Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 23

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Anyway, we had some feels, then some sweetness, now is time for a bit of action and hate.
Without further ado, here’s Chapter 23 of World Teacher.Teacher Medria, one of the few towns existing in Adroad continent.

Not as big as ones that have a castle, but a mid-sized town with people bustling about non-stop, is where I am right now.
My objective is to sell the jewel from Jewel Turtle.
I tried selling it at the Adventurer's guild and bigger shops, but there's no way they would take a kid with no connections seriously, so in order to not get my identity known, I decided to sell it using an underground organisation.
One of Medria's underground organisations, that mainly deals in illegally, Melissa.
After gathering info at the bar, I succeeded in getting invited to a basement, that is their headquarters. And so, in a room only lit dimly by candles, I was sitting before a man that is one of Melissa’s top brass.
The man is bald, without a single hair on his head and has a few scars on his face, an ossan full of dignity.[1] He’s trying to intimidate me by having his well trained muscles exposed without a hiding them at all, but compared to Lior it’s at a level of a gentle breeze. Since he’s not taking a robed kid with a hood over his head at face value, he must be a man that highly values personal ability. (TLN: just a clarification. Lior is pronounced the same as the word lion. I could just write Laior, but Lior seems better, so just bear it in mind.)
Though, it seems he still properly uses trickery. When I first showed the thing, the amount of gold pieces given to me was only twenty. When taking into account the outside market price this is worth at least fifty pieces, so let’s have a bit of a discussion, shall we?
「This is absurd」(Sirius)
Tossing the bag with gold given to me on the table, I laughed scornfully, as if displeased, and arrogantly leaned back.
「However, isn’t this a fair price, though?」(Ossan)
「Are you making fun of me? There’s no way a kid that doesn’t know the market price would be able to come to this place, is there? Are you a such low-level organisation that judges people by looks?」(Sirius)
「It would be regrettable, if you would think that. We are an organisation that has quite a bit of influence in this town, and we don’t really have problems with money. In the worst case, it’s fine to cut the deal off, you know?」(Ossan)
「Now that’s a lie. Since a thing this good doesn’t appear on the market often, you ought to want it, right?」(Sirius)
「Hahaha, seems like you understand. However….there are ways of getting it without using money, you know?」(Ossan)
When he raises his arm, a few origins of bloodthirst appear from the darkness.
「Well then…how will it be?」(Ossan)
The man lowers his arm while floating an unpleasant smile, and the surrounding bloodlust disappears. Is this that? “I can kill you with one sign”… is this what he wants to say? Extreme, like one would expect from an underground organisation, huh.
「This is getting more and more absurd. Do you guys think I got this by chance?」(Sirius)
I use 『Search』 while tapping the table lightly, and from what I gathered, there’s two behind the ceiling, one in the dark spot of the left corner, and one presence on the other side of the door behind me.
「Two on the ceiling, one in the corner, and one behind the door, with you that’s only five in total. If you can take on a Jewel Turtle with this number, then come at me.」(Sirius)
You can’t let someone look down on you during negotiations. Even if you’re at a disadvantage, if you start complaining, they will take advantage of that and the situation may become impossible to get back on track.
Act strong to the end, sometimes purposefully showing weakness, you obtain conditions advantageous for yourself. That gets a bit complicated in the dark side of the world, but in the past and now, little problems can be taken care of that way, so attacking while acting strong is my main stance.
「What’s wrong? Will you have the two on the ceiling throw down knives and have the guy behind do it in one swing? Or maybe, you will hold me down, and have the other four attack at together?」(Sirius)
When I release a bit of pressure mixed with mana, the man before me gulps down while sweating lightly.
「Well, by fighting me the organisation won’t be left unscathed, at least. If that happens, it will become an opening for other organisations」(Sirius)
When I finish saying that, I cut off the pressure and take out the mithril knife, as if showing it to the man.
「However, I have completely no interest in your organisation. I just want to secretly sell this jewel to the underground. It’s fine to test me, but how about we get to the point already?」(Sirius)
These guys try to buy cheap and intimidate me to just test me. Am I worthy to do business with? They use these obvious methods to find that out. As for me, I backed down after intimidating them plenty, gave them a peace of mind by expressing my uninterest in them, and to top it off showed off an expensive mithril knife to make them think I’m not some average person.
I think they will give up after I do this much.
「Pardon me. Your ability and insight… I have realized them plenty. I’m sorry for doing such things to test you」(Ossan)
「Don’t worry about it. It’s something necessary, as long as you live on the underside. Well then, will you be buying this?」(Sirius)
「Yes, we will. As for the price…how about fifty gold pieces?」(Ossan)
Hmmm, getting fifty gold pieces is enough, but this guy’s still trying to take advantage of me.
「This one is of high clarity, and on top of that, it’s in an undamaged, complete state. It’ll would fetch quite a price if sold at an auction. Hundred gold pieces」(Sirius)
「You must be joking. We don’t only buy off and sell things. Considering our troubles, fifty-five gold pieces」(Ossan)
「However, it’s this beautiful while still raw. Curious nobles ought to gather to buy this, if you process it. Ninety gold pieces」(Sirius)
「You do not know how much work it is to process one, do you? Fifty-five pieces」(Ossan)
「Craftsmanship happens to be a hobby of mine. I made this kind of thing with other jewels taken from Jewel Turtle. Eighty pieces」(Sirius)
「This is ?! I see, this is magnificent. How about seventy-five pieces?」(Ossan)
「….Seems about right」(Sirius)
「It seems we have ourselves a deal. Well then, I’ll prepare it immediately, please wait」(Ossan)
What I gave to the man was a lamp, on which I stuck excess raw rubies that I cut.
Sprinkled with other small gems, each inscribed with a magic circle that glows like 『Light』, the whole lamp faintly glows, it's purely for admiration. It has no practical use, but a noble with some weird tastes might buy it.
「Seventy-five gold coins. Will you be verifying them?」(Ossan)
「Of course」(Sirius)
It's not like I don't trust him, but at underground organisations, not checking, on the contrary, makes them feel distrust. Putting it into your chest pocket without verifying might look cool, but from merchant and underside perspectives, it just makes you unworthy of trust. When dealing with money and things, showing the appearance of doing things properly connects to trust. It's not something I should say while doing it, but since I have no intention of meeting this guy again, it might be something unnecessary.
「Seventy-five pieces, I have verified it. Well then, I shall take my leave」(Sirius)
「It was a worthwhile negotiation」(Ossan)
"Are you going back already?" he doesn't stop say things like that to stop me. It's not like we're on good terms, and he understands that I came into contact with the underside in order to avoid unnecessary meddling and inquiries. After finding another good point, I think that while this man belongs to an underground organisation, he can be trusted as long as you come to an agreement.
「Aah, yes. Since these gold coins are mine now, Melissa as an organisation, will not interfere whatsoever, right?」(Sirius)
「…….As you say. I shall swear that Melissa won't interfere no matter what」(Ossan)
「I have heard your confirmation. Well then.」(Sirius)
I swiftly leave the basement, and after getting out from back alleys to the main street, I let out sigh. Good grief, since it's has been a while since I was involved with the underworld, I'm tired mentally. Even so, I got a high price for my troubles, so I guess I'll buy something for those guys and head back. While walking through the main street aimlessly, I buy things that catch my eye.
A ribbon for Emilia, durable gloves for Reus, but what would be a good wedding gift for Noel and Dee, I wonder. It might be too early for baby goods, so maybe something like matching pendants would be good.
After finding and buying what I wanted, I exited the town, towards the nearby forest. It would be fine to go back immediately, but it seems I still have one little job to do.
「…….Come out」(Sirius)
To my muttering, a man fully clad in black showed himself.
This man was tailing me all the way from the basement. I felt multiple presences while using 『Search』, but I understood that only this guy is one of the ones that have been surrounding me since a while back. I feel a few other presences for a first time, but it's clear they aren't friendly. I suppose I'll make a move first.[2]
「Seems ya didn't find by chance. How d'ya do it? 」(Man)
「Think I'm stupid enough to tell you? That aside, what do you want? I believe I received this money through proper negotiations」(Sirius)
「Nooothin' much, I just thought you got too much fer a kid, is all. So an adult like me came to take it back」(Man)
The man smiles greedily while thrusting his knife before me. I did expect this to a certain extent, but one really easy to understand came, huhー.
「Ya seem too cocky fer a brat, so I'll teach ya about the world of grown-ups. Fee fer tha lesson 'll be money ya got earlier an' yer knife. That kinda thing's fer superiors like me ta hold」(Easily understandable man)
「I'm fine on lessons, and you are the one that lacks qualifications to hold a knife. Realize your own abilities properly.」(Sirius)
「Keh, yer a really cheeky brat. Oi, come out lads!」(Easily understandable man)
The man raises his arm and robust men one after another…. didn't come out. He looks around curiously, raises and lowers his arm a few times, but nothing happens.
「Shit, those louts betrayed me!」(Easily understandable man)
No, no, they didn't betray you, they just can't come.
While I was talking to you, I detected all of them and shot them to the back of the head. If you look around for them under the shadows of grass, they ought to be laying around. [3]
「Enough, I can do it alone. I'll retrieve tha money, an' be promoted. I'm tired of bein' used by that baldy though I'm superior ta him!」(Easily understandable man)
I see, his aim is not to pocket the money, but to raise his status within the organisation. To seek a promotion this energetically is fine, but to say you're superior to that man? This guy seriously has the wrong idea here.
「Why's everyone makin' a fuss just 'cause he's a little smart. Actin' all meek against a brat, I dun get what's he afraid of at all!」(Easily understandable man)
What you lack is the ability to recognize the strong. At least that man understood that I'm one of the strong after testing me, and accommodated me with a respectful attitude. Since danger is always breathing down your neck in the underworld, ones that excel in risk management survive. Since you don't get that, you'll meet your end sooner or later. More like, you've met your end.
「You only got this far because you don't. 『Magnum』」(Sirius)
Unfortunately, I'm not a saint. I'll strike back if struck, and repay goodwill with the same. Since this guy was obviously aiming for me, so I'll have myself do it without reservation. I buried countless guys like you in my previous world. I feel no guilt this late in the game.
「What 'r ya on abou!? 」(Easily understandable man)
The released bullet goes through his skullcap, and the man, without even understanding the reason, left this world. If I think about it, this is the first time I killed in this world, but… as I thought I feel nothing. I have no intention of doing it unnecessarily, but there are times, when it's either kill or be killed. I'll need to have my disciples experience that someday.
I lower the finger I was pointing, and affirm the situation around me, but there's no sign of the enemy.
Since I took down a member, it might be taken as an act of picking a fight with the organisation, but I have the word of that man, and this time it's obviously this guy acting on his own. I think the aftermath will be taken care of within the organisation. I have taken care of witnesses, so if I fly away now, my identity shouldn't be known.
「Welcome back, Sirius-sama」(Emilia)
「Welcome back, Aniki!」(Reus)
When I come back home, the siblings who were training in the garden, welcomed me. Their respective directions for training were decided, so they became able to train independently, even without me being around more than necessary. The rest depends on their motivation, but looking at the degree of the pair's exhaustion, seems like they're doing it seriously.
「I'm back. Did anything happen?」(Sirius)
「Nothing in particular」(Emilia)
「Apart from Noel-nee and Dee-nii being pink coloured, nothing happened」(Reus)
Even after a month passed since the couple's wedding ceremony, they're still in paradise. They do chores and work seriously, but during breaks and mealtimes they flirt sitting next each other without exception. Married love life being positive is a good thing, but to that kind of lovey-dovey mood, Emilia runs wild out of envy, and Reus started having negative impression towards marriage saying "If it means I'll have that kind of loose face, maybe I don't want to get married, I think?".
I made him accept it by saying "Think of it as kind of a disease that calms down with time and leave them be" , but I couldn't say that it's bad for education and stop the couple, so lately it became a thing of concern.
「I see. Did you two finish your training?」(Sirius)
「Yes, I have done my norm. I don't mind it being later, but could you watch over my magic when you have the time?」(Emilia)
「I'm also finished. Also, I would like to go to gramps Lior's soon」(Reus)
「Alright, I'll think about it. Anyway, since I have something to talk about, I want everyone to gather」(Sirius)
「Understood. I'll go call onee-chan, gathering at the living room will be fine, right?」(Emilia)
「I'll get Dee-nii」(Reus)
Seeing them divide roles and act after reading my intentions, I was in deep thought while looking at the pair's backs.
Emilia started resembling Erina, and Reus, while still being childish, started acting while holding a firm will. Our time living here is almost at it's end, but when they accumulate experience, the pair should be able to live outside without any problems.
While being delighted with the pair's growth, I headed towards the living room and waited for everyone to gather.
「This is today's result」(Sirius)
When I line up the gold coins on the table, everyone's eyes became like dots. The gold coins are seventy-five in total, thinking in the japanese yen, it's seven and a half million. Considering how cheap commodities are in this world, it might be abnormal.
「A-amazing! I have never seen that much gold coins!」(Noel)
「I thought it would be fifty coins at best, but to think you could get this much….」(Dee)
「Nee-chan, nee-chan, I don't seem to get, how amazing is this?」(Reus)
「Let's see, do you get it if I say that one of these is worth twenty silver coins?」(Emilia)
「Ooh! That's amazing indeed! But I don't need that much」(Reus)
It's not like this is your money, but seriously, these siblings know no greed. Well, they were born in a village where money was unnecessary, and after being slaves, they became my disciples. Never going to town, always living in this house, I guess the necessity of money would fade..
「I think Emilia understands, but Reus, money has it's significance. Because if we don’t have these gold coins, we can’t get into school」(Sirius)
「I guess. Oh right, how much of these does school need?」(Reus)
「If I remember correctly, it was about fifteen?」(Noel)
「That means fifteen coins times three, thirty coins are left. What will you do with them?」(Dee)
Actually, the jewel’s price of fifty coins that I got at first was fine, but I got carried away, and negotiated too much. Well, too much money is not a problem, and in fact I have decided what to use the leftovers for.
「I wonder, Noel and Dee, would you like to use this chance to also go to school?」(Sirius)
「No. I think I have said this before, but since I got married, I have no more regrets」(Noel)
「Even if you get sheltered by the school, money is still necessary. Please use the rest on living expenses」(Dee)
I said this half-seriously, but as I thought, they refused. Well, checking up in books, seems like there’s a lot of young ones at school, so it might be pushing it in terms of age.
「Well then, I’ll decide on it’s use. So Dee, that guy will be coming the day after tomorrow, if I remember correctly?」(Sirius)
「Yes, he should be coming the day after tomorrow, at noon」(Dee)
「Seems I’m done just in time」(Sirius)
There’s not even half a month left until we get driven out of here.
Even so, never mind showing his face, that guy didn’t even send a letter, so I decided to call him here myself.
There will be only trouble if I leave it be, so I want to settle it before going to school.
The day after tomorrow, I'll be meeting my father for the first time since my birth.
And so, the appointed day.
I was meeting my father, Bardomyl ・ Dorianus, in the living room.
I had Dee stand behind me, and the beastkins that he hates are on standby in my room.
Well then, this is my first meeting with father, but wrinkles and white hairs have increased since the last time I saw him, and he's grown somewhat fat, so it's clear as day that he's leading an intemperate lifestyle. Looks like he's one step away from geriatric diseases.[4]
「Nice meeting you for the first time. My name is Sirius」(Sirius) (TLN: Sirius speaking politely in this dialogue)
「Hou? Courteous, like you wouldn't believe that you're a child born from that rude girlie」(Bardomyl)
He's dishing out jabs right off the bat. More like, since I introduced myself, do the same. That's manners, right?
「Nevermind you for now, where's that servant? Her name was something like――Erina, if I remember?」(Bardomyl)
「Erina has passed away a few months back. Right now I am acting as this house's head」(Sirius)
「I see, she finally croaked, huh. She was unexpectedly competent, but annoying when it concerned that girlie」(Bardomyl)
「It's thanks to Erina that I grew this splendidly. Not only as a servant, but also as a foster parent, she was the best woman」(Sirius)
「The best woman? She might have brainwashed you, and hatched a plan to take over my house」(Bardomyl)
He really is good at rubbing people the wrong way. Since he's doing that naturally, it's even more detestable. Dee who is standing behind me, is suppressing his rage by tensing his body, and on top of that, it's strangely noisy behind the door.
『Stop it, Reus! You can't do anything even if you go there!』
『Lemme go nee-chan! That guy, that guy's speaking ill of Erina-san! I won't forgive him! 』
『I can understand your rage, Reu-kun. But right now Sirius-sama is there, so stop it. Please, just endure it for now』
That kind of exchange was heard after I reinforced my hearing. Those guys, though I told them to wait in the room, incorrigible lot, really. Keep on restraining Reus like that.
「It's unusually noisy. Are those demi-humans making a racket?」(Bardomyl)
「Please don't mind it. That aside, the reason I called you here….」(Sirius)
"Demi-human", to that insulting word, Dee's rage increased even more. He's glaring at father so strongly that it looks like it would kill him, but seriously, you're amazing in a way, to not even notice it.
「Let get to the point, I suppose. Why have you called me here? Since you called for this busy me, you better have a suitable reason」(Bardomyl)
「Of course. The reason is the talks about me leaving this house. There's not even half a month left until the promised time, but…..」(Sirius)
When I say that, that guy's face warped in displeasure.
「No, absolutely no! I see you have heard from the servants, but your exile from this house is decided. It's too late, I will definitely won't allow to postpone it!」(Bardomyl)
「That's not it. After half a month….or even earlier that that, I don't mind, I have resolved myself to leave the house」(Sirius)
「Then what is it? You could just leave by yourself, even without calling me here」(Bardomyl)
「Actually, I have a favour to ask. That is something that needs your permission, but please look here first」(Sirius)
I took the bag that I had Dee hold, and spilled the contents on top of the table. After seeing the contents, that guy's face was dyed with amazement.
「Th-This is….gold coins? Furthermore, aren't there more than twenty of them!? You bastard, where did you get this?」(Bardomyl) [5]
「There was some good luck involved, but this money was saved up little by little, during these past few years. I'll present this money to you」(Sirius)
「Ho, hohou? Quite an admirable attitude」(Bardomyl)
The moment I said I would give it, he promptly gathers it up, and puts it in his bosom. You have fast hands, don't youー
「I say that I’m giving this, but actually I'm just giving back what I owe. That money is for the expenses you gave to Erina to bring me up. Erina left records properly, so there shouldn't be a possibility of it not being enough」(Sirius)
「Fumu, indeed, that sounds like something that woman would do」(Bardomyl)
「I added a bit extra. I was using this house, so think of it as balancing it out, and accept it」(Sirius)
「Well then, I'll take it without reservation. And so, what is this favour of yours? Don't tell me you'll start spouting nonsense like wanting to become a candidate to my heirs?」(Bardomyl)
「No, I have completely no interest in that. What I want to ask is, to cast aside the Dorianus name. I want your, patriarch’s, word, that I'm not even your son」(Sirius)
To the favour that he didn't expect, father's movements stopped. Well, I gave him money and asked him to disown me, so it's not surprising.
Actually, at the point I'm driven out of this house, I'm the same as disowned.
However, if I have this guy's name, which is like misfortune, it feels like at some point, I'll be surrounded by some annoying liability, so I want to cut off all ties with these guys. To the degree, that I want to get the words of disownment from the patriarch himself.
I have no attachment to being a noble in the first place, and I don't think of clinging to it.
The reason I gave him the money, is because I wanted to properly liquidate my connection to this guy.
I'm fine with being just Sirius.
「You want to cast away our prideful name of Dorianus by yourself? You'll lose even the title of a noble, you know?」(Bardomyl)
「I do realize that. I'll live not as father's son, but as the son of Miliaria, as just Sirius」(Sirius) [6]
「Very well. It was going to happen when you were exiled from the house. I, the patriarch of the Dorianus house, Bardomyl, order you. You are not allowed to call yourself a Dorianus ever again, you're not even my son!」(Bardomyl)
「I have certainly heard it」(Sirius)
I've never even once thought of myself as your son, and I don't remember ever calling myself a Dorianus, though.
「That's all I wanted. Thank you for troubling yourself to come all the way here」(Sirius)
「Indeed, is what I would want to say, but it was worthwhile for me」(Bardomyl)
Feeling the weight of gold coins in his bosom, he looked really pleased. Really though, how corrupted those eyes look. I can't even imagine how much money he's going to squander in the town on his way back.
「Well then, half a month left, isn't it? I'll send someone at that time, so begone before that. I'll tell them kick you out for trespassing, if you're still here」(Bardomyl)
「Understood. I shall leave this house within half a month」(Sirius)
Bardomyl, who was acting self-important from the start to the end, left.
And so, this was the first and the last meeting of a father and a child, and I became just Sirius.
After seeing out Bardomyl, with only the two of us left, Dee squeezed out his voice, as if groaning.
「Erina-san….got treated like this every time she met this guy, huh」(Dee)
「Probably. I don't know how many times they met, but truly, she was a strong person」(Sirius)
「I feel frustrated. Aria-sama, Sirius-sama, Erina-san, even Noel got made fun, I feel frustrated at myself for being unable to do anything」(Dee)
「No, you endured it well. There's no idea what would the nobles do, if you pick a fight with them, so you did well for Noel's sake. You can be proud」(Sirius)
「Those words are more than I deserve」(Dee)
「Also, I'm not a noble or anything anymore. At the same time you guys were discharged, so there's no need to be respectful with me, you know?」(Sirius)
「No, even if not a noble, my master is Sirius-sama」(Dee)
「I also think so!」(Noel)
「Me too! I am Sirius-sama's servant for life!」(Emilia)
「Me too, Aniki!」(Reus)
I realize everyone has gathered behind me. Everyone feeling seemingly the same, look at me with eyes full of trust. Bonds we built weren't for naught, it seems.
「Sirius-sama's father….well….」(Emilia)
「He's not my father or anything anymore, so you can call him whatever you want and slander him, I don't mind」(Sirius)
「Understood. That person is really awful. Even if illegitimate, to be this cold to his own child, unbelievable」(Emilia)
「Yeah, that's right! He even made fun of Erina-san! I thought about cutting him down, if Aniki wasn't there!」(Reus)
Silver-wolf tribe are a race that cherish their family, so they probably can't forgive a guy like that. You're even more furious and are complaining more than me, but you got to learn that that kind of scum exists, right?
「He hates the beastkin like that, so there were times when I was about to be harassed when I was living at his mansion. Aria-sama and Erina-san protected me though, so nothing too serious happened」(Noel)
「What does he hate about the beastkin. Even though Noel is cute」(Dee)
You two really have troubles restraining yourselves, don't you? I can't even anticipate what will cause them create "Love World" anymore. When I clear my throat for the time being, the two start panickingly gloss it over by trying to get the conversation back on track.
「E-Even so, you really did well restraining yourself, Sirius-sama. If it was me, the moment he spoke ill of Erina-san, I would have slapped him!」(Noel)
「Yeah, striking back when struck is more like you, Aniki」(Reus)
「Do you really think I did nothing?」(Sirius)
「Don't tell me…. did you give him counterfeits?」(Emilia)
Those gold coins I gave Bardomyl, are indeed genuine, but I put a trick into the coins themselves.
「I put time-delayed 『Impact』 onto some of those gold coins. I suppressed the power on them quite a lot, but at some point those gold coins will probably scatter around while giving out an impact」(Sirius)
I densely covered 『Impact』 with mana, and with time passing, that mana slowly dissipates, creating a delayed activation of magic. It's the one made use of during the time with the Jewel Turtle.
It will go off after a few hours from when I gave them, and will probably cause an uproar while involving the surroundings. He'll undoubtedly either taste the impact himself while having them near his bosom, or expose his unsightly appearance while trying to collect the scattered gold coins, if he takes them out.
Even if it gets to someone other's hands, he'll be the one victim complains to anyway.
When I explain, thinking it might be a bit nasty, the servants endorsed it with both hands up high.
「As expected of Sirius-sama! While it is regrettable I cannot see it for myself, but knowing that that guy will be panicking around makes me feel better」(Noel)
「Hehe, serves him right!」(Reus)
「A guy that doesn't treasure his family deserves to suffer! 」(Emilia)
「He's getting his just deserts」(Dee)
They were mouthing him off for some time, but it's about time to set about with the next operation. I clap my hands to get back conversation back on track.
「Alright, let's leave that kind of scum aside and switch over to the next objective. Has everyone prepared to depart?」(Sirius)
「Yes, nothing is overlooked」(Dee)
「The house is cleaned perfectly. It's the same as brand new!」(Noel)
「No problems here」(Emilia)
「I'm ready to go anytime!」(Reus)
Pleasedly nodding to everyone's answers, I loudly raise my voice.
「Very good, then it's a party! Today we'll be merrymaking through the night!」(Sirius)
Preparations to set off are complete.
We'll leave this house tomorrow.
I had decided to leave the day after getting disowned by Bardomyl a long time ago.
Since I handed him that much money so easily, he might come to loot this house, thinking I have more, so the sooner we leave, the better.
I said within half a month, so he would never think we'd be gone the next day. His mortified appearance, after seeing the house completely deserted, comes to mind.
「Sirius-sama, I have been thinking for a while, but what will you do about your house name?」(Noel)
「Aー….that's right. It will be necessary once I'm outside, huh」(Sirius)
I got asked this kind of question by Noel, while preparing for the party.
House name….it's points to a name like the Dorianus, that I cast off just before, or the siblings' Silbarion.
In previous world terms it's a surname, of course Noel and Dee also have one, but ordinary commoners have almost no opportunity to use a house name, so it's omitted.
A house name is mainly used by nobles in the first place, and I was secluding myself in this place, so there was no need to use one.
Although, it seems that it's a public disgrace to not have one, so I'll have to think of something.
「Thinking about it normally, you should be naming yourself Eldrand, like Aria-sama」(Noel)
「I would like to, but even though they collapsed, the Eldrand were nobles. If there's a branch family that still exists, it might become too problematic」(Sirius)
「Then let's think of a new one. A developing house name gradually rising up in the world….it's like a legend」(Emilia)[7]
「It's not like I want to rise up in the world, though…..」(Sirius)
「That is impossible. I can confidently say, that having that kind of power, you will definitely become famous, Sirius-sama」(Emilia)
I just want to raise disciples, and have zero intentions on becoming famous, though. While I was worrying, Noel gathered everyone, and hastily started a meeting to decide on a new house name.
「Let's start the first meeting of "Let's think of Sirius-sama's house name". Everyone, applause!」(Noel)
I'm sure she said it in the spur of the moment, but does this have a chance of happening a second time?[8]
Near the person concerned, who was retorting, applause took place, and the beastkins started giving out ideas one after another.
「I'm thinking about something like King, a name that resembles the strongest seems good」(Reus)
「How about something like Dragon?」(Noel)
「Ano….I don't mind it being the same as ours. Sirius ・Sylvarion….it seems good, since it's like a husband」 (TLN: She's petering out from the middle)
「What was that at the end, nee-chan? But I agree on it being the same as ours! It's like a true brother then!」(Reus)
This is hopeless, there's no knowing what kind of a name they'll come up with if I leave it up to them.
I'll decide on it myself before some weird one flies out.
Hmmm….I thought about maintaining the name of my former life, but I completely can't remember it, as usual.
A simple, not too flashy, name representing me would be nice.
Representing….since I'm aiming to be an educator….teacher? [9]
「Teeーchaaー? Aniki, what does it mean?」(Reus)
「In my previous lif――that's not it, according to old literature, it means teacher, it seems」(Sirius) [9]
「teacher….it suits Sirius-sama perfectly. I also think it's good」(Emilia)[9]
「Me too! Sirius-sama is our master and teacher」(Noel) [9]
「He knows everything, so the person is exactly like his house name, eh. It suits you」(Dee)
「That settles it….doesn't it」(Noel)
「Yeah, my name is Sirius ・Teacher」(Sirius)
And so, my house name was decided.
After that, we held a showy party, and spent our last night in this house all together.
The next morning, having finished the preparations, we were lined up in front of the house.
I've been in this house for eight years. It's obvious I have an attachment to it, and honestly, I don't like leaving it. Even for the siblings that lived here for a short time, this is their home, so they are spilling tears in regret, and Dee with Noel just looked at the house without saying a word, seemingly being flooded with memories.
We can't be clinging to memories forever.
Everyone probably won't move away, until start to.
I tap the shoulders of the siblings, and turn my back towards our home.
While hearing the footsteps of the servants, I'm moving forward, without looking back.
I'm off….kaa-san.
Sirius ・ Teacher.
A man who, in the far future, would be the cornerstone of fate embroiling the world, started walking the outside world today.
1「おっさん」 – can mean middle aged man, pops, etc. If this isn’t your first time reading LN/WN’s, you probably know.
2「先手必勝」 – put it into some vocabulary or something. Made it make sense in english a bit.
3「草葉の陰」 – It’s a japanese idiom, lit. “in the shadows of blades of grass”, it’ means dead. Closest thing I know in english would be “Six feet under” but that means dead and buried, so I left almost lit. translation w/ explanation.
5He refers to Sirius as 「貴様」, which can have a lot of meanings, so I chose bastard, as I felt it fit in the situation.
6「ミリアリア・エルドランド」 – Miliaria ・Eldrand. It's Aria's full name.
7Term used here is 「成り上がり」, research on your own for it's full meaning if you care enough.
8 As per suggestion on tsukkomi's, I'll put the japanese sentence here. If you want romaji, just put it into google translate, or ATLAS, or anything else you want.
9 Alright, this one is a fricking bitch in english. There are three words in japanese and they mean the same thing in english – teacher. So I'll try to make them distinct by putting original words here and separating them using footnote number. Might be confusing, but this is the best I have right now :) Also, fricking wordpress refuses to accept html code for furigana, so it'll be put in ().
1st, 3rd, 4th [9] – 教師 (Kyoushi)
2nd [9] – 「ティーチャー」- this is an english word teacher written in japanese katakana.
5th [9] – 「先生」(Sensei)
That was a bitch to go through, heh? Anyway, from now on if it's written with a capital, like "Teacher", it means Sirius' House name, so good luck bearing that in mind.


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