Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 35

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The Man Who was Once Called the Strongest

“Did you see someone like an enemy!?” (Rodwell/Vile)
I heard the story of ‘Dragon’s Fresh Blood’, it was a story of two adventurers who each wore a robe over their whole-body and they were leading two nobles.
“Yes, it was only for an instant, but I saw the tattoo of the red dragon on the back of their hand.” (Magna)
“If that is true, then this is a state of emergency. I’ll send someone immediately to confirm it. Why are those dangerous people doing here?” (Rodwell/Vile)
Vile-sensei was thinking about the cause but I closed my eyes and invoked [Search].
“Vile-sensei, there is another report. The teacher who was watching Gregory…his body was discovered dead not long ago.” (Magna)
“Is that so…it is regrettable to lose such person. Where are his remains?” (Rodwell/Vile)
“Yes, I have already collected them, but there countless wounds as if he was being toyed with, and some body parts were missing.” (Magna)
“This crime is like a homicide. Please bury the remains courteously. At any rate, if that is the case of the teacher who was watching Gregory-sensei…it is very suspicious.” (Rodwell/Vile)
“This is my personal opinion, but I think he was the guide for those people. Otherwise, the invasion at school wouldn’t have been permitted.” (Magna)
“Yes, I think so too. Immediately Gregory-sensei…no, find Gregory. Send guards to the labyrinth at the same time. Sirius-kun is…” (Rodwell/Vile)
—Found them!
“Vile-sensei!” (Sirius)
“Yes!? What is it?” (Rodwell/Vile)
“Which is the shortest route that I can go to the ninth floor in the labyrinth?” (Sirius)
“If I’m not mistaken…through the ninth entrance. It is straightest route, it has no branches but there are great amount of golems…Sirius-kun?” (Rodwell/Vile)
There was a distance, but I successfully perceived when I [Search] based on the disciples’ mana. The reaction is considerably at the bottom of the labyrinth…maybe it is the ninth floor area.
If I hear about the shortest route, there will be no problem afterward. I didn’t hear Vile-sensei’s talk until the end, I approached window while collecting things on the way there.
"Since I will going on ahead, contact the guards immediately. And I will borrow this.” (Sirius)
“Sirius-kun! Here is not the first floor–…” (Rodwell/Vile) (TLN: He didn’t say the word ‘not’ in raw but I’ll put it because of some reader’s comment)
I heard something from the back but I ignored it completely and jumped out of the window. Based on the height of the building, Magna-sensei’s staff room is located on the fourth floor, but I jump to a neighboring roof and gradually went down to the bottom. While making scaffolds with [Air Step] on the way, I finally got down on to the ground and began to run with every effort.
I had no plan to hide my true strength anymore. I invoked [Boost], I ran with full power until the ground was gouged.
I arrived in front of labyrinth in only several minutes, I jumped over security guard and leaped into entrance that was written with a number nine.
I entered the labyrinth and golems appeared immediately, but I jumped over them in same way as the security guard and rushed to the designated target. The golem’s movement were slow, as for clearing the labyrinth, it’s best to avoid them while advancing forward.
I was constantly invoking [Search] even while running, and continued to perceive the disciples.
The disciples seem to be in a battle right now with multiple unknown mana reactions and they seem to be safe for the moment. These unknown mana reactions must be coming from the guys in question.
I planned to make a [Call] on the way there but they may become careless if they heard my voice. I am annoyed, but I endure it and continue running forward.
I had the golems line up in a long line and I proceeded by kicking the wall since it’s was difficult to jump over them, and then when huge golem appeared blocking the passage, I broke through by shooting [Magnum] at its magic formation.
Seventh floor…according to mana reaction, Emilia was blown off and became stagnant.
Eighth floor…Reus' mana reaction swell up but it became small soon, and this had become a dangerous situation.
Ninth floor…Reus was in the grips with one man’s reaction and he was swung around.
Finally during that time, I approached the wall from the other side. I could see in a short distance that there were those guys at the other side of the wall. However, the mana reaction was approaching the disciples fast, and I won’t make in time if I ran along the wall.
It’s a front breakthrough.
I judged it in instant, I set up my right hand while running, I fired [Magnum] rapidly while imagining armor piercing ammunition that is specialized in penetration.
The wall was pierced almost like paper as I shot through the target drawing a circular line. When the circle was completely round, I face towards the wall and gave it a dropkick.
The drilled wall flew towards the mana reactions which thought to be the enemies and I ran towards reaction of my disciples without confirming it.
A blond wolf fur…is that the golden wolf tribe or something?
No, it didn’t matter. This guy was the one who was beating Reus, and they were criminals who torture people.
“This bastard!?” (??)
Here are my my words. These bastards…what had they done to my disciples?
I avoided his lunged fist, then I sweep his foot and threw a roundhouse kick.
“…Ani…ki.” (Reus)
When I look back, there were the figures of my disciples who became dead beat.
Emilia collapsed, Reese became pale because of mana exhaustion, and Reus had wounds all over his body.
I understand, since I continuously perceive them until I come here.
Reus…You have protected Emilia and Reese desperately.
“…You endured well, Reus.” (Sirius)
“Aniki…” (Reus)
I was a bit relieved with Reus who crying like the old days, and I perceived from [Search] that something was flying.
Is that rock cannon…[Rock Bullet]? There were three but I intercepted all of it by using [Impact] and crushed them. However, there was another big one incoming.
“What the hell are you doing!” (??)
Is that the guy who just got kicked? I am about to be cut by his right hand side nail which grew strangely, but his flank is too open and full of chances. This is a proof that he hasn't challenge an expert opponent.
The right arm of the opponent stops forcibly when I push from the flank with my left hand, then I threw a right hand punch to his surprised face.
“Don’t interfere, wolf!” (Sirius)
I felt like breaking something on the opponent’s face when I punched him angrily, because this was trivial compared to my disciples. It’s fine if he dies. I won’t regret it…I think?
…No, it is still too early. Because I need to confirm the disciples first.
I confirmed that there were no more attacks. I shook my head and then I approached Reus who collapsed.
“Sirius-san! Reus-kun protected us! Besides, Emilia protected me too!” (Reese)
“Sirius-sama…Reus is…” (Emilia)
“Aaa, I understand.” (Sirius)
I smile to let those two feel relieved, then I touch Reus’ body and invoke [Scan].
…Several cracked ribs, the internal organs and muscle are damaged. The internal organs were hit by [Rock Bullet] sometime ago because there is rocks debris lying around but the muscles seems to be different. Is that the repercussion of exceeding the transformation’s limit?
Either way, it’s dangerous to leave it alone. I handed over a closed liquid container that I borrowed from Magna-sensei’s room to Reese while performing recovery.
“Err, rather than me, please give this to Reus-kun!” (Reese)
“If you drink that, your mana recovery will become faster.” (Sirius)
“!?” (Reese)
Mana recovery is slightly different from one person to another, and there is no such thing which makes mana recovers immediately when ingested. But, there is something that accelerates mana recovery and it is handed to her.
Reese drinks it immediately after listening to my talk, but she makes an unusual bitter face.
“It is…bitter. But, with this…” (Reese)
“I like an obedient child, you know. Excuse me.” (Sirius)
During that time, I touch Reese’ head and did [Scan] but she seemed to only to get off with mana exhaustion and some slight bruising. Reese’ cheeks suddenly turn red because she is touched by me suddenly.
“Err…Sirius-san?” (Reese)
“Aaa, sorry. I am checking whether you have injuries or not. Yeah, I’m glad that you are safe.” (Sirius)
“Such thing…I’m not very useful and even now…I can’t do anything.” (Reese)
“You can do it. Listen, Reus’ injuries are…” (Sirius)
Reese was a person who has greed for healing things.
Therefore, I instilled medical knowledge from my previous existence as far as she could understand. She knows about non-essential body structures such as bones and muscles which she knows in this world. Depending on the recovery magic, if the spot is known, treatment can be focused on that spot, and this was most suitable for her since she was good at recovery magic.
I explained the spot where Reese should heal and she could proceed with the instruction as soon as she finished recovering her mana.
“Please leave it to me!” (Reese)
Reese laments over her inability to do anything but thanks to her recovery, the other two injuries aren’t getting any worse. As for me, I’m really grateful and she can regain her confidence if I entrust Reus to her.
Meanwhile, I am still cautious of those guys by using [Search], but since for some reason they are not doing anything, I take the next measure.
“You’ve been waiting, Emilia.” (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama…” (Emilia)
Emilia is somewhat absentminded and her response is weak even when I ask her a question. Since there may be some kind of abnormality in brain, I don’t move her body while performing [Scan].
“Sirius-sama…I’m really…sorry.” (Emilia)
“What are you apologizing for? Didn’t you protected Reese? You did a good job and same goes to Reus.” (Sirius)
When I gently caressed her cheek, she had a gentle smile and felt comfortable.
As for result of the diagnosis, she had intense bruise, but there was no abnormality in the bones, those were considerably cured because of Reese’ magic. This thin consciousness seemed to be caused by light brain concussion, I tried to examine it carefully, but I couldn’t find any point that has something like broken blood vessels and prognostic symptoms. I think she will recover as it. If she rest quietly in bed.
I feel bad interrupting Reese who is recovering her mana but I have to report diagnosis of Emilia.
“Really!? I’m glad…I’m really glad…” (Reese)
“Don’t cry…it’s all good isn’t it?” (Sirius)
“I have decided not to cry. If I don’t do anything to protect Emilia, I will regret it for the rest of my life, right?!” (Reese)
“Hey, you can cry after, I entrust Reus to you. Since, there are things that I can do or can’t do.” (Sirius)
“Yes!” (Reese)
Her mana recovered a little and she started to treat Reus with magic.
When I looked to Emilia’s face once more, her trembling hand move and caught my hems.
“Hey, go take a rest.” (Sirius)
“But…there are four opponents…Sirius-sama…alone…” (Emilia)
“There is no problem with such people. Just wait a little, since it’s going to be over soon.” (Sirius)
“…Yes.” (Emilia)
I removed Emilia’s hand gently , I took off the robe that I was wearing and I put it on her. I wore this battle attire, since I planned to go into labyrinth today and I thought it was really good idea. My only weapon was a Mythril Knife which I fitted on the chest and it was enough to deal with those opponents.
I began to rise, I took several steps forward and declare it to my disciples.
“I won’t let anyone touch you guys even for an instant. Just watch from there.” (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
“Sirius-san.” (Reese)
“…Aniki.” (Reus)
“Since what you will see from now on…is the true me. Close your eyes if you think you are scared.” (Sirius)
It was not necessary to listen to their answers.
I turn my back on them and started walking forward.
When I advanced to a place where I could see those guys clearly, the wolf-man seemed to be treated by a male human.
A man that I thought to be from dragon tribe noticed my presence, he turned around here and met me with a friendly smile.
“Oh, are you finally done? To be honest, I had nausea when looking at them and it’s hard to be patient when we got attacked so many times, you know? But after that, I held myself, since I enjoy the most when looking at their despair expression.” (Goraon)
“…Is that so?” (Sirius)
“Other than that, look. Ash’s nose was broken because of the attack just earlier. How did you do that?” (Goraon)
“…no idea.” (Sirius)
“Is that so? By the way, are you talking after you aware of who we are? Though I did it with those children, should we introduce ourselves? I am called Goraon…” (Goraon)
“The name doesn’t matter. Aren’t you guys from ‘Dragon’s Fresh Blood’? (Sirius)
“You know of us…huh…it’s regrettable. Well then-…” (Goraon)
“But I have one question.” (Sirius)
Since, he was going to talk non-stop anyway, I just had one simple question.
He looked unpleasant, because his talking was stop, but he smiled immediately and pointed at me.
“Let’s listen to his talk until the end. I usually won’t permit, but since I’m an adult, I should answer your question? What do you want to know?” (Goraon)
“My disciples…These children at the back, did you guys do anything to them?” (Sirius)
Those guys were looking at each other at my question and they were laughing except the wolf.
“Hmmm-? We didn’t do anything, you know? I thought it would be fun when they cried and got chop.” (Goraon)
“There is me! My arm was freaking bitten into pieces. That kid was biting angrily.” (Ash)
“Because those brats’ scream in particular, right? If I don’t listen to it once a day, I won’t be able to settle down.” (??)
“I think I want them to scream with good voice.” (??)
I got the confirmation.
There is no mistaking it this way.
These guys are clearly…my enemies.
“Well, now that you mention it, what are you going to do? Are you planning to fight us alone? No, I want you to come. I wonder what kind of sound you are going to make.” (Goraon)
“Aah, I’ll fight as you wish. And, I’ll fight all of you…” (Sirius)
I already enter into my battle switch. (TLN: The word switch is in the raw. So, I leave it as it is)
I boosted my mana while taking a step forward.
“I’ll make you regret…for being alive.” (Sirius)
Third switch is…

――― ―――
(TLN: Yes, it’s empty in raw.)
I wake up because of a ripple spread.
I wake up after a long time.
I say that I wake up but I understand the situation since Sirius and I are in one body.
There are four criminals this time.
This is also opinion from me that these guys should be condemned.
I’m going to give judgment without mercy.
Well…If someone asks me what I am, it’s merely an existence of thought.
The name doesn’t exist, since matter like my going out to the surface is absolutely none, for the sake of convenience, I am called out.
It is slightly different from a double personality.
Knowledge is shared and because I am merely Sirius’ auxiliary apparatus.
To explain this, Sirius’ olden days…this won’t become a talk about previous existence.
During Sirius’ childhood period, the institution which he grew up was attacked and he was picked up by Shishou.
During that time, there were ordinary children everywhere and unyielding spirit was abnormally forced into a child.
Sirius who was picked up, trained by Shishou, and fought Shishou many times.
But no matter how many times he struggled, even if he tried cowardly tactics, he couldn’t even reach her, let alone won against Shishou.
Streak of losses after streak loses, Sirius who hated to lose explored a method to overcome her desperately.
The physical ability is justified, there are many patterns that can be read ahead as if he foresaw it completely. As for enhancing physical ability, Sirius thought and gave attention on speed.
And then…everything was thought simultaneously in super speed, and there were many childish and foolish conclusion came out.
It seems natural that some kind of thought came out unexpectedly. However, Sirius who went all out to beat Shishou, repeated it earnestly, and he was finally able to attain this after several years of trial and error.
Sirius calls this ‘Multi Task’ (or parallel thought).
Everything is thought in parallel and handled like a machine, as an example of handling multiple opponents at the same time, he obtained thought of speed that could see everything from the opponents.
That surprised Shishou big time, and Shishou was never surprised to that extent before.
By the way, the series of defeats still did not changed.
After that, Sirius who has grown significantly, his physical ability has been carefully trained by Shishou, he went through many battlefields by experience and intuition, and there was no enemy left because of 'Multi Task'.
That is the reason why Sirius was once called the strongest man.
There are three 'Switches' on Sirius.
The first one is normal time.
He completely acts like a father during days off when in contact with his disciples, laughs cheerfully, and dictates curiosity, such action of a child-like Sirius.
The second one is battle time.
He makes full use of his ability including 'Multi Task' to the maximum, and fight cold-heartedly against opponents, he is the agent-era Sirius.
The third one refers to present state.
To put it simply, it is the state obtained after he went berserk and it happened several times during his previous existence.
That was when a certain organization kidnapped his third disciple, Sirius who went berserk completely then annihilated the organization, he became emotional during that time and he killed anyone who has no relationship to him.
This was an afraid-of-recurrence, Sirius understood that this existence is necessary to see everything calmly from this third point of view.
Right…I am existence produced by 'Multi Task'.
With the third switch, Sirius summarizes as a whole, the non-intention 'Multi Task' assists, and I will understand the entire situation as third party (or outsider).
I don't have right to decide actions.
I look the whole situation, think and give advice…since I'm merely such existence.
There are criminals who tore apart his disciples, who were standing side by side in front of Sirius.
The group that call themselves 'Dragon's Fresh Blood' includes Goraon, a golden wolf, a dwarf and human male. I understand that they have considerable skills based on their presence and equipment. Negligence shouldn't be allowed.
"Hee…do you regret being alive? If you think you can do it, by all mean, do it." (??)
"He's wearing freaking unusual clothes and that way is the place who to be sorry for." (??)
"Never mind that, just come. Or is that mouth for decoration?" (??)
"Keh, do you think that fluke will continue get me next time!?" (Ash)
The golden wolf throws himself upon Sirius' provocation. The dwarf continues from behind golden wolf and the human male is chanting from the back. The dragon tribe man was…only looked happily at this way.
"Oops, over this way, you fool!" (Sirius)
Sirius seems to be calm and angry…no, isn't his character simply rotten?
The golden wolf detoured in order to avoid Sirius and he was aiming at the disciples who were in the rear. If Sirius chases the golden wolf here carelessly, he could be attacked from both sides, and he will become a victim of magic after all.
Therefore, Sirius abandoned him and he maintained his line of sight towards the dwarf that approached from the front.
"Are you deserting them even though you made classy appearance!? What a shameful guy." (Ed)
"If that's the case, it can't be helped then. Let me hear their adorable death agony!" (Ash)
The golden wolf unleash his nail after few steps. The disciples who couldn't fight anymore remains passive and they will become prey to his nail.
"Hiii!?" (Reese)
"It's alright…Reese." (Emilia)
…Did he think that Sirius did not predict such thing?
"Oraaaa-…Uguoooh!?" (Ash) (TLN: Ora is some kind of battle cry)
Sirius setup [Impact] based on landmine in advance during he was walking, and then the golden wolf was blown in the air in response to the impact that had been released from his feet.
Furthermore, there were innumerable [Impact] set in the air, and the golden wolf gambolled around many times in the air just like pinball due to remote blast that joined together with [String].
With that scene as a background, Sirius runs towards the dwarf and he uses the dwarf's shield as a blind spot to sneak around to the rear while evading the axe that was swung down. By sneaking around, he catches the hair immediately and pulls it from behind, and then Sirius kicks the back of his knee and throws him face up at the same time. As a result of that, a heavy blow was dealt at the back of dwarf's head and the movement of him stopped momentarily.
"Get away from Ed! Gravel of the rocks, drill…[Rock Bullet]." (Romeos)
Because of his comrade was in a crisis, the man who had been chanting at the rear fires magic. There were ten rocks that flew towards Sirius, but he didn't look that way at all, he pointed one hand and countered everything with [Impact]. And then, he put his other hand on dwarf's belly at the same time and charged his mana.
"Kuh, this brat is…" (Ed)
"First, it's a blow. [Impact]." (Sirius)
The shock which was shot from point-blank range penetrated the dwarf's body and shook the floor. The dwarf received the shock as crack formed on the floor, and he fainted in agony with bubbles spurting out from his mouth.
"Gah…hu…the brat…is" (Ed)
"It's still too early." (Sirius)
[Impact] is fired off continuously and the dwarf's body greatly jumps each time. With this amount of killings they have been doing, they can be relieved, because Sirius understood by not allowing them to die.
After that, how many times…many times…even if the sound of breaking bones was heard, even if blood was spited out from his mouth, he doesn't stop. He just doesn't stop. (TLN: That sentence is repeated twice)
"Agaah!? Guhaa!? Already…gah! Stop…!" (Ed)
"Oguhh! Sorry…gahaa! Forgive me–…ogooo!" (Ash)
"You! Gravel of the rocks, drill…[Rock Bullet]." (Romeos)
Who will be able to imagine this?
Just one single man, the golden wolf is blown up by remote [Impact] and being juggled in the air, while hammering [Impact] onto dwarf who fell at point-blank range, and he intercept all magic fired from long distance with [Impact].
Unusual chantless, even the magic name is omitted, and this feat can be done for sure since there is 'Multi Task'.
I will choose the timing when to advise Sirius, when to stop and finally he stopped. Those two who were beaten thoroughly had become completely silence.
The dwarf had his white eyes exposed and blood came out from nose and mouth, the golden wolf that fell next to the dwarf had a mass of bruises throughout his body and one of his bones was bent in an unusual direction.
Whether they dead or not has not been confirmed. This is because it does not matter.
Nevertheless, I felt that it was to early to beg for forgiveness in spite of remembering the pleasure of killing people. They were blinded by their own ability; was it because they never meet a strong person or tasted defeat?
And then, the man who keep on firing magic….
"Ha…ha… Gravel of the rocks, drill [Rock Bullet]" (Romeos)
Was that 58th shot of [Rock Bullet]? Even though it was a beginner class magic, the sign of mana exhaustion can be seen, was it because he fired in rapid succession?
"You haven't learned your lesson, huh. Cut it out, why don't you understand that it doesn't work?" (Sirius)
"What was that!? Why…are you not running out of mana!?" (Romeos)
The lumps of flying rock were all destroyed by the work of [Impact].
Unlike flying [Rock Bullet] which was a hardened rock, [Impact] is a pure mana concentration and the mana consumption is higher. If one should think normally, Sirius should had run out of mana earlier, but he had performed recovery from mana exhaustion repeatedly for tens of thousands of times for nearly eight years. I want you to think that the aggregate amount of mana is surely several times higher than that man.
"Are you done? You should use different types of magic, not just elementary level one." (Sirius)
"Kuh, however, this is not over just yet! Gravel of the rocks, drill [Rock Bullet]." (Romeos)
He repeated the same magic without getting tired. Then he fired off point this time and it wasn't sent this way. There was a fallen noble figure in the line of fire when chasing the trajectory with his eyes, the lump of rocks was shattered and hit on the floor right next to the noble.
"Fufu, did you notice? I'll hit them next time." (Romeos)
"Do you mean…hostage?" (Sirius)
"Yes, that's right. You are surely strong but you are naïve boy who protects the children behind you. But, can you let an unrelated child die without helping them?"
I guess I don't really care about the relationship between Sirius and that noble.
I wonder if he plans to raise a disturbance…
"I can." (Sirius)
"Huh?" (Romeos)
The man floats lumps of rock and makes discharge preparations but Sirius advances further without minding it.
"I only want to protect my disciples. Although, they were here because of their own fault, why should I protect them?" (Sirius)
"Muu, kuh…if that is the case, look!" (Romeos)
"Besides…" (Sirius)
If is he driven to desperation? The lump of rock is fired at the noble.
The lump of rock is aimed at the noble's head and it would surely takes their life if it hits. But, Sirius knocked it down by using [Impact], and then he aimed at the man's right hand and shot [Magnum]. The impact of bullet exploded and the man's right arm burst open and it was blown off.
'"Gyaaahhh—!" (Romeos)
I can deal with it easily whatever you guys can do. Stop it; and try to understand the difference in our abilities." (Sirius)
"Hiii–! My arm! Healing of the water…" (Romeos)
"Are you listening? Oi, the other hand will become like that if you don't answer my question." (Sirius)
"Hiii!? Y-yes!" (Romeos)
The man sat down and began to chant recovery magic but Sirius stood near and aimed his finger at the man's forehead. The man himself knew the destructive power of his hand, and then he looked up with frightened eyes.
"The disciple who is behind me…were you the one who fired magic to that boy over there?" (Sirius)
"No, I didn't! The wolf that fell down over there was the one who did it!" (Romeos)
"The lump of rock which you threw just a while ago closely resembles the fragment of rocks found from the chest of that child…that is true right? If you are lying…" (Sirius)
"…Wah, I did it." (Romeos)
"All right. I guess I'll stop shooting." (Sirius)
He admitted immediately when he was threatened with his finger that was loaded with a of little mana. Sirius takes his finger off the forehead as he promised….
"I'll give you same pain you gave to that boy instead." (Sirius)
He aims his hand on the man's chest and shoot [Impact] at point-blank range. The man was blown away before he could say anything; he crashed into the wall and lost consciousness.
The remaining opponent didn't move at all from the initial position. He continuously looked happily this way, and he clapped his hand when his eyes and Sirius' met.
"It's great! My friends are not really much an opponent for you, isn't it? What on earth are you?" (Goraon)
"I am these children's master. There's nothing else." (Sirius)
"Hmmm, well, that's why it's fine when you are this strong, and your true nature also doesn't matter. Leaving that aside, it's been awhile for me since I could show my seriousness." (Goraon)
"Either you are serious or something is coming. Nevertheless when in battle, unnecessary chatter is just way too much with the likes of you." (Sirius)
"Well then…it's my debut!" (Goraon)
Throwing away his sword, Goraon's body starts growing big when he is loading it with power, and his body was dyeing with a deep red color.
Is it a special characteristic similar to Reus?
There were no wings after little time but Goraon transforms into red dragon with a humanoid figure.
"I have overcome ten battlefields in the past. In short, isn't this alone strong evidence?" (Goraon)
"What a coincidence. I overcome battlefields also." (Sirius)
"Do not tell a lie just because you want to compete. Well then…let's go!" (Goraon)
Even if I remember about experiencing somewhere close to fifty battlefields…it would be pointless to tell to him this.
He has big body that was several times bigger than Sirius but the movement of his speed was faster than the golden wolf.
He jumps in short time before Sirius' eyes but the unleashed nail was avoided with a backstep.
"I fought against strong man like you many times in battlefields! However, I won eventually." (Goran)
The claw attacks which was unleashed continuously were all seen by 'Multi Task', and it was avoided safely. And then, Sirius avoided a large attack and cut his arm at the same time by using the Mithril Knife.
However, the lost arm regenerated instantly and Sirius was attacked again.
"This is my ability to regenerate. Even if I am cut not matter how many times, I will recover immediately if I receive magic. There is no opponent that can match me who can recover indefinitely! I am invincible!" (Goraon)
Is that the reason why defending is not necessary by making use of his resilience?
Sirius shot [Magnum] several times while avoiding his attacks, but far from showing intent to avoid, he took it on purpose. Innumerable bullet holes were made into his body, but were closed instantly, and then Sirius shot at the head continuously but it was regenerated immediately.
I see, I understand why he said that he's invincible.
"So, it seems pointless after all! Hey, how long are you able to evade my assault? Together, I who can recover endlessly and you who can evade endlessly, how nice!"(Goraon)
He's right because the situation is gradually becoming worse.
Sirius took a distance by taking a big leap to the back to change tactics.
"Are you thinking of running away?" (Goraon)
"No, I only to change places." (Sirius)
Sirius looked behind and entered one of the innumerable passages in the hall.
"That way is passage, you know? Are you stupid, by going into a small place that is especially hard to avoid attacks?" (Goraon)
"You said it earlier but this is your end if you chase me. Think carefully and decide it." (Sirius)
"What's that? Do you intend to provoke? Fine, I'm going to enjoy whatever you do!" (Goraon)
Goraon who has absolute confidence in himself, got provoked easily. Sirius jumped into the passage after confirming the disciples were not attacked and then he got chased by Goraon of course.
He stopped in the middle of long passage and performed a certain measure. The measure was merely done in a few seconds but Goraon approached with his laugh at the same time when he was done with the measuring.
"Hey, I caught up with you!" (Goraon)
Goraon moved his arm but the movement stopped as if the arm was caught on something? He moved the other arm while shaking, but the other arm also got caught and he couldn't shake it off.
"What is this? Did something coiled around me?" (Goraon)
Goraon had fallen already into his trap.
If this guy can see mana, he would have notice that his body was coiled around with innumerable stretched of [String] in this passageway.
Sirius runs around Goraon and strengthens and entwines [String] more and more.
"I don't know what you are doing but I'll tear this off!" (Goraon)
"I won't let you do it!" (Sirius)
[String] is rolled around the joints before exerting more power and changes it into human structure which power couldn't easily be forced.
Sirius seized him like a spider's prey by repeating [String] many times, and Goraon was hanged into the air and in a state where he couldn't move at all.
"Wha-what is this!? Why I can't move my body! Damn it! I can't…use my power!" (Goraon)
"Even if you can regenerate indefinitely…it would be pointless if you can't move." (Sirius)
Sirius stood behind Goraon which hung in the air, and then he touched Goraon's in the back of his head and invoked [Scan].
Goraon's information flowed through the magic, but obvious reaction of his strong element or sign could be felt. There is mysterious element that was going throughout this hanged body that it relieves and erasing his burden.
"…I see, you're not just a dragon but also includes powerful a self regeneration element in particular. This is the reason of your astounding regeneration speed." (Sirius)
"What are you doing!? Damn it, don't touch me, let me go!" (Goraon)
"…isn't this perfect time to test it?" (Sirius)
"Wh-what..are you, aa..aaaaarghh—!" (Goraon)
Sirius poured enormous amount of mana from the touched points and Goraon screamed.
When pouring down mana aggressively, unlike regeneration, it stimulates sense of pain in the body all at once and unbearable pain throughout the body could be felt. To put it simply, this is like shooting him with stun gun which cannot faint a common person.
This situation continued for a while until the measure was finally finished and Sirius took out his Mithril Knife.
"Ha…haha, that was too bad. No matter how much damage you give me, it is pointless. You see, because all the pain until some time ago has disappeared completely." (Goraon)
"Oh, I checked it. Let alone being cut or even the pain caused by impact, you have predisposition to make it disappear at that instant. That's troublesome as far as an erasing pain. It's truly a curse." (Sirius)
"It's something like curse as you say. Since this body can almost reach immortality, wouldn't it be just pointless to torture me or to kill me?" (Goraon)
"However…that is until a while ago." (Sirius)
Mithril Knife was stabbed into Goraon slowly. Naturally, blood started to flow out but the blood …and it didn't stop immediately. Goraon's facial expression was frozen at that reality.
"W-why? The blood doesn't stop! The pain doesn't goes away! Why! What is this kind of thing!?" (Goraon)
"It is because your regeneration element has been destroyed." (Sirius)
"What kind of incomprehensible things are you saying!? Return it back! Return my power back to me!" (Goraon)
It's already too late to notice it because the mana pouring not long ago wasn't meant to torture Goraon, but to destroy his regeneration element. Since, revival is possible even if there is only one left, it took enormous amount of mana and time to spread in his body, but it seemed that the experiment was a success.
This was a process to kill for certain when it's done to ordinary people, but this is the right method for this guy. Besides, since the regeneration factor was completely destroyed, it is impossible even if he said he wants it back.
"It's already impossible. By the way…I said it is impossible but tell me one thing." (Sirius)
I hit Goraon's ranting face. He's more or less tough because of transformation, but it won't be a problem if he is hit by my fist which is strengthened by [Boost]. While suffering from pain that wouldn't disappeared. Sirius seizes Goraon's head and blood starts comes out from his mouth.
"You're now not invincible anymore. Well then…are you ready?" (Sirius)
"W-what is it?" (Goraon)
There are various things to be asked from this guy.
Vile-sensei told me about their certain relationship with Gregory, the whereabouts of their victims, and the confession of their crime.
That being the case, there is no need to worry about being seen by the disciples, since this passage is separated from the hall and Sirius can carry out interrogation without reservation.
However, there is a more important matter and it is something Sirius must do.
That was something more important than interrogating him.
Sirius didn't see it with his eyes but he understood what was happening since he perceived by [Search].
This guy…did that to Emilia.
Sirius can't forgive the guy who injured the adorable Emilia.
Since Sirius won't stop even if I stopped him, I was entrusted as the instinct to take a turn.
"This is Emilia's share. Don't…get crushed easily, alright?" (Sirius)
Sirius struck his fist.


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