Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 135

Chapter 135 The Second Person of…
Early in the morning of the next day as the problem with Aseed had settled, I was cooking breakfast on the cooktop installed in the carriage.
It was alright if we ordered for breakfast at the inn, but since there were various things happening yesterday, I felt like having a change of mood.
Brushing was done earlier, and I continued cooking while watching Hokuto wagging the tail in good mood. Emilia and Reese, then, came to the carriage and we had morning greetings.
“We came to this place, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“What are you making? Aah, that ingredient… could it be…” (Reese)
“Yeah, it’s for Karen.” (Sirius)
I wasn’t only preparing sandwiches for breakfast, but I was also baking a cake.
It would be somewhat similar to the French Toast prepared for yesterday, but since there were many things different, they wouldn’t get tired of it.
“It might be sneaky to lure with food, but I want her to get used to it soon.” (Sirius)
“Hehe… I can imagine Karen-chan’s reaction when she eats the cake.” (Emilia)
“In my case, I was fed by Sirius-san’s cake by chance.” (Reese)
“Don’t put it in bad way, you know.” (Sirius)
Since Reese ate it and seemed enjoying the taste, there was a mysterious charm that came along together with the pleasure of cooking.
That was why, I could still remember even now the time I first met her at school, that I was charmed by the smile that she showed at the Diamond cottage.
“Put the dough in the oven, and… Shall we finish preparing the sandwiches in the meantime?” (Sirius)
“I will cut the vegetables.” (Emilia)
“I’ll prepare the bread.” (Reese)
Because of the vitality in the morning, we spread the work and prepared large quantities of sandwiches.

After the breakfast was completed, we gathered in the room of ladies which was a quadruple room and had it.
The sandwiches that were prepared in large quantities, had disappeared one by one, and since Reus frequently yawned and stopped his hand, that looked slightly exhausting.
“Phuaa… so sleepy.” (Reus)
“…Kuu…” (Karen)
“Here, Karen. Get up properly and eat it.” (Fia)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
Last night, Reus fought adventurers and he had to move around a lot.
Because of that, he was quite agitated and didn’t have a good sleep. Furthermore, since the time to go to bed was later than usual, it was simple a sleep deprivation.
‘By the way… Why Karen is sleepy?’
That girl slept earlier than any of us, but she woke up last this morning. She easily slept for nearly half a day.
“If you are sleepy, how about going to sleep while we are on the move?” (Sirius)
“That is true. As for the vibration of the carriage, it’s still pretty comfortable to sleep.” (Fia)
Since the suspension absorbed vibration to a certain extent, as long as the trip wasn’t extremely rough, she should be able to sleep well. But still, I hadn’t think that it reach the level of comfortable.
It might be because I was affected by Reus, I was also yawning. Reese and Fia were bitterly smiling while they noticed me.
“I guess Sirius-san also is still sleepy, isn’t it? If it so, you can actually leave the breakfast to us.” (Reese)
“We are fine because we only slept a bit late, but Sirius slept pretty late, right?” (Fia)
After confirming the ending of Aseed and the rest, I couldn’t return to the inn at once because I had discussions with the leader-like man about the cleaning up. So, I informed them through [Call] that I would be late and didn’t mind sleeping first.
Then, I finished various works and returned to the inn. Let alone the day already changed, the outside began to be indistinctly lit up.
I took a nap for a while, but it was true that I didn’t have enough sleep.
“Yeah, but that was why I will sleep in the carriage. No, it seems no good to call it a sleep.” (Sirius)
“Yes! It’s a promise.” (Emilia)
When I said that I was ready, Emilia was replying while wagging the tail.
Last night… when I told everyone to sleep first, Emilia was the only one who said that as an attendant, she couldn’t sleep until the Master returned.
And the promise that I told if she went to sleep first was…
“When I got up, you immediately wiped and cleaned my body. Please tell me to do that at any time.” (Emilia)
“…Do you really like me having your lap pillow that much?” (Sirius)
“It’s my pleasure to have Sirius-sama, especially the lap pillow is rarely permitted for me.” (Emilia)
“Is that so? If it’s lap pillow, I remember having you do that for me for several times…” (Sirius)
“Since Emilia is the person who know the most about Sirius-san, I think that it isn’t a mistake.” (Reese)
“Well. In your case, instead of having your lap pillow, we want to you to have our lap pillow. That’s because I don’t remember giving mine to Sirius.” (Fia)
…If it was said in that way, I guessed they were right.
It wasn’t like I had a dislike about it. When I was young. the pleasantness of the lap pillow that Kaa-san gave me in that flower garden was memories of my life.
And in my case, if there was anything, Hokuto would immediately came to me and became a cushion and a pillow.
“Yes, let’s massage our thighs later. That way it will soften a little, right?” (Emilia)
“Let me tell you. You don’t have to do it that far.” (Sirius)
Since the sandwiches were finished by the time I stroked Emilia’s head so that she stopped acting rashly, I took the main dish which was a cake this time.
While everyone was pleased with the appearance of the cake, only Karen had a first look of staring the cake while tilting the head.
“…What is this? Bread?” (Karen)
“That is a cake. It is a sweet confections like the French Toast you ate yesterday. Sirius made it for Karen.” (Fia)
“…Is it sweeter than honey?” (Karen)
“It is not only sweet, it’s fluffy and delicious. Anyway, just try it even a little. I’m sure Karen-chan will like it.” (Reese)
Reese’s and Fia’s recommendations seemed to raise Karen’s interest and her sight was nailed to the cake.
Then, Emilia sliced the cake and handed it out to everyone. Karen, who saw how everyone delightedly enjoying the cake, put the cake into her mouth as if she had made the decision, and…
“…It’s delicious.” (Karen)
Her mouth changed to a smile while moving her wings.
“More importantly, her feelings match with the mouth.” (Fia)
“If it’s Sirius-sama’s cake, that is a matter of course, right?” (Emilia)
“Yeah, I’ve eaten it dozens of times but I never get bored of it.” (Reese)
While noticing certain reactions, Fia, who was sitting next to me, was listening while wiping off the cream on Karen’s mouth.
“How is it, Karen? Is the cake delicious?” (Fia)
“Yeah! But… I like honey more.” (Karen)
“““…””” (Sirius/Emilia/Reese)
It looked like she prefer the sweetness of honey rather than the sweetness of the cake.
I knew it couldn’t be helped since preferences varied from person to person, but there was no need to indulge it if she said it clearly. I guessed… natural goods were still better, huh.
“That’s terrible, Nee-chan! Aniki is depressed!” (Reus)
“Kuh… I don’t want to make Karen-chan as the reason, but I am Sirius-sama’s disciple. For the sake of my Master—…” (Emilia)
“Wait, wait. I’m not really depressed. By the way, Emilia. Whatever it is, I know what you want to do but you absolutely can’t do that, alright?” (Sirius)
“…Understood.” (Emilia)
It was probably some kind of brainwashing, but I wondered why she looked so sorry.
Well, it wasn’t like anybody talked bad, and there was no problem since Karen enjoyed eating the cake.
‘Should make sweets made with honey next time?’
Anyhow, in order to deepen the relationship with Karen, there was nothing could be done other than steadily working on it.

“Sirius-san, do you have time?” (Reese)
“Yeah, what is it?” (Sirius)
After that, while I was cleaning up the breakfast, Reese came and spoke to me. When I turned around, there was Karen stood hiding behind Reese.
She didn’t leave Fia’s side until yesterday, but it seemed that she had gotten used to the ladies.
“Actually, I heard this from Karen-chan. Come, be brave and say it.” (Reese)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
The scene of her getting along with Reese was very pleasing, but since she had something for me, I went down on one knee, looked at her eyes, and waited for Karen.
“You see… I would like you to teach me magic.” (Karen) (TLN: She calls herself by using own name. I think some children/people do that with their families and close friends.)
“Magic?” (Sirius)
“In Karen-chan’s hometown, it looks like they start practicing magic from five years old.” (Reese)
“Since winged people have lighter body, they don’t fight too much like a warrior and they are focusing on magic.” (Fia)
“But, it’s amazing for them to start doing it since five years old. At that time, I was still behaving like a spoiled child to my mother.” (Reese)
Karen’s explanation was very vague maybe because she was scared at me, but Reese and Fia, who had listened to her in advance added up the information in some places. Hence, I could understand the situation in general.
It was roughly summarized as follows.
The winged people seemed to begin practicing magic five years after they were born. Karen’s age had reached five years a month ago and she had been taught magic by the parents.
However, no matter how many times Karen tried it, let alone beginner level, her magic talent couldn’t be seen at all.
“Okaa-san laughed saying it was alright and said that I could do it someday, but she was a bit worried. That’s why… I want to surprise Okaa-san… by using magic like Onee-chans.” (Karen)
“So you want to me teach you magic, is it?” (Sirius)
This morning, it looked like she had seen Reese produced water to wash the face.
The winged people seemed to be suitable for magic as a whole. The feeling I had when listening to Karen’s talk, they seemed to be able to use beginner level magic after practicing for few days. Even a child could also do that.
That was the fact, but Karen was the only person who couldn’t use magic.
Furthermore, Karen’s wings were obviously different in shape compared with other winged people, so there was a high possibility that she would completely being left out by the winged people.
Even so… that might be because she had her mother, but it was truly wonderful looking at her wanting to learn magic in such a state without giving up.
For that reason, I didn’t mind teaching her magic, but since she still hadn’t trust me yet, I thought Reese and Fia should teach her.
I tried to tell that with my eyes, but Fia and Reese merely closed one of their eyes.
“It’s just that we have been thought magic by Sirius-san, so I think you should say something about it…” (Reese)
“Besides you are the leader of this party. Aren’t you the person who should teach and inform exactly?” (Fia)
“In terms of teaching, I think Sirius-sama is the best. If so, Karen-chan is surely will be someone like us.” (Emilia)
‘I see… that was it, huh.’
There would also be information, but Karen could get used to me if I taught her.
To tell the truth, they probably wanted to teach her themselves, but they were still giving away this valuable opportunity.
‘Let’s just accept their feelings.’
While I was considering, Karen was keep waiting anxiously. Then, I slowly held out my hand and put up a smile.
“It’s fine. If you don’t mind with me, I will teach you. But before that, I have something I want to check. May I touch your hand?” (Sirius)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
I was concern about Karen’s aptitude attribute, but it was difficult to know unless she was examined with a specialized magic tool.
I thought about checking the movement of mana first. Then, I touched Karen’s small hand and tried to use [Scan].
“By the way, does Karen understand about mana?” (Sirius)
“Uhmm… mana is something that hazy feeling in the body… right?” (Karen)
It was an ambiguous expression, but she understood about mana.
Subsequently, I instructed her to concentrate so that she could use magic, and when I [Scan]ned the movement of the mana…
“There is no mistake that mana seems to circulate in the body well, but…” (Sirius)
“If it so, why she can’t use magic?” (Emilia)
“This feeling… No, I should definitely check this out.” (Sirius)
There was only one possibility, but since there was no precedent, I couldn’t confirm it.
Since I was going to teach her magic while on the move, I planned to leave the town as soon as I left the inn, but… apparently there seemed to be another place that I should go.
Karen looked like almost crying since she felt the unsettled mood, but I smiled and told everyone that there was no problem.
“Before departure, we’re going to the adventurer guild first.” (Sirius)

“Well then, Sirius-sama. That is thanks to the rare materials yesterday. So, are we going to get any request today?” (Receptionist)
“No. Today, there are things I would like to ask instead of doing requests…” (Sirius)
We left the inn and came to the adventurer guild. Then, we asked the receptionist to use a magic tool to determine the magic aptitude attribute.
However, since that magic tool was rarely used other than during the registration to the guild, she wondered soon why I asked for it.
“We are not using it for ourselves, but for this girl. I am planning to teach her magic, so I want to determine the aptitude attribute early.” (Sirius)
“…Is that girl your child, Sirius-sama?” (Receptionist)
“Actually… I’m taking care of this girl for my brother’s sake, and now we are traveling together. Well, she is like our sister.” (Sirius)
“Sorry about that. But, the guild has to know about it…” (Receptionist)
Karen was suspecting my lies, but she was scared by the atmosphere of the guild where adventurers gathered. However, it seemed that the receptionist believed when looking at the appearance of how close Karen clinging behind Fia.
At first, I thought of telling her that she was my child, but it was a bit impossible for me to have a child with my young appearance.
“Well then, please wait a moment. We will prepare the tool.” (Receptionist)
“…What are we doing here?” (Reese)
“As you know, magic has different attributes such as fire and water. It is good if we can examine Karen’s attribute.” (Sirius)
“The aptitude attributes are different for people. If we know what is Karen-chan’s attribute, I think she can use magic sooner or later.” (Emilia)
“Really?” (Karen)
The explanation was given during the time when the magic tool was being prepared, and Karen’s eyes began to glitter.
It was nice to be pleased, but since the robe hiding the wings was moving like wiggling, it was something that I wanted her to be careful as much as possible.
The preparation ended as I smiled at Karen. Then, a magical tool with a transparent stone was placed in front of us.
“Well then, please put your hands on this stone.
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
Right now, rather than feeling scared, the feeling of curiosity was probably bigger. Karen extended her hands toward the stone without displaying the air of confusion.
The shape of the tool was slightly different from the one that we used during registration, but its mechanism that shone according to the attribute of the person who touched was still similar. If it was red color, then it was fire attribute and if it was blue, it would be water attribute.
I was concerned about Karen’s aptitude attribute, but if it was as I expected, it shouldn’t be seen by the surroundings. As I had an advanced meeting with the siblings, they were surrounding the tool so that the light of the stone couldn’t be seen.
And the stone began to shine…
“Aah… it shone!” (Reus)
“That is…” (Emilia)
“…As I expected.” (Sirius)
The color of the light was… colorless.
In other words, Karen’s aptitude attribute was… non-attribute like me.
“Look, look. It’s beautiful, Onee-chan.” (Karen)
“Yes. It is very beautiful.” (Fia)
“Yes. You’re… right.” (Karen)
“…It’s a pure color like Karen.” (Fia)
While everyone had a complex emotion on that reality, Karen was the only one who was fascinated by the glow of the magic tool.
The receptionist also was wondering what should she said, and she was completely harden.
It wasn’t like I didn’t expect this result.
However, I had never met any non-attribute other than me until now. It was probably because the possibility of such an attribute was extremely small and it was hard to understand, but from the color of the light, Karen seemed to be non-attribute.
It was very difficult for me to use beginner magic of four attributes even now, so Karen might also unable to use magic well.
Karen was wondering when I turned off the function of the magic tool as I wedged myself from the side, but since she didn’t understand the meaning of the color, she asked innocently.
“Say, Onee-chan, what kind of magic Karen is good at? Will it be the same like Okaa-san?” (Karen)
“Uhmm, Karen’s magic is…” (Fia)
“I’ll take over, Fia. I think I should tell her here.” (Sirius)
“…What do you mean?” (Karen)
“Listen to me, Karen. The magic that you are good at is…” (Sirius)

After that, we departed from the town and traveled by the carriage toward the dragon’s nest where the settlement of winged people was.
When we found Karen, the speed of the carriage was lowered so as not to scare her. But now, the speed was at the normal speed, so we would arrive at the dragon’s nest in two days maximum.
But… the mood inside the carriage was a bit heavy now.
Karen, who knew that she was non attribute, was sitting down behind the carriage with hanging head. I also noticed that her wings were somewhat hanging.
“As I expected, even winged people also don’t think well about non-attribute.” (Emilia)
“Karen-chan… she was expecting, right?” (Reese)
Even if the mechanism of the magic tool wasn’t known, the fact about the non-attribute was common to the whole world.
The shock seemed to be big as she was looking forward to surprise her mother since she would get taught about magic by us.
Originally, I planned to take a nap in the carriage, but I couldn’t afford to sleep and left Karen now. So, we kept watching her quietly.
After a while the carriage departed from the town, Reus moved it to the place where there was no sign of people around.
“…Okaa-san.” (Karen)
“Look here. Cheer up, Karen. Non-attribute is not a bad thing, you know?” (Reus)
Whether it was thanks to Reus who came closer while carefully taking distance, Karen didn’t show the sign to slip away even though Reus called her out. Or it might be because she was too depressed.
His words probably was the cue since Karen was looking at him while shedding large tears.
“But, Okaa-san said that… the child with no attribute can’t use magic well. Why… me…?” (Karen)
“Is that so? You know, I’m quite jealous to those with non-attribute.” (Reus)
“…Why?” (Karen)
“Well, my respected Aniki is also non-attribute.” (Reus)
“Eh!?” (Karen)
Karen was taken aback by Reus’ worry-not-smile, but when she realized the meaning of the words, she looked at me while spreading her wings.
I couldn’t explain in the guild because there were surrounding people, but it didn’t matter now since we were here.
“Yes, I am also without attribute like Karen. Hokuto.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Hokuto, who understood my intention even without being told, moved to the grassland that was a bit away from the main road and stopped the carriage.
Karen was wondering as she get off the carriage, but since she was urged by Fia, she followed us.
“What are we going to do here?” (Karen)
“As promised, I’m thinking of teaching magic to Karen. It’s probably good enough to this extent.” (Sirius)
“But, I have no attribute…” (Karen)
“It’s alright. I’m going to teach you non-attribute magic. If Karen and I are similar, you will be able to use it if you practice.” (Sirius)
“Everyone said… that there was no need to learn non-attribute magic, you know?” (Karen)
“That’s not it. Everything changes greatly depending on the usage and way of thinking. Well, it would be easy to understand if there is a comparison target.” (Sirius)
In terms of evidence, it would be faster to demonstrate it.
The siblings, who received the cue by my gaze, nodded. They concentrated mana on the palms and unleashed magic.
“I am using Wind Magic. [Wind].” (Emilia)
“I told you earlier. My attribute is fire. Look, Karen. [Flame].” (Reus)
“…Eh?” (Karen)
The magical wind unleashed by Emilia rocked the surrounding trees greatly. Subsequently, Reus’ fireball crushed the rock nearby.
Seeing the magic of the siblings, Karen looked interestedly, but she noticed a certain point and asked questions.
“Okaa-san said that before magic, uhmm… magic can’t be used unless there is an incantation, but Onee-chan and Onii-chan can do it without chanting?” (Karen)
“That’s right. We can do magic without incantation because we were taught by Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
“Of course, I can do that too. You may be half asleep, but I didn’t use incantation when producing water to wash my face, right?” (Reese)
“Aah, yes. Then…” (Karen)
“Yes, I also can do it without incantation. In my case, it’s a bit special…” (Fia)
Even if we don’t know magic, we can use it. Karen will surely able to do it.” (Reus)
I judged that she noticed how wonderful to cast magic without chanting, but now, it would be magic comparison.
Karen was excited when she was told that she could do it, but she became depressed again remembering about non-attribute, so I called her with a serious expression.
“Listen to me, Karen. Look carefully. The possibility of non-attribute magic… No, this is just one of the possibilities. [Impact].” (Sirius)
The objective was a rock that many times larger than the one Reus broke.
The impact bullet released from my hand easily crushed the rock and it created a large hole in the center. Honestly, I could destroy the entire rock, but I wanted to show the basic first.
Karen, who saw the result, received a considerable shock. She was completely harden with her wings spread.
Karen regained herself when I clapped my hands, but the expression that she displayed this time… the fear toward me disappeared for the first time.
“How’s that? I wonder if there is no need to learn magic even with that.” (Sirius)
“…I also can do it?” (Karen)
“Of course. Magic is possible if you think you can do it, and it is important to keep practicing many times without giving up.” (Sirius)
“…Yes!” (Karen)
I would like to teach her [Boost] or [Launcher] in regards of non-attribute, but it would be hard on the second day to the dragon’s nest.
I didn’t mind staying at the settlement of winged people for few days to teach Karen, but there was a possibility that we would be separated as soon as we sent her since they dislikes outsiders.
I considered about teaching [Magnum] because she was from a rare tribe, but as I expected, I was a bit hesitant to teach young girl the existence of guns.
More than anything… the magic that used the image of guns were uncommon and too powerful in this world.
Besides, if it was for self-defence, [Impact] alone was good enough. So, Karen should learn magic that surpassed her opponents first rather than to kill people.
Once her mind and body grew, and if we met again by the time she could judge what was right and wrong properly… I would consider it again.
While Karen flapping her wings as if asking to teach her soon, I was thinking about my future training plan.

※This extra is only about the everyday life of Sirius and the group in a heartwarming manner, so there is no high or turning points in particular. Please acknowledge beforehand. (Author)
Though things happening one after another and with the impetus of learning magic, Karen began to open her heart to me and Reus.
Several hours after showing magic to Karen… we stopped the carriage for a break.
I gave a training to forge Karen’s magic first, but since it would be troublesome if she collapsed because mana exhaustion especially if she pushed herself too much, I told her not to train during the break.
Then, Reus, who took a nap when we were on move, went slightly away from the carriage to practice swinging. It was his daily routine, but… surprisingly, Karen personally approached Reus.
“Eh, you mean how many times I swung? It was six times just now, but…” (Reus)
“But… I could only see two swings.” (Karen)
“No, I did six times. Well, shall I do one more time.” (Reus)
“Yes.” (Karen)
“Haah!” (Reus)
Karen looked at Reus with curiosity, and it seemed she was interested to see the [Shattering Strikes] of ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Style’ that had multiple sword swings in a breath.
From ordinary people view, they couldn’t see the technique well and how many swings the sword had been swung.
In that way, Reus wielded his sword again, but Karen tilted her head.
“…Was it two times?” (Karen)
“No, it’s six times.” (Reus)
“But… I can’t see it.” (Karen)
“Yeah, well, you’ll get it if I cut that log.” (Reus)
And when he threw the log that fell nearby and swung the sword, the log fell apart and dropped to the ground.
“Alright, with this, you can understand–…” (Reus)
“…That log is somehow become small, right?” (Karen)
“It seems that the sliced parts become obscure.” (Reus)
“Well… Can I understand if I look at it?” (Karen)
“Ooh, that’s good thinking! Uhm… Here is… how about that?” (Reus)
“It’s perfect when it is this small. This is…?” (Karen)
“Karen is smart! Then, here is…” (Reus)
“Is this it?” (Karen)
Five minutes later…
“Alright, you have returned to the original state!” (Reus)
“Yes. It was difficult but interesting.” (Karen)
“Yes, it is. Eh…? Why did I slash the log?” (Reus)
“…Why is that?” (Karen)
“…They are the same bunch, you know.” (Sirius)
“Huhuhu… yeah, you’re right.” (Emilia)
They were going back and forth like in a skit of comedy, but I saw nothing but a good combination of these two people.
I was watching such a fascinating sight while having Emilia’s lap pillow.
“Well, how long do I have to do this? I already have enough nap–..” (Sirius)
“Just a bit more!” (Emilia)

Small Joke Material – Act 1 – Killing
※This situation was when he showed non-attribute magic to Karen.
“For Karen to spread her wings and solidified, I guess that was a shocking sight, huh.” (Reus)
“It’s just [Impact].” (Sirius)
“Say… Aniki. What do you mean by that?” (Reus)
“It’s nothing… just your imagination. Forget about it.” (Sirius)
“But, I’m concern about it. Tell me, Aniki!” (Reus)
“What is it?” (Karen)
“Stop it! Don’t look at me with such innocent eyes!” (Sirius)

Small Joke Material – Act 2 – Respective Reaction
※At the adventurer guild, the words uttered by the receptionist when seeing Karen were…
“…Is that girl your child, Sirius-sama?” (Receptionist)
“!?” (Emilia) ← Ears and tail stood up with a poof sound
“!?” (Reese) ← Fiddling the hair with fingertips while fidgeting
“Yeah, I’m fine having girls.” ← Having big smile
“I am also in some way like a child who yearn for Aniki.” (Reus) ← Irrelevant
“Woof!” (Hokuto) ← Though irrelevant, he was wagging the tail for the time being.
“That girl is… well, she is like our sister.” (Sirius)
“…” ← Ears and tail were hanging down
“…” ← Still immersed in the delusion from a while ago
“But, boys are also nice to have.” ← Having big smile nonetheless
“I will not give up the position of a younger brother that yearns for Aniki, you know!” (Reus) ← Sticking to his opinion
“…Woof.” Though irrelevant, he was scratching with a hind leg.
“… This is not a setting for you both, you know?” (Sirius)
“Eh?” (Reus)
“Woof?” (Hokuto)

Small Joke Material – Act 3 – Staying out all night and coming home in the morning
※This was the time after Sirius had dealt with Aseed, and returned to the inn later than expected.
“I’m back.” (Sirius)
“Welcome back, Sirius-sama. Hmm…” (Emilia)
“…I think it was bad to stay out all night and came back in the morning, but why are suddenly sniffing?” (Sirius)
“As an attendant, it is necessary to figure out what kind of person you have met! The smell of other women… is not there…” (Emilia)
“I feel like I am a husband who is being questioned because of affair. Come on, if you have confirmed it, how about you stop sniffing me at anytime now?” (Sirius)
“No, I have to check up some more. Since I want to do that, please take off your coat next.” (Emilia)
“…Has your purpose changed?” (Sirius)


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Read A Man Like None Other by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here.Jared Chance seethes wit

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

I Love Mermaid

He’s the Wolf King on the battlefield, one that mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medic

The Legendary Master’s Wife

Yin Ya

After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Lastest Chapters