Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 139

Chapter 139 The Dragonkin and The Winged People
[Ahem… Greeting adventurers. My name is Asrad. I’m a Dragon and the chief of this village.] (Asrad)
A few minutes after Karen desperately trying to save us… the conversation was finally resumed.
Asrad started to speak with a serious look to regain the majestic air in the beginning, but…
“As-Jii! Don’t bully everyone!” (Karen)
[Aah, alright, alright. I’m not angry with these people, so calm down.”] (Asrad)
[But, Asrad-sama. I have to say something if they are harmful to us–…] (Mejia)
[Hey! Silent, Mejia.] (Zenodora)
“I told you, it’s not good!” (Karen)
Since such a truly friendly banters happened until a while ago, there was almost no tension.
By the way, Karen, who was causing the commotion, was currently licking the candy mixed with honey besides Fia while remained still.
Whether the surrounding dragons understood that the discussion wouldn’t progressed forward, they didn’t say anything, but… unlike Zenodora and Asrad, their eyes looking at Karen weren’t gentle.
Although the difference in interest became a matter of concern, since the other side had mentioned his name, it would be rude if we didn’t do the same.
Then, we gave our name and at the end of each other’s introduction, Asrad suddenly bowed his head.
[First of all, let me thank you for bringing back Karen. She is our comrade.] (Asrad)
[Asrad-sama! I understand your reason, but there is no need to lower your head!] (Mejia)
It seemed that Mejia raised his voice because he wasn’t conformable with outsiders, but it made me think that he was a dragon with strict discipline.
As far as we concerned, they were strict bunch, but since I could understand that it was necessary to give a stern opinion among group members, I decided to observe without interjecting them.
[However, it is true that they saved our comrade, Karen. And that also relieved her mother who was worried about her.] (Zenodora)
[That’s true, but…] (Mejia)
[The last thing to do is to make the decision. Let me repeat the question interrupted earlier. Be honest, adventurers. Why are you coming here, visiting my village?] (Asrad)
Changing from the gentle attitude toward Karen, Asrad gave a sharp gaze toward us.
It was as if he could see through our hearts. This was a situation where we could turn all dragons in the village to be enemies if we lied.
In short, he was probably threatening us to confess if we were planning something, but since we didn’t have anything to be ashamed or nothing to hide, I would reply confidently.
“I think that you have already heard from Zenodora-sama. We came here to send Karen to her mother since we coincidentally rescued her in the middle of our journey.” (Sirius)
[Is that it?] (Asrad)
“If I have to add one more reason, that is because I’m interested. I was wondering where the winged people live and what kind of living they have.” (Sirius)
[…Did you come for such reasons? You probably will die if you are attacked by us and monsters, you know?] (Asrad)
“That’s because I’m trained to the point not to be killed by monsters and dragons. That is the plan after sending Karen home, and with this, we have almost achieved our plan.” (Sirius)
When I answered clearly, Asrad looked amazed. Then, he looked at my disciples.
[Are others also the same?] (Asrad)
“I’m doing this for Karen-chan, but I am following Sirius-sama because I’m his attendant.” (Emilia)
“I’m not his attendant, but I have the same thought.” (Reese)
“I’m just following Aniki!” (Reus)
“We are a family gathered around Sirius. So, that question serves no purpose.” (Fia)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
There was also a feeling of pressure due to the big stature of the dragons. Ordinary people would probably cringe with fear just by their glares, but far from looking away, they were answering back without fear.
Well, we weren’t lying anyway.
[Hmm… they don’t seem to be lying.] (Asrad)
[I don’t doubt you, but do you believe them?] (Mejia)
[At least, they are not our enemies. We just have to keep watching them.] (Asrad)
[Asrad-sama. I’m sorry to interrupt your talk, but I have an important information. I’ve just confirmed this earlier, but it seems that Frenda’s illness has been healed by these people.] (Zenodora)
[What did you say!? Mejia, did you see that too?] (Asrad)
[Ye-yes! I’m not sure if she is completely healed or not, but Frenda wasn’t in pain when I saw her.] (Mejia)
“That’s because Onii-san took the bad thing away, and Okaa-san is fine now!” (Karen)
[As you can see, Karen has also confirmed that situation. I propose that we should welcome them as a reward from saving our comrades.] (Zenodora)
Zenodora made the suggestion while taking a step forward, but the eyes of the dragons, who were holding back in the surroundings, were severe.
Basically, the cause of this was due to the outsiders like us came here and they probably couldn’t agree like Zenodora.
In the meantime, Asrad glanced at us, and then, he finally looked straight at Zenodora.
[Zenodora. It’s true that they saved our comrades, but didn’t you just meet them? You were the one who brought them to the village, but aren’t you over valuing them?] (Asrad)
[That’s right. Why can’t you argue that they are not going to harm us?] (Mejia?)
[I have the basis to confirm that they are not enemies. If they are aiming for winged people, there is no need to bring Karen home.] (Zenodora)
[Is that the reason for bringing them to the village?] (Asrad)
[If that’s the case, it would be enough if they threaten Karen, and so far, they didn’t do so. More importantly, while knowing that they were under our watch, they also had no reason to treat Frenda.] (Zenodora)
[It is still too early to confirm if Frenda is really healed. They may want to gain our trust in doing so and there is also a possibility that they are aiming for openings.] (Mejia)
[What? Let alone the foolishness of our people, do you think that we are frail existences that can be easily done? Besides, Asrad-sama judged that they weren’t lying, so it would be a good idea to have deliberate judgment from now on.] (Zenodora)
The other dragons kept on pressing, but Zenodora’s persuasion continued.
Even so… although I was glad that Zenodora defended us, I wondered why he valued us that much?
[They are humans and yet, they aren’t scared even when they are surrounded by us. And even the one called the Hundred Wolves permit them. So, they are obviously different from the foolish outsiders that we have seen so far.] (Zenodora)
[Hmm, you are right.] (Asrad)
[Above all… isn’t this interesting? Like what the man said earlier, he may show us something new. The chief should be able to understand it.] (Zenodora)
[…I see.] (Asrad)
[Anyhow, we should listen to their wish. In any case, they can’t get out of this village without our cooperation.] (Zenodora)
As Zenodora turned around as much as to say that this was the point of compromise, I took a step forward and slightly lowered my head.
For some reason, Zenodora seemed to be on our side, but since I didn’t feel any suspicious signs from his words and attitudes, I guessed it was fine to believe him for now.
We listened to various complicated circumstances, and now, we should tell them our request.
[What Zenodora said was reasonable. Let me ask you, what would you ask of us? If you want money, I can give you some jewels I dug from this cave.] (Asrad)
“In that case, I would like to stay for a few days in the village.” (Sirius)
[Permission to stay, is it? Tell me your reason.] (Asrad)
“I still want to confirm Frenda-san’s progress, but I also would like to see the lives of people living here. I’m not only looking for rare things and scenery. I am traveling to see the way people live.” (Sirius)
Since this was a journey to spread the view, I would like to experience the life here and to understand the relationship between the winged people and the dragons by all means.
Mejia and other dragons who seemed to be suspicious turned their eyes toward us because of those words.
[Why do you want to know? If it’s about our lives, it will be enough for a day, right?] (Mejia)
[Besides, you said that Frenda’s treatment has been completed. Is there still any need to see the progress?] (Asrad)
“I can’t overlook injuries and illnesses. Unlike the tenacious you, the winged people are almost similar to human, so we shouldn’t neglect until she completely recovered. Moreover, I am worried to leave Frenda to those who couldn’t notice that the cause was a foreign matter in her body.” (Sirius)
[What did you say!?] (Mejia)
Indeed, I was an outsider. I understood that part, but… Frenda was a patient who Reese and I treated. Besides, she was an important mother of Karen who was like our sister. At least, I wanted to observe until she could walk.
It might sound arrogant especially when I wasn’t a doctor, but there were things that I couldn’t let people looked down on me.
Although the dragons were frustrated with those provocative words, I would reply without fear.
“Incidentally, I believe that I can truly understand something that I experience. To feel it, to look at it by my own eyes and not from the information heard from the books and hearsay. We may be a small existence to you, Dragons, but I don’t think that you surpass us at everything.” (Sirius)
[Hmm… do you go around with that kind of mouth?] (Random Dragon)
[If you didn’t save our comrade, I would already bite you with my fangs…] (Random Dragon B)
“The fang is me! You don’t know if I’m going to bite you!” (Reus)
“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)
“You can’t fight!” (Karen)
Fight… we shouldn’t go that far. Somewhat, this situation became bad. Not only Reus and Hokuto, Karen also stood in front to defend us.
When I smiled since Karen wasn’t scared at all in such a situation, Asrad, who was watching the circumstances, suddenly laughed out loud.
[Hahaha! Back down, you all. Just admit that it’s our lose.] (Asrad)
[…If the chief say so.] (Random Dragon)
[Kuh! To be told to back down even when we are the Dragonkin…] (Random Dragon)
It seemed that they didn’t really hate us from the very beginning. It was just that they were frustrated because he had to relent for now. Indeed, the Dragonkin were a kind that hated losing.
[What? These people are going to stay in the village for a while. If you think that you have lost, you can challenge them for a match later. And since his big mouth didn’t seem like a lie, shall we thorough observe them? You also may look at us.] (Asrad)
“Asrad -sama. That mean…” (Sirius)
[Aah. We welcome you all and I permit you to stay in the village.] (Asrad)
“Thank you very much. However, since it’s a bother to watch us all the time, please do it in moderation.” (Sirius)
“…We’re going to be fine, right?” (Emilia)
“Yes, we will stay with Karen.” (Fia)
“As-jii! ” (Karen)
Since it was guaranteed by Fia, Karen, who was pleased, leaped onto Asrad’s tail which lied before him. Then, the tail was lifted and Karen was put on his palm.
Although it was a considerable height based on the size of the dragon, it seemed that Karen was used to it when looking how glad she was. Their relationship seemed good.
[Although I have made the decision, there are many of us who are cautious toward outsiders. Pay attention not to cause problems.] (Asrad)
“Understood.” (Sirius)
[In that case, I would like to guide these people.] (Zenodora)
[Hmm, I leave the guests to Zenodora. With this, we will dismiss for today. People, watch your manners and don’t embarrassed the name of the Dragonkin.] (Asrad)
[[[Yes!]]] (Dragons)
All dragons turned around according to Asrad’s order. Then, then moved to the entrance of the cave.
However, while on their way there, only Mejia turned around to look at us… No, I wondered why he was looking only at me.
He seemed to have same feeling as me, but in the end, he tilted his neck without saying anything and left the cave.
As we, Asrad and Zenodora were the only ones remained in the cave, we were talking about the future plan.
[Well, it’s about the place where you can stay…] (Zenodora)
“It’s my house!” (Karen)
[Hmm… It’s reasonable, but it will be too crowded for five people to stay in that house.] (Asrad)
“We have camping tools. We’re fine to sleep outside even if there is no beds.” (Sirius)
“Everyone doesn’t need to enter the house, and it’s alright if rotate every day.” (Reese)
“I’ll be glad if it gets narrower. That way, I can legitimately sleep by Sirius-sama’s side, and… uhmpph!” (Emilia)
It might be because the situation got better, Emilia’s mouth began to let loose, but I was somehow able to cover her mouth. Recently, I was concerned about Karen, and may be that was why she was a bit spoiled.
I was able to feel relax since we were able to send Karen home safely. Tonight, it was highly likely that she would get into my bed and sweet-biting my neck and shoulders.
“Excuse me, is there a building where there is no villagers nearby?” (Fia)
[Oh yeah… there is a hut that we use as a storehouse at the edge of the village. No one will come close at night, so you may use it freely if you don’t leave it untidy.] (Zenodora)
“Alright, we need to check that later. If it’s the sound, my wind can handle it. So cleaning it should be…” (Fia)
“What are you planning about here!?” (Emilia)
Normally, Fia would join making jokes together, but she were often stop doing it if there were other people around them. Recently, It might be because she was extremely furious when looking at Karen.
What we were missing right now maybe the role of a joker.

After that, we got on the back of Zenodora again and returned to Karen’s house.
The three dragons who were sitting and relaxing outside the house, ascertained the appearance of Hokuto. I unintentionally leaked a bitter smile looking at the sight where they welcome us side by sight with the upright posture.
[[[Welcome back.]]] (Eye/Rai/Kuva)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Well… there was no problem since I didn’t really dislike them.
I entrusted the outside to Hokuto and when we entered the home with Zenodora, who had changed to the human form, Debra greeted us with a smile along with a good smell of cooking.
“Welcome back. I’m glad that you return safely.” (Debra)
“Thank you for your concern. We got the permission to stay here from the chief.” (Sirius)
“They can stay together with me!” (Karen)
I informed her the result after calming the excited Karen. When I said that I wanted to see the progress of Frenda for a while, Debra was sighing while looking astonished.
“Hah… adventurers are really unusual people.” (Debra)
“Don’t you agree? It is completely like the return of that man.” (Zenodora)
I was concerned about Debra and Zenodora who looked at each other with bitter smiles. However, Reese and Reus’ stomach made a loud sound at the same time. It seemed there was a limit of holding back with the dried meat eaten on the way here.
“Hahaha, let’s have a dinner first. I don’t know if it suits your taste, but please don’t hesitate to eat because I cooked a lot. Zenodora-sama, how about you?” (Debra)
“Well, if that’s the case, shall I have it too? I still want to talk with everyone.” (Zenodora)
“Me too. More importantly, the three waiting outside are–…” (Sirius)
“It’s fine to leave those fools for a while. When I return, they will be dismissed.” (Zenodora)
It seemed that contained the meaning of reflecting, but well… why was that.
‘Just bear with it a bit more, you three dragons.’
‘By the way, let’s sneak some food for them.’
By the time I confirmed whether there was no abnormality in Frenda, the preparation was over. It was a bit crowded, but everyone sat at the table and it became a late dinner.
This was probably their style as there were many dishes using vegetables more than meat. In particular, potatoes occupied most of the dishes.
“Do you mean this? This is the fruit that can be harvested here, and we’re eating it a lot. The taste is reasonable, but its size is big.” (Debra)
It seemed that the winged people were involved in agriculture, and that was why there was bread, but in this village, potato was their staple food.
It was about the size that one could grasp with the palm. The shape was round and the surface was bumpy. This food ingredient looked close to the potato seen in the previous life based on how it was used for stew, sizeable cut and bake.
It had a bit unique texture, but by simmering it in stew, it became a just right flavor.
“The taste permeate in and it is very tasty.” (Sirius)
“Delicious! I want more!” (Reus)
“Another please.” (Reese)
“I also like the taste quite a bit, but I can’t eat too much maybe because I’m still full.” (Emilia)
The disciples seemed to like it, so I should procure some before leaving the village.
Since we didn’t bring a lot of spices when we came to such a mountain, this was tasty on the whole, and I liked it quite well. Speaking of the taste of home… it was a taste that calmed people down when eating.
While the glutton siblings had seconds one after another, Karen, who finished eating the first stew, also presented the plate to Debra.
“More!” (Karen)
“Oh my, it’s rare for Karen to ask for more. You’re always already full at this point.” (Debra)
“I want to be like Onee-chans. I will eat a lot and grow fast.” (Karen)
“Hehe, aren’t you happy when you saying that?” (Debra)
“I don’t think she can eat too much, so it’s fine to fill half of the plate.” (Sirius)
“It’s important to eat a meal happily. It’s a waste if you get hungry later.” (Debra)
“Yeah! Obaa-chan, just half of it!” (Karen)
“…Alright. I will put in your favorite ingredient.” (Debra)
Karen ate more than usual maybe because these were the dishes made by her family.
Whether it was really unusual according to what Debra said earlier, she received the plate with a smile while looking surprised. Besides that, there was something that I felt concerned, but since it wasn’t serious, I left it alone and it was probably going to be fine.
By the way, I didn’t mention about the fact that I never saw Reese suffering from empty stomach.

The dinner ended after a while, and the dishes that were put on the table were all finished.
When the dinner had ended, Karen and Reese left us and headed toward Frenda, while we had an after meal rest with a tea Emilia brewed.
“I heard from Emilia that they eat a lot, but I didn’t expect that it would be this much. The house stockpiles has become empty.” (Debra)
“Sorry. I will secure the ingredients tomorrow. Right, Reus?” (Sirius)
“Ouh! Leave the hunting to me!” (Reus)
“Hahaha, you don’t have to worry so much. Anyhow, since Karen wasn’t here, my daughter and I didn’t have much appetite. So, it’s fine.” (Debra)
Debra said so as she laugh. It seemed she was rather having the stocked ingredients eaten than getting spoiled.
She was shouting at us at the beginning because she was mentally tired, but this was the real Debra. She was a gentle person and had a touch of a mother.
“Besides, no matter how much you hunt to replace the ingredients, my daughter and grandchild could never be replaced. I have no regret if it’s about the stockpile.” (Debra)
“But, we’re going to bother you for a while, so we will help you with many things.” (Sirius)
“You’re sincere, is it? Well then, please don’t overdo it. This house is a bit small, but please think it as your home.” (Debra)
During the meal, we had received the permission to stay in this house. Karen also was asking for that.
As I asked variously about the life of the village from Zenodora and Debra, Reese alone came back from the next room.
“How’s Karen?” (Sirius)
“She soon fell asleep while watching Frenda’s face, so I put her on the next bed.” (Reese)
“There were many things going on today, so it was normal to get hungry.” (Fia)
“Excuse me for leaving Karen to you.” (Debra)
“Don’t worry about it because I like doing it. Besides, her sleeping face is cute…” (Reese)
In Elysion, Reese was often spoiled by her sister, but before meeting Princess Liefell, she looked after younger children in her birthplace. So, she could handle children very well.
After that, when Reese sat on a chair with satisfying smile and served black tea by Emilia, a knocking door sound sounded from the entrance.
It looked like it wasn’t an enemy at this time since Hokuto and the three dragons outside didn’t make a noise. When I confirmed the presence, an expected person came here.
“I’m going to come in.” (??)
The door was opened before Debra answered, and the one who showed up in front of us was… the Dragonkin, Asrad in his human form.
The people who visited homes here were someone they already knew, so if they gave at least hint, there was no problem if they went into the home without permission.
“Asrad-sama!?” (Debra)
“What? I just came to see how is our guests and Frenda who has been treated. Since I came here as a personal matter, you don’t have to be formal and do like always.
“Understood. Well then, I’ll prepare a drink for you–…” (Debra)
“Please leave it to me.” (Emilia)
The appearance was an old man that people wouldn’t feel strange if he used walking stick, but from the air that surround his presence and nature, there was no doubt that he was Asrad.
However, it didn’t feel like he was old from the way he walked and sit on a nearby chair. In the meantime, Emilia was preparing a cup of tea for him.
“Hahaha, it’s an honor to be server tea by a beautiful girl like you. Ooh… this is good. This is the first time I taste a delicious tea!” (Asrad)
“It really suits your liking, after all.” (Emilia)
“You’re not only good at making delicious tea, but also have good talent, isn’t it? Emilia, will you make tea just for me in the future?” (Asrad)
“I have swore my life to Sirius-sama, so I have to refuse your offer.” (Emilia)
“It seems you are firmed. However, even though I look like this, I am still good as a man. I am confident to make a woman happy…” (Asrad)
“I am already happy, so I have to refuse.” (Emilia)
‘Somehow… Emilia was suddenly got hit on.’
When we met him when he was in the dragon form, the image was someone who was serious for the sake of the village, but…
“That’s right. This is the true Asrad-sama… No, he is my grandfather.” (Debra)
He didn’t only like children, but also unparalleled women.
At the same time, he turned out to be the relative of Zenodora. Truthfully, there were resemblance parts like the air and the expression.
“Is it no good? You may think this as a favor to old man who doesn’t have long to live, and even a little bit is…” (Asrad)
“No good.” (Emilia)
“…As you can see, I like children, but I also like women. Perhaps, even if other women ask me out, you can tell me if I am too persistent. In that situation, you can hit me. The Dragonkin is sturdy after all.” (Asrad)
“I will remember.” (Emilia)
Even when Emilia clearly rejected him, he was an old man who didn’t learn a lesson and continued to entice.
Fia would be fine, but I had to pay special attention to Reese who was weak against request that had no ill intention.
‘Let’s be careful.’
“Jii-san, have you forgotten your purpose?” (Debra)
“Aah, yes. Debra, let’s go inside for a bit.” (Asrad)
Apparently, Asrad visited here many times as he went into the room where Frenda and Karen were sleeping without hesitation. He soon came out and let out a breath of relief.
“Hmm, I certainly can feel vitality from Frenda. She would probably fine if she is already in that condition.” (Asrad)
“Yes. As expected, it’s hard especially when you are the chief.” (Debra)
“I would love to say ‘of course’ but for me, Frenda and Karen are somewhat special. I am somehow unqualified to be the chief of the village.” (Asrad)
“That remind me, Karen looked pretty close to her Ojii-chan, right? But, the tribe is different, so…” (Emilia)
“No, Karen-chan and I are not blood related. Oh yes… I wanted to know about you guys a lot, so you may tell me a bit about yourselves. Is Debra alright with that?” (Asrad)
“Yes. I’m fine if it is them.” (Debra)
As he got the permission, Asrad began to speak with distant looking eyes.

“I had two… No, before Karen was born, it was only a few years I began to care about Frenda. On that day, in order to protect the village’s peace, I was watching the surroundings from the sky.” (Asrad)
“That’s not right, Jii-san. You were bored, so at that time, you were quietly trying to go for a walk in the sky without permission.” (Zenodora)
Asrad wielded his tail at those unnecessary saying, but Zenodora defended against the blow with his tail. Actually, that was normal occurrence.
“Ahem… Anyhow, when I was flying in the sky, I saw someone was fighting on the ground.” (Asrad)
And when Asrad looked down on the ground, it looked like Frenda was chased by several adventurers.
“They were adventurers who were sneaking in to kidnap the rare winged people. They found Frenda who was procuring ingredients in the forest by chance.” (Asrad)
Frenda tried to escape by leaping into the sky, but she was pulled down to the ground by wind magic. She was also shot down by an arrow put on with paralytic poison in order to prevent her from escaping.
But then, at that time… a man among the adventurers jumped out. He accepted the arrow shot with his body and furthermore, he began to embrace Frenda.
“The man didn’t withdraw a step against those with weapons, and he desperately trying to protect Frenda. That was when I descended on the ground.” (Asrad)
Asrad intervened the situation and quickly eliminated the adventurers on the spot. Then, he looked down at the man who was had been paralyzed.
No matter what kind of behavior, there was no doubt that the fools were his comrades based on how they were acting together. But when Asrad was thinking about dealing with…
“That guy was smiling. When I asked why, he said that he was glad that Frenda was safe. He seemed sincere.” (Asrad)
When he heard the details, it seemed the man came here purely because of the interest that he wanted to see winged people. The others were adventurers who hired him as their escort and guide.
By chance, they found a winged person before being found by the dragon, and those who hired the man couldn’t hold back their greed.
“That man’s name is Beat. He was a human man…. and Karen’s father.” (Asrad)
In short, Beat was a man who was traveling with same purpose of expanding the view just like us.
Asrad and Zenodora weren’t only surprised because of our words. They were like that because it felt nostalgic.
“When I inquired further, he seemed to fall in love at first sight. However, he was somewhat poisoned, so I decided to take Beat home. Everyone in the village was distrustful of beat, but Frenda who was rescued, didn’t share similar feeling. When I realized, they had tied a knot.” (Asrad)
“Some of my comrades didn’t think well about the outsiders, but it was a fact that the living had became easier with the knowledge Beat brought from outside.
“So, Karen was a child born between a human and a winged person.” (Emilia)
“Eh? But, Karen-chan’s father is…” (Reese)
“Hmmm. When Frenda was pregnant, Beat’s state of health became worse, and he died a while before Karen was born.” (Asrad)
I understood now why Debra looked complicated when she heard that we were adventurers.
The reason was probably because we were the same kind of people who put the daughter and grandchild in danger a while ago.
“Since I brought that man here, I couldn’t leave this matter alone. Karen was born after that, and when I noticed, she started to call me like that.” (Asrad)
“In spite of being harsh on his own grandchildren, he is a sweet old man toward Karen.” (Zenodora)
“You’re noisy! I’ve decided that girls are cuter than boys. Besides, we have to train hard as a Dragonkin, so it was natural for me to get strict.” (Asrad)
The two of them wagged their tails met each other again. Hence, I was convinced in many ways when I heard the story.
In fact, there were several handwritten books in the room where we allowed to stay. Perhaps, it was written by Karen’s father, Beat.
The books contained his experiences on the unusual events and places. Karen probably read those books, and that was she grew up with a strong curiosity. Well, that was my presumption to the end.
Some questions were answered with this, but Reese alone was muttering while looking a bit sad.
“Could it be that Karen’s father was a human, and her wings became like that?” (Reese)
“It’s not related. I heard my grandfather’s grandfather was a winged person.” (Asrad)
“It doesn’t matter. It can’t be helped even if we are concerned about it. Karen is still Karen no matter how her wings are.” (Fia)
“Is that so? I see. Karen-chan is like our little sister.” (Reese)
If the cause wasn’t because of the racial differences, was it like a mutation?
In the case of Karen, in addition to her being colorless, she seemed to be a miraculous existence in a sense.
But, as Fia said, we couldn’t do anything about it. It was a matter of accepting Karen as who she was and treated her like always.
Rather than being a fool who decided based on the appearance, I wanted to use her as an evidence of someone having a firm mind.
Karen told me many things when she stayed with us. So, I decided to ask this question that I had in mind since the time I heard about this place.
“I have one question. I was wondering why the Dragonkin live together with the winged people?” (Sirius)
It is obvious in terms of individual capabilities and physiques, but other than able to fly in the sky, I can’t see anything else in common.
In addition, I heard from Debrah that there is no hierarchical relationship like master and slave. It seemed that they co-existed very well.
“Hmm, the Dragonkin is certainly excel in abilities, but there are many things which fatally inferior to others. Do you understand why?” (Asrad)
“The number… is it?” (Fia)
“That’s right. The Dragonkin have a very low fertility rate. It may be because we have a long life span. Thus, it is very rare for us to have children.” (Asrad)
“It is a similar situation as the Elves. However, it seems that the number of Dragonkin is lower than the Elves. I guess their birth rate is lower than us.” (Fia)
“You got it right. When the Dragonkin still hadn’t live in the village, our ancestors tried it with other races around various continents, and none of them having children with us. However, the only tribe that can bear our children is the winged people.” (Asrad)
Although it wasn’t absolute, there was a probability of new Dragonkin in one out of ten people.
Since the number of brethren was small since the beginning, they decided to coexist and helped each other.
“…” (Sirius)
“…Sirius-sama, what are you going to do about it?” (Emilia)
“Uh…I’m fine. Can I ask one more question?” (Sirius)
Every time I heard about the Dragonkin, I remembered Goraon… the Dragonkin who I met in the labyrinth of the Elysion school.
Although he was an enemy, I had killed a few other of Dragonkin too.
I had no regret having done it, but as the person who did it, it might be an obligation to inform it.
“Have you heard this name… Goraon?” (Sirius)
““!?”” (Asrad/Zenodora)
When I gave out the name, the two Dragonkin gave the biggest reaction since I visited this village.
Asrad, in particular, was staring me with a serious expression, but Zenodora, who became calm a bit, asked me.
“Sirius, where have you heard the name?” (Zenodora)
“A few years ago, a Dragonkin named Goraon appeared in front of us. And then…” (Sirius)
He was a murderer who was wanted by the guild and since he was aiming for the disciples’ lives for the sake of pleasure, I told him that I had to bring him down.
Since they didn’t display the feeling of getting revenge, it could be said that I had told nothing wrong.
“…That’s how it is. I had to save my disciple, so I had to lay my hands on your brethren.” (Sirius)
“No, Goraon did something that must be avoided, so he was fated to die. I would like to thank you for stopping those who defiled the price of the Dragonkin. I was the one… who supposed to bring him down.” (Asrad)
“However, there is a bit problem in that. Goraon is… the older brother of Mejia, who was together with me a while ago.” (Zenodora)
He was a brother of someone who wasn’t likeable, huh?
Somehow, the carefree sightseeing… I couldn’t have it.

Extra/Bonus – Intuition Act 2
This is from the main story.
“You’re not only good at making delicious tea, but also have good talent, isn’t it? Emilia, will you make tea just for me in the future?” (Asrad)
“I have swore my life to Sirius-sama, so I have to refuse your offer.” (Emilia)
“It seems you are firmed. However, even though I look like this, I am still good as a man. I am confident to make a woman happy…” (Asrad)
“I am already happy, so I have to refuse.” (Emilia)

“Ughh!?” (Lior)
“What’s wrong… uhm, it seems something like this has happened before, isn’t it?” (Beowulf)
“…I sense that there is a bug trying to stuck to my Emilia!” (Lior)
“‘Your Emilia’… since when Emilia-san is belonged to Lior-san…” (Beowulf)
“Let’s move, boy! That way!” (Lior)
“Wa-wait a sec!? That is the sea! There are many monsters in the danger zone…” (Beowulf)
“Oraaa–!” (Lior)
※Since they were going to survive anyway, there was no outcome.

Extra/Bonus – Doctor S
“Operation starts! Knife!” (sirius)
“Yes!” (Emilia)
With the knife handed by hand from Emilia, Frenda’s surgery began.
“Ooo, ooh!? What a beautiful cut!?” (Reus)
“The treatment is too fast, isn’t it!? My eyes can’t catch up!” (Fia)
I opened a wound from Frenda’s side. Then, I used [String]s to take out the foreign matter.
“L-look! Aniki hasn’t blinked from a while ago!” (Reus)
“Geez, to carry the operation up to that level…” (Fia)
“This man… is he a God!?” (Debra)
※When it came to medical manga, this was something the author had in mind.

Hokuto and the Three Dragons
When the Master was having dinner at Karen’s house, the three Dragons and Hokuto-kun were leisurely relaxing outside…
[…I’m hungry.] (Eye)
[But, we can’t leave this place.] (Kuva)
[This is probably another Zenodora-sama’s punishment. We can do nothing but to endure.] (Rai)
Actually no. The hungry three dragons were sitting without energy.
Hokuto-kun was alright, but it couldn’t be helped to feel pitiful when looking at the sight with ringing stomach.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
[Yes? What is it, Hokuto-sama?] (Eye)
[What is he telling us now…] (Kuva)
[Wh-where are you going!?] (Rai)
A few minutes later…
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
[[[This is…!?]]] (Eye/Kuva/Rai)
Hokuto-kun leaped into the nearby forest, and had brought a fat pig monster.
While the three dragons were surprised, he ignored them and headed toward the dragons. When he opened his mouth…
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
Anyhow, he left the monster as if he was telling that he didn’t need to eat.
When the three dragons tilted the neck thinking whether they could eat it, Hokuto-kun put his forefoot on the monster…
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
He barked… telling them that it was fine to eat something because they were hungry.
[Does he mean that… we can eat it?] (Rye)
[Bu-but, we did bad things to Hokuto-sama…] (Kuva)
[Besides, if this is Zenodora-sana’s self reflection, Hokuto-sama would be scold.] (Rai)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
‘What?, I’ll take the responsibility.’
Hokuto turned around and barked… saying that if Zenodora-san asked about it, they could tell that he ordered them to eat it.
The three dragons were trembling at his tolerance, and they began to eat the monster.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
[[[Yes!]]] (Eye/Kuva/Rai)
After telling them to eat without leaving the bone and to destroy the evidence, Hokuto-kun watched them in satisfaction.
Thus, the loyalty of the three dragons toward Hokuto-kun was further increased.
However, they didn’t realize that.
That was Hokuto-kun strategy of getting new allies, in the case of emergency especially if the village Dragonkin became enemies.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Eh? They seems to eat something… oh well, that’s fine. Here, this is the dry meat sent by Aniki.” (Reus)
[[[Delicious!]]] (Eye/Kuva/Rai)
Incidentally, the intimacy of Reus also increased.


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