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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 54

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EnjoyMastering a Single Spell

We’re no longer fighting purely for show, and what's going to start from now on is a real fight, lasting until we run out of stamina or fall in battle.
Rodwell will go all out so it's going to be difficult to avoid unlike his earlier magic. And for that reason, I spent the precious magic stone to change the topography of the arena but… he didn't falter.
Perhaps, he has magic that will not be nullified by the new terrain or possibly it won't make a difference because he has some other trump cards. I must not be careless.
Anyhow, this terrain is just what I expected from a magic stone that worth almost ten gold coins. Though it showed the expected effect, the stone cost more than what I expect. I'm worried about our living expenses for the next little while. If I so much as mention the possibility of reducing the volume of the side dishs, the disciples would definitely work hard to earn income. It's alright because I'm not planning to do such a thing despite their motivation since I don't want to pour cold water on them.
Well, even if the disciples are not troubled with money, they have wholly entrusted their income to me. Although I never said it, they’re voluntarily doing it for some reason. Thanks to that, managing the family budget, giving pocket money to the disciples and managing money become a bit troublesome.
…And, I invoked [Boost] while still thinking about these unrelated things and start running. Unfortunately, Rodwell was now aware that the effectiveness of [Multi Elemental] barrages were light, so instead he changed to the tactic of holding my feet by making mud wall through [Create].
I avoided the spell using the reflexes and speed that I had trained, but it was still troublesome because he also fired a few intermediate level spells in addition to the mud wall. I want to engage in close combat battle since [Magnum] from long distance can be repelled, but even getting closer is difficult in the current conditions. Rodwell’s tactic appeared sneaky but I have no intention of saying its unfair, since this is how magician fight.
Because of that, I've been kept at a distance. I was held back despite my attempts for some time.
“Your evasive movements are certainly amazing, but I can simply continue this as long as you don't get close." (Rodwell)
“If that's the case, I'll just attack head on!" (Sirius)
I leaped forward while evading blades of wind in a hair breadth but of course, an obstruction of mud wall was created immediately. At that moment, I couldn't stop my feet to avoid that mud wall but I will be fine even if I don't avoid it.
“[Launcher]" (Sirius)
This magic is developed based on [Impact], it fires bullet of mana and release powerful shock wave at the same time of projectile's impact. Though I developed that magic as a result of firing it into the mouth of strong monster, it is unexpectedly a magic that can destroy wall while ignoring its thickness.
When the bullet of mana hit directly on the mud wall, a sonic boom spread while the mud wall was pulverized and big hole was opened at its center. From there, Rodwell's surprised expression could be seen. I was going to shoot [Magnum] with rubber bullet 'Image' but I stopped because Rodwell regained composure and invoked the mantle's ability beforehand,
“Dear me, I didn't think a single blow of [Impact] could destroy the wall." (Rodwell)
“To be exact, it's [Launcher], not [Impact]. Since [Impact] is satisfactorily for its purpose as is, I enhanced it with specialized types." (Sirius)
“Good grief, to enhance a single spell to that extent… You are really an opponent who doesn't follow the standard rules." (Rodwell)
Rodwell began to focus as he finished his sentence and fired advanced level wind spell, [Tempest].
It is a spell that creates and launches a huge tornado, slicing its target with countless blades of wind. He was using nothing but intermediate level magic before because it was a demonstration but now, he finally used an advanced level spell. I shall study this match since this is my first time fighting against opponent who uses advanced level magic.
[Tempest] is a spell that affects a huge area so it's difficult to avoid it. Although one should run away and stay outside its range, I purposely run toward the tornado.
&123;What are you doing, Sirius-kun! It's absurd to charge into an advanced level spell!&125; (Mark)
&123;Headmaster too! The opponent is not a large army, please don't use advanced level magic!&125; (Magna)
&123;It's also much bigger than the one I made. But…&125; (Emilia)
It can be seen as a reckless charge but I already have found a way to deal with [Tempest].
Emilia's graduation assignment is to create [Tempest] and I was shown when she practiced doing it at the Diamond Cottage. The tornado expanded to several meters, it seems difficult to avoid if you look at it in a glance but the truth is the tornado is not that tall. Because of that reason, I carried out small experiment and wonderfully succeeded.
As I strengthened my body with [Boost], I made [Air Step] as a scaffold once and when I jumped higher than the tornado's height, I could see the inside of tornado right below me. When I hammered several [Launcher]s at the center, the shock wave that occurred insides blew off the tornado. What's remained of the dispersed [Tempest] was only the blades of wind.
&123;As you can see, since the center appears to be weak, there won't be a problem if it's Sirius-sama.&125; (Emilia)
&123;T-that is surely amazing!&125; (Magna?)
&123;Sirius-kun is now… did he just kick the sky?&125; (Mark?)
&123;That was [Impact] invoked under the feet in order to jump high. It's not usable technique except for once or twice only because it is difficult to control. Reus also has used it before.&125; (Emilia)
“Eh? Nee-chan, was that right?" (Reus)
&123;You there, wave the banner quietly.&125; (Emilia)
“Understood!" (Reus)
Though I intended to lie later, Emilia gave nice follow-up. As expected, if the fact about me being able to fly is known, I will be fought by stupid groups just to make me use it.
I kicked left and right to reach higher ground just like before, leaping further to get close to Rodwell but he still remained calm even as his [Tempest] was destroyed. He used [Multi Elemental] again to create a barrage of intermediate level magic.
“I thought you would be shaken a bit more but…" (Sirius)
“I can't be surprised with every of your action in this battle. I have decided to think about the minor details later!" (Rodwell)
I hooked the [String] to nearby rock to avoid his magic, but his barrage continued. He changed the barrage again after realising the effect of his assault on the mud wall and terrain was negligible. It seemed he wasn't a simple opponent who used same pattern. I think there may be a catch so I must brace myself.
Nevertheless, I am amazed at how accurate his aiming ability even though there is plenty of cover. I was able to avoid his assault somehow, while making use of the terrain but I would be caught if I stopped my feet.
&123;Say… he seems to be running around the edge when there is no cover but… how does he do that?&125; (Magna)
(Editor Note: not entirely sure what is being said here)
&123;It is just common when you run, you know? Reus and I can do it a little bit but… it is probably a difficult technique.&125; (Emilia)
&123;I am certainly no expert, but I don’t think its easy to execute the technique.&125; (Mark)
&123;…Is that so? Anyhow, Reese also thought of attempting it but…&125; (Emilia)
“It is impossible to do it!" (Reese)
While the audience got noisy, I took a chance and shot [Magnum]. However, Rodwell either moved around to avoid it or invoked the mantle's ability. Though I was not giving him any damage, it was not pointless since my aim was to lure him to a certain place. On the other hand, I failed to avoid some of the spells and my body was grazed several times by spears of fires and pebbles, but I am alright because it's far from mortal wound.
After leading him to the intended location, I instantly accelerated and began a fight head on.
“Are you going to attack me here!?" (Rodwell)
Rodwell continued to fire off spells, but was somewhat confused. Without a moment's delay, I hook a boulder on the right with [String] and pulled it. I bent almost perpendicular to avoid his magic. Rodwell turned his head to follow me but I moved again with the same earlier method at that moment.
The reason to guide him to that location was because it is surrounded with boulders and it's easy for me to hook with [String]. In addition, the surroundings we elevated, allowing me to aim from the above if I use [String] and jump. I moved up and down, left and right without stopping and continued to disturb him, and I finally got to Rodwell's rear.
“Got you!" (Sirius)
Delayed by a step, Rodwell turned his head back but he hasn’t time to turn his body. My aim is his chin. If I manage to graze his chin, it will shake his brain and he won't be able to fight anymore. He has no chance to activate the mantle's ability when he came here and I can be sure about it.
It is the same method to miraculously stun Lior but the differences at that time was…
“Did you think I can't do a close combat battle?" (Rodwell)
The opponent didn't relax his guard. In fact, he used something resembling Taijutsu.
My kick was avoided as he leaned back his neck and he threw a right upper cut. It was unusually strange stance but I somehow managed to evade that single blow. When I look at Rodwell upon landing at the same time, I noticed he pointed two fingers at me.
The moment I felt the surge of mana, the [Earth Shield] that never moved until now was rushing according to my brain, I also pointed my forefinger and middle finger at him, and shot magic.
“[Air Shotgun]!" (Rodwell)
“[Shotgun]!" (Sirius)
[Shotgun] is a magic that shot countless small [Impact]. The shot spread in a cone shape, but its range is short and the damage efficacy is lowered as the distance get further. Since the main purpose is not single focused attack but a spread attack, the magic is convenient in close combat battle.
[Air Shotgun] is an [Air Shot] combined with [Impact]. He was imitating the latest spell that Emilia developed. There wasn't anyone else who knew the spell other than her, so he must have imitated after seeing the magic used during the revolution's uproar.
He was also good at imitating the principle of [Earth Shield]. For him to imitate after seeing once, his ability deserved its reputation as amazing.
I also thought what would happen if spells that have different attributes but same ability collide. Since I fired countless shot, the portion that couldn't offset each other showed up naturally.
The result was… several shots passed through and our bodies got direct hit. Thus, we both were sent flying backward.
There is was great damage since most missed or was blocked but it was annoying to be separated with such distance. Besides, I don't think it's good idea if I randomly challenge him in close combat especially when talking about how he warded off that unexpected blow,.
“Indeed, while using magic to that extent, I never thought you can use magic along with hand to hand fighting technique." (Sirius)
“That's essential in various ways especially when I live a long life. Besides, you are amazing because you warded off that attack." (Rodwell)
“I have various things in my hand, I won't be able to stay alive if I can't do that much." (Sirius)
“What kind of life have you walked as a youth? You're really interesting student." (Rodwell)
When I am asked about what kind of life, I answered vaguely that I have a ‘second chance of life’. He seems to believe it but let's leave that matter at that because it is troublesome to explain.
I recovered the exhausted mana and when I was thinking about how to attack next, Rodwell turned a hand and took a hold.
“If we continue the fight as it is, the arena seems it will limit us. It was enough already to show to the students so shall we end this soon?" (Rodwell)
If it becomes a battle of advanced level magic, the magic will at least affect a wider area. The arena is considerably wide but it is not enough for the purpose of firing advanced level magic, and the barrier which was created for this match seemed unreliable to hold magic at Rodwell's level. I think maybe my [Magnum] can also penetrate the barrier. If the battle becomes more intense and keep on going on, wouldn't the students involved with dangers too?
“That's right. The barrier won't hold if the headmaster fires magic seriously, so let's do this." (Sirius)
“Thank you very much. Nevertheless, I don't think of you as an ordinary person but I didn't think you would be powerful to this extent. The only other person who remained unharmed after receiving my magic is the 'Strongest Sword' and next person after him is you." (Rodwell)
“Have you fought against the 'Strongest Swords" before?" (Sirius)
“Yes, I had a request from guild twenty years ago to annihilate a big dark organization. Thus, I waged war on them. He was somehow deceived and got employed by them and he showed a feat by slicing my magic and all iron golems with single strike. Although it was a serious fight, once the misunderstanding solved, we annihilated the dark organization together." (Rodwell)
…What had he done, that old man.
I think maybe that story about how he was a fool in the past but I guess that's when he was at his peak. The scene of a guy who slices Rodwell's magic and golems while laughing, and an organization that never got harmed, before suddenly being crushed by two of the strongest people floats in my eyes.
“Which reminds me, Reus and the 'Strongest Sword' are using the same 'Hard Break – One Hand Sword' style, so… are you by any chance acquainted with the 'Strongest Sword'?
“That's right. I met the "Strongest Sword' unexpectedly and became friends. Then, I introduced Reus to him and his swordsmanship was taught by him.
“Huhuhu… I see. If you and the "Strongest Sword' are acquaintance, it means he must have consent your strength. If that's the case, it seems alright to hit with 'that'." (Rodwell)
As the chatters ended here, I changed to battle stance because the air around Rodwell changed.
“Well then, shall we continue? Let me tell you one thing before we start again." (Rodwell)
“Could that be about this place?" (Sirius)
“Yes, it is. Though you intend to lead me to this place… it is actually the opposite. It is because I am the one who lead you to here. [Earth Chain]" (Rodwell)
Chains protruded from the surrounding boulders simultaneously with his words, and extended to seize me. It is a restriction magic to bind an enemy with chain of soil and it doesn't only spring from the ground but also from sides since the place is surrounded with boulders. It is certainly difficult to avoid numerous chains that extended from surrounding.
I see, that’s why he said that he led me to this place but…
“I am faster!" (Sirius)
I jumped out faster before I got entwined by the chains, and it's all good as long as I can bring down Rodwell. When I took a big leap, mud wall was brought up but I hit it with [Launcher]. Then I noticed there was mana reaction when I went through the hole on the mud wall.
“[Air Impact]" (Rodwell)
This is also the magic that Emilia used, [Air Impact]. He made a ball of wind by compressing it to its limit, and it was a magic that imitated [Impact] to blow enemy in one go.
He fired several [Air Impact] at where I went through the mud wall, it was severe since there was no room for evasion. I had no other choice but to prepare as much as I could.
“I'll have you leave at once!" (Rodwell)
The [Air Impact] exploded, thus it created enormous impact of wind and I was blown to the rear. I continued rolling on the ground after having flown in the air for a while. Then, I crashed onto a rock mid way, and my movement was finally stopped.
&123;Sirius-sama!?&125; (Emilia)
&123;C-calm down! Magna-sensei, let's suspend the match immediately!&125; (Mark)
&123;Headmaster, let's stop your attack… headmaster?&125; (Magna)
Magna-sensei called out to suspend the battle but Rodwell was crouching down to bear pain.
On the other hand, I stood up since I hardly had damage. The damage was reduced because I leaped to the rear just before I got hit with the impact but it's painful to be separated in huge distance again. However, I wasn't simply thrown for nothing.
I shot [Magnum] at the boulder which was beside Rodwell before I was thrown. The strength of the bullet that I shot this time was suppressed down to a rubber bullet, so it didn't destroy the boulder but rebounded and hit Rodwell's flank. It was a single blow from the blind spot which utilizing rebound, but it seemed there was unexpectedly little damage since he stood up while holding his side.
Was it because of the robe? It was probably bad since I couldn't decide what to do now.
“It was… a splendid blow. Indeed, I was surprised because I got attack in that situation. It disturbed my mana concentration unexpectedly." (Rodwell)
“Thank you. Well, as a matter of taking distance…" (Sirius)
“Yes. The match will be over with this magic. Since one would certainly die if they got hit with it, please don't make wrong decision." (Rodwell)
No, wait a minute. Even that as a joke, I am still a student. So, stop saying these lines while laughing.
When Rodwell's magic was invoked, the surrounding stones and boulders were suddenly began to float. Those stones and boulders were made to float or prepared but when I think about it being risen to the sky further, it began to gather in one place…
&123;H-headmaster!? That's too much!&125; (Magna)
&123;Escape at once, Sirius-kun! Quickly!&125; (Mark)
&123;Sirius-sama! Please escape!&125; (Emilia)
It became an enormous boulder which dozen times bigger than my body.
When I think whether the huge boulder had began to move slowly or not, it began to fall on me as the target center. That is already a small mountain. Apparently, I can't break it with [Launcher].
“Advanced level earth magic, [Mountain Pressure]. Normally, it is much smaller but since the opponent is Sirius-kun, I made it larger as a bonus." (Rodwell)
I don't need such bonus.
How should I put it, this is magic for opponent like a dragon so what is he thinking about…
The outsiders also shouted and ran away, and I am aware the place where outside of its range. The huge boulder in the sky had a hollow part in the middle, it seemed that it was poorly made because he wanted to secure the airspace with that depression.
“Did you notice it? I make the drop speed to be slow so you won't die if you move. But… wouldn't it be your loss if you are shut in at that time?" (Rodwell)
I completely understood his present lines.
Rodwell is not trying to defeat me but he wants to test me. He is not having fun when I fight him but he is having fun to see how I go through it by using magic.
This is too harsh. If Lior is the anomaly of sword, then Rodwell is the anomaly of magic. How should I go through this situation? In the meantime, he smiled in a childlike manner and looked at me.
Good grief, an immature adult is deplorable. However, I also won't find fault with other people rather than myself because I am like him too.
After all, if I am able to go through it… Isn't that mean I meet his expectation!?
What he had done looks like a fool but I don't hate it.
&123;To use magic for huge animals on one student… are you sane, headmaster?&125; (Magna)
&123;Sirius-sama, perhaps…&125; (Emilia)
&123;Why isn't he moving!? Could he possible frozen up and couldn't move?&125; (Mark)
&123;He plans to destroy it…&125; (Emilia)
&123;&123;…Haa!?&125;&125; (Magna/Mark)
I consider digging deeply under my feet as a way to avoid but it's pretty much the same if I enter the hollow part of the boulder.
If I want to meet his expectation, it will probably easier to destroy it. Above all, I myself want to test whether I can destroy it or not.
Since the drop speed rate is slow, I think the direct hit will be approximately in ten seconds?
First, I took out four special manufactured throwing knife from pocket and filled it with mana. I threw all with all my might into the sky. Then, I shot [Magnum] after I confirmed that the knives pricked the huge rock at equal distances from each other. I aimed it at the pricked knives, and the preparation was completed when the knives penetrated into the interior of huge boulder. I just have to match the timing afterwards.
“Anti-materiel rifle… set." (Sirius) (Wiki: An anti-materiel rifle (AMR) is a rifle that is designed for use against military equipment (materiel), rather than against other combatants (“anti-personnel”)).
The 'Image' is anti-materiel rifle. It was also called an anti-tank rifle in the past. It is a firearm that has the power to penetrate even a tank.
If I shoot according to my magic, I can't guess the extent of its power. Well, the [Magnum] that I shoot with all my strength has the power beyond the real thing, so when I create an 'Image' of Sniper Rifle, its maximum range increases by nearly two times than the original.
In other words, my magic is several times stronger than the real firearms. If I use the strongest firearm, I believe that I can handle that boulder. I also have insurance. I can enter the hollow part if I fail but then it will be my lost. Let's go all out then.
While the screams reverberating around the audience seatings, I put my left hand on right hand and aimed at the center of the huge boulder.
“[Anti-materiel]… Fire!" (Sirius)
The bullet filled with all mana shot while producing huge wind pressure and hit the center of big rock. The entire boulder swung and it made a big hole but the rock was still going strong.
“[Reload]… Fire!" (Sirius) (TLN: Japanese name for [Reload] in raw is Mana Replenishment.)
The moment my mana was restored, I shot the bullet at the same point again but the huge boulder didn't break and the fall didn't stopped.
And the third shot…
“[Reload]… high explosive modification. (Editor Note: Was originally warhead modification, but I felt high explosive modification was closer to the effect and a more realistic name) Three… Two… One… Fire!" (Sirius)
I created an 'Image' of a bullet that explodes after hitting the target, measure the timing and fired it. The knives that I stabbed earlier showed their effect at the same time as the bullets exploded inside the formation.
Those knives were attached with a magic stone that were inscribed with an [Impact] magic formation. The function of the magic stone is, after it is fully filled with my mana, it will emit substantial impact together with the magic stone's disintegration after several seconds. It is something similar to a delayed time bomb.
That impact, if it included the last bullet that I shot, there were five simultaneous shocks on the huge boulder. The huge boulder made a roaring sound, broke due to multiple impacts from inside and was scattered.
&123;&123;…&125;&125; (Magna/Mark)
&123;Sirius-sama… Aah, I'm charmed…&125; (Emilia)
“Aniki-! You're the best-!" (Reus)
It wasn't possible to break it into pieces. When I look at Rodwell while repelling sizable falling rocks myself, he had smile on his whole face and was laughing without minding the public eye. Hmmm, he seems satisfied after all.
“Hu…huhuhu! Isn't that amazing! To destroy huge boulders with [Impact] while making use of tools… The possibilities of magic are endless!" (Rodwell)
“…This is a bad timing to be delighted but I have one thing to say, is that alright?" (Sirius)
“What is it?" (Rodwell)
“The fight is not over yet." (Sirius)
When I snap my fingers after completing the preparation, several sonic boom echoed from hillocks which elevated next to Rodwell. That's the [Impact] that I set up when running around the wall. After the huge boulder shattered, I extended the [String] and invoked it. It was unnecessary to snap the finger but that was for petty act.
It looks like remote controlling the time bomb and since I have calculated and arranged the angle, it will fall off soon.
Speaking of what is going to fall down, of course…
“O, ooo!? It's a rock!" (Rodwell)
It wasn't at the size that was dropped onto me but I broke a part of the huge boulder earlier and made a big rock to fall. It was fine to be delightful but not when you have that rock as an opponent. I absolutely need to return the favor.
“Kuh! [Wind]" (Rodwell)
He directed wind onto himself at that spur of moment and jumped and he seemed somehow managed to avoid the rock.
The falling rock broke on the ground surface, creating enormous cloud of dust and blocked the vision. However, Rodwell's laughter wasn't lessened even in that situation.
“Huhuhu… yeah, right. It's true that the battle is not over yet. Aah, I never thought such thing is possible. You are really amazing." (Rodwell)
“Thank you!" (Sirius)
“Have you come after all!?" (Rodwell)
I got close straight away within the cloud of dust but Rodwell moved calmly while laughing and threw a right hand punch. That single blow was sharp, as he threw at the speed where the fist couldn't be seen…
“It's just fast!" (Sirius)
Previously, my kick was avoided because I was careless but I am certainly better at close combat battle. When I avoided Rodwell's launched fist in a hair's breadth, he threw his left hand in a jab at me without a moment of delay.
“Air Shot-…" (Rodwell)
“This is it!" (Sirius)
I pushed aside the arm which was going to shoot [Air Shotgun] with my elbow. Then, I pulled out the knife and pushed it with underhand at Rodwell's neck.
“If in close proximity, knife is faster than firearms." (Sirius)
It is a checkmate.
While it wasn't still visible to the surroundings because of the cloud of dust, Rodwell closed his eyes after feeling the coldness of the knife and then he smiled at me.
“It's…my lost, huh." (Rodwell)

Extra/Bonus 1
The audience at the time when Sirius was hit by [Air Impact]…
“Aniki-!" (Reus)
“The barrier is pointless when you hit it with that, so please stop it!" (Reus' underling?)
The audience at the time when [Mountain Pressure] was invoked…
“Anikiii-!" (Reus)
“Somebody… stop them! The barrier is creaking!" (Reus' underling?)
“Oi Reus, 'House'!" (Reese)
“Reese-ane! You can't do 'House', you know! Aniki is… Aniki is…!" (Reus)
After that, he was somehow pinned down by several of his underlings.
Extra/Bonus 2
The time when Rodwell used Emilia's magic was seen…
&123;To imitate the magic that I made through hardship…&125; (Emilia)
&123;Well… It is the headmaster. It can't be help since that is one of his strong point.&125; (Magna)
&123;But I developed it together with Sirius-sama! It's not only a magic for two anymore…&125; (Emilia)
&123;He also can do it!?&125; (Mark)


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