Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 74

A Defensive Battle?

"Distance… wind… good. Activating… [Snipe]." (Sirius)
The distance was measured by eyes and when I fired the [Snipe], the extension magic of [Magnum] specializing for aiming long distance enemies, the magical bullet directly hit the monster's head. As its head blew up, it fell onto the ground.
Since they were furiously moving around, I had decided not to narrow down the target, but I always calm when sniping. Calmly foresaw the movements, I shot them down one by one. That action was indifferently repeated only on a number of flying monsters, and I let a breath out after I confirmed that I had shot down all of them.
When approximately forty flying monsters were all shot down, the appearance of the monsters running on the ground were starting to be visible among the trees. The variety of monsters that were coming here includes the ones that had been fought before, like the well known Goblins and walking Lizardman.
Although it wasn't up to the Dyna Rhodia's extent, there were several large-sized monsters mixed in. All of them were extremely agitated and single-mindedly came here.
Hokuto released an overbearing pressure, but since the monster seemed too stimulated, there wasn't too much effect. I intended to let them go if they were intimidated and returned back, but it couldn't be helped if they are coming at us. Hokuto was waiting for my instructions while groaning, but his turn would be a bit later.
"Next is wiping the small ones…" (Sirius)
What I imagined was a gatling gun.
I had used it in the previous life, so I imagined that I was holding a gatling gun that could shoot thousands of bullets per minute.
In general, gatling gun was heavy. It is originally a thing to be attached to a gunship or a vehicle. Since the main unit didn't exist when it became a magic, it was only possible to do it manually by preparing one by one with both hands.
And then, I spread both hands to release the trigger and the magic was activated.
"Strafe… [Gatling]!" (Sirius)
Magical bullets were shot in succession from both hands, and the monsters where my hands pointed were shot by countless bullets one after another. I slowly spread my hands horizontally, scattering bullets to clear the surroundings.
The sound of bullet couldn't be heard since it was a magic. The only sound that reverberated was sound of blowing winds. However, if I used the real thing, my ears would be temporarily deaf due to thunderous roar, and there would probably countless cartridges rolling down on my feet.
The bullets' strength and accuracy were dropped to minimum and it wasn't effective against tough monsters but there were a lot of small monsters like goblins. The small monsters were almost obliterated when they got close to the surroundings.
But… whether the magical bullets suppressed were exhausted, the amount of mana hit the bottom as expected when firing thousands shots, so there was no choice but to interrupt before firing the [Gatling] in front of me.
As the assault was interrupted, the surviving monster came closer one after another…
"Hokuto!" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Without activating [Gatling] in front of me, Hokuto kicked the ground same time with my instruction, and he ran off.
Hokuto reached the maximum speed with only a few steps. When he gave a blow in such condition, he blew down small-sized and medium-sized monsters that stretched out like a meat wall, similar to pins for bowling, and then he ran straight ahead to the large-sized monsters that stood behind.
The target was a single-eye giant called Cyclops. It was a big monster which was said to be a hard fight even by advanced adventurers since it was strong and had strength that could easily mowed down large trees. It was more than twice as tall as me, but Hokuto attacked it without hesitation.
When Hokuto, who jumped into its bosom faster than the Cyclops' hurled fist, swung its nails, its flanks was largely scooped. However, the nails didn't deeply penetrate because of the monster's mass, it seemed that it was far from a fatal wound, so it didn't fall down.
But, Hokuto's attack wasn't over yet.
He kicked the tree that he passed by earlier and hit the monster again from behind. Before the monster turned around, Hokuto's fangs bit its neck, and the sound of crushing bones went across.
The Cyclops that was caught by the neck was killed. Before the monster fell on the ground, Hokuto ran and aimed for the next monster.
He tore the Lizardman with nails and broke the monsters' necks with a single blow of its tail. He annihilated the monsters while running around the battlefield all the time without stopping in one place.
In the meantime, I restored my mana and shot the monsters that approaching the cave one after another by shooting [Magnum] with both hands. Currently, I was like a fixed gun battery standing in front of the cave.
Since Hokuto took care mainly on medium and large-sized monsters, my priority was to take down the small-sized monsters.
"Go right!" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
And then, I gave order to Hokuto while watching the whole situation. He moved and went rampant except on a place where I shot [Magnum]. We steadily reduced the number of monsters.
While doing it, a rabbit monster with high jumping power was knocked down when it jumped and attacked at the same time. During that gap, a single goblin got close to me.
It held a weapon while talking with strange voice, so I immediately switched the weapon on my right hand, pointing my forefinger and middle finger up at the goblin.
"[Shotgun]!" (Sirius)
The goblin that received the magical bullets at close range had its upper body cleanly blown away. What's left was its lower body part.
Switching to [Magnum] again, numerous stones and spears flew towards me when I was about to aim for next target, so I changed the instructions for Hokuto while knocking down the stones thrown with [Impact].
"Go left! Prioritize archers!" (Sirius)
The ones that threw the stones were Oaks, a pig-like monster that walked on its two legs. Unlike Goblins, it was a clever medium-sized monster that used similar weapons as humans, and it stopped moving for a moment when it saw how skillful I was with weapons. Meanwhile, Hokuto jumped into the flock, preferentially aimed for Oaks that held weapons and knocked them down.
Since more monsters appeared from the direction where Hokuto no longer was, I activated the trap that was set in advance.
"Activate [Claymore]!" (Sirius)
As the name implied, the magic had an image of a Claymore Landmine which innumerable iron balls charged inside were launched into a fan shape range when it detonated.
When activated, magical bullets were scattered in the form of fan shape similar to the real thing. It went through the enemies in wide range and they became full of holes. By the way, the spherical-shaped mana was put on the ground and the [String] attached was used to detonate it.
When it was set up in advance and activated it at the same time, the small monsters that had no defensive means blew off together with thunderous sound.
Excluding the place where Hokuto was fighting, the place with the smoke was cleared became a terrible sight where the stretched of trees and monsters were mowed down.
"…Did I go a bit too far? Well, since the outcome was good, I guess it's all good?" " (Sirius)
The scenery considerably changed, but it was better since it became easier to see the monsters.
Medium-sized and large-sized monsters seemed to endure the [Claymore], but since it released shock waves as well as magical bullets, they were blown back quite a bit and fell down.
When I shot the vital points of fallen monsters with [Magnum], I turned around since Hokuto loudly howled and there were two boar-like monsters with the body of regular horse rushed towards here.
Hokuto struck the forefoot and held one of the monsters, but the remaining was approaching me in no time. I immediately shot [Magnum] but even though the shot hit its head, the rush wasn't stopped.
"Strong? No, did it repel it…?" (Sirius)
Not only the head of the monster was covered with hard skin, it was also a round shaped and it seemed the shot was repelled. Since the effect from the front direction was light, I made a big jump frontward and went over the head of the monster.
I flew while my head faced towards the ground. When I went over its head, I pointed both hands and continuously released [Shotgun].
Due to successive [Shotgun] directly released from above, the monster's back became totally wrecked and its life ended while its body sunk on the ground. As expected, it appeared that only the front part was sturdy.
However, I went far away from the cave because huge frontward leap and I was about to get into the center of the hordes of the monsters. Since the drop point was full with spears and swords pointed by the Oaks, I directed my hand to blow it away with magic, but… it looked like it wasn't necessary at all.
"Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto lunged at that drop point and blew away all the standing Oaks with his body. I arranged my posture midair and hoped on Hokuto's back who was standing by.
After Hokuto confirmed that I got on his back, he immediately pulled out. He turned around on the battlefield and came back in front of the cave. He turned around in order for me to do long distance shooting.
After shooting and defeating the monsters and the troublesome enemies, Hokuto, who returned to the cave and let me down, jumped out on the front line again and began to rampage.
I occasionally headed out in similar manner, and the number of monsters was also decreasing while repeating the hope-and-return on Hokuto. Afterwards, the remaining were a few large sized monsters.
The remaining monsters were four Cyclops.
Hokuto went out and faced against three of them, and the monsters were wonderfully tossed around without being able to follow Hokuto's nimbleness. Since nail stroke went through when there was a gap, the conclusion had been decided from that.
In the meantime… the one that was aiming at me was somewhat smart. It slowly advanced while protecting its head with arms. [Magnum] didn't seem to penetrate the skin and muscle of the Cyclops. I shot it couple of times but I clearly couldn't see that it could endure it.
I also thought of shooting both of its arms with [Anti Material], but I noticed that I hadn't go for melee battle this time. It was mostly a battle with magic.
"I should experience everything." (Sirius)
The monsters had almost been knocked down, so there was no need to face it in front of the cave.
When I directly charged, the Cyclops noticed that the magic was stopped. It untied its defense and swung the right fist towards me.
In the case of Hokuto, he jumped into the opponent's bosom earlier than the fist, but in my case, I adjusted by momentarily dropped the running speed and shifted the timing, and the monster's right fist only crushed the ground before me.
I flew over the body of the Cyclops with its arm as footholds and struck the sword towards its eye which was the vital point of the Cyclops. However, the monster defended the eyes with its left hand, so I suspended the assault, and kicked its shoulder to make a high jump while making preparation, and then I jumped over the head of the Cyclops.
I landed on the ground and the Cyclops slowly looked back, but it was disturbed with the sense of incongruity that happened in its body.
"Left arm or neck muscle… which is stronger?" (Sirius)
Before jumping overhead, I used [String] to make a loop and connected the left hand with the neck, so when it tried to move the left hand, the neck was squeezed.
I jumped into its bosom on the gap where one of its arms was occupied and trembled. Looking at the sturdy abdominal muscle, I hurled a fist loaded with mana.
"[Zero Impact]" (Sirius)
An [Impact] was released at the same time when the fist hit, it was a technique that imitated Garve's [Wolf Fang]. Since my strength and magical blow were combined, instead of just multiplying the power, it was very effective against sturdy enemies because it penetrated the armor and gave a shock.
The Cyclops was in agony, unable to endure the pain from the impact that went through its abdominal muscle. During that gap, I jumped and landed on the monster's head.
"I will make you receive it this time." (Sirius)
And then, I pushed the sword against the Cyclops' eye from above its head. The monster fell down from its back and was killed. If it was this much… Reus alone seemed to be enough.
"Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
When I looked at Hokuto, he was shouting victory on top of monsters staked.
However, there was a Cyclops behind Hokuto that seemed to be alive, it was extending its hand to squeeze Hokuto.
It seemed going to be fine since Hokuto noticed it, but I shot [Anti Materiel], blowing its head to stop it.
"Careless is one's greatest enemy, you know." (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hundred Wolves)
Hokuto weakly howled, he walked to me with the drooping tail. He seemed frustrated.
He might be a bit careless at the end, but thanks to him, we managed to completely annihilate the monsters. I gently brushed Hokuto's head with gratitude.
"But you did well, Hokuto. You are truly reliable." (Sirius)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
His feelings probably got better when I brushed him, he tried to rub his face against my chest while waving the tail, but… he stopped when he noticed that the mouth was full of the monster's blood.
"What are you restraining from? If you're not doing, I will do it for you, you know?" (Sirius)
"…Woof." (Hundred Wolves)
However, I embrace Hokuto's head, and carefully stroked him. It would be fine to wash away the blood later, so there was nothing to do but to properly praise him.
"The truth is I'd like to brush you, but it looks like that battle inside is still going on. Let's go, Hokuto" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
I didn't think that there would be anymore battle in front of the cave, so I went inside of the cave again.
On our way back, I lightly wiped away the blood on the battle dress in the river inside of the cave while Hokuto took a dip after jumping into the river. When he got out from it and shook his body, there was no more blood on him. I thought that it was a very convenient fur.
"Well then… shall we see how the growth of Emilia?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
I had already confirmed Emilia through [Search]n and I knew that she was about to fight the Dyna Rhodia.
In order to see how she overcomes the mental block, Hokuto and I headed for Emilia.
— Emilia —
Strength overflowed within me when I wore Sirius-sama's coat. As Reese and I went back into the cave, the battle of Reus and Ojii-chan fell into a difficult situation.
"Jii-chan! It's coming here!" (Reus)
"Urgh!?" (Garve)
Although all their limbs were still attached, there were scars here and there on their body and their movement was getting dull. I was relieved because they had no fatal injury. They seemed obviously tired and there was no break in their movement.
I nodded when meeting Reese's eyes, and then we hurled magic at the same time.
"[Air Impact]" (Emilia)
"[Aqua Pillar]" (Reese)
The Dyna Rhodia's jaw sprung up because of my [Air Impact]. Furthermore the water column spewing out from its feet and topple it down.
"Nee-chan!? Reese-ane!" (Reus)
"…You have come?" (Garve)
The two returned to us in a hurry. I calmly nodded and stepped forward to the monster.
To be honest, it was still… scary.
My feet and hands were likely to tremble, but I brought forth strength within me and forcibly suppressed the trembling.
It was just… I knew something scarier, and the warmth that I felt from Sirius-sama's coat supported me.
It's alright. I… can fight.
"Sorry for making you worry. But, it's alright. I, too, will fight together…" (Emilia)
"But, you…" (Garve)
"Nee-chan, can you do it?" (Reus)
"Of course!" (Emilia)
During the time when Reese healed their wounds, I thought about strategies while observing the monster.
What Reus had cut was several fingers of its hand and feet, it seemed that it was far from being fatally wounded since it calmly got its big body up and groaned. Besides, it didn't really endure Reese's and my magic at all. It appeared that the effect was light with respect to impact.
After treating the two, Reese stood by me while boosting her mana.
"Yeah… it's going to be alright with this much. So Emilia, did you see something?" (Reese)
"Well, after all, there seem to have no choice but to depend on Reus' blow, but I'd like to try whether Reese's and my magic will work or not." (Emilia)
"Reese-ane is going to fight too!?" (Reus)
"Yeah. Isn't Reese our friends, thus our family? There is no way I won't allow her to join in." (Emilia)
It was true that I really wanted to kill the enemy of my parents with own hands. But I didn't want to turn Reese's kindness down, so if we were going to beat it on our own, I wouldn't like it if we're getting injured.
Now, we would combine the strength of everyone, defeated that powerful monster… that was it.
"…Understood, Nee-chan. Reese-ane, sorry. Will you fight together with us?" (Reus)
"That is my plan since the beginning. Leave the support and recovery to me." (Reese)
"Ojii-chan, Reese is going to fight too. Will that be alright?" (Emilia
"…Have it your way." (Garve)
That was sulky, but he seemed to approve it. Ojii-chan went out before me and grasped his fists. It looked like he was going to attract the monster again.
Reus went out next. When they separate to the left and right and rushed towards the monster, it loudly roared and revealed its anger.
The moment I heard that roar, my breathing became rugged and the sight of the past came back.
Okaa-san and Otou-san were eaten by that monster, and this time, Reus and Ojii-chan…
Absolutely not!
I will absolutely not let such a thing happened.
I won't… let it
I dispelled the fear by slapping my cheek, and concentrated my mana to use magic. And then, I took a step forward while trampling the fear, and hurled magic towards the monster.
"[Air Slash]" (Emilia)
First, I released numerous wind slashes to cut down the monster, but all it did was cutting its skin without giving too much damage.
The monster was attacking me probably because it was angry due to the attacks, but Reus struck its side with sword and stopped his feet.
"This time… take this!" (Emilia)
I released the same [Air Slash], but this time, it was a magic with stronger slashing power and with the number of slashes reduced. The direct hit section was cut, but it looked like it still didn't reach the inner part of its body. Since it was a blade of wind, it strong point was there was no such thing like weapons couldn't escape. However, this seemed also to be ineffective.
"I'm here! I won't let here to go over there!" (Garve)
Ojii-chan struck its jaw to draw attention.
Next, I fired continuous [Air Shotgun] at the monster's body, but again, it seemed that the spell didn't do much damage as well.
It was still a magic that penetrated like Sirius-sama's, but it couldn't be help to kill it with a speed that the monster wouldn't notice… kill?
"I also can defense! [Aqua Wall]" (Reese)
Since the monster was rushing towards here, Reese produced a number of water walls to stop it. However, the water walls were not thick enough. The monster easily passed through as soon as it hit the walls.
But, the rushing momentum was lost when colliding through the walls. It was on walking speed when it passed through the last wall.
"Go over there! [Aqua Pillar]" (Reese)
When the momentum was lost, Reese activated the [Aqua Pillar] from its feet again, and the monster was blown off to the side of wall.
It was said that the spell was activated with the water spirits, and it had a tremendous power. No, if the spirits went all out, this much was natural. I was really grateful that Reese was our friend and family.
Anyway, we had time thanks to Reese. I recalled the two who were in the front, and told them the strategy that I came up earlier while looking at the monster.
"What are we going to do, Nee-chan? Should I slice it?" (Reus)
"But your sword will be stopped by its flesh. Do you have any other idea?" (Emilia)
"…I have. It is almost same as before, but please do not let the monster get closer to me when I give signal. And then…" (Emilia)
I looked at Reus and told him.
"Please transform." (Emilia)
"Eh!? But Nee-chan, that is…" (Reus)
Reus was surprised with my instructions, but when I seriously appealed, he consented and firmly nodded. It seemed the things that I wanted to say had been transmitted.
Although Reese was also surprised, she attentively watched over and didn't say anything, maybe because she trusted in us.
"Transform? What are you…" (Garve)
"Ooooo—!" (Reus)
While Ojii-chan was the only person who didn't comprehend the situation, Reus completed the transformation with an outcry.
With bulging muscles, hairs grew out from Reus' body and his face became a wolf-like face. He released a roar that comparable to the monster. If he was in this state, the speed of swinging sword would increase and it could probably cut its flesh.
But… Ojii-chan had an unbelievable face after seeing the transformed Reus.
"It can't be… Are you… a cursed child?" (Garve)
If a cursed child appeared in the silver wolf tribe… there was a law saying that they must be killed.
I heard from Aery-san that in the past, Ojii-chan killed his friend who became a cursed child with his own hands. And Otou-san too, he killed his friend who became a cursed child in front of me.
Because of that, Reus must be killed according to the law. The reality of killing own relatives flashed back, and I also understand Ojii-chan's unbelievable feeling.
But, I also had it in the past.
I couldn't choose between to kill or to be separated in those days, and I could do nothing but cry. Whichever I chose, we would be separated in the end.
"Ojii-chan, the law of killing a cursed child is…" (Emilia)
"Jii-chan, such a law of killing a cursed child…" (Reus)
But… Sirius-sama stopped everything with a single word.
""It is nonsense!"" (Emilia/Reus)
As Sirius-sama said that the law was nonsense, he was laughing with his nose, we were together even though we were supposed to be apart.
We swore under the moon that we would be together with such an important person.
That was why if Sirius-sama said it was nonsense, we, too, would say the same thing.
Besides, whatever he was or whether he was a cursed child, Reus was Reus. Thus, there won't be a problem if we could walk, worry and laugh together.
"Nonsense… you said? Are you saying that the law is nonsense?" (Garve)
"That's right. What Ojii-chan worry is something nonsense to us. Instead of that, it is more important to beat that monster." (Emilia)
"Nee-chan is right! Since it is nonsense, just shut up and watch, Jii-chan!" (Reus)
"We will take care the enemy of Okaa-san and Otou-san, so please rest assured. Well then…" (Emilia)
Since he was still in shock, we left Jii-chan and headed out.
The monster was rushing here, but since the explanation of the strategy hadn't been completed yet, Reus swung its shoulder with his sword while laughing, and then he turned around.
"I'm going to try a magic, so please fight without reservation until I give a signal. When I give the signal…" (Emilia)
"I won't… let it get close to Nee-chan. Leave it to me!" (Reus)
"Let me add a bit more, it's not good if the monster is too far away from me. Fight well!" (Emilia)
"Eh!? Don't say such a difficult thing! But, I got it!" (Reus)
"Please Reus. Don't miss the chance." (Emilia)
After the briefing was over, Reus rushed forward and attacked the monster.
The monster turned its mouth to bit such a prey, but since the speed of the transformed Reus had increased much more, he jumped into its bosom before the monster opened its mouth.
And then, the sword swung with full power tore the monster's flesh. It was completely tore without stopping.
"Alright, if it's this much, I can do it!" (Reus)
Reus was pleased, but the enemy was too big and that didn't give a fatal wound. As expected, I had no other choice but to use that.
I stopped at once, and then I adjusted my breathing and focused my mind.
What I was going to release was a single wind blade.
Unlike the previous ones, it was thin… sharp… and deadly blade which would be quickly released.
"…[Air Slash]" (Emilia)
The wind blade released tore the monster's belly and a lot of blood spewed out.
By concentrating the mana and thinning the wind blade to the limit, the blade deeply cut and the monster roared in agony. The blow seemed quite effective, but that current magic was far from the real thing.
But now, I could grasp the feeling. I thought I should release it for real next time, but my mana was exhausted beyond expectation. I crumbled down on my knees while unable to bear the condition of my body.
"Nee-chan!" (Reus)
"Aah…" (Emilia)
The monster that saw the current blow as a threat was approaching here, so I tried to get closer to hit it with magic, but I fell on my knees again and the reaction was delayed.
I could do nothing but seeing the monster's jaw opening up to eat the prey, and when those fangs tried to bite me…
"I won't let you do it… to my grandchildren!" (Garve)
Ojii-chan interrupted the monster with [Wolf Fang] from the side, and I got out from the crisis.
The monster was beaten by Ojii-chan deadly technique, rolling on the ground, crashed against the wall and stopped moving. In the mean time, since Ojii-chan held out his hand, I grabbed that hand and got up.
"Ojii-chan.. thank you." (Emilia)
"Don't mention it. If I wasn't stupid, you probably won't encounter dangerous situation." (Garve)
"But you helped me. Besides, your grandchild is…" (Emilia)
"That is… a-anyway! You guys were right, the law about a cursed child doesn't matter anymore now. The only thing matter now is killing that enemy, and that's alright. Dear me, you guys really have good Shishou and good friend." (Garve)
The Ojii-chan's left cheek was reddened when I saw him. That made me suddenly remembered. When I turned my eyes to Reese, she nodded in satisfaction while waving her right hand. It wasn't only me, Ojii-chan was there… Reese also was somehow doing great.
During that time, the monster moved again and approached us. Ojii-chan, then, turned to Reus and loudly shouted.
"I will create a gap! Use your sword to stitch its tail on the ground!" (Garve)
"!? Got it, Jii-chan!" (Reus)
Ojii-chan made a big jump went over the monster's head. But, there was no reason for that monster not to aim a defenseless prey in mid air. Large amounts of water gushed out, by Reese's magic [Aqua Pillar], at the feet of the monster that was waiting for Ojii-chan to fall with wide open mouth.
The balance of the monster was disturbed because of the water. When Ojii-chan struck down its unprotected back of body, the monster was beaten down to the ground while creating tremors.
As it was hit onto the ground, the tail of the monster also touched the ground. Without missing the opportunity, Reus stabbed his sword aiming at the base of its tail, and the monster was stiched on the ground.
"Nee-chan!" (Reus)
"Leave the pinning down to me!" (Garve)
"Thanks, I'm going!" (Emilia)
The monster raged and attempted to pull the sword, but Reus was holding it down with all his might. Although there was a difference in physical strength, it could be done with the transformed Reus.
Moreover, since it was attacked by Reese and Ojii-chan, the monster was completely held down on the spot.
While confirming the remaining mana, I slowly approached the monster.
What I imagined was… the technique that was shown by Sirius-sama in the past.
In the past, when we went to the school in Elysion, Sirius-sama gave advice to the blacksmith, Grant-san, on how to make certain weapon.
It was a sword called… Katana, but it was thin unlike the sword that Reus used, and it was a difficult sword to use.
But, when the Katana was put away inside a scabbard, the technique of Sirius-sama was… totally like a blade of wind. I thought that the terrific cut was dreadful, but when he swung it for couple of times more, the Katana broke.
It seemed the strength was weak because there wasn't a thing called Tamahagane. Eventually he seemed to give up the creation of the Katana, but I thought that the technique could be reproduced by the wind, so I asked Sirius-sama many questions and tried it. But… the result didn't turn out satisfactory. I thought that my ability wasn't enough at that time.
But, if it's the present me…
I lowered my back after approaching the monster, taking the similar stance that Sirius-sama showed me when he swung the Katana. It was few years ago, but I could immediately remember if it was Sirius-sama.
All the remaining mana was concentrated on the right hand, rather than releasing a blade of wind… I deeply imagined cutting it with a knife.
Now, there was a thin… thinner than earlier… and sharper blade like a katana held on my right hand.
"Now, Emilia!" (Garve)
And then, Ojii-chan uppercut the monster's jaw. Aiming at the exposed unprotected belly… I released the right hand that I put on my waist.
It seemed that the name of that the technique taught by Sirius-sama was Battojutsu. (TLN: The art of sword drawing)
And what I released was not Katana but a blade of wind.
Thus, the name of the magic that held those two points was…
[Drawn Wind Blade!] (TLN: I failed at naming. The raw is 抜刀・風刃 – Batto-kazeha. Any suggestion!?)

Presenting Hokuto
It seemed Hokuto-kun was increasing fired up today.
First, at the beginning of the battle, the Master shot the monsters one after another with a magic that imitated a gatling gun.
Hokuto-kun thought that his turn wouldn't come, but he felt relieved because there were still a lot of monsters left.
And then, the Master finally gave the order. Hokuto unleashed the power which had been accumulated.
For Hokuto-kun, the walls of Goblins and Oaks were as good as a paper. Blowing away such a paper easily, he wielded his nails aiming for the Cyclops at the back.
However, the nails didn't work well because the opponents were bigger than him, so Hokuto bit the neck of the monster and crush its bones. Although he didn't want to use his fangs so much, he had to do it since he was in a hurry.
As he preferentially aiming for large-sized enemies, the Master was about to jump into the hordes of monsters that were on their way.
Hokuto-kun though that there won't be any problem if it was the Master, but he wanted to let the Master rode on, so when he land on a group of monsters, he blew away the obstructive monsters and put the master on his back.
Hokuto-kun was pleased because he felt the weight of his Master on his back, and he ran around the battlefield in a good mood.
After that… Hokuto, who knocked down all monsters loudly howled and was pleased with the victory.
But, he missed finishing the last one. Even though he was in a position that could save himself, the Master helped him out.
Hokuto-ku was so sad, but the Master praised him a lot, saying he did well.
Hokuto-kun was pleased when he was diligently brushed. He tried to spoil his face by rubbing against his Master's chest, but he had to give up. His mouth was full of blood because he used fangs this time, but… the Master didn't care about it at all and embraced him.
Because he was such Master, Hokuto-kun wanted to follow him anywhere.
Although Hokuto-kun made a mistake at the end, he really enjoyed the patting while savoring the pleasure of being with his Master.


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