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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Volume 8 intermission 3

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— Bandits’ underling —
I think it's difficult to survive.
I lost my parents when I was young. I, who was being raised in an orphanage, walked away from the orphanage to become an adventurer.
It's not that I was getting tired with the orphanage. It's because I know that Sister-kaasan who manages the orphanage is having trouble with money. (TLN: He called her as a mother and she is a Sister from church.)
That's why I became an adventurer to help Sister-kaasan but I had my hands full with living just by selling monster's raw materials and handling requests. Speaking of me getting out of the orphanage, I think the orphanage has less one mouth to feed when I'm not there.
I was desperately living through this and before I noticed, five years have passed.
Furthermore, I became penniless since I got cheated recently so I became desperate and joined the local bandit organization, [Wolf’s Fang].
It's been only two days when I joined the bandit organization so I haven't stolen anything or attacked anyone but… I laughed at how low I've become.
“What is it, boy? Why are you laughing suddenly?" (Lior)
“Nah… don't worry about me." (??)
My job is to watch for merchants that comes through the highway in the forest. And if I find a merchant, I will chop a nearby tree to make them stranded, return back to the hideout, and make a report.
So I kept on watching and I didn't find any merchants but a strange old man.
I've been watching from above a tree and when that strange huge old man came, he collapsed. It seemed like he fell down because he was hungry, so to make me take on a meal, I hunted a nearby monster and cooked something simple.
I was thinking to take all his possession because I was a bandit but since I know the pain of being hungry, I helped him inadvertently. For me to do such a thing, I think I'm not suited to be a bandit. The old man who finished eating the meal got well in no time, he said he wanted to return favor and I kept him accompany while surveying him.
He carries an abnormally huge greatsword and his muscles are abnormally bulged up and that kept me watching him.
“But no one is coming. Aren't you bored, boy?" (Lior)
“It is my job. If I don't like it, I would probably go somewhere else." (Bandit)
“I have received a meal from you, boy. I'm saved because of your meal." (Lior)
I don't feel good to be called as boy but since I know for sure that I can't beat this old man if I handle this poorly, I'll just let him call me what he wants. I don't think I can beat an old man that carries such lump of iron easily.
The afternoon passed just like that and let alone any travelers but not one merchant went by. I continued watching out since I didn't have to do any other things and the old man who sat nearby spent his free time tending his sword. It couldn't be helped for him to feel bored so he spoke to me after he was done with his sword.
“Come to think of it, the meal that you boy cooked just now was considerably delicious. Your skill is good too so isn't better for you to be cook rather than bandit?" (Lior)
“…I have no money and the time needed to procure food outside is long, you know." (Bandit)
“Is that so? It's a waste when you have such skills, you know." (Lior)
Truthfully, I don't want to be an adventurer or a bandit but I wanted to be a cook. Thus, I worked hard to learn cooking and I hoped I could open my own restaurant someday.
But when did I give up after learning that harsh reality?
I don't have money even if I wanted to be a cook. Even if I want to open a shop, employing workers, cooking utensils, food ingredients… they all require money. Is it alright for me aiming to become a cook when I don't have money? Old man, you're saying this in your own way without getting affected with my circumstances…
While thinking about that, I looked at the old man without saying anything and he suddenly stared intensely at me. Oops, did I say it out loud?
“Boy… something is coming." (Lior)
The old man said that and turned his eyes to the highway but I couldn't see anything.
“Nothing is coming. You're saying nonsense, Jii-san." (Bandit)
“It will come soon with that speed, you know? Look, over there." (Lior)
When I looked where the old man pointed at, it was far but I surely think that's a carriage.
…Perhaps I should say it was very far, but how did the old man notice it? Although I only noticed it at that distance because of my good eyes, he said it earlier confidently.
“Err Jii-san, could you have, by any chance, known that a carriage was coming?" (Bandit)
“That's not it. I just perceived it's presence. Isn't this natural to do something like this as an adventurer?" (Lior)
No, that's absolutely not true.
I did jobs with intermediate and advanced adventurers in the past but I haven't met someone who can perceive from such distances.
While I still have doubt, the old man stood before a big tree and looked at me.
“The next flow is to chop the tree to block the road, right?" (Lior)
“Aa, aah… yes, it is. Since I have hatchet, I would chop tree to block the road. But since the tree is big, it's impossible–…" (Bandit)
When I took out the hatchet from my bag, a loud noise reverberated and the big tree next to the old man fell down. Next to me was the figure of an old man who swung his sword.
“What a fragile tree." (Lior)
“…" (Bandit)
It would probably take half a day to chop down that big tree with my hatchet but that old man took it down in an instant. The tree fell to the side of the highway but… the old man lightly picked it up and set it in the middle of highway.
I looked dumbfoundedly at that sight because the most troublesome work was done easily.
” Jii-san… what on earth are you?" (Bandit)
“Hmmm? I'm just a common old man who's on travel. It's nothing to be surprised, you boy can do it right?" (Lior)
“Is that possible!?" (Bandit)
“Though that boy could do it, it's weird huh…" (Lior) (TLN: He meant Sirius or Reus)
He talked to himself but what had I picked up? I probably had picked up a dangerous man and I started to regret about this soon.
“Anyway, the preparation is perfect. Look boy, this is not a situation for you to make that puzzled face, you know?" (Lior)
“Aa, aah… but we can only confirm the other party when they get closer." (Bandit)
By looking from here, I could only see a carriage but I don't know who they were. It is because I want to avoid it in case of a strong adventurer and not a merchant,.
I waited for a while and finally I could confirm their identity when they got closer.
“Wow, it appears that that is a merchant who you have been waiting for. Then, immediately–…hmm, what's wrong, boy?" (Lior)
“That is… I have no doubt." (Bandit)
There were two strong men who seemed to be the guards of the carriage but the one that I gave my attention too was the man who sat on the coachman stand. With that fat belly, he reminds me of someone who has a greed for money. That guy was a guy who meddled with our orphanage.
He came to the orphanage many times and wanted to take me, who has no relation with him, and other kids but I remember that Sister-kaasan refused everything. He seemed like a good person from what we've heard but we understood later that he was a slave merchant. The Sister-kaasan knew about it but she never thought about selling us even after how hard life was and she continued to decline him firmly.
After a short while, the orphanage caught on fire and my younger sister died because she got rolled up in it. After that, the slave merchant was not only not coming too help but he disappeared from the town. Thus, I am convinced that the slave merchant was the criminal.
To meet that slave merchant in such place… this also must be fate.
Although I have fallen as a bandit, I'm still hesitate to attack people but if it's this guy, I would attack him without reserve.
“Is he someone you know, boy?" (Lior)
“I'm not related to him but I know what kind of guy he is. That guy is a slave merchant and he was the criminal who burned my house." (Bandit)
“Hmm… I don't understand it but he's a bad guy, right?" (Lior)
“Aah, that's right. I'm glad that my first work is him. I can attack that guy without reserve and the decision to continue being a bandit lives on." (Bandit)
Thanks to the old man, those guys will stuck here for a while. It seemed the number of escorts was few so I should go report to the base immediately. But when I looked at the old man, he who stood beside me earlier was standing grandly in the middle of the road.
“O-oi Jii-san, what are you doing!? I'm going to return and call for my friends now so don't meddle unnecessarily." (Bandit)
“In short, it is fine to snatch valuables from those guys right? They'll probably run away while you call your friends, isn't it better to do it as soon as possible?" (Lior)
“They also have guards so can we do it with two only?! Listen, I'll go there immediately and come back, Jii-san!" (Bandit)
“I have no problem with them. Besides, it seems like the other party noticed us too." (Lior)
I called the old man to return while hiding behind the tree but it was already too late. The escorts who walked along the carriage looked at the tree that blocked the road and the old man who stood magnificently crossing his arms and approached cautiously.
“What is that old man doing in the middle of the road? You're a hindrance so move it." (Escort1)
“No, can we even move the tree behind him? Hey old man, do you know since when has the tree been there?" (Escort2)
“I know it, it was since few minutes ago. Of course since I put it." (Lior)
“”Haa!?"" (Guard)
Oi old man… although the escorts were so unprepared no matter how you look at it, why would you expose your doings? Three additional escorts came out from the carriage so no matter how strong the old man is, the difference in number is just too obvious.
I was wondering whether I should jump out or not but I felt like already losing even when there's one extra. It's pathetic but is there no other way than giving up because of that old man's doing?
“Oi oi, what is going on?" (Slave Merchant)
“No, it's not only the old man blocking the road, he said he put the tree behind him. I am troubled of what to do." (Escort1)
“… It's surely troublesome. Oi, you old man over there, what on earth do you want to do?" (Escort2)
“You're wrong, I'm not a old man, I'm just a ordinary traveler. Anyway, leave all of your valuables." (Lior)
I don't even understand what he meant by 'anyway'. Besides, even if he said he was a traveler, no matter how you look at his action and words, you can't see him as nothing but a bandit.
The other party's reaction was perplexed by what that lump of muscle old man said but the trader ordered the escorts while having cold eyes.
“Whatever you do is alright with that slow headed old man. Get rid of him if he becomes a hindrance." (Slave Merchant)
“Understood. Since this is the employer's order, don't think of us badly, old man." (Escort1)
“Did you think I would do such a foolish thing?" (Lior)
“Take that out quickly. Is your sword just for decoration, you fool!" (Escort2)
When the old man drew the sword behind his back and made huge swing to the escorts, wind arose and greatly shook the surrounding trees. The escorts were disturbed with that force but the two escorts that were out from the carriage since the beginning didn't flinched and prepared weapons against the old man.
“This guy is a formidable opponent." (Escort1)
“Aah, do you think you can beat us, the 'Mirror brothers'?" (Escort2)
The two called 'Mirror Brothers' were wearing same clothes and swords as if they are mirroring each other. Since their faces also similar, I guess they are twins.
Then, the two began to run towards the old man at the same time and since their running appearance were similar and crossed zigzagging many times, it was their strategy to confuse the opponent. It was nothing if they were seen from the side but they displayed a threat if seen from the front.
“The old man's strength is probably tremendous, can we defeat him?" (Escort1)
“Eat this!" (Escort2)
One of them made a big jump while the other assault from sideways at the same time. If it's me, I would be swayed, late to respond or couldn't respond with any technique but speaking of the old man…
“You're not bad but this is easy since there is a fool jumping out!" (Lior)
The scary thing was the old man jumped at the same time with his opponent, and then he swung his sword down. The man who couldn't move his body in the air concluded that he couldn't evade the attack so he defended with the sword he had but the old man's greatsword cut him right in half.
The other man took a chance from that gap to attack but the old man was faster. While still in a swinging posture in midair, the old man swung sideways, the other man had his upper body part neatly separated from the lower body part.
Or perhaps I should say, the old man is the suspicious one!? To swing a greatsword lightly like feather, as if he's been moving only to kill.
Seriously, what have I picked up!?
“””…""" (Other 3 escorts)
“What is it? Next!" (Lior)
The remaining escorts completely lost hope at the old man's abnormality. I think it is reasonable for them to surrender if they are shown such a spectacle. If I'm the one who stood there, I would have already given up.
“…O-oi. You guys, go get him." (Slave Merchant)
“No! With that kind of opponent, no matter how many lives I have, it's not going to be enough!" (Escort3)
“What is this, why has such a monster appeared on the highway!?" (Escort4)
“What is it, if you're not coming, I'll be coming at you." (Lior)
“””I surrender!""" (Escort3/4/5)
They were just adventurers and their decision was quick. Those three threw their weapons immediately and knelt on the ground. That old man was looking uninterestedly, he released his combat readiness and placed the sword on his shoulder, pointed his finger from the escorts to the ground.
“I'm not going to take your life if you surrender but do you still remember what I've said in the beginning?" (Lior)
“E-err…leave the valuables…right?" (Escorts)
“Hmmm. After all, if I tell in detail, leave your weapon too. Anyhow, leave this place. Well, I allow you to leave with your clothes on." (Lior)
“Say, how about our life…" (Escort)
“I don't know. You're the bad ones since you knew he is a slave trader. But if it's your life, it's fine." (Lior)
That old man, isn't he a more talented at being a bandit compared to me?
And then, he kept giving ridiculous orders for a short while.
“Not just your weapons, your armor to! Take off everything!" (Lior)
“Hiiii!?" (Escorts)
“Come on, take it out! Take whatever you have because I can hear the sound of money! I'm telling you, don't try to hide it!" (Lior)
“S-sorryyy!" (Escorts)
“I hear adventurers sew money on their clothes in case of emergency but… how about others?" (Lior)
“Forgive us, we'll take it out immediately!" (Escorts)
…Old man, you're really want to take away everything. He doesn't seem too want to take there life but if it's only attitude, is he not as bad as a bandit?
He took everything away just like that, even if they ran away, the only remaining was the slave merchant. The horse also got scared and wasn't able to move because the old man kept glaring, and the merchant who was amateur at fighting also unable to move.
“Hmm this is fewer than what I expected. How about this, boy? Are these good enough?" (Lior)
“…I also don't expect that." (Bandit)
I stopped hiding when I looked at the old man starting to calculate the stolen money and valuables. I didn't want to be seen as his friend and that's why I didn't go out but since I wanted to ask that merchant, it's different.
“W-what are you guys?" (Slave Merchant)
“I've been telling you before, I'm just an ordinary traveler." (Lior)
“How on earth are you an ordinary traveler!? Whose instigation is this!?" (Slave Merchant)
“I'm nobody. If I have to say it, I think you are being unlucky to go pass here." (Lior)
” Jii-san, I have something to say to this guy so will you let me?" (Bandit)
“Hmmm." (Lior)
Has the old man understood my serious mood because he refrained himself from saying anything at the back.
While feeling thankful towards the old man, I pointed my sword at the merchant. He was scared until he couldn't move from the coachman seat, so I asked question.
“Hey, aren't you slave trader? Didn't you take children from the orphanage back in the past?" (Bandit)
“W-what are you saying? I don't know any orphanage!" (Slave Merchant)
“Is that so? Although you said it confidently, the old man at the back won't be silent if you lie, you know?" (Bandit)
The old man began to pretend, according to my say, by swinging his sword. Wind rolled behind my back and I was slightly scared but I'm grateful that he matched the rhythm.
“How about it? Your life doesn't matter since I'm a bandit. If you're not honest, I'll kill you and take away your carriage." (Bandit)
“Nuuu! I'm going to kill him! The time is right!" (Lior)
“Hiiiiiiiiii–! I know the orphanage! I took the children and sold them as slaves!" (Slave Merchant)
The old man rode the situation and sliced the tree he put on the road but… isn't he good at acting?
A situation where the thick tree was completely sliced like paper was shown, the trader's spirit was easily broken. That was great but was it necessary to slice the tree?
“Well then, one more question. Didn't you setup the fire on some orphanage five years ago?" (Bandit)
“T-that is…" (Slave Merchant)
“My sword has a thirst for blood!" (Lior)
“Y-yes! I set up the fire! Since a stubborn woman kept declining many times, for the sake of revenge—…" (Slave Merchant)
Thereupon, the merchant’s voice was interrupted. The reason was simple, it was because I cut off his head.
Since I've become an adventurer for five years, things like killing people would happen many times. But that was because I was attacked, and it is necessary to attack them back in order to survive. I made progress as I don't want to kill people but it's different if it's this guy.
Because of him causing the fire, life got more difficult, my brothers and sisters were in trouble, and above all, my precious younger sister died. The revenge that I've already given up was unexpectedly… I was able to carry it out.
I set aside the rolled neck, my tears naturally flowed as I put my swords back in.

The old man moved the round sliced tree from the highway without saying anything while I cried until I calmed down for little while.
“…Thank you, Jii-san." (Bandit)
“What is it? I'm just acting no more than a fake bandit, you know." (Lior)
“But still. Thanks to you, I was able to carry out my revenge. I just want to say thanks." (Bandit)
“Don't worry about it. I have received a meal from you boy, so we're even." (Lior)
“Is that so? Alright. I'm glad I found you, Jii-san." (Bandit)
Well, the gloomy talk has finished so what should I do from now on? Anyhow, I rob the escorts' money and obtained the trader's carriage entirely. It's sufficient result for working as a bandit.
However… my head was full with revenge which made me forget that this guy was a slave trader.
Of course, inside his carriage was…
“…They're in there as expected." (Bandit)
“It's only girls and children huh." (Lior)
There was a big cage among the carriages, and there were three slaves imprisoned inside it. All of them were beastkin and they were put on with slave collar, and it was natural for them to be scared when they saw the old man and I who suddenly appeared.
“Err…who are you guys? So, the escorts are no more?" (Slave1)
“Well… we are…" (Bandit)
The rabbitkin who seemed to be the oldest among three of them spoke. I was troubled of what I should say but the old man answered while laughing.
“We are a traveler and a bandit who happened to pass by. The owner and the escorts for this carriage have been chased away." (Lior)
“Bandit!?" (Slave1)
“Arrgh, Jii-san, just shut up!" (Bandit)
Since they were getting more frightened when they heard about bandit, I raised both my hands, The slaves finally calmed down, I was pulled by the old man and led to the exterior part of the carriage.
“What do you plan to do with those children? Are you going to return to your hideout?" (Lior)
“Aah, you…are right." (Bandit)
Although there are some who discriminate beastkin, bandits are always hungry of women. Therefore, if I bring those guys with me, I assume I'll be considerably promoted. Looking at today's result, I may not need to work as a lookout anymore.
Besides that, the amount of money that I will make will increase. If I do so, I probably can help Sister-kaasan.
But…these girls' eyes looked like the eyes of my brothers and sisters in the orphanage. They didn't say anything but their eyes appealed desperately for help.
“It will be difficult to let them free since they were already the collar put on and it's going to be hard for them to survive too." (Lior)
“That's right. But I…" (Bandit)

“Excellent, you guys, cheers!" (??)
After that, we took the package that we stole back to the hideout.
It seemed that there were companions who acted separately from us and attacked a big company and we're having feast in the hideout since they gained a considerable income.
“Nevertheless, what has the rookie been doing!? You pillaged a trader and made money without calling us." (??)
“No… I was just lucky." (Bandit)
“Even so. It is regrettable. If the merchant whom you attacked hasn't returned with his goods, you would be praised by the boss over there." (??)
Yeah… I let them go after all.
I found the key for the slave collars from the body of trader whom I murdered, and I freed the slaves. I forcibly handed over half of the stolen money and the carriage, and I bid them farewell. I was thanked by the girls but I honestly want to help them and I should send them to a safe place.
But, I am a bandit. So, what I did was giving them a chance and it's up to the girl’s' strength to stay alive after that.
I parted from them, carrying half the portion of money and goods on my back and returned to the hideout, and then I reported the outcome in this way.
I attacked the small number of merchant’s escorts but I couldn't make a lot of money since he returned with his goods. Besides that, since my horse died in battle, I wasn't able to secure the carriage…
The boss was disgusted but I wasn't blamed because there was some income, my evaluation went up a bit and I was allowed to participate in the feast.

I was focusing on eating because I didn't feel like drinking but I was shown something different on the other side of the feast.
“Ooo–! The old man's drinking style is good!" (??)
“This is how you drink sake! Huhahaha!" (Lior)
“Well, how about this one? This strong sake that I stole from trader can burn like a fire, you know?" (??)
“Which one? Hmmm…well then!" (Lior)
…For some reason, the old man followed me to the hideout.
I certainly think that he would follow the girls but he said he still hadn't return the favor so he stayed.
He wanted to help bring the stolen money and goods. He will be accepted if I told them about him being useful since he is a strong old man. He participated in the feast nonchalantly, I don't understand, how did he get along well with others. Anyhow, the sake he drank just now, 'Killing Sake' can make someone faint with a gulp. And yet he didn't drink with cup but drank it directly.
“The old man whom you brought is interesting. Can he really swing that sword?" (??)
“Aah, he swings it like a twig. This is my first time meeting such strong old man." (Bandit)
“Yeah… he somewhat got mixed up in it. By the way, is that old man very strong? It's all good since the boss allowed it but the damage will be great if he acts violently." (??)
“I think it will be alright." (Bandit)
Although we've known each other for a mere half day, I understood that the old man won't swing his sword without reason. There are numerous high tension actions but he is returning the favor so he resigns from killing other than his enemies.
Unless no one hit the switch, they won't be attacked by the old man.
“Oi boss! I just returned." (??)
“Ou, you're late. Did something happened?" (Boss)
“It's nothing, I found a carriage with no escort when I returned, as I was attacked on the highway!" (??)
Another group was late returned with result.
The result was somehow or rather unexpected, they entered the hideout with good mood because of it.
“Look! Although there is trace of being slaves, aren't these three girls pretty? We can enjoy entirely for today's feast!" (??)
They are the girls that I let go.
Though they smiled when we separated, they had despair eyes similar when they were in the cage.
“O-oi rookie!" (??)
I started to run when I noticed, and I hit the man who caught the girls.
I protected those dumbfounded girls behind my back, I was confronted by the bandits who had misgivings eyes.
“…What is your intention, rookie?" (??)
“N-no… these are my younger sisters, so I want you to stop…I think?" (Bandit)
Aah, what have I really done!?
Even though I let them go secretly and made false report… why were they suddenly caught!?
Though I should have abandoned them… though I shouldn't have jumped out, my body moved on its own!
“It seems like… a punishment before these girls." (??)
“Shall we have side entertainment, guys!?" (??)
By the boss order, fifty nearby bandits started making noise. They all picked up weapons and slowly approaching us. The girls who I hid behind shiveringly grabbed my clothes but it's impossible for single person to face these number of opponents.
I couldn't escape because I was surrounded… I'm going to die.
“Hmmm, although it's early, shall we?" (Lior)
The moment I heard such carefree voice… a bandit whirled to the sky.
While ten nearby bandits whirled into the sky and dropped down unsightly, the old man swung down his sword while laughing. And before I knew it, he threw a mantle that he was holding at me and shouted while cutting the nearby bandit in half.
“Boy! Cover the girl’s' eyes! Protect them even if you die!" (Lior)
I didn't think about the reason and like the old man said, I wrapped the girl’s' head with the mantle. They resisted a bit but they didn't after I hugged them.
“It's alright! Don't move because I will protect you guys no matter what!" (Bandit)
There is no basis or reason but I said it with confidence. And when I turned to pick up a sword in order to protect against bandit who target the girls… the place become a hell.
“Hahahaha! So fragile! Even a tree is stronger!" (Lior)
“What is this guy— guhaa!" (??)
“H-help— oguu!" (??)
“Someone who can use magic, do— agyyaaa!?" (??)
Whenever the old man swung his sword, the body of the thief disappeared, and their hands or feet were scattered. While soothing the girls a bit, half of the bandits were killed.
“Run fast from this monster—!" (??)
“No one will escape! 'Hard Break'!" (Lior)
When he swung his sword while shouting something, an impact that I didn't understand happened and the gathered bandits were struck and sunk into the wall. It was my first time seeing someone fly horizontally. Yeah.
Now that I noticed… am I not needed here?
Although I said I would protect them even if I died, that was only against those who escape from the old man but it seemed there was no space for them to escape huh?
“You bastard! How dare you bring such monster!" (??)
When I thought there was one bandit coming at me, I prepared my weapon but the bandit was cut in half before I dealt with him, and there was a figure of the old man who swung down his sword from behind.
“Didn't I say no one can escape!?" (Lior)
Err… even if he didn't say that to me, why do I tremble so much? Though the girls didn't see or get hit with the old man's bloodthirst, they trembled more and more.
“Hei hei, next!" (Lior)
“””Help—!""" (??)

And then, the hell was over.
We escaped from the room that was smeared with red and assembled at the boss' room that was comparatively clean.
“It's going to be alright from now on. You guys can remove the mantle." (Lior)
“Y-yes…please." (Girl)
The old man asked me to block their eyes with mantle because he didn't want to let those girls see terrible sights. It was surely an intense scene for a girl and children so the old man's action was correct.
Whether he is a monster or not, he still has in mind to worry about girls and children.
“Huhuhu… you don't have to be afraid of me. I am nice person." (Lior)
…I thought of something different though. Anyhow, I took off their mantle and smiled at them.
“You don't have to worry this time since the bandits were exterminated." (Bandit)
“Not just once but twice… Thank you very much." (Girl)
“Thank you, Onii-chan!" (Girl2)
“Thank you very much!" (Girl3)
They understood that they were saved, and they embraced me while shedding tears. I'm happy but… it wasn't me who helped them but the old man. I am not the person who should be thanked.
“Hmm, the one who helped you guys was not me but that old man at the back. I wasn't able to do anything." (Bandit)
“That's wrong. Although you are a bandit, you did not only free us but you protected us when we got caught again. There is not anyone who can do that." (Girl1)
“You were reliable, Onii-chan." (Girl2)
“For whatever reason, we were saved." (Girl3)
They were grateful until that extent huh?
Apart from Sister-kaasan, I, who lived desperately, almost had no time to be appreciated. I became happy because of their pure thought that touched my heart.
“And then Ojii-san, for helping us— hiii!?" (Girl1)
“Thank you, Ojii— nyaaa!?" (Girl2)
“Very strong—kyaaa!?" (Girl3)
When they want to thank the old man, they hid behind my back while screaming. The old man who looked at that scene, he was no doubt the man who defeated the bandits but there was no mistake that he was overwhelmed with how the girls reacted.
“Wha…why!? Even though they didn't see it! Shouldn't you say 'thank you, Ojii-chan!'?" (Lior)
“No, look at your body, old man." (Bandit)
It was deep red because of the blood. To make matters worse, the bandits' fingers and meat were attached to his body, Although I'm experienced with it, I'm still scared you know.
“Nuoooo—! I want to be called as Ojii-chan by a grandchild! Emiliaaaa!" (Lior)
A grandchild…will there be a grandchild for the old man that looks like a monster?
By the way, who is Emilia?

After that, we gathered valuable goods in the hideout and took a carriage. Then we came over to the nearby town.
I sold the valuable goods that I collected, and I reported that the old man annihilated the bandit group 'Wolf's fang' and asked for a reward. They disputed because there was no proof but the guildhead came out midway and forced me out.
In the following day, I gathered the bandits' personal things and brought to them. The old man who stole the money from the escorts spent it the way he likes and the girls now are not slaves any more, they are already ordinary people. They are probably going to face hardship but I want them to live like normal even if for a little bit.
“Thank you so much… for buying us a lot of things." (Girl1)
“The old man said to spend it the way I like, so don't mind about it. However, what will you guys do from now on?" (Bandit)
“In regards of that, we would like to repay your kindness. Therefore, will you take us along with you?" (Girl1)
“What?" (Bandit)
The bandit organization has been annihilated, since I'm not a bandit anymore, I plan to return to my hometown. I got the money and I plan to open restaurant in my hometown. And I decided to support the Sister-kaasan financially with the money I gained this time.
The girls said they want to come with me.
“Me too, please. Since I'll be helpful for sure." (Girl1)
“Did you tell Ojii-chan that you want to open a restaurant? If that's the case, you want manpower and I can work as your assistant." (Girl2)
“Will that be alright? You guys have gained freedom, you know?" (Former Bandit)
“We have decided to follow you since we are freed. Is it no good?" (Girl1)
“Have it your way. It's just that I don't know whether I am able to support you or not. So you have to prepare yourself." (Former Bandit)
As what the girls said, it is necessary to have manpower for the restaurant, and I couldn't abandon them after all. If we're going to depart like this, I decided to rescue the girls if they are kidnapped again.
“””Thank you very much.""" (Girls)
I felt awkward and couldn't respond with anything and then the old man appeared slightly away from the adventurer guild. I immediately noticed him since he has a huge body and shouldering a huge sword.
By the way, I'd sold various things and doubled the reward for annihilating the bandits, so I planned to distribute the money. Even if I say so, the old man was the one who entirely earned the income by acting violently. Thus, I have no right to make the decision. Since it was the situation where I took care of the girls, I would be happy even if I receive only a little bit.
“Hey, this is your portion." (Lior)
“I'm sorry…. ehhh!?" (Former Bandit)
When I looked at the pouch he thrown casually, it was filled with dozens of gold coins. As for the old man, he only had two gold coins in his hand.
“Well, it was because of considerable size of bandit's group and since I've been saved in many ways, I easily made earnings." (Lior)
“…Aren't these white gold coins?" (Former Bandit) (TLN: Literal meaning of the kanji is white gold but maybe it can be platinum also?)
“What are you saying? Look, isn't this a splendid gold coin? Are those enough for you guys?" (Lior)
This old man is spreading a lie to the surrounding with transparent expression. Maybe it is said that I'll be aimed by those who have sharped eyes when it comes to money but what on earth is he thinking? No matter how I look at it, the old man's portion is too little.
The girls looked into the pouch but I blocked their surprised mouth.
“Why are you doing this? I barely did anything?" (Former Bandit)
“Hmmm? Aren't you going to take care the girls? If that's the case, you'll need the money." (Lior)
“What did you say? But still, I received too much." (Former Bandit)
“If it's you, I think it's different, right? I alone can find money as much as I like so you don't have to worry about me. I wasn't found by the thief once, and there's a matter of yesterday where I collapsed…" (Lior)
…He's hopeless.
He told me while laughing that before he collapsed, he tried to hunt monsters to eat them because he was hungry but the monsters ran away with all their might so he couldn't hunt them at all.
How should I say this, does he live like that every day? I see that my five years of struggling is smaller compared to him.
“By the way, if you didn't liberate the girls from slavery and let them go, I probably would have killed you at that place." (Lior)
D-dangerous! Was my life at risk during that time? I'm glad I wasn't too greedy.
“Hey, the troublesome talks end here. I plan to leave immediately after eating. Eat all you want because i will pay." (Lior)
“Are you going to leave soon?" (Former Bandit)
“Hmmm. I'm traveling because I want to become strong. There is no more strong people in this area and I plan to search other places." (Lior)
“Is that so? I'm really indebted to you. Anyhow, I haven't heard Jii-san's name. Will you finally tell me?" (Former Bandit)
The truth is, I've noticed about him. I can't think any other person who swing a huge sword and completely mowing down the bandits with immeasurable strength.
He is Lior, the 'Strongest Sword'.
This old man is certainly that legendary man.
“My name is Lio— no, that's not it. My name is Ikkitousen. To beat a certain man, I am just ordinary challenger who tries to become stronger." (Lior) (TLN: Ikkitousen can also mean 'one who matches thousands')
For the sake of getting stronger, is there someone stronger than this legendary man!?
No… that doesn't matter to me. It would be thoughtless only to ask and since he wants to hide his name, the only thing I can do is to match the rhythm.
“Understood. Thank you very much, Tousen-san. I absolutely won't forget this favor." (Former Bandit)
“Huhahaha, don't mind about it. Leaving that aside, shall we have a meal? Oi, bring all the dishes of this store!" (Lior)
Even if he ordered once, I thought the legendary man was really splendid.

The old man eats up the dishes of the restaurant and he would pay…
“That would be three gold coins…" (Waiter?)
“I don't have enough! Lend it to me!" (Lior)
“…Here you go." (Former Bandit)
And because of that, I am aware that the legendary man is a fool.

The man seemed to return some gold coins afterwards because it was the money which Lior earned formerly.


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