Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 90

White and Red

I flew into the sky with [Airstep] and escaped from the temple. And then, I sent a [Call] to Hokuto to signal a mission completion while looking down at the town.
"Mission accomplished. Outrun that fellow and return. Send me a signal if there is anything." (Sirius)
Since the Fire Wolf, who was chasing after Hokuto, wasn't in a situation which it could borrow the power of the Spirits like in a daytime, he probably could shake it off if he wanted to run away.
Later, when we flew in the sky while thinking about safely returning back to the carriage, Reese, who seemed to be happy and blushing until now, let out a small sigh and started to get depressed.
"…What's wrong Reese?" (Sirius)
"Uhmm, this time… I had given trouble a lot of people…" (Reese)
"I don't mind it, but please do something with Emilia and Reus. They were really worried when Reese got kidnapped." (Sirius)
"Yeah. If it makes situation gets better, I think that I want to make something to treat them. Of course, it is also for Sirius-san and Fia-san." (Reese)
"Aah, I'm looking forward to it." (Sirius)
Since Reese's cooking almost as skillful as me, I was looking forward to it without flattering her.
While thinking about asking for something that I wanted to eat, I noticed that Reese was looking at me with a serious expression.
She… probably wanted to tell something important. After gathering thoughts for a little while, she slowly opened her mouth.
"…Sirius-san. I'd been thinking all the time when I was kidnapped, but… I am still unable to let this go due to my naivety." (Reese)
When she said about naivety, since it wasn't related to Vagle, I guessed it was a matter of saving people.
It was true that I was forced to change the plan, but since it wasn't a bad thing to help others, I had to plan to emphasize that fact. Reese already received the punishment which was being caught by enemy.
"If I knew that person was that bad… I might have given up. But if people and friends can be saved when I use my power, I think that I want to help." (Reese)
"Even if that put everyone in danger?" (Sirius)
"If everyone is in danger… I may think about it for a bit. However, if I overlook someone who I can save in front of me, I am sure that I will not forgive myself. I feel like… I will lose something important inside of me." (Reese)
Reese was a gentle woman, and that's why she was… naive. Knowing the reality, it was enough to say that she was overly optimistic when she wanted to help even if she actually experienced it.
She couldn't bear to see someone died in front of her, so instead of hurting people, she chose to heal and protect. In reality, the one who proactively learned magic was she.
"So I think that I would like live like that from now on. Like Nee-sama told me in the past… to become selfish." (Reese)
But… if it wasn't Reese, even if it wasn't spread, there was no way for her to be called Saintess.
Reese's naivety was a disadvantage, and also an advantage. Attracting people without any threat of power, should I say that was her strong point which could naturally increase the number of ally.
It was a contrary to my principle which my strong point was about killing.
Besides, if Reese chose this path, I should support her as a Shishou.
"… Is that the path that Reese chose? If there are two lives, you may be asked for a painful choice to choose either one of them, you know?" (Sirius)
"I don't want to say that it was a big deal to save everything, but still I… would like to save both." (Reese)
"Haha, you are really selfish. If that's the case, it won't do any good if you are not strong." (Sirius)
"Yes, I will save the person who I want to save, and I want to become stronger… to the extent that I can protect everyone by myself. Like Sirius-san, I would like to push through with my own selfishness." (Reese)
"Am I being selfish?" (Sirius)
"Aah, uhmm… I am not saying it as a bad thing. Just like Sirius-san, I only thought that I wanted to be able to push my own purpose through." (Reese)
Indeed, it wasn't a mistake to say that I was selfish. Other than hobbies and to live, the reason why I trained myself was because I wanted to be able to eliminate obstacles to myself.
After waiting until the flustered Reese to settle down, I told her my feelings towards her determination.
"Reese… it doesn't bother me if you do it as much as you like. Therefore, be strong. And in order to get closer to the ideals etched in your heart, please keep walking forward. That is… my wish as your Shishou." (Sirius)
"Yes! I will become stronger fits as Sirius-san's disciple, and lo–… lover! So… please watch me." (Reese)
And then, Reese brought her face closer and she smiled after kissing my cheek.
"Aah, please show it to me. As long as I am alive, I will watch over you." (Sirius)
If it was she who could use Spirit Magic, she would become stronger and grew bigger.
I continued flying in the sky while thinking that it would be more fun from now on.

… Come to think of it, there was one thing I had forgotten to say.
"Yeah, Reese. Although everyone doesn't mind, it is a fact that you had caused trouble in various ways. Therefore, Reese is prohibited to have another helping for today's dinner." (Sirius)
"Eh!?" (Reese)
Although she was already punished for being caught by the enemy, as a standard… it was more or less a punishment of the feeling.
In fact, I thought that they should try to eat meals, but since it wasn't good not to take nutrition, I refrained from prohibiting another helping.
However… Reese's expression was full of despair.
"I have confirmed this earlier. It seems that Emilia is making stew about this time. Since you aren't allowed to have another helping, you can only have a cup." (Sirius)
"Br–, bread… how many pieces of bread can I have!?" (Reese)
"Of course, it's one piece." (Sirius)
"Dessert…" (Reese)
"Only one pudding." (Sirius)
"Uhh… then somehow… You're right, it's for reflection. Patience… patience…" (Reese)
I felt that the reflection was deeper than before, but that was probably an evidence that she had regained her usual self.
When I thought about it… wasn't it a good thing?

After that, Reese and I descended to the ground in front of the forest away from the town, and we returned to the carriage.
"Reese!" (Emilia)
"Reese-ane!" (Reus)
The siblings, who noticed us, started to run, and they were clinging on Reese.
Since Reese's body was smaller than the siblings', she was completely buried when they were hugging her altogether. Reese seemed to be in pain being sandwiched by the siblings, but I also saw that she was happy.
"I-I'm back. I'm sorry for making you guys getting involved and worried because of me." (Reese)
"That's not it. It's not just Reese. Our strength is also insufficient." (Emilia)
"That's right, we were also bad for falling behind them! It's pitiable as Anikis' disciple!" (Reus)
"…Yes, thanks. Say, together with you guys, I will also… become stronger. I will never lose to such a person, never again… because I will become stronger." (Reese)
While confirming each other's safety, Reese declared her determination to the siblings.
The siblings were puzzled by the change for a moment, but they immediately high fives each other. Those three were really on good terms.
"Reese-san! I'm glad… that you are safe." (Ashley)
"I'm sorry! You got caught because of me." (Amanda)
"N-no, we are all safe. More importantly, you were acquainted with Ashley after all." (Reese)
"Yes! I was able to meet again with Ashley because Reese-sama saved me. I really appreciate it." (Amanda)
"S-stop calling me with -sama! Amanda-san is older and I am just an adventurer!" (Reese)
Subsequently, Ashley and Amanda came and thanked her while repeatedly bowed.
Reese seemed to be embarrassed, but Amanda was safe as a result of the action caused by Reese. I thought that it was polite to accept it without hesitation.

After that, we finished our reunion, and when Hokuto safely returned, it became a bit late dinner.
When I noticed it, it already become like a large household. Ashley and her companion were concerned about the food supply left in the carriage, but Emilia didn't mind giving a dish with soup.
"I think that we can shop soon in Fonio, so don't worry about it. Is that right? Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Aah, yes, Emilia is right. Since we will be busy tomorrow, so please eat well and take a rest." (Sirius)
"Are you busy? Besides, about shopping… will it be alright for Sirius-san and others to enter the town?" (Ashley)
We already explained the serious of actions taken in Fonia to Ashley and the rest.
Since our faces were already known by Mira's Doctrine, it might be natural for Ashley to worry.
"Not just us, Ashley also will go to Fonia. Have you heard the story of believers who are against Dolga in town?" (Sirius)
"Yes, I think they are fine. Could this be…" (Ashley)
"Yes. After joining with the believers in the town tomorrow, you can go ahead to the temple of Mira's Doctrine after making preparation for it." (Sirius)
I gathered the evidence of their wrongdoings when I infiltrated the temple. I also picked up things seized from the population and nobles and arranged them in front of Ashley.
"This is… the stolen heirloom that Megina-san lamented over!" (Ashley) (TLN: The name in raw is メジーナ)
"Look, Ashley. This is a memento of Sage-sama's wife. I had heard that it was gone…" (Amanda) (TLN: The name in raw is セージ)
Those were merely memorable things, but Ashely and Amanda confirmed it while being surprised. Since they knew who the owners were, this could be quick.
"Sensei, what is this?" (Chris)
"The things here are important things kept by Dolgar. It seems there are people who reluctantly obeyed Mira's Doctrine. That's why I show it to them, so they can become our allies." (Sirius)
Since Mira's Doctrine was a matter of Ashley in the first place, I wanted her to resolve herself as much as possible.
If we got involved more than necessary and solved the problem, Chris and Ashley would not learn lessons. Similar problems would happen later, and they could do nothing without us… and it would become troublesome.
Because of that, when I decided to lend my hands, I arranged the means to gather allies like now. I found Dolgar's weaknesses and shed it to Ashley. Besides, I planned to move around those who supported him from behind.
"Cer-certainly, this may work. But Sensei, isn't this too sudden?" (Chris)
"I think that it is bad for being too sudden, but we also have many things to take care and it is unavoidable to change plans."(Sirius)
Originally, the plan was to let Ashley to gather allies, made us of Dolgar's weaknesses, and to get on after weakening the temple's side.
However… the disciples unexpectedly encountered Vagle, and furthermore, Reese was kidnapped.
Since they were picking up fight with us, I completely stopped from using an indirect way from that moment. While actively assisting Ashley, I decided to proactively crushed Dolgar.
"Besides, Dolgar has the Holy Knight, Vagle. How about scaring him to let him move to Ashley's ally…?" (Amanda)
"Since he will be leaving town tomorrow, there is no problem. That's the reason why the plan needs to speed up." (Sirius)
I didn't clean Vagle up when I had full opportunity because I didn't want to let the temple… Dolgar to raise an excessive alertness.
Although it was a short observation, I know Vagle was a man with high pride. Such a guy probably would never want to talk about the matter of being defeated, and since he was in a situation which he could only explained to Dolgar, the chances of speaking would be low.
If he was in such a situation, Vagle would surely come to get a revenge on me, and even if he was getting more annoying, it won't be out of place if he left the temple from the morning.
It was the usual daily occurrence.
If there was anything, it was because the Holy Knight's negligence.
Taking advantage on that opportunity, Ashley and others would rush in, and suppressed Dolga in one go… well, that was the plan.
I explained the details of the plan to Ashley that I invited Vagle and would fight him outside of the town in the morning.
The disciples were motivated when they heard the plan, but on the contrary, Ashley was greatly flustered, so I put up a smile signaling them that it would be alright.
"What, I'm good at confining. Rest assured that he will not return to the town until the matter is over." (Sirius)
"Th-that's not it! I'm worried about Sirius-san's safety if you fight that person! If there is something happen to Sirius-san, and then Reese-san…" (Ashley)
"He is a child who abusing flames after all. As much as confining him, it depends on how I do it." (Sirius)
"But!" (Ashley)
"Calm down, Ashley." (Chris)
It almost getting dangerous when Ashley made a noise, but after Chris stepped in to calm her, he turned a serious look at me.
"Sensei… will you be alright?" (Chris)
"No problem. Rather than Vagle, the Fire Wolf is more problematic, but to me…" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
When I turned my face to the side, Hokuto barked as if saying to entrust it to him while wagging his tail.
After all, it was a troublesome when the monster could avoid my long distance sniping. It seemed that Hokuto felt a similar air to himself from the Fire Wolf, and he was also full of enthusiasm.
"As you can see, I also have a partner. Don't worry about me anymore than that. You guys just focus on Dolgar and things that come after. If the present Mira's Doctrine lost Dolgar, there shouldn't be any problem, right?" (Sirius)
Dolgar changed Mira's Doctrine according to his personal interest, and there were many believers who went along with it and became corrupted.
It was almost an impossible task to revert Mira's Doctrine back by dealing with them or to open their eyes. Since it was a problem of the whole country, it was more problematic to deal with later compared to defeat the enemies.
"I will hold Vagle back until you guys gain control. After that, I will overwhelm and defeat him." (Sirius)
"Eh? Aniki, aren't we also going to fight Vagle?" (Reus)
"Aah, Hokuto and I are good enough to defeat those guys. I want you guys to move along with Ashley, and help her with various things." (Sirius)
A little explanation seemed not enough.
Reese understood since I dealt with him in front of her, but the disciples turned their eyes towards me with anxious look.
"But Sirius-sama, the opponent is someone who uses Spirit Magic that has cornered Reese, right? Although I don't think Sirius-sama will be defeated, there is also a possibility of being injured, so to overwhelm him in one go…" (Emilia)
"I am only dealing with a child, but your side is busier, you know?" (Sirius)
The plan with Ashley and the rest for tomorrow was to join the believers after infiltrating the town. After gathering allies, they would rush into the temple using the things I brought.
There would be many things to do and it was better to have more hands and more than anything…
"This might be bad for you guys, but I will be his only opponent. Because… he kidnapped Reese." (Sirius)
I would make him regret for living.
Although I told Ashley, who was concerned, about the extent of the confinement, but depending on the situation, I planned to defeat him using normal method.
"Anyhow, I have decided this plan on my own. Will it be alright with Ashley? If you want to object or change it, please tell me in advance." (Sirius)
I judged that Ashley didn't prepared to say anything until now, but I would still want to listen to her opinion at least once.
To tell the truth, I wasn't interested, but it would be troublesome if they failed on the appointed day.
"No, I have nothing. In the first place, we would be caught if Sirius-san wasn't there, so it will be far better than we who don't know the art of fighting. And more importantly, I believe in you who will do this for us." (Ashley)
"I also believe Sensei, I will only fight to protect Ashley!" (Chris)
"I will also believe you." (Amanda)
"Maybe you… used to be the messenger of Mira-sama… I was thinking too much." (Ashley)
"…It may not be a mistake. It's probably not weird to call Sirius-sama as the messenger of God." (Emilia)
"Hey Emilia, how far are you going to lift me up?" (Sirius)
It was somehow a futile believe, would it be alright if there was no objection?
After that, I informed the detailed strategy. And then, we dismissed to prepare for tomorrow.
As everyone pass the time as one prefers, Ashley came in front of me while I was doing preparation for tomorrow, and she deeply lowered her head.
"Thank you so much for taking care of everything. I can't do anything now, but I certainly would like to thank you." (Ashley)
"Nothing is over yet. Besides, there is no need to worry about gratitude or anything. We already have reasons to fight as well." (Sirius)
Since they touched our important person, we were just going to get our revenge.
In the meantime, for Ashley and others… we were merely giving them assistance to save the Doctrine.
"You don't have to concern about us for now. Think only about doing something to Dolgar. You will protect Mira's Doctrine and lead it as its Saintess, right?" (Sirius)
"I was driven out of Mira's Doctrine, but would it still be alright to call me as a Saintess?" (Ashley)
"It is the people around you who decide it. If they call you differently, you can move as a believer, you know." (Sirius)
"…If Sirius-san is involved, even Saintess will be spoiled, huh?" (Amanda?)
"The most important thing is the person herself, rather than the title. Besides, as I said yesterday, there are companions who stay around you not because you are a Saintess. Go properly discuss with each other about the preparation for tomorrow." (Sirius)
When Ashley turned around, Chris vigorously nodded as if to entrust the matter to him, and Amanda who was standing up with a gentle smile.
Finally, Ashley deeply lowered her head again to me, and she ran up to her trustworthy friends.
"Sirius-sama, good work." (Emilia)
As the preparation completed while drinking tea that Emilia brewed, it was time to rest and alternated look out shift.

The next day, Hokuto and I came to the place of duel I informed to Vagle.
Since the opponent was an opponent who controlled flames, I didn't take off my usual long coat, and I wore a custom made cloak prepared yesterday.
Here was a high ground with extreme difference in altitudes. There were various large and small rocks, and it was also a barren land that plants didn't grow on.
Since it was an hour away from the town, Fonia, it would be difficult to notice if there was something happen in the temple. Even if he confirmed it, he would not be able to return soon.
In such a place, I sat on a rock of reasonable size. I kept waiting for Vagle to come while stroking Hokuto who was in front of me.
"…He is slow at walking, huh." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
We figured the other party was approaching due to my [Search] and the sense of Hokuto, but at any rate, they were really slow at walking.
It seemed that it would take some time, so I decided to brush Hokuto after taking out a portable comb.
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"After all, you are my favorite. And it hasn't changed since long ago…" (Sirius)
While continuing to brush Hokuto, the time when I noticed that the disciples started to move to the town… heat waves suddenly occurred and stroked my cheek.
"Dieee—!" (Vagle)
When I looked up, a huge fireball was falling on our way.
It had power to melt even the rock I was sitting on, and it was enough to make a big hole on the ground. If it directly hit, not just me, even Hokuto also would be in danger.
"…What a sudden greeting." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Perhaps that blow was aimed as a surprise attacks, but it was almost meaningless to me since I could use [Search]. They were approaching while hiding between the rocks, so I knew that they were about to do something.
Because of that, I got on Hokuto's back before the fireball fell and moved away. Plus, I was deliberately observing the might of the fireball.
"Cheh, damn it!" (Vagle)
[Like I've said, it is impossible. I am not sure about that man, but the one over there is an existence that resembles me, you know?] (Enrou)
When I turned towards the voice heard, Vagle and the Fire Wolf appeared from the hill.
Whether the Fire Spirits already lends their power, the flames spewed from the body of the Fire Wolf were intense. When I saw it for the first time, its body was a bit smaller than Hokuto, but it was now the same size as Hokuto.
Hokuto was alarmed and starting to growl. And then, I turned my eyes to Vagle who seemed to be annoyed.
"Could that be a revenge of surprise attack yesterday? If it so, it doesn't suit you, so you better stop it. It was bad and pointless." (Sirius)
"Shut up! I don't feel comfortable to teach you lesson when you won by surprise attack!" (Vagle)
"You are weak because you are full of openings. Or would it better for you to be killed yesterday?" (Sirius)
"Stop joking around!" (Vagle)
Vagle was angry with my frivolous talk. He produced countless fireballs and threw it, so I plunged into the shadows of the rocks and let it went over me.
It seemed that he couldn't break the rocks with fireballs unleashed in quantity rather than quality. Since it came off endlessly, I couldn't considerably rush out. When I was about to aim for it with the bullets of [Magnum]… a shadow spread to my feet.
When I reflexively looked up, the Fire Wolf fell from the sky while brandishing its claws.
[Hahaha! You're full of gaps!] (Enrou)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto jumped out and swung his claws. He intercepted the Fire Wolf's claws, and they repelled each other on impact. After that, Hokuto and the Fire Wolf landed in separate locations.
The arm of the Fire Wolf who received Hokuto's claws was torn, but flames immediately spewed and it was regenerated.
On the other hand, although Hokuto didn't seems hurt, the fur on the right forefoot which he swung his nails was burned a bit and it turned dark. Apparently, it was burnt in the aftermath of the flame spewing from the whole body of the Fire Wolf.
Hokuto's fur was also quite strong against flames, but… it proved that the flames of the Fire Wolf was intense.
[Hehehe… I can do it. As expected of a Hundred Wolves, huh?] (Enrou)
"Gurururu…" (Hokuto)
It could cause damage just by touching it. In addition, not only the intensity was amplified by the Fire Spirits, the Fire Wolves that could also regenerate its body was really troublesome.
It would not be compatible with Hokuto who only fought with his body and couldn't use weapons.
"…You can do it, right?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"…Understood. Hokuto, please play with the Fire Wolf over there." (Sirius)
I instructed him to fight the Fire Wolves.
We were also had our ways to fight together, but since we couldn't defend with water like Reese, and it would be a hassle if we were exposed with wide range attacks at the same time from both of them. Since they were using a mutual flame, there was a little possibility of friendly fire. Hence, the strategy was to fight in separate locations.
Above all… Hokuto said he wanted to it by himself. And I respected that intention.
[Hou… do you think you can defeat me alone?] (Enrou)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto greatly leaped and landed on a high ground. He barked while looking down at the Fire Wolf.
He probably wanted to provoke it. The Fire Wolf, who received the provocation, happily smiled while stimulating flames on its whole body.
[Alright, I will get on that boring provocation. Oi, I will fight against him!] (Enrou)
"Do whatever you want! My aim is only that man!" (Vagle)
[Humph, don't be careless. You were done yesterday, remember?] (Enrou)
"I can win with my flames if it is a frontal confrontation!" (Vagle)
[You haven't changed. I won't care if anything happens alright.] (Enrou)
The Fire Wolf also leaped toward the hill, thus Hokuto started to run away from us.
When I looked at the back of the moving Hokuto and the Fire Wolf, Vagle also stopped attacking as he judged that it was pointless to attack with small fireballs.
"Don't hide and come out! What happened to the arrogant attitude when you hit me from behind?" (Vagle)
"Alright, alright. Is this fine?" (Sirius)
When I showed up from a rock with a burning smell, my line of sight locked with Vagle who I was looking down from a hill.
He seemed to have used considerable amount of flames, but I couldn't see him getting tired. Maybe there were a lot of Fire Spirits around here, and they probably assisted him a lot.
In reality, when Reese was around a lake where there seemed to be Water Spirits, no matter how much she cast spells, she also looked fine.
They had tremendous power. In this case, the Spirit Magic of a person changes depended on the number of Spirits and the topography.
"It's not easy to kill you, huh. I will toast everything of you with flames and I will kill you after making you heavily suffered." (Vagle)
"You can unleashed flames, but don't lose the temper, brat." (Sirius)
I repeated the provocation.
A guy, who had an absolute confidence in himself like Vagle, would be full of openings when he became angry.
Other than that, it was to make him went all out. I decided to defeat him when he was serious, because he was a kind of guy that won't regret unless I crushed his confidence into small pieces.
And then, Vagle, who was angry with the provocation, took a deep breath and shouted.
"You guys, stop his movement!" (Vagle)
At that moment, flames spewed from the surrounding ground, but the flames from a certain distance wasn't approaching and just swirling around me.
"And… it will be over for this guy!" (Vagle)
Vagle, then, brought forth a bigger fireball than the swirling flames, and he was about to swing it now.
The flames around me was to block my and movement. Was he fond with fireballs?
"You're thinking with anger. Was it… because you were raised by someone who manipulates Mira's Doctrine?" (Sirius)
"Hahaha! I will forgive you if you cry and apologize!" (Vagle)
Based on his personality, I felt like he won't forgive even if I cried and apologized.
I had no plan to apologize in the first place, so I flipped around the mantle while inviting him to quickly come with hand.
"Heh! What a nerve. Run if you can!" (Vagle)
Vagle, then, swung his hand down, and a huge fireball was approaching me.

— Hokuto —
Hokuto braced himself while kept on running.
He presumed by the time he clashed with the Fire Wolf in order to help Master earlier, but it was obviously much stronger than yesterday.
In fact, the Fire Wolf was running with full power yesterday, but it was kept closing in at Hokuto which probably a good evidence of that.
[Where do you plan to run away!?] (Enrou)
Hokuto leaped to avoid a fireball which was released by the Fire Wolf from behind. Since he considered that he was already far away from the Master, he turned around as he landed on the ground.
The Fire Wolf also stopped because of that conduct, and the two animals took a distance and confronted each other.
[Did you finally get motivated? I certainly didn't expect to meet a Hundred Wolves together with a human in a place like this.] (Enrou)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Hmm… you are Hokuto? Besides, you… can you not speak?] (Enrou)
Hokuto gave his name as a courtesy and asked the name of the opponent, but the Fire Wolf opened its mouth wide and was laughing.
[Hahaha! What a boner! You are a proud race and yet you're given a name by a vulgar human? And, from the appearance that unable to speak… are you still a child?] (Enrou)
"Woof, woof!" (Hokuto)
'Don't make a fool of the name give by Master'… as if Hokuto was saying that, he was angry. The Fire Wolf laughed for a while and then looked with a great interest.
"When I look at you, you are smaller than the Hundred Wolves that I've met a long time ago, but I couldn't feel a significant difference in strength. It seems that you'll be an opponent that can make me go all out.] (Enrou)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"What a noisy fellow to give me his name. I am not falling low enough to get a name from a human like you. I am Enrou… that's all.] (Enrou)
"Woof… Woof!" (Hokuto)
It seemed to be making fun of himself, so why it worked under that human?
When Hokuto asked that, the Fire Wolf loudly howled while activating its own flames.
[Hmph, I don't remember working under him. He is indeed stupid, but the only interesting part is Spirits.] (Enrou)
Fire Wolf was a wolf-kind monster that manipulated flames, but it wasn't possible to borrow the power of Fire Spirits.
Based on the present power, Vagle seemed to lend him power, and he could display it because he ordered the Fire Spirits.
[I am using that fool to become stronger. If the Fire Spirits lend their power, this is going to be easy!] (Enrou)
When the cladding flames on the Fire Wolf noticeably swelled, numerous fireballs were materialized in the air and poured down on Hokuto all at once.
It had a might that could be call as rain of fire, but it wasn't overwhelming fast for Hokuto who was familiar with his Master gun spells.
Hokuto, who used to his own large-build body, avoided the approaching fireballs with small steps, or hit it with his tail and punch, and he kept avoiding with minimal movement.
And then, he swung his tail at a rock nearby at the same time with the gap of the barrage. The rock was crushed by the impact and it became a counterattack with small flying rocks, but the Fire Wolf knocked all of them down with flames released from its mouth.
However, there was one big rock penetrated the flames. It struck on the Fire Wolf and made hole on its legs, but again the flame spewed out and closed the hole.
[That degree of stone is useless! As long as the Spirits lend their power, my body is indestructible!] (Enrou)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
If he didn't try it, he wouldn't know. Hokuto smashed a rock again with his tail and the rock became smaller, and he at the same time…
[You can only the same thing, huh!? As expected of a child… muuh!?] (Enrou)
The Fire Wolf unleashed flames to burn Hokuto and small rocks at the same time, but Hokuto jumped to the side before the flame hit him. He kicked the ground further and moved around on the side of the Fire Wolf. The movement which was closely perpendicular was a movement that could be done due to the physical ability unique to Hundred Wolves.
Hokuto, who was on its side, leaped without stopping, and cut Fire Wolf's neck with claws.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto's fur was burned again and became dark because of the cladding flames on the Fire Wolf, but his attack wasn't over yet.
When you thought that he would cut through with claws and ran through it, he greatly rotated with the forefoot as an axis, and he, then, further sweep it with his mana-enforced tail.
Hokuto took a distance once after dividing its body into several parts, but flames still spewed out from its body, and the Fire Wolf regenerated as if nothing had happened.
[Although you are a child, is it possible to attack without fear of my flame because you are a Hundred Wolves? But, I'm not impressed with repeating pointless attacks.] (Enrou)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
[… Hou, did you notice?] (Enrou)
Last night, Hokuto shared the information about the Fire Wolf with his Master.
Since the body of the Fire Wolf was formed with flames, you would make holes on its body, but even if you cut it no matter how many times, it was possible to be regenerated when the flames activated by the mana of the Fire Wolf. Hence, that was the mechanism.
In other words, if the Fire Wolf continued to use its mana until it ran out, it was possible to defeat him when the flames didn't come out anymore, but… the present Fire Wolf was in a state which the Fire Spirits lent their power according to Vagle's instruction.
Since the Fire Spirits burn the body of the Fire Wolf, it could be regenerated without using mana. It wasn't possible to exhaust the Spirits, so roughly speaking, it could endlessly generate itself.
However… as a living thing, it had a weakness.
As Master could use unique investigation spell called [Search], it was also obvious for Hokuto who had sharp mana sensation.
[Yes. It is a correct decision to target my core. But… do you know where it is?] (Enrou)
"…" (Hokuto)
[Where do you think my core is? Head? Heart? No, I'm not even sure if it is at fixed position or not?] (Enrou)
However, even though he knew that there was a lump of mana that seemed to be the core within the body of the Fire Wolf, he also knew that it was freely moving within the body.
Although the preceding continuous attacks were aimed at the core, the Fire Wolf intuition was sharp. The core moved around and avoided the attacks by a paper-thin difference.
If it was Master, he would continuously shot [Magnum] from all directions. He would pursued the core and surely shot it through.
[From the point of using smaller stones, do you think that you have sufficient projectile weapons? It seems the only that you are better than me is your physical ability.] (Enrou)
"Gurururu…" (Hokuto)
[Let me see… should I raise the difficulty a little bit? Whether you can endure with your body, or you can attack my core… I wonder which one is?] (Enrou)
When a huge flame spurt out from the body of the Fire Wolf who received additional power from the Fire Spirits, its body was noticeably getting bigger.
Previously, the size of the Flame Wolf was similar to Hokuto, but now it was twice over the size of him.
The burning sensation could be felt even from far away, and his body probably would be burnt if he got closer.
Furthermore, the difference in physical abilities grew more than double. If he was an ordinary creature, it wouldn't feel weird to be hesitant, but…
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
[Hou… are you not afraid? If that's the case, come at me!] (Enrou)
Hokuto was more terrified in the past life, but… he continued fighting against Master's Shishou.
If he compared the fear when he fought against Shishou, he didn't consider the Fire Wolf before him to be a significant opponent.
And he had been fighting against bigger opponents than him for many times.
Hokuto stepped forward without fear, and he swung his nails at the Fire Wolf.
Avoiding the innumerable fluttering flames, he sliced the Fire Wolf's leg even though his body was burnt, but… it was regenerated.
He ran while avoiding pillars of flames spouting from his feet. He, then, sliced the body of the Fire Wolf while swinging his tail, but… it was regenerated.
[What's wrong? Your movement is getting slightly dull!] (Enrou)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
His body was burned and even though the black pattern increased on his beautiful white fur… he still wouldn't give up.
Hokuto's Master believed that he would win, and that's why he was sent out.
Hokuto didn't want to betray the trust of his Master which was more important than anything else. If he wanted to walk by Master's side, he didn't feel like losing even if he had bad compatibility with the opponent.
Hokuto never stop trying to get stronger. He realized that there were many opponents stronger than himself.
[There! How about avoiding this?] (Enrou)
Since it brought forth a wide range of fire walls, Hokuto jumped high and avoided it.
Hokuto, who jumped high in the air, was aimed by a fireball, but he swung his nail in midair and cut the fireball. While his forefoot was still burning, he landed on the ground.
[What a futile struggle! As expected, it seems that you have good defensive capabilities.] (Enrou)
"Gurururu…" (Hokuto)
[Did I guess it right? I am concerned about the opponent of that man, so let's have this decided soon.] (Enrou)
The Fire Wolf confirmed that Hokuto wasn't good at dealing with ide range assaults, so it accepted more power from the Fire Spirits, and made his body even bigger.
The body of the Fire Wolf, which was already a towering size, didn't form a shape of wolf. It looked nothing but a huge flame wall.
[Either your claws and tail has any meaning with this size! Wrapped with my flames… and burned!] (Enrou)
In order to swallow Hokuto, the Fire Wolf completely came like a fire tsunami as it burned the ground.
And then, Hokuto…
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
He was waiting for it, and he… howled.
At that moment, Hokuto kicked the ground with full power and greatly retreated as he started to raise his mana.
Although Hokuto was separated from the Fire Wolf, it continued to press in with a wall of fire without getting flustered.
[It is useless trying to run away! My flame will follow you anywhere!] (Enrou)
Hokuto retreated not because he wanted to run away.
He retreated because he wanted to hit the opponent without leaving any opening.
"Awooooo—!" (Hokuto)
A howl, that tremble the earth was released from Hokuto's mouth, and it contained a huge amount of mana.
In brief, he unleashed nothing but mana while howling.
However… the enormous mana unleashed from the mouth of Hokuto was violently bent by the howl. The mana became a huge whirlpool, gouged the ground, breaking rocks into pieces and it cleansed everything.
Towards the vortex of destruction that covered every space in front of Hokuto, the Fire Wolf couldn't avoid it and he had no choice but to defend.
If the Fire Wolf was in the state of a wolf, it could gather the flame around the core to defend, and it might have endured Hokuto's assault.
But now, the Fire Wolf expanded its body like a wall in order to swallow Hokuto with its body. It couldn't immediately gathered flames around the core, and it was exposed to the vortex of destruction without able to completely defend against it.
[Aah… gaaahhh–!?] (Enrou)
The swell of intense mana continued to shake the whole body and to shred it. The Fire Wolf couldn't maintain the flames on its body and it got smaller as the flames was scraped off.
However, since it was still because of mana, it scattered at about several hundred meters,. When the mana vortex disappeared without trace, the terrain damaged by the mana vortex was completely changed.
The trees that wonderfully grew up, the soaring high rocks, all of it disappeared without a trace. There was nothing in front of Hokuto other than mountains of rubbles.
In the trace of destruction where nothing could survive due to that mana vortex, it was a little, but something was moving.
[That… can't… be…] (Enrou)
It was the Fire Wolf whose size had decreased to a size of a person's palm.
The Fire Wolf barely survived, but it had no power to maintain the shape of a wolf any longer. It was only a small mass of fire.
As the Fire Wolf was certainly under a precarious state, Hokuto slowly appeared.
It would be difficult to find a candle-like fire among large rubble, but it wasn't impossible for Hokuto.
[I… lost…] (Enrou)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
[Even though you are a child, you are still a Hundred Wolves, huh…] (Enrou)
It was a complete negligence for the Fire Wolf since it thought that Hokuto had no projectile or wide range attacks.
Originally, the Fire Wolf could have been generated when the Fire Spirits lent their power, but the spirits were blown off by Hokuto's mana vortex, so the surrounding was a kind of blank area with no spirit.
The Spirits would come back after a while, but Hokuto would not wait.
Hokuto greatly raised his forefoot.
[While having such a power… you don't have to be together with that fool.] (Enrou)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
[Even if you like him… that fool… will be afraid of your power. That's right… what awaits you… is a despair of being betrayed by those who you believe in…] (Enrou)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
'That was a story that would never happened.'
Hokuto answered that with confidence.
'Because, I will never win against my Master… ever.'
[Wha!? You lost to that fool? For such thing to happen…] (Enrou)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
'And don't lump together my Master with foolish person!'
Hokuto swung his forefoot down while howling…
"Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
It was a howl of victory.

By the way, Hokuto was in fact at child's age among Hundred Wolves.
But the inside was a matured dog… in other words, he was given medications by some black organization. It was something like a former high school student detective. (TLN: I guess it is a Detective C-nan')
…Is that wrong? (Author)

That day, Reese was forbid from having another helpings, and she refrained herself from dinner as promised.
By the way, whether she was having a bad day, she missed having chosen the biggest bread and biggest platter.
"…Thanks for the meal." (Reese)
"Wh-what's wrong Reese!? It's just a portion!?" (Emilia)
"If it is Reese-ane, you can afford five portions, right!?" (Reus)
"Uh-uhmm… the thing is…" (Reese)
As Reese explained, the siblings nodded their heads, and Fia tilted her head while having bread in her mouth.
"… I thought that you guys eat well as children, so what's the fuss?" (Fia)
"Of course, Fia-ane! Meals are very important to Reese-ane!" (Reus)
"It is Sirius-sama's whip of love, isn't it? If Reese has to go through all that… I will refrain myself from having another helpings." (Emilia)
"Me too!" (Reus)
"Uhmm… I'm happy with your feelings. Both of you, please eat well… alright?" (Reus)
"It is a collective responsibility, you know." (Emilia)
"Yeah, yeah!" (Reus)
"Well, me too, I wonder. Even so, I'm good enough with a portion though." (Fia)
And after dinner…
"Haa…" (Emilia)
"…I'm hungry." (Reus)
"…Auuu… it seems not enough…" (Reese)
Until the time they went to sleep, the sound of their bellies reverberated.
By the way, for the leftover of the dinner, they decided to eat it on the next morning.
Since there were surplus and newly made meals this morning, I checked the schedule for today again while arranging the pots.
"Good morning, everyone. Without delaying any further, today's…" (Sirius)
"Another please." (Reese)
"Me too, Aniki!" (Reus)
"Sirius-sama, I want more, please!" (Reese)
"…First of all, as I planned, Vagle…" (Sirius)
"Another please." (Reese)
"Me too, Aniki!" (Reus)
"…Ashley will contact the believers of the temple…" (Sirius)
"Another please." (Reese)
"You guys! Especially Reese, eat more slowly!" (Sirius)
"…I want more." (Reese)
Eventually, Reese didn't stop until the pot was emptied.


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