Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 159

Chapter 159 The Contents of Information Seller’s Shopping Basket
In order to meet the information seller who knew very well about Sandor, I brought Senia out of the castle. Of course, Emilia tried to come along, but I asked her to remain since Princess Lifell would be short of hands in the surroundings.
[Understood. In exchange to Senia-san, who is the senior of attendant… I will fulfill the job exquisitely.] (Emilia)
[No, I’m planning to come back tonight, so to be eager that much is–…] (Sirius)
[You are going out for long, is it? If that’s the case, try to satisfy me instead of Senia. Then, what would you do at this time, Emilia?] (Lifell)
[I’ll bring you more cakes and tea.] (Emilia)
[Splendid.] (Lifell)
[No, Hime-sama just wanted to eat the cake, right?] (Senia)
[I also want more.] (Reese)
They were talking without the feeling of tension. I supposed it was fine since they seemed to be having fun. I had to get out of the castle in secret because if I did it without permission, there were likely to be people making noise. However, it wasn’t difficult since Senia had already slipped out many times.
While avoiding the eyes of the soldiers looking around the inside of the castle, Senia and I got out of the castle without being noticed by anyone. The downtown was crowded even at night time. Then, we slipped into a crowded area and walked.
“…As I expected, you also can leave the castle without a hitch.” (Senia)
“If it is that much, I don’t think it should be a problem. Anyhow, let’s proceed while keeping eyes on the trail.” (Sirius)
“That’s basic. Well then, I’m going to lead, so please follow me.” (Senia)
Senia was supposedly suspected by the opponent who monitored the castle through the plant that spread within the walls of the castle, but even though she had already went out many times, the other side didn’t react or took measures at all. It was probably fine to think that we were overlooked. I noticed the response of the said plant in the town, but it was insignificant compared to the castle. In addition, it didn’t seem to be outside of the walls that surrounded Sandor.
Nevertheless, we concealed our identity with hood and mantle at once. As we walked to avoid bustling streets with the people who worked hard in the night and adventurers, Senia, who was walking head, suddenly turned around and started smiling.
“…What a brilliant skill you have. This is my first time I can move without inconvenience so far while acting together with other people,” (Senia)
“It’s because Senia-san guides me well.” (Sirius)
It was my first time to see it. I meant Senia’s skill was pretty good. On top of quiet footsteps, her way of suppressing presence was first class. Although she was just a Rabbitkin, her hearing was very sharp. The position of the opponent was accurately grasped by the sound, and thanks to her who took the lead, we could get out of the castle without meeting anyone. I merely followed her in order not to become a hindrance, but Senia shook her head to deny my statement.
“You’re being polite. Plus, this is the first time a person follow me with such a nonchalant face.” (Senia)
“It’s self-teaching, but I’ve worked hard. Senia-san, you also have a splendid skill. Were you taught by someone?” (Sirius)
When I thought about her, I was told about the matter of Princess Lifell by Reese, but I didn’t know much about Senia. It might be rude to pry the past, but since it would take some time to reach the destination, I probably should know a little when I considered the relationship we might have from now on. I intended to change the topic if Senia didn’t want it, but Senia easily answered and brushing aside my worries.
“My father taught me. It was driven into my body since it is necessary for living.” (Senia)
“Could it be that Senia-san’s father is…” (Sirius)
“It is as what you think, Sirius-sama. My father was someone who lived behind the scenes, so I was taught good skills… and, also ways to kill without anyone knowing.” (Senia)
From the way of suppressing presence and moving, the father might be an assassin, but… I didn’t expect that it was real. I apologize to Senia who narrowed her eyes by remembering the past, but she put up a smile as if it wasn’t a big deal.
“Well, it is a boring past to talk about, but since I’m living fulfilling days as Princess Lifell’s attendant, I don’t think it was bad. Plus, since I expected that story would come out sooner or later, you don’t have to worry about it, Sirius-sama.” (Senia)
“It just came into my mind, but I don’t think it is necessary for you to talk about it. You are the one who have become a sister Reese can rely on, and the past has got nothing to do with it.” (Sirius)
“I’m very happy if you think so, but you should know well about your attendant, right?” (Senia)
Her master certainly didn’t know this side of the attendant, but I wasn’t Senia’s master though… Aah, that was it, huh?
“If you are the husband of Reese-sama, who is the sister of Lifell-sama, you will be another person to serve. By the way, there is no need to address me with honorific after this.” (Senia)
“I will be Lifell-sama’s imperial guard soon, so if anything, it would be colleagues–… No, maybe junior or senior?” (Sirius)
“No. From your movements and skills earlier, I was convinced that Sirius-sama’s ability was higher than mine. In other words, I believe I should respect you.” (Senia)
She understood our competence might be because she was experience living in the underground world, so that was why she would like to clarify the hierarchical relationship. I was concerned because she was older than me. However, I understood her thought since I had a similar life, so I decided to accept it.
“I understand. Please take care of me, Senia.” (Sirius)
“Me too. Hehe… since this is for the sake of Reese-sama who supports Sirius-sama, there is wide difference in the motivation.” (Senia)
“But, let’s have this kind of conversation when there are only two of us. Regardless of you, it is quite bad to be known to the surroundings.” (Sirius)
“Is this your first instruction? I think Sirius-sama is good enough, but you can also treat me as a someone who can attend you through the night, you know?” (Senia)
“I have to be in time though. So, even if that is a joke, please do it in moderation.” (Sirius)
“Hehe, it is no good if you don’t give a bit leeway since I’m older. However, it’s true that it would be bad if they know about this relationship. Since it is also bad for Melt, this time…” (Senia)
As an attendant of that master, it seemed she enjoyed teasing me. I didn’t think the attitude was too serious, but perhaps, this much was just right for me. Since I couldn’t do so with the disciples, I feel like the work colleagues was much better. In this way, we became a bit unreserved toward each other. Then, we continued walking while disappearing in the dark night.

“Is the said information seller in the village where we stayed yesterday?” (Sirius)
“Yes. I was staying at that place because it was inconvenient if I stayed inside the town.” (Senia)
“Then, why do we come here? The main gate is over there.” (Sirius)
The village was outside of the wall that surrounded Sandor. We had to go to the main gate in order to get out, but for some reason, Senia went away from the gate.
“Since we would be seen if we go out from the main gate, we would have to go outside by other way.” (Senia)
“Other way… is it?” (Sirius)
As I kept walking along the wall while tilting my head, we reached the section where the commoners’ residences stood. Then, Senia stopped in front of a remarkably large building.
“Is this a church?” (Sirius)
“Yes. It is such a place, but it is an old church that is not only visited by the commoners, but also nobles.” (Senia)
“I see. So, is that person hiding here?” (Sirius)
The church was built with the wall was at its back structure. Incidentally, I noticed multiple signs of people inside. It was already late at night, but there seemed to be ardent believers. By the way, it reminded me about Mira’s Doctrine when I heard about the church, but the people around here seemed to be worshipping God of Abundant with unusually long name.
When we got into the church, I could see several people were praying on benches which had been lined up a lot in that area. There weren’t only commoners but also nobles that coincided with what Senia mentioned. We went to the interior area while looking at such people. A priest, who seemed to be a priest, was in front of a desk placed at a corner, and then, he approached us with a gentle smile.
“Oh, you have come again. How can we help you?” (Priest)
“Yes. I just wanted to ask God to listen to my repentance once again.” (Senia)
“…Understood. The troubles of lost lamb are something that can’t be done only once. This way, please.” (Priest)
It looked like this was the second time Senia visited here, but the priest guided us to the confession room without concern.
The confession room was in the innermost part of the chart and the wall was thick. As long as we didn’t shout, there was no worry about the voice leaking out. Although this kind of room was supposed to be a person in each, since I wasn’t told anything in particular, I entered the confession room with Senia and closed the door.
Coincidentally, the noise of the surroundings topped. I felt a sign sitting behind a small window on the wall, and Senia took out a gold coin from her pocket and put it in front of the window.
“Please excuse me, and nice to meet you.” (Senia)
“If it’s you, I don’t mind how many times I have to listen to you. So, don’t worry too much.” (Priest)
It seemed to the priest earlier, who was on the other side of the window, but he replied with a cold voice which didn’t fit that gentle smile of his. This man wasn’t a mere priest. He was someone who seemed to get used to with the behind the scenes and knew well how to be two-faced. According to Senia, he seemed to be a subordinate of the information seller we would meet from now. When the priest received the gold coin, the nearby wall slowly moved a small street with light up appeared.
“As I expected, it’s a secret path. I don’t think it is logical to open a hole in the wall that protects the town, but this is also necessary, right?” (Sirius)
“Apparently, it was made secretly by Sandor’s royalties and it was used as a way of escape. However, it is managed by the underworld people now since they are using it.” (Senia)
The secret path was large enough to allow a person to stand up all the way, but as we proceed a bit, there was a keyed iron grill and we couldn’t progress forward.
On the other side of such a grill, there was a man sitting on a chair reading a book. Then, he raised his faces when he noticed our existence.
“…Say it once.” (??)
“Hundred Wolves…” (Senia)
“…Come in.” (??)
That seemed to be a password. After confirming it, the man opened the keyed iron grill and let us through. We were inside a small hut after going through the secret path. From the surrounding air and signs, this turned out to be the village where we stayed yesterday.
“I see. It is connected to here, huh?” (Sirius)
“I was told about this the night I met you all. This path is only known to limited number of people in Sandor. So, please don’t tell this to others.” (Senia)
“Got it. But, you’ve told me such an important path.” (Sirius)
“The information seller, whom we are going to meet now, is the one who manage this place. And I’m lucky that person likes me.” (Senia)
“Then, will it be alright to tell me? I can’t help feeling that Senia’s standpoint will get worse because of this.” (Sirius)
“Don’t worry. If it’s Sirius-sama, it’s going to be fine.” (Senia)
I didn’t really know, but I supposed that there was no problem because Senia wasn’t completely bothered at all. Subsequently, I followed Senia and she led me to the building where the information seller stayed. Then, I remembered the password earlier on the way there.
“By the way, why the password is Hundred Wolves?” (Sirius)
“The password is changing frequently. Hokuto-san makes his appearance and that itself is unusual.” (Senia)
It seemed the mechanism of changing to a new password was each time important things happened in Sandor. Since Hundred Wolves was an existence that also could be called legend, it might be natural to think it so. It was troublesome, but keeping the secret was much more troublesome. As I was getting more curious about the information seller who was very cautious we arrived at the place of interest, but…
“…No matter how I look at it, this is a building for harlots.” (Sirius)
“For some reason, you are making a complicated face. Are you familiar with this kind of thing, Sirius-sama?” (Senia)
“I don’t mind entering but Emilia would notice smell of unknown women from me…” (Sirius)
People, who visited this place, might make slip of the tongue unintentionally, so information could be collected quite well in this establishment. There was never a time for me to hold a woman, but I was actually entering this place to gather information. However, there were many women, who worked here, approached me more than necessary with their body for the sake of getting customers. Because of that, there was smell on my body, and Emilia, who had sharp nose, would instantly notice.
“I don’t know her too much, but would that girl be jealous?” (Senia)
“She worries about me having undesirable lovers.” (Sirius)
After all, she desperately protected me as a wife and an attendant. But because she was still young, she would be hurt inside if I did so. At the same time Emilia noticed the smell of other women, her ears and tail slightly hanged down. When I looked at that figure… the feeling of guilt was unbearable.
“She is still young, isn’t it?” (Senia)
“That part of her is cute as well. However, it is unbearable every time she gets upset, so I don’t want to get used to that even a little. By the way, I’m ready, so let’s go.” (Sirius)
“Then, let’s join hands with me and enter. Since they are some people bring their favorite girls from the town, the girls here will not come close if they are two people coming in.” (Senia)
“I don’t think it will change much, but it’s better than someone I don’t know.” (Sirius)
“That sounds harsh depending on how people listen to it. I don’t mind if you saying that yourself though, but my charm won’t lose against those girls, you know?” (Senia)
“Say that after hiding that mischievous smile like those girls.” (Sirius)
The image Senia had was an attendant who calmly attended both private and public affairs, but she was good at playing along more than I expected. For this reason, I was able to convince myself that she could support that Princess Lifell by her side. We entered the harlot establishment not with an air of pair of lovers, but more like friends playing around.

Although the mood wasn’t there, the harlots, who were around, never came to me thanks to Senia sticking to me. We talked to the reception within the establishment. When we headed to the inner part, those who seemed to be acquainted with Senia cried out, but…
“Oh my!? I was wondering when you will come again… but you come with a man, is it!? If you are looking for a job, I definitely can’t put you at a corner.” (??)
“Hehe, he is another employer. I am planning to spend a hot evening from now, but is the room available?” (Senia)
“Of course, it’s always available for you, Senia-chan! For your sake, I’ll make it available even if the rooms aren’t available.” (??)
The man was so excited, but it couldn’t be helped since he was a muscular man.
“Excuse me for listening, but…” (Sirius)
“He is a man, but his heart is a real woman…” (Senia)
“Hmm, you can call me Rose.” (??)
…That was mostly a nickname.
His muscles were forged to the extent that he could be said to be a warrior, but with a close of slim fit cheongsam, his intense eyes carried various meanings. The existence which was called effeminate man also existed in the previous life. Even though I had seen many of them in this world, the man in front of me, Rose, was terribly intense. I was worried about his… no, her existence, I wanted to hurry ahead because I didn’t want to get involved any further.
“Senia, shall we…” (Sirius)
“I understand. Rose, I’m sorry. We’ve come to see the Boss. If you want to talk anything, can we do it later, please?” (Senia)
“Hmm… that’s too bad. Oh well. But, is it alright to bring this man?” (Rose)
“No problem.” (Senia)
“…Really? If it’s not good, you don’t have to bring him along. But… when I look closely, he is a cute one, isn’t he? Say, when you are done, why don’t you have a drink with this Onee-san?” (Rose)
“No, thank you. I have wives waiting for my return.” (Sirius)
As I went to the inner section while feeling relieved that she wasn’t the information seller that I wanted to see, the surroundings were decorated with curtains, and there was a door with a different air. Apparently, this was the innermost part of the establishment. I heard that the room had the most beautiful woman available for this, but in front of that door, there was a man who seemed to be a guard with a sword hanged on his waist. The man released the hand holding the sword when he noticed Senia was there, but since I was here, his vigilances hadn’t completely solved.
“…You, huh? If you have business with the boss, you have to stop for now. She is with a customer now.” (Guard)
“Sorry for troubling you. How long should I wait then?” (Senia)
“I don’t know. Leaving that aside… who is the man next to you? You can’t bring an unknown person here.” (Guard)
The questioning man took a step forward while staring at me… and I moved the right arm instinctively.
“…Isn’t that a wonderful welcome?” (Sirius)
That was because at the same time when the man in front of me moved, there was a needle blew like an arrow aiming at my neck. The man was trying to ask for a fight was a decoy for this purpose. It seemed that the person was hiding well, but I was aware of the sign from the beginning. If the speed was about a shooting arrow, I could see everything without turning around. I anticipated that it had poison, so when I grasped the needle while rolling the nearby curtain, Senia nodded with a satisfying expression.
“Is this also… within the assumption?” (Sirius)
“Yes, it’s brilliant. I can’t explain the circumstances. I’m sorry.” (Senia)
“Don’t mind it. It is bad if I know beforehand, right?” (Sirius)
Although it was harsh to attack without reason, I should adapt the other side’s style if that could make them trusted me. It seemed Senia had the similar thing when she visited here for the first time, but in her case, she avoided it by slightly moving her head.
“I guess this is like a test to meet the Boss, yes?” (Sirius)
“That is also serves as baptism. A person is not qualified to meet her unless the abilities are excellent and don’t rely on other people.” (Senia)
The needle was covered with paralyzing venom which could stop movement. To be brief, I would be refused from the meeting if I couldn’t avoid that. This might be a process after inquiring the circumstances. By the way, the result was… I knew this in advance, so it was within expectation to grasp the thin needle with bare hands. As the presence behind me disappeared, the male guard scratched his head as if it couldn’t be helped while putting his hand on the door.
“…Boss will hear you. Please wait a moment.” (Guard)
“By the way, how much is the compensation for the curtain?” (Senia)
“Don’t worry about it. Just wait quietly.” (Guard)
The man entered the room to explain about us. He returned faster than expected and welcomed us to enter the room. We went around the man who just returned to his job as the guard of the door. When we opened the door, the first thing I noticed was the smell of greenery that slightly irritated my nose.
It seemed coming from the burning incense, and the room was full of high transparency smoke. It didn’t seem to be poison. So, when we entered inside since the smell wasn’t unpleasant, there was a figure of a woman, who had bewitching air, on a huge bad that occupied most of the room.
“…Welcome, Senia. You look busy.” (Boss)
“Thank you, but I’m sorry to disturb you. There is a person whom I wanted to introduce you by all means.” (Senia)
“It’s fine, you don’t have to worry about it. I also would like to see him since he was the champion of the Fighting Festival. But, before that…” (Boss)
The smiling woman before us had long hair and white skin like snow. It was an absurd beautiful woman with sophistication and beauty like a doll. Her age… might be similar as Senia which was over twenties. I was convinced that she was the most beautiful woman in this establishment, but now, I was curious about the customer whom the guard mentioned before. Anyhow, there was a man happily sleeping on the lap of the woman…
“My Lord… my Lord, please wake up. If you don’t return soon, you will be scold again.” (Boss)
“Uuh… just a bit more…” (??)
“Hehe, aren’t you hopeless? However, please wake up at least since there are customers here.” (Boss)
“Isn’t that impossible for a person to call you at such a time–…” (??)
That man on her lap was one of the Sandor royalties, Prince Ashley. Before this, he mentioned that he had already chosen a woman. There was no mistake that woman was the one. I could understand why he acted as an information seller when I met him for the first time in this village. However, that guy was still half-asleep. He was staring at me with an unhappy expression, but he became solidified when he noticed that it was us.
“…Why are you here?” (Ashley)
“I came looking for the information seller, but it looks like I’ve become a hindrance.” (Sirius)
“…What do you want? I can’t prepare much money but if you want something, you can get it from the warehouse of the castle…” (Ashley)
“I don’t need anything. I’m fine.” (Sirius)
When I clearly said that I didn’t have plan to tell this to the people of the castle, Ashley let out a long breath as if he was relieved. At the same time, he became serious. Since Ashley didn’t move from the lap of the woman, it would be better if I proceeded with the matters without hesitation. First of all, when I introduced myself, the woman also introduced herself after bowing elegantly.
“I am Freesia and I manage this settlement, Hagel.” (Freesia)
No one knew who started using that name, but apparently, the name of this settlement was Hagel. The eyes of the woman called Freesia had a transparent beauty. It also made me remembered of a snow woman with white hair and skin. When I thought that it was perfect even if she wore a kimono instead of thin clothing used by the harlots that exposed the skin, Ashley, who noticed my eyes, gave a threatening look.
“Freesia is my woman! I will not forgive you, alright!” (Ashley)
“Please calm down, my Lord. There is only one reason for him to visit me.” (Freesia)
“That’s right. She is certainly a fascinating woman, but I am now meeting Freesia-san as the information seller.” (Sirius)
“Well, it’s fine then.” (Ashley)
I could see Ashley as nothing but a playboy, but he being straightforward was similar to his brother and sister. Well, I also felt that she was touching him like a mother loving her child, rather than a lover, but… I guessed he had to work hard from now on.
“I heard from Senia that you are the number one information seller in Sandor…” (Sirius)
“Yes, I’m proud of being the best in this country. But… my information is expensive, you know? Do you have reasonable compensation?” (Freesia)
“Yes, of course. First off, here are gold coins–…” (Sirius)
“Just a moment, please. Before you talk, I have something I want to tell you.” (Senia)
When I tried to take out gold coins from the pocket, Senia stepped forward and whispered something to Freesia’s ears. Then, tension was running on the face of Freesia who had been smiling until now.
“…Are you sure?” (Freesia)
“I’ve also confirmed it with my eyes, and it was a splendid execution. But if there is a loss…” (Senia)
“O-oi… Freesia? Is there something wrong?” (Ashley)
Despite whispering to her ears, I felt that Ashley, who lied on her lap, should be able to hear, but it didn’t seem that he heard it. While I was impressed with Senia’s technique that conveyed with exquisite voice volume in order to prevent information leakage, she came back to my position.
“What were you talking about?” (Sirius)
“It’s a slight negotiation. It’s because there is no need to save money when it comes to the necessary expenses.” (Senia)
“Actually, that was very interesting information. In consideration of this, I will give you a special price.” (Freesia)
“I don’t really understand, but let me give you this for the time being.” (Sirius)
I planned to add more gold coins while paying attention to her reaction, but it felt like this was already good enough. I handed her a couple of gold coins with a bit of anticlimactic feeling, and then, Freesia looked at me after correcting her posture.
“Well then, let me ask again. What do you want to know, Sirius-sama?” (Freesia)
“I want to know many things, but first of all, it is about the successor problem that is happening in the castle. How much do you know about that?” (Sirius)
“It’s just the general information. All the information was gathered by the harlots who work under me.” (Freesia)
The information could be told by the royalty who lied on the lap, but it didn’t seem to be like that in her case. Apparently, the information that leak out from those who lived in Sandor and they were complaining about it when they were with the harlots. Then, this information gathered under Freesia. She didn’t seem to go out of this room because of some circumstances, but her abilities were quite good since she was an excellent information seller. I was wondering what she thought about Sandor now.
“As you already know, the inside of the castle is chaos because of those who plan to gain the seat of the king. They are pushing aside the legitimate heir. But… I feel something strange about the situation.” (Freesia)
“As I expected, you also think the same, is it?” (Sirius)
Yes, Freesia was also uncomfortable with the current situation. There were too many strange problems like the king suddenly collapsed with unknown disease even though he was fine until the day before, and Zilard was suppose to be able to use abilities related to plants. In other words…
“There are people who manipulate the situation behind the scenes… right?” (Sirius)
“Yes. I am thinking that there are people who are planning to do something by taking advantages of the troubles and try to make the country and castle in chaos.” (Freesia)
“Wa-wait a sec. I also want to say something like that, but these people want to be the king since long ago, so I don’t think that there is something strange about the current situation. Don’t you think it’s a bit too much?” (Ashley)
“Since this is an intuition of mine, there is also a possibility that there is nothing strange. But, I have a bad feeling…” (Freesia)
“…It’s because her intuition hits well. Whatever it is, it is bad if there is really something, so shall I returned and inform Anija and Aneja to be vigilant?” (Ashley)
“It would be better if you don’t do that. If they know that you are being vigilant, there will be a possibility that they do something to the royalties.” (Sirius)
There was no direct harm at this moment might be because the other side thought that there was no influence yet. Freesia looked worried about Ashley, and she kept persuading him from making sudden move.
“But, isn’t bad to leave it as it is? There must be something I can do–… oh yes! What about the things that you said before, Freesia?” (Ashley)
“That is not for now. My Lord, I understand that you are worried, but there is no need to be impatient since we are preparing for countermeasures.” (Freesia)
Although it was an emergency situation in a sense, she might know something because she was unusually calm.
“According to what I heard, Zilard-dono is going to do something big. Apparently, the preparation for overturning the inferiority of Sanger-sama is done.” (Freesia)
“Sorry for interrupting, but are you acquainted with Zilard-dono, Freesia-san?” (Sirius)
“Yes, I have provided him with several pieces of information. Actually, I received a letter from him last night, and the contents are…” (Freesia)
Occasionally, she would be asked for information from Zilard by using letters. The letter sent by Zilard asking for information that could be easily written, but at the end of the letter received last night, something was written.
“That is… ‘do not miss the opportunity’. There was no mistake that he knows what I am thinking. If the timing is done well with him, the possibility of improving the current situation will be high.” (Freesia)
“That bastard, I hate when he said that he was worried while preparing properly. We just have to support Anija.” (Ashley)
“I will have to grab the opportunity of taking action. So, please consider this only in your mind, my Lord. I will be in trouble if something happen to you.” (Freesia)
“I got it. I don’t like if I can’t see you if I do something weird.” (Ashley)
These two were exact opposite. Although their statuses were different with one on the surface and one behind the scenes, I thought they were well-matched. I hoped that they would go well. When I noticed it, these two were talking as if they were creating a space only for themselves, but Freesia, who realized that the talk started derailing, gently cleared the throat, and looked back at me.
“I’m sorry. I’ve showed you unappetizing sight, but that’s all from me. Do you have something else to ask?” (Freesia)
“I would like to ask the history of Sandor, and the past days of the heroes–…” (Sirius)
After that, my questions continued and I got some necessary information. I felt bad when listening to the dark side of Sandor… even though that part was erased from the history because it was too cruel, but that finally resolved my doubt.
“…Is that so?” (Sirius)
“It looks like I am able to meet your expectation. Do you have anything else?” (Freesia)
“No, this is enough. I will excuse myself for today because some people would worry about me if I go back late.” (Sirius)
“I understand. Until the next time…” (Freesia)
Ashley was going to stay a bit. As I was wondering the hidden meaning of Freesia’s words, we left the room.

We went back to the town of Sandor from the path we came to the village. While we were on a road with less people, I called Senia who walked next to me.
“You are unusually in a good term with her, isn’t it? Well, you did convince her to tell the secret path in a short time.” (Sirius)
“Yes. I feel it is strange too.” (Senia)
“If it’s because instinctive rather than reasons, I think it is going to be in a good relationship with her from now on. So… what do you want me to do?” (Sirius)
“What do you mean?” (Senia)
“You don’t have to play dumb. You weren’t just introducing an information seller to me, but you also wanted to do something and that was why you introduced me to her, right?” (Sirius)
“As I expected, you are aware of it. I didn’t say it because Ashley-sama is there, but I would like you to check Freesia-sama’s condition even once.” (Senia)
In addition, what I noticed wasn’t only Senia’s behaviors, but also Freesia’s appearance. Her eyes were beautiful, but the movement of the pupil could hardly be seen. Besides, even though Ashley was on her lap, the movement of the body was unusually awkward. There was no mistake that she had some kind of impairment.
“I would like you to tell me the symptoms in detailed.” (Sirius)
“Her vision suffered and she almost can’t move her legs because of poison she received long time ago. Plus, she can’t breathe unless there is a smell of burning incense in the room.” (Senia)
“Poisoned… is it? If it affects the whole body, the poison was likely to be a very strong poison.” (Sirius)
“It seems to be an injury of honor that she received for someone to be respected. The treatment with medicine and magic weren’t effective, but with Sirius-sama’s ability that used to diagnose Lifell-sama, I thought that you could find a way to alleviate the symptoms.” (Senia)
“Is that what you negotiated through that whisper? What were you going to do if I refused?” (Sirius)
“Are you going to refuse?” (Senia)
“…Got it. I’ll do it since she is your friend. I don’t have problem to diagnose her, but there is no guarantee, you know? Besides, if it’s about treatment, why don’t you ask for Reese’s help?” (Sirius)
What I could do were diagnosing through [Scan] and increasing resilience. Reese was surely agreed in no time, but I didn’t want Reese to get involved in this deeply. Anyhow, there was another schedule of treatment. Not just the king of Sandor but I also had checked the information seller who was active behind the scenes. Besides, since there was also mastermind, there was a need to be alert all times.
“According to her, it turned out Zilard is going to do something. I don’t know when it will be, but I must be careful not to get everyone involved.” (Sirius)
“No matter what happen, I will protect Lifell-sama and Reese-sama.” (Senia)
“Don’t get too worked up. Well… shall we return and report this at once?” (Sirius)
I felt irritated for taking passive approach since I had to wait for the other side to make moves, but unfortunately, I was already used to it. In order to let the disciples to obtain proper experience, I had to skillfully move around. I returned to the castle with Senia while thinking the preparation for future events.
After going to Princess Lifell’s room, Emilia noticed the smell and made a fuss to the point of questioning Senia, but after that, nothing happened and we returned to our room and went to sleep.

Today was the second day we stayed in Sandor’s castle. However, we received a surprise attack from early morning.
“Everyone, good morning! Will you work out with me from now on?” (Julia)
The reason why I said surprise attack was Princess Julia rushed to our room with several wooden swords in hands while her blond hair was fluttering.

Extra/Bonus – The Expected Development
After getting information, we returned to Princess Lifell’s room. Emilia greeted me and Senia with a full smile.
“Welcome back, Sirius-sama. Senia-san.” (Emilia)
“I’m back, Emilia. Nothing had happened–… right?” (Sirius)
Although nothing dangerous had happened, there was something to worry about. It was good that Princess Lifell was talking with Reese at the table, but I was concerned about Melt who was writing a memo with a difficult expression.
“Melt-san, is it? He asked about what kind of man that women like, so I thought him various things.” (Emilia)
“…What is it again?” (Sirius)
“I was asked that in the past too. It seems that he is studying how to become a suitable man for Lifell-sama.” (Senia)
I didn’t dislike it, but it was regrettable that he was the only man who Princess Lifell could lead around by the nose. I meant as for Emilia, the way of good man was based on me, but I didn’t think it would be very helpful.
While I was looking at Melt who continued working hard, Emilia came closer. She noticed my smell and turned into a serious look.
“Oh my, welcome back. The result is… uhm, what are you doing, Emilia?” (Lifell)
“This is the usual thing, so you don’t have to mind her.” (Sirius)
“…I smell Senia.” (Emilia)
“I was acting with Senia, so it’s obvious that there is her smell.” (Sirius)
“But, this is… a very strong smell. It looks like she was in contact for a while… could be that you clung to Sirius-sama’s arm?” (Emilia)
She was sharp as ever. I briefly explained so that Emilia would understand if she knew the circumstances, but rather than becoming refreshed… her expression turned intense.
“…Senia-san, what do you think of Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)
“Well, since he is Reesa-sama’s husband, he is someone I should serve. It’s not bothersome to serve for other needs if it is necessary to do so.” (Senia)
“Se-senia!?” (Reese)
“Oh my, isn’t amazing to be recognized by Senia? I will not stop whatever you want to do, but don’t get in the way of your job.” (Lifell)
“Hehe, I’ve received Lifell-sama’s permission, so how about this evening?” (Senia)
“I won’t allow that!” (Emilia)
Emilia was tolerant to the female companions, but she was strict against those who wanted to take advantage on me. However, she showed that kind of attitude toward Senia for some reason.
“I respect Senia-san as a senior of attendant. However, Senia-san’s master is Lifell-sama, so I will not recognize this unless Sirius-sama says so! More importantly, that is my job!” (Emilia)
As soon as Emilia told that she was the real attendant of mine, she clung to my arms with her ears and tail stood. I didn’t know the reason or why Emilia was jealous, but I wasn’t going to say anything since she was thinking of me.
“Anyhow, Reese. Please get on the other side.” (Emilia)
“Uhm… to do that in front of Nee-sama is a bit…” (Reese)
“Besides, he wasn’t alone with Senia-san only. In addition to other woman, there is a smell that I don’t know whether it is man or woman, but I can’t keep silent until we overwrite it with our smell.” (Emilia)
If it was the usual, Emilia would do it together with Fia, but since she was already sleeping, that would be inevitable for Reese. How should I put this… the smell of medicated scent filled in the room was supposed to stick on me, but let alone Freesia, she could also smell Rose… Emilia was really an amazing attendant in many ways.
Isn’t it alright? She can show the merit of Onee-chan to you guys.” (Lifell)
Then, Reese, whose escape route got closed off, came to cling on my arm.
“Ah… by the way, Melt-san. I think you will get high points if you hug your depressed partner tenderly, but I’m not showing you a weak appearance, alright?” (Emilia)
“Haa!?” (Melt)
“Hehe, but there should be any chance. Don’t overlook it, and watch me properly.” (Emilia)
“…Yes!” (Melt)
Whether Melt would gain knowledge or not, it seemed that he acted as usual.

Presenting Hokuto – Stress
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
That day, Hokuto was annoyed.
Although he was guarding the carriage in the Sandor castle, he was restlessly wagging the tail in front of the carriage now.
“…Woof!” (Hokuto)
Yes… the Master still hadn’t brush him today. This wasn’t because he didn’t make appearance in the previous story. He never said that he wanted the Master to do it every day, so to the bitter end, it was voluntary if Sirius did it every day. Of course, he could endure it for a few days because there were days where he didn’t get any brushing when the Master had work to do.
So… this was a situation when there was a reason why brushing couldn’t be done.
For this time, it was a problem to get nearby since this was a castle of another country.
Hokuto understood that the Master was also busy, and it wasn’t weird if he didn’t have time for brushing, but… that thought irritated him. To put it simply, Hokuto was in a situation like being half-dead.
[Woof! Woof!] (Hokuto)
[Woof? Woof!] (Hokuto)
Currently… there were Hokuto (White) and Hokuto (Black) fighting in his mind. Hokuto (Black) insisted that he should leave this place and asked Sirius to brush him, but Hokuto (White) argued that he should faithfully guard the carriage. Usually, it had to be Hokuto (White)’s decision, but due to the persistence of Ashley and Julia, the mental fatigue accumulated. So, the current thought of Hokuto was a bit stormy. As the stress gradually accumulated, he tapped the ground repeatedly with the tail in order to vent the stress even a little bit…
“Hokuto, sorry, I was late. I don’t have much time, but it’s time for brushing.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
[Woof!] (White Hokuto)
[Woonn!?] (Black Hokuto)
As Sirius came back from the information seller, Hokuto (Black) was blown away by Hokuto (White) along with the stress.


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