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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 48

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— Reus —
The sword made by Grant-occhan, 'Silver Fang', is broader than normal sword. Generally speaking, it was made heavily and firmly.
Because Jii-chan's swordsmanship focuses on strength, there is no mistake that a normal sword will break. This is the only sword that I can let out my full strength, my important partner.
"Dorashaaaa–!" (Reus) (TLN: It's a warcry)
I can unleash the power that I've been holding back with my partner that's in my hand now.
My opponent, Dominique, blocked the attack with his sword while feeling shaken after watching the scene of the huge golems getting defeated but the difference was clear from the first blow, he was completely overpowered and got blown off.
But, the sensation from hitting was shallow. Maybe, he didn't take the attack head on and dissipated the push force by pulling to the back.
"Oi oi, what's with this just after changing your sword? I got it but that's all there is to this." (Dominique)
"Just now, I intended to cut you along with the sword." (Reus)
"Oo, that's scary. But is this alright? If you spend too much time, what would happen to your companions when the other mercenaries came?" (Dominique)
"… that's a talk whether or not they are coming?" (Reus)
It's just my intuition but I think the mercenaries from outside of the arena won't be coming.
Because I can smell faint blood scent from my accomplice. Generally, one will not notice it but I understand it because I'm continuously being thrown off every day. That accomplice who has the scent is Aniki and he is taking separate actions from us.
In short, I judged that maybe Aniki is taking separate actions and defeated the mercenaries outside of the arena. It would be dangerous if it's something different but if it is Aniki, that many (number of mercenaries) seems like a trivial matter (for him).
"Since there's no one in our surroundings, don't you think it's strange that not even single person has shown even to this very moment? Haven't they been defeated already?" (Reus)
"Cheh… that can't be. Is it your friend that defeated the golems just a while ago?" (Dominique)
"He's not a friend, he's my Aniki. I said it a while ago, he's the person who taught me everything." (Reus)
Besides, if Aniki became serious, this battle would have already ended. If the battle went bad, Aniki would be able to finish everything before we went to the arena but that didn't happened because he was letting us gain all the experience.
This doesn't ease me but he's attentively watching over us. It can't be helped (to say this) but I'm really proud being Aniki's disciple.
"But, he is a person who's not going to pull out his hand too the person I'm fighting with. Come at me without reservation like before!" (Reus)
Being supported by Aniki only happens when the situation becomes dangerous. Other than that, he is probably going to tell us to do whatever we like. Besides, I should stop relying on Aniki forever. My partner is in front of me and I'm going to end this now.
When I raised my sword and put up posture of [Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style – Strong Heaven], Dominique asked me question while smiled wryly.
"I barely feel this but are you also from the [Hard Break – One Hand Sword – Style School]?" (Dominique)
"That's right, so do you know it?" (Reus)
"There would probably be a few who don't know about it. [Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style – School] is a sword style of the 'Strongest Sword' Lior. However… 'Strongest Sword' shouldn't even have a single disciple, so are you related?" (Dominique)
"I was taught by that person, Lior-jiichan. Besides, my only master (Shishou) is Aniki." (Reus)
"Saying that you were taught, who are you really?" (Dominique)
"I'm just an ordinary man from Silver Wolf tribe. You don't have to know about it because you'll be defeated by me." (Reus)
"Cheh, your tone changed after having (that) sword. This is inevitable; I also have no choice but to make up my mind." (Dominique)
When I thought Dominique was going to surrender, he took out a red pill from pouch on his chest and swallowed it. That medicine… isn't it somewhat strange?
"Have you gotten damaged to the extent that makes you swallow medicine?" (Reus)
"Heh, this thing is not simple thing. This is a 'Life Boost' drug!" (Dominique) (TLN: Japanese name for that drug is Life Grinding Pill)
Life Boost?
Perhaps… is that what Erina-san drank? The effect seems to raise the strength of those who drink it to the limit but Aniki said there are severe after-effects after that.
During Erina's time, Aniki seemed to adjust the effect and created a watered down version and yet that drug made Erina-san, who couldn't even walk, to become well for a day.
But, on the hand, Erina-san was…
"I'm not very sure about the details but I heard it was scary after using this thing." (Reus)
"That's right. When I use this, I won't be able to move for a month!" (Dominique)
The moment Dominique threw the pouch that contained the pill away, I thought his eyes were somehow becoming bloodshot and his muscles were rapidly bulging up. He brandished his greatsword, that supposed to be held by both hands, with (just) single hand and he was drooling while breathing roughly.
"On the other hand, even pain disappears and I can let out tremendous amount of strength!" (Dominique)
When I thought Dominique was squatting down or something, but he rushed at me to the extent that the ground was sinking in and swung his sword. I was able to cope with him enough until a while ago but…
"Fast!?" (Reus)
I wielded the sword at once to prevent it but I was completely overwhelmed and blown off to the rear. I rearranged my posture and landed but I almost let go the sword from the single blow because my hand became numb.
"Where did the strength you had just now go? Because I already did it to this extent, endure and show me more!" (Dominique)
"You don't even have to say it!" (Reus)
I will lose if I defend (the attack)! Therefore, I jumped before he attacked but my entire assaults were prevented by his sword. Damn it! All of his abilities rose up because of that pill. I have a bit mana left… there's no choice but to use it.
"[Boost]!" (Reus)
"Hahaha! That's the spirit!" (Dominique)
I poured mana to my whole body for physical reinforcement and striked Dominique again. After that, we crashed our swords into each other many times but it seems that Dominique's strength is higher compared to me even when I'm enhanced by [Boost].
Despite this, I was able to hold him thanks to the serious fight I had with Aniki and Jii-chan.
Aniki is the type that attacks by using feints a lot and the pattern can't be grasped while Jii-chan is the type that puts all of your strength in a blow that can bring certain death. Dominique's technique is lower and incomparable to those two, that's why I am somehow able to hold him off.
But, I will certainly lose if this fight is prolonged. During the time with Erina-san, the drug was adjusted and she lasted for a day but the original 'Life Boost' lasts for a half a day. Unlike Aniki's, my [Boost] isn't long lasting too that extent.
Did he not feel tired because of the drug? Dominique's momentum doesn't show any decline at all and it became a defensive fight for me.
"Hey! The [Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style School] would cry with you defending only!" (Dominique)
"It's unrelated!" (Reus)
"It's related you know! [Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style School] is an art that cut the enemies in a single blow without minding about defense!" (Dominique)
It's true that is such feeling of Jii-chan sword art but I'm a bit different because I received techniques from Aniki too.
Besides… that way of fighting is already a talk in the past.
The Jii-chan right now is re-evaluating himself after being defeated by Aniki. It doesn't change the fact that that sword technique emphasizes on defeating an enemy in a blow and you need to somewhat prepare to receive damage when using the sword art but I'm certainly evading and warding off (the attacks) and that's how I had become.
"I've been longing to see that 'Strongest Sword'! Obliterating a large crowd of monsters in single blow as the strongest! Even if you learn how to use a sword, shouldn't you realize that monstrous strength?" (Dominique)
"It's natural, right! But someday I will defeat Jii-chan!" (Reus)
Although I desperately prevented the assault, Dominique continued swinging sword while talking smoothly and happily. If I lose focus even for instant, it seemed like I would lose [Boost].
"Saying that you're going to defeat the strongest? Don't say foolish things! No matter how much I put my effort or for how long I acquire strength, I'm still behind the strongest!" (Dominique)
"Even so, I!" (Reus)
"Don't dream! Even if I strive to be the strongest, that's the reality! No matter how genius you are, you won't win!" (Dominique)
"What do you mean by genius?!" (Reus)
"That is what I said! There's no way for you to surpass the strongest when you are driven to the corner with this amount of strength! How do you intend to beat that 'monster' when you can't even win against me!?" (Dominique)
"Guaaa!?" (Reus)
I wasn't able to ward off the last attack, I was blown off with full strength and hit the wall. I was hit with pain on my back because [Boost] wore off but Dominique only looked without chasing me while laughing.
"How's that? That's the reality. Admit it and this will become easy. No matter how much you struggle, you can't win against the strongest." (Dominique)
"…Strongest, you're being persistent about strongest. Don't decide on your own when you don't know anything." (Reus)
It's alright, this is just scratch compared to the time in labyrinth. I can taste blood in my mouth but… I can still move. Standing up with the support of my sword, I glared at Dominique with the feeling of not going to lose.
"Besides, I don't need to be the strongest. For that person… it's enough to be number two." (Reus)
"While you retort, is it that all? Well, it's just impossible to defeat the 'Strongest Sword'." (Dominique)
"Wrong! The strongest is Aniki! I, I will defeat Lior-jiichan and… I will become the second (strongest)!"
It's enough for me just to be right behind Aniki. It is fine to stand right behind him if I can support Aniki! Just for that, I will become stronger and I will defeat Lior-jiichan someday. I cannot be defeated by such guy.
I invoked [Boost] again with my remaining mana, I stepped on the ground and ran vigorously.
"I don't understand anything that you're saying!" (Dominique)
"Besides… I don't want to be told to give up by a rotten person!" (Reus)
This guy is surely strong but if it's Lior-jiichan, he ends this by slicing his body together with a sword. A guy who can't do that is… weaker than Jii-chan. Therefore, I can win. I focused my whole thoughts on my sword and raised it.
"[Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style – Strong Heaven]!" (Reus)
At start, I put everything on the basics of [Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style], that is [Strong Heaven] and strike Dominique's sword. A loud noise of steel clashing reverberated… and my sword pushed back Dominique.
Raising up his sword, Dominique took two or three steps back to break it off, when I tried to pursuit him, at that moment, mercenaries abruptly intruded from the sides. The mercenary somehow seemed to be blown off by other students and since he was tumbling down, I reflexively jumped to avoid him.
While I failed to rearrange my posture, in front of Dominique was…
"Haha! That's inevitable!" (Dominique)
It's impossible to evade the incoming Dominique's sword that approached in the air from the side. That's why Jii-chan told me how many times that it's pointless to jump but Aniki was…Aniki?
Aniki was.. that's it!
I focused the remaining mana to cast [Boost] on the feet at once, I made a scaffold with [Air Step] in the air, stepped on it and flew over Dominique. I cannot do it consecutively like Aniki but I can do it if it's just one time.
Dominique swung his sword at me who leaped overhead but I was already out of his range of attack by stepping aside. As Dominique looked up in utter surprise, at the same time when I met his eyes, I brandished my sword in the air and cut his right arm off.
"Wha–at!?" (Dominique)
"That's already a single blow!" (Reus)
I landed (on the ground) faster than Dominique's (amputated) arm and hit his flank with my sword's hilt. The [Boost] (effect) already wore off but with my one hit with full strength it shattered several bones and sent Dominique flying.
Dominique, who continued rolling on the ground while smashing many times, crashed into the wall of the arena and finally stopped. After looking at him for a while, that guy didn't move at all.
"I did it… right?" (Reus)
There's wounds all over my body and my physical strength and mana were near their limit but did I beat that fellow?
I think I was able to win… alone?
[Aah. Well done, Reus] (Sirius)
"… Aniki." (Rues)
So you were earnestly watching me.
I almost unintentionally cried because of tremendous joy and almost lost grip of my sword.
But the battle is not over yet. Although the situation had eased (a bit) because Aniki defeated the huge golems, there are still enemies in the arena.
I am tired but I can still swing my sword. Most of the enemies have been defeated so the battle will soon finish.
Let's finish the battle early so I'll have Aniki's praise firsthand.
"I'm going! I'll handle everything!" (Reus)
— Emilia —
When all the huge golems were defeated, Sirius-sama voice reverberated in my head.
[I'll entrust this to you Emilia. To support everyone.] (Sirius)
Aah… what a wonderful feeling.
My master (goshujin-sama) always watches over us, even now, when the situation is dangerous.
Being told and being relied upon by that person makes my heart really boil up.
But, it's not good to fight with giddy feelings. If I'm careless, I won't be able to do everything till the end like the time in the labyrinth. Such a disgrace is already too unpleasant to be accepted twice… I don't mind being embraced and sleep together with Sirius-sama no matter how many times.
When I look at Reese, she is full with motivation. Did she receive a message from Sirius-sama like me? For us, Sirius-sama's words become the best impetus. Of course, it would be better if Sirius-sama himself came (here).
"To laugh while in a battle! Are you kidding me!?" (??)
That's not good, that man, Gregory… I forgot about him.
We exchanged fire several times since while ago but should I say this is to be expected from a former teacher? His double attribute of fire and earth, shooting [Flame Lance] towards me while creating golems, he's using different magic attributes at the same time. He's just a common criminal now but let's not be careless since he has fitting ability.
But… I've already seen everything of this person.
He mainly uses [Flame Lance] and it is surely strong but the shooting speed is slow and it has the ability to explode when it hits anything. To be brief, if I hit it by using [Air Shot], I can sufficiently intercept it because it will explode.
In the case of Sirius-sama, he will shoot out the moment that [Fire Lance] is invoked and when the flames are gathered, but there's a limit for me to shoot it down before [Fire Lance] shot.
In fact, he was angrily shooting [Flame Lance] even now but I patiently intercepted it. During that time, I supported the other students by shooting [Air Shot] at the golems.
"Then, how about this! Spear of Lance, [Flame Lance]! The personification of earth, become my power and protect me, [Rock Golem]!" (Gregory)
There were several [Flame Lance] materializing around Gregory and three golems spawned under his feet, he will attack me with both (lances and golems) at the same time. The result will not change even if the number is increased. I calmed down, concentrated and shot magic.
"[Air Shotgun]! Also take this, [Air Impact]' (Emilia)
All [Flame Lance]s were shot down by innumerable finely [Air Shot] which were dispersed by [Air Shotgun], and the moment when the golems were touched by head sized ball of wind, they were smashed by [Air Impact] in one go.
Both were arranged for me by Sirius-sama's magic and during the time of its debut, it was amazingly praised by Sirius-sama.
In the meantime, I threw the throwing knife that I took from the mercenaries but it only hit Gregory's arm. Yeah, it's necessary to practice more on knife throwing.
"You bastard! Crush her, golem!" (Gregory)
I had somehow managed to damage the opponent but there were two remaining golems. Since [Air Impact] has big mana consumption, I should find the magic formation and aim with [Air Shot] but I wasn't alone.
"Water, I ask you! [Aqua Pillar]!" (Reese)
The magic that Reese invoked from the rear let water gush from golem's feet go towards the sky. It is a magic to send (enemy) flying to the far off in the sky. Originally, it doesn't have the strength to elevate a rock golem but in the case of Reese, the water pressure is much stronger because of the water spirits. Plus, she can skilfully cast two (pillars) at the same time.
The golems, which were blown into the sky, couldn't endure the impact of the fall due to its own weight and crumbled into pieces. Occasionally, the magic formation (of the golem’s) remain but those two (magic formations) seemed to be broken this time.
"You seem to be in high spirits, Emilia. Is it because Sirius-san is looking (at us) after all?" (Reese)
"Of course. I'm displaying my progress because I want to be pat a lot after this. I won't lose to Reus, you know." (Emilia)
"Huhu, I'm not going to lose too." (Reese)
There are a lot of things to do, supporting students by becoming Gregory's opponent and securing Golia nearby from getting snatched by the enemies. But there is no problem if I am together with Reese. We live and train together so our cooperation is perfect.
I fired [Air Shot] at the mercenaries attacking the students who lost their weapons, and Reese sliced the golems that appeared again by using [Aqua Cutter]. While protecting each other's back, Reese and I became Gregory's opponent and was continuously giving support to nearby students.
The progress of the battle is completely tilting (to our side), there are a few remaining mercenaries and magicians. My support seems to be no longer necessary and I think it's a matter of time to gain control.
But, Reus seems to be pushed. Rues somehow appeared to be handling well against the fierce attacks from the enemy, who had peculiar atmosphere, it's not even strange anymore if he gets defeated. I probably should support him but the person himself desires (to fight alone), and he seems inversely angry if I help him. Therefore, I'm not going to help him but… you must absolutely survive. That is because we have decided to live and to continue supporting Sirius-sama.
When I reluctantly turn my sight towards Gregory and away from Reus, he was breathing heavily with pale face. That's the sign of mana exhaustion, I immediately understood it since I had it many times.
"Haa…Haa… it can't be. Why did my mana exhaust earlier?" (Gregory)
"It's the difference in performance. That's an inefficient way of fighting, you know." (Emilia)
If I say honestly, my aggregate amount of mana is not that high. I think mine is lower than Reese, whose being favored by spirits and Gregory as an adult. But my mana was exhausted many times and as I grew up, I got rid of the wasted magic by Sirius-sama's advice.
To put it simply, if the (mana) consumption of intermediate level magic, [Flame Lance] is twenty, the consumption of elementary level magic, [Air Shot] is five. And I reduced it down to two by training. Besides, Gregory also brought forth golems many times so the speed of of his (mana) consumption is totally different. The enemy was inevitably going to get exhausted earlier.
It is because we learned various things from Sirius-sama's training. In short, I understood a way of fighting more than you who is crossing legs with nobles. You should either shoot [Flame] that can't be intercepted or cast other magic.
"To be driven to a corner by a subhuman who follows the incompetent (Sirius). What a disgrace." (Gregory)
"Incompetent… please stop with the incompetent! Sirius-sama is not incompetent!" (Emilia)
My patience almost reached its limit, really. Until when do you want to speak ill of Sirius-sama? If I compared you to that person who saved us and made us stronger, your worth is no more than pebble.
"Saying Sirius-san is incompetent, but you are such a fool. If you have time to hate Sirius-san and beastkin, why don't you properly train yourself?" (Reese)
"Hmmm, is that you, bastard? Although I recognized you (to be in my class), you transferred to the others class." (Gregory)
"You're not looking at me other than my household and who do you think wants to study under a person who tolerates bullying?" (Reese)
I am angry too but Reese seems considerably angry. Since she is being more sarcastic than normal.
"… But, I am really grateful to you just a bit. Thanks to you for dragging me into your class, I met Sirius-san and I became his disciple." (Reese)
"If meeting with Sirius-sama, don't you think that's somehow because you met me?" (Emilia)
"I think I wouldn't have become his disciple if not because of that too. I wanted to become his disciple because I was in that harsh time and… because the feelling to be in love with Sirius-san began to grow." (Reese)
Her face was a bit reddened but Reese who talked in satisfaction looked very cute.
But Sirius-sama is completely not shaken looking at such a cute Reese. Let's tempt Sirius-sama together with Reese next time.
"Cut it out! This revolution is to expel subhumans and incompetents! Bring such a conversation somewhere else!" (Gregory)
"This affair can't be said as revolution. Who on earth are you to discriminate, even against beastkin, who does nothing!?" (Reese)
"Silent! If there is no beastkin and incompetent… father wouldn't have died!" (Gregory)
"I understand your grief but if you want to hate, you should hate those criminals. To raise disturbance to this extent in order to reject (beastkin and incompetent) is overkill!" (Reese)
"What does a child understand!? No matter what anyone says, I will accomplish this revolution!" (Gregory)
I was thinking which (of us) is a child? I also feel irritated too, I considered to retort with a straight answer. It's not good, it's not good, I must calm down.
At that time, loud noise could be heard from the rear and when I turned to look, the mercenary who fought with Reus collapsed with his back on the wall.
It's vital for Reus to be considerably tired but he raised his sword again and sliced the remaining golems. Aah, although he is injured, what is he going to do?
"Oh dear, it's unreasonable (for him) to move a lot. Sorry Emilia, I'll be going a bit to treat (him)." (Reese)
"Please, I will take care of that man." (Emilia)

When I saw Reese running off to the location where Reus who has knocked down the third golem, Gregory seemed annoyed and was biting his teeth while seeing the mercenaries.
"Damn it… to be driven to the corner by a subhuman after saying proud things." (Gregory)
"It is because the human race is not superior, and same goes to others too. We as a beastkin have the same appearance with humans with only small differences." (Emilia)
"Don't compare us with subhumans! This is not over yet, I'm still not done yet!" (Gregory)
While Gregory shouted, he aimed at us and fired off several intermediate level magic. But since all of it have same attribute, I gave up the idea to intercept those and avoid it by jumping towards Golia's rear. That's weird, Gregory wasn't chanting at all.
"It's good for you to see this! For me, I only approve it to this extent!" (Gregory)
Those who appeared from the nobles' stand were the students that we disliked. The numbers of people are around ten but they seem to follow Gregory's order like normal since they are not wearing slave collars. Among them is the one who fought against Sirius-sama and Reus, Alstore.
They were probably treated as reserved war potential but… was this the evidence that he's been driven to the corner by using them as war potential? However, this is a slightly bad situation, isn't it? The progress of the battle was inclined towards us but this is a severe situation when their number increased by ten and because our side has been accumulating fatigue.
"Go for it, you guys! If you all hit at the same time, that subhuman won't be able to defend." (Gregory)
"Oi, where is your master!? (Make him) come out immediately in front of me!" (Alstore)
"Is she that subhuman after all? She appeared dignified despite being a commoner." (??)
"When it comes to subhumans, even we as the servants for nobles are enough!" (??)
I understood by looking from their eyes but other students don't have considerable reasons other than hating the beastkin. They don't have a deep hatred (against beastkin) like Gregory, they just want to expel (beastkin) because of their plain dislike. I'm not aware whether or not you guys were brainwashed but I want you guys to stop doing this thing. Is there no one seriously scolding them?
While I was thinking, each of them finished chanting and I held my breath looking at numerous intermediate level magics appeared in the air. I can deal with four or five of them but it's seems to be impossible to deal with ten magics including Gregory's.
Sirius-sama—… No, I shouldn't depend on him! I don't want to be protected by Sirius-sama because I want to support that person. I can't give up by this level of difficulty.
First, let them convulse entirely on me so that I can reduce the damage to the surroundings. After that, I'll shot down by using [Air Shotgun] as much as possible and avoid which I can't intercept. It is slightly severe but… I'll do it. Now is the time for me to show the result of my training to Sirius-sama.
When I focused my mana… a huge golem suddenly appeared before my eyes.
That golem seemed to be in my way in order to protect me but would there be someone who had extra energy to summon a golem as a supporter? Nevertheless, the timing to summon that golem is unusually perfect. It was totally different compared to the golems that we fought a while ago, what's more…
"Don't mind about it, take care of that subhuman together with the golem!" (Gregory)
When Gregory shouted, all magics were entirely shot and aimed before the golem. Various sounds of explosions and soil breaking echoed, I looked up at golem when the noise ceased but the golem only had parts missing to some extent and its body was still intact. More than ten identical golems appeared when I looked around, they walked around the arena while protecting the other students.
These golems had amazing body parts that were precisely made, held a huge shield in its hand and had armor that was comprised of iron. From its size and joints, it must have been made at the same time as the golems were summoned. The skill to bring forth this many precisely made golems, I think it befits the earth attribute magician based on the enormous mana that appeared at the same time.
"It's alright Emilia-kun." (??)
"Eh? Magna…sensei?" (Emilia)
"Yes, that's right. Now that I have come, it's already safe. That is because it is impossible to break my golems with an attack of that level." (Magna)
"Magna! Bastard, why are you here!?" (Gregory)
It was our home room teacher, Magna-sensei, when we turned around and he appeared riding on the shoulder of full grey colored golem. Is that grey colored golem wholly made of iron? I heard Magna-sensei is an expert in earth magic but I didn't think this much was possible.
"I've decided to come and to beat you guys. Besides, I'm not the only one coming here." (Magna)
"That's right. I'm here too, Gregory-sensei." (??)
"Ah…you…" (Gregory)
The owner of the voice sat on the stand.
Although they only heard the voice, Gregory and the students unintentionally withdrew back a step.
He is the school headmaster… Rodwell.
Rodwell stood up with fearless smile and was looking sharply at Gregory and the others.
"Now… are you prepared?" (Rodwell)

Extra/Bonus… or perhaps I should say, an alternate story? (Author)
The difference between Reus and Lior
Immediately after Dominique swallowed the Life Boost drug.
"On the other hand, the pain even disappears and I can let out tremendous strength!" (Dominique)
"Superb choice!" (Lior)
Several seconds later… Dominique becomes split in two.


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