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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 6

I apparently posted the chapter 6 by accident while I was still doing the translation, oups. Well, it’s fixed, sorry about that, I’m still not all that good with wordpress.
All right, chapter 6 today, I tried to do it fast but I bought the witcher 2 recently, and between my life (lel), The Witcher and the translations, it’s hard to find the right balance. I wanted to post it sooner but I got really caught up in my game and I got that new phone that I…
Also, I’m switching from Elina to Elena and from Noeru to Noel as well. It sounds better imo.
Anyway, chapter 6, I hope you’ll enjoy it and as always, you’re welcome to report the mistakes I made, and since this one was really annoying to translate, you’ll probably find a bunch of those mistakes, the next chapters are better so this won’t happen again, don’t worry.
Past and dreams
【 “So that’s how it is…”】(Sirius)
【 “I’m… very sorry.”】(Elena)
After announcing my mother’s death, Elena-san starts looking down without wiping her tears.
I don’t know if she is sad because of a feeling of guilt since she didn’t tell me before or because of a feeling of powerlessness. I should be the most affected by this but I’m actually calm an composed. Well, normally, anyone would be shaken up to find out that their mother is dead.
However, the experiences of my previous life don’t allow me to lose my cool.
I killed a countless number of people and I lost a lot of my friends as well. It’s not that it’s impossible for me to feel sad, but even when I do, I can’t even cry. In my opinion, dying is just better and less sad than being paralyzed for life.
【 “Elena-san, It’s all right.”】(Sirius)
【 “B-but, I lied to you…”】(Elena)
【 “You lied for my own good. How could I be angry at you while I’m so thankful to you?”】(Sirius)
【 “But…. I….”】(Elena)
I return my eyes to the picture. She really resembles me a lot which just goes to confirm that she’s my mother. I wonder what kind of person she was when she was alive.
【 “For now, I want you to tell me more about my mom.”】(Sirius)
【 “Oh! About ojou-sama? ” 】(Elena)
【 “Yeah, I want to know what kind of person she was, what she liked, anything you can tell me is fine really.” 】(Sirius)
【 “Well, Maria… Aria-sama was quite the innocent lady. “】(Elena)
She starts recalling my mother with a soft expression on her face. Innocent huh, well, she does give off that kind of feeling in the picture, a pure innocent lady.
【 “She was the only daughter of the aristocrat Eldland. She was a very dignified lady with a very kind heart and she saved me when I fell into despair. Though her actions didn’t please the other aristocrats, she had a mysterious charisma that could attract and enchant anyone. However, the Eldland family ended up being defeated in a power struggle that occurred between the aristocrats and the clan was deprived of its noble’s status. At that time, there was a foolish aristocrat who fell in love with Aria-sama at first sight. She married him in exchange for the protection of her parents. “】(Elena)
She sold herself for her family, I wonder how much resolution that demands.
【 “From there it got bad. The foolish noble got tired of Aria-sama after playing around with her once, she then got confined in this mansion and was not given any status. We three people who had no apparent future were hired in this mansion thanks to the recommendation given by the benevolent Aria-sama. Fortunately or not, by that time, Aria-sama was pregnant with you, Sirius-sama. When that was found out, she was given only a little amount of money in order to raise you to become a spare heir…”】(Elena)
I’m angry from the bottom of my heart. Though that aristocrat is my father, I feel no hesitation to feel genuine hatred towards him. Well, right now, I feel like she’s spitting the resentment she pent-up during all these years.
【 “It was found out afterwards that the power struggle was caused by the noble in order to get Aria-sama. Her parents are still missing as well. Because of all this, I deeply hated the aristocrat and everything related to him.”】(Elena)
What a fuckin’ asshole. (TLN:He said “trash” but since the noble is a fuckin’ asshole, I’ll leave it like that)
If I had known that when he came by yesterday, I would have cold bloodedly killed him. While I’m having some dark thoughts, some wrinkles appear on Elena-san’s forehead as she suddenly stars smiling wryly.
【 “However, Aria-sama didn’t feel that way. She was just joyfully patting her growing stomach while in high spirits. “But this is that aristocrat’s child!”. Even after I told her something that rude, Aria-sama just calmly started talking.”】(Elena)
【(Because it’s that man’s child you want me to leave it? That’s ridiculous. This child is not guilty for the sins of his father and I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a wonderful noble. He’ll be with my mother and father who are still alive somewhere and he’ll also be with you, Dee and Noel, too. I can bring him at ease if it’s in that kind of environment right? What more could you ask for?)】(Maria)
【 “After she said that, I couldn’t say anything back… The only thing that mattered for her was our safety and yours, Sirius-sama. In addition, for her, you were not only her child, but the child of all of us. Really, she was such a good lady.”】(Elena)
What a strong willed person. I would have loved to meet and see her even if she wasn’t my mother.
【 “And, at the last month of Aria-sama’s pregnancy, her health suddenly took a turn for the worse. Because she had such a weak body, it wasn’t strange for her to fall sick in those conditions. Giving birth to a baby in that state was a suicidal action. Still, Aria-sama wanted to do it and…”】(Elena)
I was born, and she died…
【 “(Your name is a sirius. My Sirius, and I love you. Don’t let anyone decide the course of your life for you, I want you to grow up while believing in yourself and not being tied up to anything. That’s my last wish as your mother. And Elena, please… love him in my stead. )” 】(Maria)
【 “Those were the last words of Aria-sama. I was left with you and I was at a loss as for what to do, but, when I lifted you for the first time in my arms, all my anxiety and confusion faded away. You were that hateful man’s son, Still, as Aria-sama said, you were just an innocent child. That’s when I decided to follow the Ojou-sama’s will and swore to protect you, Sirius-sama. I swore to protect you yet… I… I…”】(Elena)
After saying that, Elena-san kept talking sadly about the current situation while crying.
Apparently, the aristocrat that came yesterday, my father, goes by the name of Bardomir Dorian. He gave us just enough money to live in this house for five years if we count the self-sufficiency of the house.
After spitting out those pent-up feelings, Elena-san calms down and starts looking bashful. She probably just realized that she is talking to a three years old.
【 “Ah…… I’m showing such a pathetic appearance. I apologize, I was confused and-“】(Elena)
【 “It’s all right because I understood everything you just said.”】(Sirius)(TLN:He’s talking about his father coming, not what’s before)
【 “You did?! This… from a three years old… “】(Elena)
She gives me a surprised look which then turns into a look of astonishment when I mention yesterday’s conversation. She was especially shocked by my eavesdropping. (TLN: I don’t get what he said in the second sentence here, something about eavesdropping but I’m not sure what)
【 “Elena, I believe it’s now my turn to do the talking.”】(Sirius)
【 “Well, what… do you have to say?”】(Elena)
【 “It’s my secret. Though it might be unbelievable, I want you to hear it and to tell me what you think about it. “】(Sirius)
Right now, I’m not putting on an innocent mask or anything like that. Rather, I’m giving off an overpowering atmosphere. But, as I stare at her intensely, she just starts smiling.
【 “Please stop looking so uneasy and let me hear what you have to say. I’ll still be your friend no matter what you tell me.”】(Elena)
Wait, is my uneasiness reflected on my face? This childish body is making my control over my expressions weaker.
【 “Elena, do you ever have dreams?”】(Sirius)
【 “Yes, a lot, but I usually forget them.”】(Elena)
【 “Well I have them all the time and I remember them clearly.”】(Sirius)
I kept the memories I got from my previous life in another world where I lived for more than 60 years before dying… even if I say it and somehow manage to make her believe it, it’d be troublesome in various ways. That’s why I decided to make my previous life a “dream” in my confession.
【 “Though I don’t remember from what time it is, I keep seeing some man’s life in my dreams. It’s almost like I become that man, I go through various experiences and learn a lot of things every day. In addition, when I wake up, I remember everything, all the knowledge I get in my sleep stays in my head and I’m somehow able to do everything I do in those dreams.】(Sirius)
【 “How can such a thing… Do you still have those dreams?”】(Elena)
【 “Yes, I’m still seeing them. The other day I had a dream where I went to war and learnt to fight. That’s why I was able to defeat that goblin. I don’t get why this is happening to me but I think it’s a good thing. Because I was able to help you thanks to that.”】(Sirius)
【 “…………”】(Elena)
With a lump in my throat, I tell Elena-san about my secret and she gives me a thoughtful look.
Honestly, I won’t be surprised if she calls me a monster because my growth rate is too abnormal.
And her answer is… a hug.
【 “You rarely cry, you learnt how to read in a single year and understood magic so soon. It was questionable in various ways but to think there were such circumstances… As for the war… you must have had a hard time.”】(Elena)
Hmmm… Frankly I didn’t think she’d believe me that easily. Though my mother said that I’m some sort of big-shot, I still feel like Elena-san is my equal. (TLN: She is said he’d become a “wonderful noble”, I guess that’s what he’s talking about)
Rather… that’s not exactly true. She is my unconditional ally and friend. She will keep standing by my side even if I become some sort of horrible criminal.
【 “That’s my secret. And that’s why I’m able to understand the current situation. I’ll be kicked out in five years, right?”】(Sirius)
【 “Yes, that’s how it is. If I wasn’t that weak you…..”】(Elena)
【 “No, don’t say that. If I’m here right now, it’s because you did your best, Elena. That’s why I’m still able to have fun with you, Noel and Dee.”】(Sirius)
【 “I’m not worthy of these words.”】(Elena)
I think that what Elena-san feels for me is probably just normal affection one would feel toward a little child.
However, she’s still my servant. She should put more of her heart into her work but I can understand how she feels if I look at it from her point of view.
Although, I don’t know if “servant” is the right term to use to call her now.
【 “Once again, thank you very much. Let’s keep being friends from now on.”】(Sirius)
【 “Yes!”】(Elena)
Well, somehow, everything went smoothly. I was able to explain my situation and I’ll be able to move freely without having to worry in the future.
【 “Sirius-sama, if it’s all right with you, how about we tell your story to Dee and a Noel?”】(Elena)
【 “To those two?”】(Sirius)
【 “They were taken by Aria-sama just like me and we went through a lot of hardships together as well. They’re trustworthy.”】(Elena)
【 “All right. When they come back, I’ll explain everything to them. I wonder what kind of faces they’ll make.”】(Sirius)
【 “It’s going to be a huge shock. I really want to see Dee’s expressionless face crumble. “】(Elena)
We imagine the other two’s reaction and we both start laughing. Noel freaking out, Dee trying to calm her down while staying expressionless and Elena-san laughing. Things won’t just go back to the way they were before, ’cause this time I won’t be the only one becoming stronger, everyone will as well.
Afterwards, I put the kitchen in order, I boil some hot water then I wipe Elena-san’s body with it. She kept refusing it but she smiled joyfully when I wiped her.
I serve some tea, the day comes to its end and the other two are finally back home. Though they just came back, they’re strangely noisy. They’re running about in the house and they open the room’s door in a hurry without knocking while making a big ruckus.
【 “Elena! Are you alright?!”】(Noel)
Noel jumps in while breathing heavily. Dee does the same right after her. Elena-san puts her hand on her forehead while letting out a loud sigh.
【 “Noel you’re being noisy. First of all, you have to report the situation to Sirius-sama.”】(Elena)
【 “Oh, right! Sirius-sama, we have returned! We brought some medicine to Elena! We found out that the water disease had been spreading in town so we came back home as a fast as we could!”】(Noel)
【 “I understand so, please, settle down and explain the whole situation calmly. “】(Sirius)
It was hard to calm Noel who was freaking out.
To summarize her story, apparently the Water disease has been spreading in the town recently. Though the town was troubled a little, however it wasn’t that much of a problem since they had some medicine prepared just in case, but our house was out of stock, we didn’t have any water disease medication left. They had planned to replenish on medicine while doing the shopping but they couldn’t predict that the disease would spread in such a timing. However, the house is far away from the town. That’s why they though that she wouldn’t get infected there, but then they recalled the actual reason for their trip.
The whole point of the shopping was to avoid meeting my father since he was supposed to have a talk with Elena-san. And, the Water disease got as far as the neighbor town which is where my father came from. The chances for Elena-san, who’s from the water attribute, to get affected were really high.
When they realized that, they came back while panicking.
As she stops explaining, Noel finally settles down. Dee’s expressionless face somehow settles down, too. And they both leak a sigh of relief when they see Elena-san’s face.
【 “Geez, I’m relieved. You didn’t get infected and everything went well.”】(Noel)
【 “It did go well.”】(Sirius)
【 “And I did get infected.”】(Elena)
【 “…… What?”】(Noel)
Noel’s expression suddenly hardened.
【 “Oh c’mon, you look alive to me. Please stop joking around. “】(Noel)
【 “I’m not joking around. I got infected with the Water disease, I took some medicine and I was cured.”】(Elena)
【 “But, we were out of medicine…Oh yes, I do recall leaving one bottle.”】(Noel)
【 “That one broke. I took a medicine compounded by Sirius-sama.”】(Elena)
She was trying to pat my head since I was sitting next to her, however she stops as she hears Elena-san’s words, but I make her pat me by force by gripping her hand. Perhaps she thought that patting my head was rude, but because she’s stroking the front casually, I don’t see why she should hold back in stroking my whole head, I complain to her by shaking my head. She seems to get it and starts stroking. I’m a demanding man, but since I’m a child, it’s all right.
【 “Ehh, well, if it’s Sirius-sama, he’d surely be able to do the mixture… Hey….wait a second! “】(Noel)
【 “Elena is still in convalescence so please try to be a little quieter.”】(Sirius)
【 “Oh, sorry! However, how did you do the compounding? There was no Kelpie grass in the house.】(Noel)
【 “Well, about that, there is some thing I have to tell you guys. Dee, Noel, the thing I’m about to tell you is a secret and you must not say it to anyone.”】(Sirius)
【 “Huh? What? What kind of thing?!”】(Noel)
【 “I see. Noel calm down a little and try to be quiet.”】(Dee)
As Noel begins to freak out again, Dee strikes a pose where he can devote himself to listening while calming Noel down. Because Elena-san starts talking first, I nod to her to urge to continue and I leave the explanations to her. Not only because it’d be annoying to explain it all over again, but also because it’d be easier for them to consent to this if they hear from her and because if I tell, the story, I might change some part of it by accident which would be troublesome.
Elena-san kept explaining while being backed up by me from time to time, as the talk ends, the day i already completely set. And now, two other people know of my secret.
【 “【 “………”】”】(Noel & Dee)
As expected, It’s quiet.
Noel is switching faces from shock to happiness while Dee draws a wrinkle to the middle of his expressionless face and seems to be in deep thoughts. Well, that’s how it is, you can’t expect someone to act normally after giving him that kind of information so suddenly. Since the standstill seems pretty long, I make another set of tea, I place it in front of the other and, at last, the standstill meets its end and they start talking.
【 “Well, though it’s hard to believe in various ways, there are still some points I can agree on. Also, this…”】(Noel)
Noel drinks the tea that I made while nodding approvingly.
【 “This tea, it doesn’t taste like something easy to make. Actually, Isn’t it better than mine?! Rather… Dee, did you teach Sirius-sama how to make tea?”】(Noel)
【 “No, I didn’t…”】(Dee)
【 “Well, it wasn’t me and It wasn’t Elena either.”】(Noel)
【 “Of course it wasn’t. That’s because brewing tea is our job in the first place, not Sirius-sama’s.”】(Elena)
This girl is quite sharp sometimes.
Just as Noel said, I didn’t learn brewing tea from any of the three. I was forced to learn how to do it by my master in my previous life since she was a huge tea Otaku. It’s good that she’s not here, if she were to see me right now, she’d preach me for hours and make a long speech about why you should sit correctly while drinking.
There is a long list of golden rules you have to follow to drink tea, though they really don’t matter in this primitive world. You have to make the water hot but not too much and not too cold either, you have to steam it for a short time as well, there is a bunch of those indications I didn’t follow but, well, it’s still really good.
But I’m getting off track. Anyway, Noel agrees that I didn’t learn this from anyone and that I learned it by myself which goes to confirm my story.
【 “Hmmm~ This is delicious yet it’s frustrating at the same time. Don’t you agree, Dee?”】(Noel)
【 “I do agree that it’s delicious but I don’t feel frustrated. Please teach me next time.”】(Dee)
【 “Me too! As your elder, I’ll work properly to learn and get your level and… hmm, please teach me as well!. “】(Noel)
Well, this “elder” doesn’t seem to have much pride. Well, I’d like to drink some good tea from them as well in the future so I’ll try teaching them how to do it next time.
While we’re all agreeing on this, Noel’s stomach starts growling attracting all the attention towards her. She starts blushing but I guess it can’t be helped since we’re already past dinner time.
【 “I’ll go replace the magic tool and I’ll make something to eat as fast as I can.”】(Dee)
【 “Uuuu, thank you very much…”】(Noel)(TLN: Uuuu is how you sound when you’re embarrassed apparently)
【 “Dee, there is still some fire left from what I lighted earlier, you can replace the magic tool once you’re done with making dinner, you don’t need to do it right now.”】(Sirius)
【 “Understood, as expected from you, you were able to use the fire stones.”】(Dee)
【 “About that, the fire stones box fell down earlier and all the stones broke down and became unusable.”】(Sirius)
【 “【 “【 “What?!”】”】”】(Elena & Dee & Noel)
Is there something weird about what I said?
The three others are speechless and have their mouths wide open.
【 “Dee, the magic formation didn’t work right?”】(Elena)
【 “No, it didn’t.”】(Dee)
【 “And I’m also the only one with a fire attribute but I had to go out.”】(Noel)
【 “Sirius-sama, I’m sorry but, how did you make that fire?”】(Elena)
【 “Well, I used frictional heating, is there a problem with that?”】(Sirius)
【 “Frictional heating?”】(Elena)
Somehow I feel like I’m conversing by myself for some reason.
Well, since example is better than precept, I get the necessary material and make fire by using the same method I used yesterday like a good child.
【 “There is no chanting? Wait, it’s not even magic.”】(Dee)
【 “This is amazing, it doesn’t need a magic formation nor magic from the fire attribute.”】(Elena)
【 “I’ve never seen anything like that, this is a revolution!”】(Noel)
Is something that primitive a revolution?
Well, the common sense of this world is quite different so I guess it’s……. Wait what?
At that moment, I realize the huge misunderstanding I had this whole time.
Thus, with this sudden realization, this event came to an end.


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