Yes, I will forgive you! Thank you for helping me!" (Emilia)
Emilia, who overcome with emotion, leaped into my chest.
Yes… an expected development. In the first place, I guessed that Emilia was aiming for this.
For the time being, I stroked Emilia's head who forced her face against my chest while swinging her tail, but Reus still couldn't understand such an outcome.
"No, isn't it weird!? No matter how much I see it, isn't this about Aniki and Nee-chan!?" (Reus)
"Ehehe… of course." (Emilia)
However, since Emilia was told being beautiful, his words didn't really reach her because she was in high spirit.
I stroked her for a while and finally separated, but since Emilia couldn't moved because she was too excited. it seemed impossible to continue any further.
After that, with the request of Reus, I also tried it with Reese and Fia, but they were just as happy as Emilia. It's already became like a play.
Eventually, it was concluded that there was no point to do this unless it was with a different person. Thus, the demonstration had been cancelled.
However, I thought that didn't answer Reus' questions, I told her my opinion.
"Well, if you are fascinated to a woman, you… I think that it is because of man's instinct, but it something that need to be clearly stopped. If you have looked at her, turn away your eyes, and it would be courteous to give her something to wear." (Sirius)
"In other words, that what Aniki did to Nee-chan, right?" (Reus)
"Yes, it is. However, from the situation where the other person is naked, remember that there is a possibility that you will be beaten no matter what you say. Such things will constantly changed and it is similar to battles. Therefore, having such an experience is the most important above all." (Sirius)
"It is true that I have less experience with these things." (Reus)
"However, you may have slip your mouth, but your action of saving the girl is not wrong. I'm not sure if you will meet her again, but if you do, properly say sorry to her." (Sirius)
"Is that so? I see. Although I was beaten, I'm glad that the girl was fine!" (Reus)
It was probably because of Reus' kindness that he didn't think about not helping her.
Being too honest and blurting out unnecessary things, it was natural for him not to paying attention too much on something which he had no interest, but he was a man overflowed with a sense of justice and wanting to help people in trouble.
"Ah by the way, if the other person says something unreasonable, please properly answer her. You don't have refrain yourself with such rudeness." (Sirius)
"Ou, got it!" (Reus)
Since Reus finally returned to his usual condition, he would be alright.
As I calmly recalled, the girl that Reus saw was a foxkin, but…
"By the way, Reus. Did that girl has three tails?" (Sirius)
"Aah, I saw it just before getting beaten. All three tails with good fur were really moving." (Reus)
"And the fox ears… that girl is a Foxtail, right?" (Sirius) (TLN: It is the name of racial tribe)
"If it is Foxtails, we had drink together in the olden days. Since it isn't a rare tribe, they are everywhere, but originally, they only have one fox tail." (Emilia)
Except for the monsters, there were differences in shape and length of the fur, but basically every tribe had one tail.
There were some among them who had two tails because of mutation, but I never heard about three tails.
"I would like to see it by all means." (Sirius)
"Me too. If she had features that easily understood, we may find her if we gather information around here." (Emilia)
"How about that? Perhaps that child may be targeted because she is rare. It is likely that she was hiding her appearance." (Fia)
Since Fia was aimed by various fools until now, her words as a rare Elf was very persuasive.
I wasn't really want to make trouble to other person. As we calmed down, I looked at the direction and felt something.
"Well then, shall we finish preparing the fish before going to bed? What kind of dish for this?" (Sirius)
"I would like steamed fish!" (Reus)
"How about fried?" (Emilia)
"I want to eat it as a dumpling." (Reese)
"I wonder if we can make stew out of it?" (Fia)
"…The choices were splendidly split. Decide it with Rock-Paper-Scissor." (Sirius)
While a fierce battle was spreading behind me, I started preparing the fish for tomorrow.
By the way, it was Rues who caught the fish by waving up his hands. He was spilling cold sweat under the silence pressure by the ladies, but they somehow put up with steamed fish with herbs request.
No… apparently the silence pressure was weak. As for being showed an example to Reus earlier, there seemed also an apology for being played around. Perhaps, they were also defeated on Rock-Paper-Scissor on purpose.
Well, should we take out herbs?
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Next morning, after finished eating fish dishes made as promised, we cleared up the camp and started to head out.
The camping continued for several days, but if we progressed forward with this pace, we would likely to arrive at the post town today.
The carriage went on the main road while continuing the usual training. We went through a forest and incidentally, after going over a small hill, there was a big river.
"If we can see river, that mean the post town is close." (Sirius)
"I think I can sleep in bed today for the first time in a while." (Emilia)
"Hei, Aniki. Our destination is ahead of that, right?" (Reus)
"Aah, if we walk along the river, we will see the lake anyway." (Sirius)
According to the map and information heard beforehand, if we proceeded toward the upstream of the river for a while, we should be able to see the inn town that we plan to stay today.
If we went further upstream, we would arrive to the lake which was the source of the river. When I hear about it, the lake was wide enough that the horizon couldn't be seen.
The lake was called Deine Lake, and it seemed that there was a big country living in the blessing of Deine Lake. (TLN: The name in raw is ディーネ)
"Our destination is Parade, the country by the lake. There are many boats crossing the lake and it is a wide country which is also a port city." (Sirius)
"It's Parade huh? How nostalgic. I have been there only once before, and the Deine Lake is a really large lake. I think that it is worth seeing because it is different from ocean." (Fia)
"Which remind me, Fia-san was traveling, right? What are the specialties of the country? (Emilia)
"Yes, the seafood that can be caught at Diene Lake is surely a specialty. There are many fishes that have unique shapes, but they are delicious." (Fia)
"Unique seafood…I look forward to it." (Emilia)
Since the lake was too wide, adventurers who thought it as ocean noticed it later. It seemed to be a perfect freshwater lake because no saltiness was felt from the water.
Hence, the ecosystem here seemed to be unique. There were lots of fish and living things that couldn't be seen in the ocean.
And as we listened about seafood, the usually calm eyes of Reese became sharp, but I also had it similar, so I look forward to go to Parade.
"It seems to be worth cooking." (Sirius)
"Ooh! Not only Reese-ane, Aniki's eyes are shining too!" (Reus)
"Looking forward to our arrival. During sightseeing, please be careful not to get in the way of Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
"Yeah!" (Reese)
"This seems to be one of the reasons why you guys are gluttonous…" (Fia)
As Fia looked happy while making a slightly surprised look, it seemed that she was getting used to us all.
And with various expectations in our hearts, we reached the inn town before evening.
This seemed already like usual. When the confusion ended because the entrance guard became surprised when seeing Hokuto pulling the carriage, we got into the town and immediately searched for an inn.
I tried asking the owner of the inn to let Hokuto in the room, but unfortunately, I was refused. It would be a blow if it was a beastkin, so it was unfortunate since the manager was a human.
I felt bad, but Hokuto had to bear staying in the horse stable.
"I will come to brush you later." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
This was also normal. After seeing Hokuto leisurely resting with other horses, I went back to the room.
Since Reus' stomach was making a sound at the same time as I returned to the room, we headed to the dining room in the inn.
"One set meal with this fish." (Sirius)
"I will also have the same. Aah, please make it as large serving." (Reese)
"I'll have a platter of these vegetables, and two bottles of wine." (Fia)
"I'll have five of this meat dish. Make all of them as large serving." (Reus)
"I will like a set of this, please." (Emilia)
[Un-understood…] (Waitress)
The waitress seemed to be awed, whether we brought a rare Elf or the order content… no, it was probably both.
Although Fia was rare and naturally gathered the surrounding attention, we talked about the dishes ordered without worrying about it.
"Hmmm… it's a bit tasteless, but not bad. They seemed to use special spices." (Sirius)
"It looks like I have ordered wild herbs that grow at the Deine Lake. Maybe because the water is good, the taste wine of the wine also delicious.
"I want more!" (Reus)
"Another please." (Reese)
As the gluttons in the house ordered the first helping, two men came in front of us.
"Heh… This is unusual. Isn't that Elf-sama?" (??)
"Yeah. Just as rumors, they are beautiful…" (??)
I think that they were adventurers because they are equipped with weapons and armor, but it looked like they were drunk since their faces were red with wine in the hands.
They probably saw Fia and came close to fulfill their desires.
"Ooh, thank you for the praise." (Fia)
"Isn't natural for a beautiful woman like you?" (??)
"Don't stay with children like them. Why don't you drink with us?" (??)
"I'm sorry, but this person here is my lover. It's no good." (Fia)
As Fea easily swayed them while linking with my arms, the men glared at me…
"Oi, a boy like you…" (??)
"What is it?" (Sirius)
""Uuh!?"" (??)
When I threatened them with a bit of bloodlust, the men took a step back despite being drunk.
For them to be scared at this degree, I guessed they probably a lower mid rank adventurers?
"Sirius-sama, do you need anything?" (Emilia)
"If you glare at Aniki, you better glare at me first!" (Reus)
"…Nomnom." (Reese)
Furthermore, with Emilia's smiling pressure, Reus' ferocious pressure, and Reese's silent pressure having her meals disturbed at the same time, the men ran away while pulling their faces as if they became sober.
Hmmm, it seemed that they had an ability to understand the difference in strength.
"Thank you. That kind of drunkards are persistent, so I'm saved." (Fia)
"That's natural since you become my lover, and the one who said not to hid your face was me." (Sirius)
Even without Fia being here, we would only seen as a group of youngsters, and the possibility of getting entangled was high since Emilia and Reus were rare Silver Wolfkins, even though they were not as rare as Elves.
Without getting flinched every time, it couldn't be helped as this degree could easily handle the situation.
As a gratitude, Fia offered wine to everyone, and when we calmly ate our dishes again, a loud noise echoed from a table slightly away from us.
When we turned around, it seemed the men we got involved earlier were disturbing the waitress this time. Looking at their feet, there were dishes scattered around the floor, so I guessed that was the reason of the loud noise.
"Those guys… they don't give up, huh?" (Reus)
"The aim changes after rejected by Fia, is it?" (Sirius)
"They are really troublesome…" (Fia)
It seemed that we were playing a part of the cause, so let's deal with it without getting any more trouble.
I decided so and tried to get up, but Reus stood up earlier than me, so I restrained his hand.
"I will go, Aniki. I have practiced kicking without harming people." (Reus)
"…Is that so? You must be careful." (Sirius)
"Don't overdo it." (Emilia)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
As expected, since Reus couldn't swing his greatsword in such am unorganized place, he left his sword while we were seeing him off.
Perhaps there were other colleagues, the number of men seemed to increase to four in all, but Reus boldly getting closer and stared at the men who grabbed the waitress' arm.
"Wait!" (Reus)
"Wait!" (??)
Apparently, it seemed that Reus was not the only one who tried to help the waitress.
From the voice, it came from a man. The man, who was slightly shorter than Reus and had a hood with mantle covering his whole body, was preparing in exactly same pose as Reus.
Even so, it happened simultaneously as if they had prearranged meeting.
"Eh? You…?" (Reus)
"You are…?" (Hooded Man)
They exchanged glances, but somehow the situation was strange. It was as if they knew each other.
The person was covered with a hood, but such an acquaintance… wait?
"…You can step back. I will save her." (Hooded Man)
"No, it will be easy for me to deal with these bunch, so you can step back. Besides, it seems that my meals were dropped by these guys." (Reus)
The meals that were sitting on the floor were probably the meals Reus ordered.
Although it was probably because of that too, he was heading there to help the waitress.
"Oi, stop ignoring us! Uh, when I look at you again, you are the one in that group earlier!" (??)
"Why are you disturbing us!? It has nothing to do with you!" (??)
"We're just want to have drinks together!" (??)
The number of people also increased, and maybe because they drank more alcohol than before, they were not flinching by Reus' pressure this time.
However, Reus didn't care such men at all. He continued staring for a while at a man who stood nearby…
"Although you think that, don't you think it is not necessary for you to deal with them alone?" (Hooded Man)
"I guess so. Shall we do it together?" (Reus)
They concluded that they should deal together, so he drew himself closer while ringing fist to the men involved.
"Sirius-sama. Will that be alright?" (Emilia)
"If it those two, there will be no problem. More importantly, don't drink too much wine, Emilia. You are not planning to enter the bed because you are drunk, right?" (Sirius)
"…ThErE iS No SuCH a ThiNG." (Emilia) (TLN: All were in katakana)
"Then, stop drinking!" (Sirius)
Maybe I was right, to stop Emilia who was trying to lie by drinking wine was a bit difficult.
Even in this situation, Reese and Fia continued eating and drinking at their own pace. They probably trusted that Reus would be fine. That must be the case… I wanted to think so.
It seemed that the arguments between Reus and others was completely became like a display as the surrounding people started to having fun cheering.
"Damn it, it's just two people!" (??)
"You have invited us for a fight. So, I'm going to let you taste a painful experience!" (Reus)
"Well then, I'll get two on the right." (Hooded Man)
"I'll get the left." (Reus)
Finally, the fight started, but… well, it was as expected.
Reus took a fist blow by a man, swept his feet and threw the man's face on the dish that fell on the floor.
"Guhaa!? Y-you!" (??)
"It's wasteful, isn't it!? Eat it!" (Reus)
Yeah, it is a matter of course for those who waste food. In my heart, I admired Reus.
And looking at the hooded man…
"Damn! Why am I not hitting!?" (??)
"Your movement is monotonous, you know." (Hooded Man)
The opponent was swinging a knife, but the hooded man was lightly warding it off with empty hands. Even if he was attacked by two people at the same time, he was fighting without fear with skillful evasions.
That exquisite evasion… there seemed to be no mistake.
After that, the men were knocked down in less than a few minutes. And then, they ran away with usual remarks.
Among those cheering people in the surroundings, the waitress lowered her head several times, but…
"It is a matter of course." (Hooded Man)
"Ouh, more importantly, sorry for making noise." (Reus)
Reus and the hooded man waved their hands as if it wasn't a big deal, and they started to clean up the fallen dishes.
Since Reus was stopped from doing that, Reus came back to here while responding to the cheers from the surroundings.
"I'm back, Aniki." (Reus)
"Welcome back. Chairs and tables are messed up, but they are not damaged. It was a fairly good fight." (Sirius)
"Hehe, but that is thanks to him. I could have done more damage if I was alone." (Reus)
"That is my line. You took half of it, so I had it easier." (Hooded Man)
The hooded man came along, but Emilia was confused looking at the sight of Reus talking to each other like a friend.
"Reus, who is that person? You are unusually friendly, so I wonder when did you get along?" (Emilia)
"Ah, is that so? Nee-chans didn't meet him directly. You see, there were some remaining player with Aniki during the preliminary round of the Fighting Festival, right?" (Reus)
"That time was someone called Kon." (Emilia)
Whether they remembered the name, the ladies were nodding.
Kon… he was a participant who hid his face with an iron mask during the Fighting Festival where Reus and I participated. He fought against Reus in the second round, and that was it.
The reason why Reus know he was Kon even though he didn't know his face was probably because he remembered the smell after fighting once. Besides, since Kon completely warded Reus' sword once, it wasn't surprising to remember.
I confirmed about him based on Kon's mana response and his body movement. Because at that time, I was admiring his wonderful skills.
"It's been a while. I was injured at that time, so I was really saved." (Kon)
From the point of hiding his face with iron mask and hoods, Kon was probably someone who wanted to hide his identity. The name Kon was probably a fake name, but it wasn't necessary to ask.
More importantly, looking at the fight earlier, it seemed that he was matching well with Reus.
It was coincidence that I could see him again, and this was also a destiny.
Let's leave the matter of his trust identity, so shall we invited him for a meal?
"Don't worry about it. If it is alright with us–.." (Sirius)
"Aniue!" (??) (TLN: Old way and formal way to call older brother)
At that time, a loud voice was clearly heard in the midst of chattering, and a woman wearing same hooded cloak as Kon came over.
"Aniue, what was that noise? What happened?" (??)
"I was just getting rid some rude bunch. Aah, let me introduce her. This is my sister." (Kon)
"Wait, what are you doing!? Who are these people!?" (??)
"Hei, your words are rude, you know. I am indebted to him, so act like a lady…" (Kon)
"Uhh… fine. Uhmm, nice to meet you, I am the sister–…" (??)
The woman with red hair that was slightly seen from the hood, slowly raised her head after rebuked by Kon, looked at us–.. but stopped when she saw Reus.
"Aah…" (??)
"Yes?" (Reus)
""Aaahhhh—!"" (Reus/??)
Reus and the sister shouted while pointing at each other.
"Perverted peeping tom!?" (??)
"The woman who hit me!?" (Reus)
…That seemed to be necessary for having meals.
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"No, isn't it weird!? No matter how much I see it, isn't this about Aniki and Nee-chan!?" (Reus)
"Ehehe… of course." (Emilia)
However, since Emilia was told being beautiful, his words didn't really reach her because she was in high spirit.
I stroked her for a while and finally separated, but since Emilia couldn't moved because she was too excited. it seemed impossible to continue any further.
"Nee-chan! Oi, come back." (Reus)
"Ehehe…" (Emilia)
"It's pointless. Well, this time is Reese-ane, please!" (Reus)
"Eh, me!?" (Reese)
Take 3.
When I said the same lines and actions earlier to Reese…
"Yes, even though I understand that this is an acting, I am embarrassed when Sirius-san says I am beautiful." (Reese)
"Although this is an acting, I am being honest, you know." (Sirius)
"Re-really? Ehehe… beautiful, is it?" (Reese)
"Pull yourself together, Reese-ane! As I expected, there is not much difference if it is with Aniki?" (Reus)
"Hehe… you can leave it to me then. I will show you the true appearance of a woman." (Fia)
"Is that so!? If it is Fia-ane, you much already get used to be said beautiful!" (Reus)
Take 4.
When I whispered beautiful to Fia…
"Well then, shall we go?" (Fia)
"Haa?" (Sirius)
Grabbing my arm, she started walking towards the carriage.
"Eh… where are you going, Fia-ane?" (Reus)
"Please remember, Reus. A man will always asks for it. And if a woman is asked for it, a burning night will begin." (Fia)
"I see! Uhmm, no, I still don't get it. Why is it different!?" (Reus)
"That's right, Reus! This is a special case, so don't make a reference!" (Sirius)
"Well now, Emilia and Reese are welcomed too. Today, it's going a three-person assault!" (Fia)
"Yes!" (Emilia)
"Y-yes." (Reese)
Of course it was a joke, I got out before being pushed into the carriage.
Emilia seemed really disappointed, but… it was probably a joke, yup.

Presenting Hokuto
Take 5.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"No, you are male, isn't it?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Got it. Well… your fur is the most beautiful." (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
Praised by the Master, Hokuto was lying down to show his belly.
The meaning of this submission was to entrust everything and let he do whatever he wanted. It was that kind of pose.
For the time being…
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Hei, raise your feet." (Sirius)
The Master decided to brush.
In other words, it was like the usual.
"This time is your tail." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Hokuto-san, let's have a mock battle with me." (Reus)
"Gurururu!" (Hokuto)
"Yes! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for disturbing the brushing!" (Reus)
Today also the Sirius family was peaceful.
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