Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 177

Chapter 177
Lady Black Princess, this person is totally different from the humans we know of . Lord Yato has never changed his attitude and continued treating us supernatural creatures in a normal manner; he has saved us from life-threatening dangers . He is definitely not someone who will deceive us!”
“Even if I’m told that… No matter how much Ouka says that, it’s not proof of statement and I can’t trust him . ”
Well that’s of course .
I’m happy that Ouka has been desperately trying to protect me, but no one was convinced with just her emotions .
“We are not only concerned with Ouka’s matters; it will also trouble us if more humans know of our existence, the supernatural creatures . ”
Black Princess looked at me with a troubled appearance .
“For a long time till now, we have cut all contacts with humans . Thanks to that, we are able to lead peaceful lives now . We want to avoid things repeating from history . ”
In the past, supernatural creatures were persecuted by the humans .
No matter how much they tried to escape, they were tortured and killed; back then there were probably no peaceful times like the ones they are leading right now .
That’s precisely why the Black Princess wanted to protect that and put a stop to this .
“Looking at you reminds me of that… the past . ”
Black Princess fell into deep thoughts as she looked at me, a human .
What was she thinking about? I’m sure it wasn’t a good memory and I could not interpret Black Princess’ emotions .
“-This is so unpleasant . ”
All of a sudden, the atmosphere took a sudden shift .
Right after she ended that sentence, the atmosphere around Black Princess became heavy, and I felt a sense of sluggishness overtaking my body at the same time .
What is it? It feels like I’m losing strength all of a sudden…
Is my entire body weakening?
I immediately tried to figure out the cause of this strange feeling and looked around my surroundings to find the entire scenery tainted in red .
It’s as though I’m looking through a red plate .
I guess this is a barrier .
“Hey, why did you think I asked a human like you to come to the castle?”
Black Princess questioned as she looked at me .
“I wonder . Won’t you tell me why?”
If I know that, I would not have to suffer .
I tried to keep calm and replied with a tinge of nervousness deep within me .
At my reply, a smile unfit of the Black Princess appeared on her face .
“That’s because… in the case you are our enemy, I will grab this chance to kill you for sure . ”
Is this that person’s true nature?
It is far different from the mellow nature she displayed earlier; it is completely dark and eerie .
“Lady Black Princess, what are you trying to say…?”
“Relax . I won’t do anything yet . ”
Having been affected by the barrier, Ouka tried to appeal to Black Princess but it seems that Black Princess does not agree with her .
That’s because she said ‘in the case you are our enemy’ .
“If you were going to kill me, is it really necessary to call me out like this?”
“The barrier is not a convenient thing; there are a few preparations that are necessary . Furthermore, you do not have any place to escape right now . ”
What does she mean by ‘I do not have any place to escape’? I understood the meaning of those words .
I guess it could be the influence of the barrier but I could not use magical powers .
Furthermore, the castle army troops were waiting outside, on a standby to attack anytime .
I was most definitely cornered .
At this precarious state, I looked at Black Princess with a firm expression .
The Black Princess’ face remained as mellow as ever but the vibes emitted from her was, in contrast, eerie .
“Up till this day, I have undergone many experiences; I was the target of assassination by humans and had to train to hone my magical skills to death so that I can kill those humans through curses… Having lived a long life, there was not a single peaceful time like what we have right now . Do you know why? That’s because humans has forgotten about the existence of us supernatural creatures . If you are going to threaten this peace, I’m not going to let you go easy . ”
The tone was the same as before but there were a mixture of anger and hatred in it .
She had the same attitude during the first meeting; it is possible that she is someone among the supernatural creatures who bore particularly strong dislikes against humans .
If I were to go around killing the supernatural creatures right now, I will probably be turned into a ghost .
The current Black Princess has made that message clear to me .
“I am pretty scary when I’m pissed off . ”
With a grin, the Black Princess threatened .
I guess the person who loses composure here will end up losing .
I did not give in to the pressure that the Black Princess has been exerting, and nodded at her with my usual attitude .
“Seems like so . ”
After the end of the threat, as though the Black Princess was satisfied, the pressure from her and barrier too disappeared .
“Is that alright? You got rid of the barrier that you took pains to create . I might escape, you know?”
“In that case, I will just do whatever that’s written on the order that has been dispatched . ”
I was puzzled, but Black Princess answered with confidence .
Whatever that’s written on the order that has been dispatched… is it something that will cause harm to those around me?
It seems like the threat is still ongoing .
“I don’t know about that though? I might be willing to sacrifice those around me for my own sake . ”
“That’s impossible . ”
I myself think that it is a possible situation, but the Black Princess was determined that it is not .
“If that is really the case, you would have already escaped . ”


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