Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 59

Chapter 59 is out!
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Hokuto's speed is amazing.
In my case, I don't have to mind obstacles while I continue to run through the sky with [Air Step]. Since Hokuto can't do that, he advanced forward while using branches and rocks as scaffoldings.
But his speed is two times faster than mine. We've been shown the brilliance of the Hundred Wolves' physical ability.
If we continue with this speed, we will arrive at the village before several more minutes pass.
“Is it scary, Reese? Just endure a bit longer." (Sirius)
“I-I'm alright! Rather, I am glad." (Reese)
Hokuto diverted the forthcoming momentum from us well and there wasn't a problem from the wind pressure since I became her shield.
I am not a prince who rides a white horse but a former agent who rides a silver wolf but she seemed to enjoy this moment and was unusually hugging me harder. And since I felt a soft feeling on my back, that would be a side benefit. Though it's not to the extent of Emilia's, hers are quite big too.

While I enjoyed the touch secretly, we finally passed the forest and since I was able to see the whole picture of the village, I invoked [Search] to look for the location of the monsters.
“Head to the east!" (Sirius)
Hokuto made a small bark and headed to the east while using the rooves in the village as a scaffold. There are wide pasture land for the horse in the east and I can feel a response from the villagers and the monsters.
And then, when I looked towards the location of the response where Hokuto was heading, I could see many villagers holding torches lined up there. Before their eyes were countless Hungry Deva gathered around something.
“Hokuto!" (Sirius)
“Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
Even without telling specifically, Hokuto understood it and howled. The villagers and the monsters that were focusing on something with undivided attention turned towards us because of that overpowering howl, and then we released our magic without a moment of delay. Unlike the place a little while ago, it is not necessary to hold back. Therefore, there is no problem if blood spills here.
“[Magnum]" (Sirius)
“The target is the head… please, [Aqua Bullet]." (Reese)
The long range spells that were released at the same time went completely through the heads of the monsters that were gathered around here. I was a bit relieved because the one that got attacked was a horse.
It appeared that there were other monsters remaining but first, I descended down with Hokuto for information gathering and headed towards the villagers. The villagers were shocked and pointed their weapons towards the huge wolf that was suddenly came over. So, I went down from Hokuto and walked until before them.
“You… aren't you the adventurers who came over today!" (Villager1)
“What is that wolf at his back!? Did that fellow come to attack the horses too!?" (Villager2)
“Please calm down. That wolf is my companion and the ones that attacked the horse was the monsters that were killed just now." (Sirius)
In order to make them understand that he was not an enemy, I called out Hokuto. I patted his head after he got close to me. However, I had to give commands to Hokuto since they haven't lowered their arms yet.
“‘Lie Down'." (Sirius)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
It seemed there wasn't much of an effect even though he lied down while showing no hostility. Since Hokuto already lied down, Reese went down from his back and stood beside me. Then, she raised her voice toward the villagers.
“Is there any injured amongst you? I can treat them because I can use healing magic." (Reese)
“…Ah? Ooh, there are injured. Oi, please bring him!" (Villager)
While the villagers were dumbfounded, the one that was brought up was a man clad in a leather armor. Compared to others, this fellow has proper weapon and armor. He is probably the village guard. But, there were countless cuts on his face and body, and he was groaning while bleeding.
“Severe wounds… please lay him here immediately." (Reese)
“A-alright. Oi, go help lying him down." (Villager)
“Please hurry, this treatment is a race against time." (Reese)
Being pushed by Reese's forceful manner, the villagers followed her in a hurry. And then, she extended her hands at the patient’s, focused her mana and casted healing magic. The man opened his eyes slowly while being healed, and he smiled when he saw Reese’s face.
“…Sorry for the trouble, girl. I was a bit careless." (Village Guard)
“Not a problem. Please wait a moment because you will be healed right away." (Reese)
“Though it's regrettable to be injured, I have a question. Are you an adventurer? I don't mind about this but… can the medical fees come later?" (Village Guard)
“I don't really mind about the medical fees but please explain the situation. It is because the other people are afraid and they are not talking." (Reese)
Although Hokuto waslying down, most of the villagers were not taking their eyes off him, so we couldn't confirm the situation.
It is also alright to bring down the monsters quickly but our request is until the investigation part only. Since we are not aimed by the monsters, there is no obligation to knock them down. The villagers appeared to have misunderstood because we did things on our own accord. Thus, they were bothered afterwards. Moreover, when I settled myself down and examined the area with [Search], horses are all attacked here and there. It was already hopeless to help them and the monsters had enough time to finish eating.
The man who noticed the situation had a bitter smile when I explained about it.
“Even if you explain it, it is as what you've seen. A little while back, these monsters suddenly attacked the village. I was able to take care of one or two of them but then I got careless and was surrounded. If it wasn't because of the villagers who risked their lives to save me, I would have ended up like those horses." (Village Guard)
There were some villagers who were injured, probably from when they rescued that man. Although I want to drive them away, the monsters already attacked nearby horses and started to eat them. Was that when we got here?
In addition to Reese who noticed what's going on, she lined up the injured villagers. It seemed she wanted to heal them in one go. She is a very reliable child in terms of healing injuries and diseases.
“Thank you very much. We'll take things after this, so please take a rest." (Reese)
“But, with that number…" (Villager)
“There will be no problem. Instead of that, is the village head not coming?" (Sirius)
When I called that out to the villagers, the crowd dispersed and the village head appeared. He looks very impatient but since he was scared of Hokuto, he didn't approached me from a distance and called me out to slightly remote location.
“A-adventurer-dono! What on earth is that white wolf?" (Village Head)
“That's the white monster that you've seen in the mountain. But as you can see, the ones that attacked the horses were these monsters and this fellow came to help to defeat it." (Sirius)
“But won't it be possible that it will attack us!?" (Village Head)
“He won't attack unless he is harmed. Apart from that, that monster is…" (Sirius)
“Damn! All my horses were eaten. Please get rid of the monsters quickly! Aren't you coming here for that?" (Villager)
When I was going to say that it wasn't extermination request to begin with, a man interrupted the village head and drew closer to me. That was coming from the owner of horses, I wanted him to shut up because I was still having discussion with the village head.
“Our request is to investigate and not to exterminate. It won't matter if you request it because it's already too late for those horses. Please understand that." (Sirius)
“Wha!? If that girl heals them, won't it be saved!?" (Villager)
“Her mana is not infinite and I think the possibility to save them is low since there is crowd gathered there. Leaving that matter aside, I must talk with the village head so please withdraw if you aren't going to fight." (Sirius)
“You! If you didn't get away from the village in the first place… ugh!?" (Villager)
Since I had no intention to talk with this man who easily passing the blame to others, I gave a single blow on his stomach to shut his face by force. The villager was making a noticeable noise but he quieted down when the village head raised his voice.
“Don't make a fuss, you guys! …Sorry, the villagers were a bother." (Village Head)
“Not a problem. If my horse got attacked, it's inevitable not to get upset." (Sirius)
“But still. I had the same thought like that guy just now, but now I realized it. Your request is only until investigation. I was thinking lightly and made a simple request. That was my mistake." (Village Head)
“However, there is still time. So, how should this be done?" (Sirius)
“…I will give the reward that I can give. I'd like to request that monster's extermination." (Village Head)
“Understood. Reese, please continue healing them." (Sirius)
“Yes, please be careful." (Reese)
A portion of villagers muttered about me… being money-grubber or something like that but I didn't say specifically that i wanted money. I am not going to be bothered since they can't figure the difference.

When I walked towards the rear of Reese and the villagers, Hokuto who lied down quietly stood up and came next to me. He was waiting for some instructions.
The number of enemies that remains were around twenty and since they were scattered all around, it seemed better to split. Hokuto's howl pulled their attention for an instant but they didn't leave the horses since their hunger was their main priority.
“Hokuto, I leave the east to you." (Sirius)
Hokuto barked as if he understood it and he started to run while I began to run towards the monsters that gathered on the other side.
The first group that I met was three monsters that gathered and I was free to make a surprise attack since they were too absorbed in having a meal. When one of them was shot with [Magnum], the rest noticed me and ran away but I didn't shoot them. I ended it by getting close to them and cut their throat with a knife. Though it's easier to shoot their head with [Magnum], I won't get the proof of extermination, which is its hair, if their heads explode.
I defeated them one by one with that intention but Hokuto defeated twice the number compared to me. That is probably because of his large body build and physical ability but he is unusually excited.
He drew close until in front of the monsters, that were busy with the horses, wrapped it up with his forefeet and tail and easily finished his part. The mowed down monsters had their bones crushed and were not moving anymore. It was a decisive blow and there would be barely any survivors from that. When I knocked down 30% of them, Hokuto had finished all on his side. What an excellent fellow.
“You did well, Hokuto." (Sirius)
I was a bit late and then I went to thank Hokuto who was waiting for instructions. After that, we returned to towards the villagers.
Since it was already nighttime, they wouldn't be able to see our movement from a distance. As we returned in a short time, they met us with a wondering expression.
“What happened? Are you going to tell us that you aren't able to defeat them?" (Village Head?)
“No, we're done. All the monsters around here were exterminated." (Sirius)
“Haa!? No matter how you look at it, that's too fast! There should be dozens of them too!" (Villager?)
It is so if you think with common sense but it was because Hokuto took care most of them. When I was thinking how will I prove it, Hokuto whom I gave an order to wait came over behind me and threw something he had in his mouth in front of the villagers. With that, the monster's dead body and Hokuto's impressiveness, the villagers couldn't do anything but admit to it. He really is an excellent fellow.
“It was easy since this white wolf, Hokuto, helped me. With this, you don't have to worry about your horses getting attacked anymore." (Sirius)
“I-is that so? By the way, what on earth is that wolf? And why is he following you?" (Village Head?)
“I rescued this wolf when he was small and I accidentally met him again in that mountain. And now, he follows me to return the favor." (Sirius)
To react to that statement, Hokuto approached me and behaves like a spoiled child. When I stroked him while enjoying the soft feeling, one of the villagers pointed his fingers and shouted.
“Wait a minute! Could it be that because that fellow appeared in the mountains, the monsters attacked the horses?" (Villager1)
“Isn’t that so!? Those monsters were chased by the wolf and they came to the village." (Villager2)
“That wolf is bad to begin with! Oi! Since you are with that wolf, you need to pay compensation for the horses!" (Villager3)
When I think of what they said…I felt disgusted.
Though they are confused and not thinking with their head, to suddenly ask us for compensation was unreasonable. In the first place, they were rescued by Hokuto until a certain extent. If they think about that for a bit, they will understand.
Since they began to vent their anger at me and Hokuto, I released my thirst of blood and made all of them silent. I also have no plan to come to this village again and there is no problem even if they don't understand us or speak ill about my companion.
It is because they will faint if I really do it. Some of them were unable to stand up having fallen silent, so I questioned the villagers.
“Although you have said whatever you like, if what you say is true, that the monsters were sent here, then why were the horses not attacked for these past several days?" (Sirius)
“H-how do you know what those monsters were thinking!? Wasn't it a result of them being hungry?" (Villager)
“These monsters are very greedy in terms of food. Do you think these monsters can be patient about food until they lose weight?" (Sirius)
“That's what's happening! They wouldn't be able to eat when they were being chased by that wolf!" (Villager)
“The white monster that attacked the horses several days ago… didn't you come to look for this wolf? And the horses were not attacked until today. In short, the village was safe until today because this fellow showed up in the mountain." (Sirius)
These monsters can eat dozens of horses on a raid. They will get hungry after one day and if Hokuto didn't come, the village must have been attacked every day.
“Even if you make a request to the guild hastily, it will probably takes at least two days considering about the time and the distance, and you won't know how many days will pass for someone to take the request. In the meantime, the horses keeps being attacked and when the horses are no more… what do you think they will attack next?" (Sirius)
“…Us… isn't it?" (Villager)
Whether they imagine the situation or not, the villagers' face were colored with blue. Furthermore, I told them the most important fact that these monsters that came here were no more than half of the number. They didn't do anything much with half of the number but if the ones that we attacked in the mountain came here, human also would be attacked.
“I didn't ask you to be grateful but still if I want the reward, I can inform this matter to the guild and get the appropriate action." (Sirius)
Adventurer guild is a guild that exists all over the world, and this village that sells horses also has a connection to the merchant guild. If this bad reputation spreads, the evaluation of this village should fall considerably. They appeared to understand that since they somewhat calmed down and no one showed up to accuse us.
“However, since I am also bad at remembering, I will offer the raw materials of the defeated monsters. I can make some money out of it." (Sirius)
“…Thank you. I appreciate your consideration." (Village Head?)
There were those who weren't convinced but they probably thought that it would be bad to go against us who took Hokuto. The village head become the representative to close the deal.

After that, we went to the village head's house, together with him, and I explained the details about the monster's characteristics and what would happen if Hokuto wasn't here, and I asked him to explain to the villagers when they have calmed down. Even if we explain while in this situation, they probably won't be able to understand.
When they heard about the situation where their horses were attacked for the first time several days ago, the village head was going to make an urgent request to the guild but most of the villagers were angry and they said they wanted to catch the culprit by themselves. It seemed that they refused to make a request to the guild. Even so, the village head continued convincing them, and when the situation became calm, he made for a non urgent investigation request.
However, they were not attacked at all on the subsequent days, and they started to lose interest about it when we came… that was the result of the situation. Basically, it's almost because of the villagers' fault. We investigated properly while going for sightseeing deep in the forest, and there is no reason to complain since the monsters were also exterminated. I plan to get the rest of the reward tomorrow. I received the signature for completing the request and left the village head's house today.
At that time, Reese finished her treatment and as for the villagers, they dealt with the monsters and its raw materials while Emilia and Reus returned back. Thanks to those two who ran back with all their might, a problem occurred when we wanted to take a rest in the inn after reporting the result.
“Err, to bring such big monster to the inn is…" (Hotel Employee)
I had expected this but they refused to lodge Hokuto in the inn. Nonetheless, since I want to be together with Hokuto who I met again today after long time, I asked the hotel employee whether there is an empty stable.
After getting permission to use the stable which is not used at the moment, I went there together with Hokuto and since I went there, it's natural for the disciples to come too. In the end, all of us sleep together in the stable.
Well, there is a possibility of not able to stay in the inn when we arrive at villages or towns, so this is also an experience. Since there is a neat roof, it is still better compared to sleeping in open.

By the way, I realized this when we received meals from the inn, I wonder what kind of food that the species of Hundred Wolves eat? When I asked Hokuto, he shook his head lightly and lowly barked.
“He is fine with not eating since he absorbs mana." (Reus?)
The Hundred Wolves is somehow living with mana as a driving force, an existence that is close to spirits. Though it is possible for him to convert into mana by eating once, he doesn't often eat too much, and it seems he can eat anything with the exception of poison. Surprisingly, he is a wolf which is kind to the family budget.
Since he is a rare existence, his habit is also unknown and he himself doesn't know how long he has lived, so I think he was a normal dog that went through a terrifying evolution. Well, whatever it is, it doesn't change the fact that my partner was reborn. I'd like to stay with him, whether my life or my civility is gone.
“Oo… doesn't this feel good and warm? And you don't need a sleeping bag." (Reese)
“Yes. I thought about that when I picked Hokuto up but I really have good feeling with his fur." (Sirius)
After Reese and I finished taking care of a meal and our bodies, we leaned against Hokuto who lied down and enjoyed his fur. At first, when I was about to spread the blanket that I borrowed from the inn, Hokuto personally had me use him, so I leaned against him without reserve.
Hokuto whose body became large didn’t feel like a burden to him and he looked happy when he was patted by me. I planned to sleep just like this but the siblings stood still as if there was nothing to do. I still had to discuss the plan for tomorrow since it was too early to sleep.
“What is it, you guys? How about coming here since you're just standing there and doing nothing? Even Hokuto allows it." (Sirius)
“No… how should I say this?" (Reus)
“After all, to be Hokuto-sama companion is a bit…" (Emilia)
When Hokuto made slightly strong bark to the siblings whose still being obliged, since they became flustered and swung their hands, I asked for the interpretation.
“Err, he said since we’re someone who serves Aniki, he is just a bit more senior compared to us, so we can be more casual." (Reus)
“If Hokuto-sama says so…" (Emilia)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
“Yes! Well then, Hokuto-san…" (Reus)
“Please excuse me! Hokuto-san." (Emilia)
Whether the siblings finally made up their mind or not, the siblings also leaned against Hokuto and were surprised with a pleasant feeling. They enjoyed it and calmed down after a bit, we discuss plan for tomorrow while leaning against Hokuto.
Even if I say a plan, I have received the reward from the village head but now, I want a horse to pull the carriage more. It would be fine if I explained and have them give me a horse but it seems like it's going to be difficult for that, especially when the villagers are angry altogether because of the horses.

As I concluded that it would be nice if the confusion would be settled by tomorrow, Hokuto barked while looking at me.
“What is it, Hokuto? Did you feel like hitting the villagers who made a fool?” (Sirius)
“That's not it, Aniki! Hokuto-san said he can replace the horse." (Reus)
“What did you say, do you intend to pull the carriage?" (Sirius)
When I looked at Hokuto, he was wagging his tail and was smiling as if saying to entrust the matter to him.
“I am grateful but with that, you will look nothing but a domestic animal. Are you fine with that?" (Sirius)
“That's right! In worst case scenario, I'll pull the carriage, so it is not necessary for Hokuto-san to do that." (Reus)
Since it is a problem to the siblings, to make them silent, Hokuto interrupted the discussion and barked several times to convince them. When the exchange was over, it appeared that everything had been entirely decided since the siblings nodded in satisfaction.
But, I haven't understood yet. They were a bit reluctant to treat Hokuto, who they see like family, as a domestic animal. Hokuto whined like a spoiled child and brought his nose at me who was being troubled.
“He said if he pulls it, a horse will not be necessary and also the food. He can help you other than fighting too. Even so, there is something he wants." (Reus)
“What does he want?" (Sirius)
“He wants a collar. He wants proper proof as someone who attends Aniki." (Reus)
“…Understood. Since there is truth to what he said, I will depend on him then. And, I will make a splendid collar." (Sirius)
“That's great, Hokuto." (Reese)
“If it's for Hokuto-san, the collar must be more splendid compared to collar that I'm wearing." (Emilia)
I thought of correcting about the one I handed over to them was not a collar but a choker but I decided to leave it since they looked happy thinking of it as a collar.

Things come one after another and I was getting tired. When I told them to sleep, the disciples made the breathing of a sleeping person in no time. I probably want to call him as the Hokuto Pillow.
Now… it was only me and Hokuto left awake incidentally, I decided to have a slightly complicated talk. I have no problem if this is asked by the disciples but I tried my best not to let them know since it is unpleasant to explain that I used to murder someone in the past.
“Hokuto, how much can you remember your previous memory? Is that the feeling of forgetting the name and the face of a person?" (Sirius)
If yes, wag the tail. If no, do not swing it, and when I say to shake his head if he doesn't understand, he wagged his tail for this question.
“Were you born from a baby too? And have you seen anyone or animal which reincarnated other than me?" (Sirius)
He waved his tail for the first question but he didn't show any reaction on the later. As for asking this sooner or later about the time when Hokuto was an infant, this fellow also seemed to come over to this world in the similar situation as me.
Among the countless existence, I didn't think I was able to be unexpectedly reincarnated with Hokuto in this world. While thinking so, when I think about the similarity between us is…
“Do you… remember master?" (Sirius)
Hokuto trembled for a moment but he was surely wagging his tail. Hmmm, you too after all think of her as a symbol of fear. Anyhow, the first thing I want to say when finding and looking at how splendid you have become is…
“If you become big, that is because of what you ate…" (Sirius)
So… After that, it seemed that you have gotten a meal properly when I wasn't there, but the fear that is rooted didn't disappear huh…
The talk swayed a little bit but the likelihood to think about something at the moment is none other but master. Or perhaps I should say, it is because I think that it is possible enough if it is with that superwoman.
Assuming that's the truth, for what reason did she let Hokuto and I reincarnate to this world? Is it to save the world or accomplish something?
…Absolutely not.
At the moment, unless there is a critical situation where nuclear warheads are directly bombarded, I don't think I would beg to be reincarnated or something by instinct in order to live. Rather, if such a situation happened, I personally would go aggressive.
Perhaps, if such a thing was possible… I probably would do it.
Therefore, I live the way I like and it's not necessary to change anything since I have come this far. I laughed while seeing my partner's face that completely changed.
“Well… for whatever reason it is, please take care of me from now on, Hokuto." (Sirius)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
As I heard the bark that Hokuto agreed to, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

On the next day, we made light exercise after we woke up and went ahead to the village head's house. And then, I got a pouch filled with several pieces of silver coins as a reward but I took 30% of it and handed it at the tip of Hokuto's nose who peeked in the house from a window.
“Look, this is the share from the monsters that you defeated." (Sirius)
Hokuto understood that but he pretended not to understand, threw the pouch on the table and looked away.
“That wolf doesn't seem to need it. Since he returned it, feel free to take it back." (Sirius)
“Aren't you the owner of that wolf? Then, you should receive it." (Village Head)
“I have no reason but I have to respect his decision. Besides, I am not his official owner because he is not registered to the guild yet." (Sirius)
It was a trivial farce but I am satisfied that I am able to meet him again and it is better for them to have the money because the village is really in trouble.
After we return to Elysion, we will immediate report the completion of the request and as for Hokuto, he fulfills the condition to be registered as a monster attendant, a [Beast Companion].
“But, we're still not clear about this…" (Village Head)
“If that's the case, when you want to sell horses to the Galgan Company next time, please send good horses." (Sirius)
Since it was troublesome, we immediately left the village head's house after the discussion and when we were about to leave the village, there were several villagers lined up at the entrance.
I thought they were the ones who didn't understand and maybe came to make an accusation but I guess it wasn't because the village guard, who was treated by Reese, was among them.
They got closer to us while smiling, so we stopped to meet them.
“As I expected, it seems you're going to leave soon. I guess it's natural when you were insulted to that extent." (Village Guard)
“Well it can't be helped when seeing such looks. Besides, other people won't feel relieved when I am with Hokuto." (Sirius)
“Goodness, I can understand that to certain extent. It is regrettable we didn't return enough favor before seeing you off." (Village Guard)
“Even so, aren't you also an adventurer?" (Sirius)
“Yes. And girl, that was really a splendid treatment. I never thought that I would recover until I could stand and walk in one day." (Village Guard)
“I'm glad for you to recover without problems. I don't need the medical fee, so please buy new armor with that money." (Reese)
“Aah dang, I can't take that out when you told me that earlier. Indeed… there seems to be someone whom known as saintess in Elysion but I think a person like you should be called like that." (Village Guard)
Unable to admit that she was the said saintess, Reese made a dry smile at the man who was laughing and grasping a pouch that was taken from the chest vexatiously.
The other people who mostly don't own any horses expressed their gratitude since they were spared from the trouble. There were some fearless children who threw themselves at Hokuto and made their parents panicked but we still left Gort Village with such good feeling.

And it became serious when we returned back to Elysion.
Anyhow, I was requested for inquiry from guards at the town wall since I thoughtlessly brought a big wolf that was never seen. I told them that I was going to register Hokuto as my beast companion after this and it became an awkward situation where I had to demonstrate that he was trained in front of the gate since he was suspected of being dangerous.
It's started with a demonstration using ‘Hand’ command and various tricks, and it was ended when Reus and I put our heads into Hokuto's opened mouth. Finally, they completely believed us after looking at the demonstration until that part. Along the way, we were getting copper coins and stone coins from the people who were waiting for inspection because he was definitely mistaken for a show, what a fruitless addition of an income.

I obtained a red cloth as a temporary proof of accompanied monster and after I wound it up around Hokuto's neck like a scarf, we finally were able to enter the town. Nonetheless, there is also a possibility that the whole town will panic if he, a big monster that was never seen before, walked openly.
Thus, Emilia suggested this.
“It is normal if he walk like this. If Sirius-sama rides on his back, it will be like riding a horse and there will be less confusion when he is seen." (Emilia)
Thus, the result of putting that into practice was no one ran away but… it was too conspicuous. As a wolf bigger than a horse attracted curious looks, not even a single person ran away. It seems there are many people from Elysion have strong curiosity. Occasionally, the beastkin with dog ears lowered their head, it looks like they really understand that Hokuto is a great being.
The siblings were proud and stick their chests out because Hokuto and I were attracting attention while Reese walked at the back since she seemed embarrassed. And then, I was exposed to curious gazes from my surroundings until I arrived at the adventurer’s guild.
Since I couldn't bring Hokuto inside the building without permission, I gave an order to him to stand by in the space dedicated for beast companion located outside. After that, I went into the building and reported the completion of Gort Village's request. I didn't forget to report about the monster and the matter of Hokuto.
“… Understood. For the time being, I will send a warning letter to the village." (Receptionist)
“Yes, please. However, please do it in moderation since the damage to their village is big." (Sirius)
“Well, it can't be helped then. With the point that doesn't looking down on the monsters too much, if they did bad things in any case, I wonder if they thought about how to respond with the adventurer who adapted into the situation flexibly?" (Receptionist)
The whole village should reflect with this. Otherwise, the village won't last long. With this, I had a feeling of completing the request finally.
“Nevertheless, what Sirius-kun chose was right. By any chance, they didn't think the enemies were a group of Hungry Deva and fresh adventurers can exterminate the monsters if they entrust the matter." (Receptionist)
“I appreciate your introduction. Because I was able to meet that fellow again." (Sirius)
“You mean the wolf earlier, right? What kind of child is he? Are you bringing him for registration as a beast companion?" (Receptionist)
“Sirius-sama, I will call for him." (Emilia)
“It's not necessary to call him." (Sirius)
I put a finger on my mouth and blew a whistle. Blowing the whistle a little bit long is a calling signal if he is not far, Hokuto recognized it since he was trained in the previous life. While gathering the attention of 'what is he doing?' from the surroundings, the outside of the building became slightly noisy and the door opened at the same time, and then Hokuto appeared.
Hokuto entered slowly in order not to break the door, walked slowly so that people won't get vigilant and lie in front of us. However, there was something put on Hokuto.
“So you came, Hokuto. But is that rope an accessory?" (Sirius)
The rope was somehow caught on his neck, and the were three men coiled around. Even in that state, Hokuto continued to pull the men towards him, and made a bark for Emilia to translate.
“Let me see… as soon as he slept outside, a rope was suddenly hung around him. Were they, by chance, trying to steal Hokuto?" (Emilia)
“Haa… Haa… That's not it! That fellow is our monster! You'll be in trouble if you didn't listen!" (??)
“Are you kidding me!? Hokuto is Aniki's!" (Reus)
“Shut up! Hey, come here, you!" (??)
“Since I haven't registered him yet as a beast companion, I have no proof that he is mine but what should I do in this situation?" (Sirius)
I tried asking the receptionist who was stunned probably because she didn't expect this big size. Because of that, the receptionist regained herself and looked between Hokuto and I while calling for the person in charge for beast companion.
“Hmmm, since I can't determine who is the master for the beast companion, I can only look." (Receptionist)
“In short, it is fine if you can do it just by looking. By the way, will it be alright with self defense?" (Sirius)
“Eh? If he attacked, it will be natural to think it as a revenge but…" (Receptionist)
“Hokuto, I allow you." (Sirius)
With my instruction, Hokuto shook his forefoot three times and the men who got it were smashed and stretched to the floor. It was an excellent control which suppressed and stunned the opponents without breaking the floor.
On the other hand, he came closer, rubbed against me and behaved like a spoiled child. There is no need to compare who is the master.
“… Yes. Well then, until the person in charge comes, please fill up this form. Aah, Guard-san. Please apprehend the attempted thieves over there." (Receptionist)
The people in the guild were surprised by Hokuto's assault but they immediately resumed their business. Whether the place where adventurers gathers rowdy people, they are very quick to adapt with such rough situation.
The guild guard who always resides at his usual place, carried the man on his back while I finished filling in the paperwork.

Talking about the conclusion, Hokuto's registration was over easily.
There was an instructor in charge for the test, since they are looking at him whether he can faithfully follow a command from whoever brings him to certain extent in the training ground, there is no way for Hokuto to make a mistake because he can completely understand me.
In the test of fetching things, there was also an accident where Emilia and Reus started running the moment a branch was thrown, but the instructors said no problem and gave permission.
To register a beast companion, a magic formation must be drawn somewhere on the body, so a small magic formation was drawn on his right forefoot. I didn't want that to be drawn excessively on Hokuto's beautiful white hair but there is no other choice because it's a rule. Well, let's say it was fine since Hokuto seemed looked happy after seeing the magic formation on his right foreleg.

The registration was over and we went to the Galgan Company immediately. It is because we have to adjust the carriage according to Hokuto. Zack and the people from the company were surprised when they saw Hokuto but they might think since it was me, they immediately adapted.
When I went ahead to the warehouse that stored the carriage, Reus, who saw it for the first time, was surprised with glittering eyes.
“Ooo, amazing! This is a carriage designed by Aniki!" (Reus)
“That's right. There are various functions but I'll tell you when we head out for the trip." (Sirius)
The appearance of my designed carriage is a metal covered carriage. However, in order to go for long trip, it is installed with various functions.
First of all, the important wheel is firmly made with strong Gravilite, its hold strength will not lose against Reus if he really hit it hard. It is also used for important parts and incorporates mithril, which makes it easy to transfer mana to the required points. This makes it easier to transfer the mana directly and when the defense magic is invoked, the carriage will be protected. (TLN: I'm not sure whether Gravilite is a correct term, the katakana for that is グラビライト)
There are also parts made of cloth but it is durable since it is made of magic threads used in school. It should be able to withstand if it hit with something like [Flame Lance].
There are shutter type doors in front and on the rear of the carriage, and of course there is a suspension that suppresses the vibration of the wheels. Since the carriages in this world were shaky, this makes the ride comfortable.
There are also other features like anti-theft function and it is safely to assume that this is the strongest carriage. It may be closer to a camper than a carriage.

And the result is, the cost incurred was tremendous because plenty rare ores were used. Although it was an impossible lump sum, Zack covered almost all of the cost as a prototype of Galgan Company's new product and I had to give half of my fortunes.
“I thought it would be nice because all functions were installed. It had become an unusually expensive carriage but is it really alright for me to have it?" (Sirius)
“I have earned a lot of money because of Danna's various ideas, and since I never give anything back, please don't hesitate to take it. Or perhaps I should say, this suspension technology is a revolution of a carriage! If this spreads out, there is no doubt that the nobles will flood in flocks." (Zack)
“Since it is difficult to produce the parts, try not to burden the craftmen. How is it, Hokuto? Is the harness not too tight?" (Sirius)
A harness is something that connects a carriage and a horse but I modified it to make something exclusive for Hokuto. I tried not to constrain his movement as much as possible but Hokuto barked that he had no problem.
This harness is made to be also removable by Hokuto himself, and in case of emergency, he can separate himself from the carriage and be able to fight. Of course, I tell him in advance to abandon the carriage when the situation becomes dangerous. Hokuto is more important than the carriage.
“I thought it might be hopeless for common horse but it seems to be alright if it is with Hokuto." (Sirius)
“There is no meanings unless it can't be done at times. Let's try to run it a bit." (Zack)
The weaknesses of this carriage is it consumes time and money to be produced and the weight of the carriage itself.
Gravilite is strong and durable but it is heavy. Since such Gravilite was used generously, the drawback is that this carriage is several times heavier than a normal carriage.
But on this carriage, it is drawn with gravity reduction magic formation that I came across, and it can be fitted on a common horse. There may be a time when the weight is needed, so the original weight can be restored if the supply of mana is stopped.
When I was small, I received an unusually light sword from Dee, I was told the trick that made it possible was because of a magic formation. The magic formation will absorb mana from air naturally and it is limited to lighten an inorganic matter. Since I informed it to the Headmaster, it may spread all over the world sometime soon.
I tried to let Hokuto pull with lightened weight but he is walking with no problem. Taking this opportunity, I stopped the spell and set it to its original weight but he is pulling a severe weight comparable to being pull by five or six horses easily. I am very satisfied with my partner who is more reliable than I expected.

The preparation was completed like this and… two days later.
Though we stumbled at the beginning, our friends and we finally went for a trip.
We gathered in front of the entrance to Galgan Company, and we got seen off by many people. Most people were surprised to see Hokuto.
As for Emilia and Reus, their acquaintances from school and the people who know him from the town wanted to shake hands with them. Emilia's lifetime disciples and Reus' friends (aka underlings) were shedding tears like a flood and it dragged on for a while.
As for Reese, Princess Lifell, in disguise, came to see her off and now she was saying goodbye while hugging her.
“You must not overdo it. And find what you want to do." (Lifell)
“Yes, I will try to look for something that I can do." (Reese)
“Yeah, that's a good answer. Sirius-kun, Emilia, Reus… as an older sister, please take care of my younger sister. Ah, of course, Hokuto-kun too." (Lifell)
After separating from Reese, Princess Lifell embraced Hokuto who was standing by in front of the carriage and pressed her cheeks.
“Aah… this feeling is the best after all. Reese, this feeling, Sirius-kun and everyone is going far away, this is really sad." (Lifell)
Even the princess' professional maid, Senia, was on guard when seeing Hokuto for the first time. However, she patted him at the same time introducing herself. That was the situation of being hugged strongly for two days.
“My lady… you have to stop, please. Reese-sama, Senia will always wish for your happiness." (Senia)
“Me too. I will protect Pri… my lady with my life, so please don't worry and enjoy the trip." (Melt) (TLN: He was about to say Princess)
“Senia and Melt too, thank you. Please take care of Ane-sama." (Reese)
When I was bid farewell by the two attendants of the princess, Mark came in front of me asking for a handshake.
“Though it feels lonely, I think you are capable of doing anything in the world. So, do not hesitate to go. Until I am befit to be your companion, I will keep on working hard." (Mark)
“I don't want to become famous, I just want to live a decent life. Next time you probably will become the head of the household, so should I use -sama?" (Sirius)
“Whatever it is, Mark is fine. Well then, let's meet again." (Mark)
“Aah, see you again, Mark." (Sirius)
When we shook hands, Mark was smiling naturally towards his best friend.
The one that came last was the Headmaster in disguise. I think the alias name was Vile-sensei and similar to Mark, I shook his hands as he wanted a handshake.
“You keep training like a school student but you didn't seem to be like most students. I don't have anything to say but associating with you, not as a teacher and a student, but as an equal adults was fun." (Vile/Rodwell)
“Though I feel like a cheeky student, I also enjoyed it. Thank you for teaching me a lot of things." (Sirius)
“Yes, and if we are fated to see each other again…" (Vile/Rodwell)

When we finished saying farewell, we got on the carriage, Hokuto who had been waiting connected the harness and the carriage by himself and prepared for a departure.
The rest is a command.
“Let's depart, Hokuto!" (Sirius)
There is no need to whip Hokuto, when I gave instruction, he barked and walked forward.
Moving away slowly from the people who lined up in front of the Galgan Company entrance, they kept waving their hands until they were out of sight.
Passing through the town wall, we head out of Elysion and gone on a well maintained road.
While looking at the wall that would not be visible in a bit, we confirmed the next destination.
“First, let's visit Erina's grave and after that, Onee-chan's hometown." (Emilia)
“It took more time to depart and Noel-nee will probably get angry if we don't hurry." (Reus)
“However, it was alright since you could see Hokuto again because of that. Like this, we don't have to worry about what is pulling the carriage." (Reese?)
“That's right. Nonetheless, I won't deny that Noel will get angry, so let's raise the speed a little. I depend on you, Hokuto." (Sirius)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
The carriage speed became a little faster than normal speed, pulled by Hokuto who wore the red collar that I put on this morning that reflected the sunlight.
Our new journey has finally begun.

If translating what Hokuto's says, it would be like this.
“No… how should I say this?" (Reus)
“After all, to be Hokuto-sama companion is a bit…" (Emilia)
[I may be a great being for you. But now, I am an attendant of my master and I have a little more seniority to you. Therefore, there isn't much of a difference, so I would you like you to interact more normally.] (Hokuto)
“If Hokuto-sama says so…" (Emilia)
[Keep the '-sama' for the master only. Like Reese over there who abandon hers, it is alright to use '-san' instead.] (Hokuto)
“Yes! Well then, Hokuto-san…" (Reus)

“I am grateful but with that, you will look nothing but a domestic animal. Are you fine with that?" (Sirius)
[If I pull, there is no need for horses and I don't need any food expenses. Above all, other than fighting, I can be useful to you guys. Emilia and Reus. As a wolf, I can do nothing but this, so I want you to leave this to me. There must be plenty of things that only you guys can do. If it's good, can you tell master that I want a collar? I want something as a symbol of attending him.] (Hokuto)
“Well… for whatever reason it is, please take care of me from now on, Hokuto." (Sirius)
[Yes. Wherever you go.] (Hokuto)


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