Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 120

The Center of Everything

— Reus —
"He was imprisoned in the basement of the castle." (Grethe)
We were solidified for a moment without understand the meaning of those words told by Grethe-san who got acquainted with Aniki yesterday.
Wait a sec.
Why… Why Aniki was put in prison?
Aniki was usually polite and the other side was actually the one who did foolish things. Therefore, it shouldn't cause any problem.
Besides, it was strange for that Aniki to be put in prison.
At that time, when I tried to listen to the details while suppressing the anger that swelled up… I noticed my body was trembling.
"…What is it?" (Emilia)
"…Woof?" (Hokuto)
As expected, Nee-chan and Hokuto-san were angry!
Even though I was also angry because it was about Aniki, theirs were to the point of being blurry.
Grethe-san, who was idling, also felt the danger, and she was hiding behind a tree fast.
"Hey, please calm down a bit. It can't be helped even if you are angry with that girl, right?" (Fia)
"Yeah. First off, let's hear the details… alright?" (Reese)
Fia-ane put her hand on Nee-chan's head while Reese-ane also was stroking Hokuto-san to calm him down.
'That's amazing… there is no way I can imitate them.'
"I'm sorry for losing self-control, Grethe-san." (Emilia)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"…It's alright. I will also get angry if Mea-sama becomes like that." (Grethe)
"Then… for you to come here from the castle… I mean from the center of the country, I wonder if we can think that you are on our side?" (Fia)
"I am not taking sides. This is my duty, just because Mea-sama is sad." (Grethe)
"Right, since we don't have spare time, can you tell us to the extent that you know?" (Fia)
"That's the plan. It is because I have informed the matter of Sirius to my employer, McDatt-sama, whom I serve from the start." (Grethe)
Grethe was saying that it was her fault, but we kept listening to the talk now with patience.
"Actually, last night, Mea-sama insisted to practice what had been taught by Sirius, and she collapsed due to mana exhaustion. Because of that, she hasn't woken up yet." (Grethe)
"…To collapse because of mana exhaustion, no matter who they are, isn't a normal thing when you use magic? There are many times that I have to sleep all day because of that. So, Sirius was put into jail just because of that?" (Fia)
"I also said the same thing, but Mea-sama is adored by various people. That was why everyone was terribly worried and it became a fuss in the castle." (Grethe)
It seemed that Mea worked hard because she wanted to be able to see as soon as possible. If I had to put it badly, Mea overdid it, but I used to do the same thing in the past.
By the way, I thought that the educator, McDatt, taught Mea on how to use mana since she had grown up a bit.
"So, it became a discussion about who taught Mea who didn't know magic till yesterday. I was questioned but it was impossible to give different answer. After all, it is my job." (Grethe)
"I told you, it is weird for Aniki to be put in prison because of that!" (Reus)
"That's our mistake. Actually, Sirius was called to the castle so that we could ask about the situation, but some people acted rashly and nabbed him from the side." (Grethe)
Those bunch who worried too much about Mea acted rashly, called Aniki before entering the castle, and took him to the castle's basement.
The beastkin ruler and the aides seemed unaware of anything because these people were doing things on their own. Rather, they were dissatisfied as Aniki didn't appear.
"Other than to escort Mea, my job is to inform any injustice from the shadow. Since Sirius doesn't come in any way of that, I knew that he was imprisoned a while ago and I have reported to McDatt-sama." (Grethe)
"I'm glad. If that's the case, Sirius-san is already out of the prison, right?" (Reese)
"…It is probably too soon. Sirius is the reason why Mea-sama collapsed. So, it will take some time for those people who made a fuss to keep him confine for some time." (Grethe)
As I expected, there were people who said things they wanted, but I couldn't completely deny that Mea was collapsed. Furthermore, they were still arguing whether to bring out Aniki from the jail to the meeting room.
To make matters worse, the beastkin ruler who suppose to decide about the matter seemed not able to leave the bedside due to Mea's concern. I guessed that he couldn't afford to care about Aniki.
Damn… I wonder if there were reasons beyond that, but I could never agree to it!
"…Although he wasn't aware of it, it looked unsavory for a princess of a country." (Fia)
"Fia-ane! Aniki was only thinking about that child!" (Reus)
"Yeah, I know that. Sirius didn't do something bad. However, the princess works way too hard than expected, and this much is about being overprotected by the surrounding." (Fia)
"Will Sirius-san be alright in the prison?" (Reese)
"Well. First of all, it will be better to check Sirius' safety and the situation. Sirius… can you hear me? Sirius." (Fia)
Aah… yes. I forgot that there was a way that we can talk even if we were separated.
The choker that I got from Aniki had a mana stone. If I operated the magic formation drawn on it, I could get in touch with Aniki. I thought the treatment toward Aniki was cruel and that made me completely forgot about the choker. It seemed that Nee-chan was also like me. She forgot about it since she was frustrated.
Fia- ane boldly use the mana stone, but since Aniki's original magic, [Call], was a magic only known to us. So, people who looked it on the side would see it nothing but the wind magic [Echo].
However, Grethe who was watching the situation stopped her while shaking her head.
"Are you trying to contact him by using [Echo]? I think that the [Echo] will not reach because Sirius is trapped in the basement surrounded by walls that can interfere magic." (Grethe)
"…Yes, it looks like that." (Fia)
But… there was no answer from Aniki.
This was really convenient, but it was also a disadvantage because we didn't know whether our words reached Aniki or not.
Whether our voice didn't reach or maybe he couldn't reply.
'I feel frustrated!'
"Uhmm… Sirius-san is wearing the mantle, right? That is a proof of a messenger of a certain country, but he is still imprisoned even they know it?" (Reese)
"Mantle? That's something I heard for the first time, but maybe the people in prison are not aware of it. If it is so, then it is a big problem. I wanted to solve the situation as quickly as possible, so I came here to ask Hokuto-san." (Grethe)
"I see. If it's Hokuto, he certainly can enter the castle, and it will be the least fuss in that way." (Fia)
It seemed that either Grette-san told them that Hokuto-san's master was Aniki or she would rescue him by having Hokuto-san attracted the attention in the case if they weren't able to get into castle.
'Alright, if it has been decided, next is to do it.'
"Nee-chan. Let's go to the castle immediately–… Nee-chan?" (Reus)
Come to think of it… I couldn't see Hokuto-san and Nee-chan since a little while ago.
I immediately found them when I looked around. Hokuto-san and Nee-chan prepared the carriage and packed our luggage.
"We're ready, Hokuto-san!" (Emilia)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Yes. We're going that way to rescue Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
By any chance… were they going to attack the castle!?
They were loading all the luggage on a carriage as if it was a preparation to leave the town as soon as they rescued Aniki.
I rushed toward the carriage and stood in front of Hokuto-san and Nee-chan who were about to go there.
"Hokuto-san, Nee-chan. Wait for me." (Reus)
"That's the spirit, Reus. For now, we're not going to force our way through, so I want you to stop–…" (Reese)
"If you are forcing through the castle gate, you can leave it to me!" (Reus)
"You got it wrong, you know! Why do you have to say that!?" (Reese)
"That will be as the last resort! First of all, we're going in peace… Hey, please listen!" (Fia)
"If you don't stop, I will have to stop you forcefully!" (Reese)
Since Reese-ane and Fia-ane stopped us by using magic, Nee-chan and I became slightly calmed down.
By the way, Hokuto-san completely avoided the magic, but as expected, he also became calm since they were using it.
After that, Grethe-san returned to the castle first. We left the carriage and went to the castle, but…
"… It's Hundred Wolves-sama." (??)
"It is the Hundred Wolves-sama!" (??)
"Thank God… Thank God…" (??)
When we went out to the town, Hokuto-san was surrounded by beastkin.
Prior to leaving the hotel, the manager of [Wolf King] stopped us because he hadn't completed the information control yet, but… I never thought that we gathered this much of attention.
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"You also gathered this much of attention on the first day here, right?" (Reese)
"At that time, the news about Hokuto hadn't spread wide. Anyhow, it seems that it will take some time to reach the castle." (Fia)
The gathered beastkin looked at us while stopping in front of us. Our walks stopped couple of times because they knelt and worshipped him.
They didn't really have any intention to stop us. Since we couldn't force our way through, Nee-chan started to move to the front.
"Please leave this to me." (Emilia)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
As Nee-chan nodded when given full confidence, she used [Echo] after receiving permission from Hokuto-san.
&123;People of Arbitray… Hundred Wolves-sama… Hokuto-sama is in hurry to go to the castle. With all your help, would you please lead Hokuto-sama to the castle?&125; (Emilia)
Aniki didn't like to stand out, so we rarely attracted attention. If Nee-chan did something just like now, Aniki would immediately stop her.
However, Aniki wasn't here now, and it seemed that Nee-chan didn't care about such an appearance because she wanted to go to the castle as quickly as possible.
The effect of Nee-chan's announcement was tremendous. The beastkin who were occupying the front weren't only going away, they were arranged neatly and made a way to the castle.
"Well then, let's go, everyone." (Emilia)
"Awooo!" (Hokuto)
When Hokuto howled as if to say thanks, the beastkin raised their hands and expressed joy. It looked like a parade that celebrated us.
As we walked among them, Reese-ane, who was walking behind us, seemed embarrassed.
"Is that.. fine?" (Reese)
"There's nothing we can do since we have come until here. Please be dignified." (Fia)
"…Yeah… you're right. Nevertheless, Fia-san is totally fine with this, right?" (Reese)
"I'm used to the situation that draws attention. Besides… compared to me, they are more amazing." (Fia)
Reese-ane and Fia-ane were looking at us with bitter smile, but somehow it felt weird.
'Nee-chan and I are walking on the side while Hokuto-san is leading the way, nothing else, right?'
"It's too bad Aniki is not here, Nee-chan." (Reus)
"Yes, I think that it will be a wonderful if Sirius-sama is riding on Hokuto's back here, but… indeed, it is regrettable." (Emilia)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"As expected, I can't be dignified like them." (Fia)
"It would be good if Sirius-san is not angry, but…" (Reese)
"Well, it's an emergency…" (Fia)
'Yeah… why is that?'

And then, we came to the castle gate while being sent off by many beastkin. Two beastkin who seemed to be the gatekeepers were puzzled when we stood in front of them.
"Th-that is Hundred Wolves-sama. Why is it coming to the castle?" (??)
"I'm sorry but, I can't allow you to enter without permission even if you are Hundred Wolves-sama." (??)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
""Hiiii!?"" (Gatekeepers)
Since they were Catkin and Rabbitkin, they were unable to understand Hokuto-san.
However, they noticed that Hokuto-san's bark was mixed with anger. The two were completely frightened and their tail and ears were hanging. Even so, I thought that they were amazing for trying to protect the gate.
They didn't let us through even when they had dropped their weapons, so Nee-chan went out to the front and bowed to soften the atmosphere.
"Please forgive us for disturbing. I am Emilia. I am serving Hokuto-sama here. If you don't mind, I'd like to translate Hokuto-sama's words. Will that be alright?" (Emilia)
"Ah, yes… please." (??)
"Understood. Well then, this morning… there is a young man of a Human visit here, right?" (Emilia)
"Yes… It's true that he went it, but what is it all about?" (??)
"That young man is very important to Hokuto-sama, but since he heard a bad rumor, he came here to fetch him in a hurry. For that reason, we would like to enter the castle…" (Emilia)
"…What should we do?" (??)
The two were hesitated and looking at each other, but it was unfortunate for them to be hesitated.
When it came to this, I tried to reach my partner while thinking whether I should slice the castle gate, but there was a noise of something being hit hard, so I stopped my hand.
"As you can see, Hokuto-sama is currently in a very bad mood. There is nothing that can stop him from seeing that young man." (Emilia)
When I looked at them, Hoktuto-san was hitting the tail on the ground many times to show that he was in a bad mood. The stone pavement was cracking. Was that the noise that I heard just now?
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Depending on your response, it seems that he is considering to force his way through. If Hokuto-sama uses his forefoot, the gate that much will be blown away, so… I suggest you to make haste with the decision." (Emilia)
""Ple–… please wait a moment!"" (??)
They probably imagined the sight. So as the gatekeepers who made a blue face turned, one of them ran toward the castle and went to report.
We went slightly away from the gate and as we waited for the gatekeeper who went away, Reese-ane was wondering about the situation.
"Say, Emilia. Just now, I think that you are really threatening them, right?" (Reese)
"It is one of the negotiation techniques learned from Sirius-sama. Obviously, if the ability difference of each other is known, it is going to be easy to convince them." (Emilia)
"Anyway, Hokuto-san is really motivated." (Reus)
The remaining gatekeeper was subjected to silent intimidation released from Hokuto-san. He desperately endured it with teary eyes.
'Yeah… I understand that fear.'
I also cried how many times because of that.
For us, it was only a bit, but for that gatekeeper, it felt like forever waiting for the other gatekeeper to return…
"…Have I kept you waiting?" (Grethe)
Grethe-san who separated from us in the inn also appeared together.
Although she said that she would save Aniki depending on the situation, why was she here?
"Grethe-san? Why are you here?" (Emilia)
"That's because the situation has changed. Anyhow, follow me. I will explain while we walk there." (Grethe)
We were involuntarily surprised, but there was no problem as long as we could get into castle.
As the gatekeeper gave way while invited us in, we followed Grethe-san and went through the castle gate.
Aside from that, Hokuto-san made a small bark at the gatekeeper when he went by the gatekeeper.
It was a gentle bark unlike the previous one. Since the gatekeeper didn't know the meaning and made a wondering look, I told him the meaning.
"'You were scared of me, but you carried through your duty and never left the gate. That is an action that you can feel proud.'" (Reus)
"…" (??)
When I told him that, the gatekeeper deeply bowed at Hokuto-san.

After that, as mentioned earlier, Grethe-san explained the situation while leading us to the interior of the castle.
"Let me tell you this first, Sirius was taken out of prison." (Grethe)
"Really!?" (Emilia)
Since we had confirmed about the most important matter, we let out a breath of relieve.
'That's great, there is no need to go on rampage.'
"Mea-sama woke up when I met you all earlier. When she knew the situation, she got mad and let Sirius out immediately." (Grethe)
"That's as a matter of course. Even though she is a child, she is quite influential." (Emilia)
"Yes, it's because everyone loves Mea-sama. And the greatest figure of this castle is not the beastkin ruler, but Mea-sama." (Grethe)
Aniki, who got out of prison, was taken to Mea's room and it seemed that she became someone he could talk to.
Since the room was also in the inner part of the castle, we went through passageways and doors protected by armed beastkin many times, and we finally reached the room aimed.
"Mea-sama and Sirius are in this room, but actually, now… there is a little problem happening." (Grethe)
"Problem? Do you mean that Aniki is not welcomed after getting out of jail?" (Reus)
"…He is probably welcomed in a different way. Anyhow, you will understand when you look at it." (Grethe)
Grethe-san knocked the door while muttering the words with hidden meaning. After receiving permission to enter the room, she opened the door, and…
"You see! I can see with my eyes just for a moment, and I got to see the face of everyone a bit too!" (Mea)
"You've work hard. Good girl. But, it's not good to overwork yourself. Everyone was really worried." (Sirius)
"Yes! I'll be careful!" (Mea)
"Guhh… Uuuhhh… Guoooohhh… Meaaa…. whyyyy…" (??)
Over there were Aniki with the same gentle smile as when he stroked our head and a girl with a smile on the whole face.
And… there was a strange sight spreading where… a beastkin who was way bigger than me had teary eyes while releasing bloodlust.

— Sirius —
"This place suits for people like you!" (??)
The place that I was lead after coming to the castle was… a prison.
The room was surrounded by thick walls and it was dark since it was completely isolated from outside. It couldn't be helped because there were only a scorn illumination and shabby bed inside the prison.
My important mithril knife and clock with Elysion emblem were also taken away. Plus, I was also put on a heavy handcuffed made of steel.
It could be say as a bad treatment by those people.
"Is there a custom to put invited guests in prison in this country?" (Sirius)
"You are a criminal, so do you think that you are a guest? I know that you are the reason why Mary-sama collapsed." (??)
"…What do you mean?" (Sirius)
According to the angry prison guard, the reason was I taught Mea how to handle mana and it seemed that Mea collapsed due to mana exhaustion.
Although I told her not to overdo it… what a troublesome girl.
"There will be a severe mana exhaustion if it is used unsparingly, but for her to collapse if she uses it normally is…" (Sirius)
"Mary-sama is our treasure! There is no way we can forgive you when you look at the situation with cruel eyes!" (??)
When people fell due to mana exhaustion, they would be fainted like being switched off and that was in order to automatically protect themselves.
Rather than releasing mana outside of the body, what I taught her was a way to circulate mana within the body, so she shouldn’t be in such a bad condition.
That was why I told her that she would be fine because there was no need to mention about the troublesome part. It seemed that his head was completely full of Mea.
Anyhow, I tried to examine the surrounding by using [Search] in order to confirm the location, but…
"…What? My mana is…" (Sirius)
"Are you planning to escape with magic? That's too bad. This prison is specially made against magic instead of strength. You can try if you can break this through." (??)
When I released mana to the surroundings, the prison wall inhibit the mana. It seemed that it wasn't possible to verify things. When I thought so, I also couldn't use [Call] since the magic was using same method.
I lightly tapped the wall, and from the touch, I couldn't do anything with bare hands. [Impact] was also probably difficult since the wall inhibited mana.
"Do you understand now? Well then, get inside until you reflect of what you have done. What, if you are obedient, I will immediately let you out. Of course, that's when you apologize to Mary-sama!" (??)
The prison guard seemed satisfied as he only hit the prison and left without doing anything.
I planned to retaliate if he used his hands to interrogate forcibly, but wasn't he an unusual gentleman?
For now… I obeyed him because I didn't want to create a disturbance, but I never thought of remaining inside the prison.
While examining the inside of the prison when it became a blind spot from the prison guard who had been far away from the entrance, I tried to verify the situation found at the present time.
"That guy was angry because Mea had collapsed. If it so, the possibility of scheme or someone behind the scene seems to be low." (Sirius)
He was truly angry because he was think of Mea only.
As for my formal attire, he totally didn't pay attention to the Elysion mantle. By the time the mantle was taken, it was put inside a bag. I wonder when they didn’t really notice the Elysion emblem.
Anyway, there was also a possibility of getting out right away when Mea woke up and explained the situation, so I decided to take a rest in the prison for a while.

I rested as it was for a while, but rather than no response, there was no one came to visit.
It was hard to confirmed because I couldn't see the outside, but it would be noon soon.
"…Shall I make a move soon?" (Sirius)
I wasn't sure what would the siblings and Hokuto do when they knew that I was put in a prison.
I thought that they were still be at the residence, but they would feel suspicious if I didn't call them by the evening.
If I left thing as it was, they might casually attack the castle, so I supposed that I should act quickly.
The reason for prison breaking wasn't for myself, but it was to keep my companions in control.
'What's weird reason, huh.'
"This prison look sturdy, so I can't cut corners. (Sirius)
The part that inhibited mana was the wall only, and that didn't mean I couldn't use magic.
First of all, in order to remove the obstructive handcuffs, I extended [String] from my fingertips and inserted it into the handcuffs' keyhole.
It was probably made of steel because there were many strong beastkin.
However, whether they thought that it was impossible to reach the keyhole by the hand of the person himself, the structure of the lock attached was simple.
Because of that, I succeeded in getting rid of the handcuffs easily by manipulating multiple [String]s.
"Next is…" (Sirius)
After that, I took out a sturdy wire which I had put in clothes. I bended the wire to make it easy to be used, and putting it into the keyhole of the iron bars from within the prison.
The big and sturdy lock seemed to be more complicated than the handcuffs', but it was easier if I compared it to the locks in the previous life.
The locks were simple because on the occasion where beastkin escaped from prison, it was probably thought that they would break the prison rather than unlocking the lock.
"Compared to the work needed to unlock fingerprint authentication or electronic locks… this much is…" (Sirius)
Well, it took a bit of time since it had been a long time for me to do this. It was a few seconds later than in the past, but… well, it was still within the acceptable range, right?
Leaving the prison as it was, I went down a dark passage toward the side that I could sense while killing the sound of the footsteps.
And then, I found a resting place with a light and when I looked into it, I could confirm that the previous prison guard and his beastkin colleague were inspecting my knives. There was also the bag with my cloak inside placed right next to them.
Actually, I would like to collect the knives and mantle after stunning the guards, but since that wasn't the purpose of prison breaking, I would skip that for the time being.
"…That human has good knives." (??)
"Oi oi, don't tell me you want to have it?" (??)
"Who do you think want these knives!? If you think of me stealing these to rob Mary-sama… I don't think I can live, you know." (??)
"Aah, as long as you understand. If I think about the same… I also don't think I can live." (??)
Somehow, I didn't dislike them. If they were going to take of it, it was fine then.
Since their ability to concentrate was strangely lacking maybe because they were depressed, when I proceeded while targeting the blind spot, I was able to get through them without being noticed.

I went out of the prison wasn't to escape from the castle, but I wanted to move to a place where [Call] could be used.
I would informed the current situation to the disciples when I got up on the ground. I was going to return to the prison again after telling them to stay quiet but it took a while because the basement was wider than expected.
There were rooms where other beastkin were stationed while on the way to the prison. Taking that opportunity, I listened to the conversation to collect information.
"Haa…Mary-sama, is she alright?" (??)
"She has slept for more than half a day already, right? I want to see her running energetically…" (??)
"That will be impossible for a while, you know. Look, I had asked for a picture of Mary-sama, so just endure with this." (??)
"How can I endure it!? This is not the real Mary-sama." (??)
"If that's the case, give that back to me! It was expensive, you know!?" (??)
"Say, perhaps Mary-sama was not collapsing because of mana exhaustion…" (??)
"There is no such a thing! The court healers said it was due to mana exhaustion. She surely wakes up after some time!" (??)
"What if she still hasn't wake up tomorrow?" (??)
"…Ah, aahh…. it can't be!?" (??)
"My, my bad! It was a lie. I'm sure she'll wake up soon, so calm down… alright?" (??)
…That girl was truly loved.
She was being loved a bit too much, but looking from how the siblings had that feelings to me, it was impossible not to feel a sense of incongruity.
Yeah… If Mea awaken and defended me, I felt like that would solve everything.
I kept going through the basement while thinking so. Finally, I felt signs approaching when I found the stair to the ground, so I quickly hid myself in a shade.
"Wa-wait for me, Mary! There is no need for you to go there." (??)
"That's not good, Otou-san. It is because of my fault, so I'm going to get him and apologize!" (Mea)
"Ooh… what a sense of responsibility. You have grown up—…. that's not it! I will send some men to pick him up, so you can rest on the bed!" (??)
When I looked at the situation while hiding, Mea came down the stairs to the ground with a beastkin man who was larger than Reus.
That man was somewhat different from Mea. He had a tail and ears of a lion, but since his appearance closely resembled her, he might be Mea's father.
In other words, the big Lionkin man was the beastkin ruler… was it?
His long hair was the same like Mea where it was tied on his back. I felt the dignity and intimidation as a king from the sharp eyes and the trained musle, but… he disappeared when he was talking to Mea.
Somehow… it reminded me of that foolish old man and Reese's father, and this guy was also similar.
As I believed that this should be handled carefully, Mea's nose was moving and she looked to where I was.
"Eh… Onii-san?" (Mea)
"What!? Where!?" (??)
"Over there. Onii-san, you are there, right?" (Mea)
Dang… I was watching carelessly because of Mea's eyesight.
Since the beastkin ruler had also noticed my presence and had begun to unleash bloodlust, I appeared obediently.
"Bas-bastard! My cute Mary–…" (??)
"Onii-san!" (Mea)
The beastkin ruler was shouting while baring fangs at me, but Mea ran at me with a smile and clung to me.
…I felt that the situation was going further in a bad direction.
"Wh-what are you doing Mary!? You too, bastard! Release Mary!" (??)
"You see, I heard that Onii-san was imprisoned because of me. I'm sorry, Onii-san." (Mea)
"You did nothing bad, you know! But, embrace me too!" (??)
"Otou-san, silent! I hate Otou-san for doing cruel things to this gentle Onii-san!" (Mea)
"Gaahhh!?" (??)
"…Mea-sama, you got it wrong, you know. I am not put in prison." (Sirius)
Even if I got out of the prison thanks to Mea, my life would be targeted in various ways, so, let's made up a story to give him a favor.
I guessed that it was better than being hated by his cute daughter.
"Eh? But, because I was collapsed, Onii-san was…" (Mea)
"Everyone was panicking when Mary-sama collapsed, so they were saying that unintentionally… right?" (Sirius)
"…Is that so?" (Mea)
"Ye-yes, that's right! I was a bit confused because Mary became like that. I can't say that it is different now, but… sorry." (??)
"Muu… well, it's fine, but don't lie anymore." (Mea)
And then, as I was doing this for the ruler, he immediately read my intention and matched the story with me.
Furthermore, it seemed that Mea believed it easily maybe because she was an innocent girl.
"I told them that I wanted to see the basement of the castle, so I had the chance to observe it. Your father is truly tolerant." (Sirius)
"Yeah! Although it's weird for a place to visit, he is my proud Otou-san!" (Mea)
"Heh, hehehe… really? I don't want to be called father by you!" (??)
The beastkin ruler had a complicated expression mixed with anger and delight. By the way, the latter part of her words was at the volume which could only be heard by me.
As Mea was smiling and didn't care about her angry father at all, she pulled my arm.
"You know, Onii-san. I want to thank you because I couldn't do anything until yesterday. So, I want you to come to my room." (Mea)
"You can't! You can't let him, Mary! It is too early for you to let a suspicious man in your room!" (??)
"You're noisy, Otou-san!" (Mea)
"Guhaa!?" (??)
"Well then, could you please treat me for tea? Actually, my throat is thirsty." (Sirius)
"Alright! I will have the best tea ready!" (Mea)
"Wa-wait a sec, Mary! I will also have tea with you! I must!" (??)
While receiving the beastkin ruler's bloodlust from behind, I was pulled by Mea and led from the dark basement to her room.

And while on the way to her room, Grethe-san arrived. She was somehow searching for Mea as she was a bit out of breath.
"Mary-sama. Are you already fine to walk?" (Grethe)
"Ah, Grethe. Onii-san came here, so where are you going?" (Mea)
"Yeah… wait a sec…" (Grethe)
Grethe didn't make eye contact with me. It might be because she felt somewhat guilty.
Then, in spite of saying that she as Mea's escort yesterday, she walked away after confirming my condition. Mea seemed didn't care about it since that was common, but it looked like Grethe had something to be done at any cost.
As I had a bad feeling, Mea, who had been pulling my arm, suddenly turned around.
"Uhm, I hope Onii-san speaks like yesterday. And, I'd like you to call me Mea." (Mea)
"I'm sorry, but it is impossible to do that." (Sirius)
Unlike yesterday when the relationship was vague, now I had known that she was the princess of this country, it was impossible after all.
Moreover, I refused because the beastkin ruler was nearby. Then, he stood behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. If I didn't activate [Boost], his hands held a strength that was likely to dislocate my shoulders.
"Of course, you will call her that… right?" (??)
Although the beastkin ruler was smiling, it couldn't be helped to say that his face was crumpling.
Even though he had social status and standpoint, to allow this meant that he gave priority to the daughter over anything.
Anyhow, if I didn't call her that name, it felt like he was going to crush my shoulders as it was, so I had no other choice but to accept.
"Got it. Let's go, Mea." (Sirius)
"Yeah!" (Mea)
"Guh… uhh… if you are smiling at me… I will… guhh…" (??)
Well… I wonder if her parents would allow it.

After that, we arrived at the room while met some of Mea's attendant. We sat at a table and were waiting for tea to be served.
At the present time, Mea was sitting on the other side of me and she seemed having fun. Next to her was the beatskin ruler who was sitting and kept unleashing bloodlust. It was quite surreal sight.
It was a feeling of a cute plush toy and a ferocious-and-hungry beast lined up side by side.
After a while, the tea was prepared. As I nodded and listened to the result of training from Mea, the door of the room was knocked and Grethe came in…
"Mea-sama. There are guests." (Grethe)
"Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Aniki!" (Reus)
"I-I'm coming in…" (Reese)
"It seems that you are safe, Sirius." (Fia)
Somehow, my disciples also came here.
The first thing that I thought at that time was no one talked about the gate was being sliced or a part of castle was damaged. So, I was relieved because the disciples appeared normally.

Brief explanation about the people of this country…
Mea… is super popular idol.
In other words… it is close to a 'religion' that followed idols.
Will it be alright for such a country?
…For you who think about it, rest assured!
The author is also have similar thought!
※This part is a small joke material that the author feels like writing it.

The Striking of Hokuto
On that day… there was a critical situation happened in front of the Arbitray's castle gate.
Many dogs, wolves and cats monsters were lining up in front of the castle gate and they were barking and made noises all at once as if motorcycles were being revved.
This was the characteristic, but why the head of all monsters were wrapped in white headband?
In the center of the monsters, a white wolf that was keenly staring at the castle gate with a dignified and majestic appearance who name was Hokuto, the general of Hokuto's group.
The headbands had [Sirius' Life] written on it, and they had been waiting for the battle to begin.
"General Hokuto! It's ready!" (??)
"…Woof." (Hokuto)
The youth of Silver Wolfkin also had the same headband as Hokuto and he wore a long jacket for biker gang with [Lior Suppression] words on it. He was Reus who was also the special commander of Hokuto's group.
"There is no problem with both right wing and left wing. We are waiting for General Hokuto's orders." (??)
The female Silver Wolfkin who wore maid dress was Emilia.
She had the similar intention as Hokuto and she was a reliable officer of Hokuto's group. Although the younger brother wore a special clothing, she wore maid dress anytime and anywhere.
"There, there. I will brush you again if you get return back safely." (??)
The girl who clearly had a different atmosphere was Reese.
She was an indispensable existence supporting from the back and she was in charge of healing in Hokuto's group.
She was full of motivation while brushing these monsters even now.
"Be careful, Hokuto. It seems that the enemies win over strange bunch to their side." (??)
And that mysterious woman was… Fia.
Although she appeared at unexpected moments and in unexpected places, she was a reliable sister who watched Hokuto's group from the shadow.
Finally, after confirming the state of his friends who were brought along from outside…
&123;There is no place to die other than next to the general!&125; (??)
&123;There is no need to forgive those who touch the contra-ads of the Hokuto's group!&125; (??)
&123;If you get licked, that's invalid~nya!&125; (??)
Hokuto was satisfied with the high moral of his companions.
Anyway, what would happen after this was to attack the castle.
This war was a holy war to recapture Sirius who was the god of the Hokuto's group.
It would be impossible with half-hearted resolution, but the morale was good enough.
Hokuto barked greatly, giving the signal of the war.
"Awooo—!" (Hokuto)
Later, the curtain of the battle called [Hundred Wolves Incident] was opened.
– The preview of the next installment –
Hokuto's group attacks the castle.
However, due to the sneaky strategy by certain people, Hokuto was isolated.
The isolated Hokuto was attacked by a mysterious group.
It was an overwhelmingly unfavorable battle of 1:30000 ratio…
Next time, the Striking of Hokuto's 45th episode.
[Clash! The life or death struggle of Arbitray! The awakening of Dark Fluffy empire!]
※It's not going to be continued.
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