Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 104

One’s Back

— Reus —
"Fia… is it true?" (Sirius)
"The wind told me. It seems that a considerable number of monsters are approaching." (Fia)
Fia-ane's hometown was being attacked?
That was… not good!
I absolutely won't allow that!
If her hometown was attacked by monsters, her family would be eaten.
I didn't want Fia-ane to experience such a terrible thing.
"But, I think they will fine. The fighting Elves in the forest are very strong. So, to have victims even if they are attacked is…" (Fia)
"However, Fia-san's family is there, right?" (Reese)
"Well. To be honest, I am worried." (Fia)
I wanted to say 'Let's go right away', but I couldn't.
Because Al was also in a pinch now.
For that reason, I couldn't say that I wanted to save Al, so I was holding my head.
"How far is Fia's hometown from here?" (Sirius)
"If I fly in the sky with all my strength… maybe it will take a day? Even if I arrive there, both stamina and mana will be considerable exhausted though." (Fia)
Damn… what should I do!
But, if it was Aniki, he must have a good plan…
"That can't be helped. This was too much, but can we break through the center while riding the carriage? The obligation toward Parade is good enough if we reduced the number of monsters with spells while going through them. And then, we will go ahead towards Fia's hometown as it is." (Sirius)
"Wa-wait a sec, Aniki! Al… How about Al!?" (Reus)
"No problem. I have firmly taught Albert the secret of survival. Even if he is surrounded by monsters, he has the skills to run away." (Sirius)
"Ye-yeah! Albert was trained by Hokuto-san and Aniki, so there is no way he will be defeated." (Emilia)
"Eh?" (Reus)
Yeah… if Aniki believed so, I would also believe in him.
I was sorry for Al and Marina, but I was Aniki's attendant and disciple. I swore on that night that I would follow him anywhere.
"I got it Aniki, I will also… Fia-ane's–…" (Reus)
But… what if there was something and Al died?
I wasn't sure how much monsters were there but Al wasn't as strong as Aniki.
For him to be completely safe… that would be impossible.
"…Reus. Wait… Aniue is…" (Marina)
Marina… looked at me as if she depended on me.
That time, my friend, Al… was hugging Pamela-san.
When I saw how happy they were when they embraced each other, that made me very happy even though it wasn't about me.
That was… something I didn't want to lose for the second time.
I… I…
"What's wrong, Reus? Let's get on the carriage soon." (Reese)
"I… can't go." (Reus)
"…Say that again." (Reese)
"I can't go. I'm going to rescue Al!" (Reus)
When I noticed that I was shouting, Reese-ane was surprised.
"Reus… are you really sure? Are you not concerned about Fia-san's hometown?" (Reese)
"Fia-ane will be fine because Aniki is here! But, Al is different. He is alone right now!" (Reus)
"We don't know when will come back, so if there is something, we probably not able to come back here. Even if I come running back, by the time you help Albert, I will still be far away from you." (Sirius)
Even if the carriage was pulled by Hokuto, it was still faster than me.
Moreover, if I parted from Aniki and others, it would be difficult to detect the smell because Fia-ane's hometown was deep in a forest. I was told that I couldn't reach there without a guide, so it would be impossible to catch up with them later…
"I will do something about it! I will catch up with Aniki!" (Reus)
It would be alright if I waited here until Fia-ane's problem resolved, but… I didn't like it that way.
I was supposed to chase them, not wait for them!
Even if everything was resolved when I tried to catch up with them, I would still chase after Aniki.
But, what I cared most was…
"Reus. Did you forget the Oath of Silver Moon?" (Emilia)
Nee-chan stood before me with cold eyes.
[I swear to the moon that I will follow Sirius-sama forever until my life is running out.] (Reus)
Yes… I took that oath together with Nee-chan.
I was rescued by Aniki, and I decided to live only for his sake. It was my pride to protect that oath.
"It is different if Sirius-sama tells you to do so, but if you said something like that and go to Albert, isn't that like breaking the oath?" (Emilia)
As a person who served his lord… I wasn't worth to be a follower at the time that I didn't listen to Aniki's order.
I was talking about breaking the oath. It was a similar act of betraying Aniki and Nee-chan.
But… I still didn't like it.
"I understand that, you know! The oath is also important, but I can't leave Al! If I don't do it, I can't forgive myself!" (Reus)
"Yes… I will not say anything if that is what you have decided. Let's entrust this matter to Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"…Are you sure you want to do that?" (Sirius)
Aniki was watching me with a slight hopeless look.
Usually, Aniki would order me to help Al, but this time he didn't say anything.
There was no doubt that he had reasons and that was why he couldn't give the order.
Even so, I…
"Aniki… Nee-chan… I'm sorry, I will break my oath!" (Reus)
I sat down on the spot and deeply bowed my head as I arbitrarily went against Aniki.
"Reese-ane, Fia-ane, I'm sorry! But if Aniki is there and I'm not there… you will manage it somehow!" (Reus)
My heart was in immense pain.
There was no way for me to ask them and carry me to where Albert was.
I couldn't look at Aniki's face, so I ran toward the lake without hearing a reply.
"Everyone… I'm sorry…" (Reus)
"He had decided this on his own. You also have to go soon." (Emilia)
I heard Marina's voice from the rear, but I ran to break off from everything.

"It is impossible to get on a ship. Right now the port is full with the preparation of large ships." (Marina)
"I will ask for it!" (Reus)
"I told you, it's no good. Plus, if the ship hurried out, it will make the surroundings to become uneasy." (Marina)
Enduring the tears, I caught a sailor who was in the harbor and tried to negotiate, but it seemed that I couldn't get the important ship to cross the lake.
Damn it… Al might be in danger while I was doing this. I couldn't stop standing in such a place!
"Haa… haa… please wait." (Marina)
When I was looking for a ship who seemed to be moving, the breathless Marina came up.
That's right. I could use the ship on which Marina came to this place.
"Marina! Where is the ship you got on!?" (Reus)
"I got it, so calm down! Look, it's over there–… aah!?" (Marina)
There was a small boat on the side where Marina pointed, but a large ship was blocking it and it couldn't set out toward the lake.
"No way! Is there any alternative ship–…" (Marina)
"…There!" (Reus)
What I found was a small boat used to catch fish, and I thought that I could lift it with that size.
It was a boat that could only be ride with me and Marina by rowing with wooden rods, but I had no complaint.
"I will carry that boat! Please guide me to a place that will not interfere with other ships.
"Well. Over there!" (Marina)
Whether Marina had decided not to lose her way, she agreed with me and started running.
And when we approached the ship…there was a white and large presence was standing in front of us together with a gust of wind.
"…Hokuto-san. Why are you here?" (Reus)
Wasn't he heading out of the town together with Aniki…?
As I was confused, Hokuto-san made a small bark while facing the direction of the lake.
[Master has something left behind in Romanio, so He ordered me to get it.] (Hokuto)
"Something left behind… what is it?" (Reus)
[There is no need for you to know. Plus, since it takes time to prepare for the departure, while you are at it, I'm going to send you away…] (Hokuto)
What was this? Although they said they were in hurry to go to Fia-ane's hometown… I wonder if this was alright.
I was really grateful, but for me to betray Aniki…
[What's wrong? Is there something that make you hesitated? Although you did something unforgivable, isn't this matter also important? Are you telling me that everything is a waste regardless of appearance?] (Hokuto)
"!?" (Reus)
Aah… I was really immature. Hokuto-san was right. I had no time to feel hesitated.
As I quietly nodded, Hokuto-san sat on the spot to make it easy for me to get on his back.
"What's wrong with Hokuto-san?" (Marina)
"He will take us over there. Hokuto-san is ready!" (Reus)
"Eh!? Are you sure–… wait a sec!?" (Marina)
She was somewhat reluctant, but I pulled Marina's hand and put her on Hokuto-san's back.
It was my first time to get on Hokuto-san's back, but it was a very good ride.
[Grab the harness so you won't get thrown off. You should put your sword there too.] (Hokuto)
Since the harness which was a tool for pulling a carriage carried a belt that could be put with objects, I could put my sword there too. Aniki was really prepared.
Now that my back was available…
"Marina. Hold on to my waist so that you won't be thrown off." (Reus)
"Ehh!? But that's–…" (Marina)
"We're going to rescue Al, you know!" (Reus)
"Yo-you're right!" (Marina)
After Hokuto-san confirmed that Marina had held onto my back, he slowly got up and barked.
[It will be a bit rough. Hold on tight.] (Hokuto)
Hokuto-san, who had Marina and I on his back, kicked the ground and headed toward Romanio…
"Eh, Hokuto-san!? That way is the lake–…" (Reus)
Since it would be fine to go through mountain paths by Hokuto's foot, I was thinking that he would run along the lake, but Hokuto-san leaped toward the lake.
And Hokuto-san's forefoot, which greatly leaped forward, fell in the water… or not.
The reason was Hokuto-san kicked the lake as if it was a ground and leaped higher.
"Hokuto-san, what the heck is this!?" (Reus)
"Wh-what's going on!?" (Marina)
While we were still surprised, Hokuto-san kicked the water and went straight to Romanio.
What? This looked like Aniki's [Air Step].
[If I step by spreading mana in wide range, even if it is on water, it will become a good footing.] (Hokuto)
It was possible because there was resistant to water, and Hokuto-san taught me that while moving.
Since the consumption wasn't that much compared to [Air Step] that created footing on nothing in the air, I might be able to do it if I practiced well.
"Amazing… We have already reached half of the lake." (Marina)
"It will be fast if we are running straight on the lake–… eh wait a sec? Say Marina, I'm sure there is something in the center of the lake." (Reus)
"Eh? Aah… monster!?" (Marina)
Indeed, there was a huge monster lived in the center of the lake, and I heard that even a ship would be hit if that territory was approached.
As we remembered it, there was something huge popping out of the water in front of us.
"It really came out!?" (Reus)
"It's huge!?" (Marina)
With black color on its whole body, it was a enormous size fish with multiple horns, that were bigger than Guirdjieff's, grew on its head.
The monster, who noticed a loud noise caused by Hokuto-san, waited and opened its mouth trying to swallow every one of us.
However, Hokuto-san didn't try to avoid it. He continued straight ahead toward the monster.
"If it's going to be like this, I will slice it before we get eaten!" (Reus)
When I grasped my partner attached on the harness, a huge amount of mana overflowed from Hokuto-san.
[I am in the middle of carrying order. Don't get it the way.] (Hokuto)
A shock wave filled with mana unleashed from his mouth, and the monster that received a direct hit were blown off and whirled in the air.
The monster, which was blown off far up, fell into the lake while massively scattered the water and it became unable to move while floating without strength.
[Hmm, I made a foothold. Let's use it.] (Hokuto)
While we were surprised, Hokuto-san calmly leaped high by using the blown off monster as a foothold.
"…You know, that monster is called as the Demon of the Deine Lake because it sank a number of ships in the past." (Marina)
"Demon… huh." (Reus)
When I involuntarily turned around, the Demon or something that still alive dived into the water to escape.
"If you are involved with Hokuto-san, even Demon will be blown away, is it? As expected of Aniki's partner…" (Reus)
"Reus…" (Marina)
Partner… right?
I became stronger because I want to be his partner and to protect his back, but it might not be possible anymore.
When I was sad as I was thinking of Nee-chan's coldhearted eyes and Aniki's troubling expression, Marina strengthened her embrace while talking to me.
"Uhmm… I'm sorry. Because of me… Sirius-san and others…" (Marina)
"It's not because of Marina-san. I have decided this myself." (Reus)
Without telling anyone, I didn't want Al to get into troubles.
I parted away from Aniki without hearing a reply, but I still wanted to chase after Aniki's back. I didn't know when it would be, but if I could meet him again, I would apologize and asked to let me rejoin.
But now, I would do my best to help Al!
As I got fired up, Romanio was already closed before me.

— Albert —
On that day, a huge horde of monsters was approaching the peaceful Romanio.
For me, this town was also my hometown because I was here many times since I was very young. So, I offered myself to intercept the monsters.
Besides, there was also the marriage with Pamela. By overcoming the difficulty, I would be engaged with that girl.
According to the explanation of the reconnaissance, the number of monsters seemed to exceed eight hundred. Fortunately, I was able to gather people who could intercept them.
[Albert will be in the second group of the left wing. I will be in the first group of right wing.] (Wayne)
[We brilliantly separated, isn't it?] (Albert)
Since Wayne-san and I were known to be able to defeat Guirdjieff, both of us were placed in separate places.
When we arrived at a place to intercept monsters, Wayne-san tapped my shoulder as I was about to head to the place assigned to me.
[Listen, stay alive, Albert. If you die… I will be killed by my sister..] (Wayne)
[Is that your true feeling about being killed by Pamela?] (Albert)
[Haa… goodness, you are really matched with Pamela. So, let's quickly blow away those uncanny monsters, and let's have your marriage ceremony on the dot!] (Wayne)
[Yes! Wayne-san too, please be safe!] (Albert)
After that, I arrived at the predetermined position, and I caught the figure of monsters unrelentlessly running toward the town.
It seemed that some people were afraid of the strange sight where various monsters mixed together, but there was Romanio behind us. I absolutely couldn't fall back.
"Magic Group, get ready… fire!" (??)
Spells were released at the same time with the signal of the commanding officer. Subsequently, the traps prepared were activated and the number of monsters was remarkably decreasing.
When the monsters approached a certain distance, we, the adjacent melee corps, began our assault.
Thus, the all out battle against the monster started.

The place where I was assigned was with a squad assembled on the scale of approximately 100 people and the soldiers were mainly owned by Romanio nobles and guards of the town.
However, even though I had decided to hold marriage with Pamela, the ruler's daughter, I was a soldier at the moment. This squad was supposed to move by the command of a man employed by the Romanio noble.
"Haa!" (Albert)
"What a splendid swordsmanship! It's reassuring to have Albert-dono here." (Commander)
"Me too. I can fight in peace because everyone is fighting." (Albert)
I hardly experienced mass battles, but I graduated from Shishou and Hokuto-san, I had experience of assault from multiple enemies, so I was able to calmly cope with the situation.
Besides, there were people in the surrounding who wanted to protect the town and fought.
I slashed the monsters in front of me without worrying my back, but… I noticed something strange.
"Push forward! All at once!" (Commander)
It was true that we were pushing forward, but why they would only issue instructions to go forward since earlier?
I felt uncomfortable, and when I carefully looked around…
"… This is bad! Immediately retreat!" (Commander)
When I noticed, our squad was considerably heading forward. We were separated from other squads and were being isolated.
Why were we moving forward in such a situation… no, let's think about it later.
When I turned around to convey the words, the man who commanded our squad and the soldiers who were his immediate subordinates were beginning to retreat as a unit.
They were leaving us behind even though we were still fighting.
"Look! Where are those people going to!?" (??)
"Us too… damn! It's no good! We're completely surrounded!" (??)
"Which is the direction of the town!?" (??)
As expected, other companions were also started noticing and tried to chase, but we already had been surrounded by monsters.
People who commanded the group also disappeared. Some companions were confused and others were trying to make a charge to break through, but…
"Come back! There are too many of them– kuh!" (??)
The layer of over 100 monsters was thick, and my companions became prey to the monsters without able to accomplish anything.
The remaining of us kept fighting while protecting each other's back, but the situation was getting more dangerous.
Furthermore, the companions' fatigue started to appear in the extreme tension and unforeseen battle. The companions gradually became smaller as one after another killed.
"Are you alright!?" (Albert)
"I'm sorry, Albert-dono! But at this rate…" (??)
I kept fighting while helping my companions, but we would surely wiped out in this way.
In addition, without someone to command, we couldn't fight together or even escape.
We would be fine just a bit longer. If we had time to adjust ourselves even for a bit…
When I blew away a monster I slashed while thinking about how to get out of this mess, a nearby companion was about to be done by an Ogre.
The Ogre was a humanoid monster with twice my height held a strength hidden in that large body that could easily crush rocks. I would surely be done if I received the huge club stick it had in its hand.
"Let's do it!" (Albert)
I interrupted the club that the Ogre swung down with my sword and I repelled it. And then, I turned the sword upside down and slice its arm.
However, since I was tired due to continuous battle, I was late at dealing with fist from the Ogre's opposite hand.
"Damn– ughh!" (Albert)
Although I barely repelled it aside, I couldn't kill the impact and I unshapely rolled on the ground.
I tried to get up at once, but another Ogre grabbed my body and lifted me. It was going to crush me as it was.
"Albert-dono!? I will help you soon– eei, don't get in my way!" (??)
With the power of Ogre, my body would be easily crushed.
However, when I stabbed the knife I had on my waist into the Ogre's arm before it crushed me, the restraining hand relaxed because of the pain.
"Haa!" (Albert)
I didn't only escape during that gap. I jumped by using its arm as a foothold and sliced its neck.
"Phew… Next." (Albert)
Although it was somehow defeated, there were two new ogres stood in front of me.
In addition, the ogres weren't the only monsters. There were still a wide variety of monsters in the surroundings and they continued attacking us.
Help wouldn't come and it could be said that I was in a despair situation, but… I knew a worse despair.
Compared to the despair when confronting Shishou and Hokuto-san, this was nothing serious about this degree.
Therefore, I still could fight.
Besides, I have someone important to marry, and… she was waiting for my return.
And I want the wedding to be blessed by my friends and Shishou who had trained me until this far.
There was no way… I could give up, right?
[If you really want to survive, even if it gets nasty, keep on fighting. And if you want to give up, give up after you die.] (Sirius)
With the words Shishou taught that ingrained in my heart, I let out a loud war cry while directing my sword toward the incoming ogres.
"Haaa—-!" (Albert)
"Uooo–!" (??)
At that time, something fell from the sky together with roar that trembled the earth.
And when a lump of iron swung down on the Ogre that stood in front of me, it was cut into half.
"Dorashaaaa–!" (??)
And as he twisted his body on landing, the iron lump that was crushing the ground, cleanly divided the upper body and the lower body of the remaining ogre.
"What…?" (Albert)
Swinging a family great sword, who was this guy who displayed that sword technique?
He closely resembled my friend–… no, he was certainly a Silver Wolfkin, but he shouldn't be like a person with wolf hair grown on the whole body.
As I was surprised with the sudden change of the situation, the Silver Wolf man cried out while mowing nearby monsters.
"I will hold them here! Al can hold it over there!" (Reus)
"Is that you… Reus?" (Albert)
He had the power to mow everything with just one swing.
Listening to the way he called me, I was convinced that he was Reus.
"What are you doing!? A person trained by Aniki is not supposed to be this absent minded!" (Reus)
Yes, my friend came to help me. This was not a place to be absent minded.
"Sorry! Please wait for a bit!" (Albert)
"Aah! Let's end this before we get annihilated!" (Reus)
With those promising words, I looked back to see the state of surviving companions, but I saw a strange sight there.
"What is this? The monsters are…" (Albert)
"Oi, what is happening?" (Reus)
Numerous women appeared around the monsters, and they started attacking using anything they had. Furthermore, the assault hit other monsters, and they did it like they had one mind.
Anyhow, the monsters' assaults became relaxed, so I called my companion and brought him together.
At that time, a goblin noticed my voice came toward me, and when it pointed its sword…
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
The white presence that appeared like a wind was knocking down the goblin with forefoot.
An intimidating feeling of despair overflowed from this pure white fur. There was no need to explain who that was.
And then…
"Aniue!" (Marina)
"Marina…" (Albert)
The one who rode Hokuto-san's back was as I expected. It was Marina.
Although I had anticipated when I saw the illusions, but I didn't expected her to come here to help.
"I am glad that you came to help, but it is dangerous here. Hokuto-san, I'm sorry, but please bring my sister to a safe place–,…" (Albert)
"I don't want it! I am not a sister that will receive protection for Aniue forever! This time, I will rescue you, Aniue!" (Marina)
"!?" (Reus)
I couldn't say anything when Marina, who always relied on my back while trying to hide her tails, displayed a strong will.
"Besides, now is not the time to say that. For the sake of returning back to Aneue, please let me fight too!" (Marina)
"…Aah, will you help me, Marina?" (Albert)
"Of course!" (Marina)
Is that so? I guessed she had grown up. I instinctively let out tears thinking of my sister's growth, but the battle hadn't ended yet.
I sorted out my feeling, and started organizing the current situation.
"Oraaa–!" (Reus)
Since Reus was overwhelmingly rampaging, all monster's eyes were directed to him.
Moreover, due to the illusion that Marina unleashed, the monsters were disturbed and there was a low possibility of us being targeted.
"How long will the illusions last?" (Albert)
"I can't keep it too long. The illusion will disappear soon." (Marina)
If Reus and Hokuto-san were here, I thought that it wasn't impossible to annihilate surrounding monsters, but it would be best to leave at once since there was an injured person.
However, there were still many monsters in the direction toward Romanio. Even if we tried to break through with the lead of Reus, the flank and rear sides could be compromised.
When I was wondering what I should do, Hokuto-san put Marina down from his back and barked.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Yes, thank you very much." (Marina)
"Marina, where is Hokuto-san going?" (Albert)
"I will explain the situation later, but Hokuto-san has to go back to Parade." (Marina)
As what Marina had said, Hokuto-san turned around and went away.
The companion who was surprised by Hokuto-san's presence began to make noise as Hokuto-san's reliable appearance disappeared.
"Albert-dono! That wolf is not going to fight?" (??)
"Hokuto-san is forcing himself to bring us here. He is not going to fight with us, I think." (Marina)
"It-it can't be…" (??)
"Is that Shishou's instruction?" (Albert)
"Yes, it seems that he received orders only to carry us." (Marina)
If that was the case, it was pointless to hold him here.
Hokuto-san would only listen orders from Shishou. The reason why he didn't fight with us was probably because he got orders to return as soon as possible
"But, if we have that strength here…" (??)
"I understand your feeling, but it is impossible to rely on him. It's alright, I'm going to fight over there…" (Albert)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
As I told my companions to calm down, Hokuto-san gradually turned his body toward Romanio…
"Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
He was unleashing a shock wave from his mouth together with his roar.
The shock wave crushes the earth, and destroyed monsters like dead trees. Immediately after the shock wave went through, the figures of monsters were completely disappeared.
"Am-amazing…" (Albert)
"Wh-what in the world is that wolf?" (??)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
And then Hokuto-san started running through the path he created.
He turned his head at the time of leaving. I felt like he was saying 'do something later by yourself'.
He was strict during the training, but he was very nice in time of emergency.
"Let's escape, everyone! Let's go back to Romanio through the path Hokuto-san created!" (Albert)
Hokuto-san had made a path for us.
On top of that, whether the monsters were fighting by the shock wave earlier, they didn't approach the path Hokuto-san created.
Besides, since the visibility became clearer…
"Look, we can see other groups! We need to quickly join them!" (Albert)
"All right, Albert-dono, let's go." (??)
"No, everyone else go ahead. Because I will stay here." (Albert)
My companions were amazed with what I'd say, but that was already decided.
"It is my friend who is fighting over there. I will protect his back."(Albert)
"If that's the case, let's retreat with that man…" (??)
"Either way, we have to suppress these monsters. I won't fall behind with this degree of monsters if I am together with him." (Albert)
Every time Reus' greatsword was swung, the monsters were either sliced or blown away.
However, his movement was stiff a bit maybe because he was wary of assault from his rear. It was my duty to bring out Reus' seriousness by joining with him soon.
"Understood. Good luck." (??)
"You too. Go back and get treatment." (Albert)
While helping the wounded, the companions walked down the path Hokuto-san created. They probably convinced with Reus' strength.
Whether the fear still remained, the monsters gave up approaching the companions walking on the path. It seemed that they were aiming at us.
"Aniue, is it alright for me to make the illusions disappear?" (Marina)
"Yes, preserve your mana. And… Reus!" (Albert)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
When I called the name of my friend, Reus came straight away and put his back against mine.
Like before… Reus came nicely.
There were still many monsters left, but the feeling of despair was no longer there. On the contrary, I had a smile on my face.
"So, what are we going to do?" (Reus)
"We will do as usual. Reus will swing with all your strength, and I will assist you." (Albert)
"I will work hard as well." (Marina)
"I leave it to you. But do not push yourself." (Albert)
"That's right. I will protect you, so don't ever leave me." (Reus)
"Y-yes…" (Marina)
Haha, although she would rebel if this was a normal circumstance, she was really cute today.
As expected, if it was you…
Plus, I was concerned with his appearance of a wolf, but Reus was just Reus.
More than anything, how should I thank him when he came to such a place to help me?
No… let's do that later.
The highest priority right now was to end the crisis of Romanio by completely annihilating the monsters.
"They're coming, Al! I leave the rear to you." (Reus)
"Leave it to me." (Albert)

Extra/Bonus 1
This is a joke material. (Author)
There was a small boat on the side where Marina pointed, but a large ship was blocking it and it couldn't set out toward the lake.
"No way! Is there any alternative ship–…" (Marina)
"…There!" (Reus)
What I found was a bird-shaped boat.
It was written with Swan… Boat or something.
"Let's go with that!" (Reus)
"Eh… ehh!?" (Marina)
And then, I got into the boat and desperately pedaled. The boat went along the lack while raising intense splashes.
"Say Reus… Is it just my imagination that this is embarrassing?" (Marina)
"It's just your imagination!" (Reus)
"…Woof." (Hokuto)
Hokuto, who lost the timing to enter the scene, was watching them while sweating.
Extra/Bonus 2
NG Scene
"Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
He was unleashing a shock wave from his mouth together with his roar.
The shock wave crushes the earth, and destroyed monsters like dead trees. Immediately after the shock wave went through, the figures of monsters were completely disappeared.
"Am-amazing…" (Albert)
"Wh-what in the world is that wolf?" (??)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Accordingly, Hokuto-san made a mistake in adjusting the strength, and I noticed that he had involved some of the troops that were protecting Romanio.
"…" (Reus)
"…" (Reus)
"…" (Reus)
"Woof♪" (Hakuto) (Translation: Tehehe♪")
"""Don't try pretending!""" (Reus/Albert/Marina)
Presenting Hokuto
Since Hokuto was energetic today, he was taking a day off.

TLN:The title may sound awkward, but nothing much I can do because the title in raw is 背中 (Senaka). Any other suggestion? LOL


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